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No. 13
V 4' T
i II I I l l I J I 11
Accident Occurs North of Rher Sun.
day Afternoon When Tlininennaii
Was Sinking Ills Oierland
"Uo Some.'
A. E.. Tlmmerman Is at a local hos
pital suffering from a dislocated
shoulder ami a few cute on tho faco
and lioad, but ho la extremely thank
ful that results woro not worse; In
fact he considers that he, his wife and
his son madia a miraculous escape.
Mr. Timmerman'fl injuries are duo to
an auto accident that occurred Sun
day afternoon on tho road north of
the river at a point near tho J. M..Cal
noun ranch. With Mrs. Tiinmorman
and tho boy ho started out in his Wil
lys-Knight Overland for a rido. As;
no noared tiio uamoun rancn no ov
ertook Mr. and Mrs. Lcm Bailey who
woro Jogging along at a twonty mile
gait. Without warning Timerman took
tho ido of tho road and flashed by; ho
oncountcred alkali mud, his car veer
ed,' shot diagonally across tho road,
and turned over with all four whoels
in tho air. Tha car turned over so
closely in front of Bailey that ho nar
rowly averted running Into it. He
quickly signalled a car ahead and 'with
mou from that car and men from tho
ranch tho can was lifted so thtt Tlm
merman and his wife could be extri
cated from beneath, the boy manag
ing to exitrcato himsolf. Timiuorman
lay with tho back of tho seat across
his left shoulder, but tho full weight
of the car, due to tho top being up, was
not resting upon him. Mrs. Tiinmor
man was huddled in a bunch in tho
area way back of the front seat. Oth
or than a bad jolt and a pain in her
back she did not suffer.
Mr. and Mrs. Tlmmerman and son
were brought to town in tho Bailey
car, and lator Tlmmerman was taken
to tho hospital. Mr. Bailey says a sim
ilar accident could not occur once in
a thousand .times iw'lthout resulting in
death, for at the time Tlmiuermnn was
running fully forty mllos an hour.
Tho Tlmmerman car suffered a
sprung body, bent fonders and other
minor damage.
Manager Garman of tho Kofth and
Crystal theatres makes the announce
ment that hie has contracted for "Tho
Seven Deadly Sins" to commence as
soon as an opening date can bo ar
ranged. Tills lino of pictures is
something new dn Aim circles. It is a
series of soven B-roel photoplays, each
a complete mouern uruma not alle
gories nor morality plays and tha ti
tles aro "Envy," "Wrath." "firoed."
"Passion," "Sloth" and "Tho Seventh
Sin." A sepaTato star Is featurcdi in
each story and Ann Murdock, Shirley
Mason, Nance O'Neill, II. B. Warner,
Holbrook Blinn, George LaGuoro and
Charlotte Walkor appear.
Insuranco of every good kind writ
ten by us at the lowest rates.
Miss Bertha Herd, of Lexington,
came hero Satiuirday and began work in
the O'Connor atora yesterday.
Printzess Suits and Coats
, Our garment department is fully equipped with merchandise
to suit your every want, Spring Suits and Coals coming in daily
and the Printzess Suits and Coats speak the language of exclus
iveness. v.
The Printzess garments represent, Better Qualities, Newest
Styles, Modest Prices.' While prices have been soaring higher
and higher we have endeavored, and with success, to keep our
prices within the reach of everyone. Now is' the opportune
time to select your Spring Coats or Suits while the sizes are still
unbroken and all models for your selection.
E. T. Tramp & Sons.
The more or loss celebrated rabbit
case, in which James A. Ward sites W.
V. Hoagland and Moso McFarland for
$500 damagos for tho death of rabbits
laid at th0 door of dogs belonging to
yJofondanta was called in tho county
court this morning. Tho trial is to a
Jury composed of J. Q. Wilcox, E. A.
Dlenor, Will Hondy, W. A. Skinner
and Albert Durbln. The "slaughter of
tho innocents" occurred last summor.
Ward was a fancier and breeder of
rabbits, and ho alleges that while he
slopt tho dogs of tho defendants gain
ed ontranco to his rabbit yard and
wantonly killed and destroyed a larga
number of well bred and highly val
,unbl animals: and that the slauchtor
'nut him out of tho rabbit business.
