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No. 97
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w n n Hun
Wo licllevo Hint an attractive imino
Is one of tlio OHScntlnls in our busi
ness, so wo nro solng to gho a flic
pound box of bon-bons to the person
submitting the most suitable niuuo
for balcony room of The Oasis which
will bo opened In tho new Helton
building; January 1. A committee has
been selected to pass on the names
submitted and chooso tho winner. All
names must bo submitted nt our store
before 0 o'clock Wednesday evening,
December 20th.
Sterling- silver makds a lasting gift.
Look at my line. C. M. AUSTIN.
J. G. Ueelor is in Lincoln on busi
ness before tho supremo court.
Harvey Van Doran, who was takon
violently 111 a few days ago, is im
proving. Wylio Walker lias been tranactlng
business in Scotta Bluff for a day or
two past.
Mrs. Merrlman, of Portland, Ore.,
came a fow days ago to visit with her
mothor, Mrs. Johanna McGraw.
100 fine antique and shell Cameos
for your inspection. DIXON, the
Mrs. Qeorgo .White- and daughter
Myra aro visiting this week with Mrs.
William Hawlcy and Mrs. Hugh Bird.
A flho lino of dlamtonds, right qual
ity, right price. See C. M. 'Austin be
foro purchasing. Cprner Front and
Mr9. Wood White has gone to Cali
fornia to spend several weeks with her
son Major White who, is attending
college there.
Mlsd Eunice Babbitt, of the Lincoln
schools twill arrlvo hero Friday even
ing, to spend the holidays with ithe
homo folks.
Turkey dinnor at the Masonic hall
this evening from 5:30 to 7 o'clock,
served by tho ladles of tho Christian
church. Price 50'cents;
Tho 'Alpha Mu Sigma hold a ploasant
meoting at ithe homo of Mrs. J. J. Hal
llgan last evening. Tho guosts wero
entertained with music.
A special venlro of Jurors will ro-
morning at nino o'clock to try the cobo
of Noblo against Pennington.
J. Doucott, taf Donver, arrived hore
recontly and will nsalBt in tho or
chostra at tho Keith. Mr.- Doucett is
the father of Trovelyn Dou;att, Uie vi
olinist in tho Stamp orclstra.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lawson loXU
sunuay lor Lancoin to sponu miwtT
mas with frionds. When loJivlnp Mr.
Lawson stated that he did not know,
whore ho would locato. .
Tho Methodist ladles hold a very
successful sale of fancy work andi bak
ery goods at tho Derryberry & Forbes
3toro Saturday. Tho sales for tho day
amounted to ono hundrod and seventy
Tho third annual show of the Lin
coln county poultry and pet stock as
sociation will bo hold in this city Jan
uary 3d to Cth. The ontrios promise
to be largor than at any provlous
Manager Von Dollen, of the -local
telephone exchange spont a day or two
in Wallace last weok looking after bus
incss matters. The Nebraska company,
has tloll connections with tho Wallace
Tho canning factory at Kearney,
which represents an investment of
$30,000, will -be sold soon under aj
forclosuro of a $9,000 mortgage. The
factory failed 'to pay 'because the
farmers could not be induced to raiso
tho necessary corn and tomatoes.
"What Will People Say?" How often
wo hear that said. But ntow you will
have a chance to see it at the Keith
toworrow night.QlgaPetrovo plays the
lead in a photoplay with that title.
It is an undisputed fact that ouMives
and actions are very much influenced
by tho fear of what people will say.
Added to this good theme are artistic
settings which will make very good
entertainment 10 and 15 cents.
Tho Wallnco Winner states that 11.
M. Bebout of that section paid $495
ljjr the sotl wheat ho sowed on his
land tills last fall, which means that
Mr. Bebout put in aovowil hundred
adres. Tho farmers around Wallace
aro big whont growers, and made a
nlco winning tills year.
Archltcot Bellas, of Omaha, is
spending a fow days hore on business
connectod with tho now Luthoran
church for which ho drew tho plans.
The building which has boon decided
upon will bo a square structure, cost
'ing $25,000 -and will havo a, seating
capacity of fivo hundred. It will be
built" of pressed brick.
Qov.-qject Neville, who has boon n
LhjcVU for a day or two while onrouto
tfahx Washington, 'will arrlvo homo to
niorrwv or Thursday. Ho will bo In
ducted Into the, governor's ohair
Thursday, January 4th, and from now
until that time will be very .busy get
ting ready for that momon)i)U8 oc
casion. -
Tho furnishings of tho Pat theatre
will be atoltl next Saturday undor a
foreclosure of a mortgage of $957.50
hold by Julius Hahler. Sevoral par
tlos are planning to make a bid on the
property. It is certain Uiat the play
houso will re.-opon Immediately fol
lowing tho sale-, oven if it is necessary
for .Mr. i Hahler to becomo tho pur
chaser. Mombora of itho Travel, and Study
club wore entertained last evening bf
Mrs. W. H. McIorial& at a fagot party.
Lights wero turned out, and seating
themselves In front of tho grato fire
short Christmas stories wore told. Mrs.
Dent and Miss Villa Whlttakor rep
resented tho south as Dinahs. Tho ev
ening was Vory enjoyable.