;,which to him gavo promiso of much)
ksuccoss. Tne caso will probably oc
cupy the greater part of tho day.
: :o: :
Following tho Haw discovered In' tho
formation of tho bridge district south
of tho rlvor, tho county conimlssIoiiTs
disorganized the district Friday. Those'
interested immodiatoly got busy, re-1
circulated a petition asking for tho;
formation of the district, secured the'
necesary signers and lato yostorday
afternoon thopotltion was ipreeonted to
tho commissioners. Tho latter imme
diately created, tho district as petl
itoncd, and anothor petition will now
bo circulated asking tho commissioners
to call the bloctlon to voto bonds to
aid In- tha construction of a bridge
across tho rlvor south of town. This
petition will ho circulated this week
and tho order calling tho election will
ibo made by tho commissioners next
Monday. Tho notico must bo publish
ed four weeks in advance of the elec
tion. In tho boundaries of tho first district
formed, the bridgo was not within tho
district, the north boundary line being
tho south bank of the South Platto
rlvor, when it should have read tha
,north bank.
: ;o: :
Corner lot GGxl32 ft. Faces Locust
St., in block 2, Mlltonborger's addi
tion. Prlco $400.00 if sold this week.
G40 acre ranch 100 acres in cultiva
tion. 8 miles from town and only 14
miles from North Platte. Two miles
from tho valley and Is well Improved
Prlco $G iper acre.
Wednesday, Feb. 28th.
10c and ISc.
Chaplin "Revue
of 1916."
Exercises Marked by Athletic Carni
val, Entcrtnniiients by High School
l'ubllc Meetings of Cltl.ens and i
a Banquet to the Hoard. i
Though North Platto's now Junior
high school building, known ng the
Franklin school, erected) at a cost of
$58,000, has been 'partially in use for
school purposes for sovoral months,
tho formal dedicatory oxerclses woro
hold last wcok. j
Thoso exorcises oponed Thursday ev
ening with an athletic carnival In the
auditorium at which sovoral hundred
woro prosent. The program consisted
of a drill by tho high school cadets, a
20-yard Jumlor dash In which Joo VW
zor won, a 20-yard sonior da)i in
which Baker whs a victor, and a high
Jump won by Christ. Then followed a
parallel bar exhibition and broad
sword exerclsos by A. W. Shilling and
Julius Hoga. Tho program closed with
a basket ball game botween former
players and tho high school team, the
latter winning by a score of elevon to
Friday morning tho high school stu
dents presented a program for tho en
tertainment of itho pupils of the ward
schools. Thirteen hundred wero pres
ent, and tho program consisted of mu.
sic by tha boys' glco club, the girls'
gleo club, a chorus by 200 or 300 chil
dren and a number of comic stunts
woro given, thoso latter assuming bur
lesques from tho various class rooms
and wore very clovor, and tho repro
duction of mythological scenes.
In ha uftdrnooni pVaotitcally the
samo program twos presontcd to an
audience of six hundred adults.
Friday evening the fomnl dedication
of tho building occurred In the pres
ence of an audience of not less than
seven hundred people, mostly adults.
The exercises consisted of short ad
dresses and musical selections. B. M
Reynolds spoke on the design of the
building, J. G. Beeler on tho provision
mado for boys, Mrs. York Ilinman on
tho provision mado for girls, Ira L
Bare and Miss Annie Kramph on the
possibilities as a community ccntor,
O. E. Elder on tho financial situation
and T. C. Patterson on the response of
tho community. Musical selections
woro contributed' by Misses Emma
Boguo and Clara Sorenson, the girls'
gleo club, Earl Stamp and a male
quartetto composed of Clinton, Har
rlnton, Birgo and Mungor.
In speaking of the financial situation
Mr. Elder stated that while only fifty
thousand dollars In bonds had boon
voted, tho building cost $58,000, and
thore was theroforo a deficit or 8.000
In addition to this $7,000 wng needed
to eqiu,lp tho manual training and do
mestic science departments and for
other purposes. It would thereforo he
necessary to ask tho people to voto
bonds In the sum of $15,000 to pay this
deficit and niako tho needed Improve
ments. Thls bond proposition will he
submitted at tho city election in
Tho last event of the dedication cere
monies was a banquot tendered the
board of education and thoso taking
part in tho Friday evening oxerclBcs
.by tho city teachers. Covors were laid
for ninety-three and tho menu was pro
pared and serve! by tho domestic acl
elco doxMirtiuoiit of tho Twentieth Cen
tury club.
Mm Aunto Kramph presided as
tottstmistross and Introduced tho
efponkors in the lighter vein. Those r.
sponding woro Mr. Ohmnu, Mliw Nell
Hartman, Secretary Stroltz, Mrs. Wil
son Tout, and Mrs. Harry Cramor
The responses of MIba Hartman and
Mrs. Tout woro exceptionally clovor
in thoir humor, and niombors of the
school board1 and others woro humor
ously "rapped." Mrs. Cramer's re
sponse was romlnlneent of her North!
Platte school days and Mr. Oilman's
talk was along the line of the good re
sults to young men that are certlnn to
follow through tho creation of the
gymnasium. Mr. Stroltz spoko along
gonoral educational linen.
Intorsporseil was a piano solo by
Miss Wright and a Mute solo by W. E.
Elementary School Notes.
Tho following families hnvo with
drawn thoir children from school"bo
oauso they are leaving the city: 'Low
Cauffman, William Thompson, Ohas.
Llnds'.-y, E1 Yates, Chas. Ward.
Tho following families ontored chil
dren in tho olementnry schools U1I3
week: Mrs. Lamra Moore, Mrs. C. C.
Emory, Chas. Dustin, J. M. Salynnl and
F. P. Colbum.
Somo of the boys caught a crow and
tookttQchoonast-'Wcdnesdny. Miss
Murray used it as tho subject for a livo
languago losson in tho Sixth grndo.
About G5 visitors atonded tho Wash
ington birthday exorcises in tho dlf-
foront rooms of the Washington school.
J, E. Evans anl J. S. Hoagland gavo
Tho local chanter of tho D. A. R.
has presented tho JofTorson school with
a framed copy of tho Nebraska Hag
lnlws and a-chart showing tho changes
In tho United States Hag stuco Its
A largo number of visitors enjoyed
the Washington and Lincoln programs
at tho Jefforson school last ThuilsWny.
Programs wero givon Jointly by Miss
Watts' and MIbs Burke's rooms at
which Jutlgo Hoagland and J. E. Ev-
aiia spoke; by Miss Stansbury's and
Mrs. Stoffregan s rooms Jointly and by
Miss Baker s room.
All the children of all tho schools
woro guests of tho two high schools
atj Itho Franklin auditorium FiUday
morning, at which they hear,j a pro
gram given 1n honor of tho opening of
the Franklin school. Abowit 1300 chil
dren wero in attendance.
Miss Stansbury's room onioyod somo
pictures of. Mt. Vernon, tl0 homo of
ueorgo wusnington, wincn wore loaneu
foil tho occasion by Mrs. Earhart.
Ono of tho boys nttondlng Miss
Hunter's room brought a collection of
moonstones to school for th? fifth
grado to study.
Specimens of penmnnshlp (rom each
-of tho rooms of tho elementary school
worn collected bv Mini Johnson nnd
'placed on exhibition in tho Ponman-
4I1JP room or the iFrank'lin school
during the recent opening exorcises.
Mld-torm report, go out on Wednes
day noon of this week to overy ichlld
in tho elementary school.
:o: ;
President Wilson appeared before
congress at ono o'clock yesteiUay af
ternoon and asked for authority to
placo tho United States In a stato of
"armed neutrality to resist tlio Ger
man submarine mcnaco.
Continued Invasion of tho plain
rights of nouitrala oil the high bcua,
ships, tho intolerable blockado of
Amorlcan commerce almost as or
foctual as If tho country woro at Avar
have taken tho place of a dreaded
"overt act" Milch was oxpoctea to
shock tho world and liave forced tho
president into th6 next stip toward
Prosldcnt Wilson, asking to bo om
poworod to tnkb whatovor stops aro
netaossary, which Includes tho arming
of ships, tho convoying of merlchant
mon by war vossols, or what other
(Steps aro necessary, mado It plain
again that ho wanted peace, put not
at tho price of Amorican lives and
rights, or by driving tho American
Hag from tho seas.