Tho Rlncker Book and Drug Co. Is
offering 2,000 popular and copyrighted
books in addition to an exceptionally
fine lino of Christmas and Gift Books
for both children and grown-ups.
BookB are very appropriate for gift
giving and go a long way toward sol
ving tho vexatious problem of "what
to. give." h
,Havo you scon our hand palntod
Ivory, toilet sots? DIXON, tho Jowoler.
Dr. J. S. Slmms was in Ogalalla on
professional buslnoss the later part of
last week.
EltECTOR nt Nowton's.
J. J. ciummons, of Norfolk, has baon
spondlng sovoral days past visiting
with W. J. Tlloy.
John and Frank Hahlor, of Sidney,
Will arrive horo Friday to visit Mr.
and Mrs. Julius Hahlor.
Mrs. B F. Sumlursah lins rotiirncd
from Lincoln whoro sho visited rela
tives fflr a weok or Dongor
''Mr. and Airs. Guy'1 Cover and baby
loft Saturday, morning for citlos of
Utah to spond tho holidays.
Mis Hazel Simpson wjll loavo in a
fow days for Plattsmouth to visit
frionds and rolatlvoa for a weok or
Mr. unci Mrs. Frod Wclngnnd, of
Omaha, will nrrivo hero Saturday to
visit with relatives for n iwxjrik or
longer , , s
Ray Murray of Lincoln, has boon
transacting buslnoss anil visiting roln
Uvos for sovoral days past.
Miss Noll Wright will loavo Friday
ovlpningi ycy Lincoln to spond tho
holidays with tho hoimo folks.
A special mooting of tho Ivnnhoo
club will bo hold! this ovonlng at
which llio wlutor prograiri will ho
mado out.
Miss Gladys Hall, who went to.Loa
Angoles several woks ago, has ac
cepted a. position in tho tolophono
office thoro.
SMrk 9fi "MMc-
Take- Advantage of These
Last Hour Suggestions
Provided by this man's gift
. store. Each of these "eleventh
hour" suggestions is a gift of the
practical kind, brimming with the
Christmas spirit.
Depleted stocks have been re
plenished with late shipments of
men's goods. Everything desir
able for a man's Christmas, awaits
the last hour shopper, man or
Suits and Overcoats - $15 to $30.
Silk Dress Shirts - $4.50 to $6.
Bath and Lounging Robes $5 to $7.
Silk Lined Dress Gloves $1.50 up.
Automobile Gloves $2 to $5.
Men and Boys Sweaters 1.50 to 8.50
Other Suggestions for his Christmas are:
Mufflers, Handkerchiefs,
Fur and Cloth Caps, Hosiery,
Night Robes, Pajamas and collars.
Harcourt Clothing Co.
w It Works
-The Christmas Thrift Club Explained.
"When you become u member, of (ho Christmas Thrift Cliilryou
selQcl tho plan of saving that suits you best. ; .
there are plans for tho children with deposits
, of ten cents each week and up. .
v .
there are plans for oldqr 'folks -with deposits
.up to $10.00 each week.
r-Thero are plans for everybody and you are In-
vited to use. the Thrift Club just as you wish
x I
, .' " ' The progressive plans aro attractive because they-are novel ways
of accumulating money. The deposits required are small at flrst.'but'tho
totals that can be secured are surprisingly large. ' i.
For. example, if you deposit 5 .cents tho first week, 10 cents tho?" "
second week, then 15 cents and so on increasing tho deposit 5 cents. "f. .
each week for fifty weeks, you will have $63.75 plUB tho interest. ThiB is .
the Five Cent Progressive plan. There are three others. Ono 'starts . ' "
with 1 cent, another with 2 cents and the third with 10 cents, increasing .
by. those amounts each week and paying totalspf $12.75, $25.50. and
$127.50 respectively, plus interest, for tho period of fifty weeks. "J, , ,
t The reducing plans appeal to, those whq like to do tho hard work .
first, in oveiy thing they undertake. T)io largest deposits aro mado first, . ,
with each subsequent weekly deposit growing smaller until tho fiftieth . ;
week, when only 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents or 10 cents is deposited accord
ing to which one of the reducing plans is selected. The totals that may
be secured are the same as for the Progressive plans but tho interest
earned is much larger because tho largest deposits remain In the bank a
loncer time. .
' ', . ,. ,i '(
There are eight regular or fixed deposit plans ranging from ' 1
10 cents to $10.00 each week. Usually a much larger amount can' bo ob-s 1 ' .
- ,V ' " ' '""..-.'"'
tained by making these regular deposits of fixed amounts than woujd be ' '
pos3ible by either of the other plans and is much better for those whose
income is received regularly.
Deposits caii be made weekly, monthly, or for as many weeks in
advance, as desired. Everyone will thus fiiid tho Thrift Club System a big
aid to success in handling tho Income to the best advantage. Many will
find it the best and easiest way to secure money for investment, for Insur
ance, for school expenses, for taxes, or for other special things.
This is the Complete Savings Club Service and it is for EVERY
BODY. Come in and see all tho different membership plans. Then you
can select tho one you wish to follow; the one that suits you best.
McDonald State Bank
V J' ' two MAW S

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