Your Btoro and ours; tho storo be
longs to us; but it's no good to us
unleiss it's your storo too. To bo your
store, it must contain mercnamuiso
that you iwant, it must also bo ar
ranged for youn comfort, nnd it must
do business in a way satisfactory to
you. having and. holding your confi
denco. Lots of men nnd women, mor
overy day, find that our storo Is their
store. If it isn t your storo come m
and let us mnk0 it bo.
Wood Whlto lonvew Thursday night
for Washington to (witness tho innug
uratlon of President, Wilson, and will
visit in Baltimore, Philadelphia and
Vow York. In tho latter city ho will
3 tho guest of his brother, who is
brovot major of tho Sovonth Rogi
nent N. N. G., known ns tho "mil
lionaire regiment," nnd who also
1"" two sons in tho same organlza
Tho Coniland Hotel at Loxlngton
was traded last week for an equity of
$20,770 In a 482-acro farm In Iowa,
Th" hotol was built in 1891 at a cost
of 540,000.
A baby boy was born Sunday morn
ing to Mr. and Mrs. Win. Van Luc, Who
rcsldo on North Locust Btreot.
FoHowIiifr Seu'ii Course Dinner Col.
McDonald and His .Jolly Jesters
Stage n Cuban1, that Wins
Cast luted Commendation
With a real Ford' nutomobllo nnd n
real horso n part of tho stago settings,
Col. James Boyd McDonnUl as origina
tor, dovoloper nnd dlrootor, put an a
cabaret at hei Lloyd lust night that
outshono anything over boforo at
tempted by local tnlont. Col. Jomos
wua ably abetted and neelsted by a
vonv competent gang of fun producers,
and1 tho applauso given tho six acts
Jarred tho building from iloor to roof.
Tho occasion of tho cabaret and the
following hilarity was the third annual
banquet of tho Loynl Ordor of Moose,
and without exaggerating to tin slight,
ost dogrco It can bo said that It wna
"somo" banquot it was moro largely
attended, thero was more to eat and
drink, thero wns more xoal good fel
lowship and moro funny fun than any
ono of tho 279 present ever saw crowd
ed Into a period of 240 minutes.
The banquctors assmnhled at tho hnll
at nine o'clock, and after a half hour
uf greotlngs to National Organizer
Murphy, of Chicago, who was an hon
ored guest, the (lower bedecked tables
woro surrounded, t, toiwt was drank
to Governor Keith Noville, a mombor
of tho local lodge, and then tho hoys
"foil to" the soveu courso dinner of
bluo points on half sholl, shad roo,
roast turkoy, ct cetora, served by ca
terer Hupfer. During the sei'vlng mu
sic was rondored by an orchestra, Col.
Jim and his peerless performers gavo
vocal selections, and all tha banquet-1
ers Joined in rendering rng-timo melo
dies with orchestral nccompanlment.
At tho conclusion a very oloquont nd
drclss was mado by Organlzor Mur
phy. Then enmo thft cabaret opening with
tho old pioneers' quartetto, with Dave
Day, Jim. Clinton, Frank McGovorn and
Gcorgo TIgho as ttyo gray-haired, lam0
and "dlscreplt plonoors. Sovoral se
lections woro rendered, nnd the Intro
duction of Prof. Jnmcs Talkative Keef-
ctrlno, vontiifcloqujst, followed. The
Professor had an animated negro boy
as a dlujumy, nnd his monologue and
his acts of "voice-throwing" worci such
as only James Tearful coujd oniict. In
tho"Karol of tNho ICegs" Day, Clin
ton Tlgho and McGovorn In boor lg
costume nnd with stoine in hand draw
tho amber fluid from tho koga In which
thoy wero encased', tho tncantlni0 r?n-
ddrlng a Gorman song tnpplng tlie,
Iloor with thoir (wooden shoes ns nc-j
coinpaniment to tho Jingling melody..
As African nulolots Jny Smith audi
Clark LoDloyt rodo on to the stago
In a Ford! Tunnbout, struck a snag,
.. . . ... , i. -11 .1 .1
were piicnoa over uio wiiiiisinuiu, ami
then Indulged In jokes with strong lo
cal coloring that created much minis
ment In the Hawaiian Hula, Messrs.
Clinton, McGovorn, Day, Tlgho, Carson
nnd Wurtdlo, costumed In white, sang
to tho accompaniment of banjo, guitar
and mandolin, whllo E. C. Baker, John
Mathlcson, Horman Slcheniter audi Tom
Guthorlosa woro tho sea-grass skirted
dancing girls. Tho final act, "Polly
of tho Ciroun," depleted a real circus
tont, tho saw dust ring, tho center
polo, tho raised scats on Iwhich woro
painted llvo-slzcd head pictures, tho
spotted horso and! last hut not least
tho equostrlonne Dave Day and Ring
master Kcnfo, both of whom woro ar-
. yot In tnua circus stylo. An nnn ; ex
tonded from tho centor tyola and with
a rono passing through a pulley wheel
nnd attached to a hook bolted around
Day, ho was onnblcj, to enact his gy
rations on tho back of tho swift mov
ing horso and dlvo through the paper
covorcd hoops with tho ease of tho
most proficient quoen of tho arena.
This stAint was about as real ob could
bo staged, a vory clovor act indcod.
As an entertaining feature tho tiuru
A. Groocl
Recom m e n cl a td o n
The Business man hns confidence in the hoy or other em
ployee with n hnnk account. He knows that any one who can
save for himself can save 'for him, and that the money saved
stands for character.
It does not mean how much you have saved, but the fact
that you have shown a determination to do n certain thing; that
a saving bank book is in itself a good recommendation.
You can have this kind of a recommendation by coming to
the First National Bank and opening an account. One dollar
will do to start and you can add more whenever you have it.
Four Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings.
First National Bank,
nnnunl banquot of thtt Moose will nov
er be forgotton by tho attendants.
: :o: :
Suits! Suits!
We nlreudy a beautiful collec
tion of suits on dlsplny now and moro
of thcin aro coming in daily at
BLOCK'S Excluslvo Ladles Shop.
tiou'rumcnt, Ships Oranges
Flvo carloads of orangos passed
through this city Wednesday night as
third No, 12. Thoy woro accompan
ied by Mri'Dannls nnd a holpor, both
holng attnchiu of the dopnitmont of
agriculture, tho run being mado to as
certain which was the best way to ship
oranges from California to the ouslorn
states. Three of thtUo cars had tem
porary racks about II vo Inches nbovo
tho door, tho other two ibclng common
Union Pacific P. F. E. rofrlgerators.
Each of theao cars boro government
tags, tho trip being mado wider gov
ernment supervision. On tho roar end
of tho private car was a government
thorniomotor which registered tho tcm
poraturo at all points along tho road.
For Sale
Or will trodo for llvo stock, a four
room cottngo, good barn nnd othor
outbuildings located at 420 South
Maplo. Must bo disposed of at once.
Call at 'promises or Dhono Black 20G.
A Chaiico to Sell Your tnml.
Wanted Onttlo Ranch.' Must cut GOO
tons of hay, If irrigated; alBo pnsturo
land. E. I. BOSTON.
. Johnson, Nobr.
... ;;o::
Call 125 for Taxi day or night.
Also flvo or soven passenger car for
funornl sorvlco.
Chandler & Elcnr Agency,
Corner Eighth and Locust Sts.
A Lass of the
Tho grfcattjst, Amorlcan screen atar
in sensational acting. Ono who really
does things herself no substitutes, no
posing in flno clothes. A favorite of
Beginning Wednesday, February 28,
and every Wednesday then afterward,
2 reels of tills wonderfully Interesting
serial dmma will bo shown. It Is
thrilling, daring and well plotted
throughout Start with tho boglnnlng
nnd! you will follow to tho close,
Platte Theatre.
Wo will tell you nil about that good
home. lot and farm wo hnvo for sale.

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