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No. 33
Within a short tlmo tho President
will lssuo a proclamation directing
that a military census bo taken of tho
county for military purposes. In
this proclamation tho ago limit will
bo designated and other Information
given, and all clascs named wSU ro
port for registration at their accus
tomed polling places, and those who
fail to report will suffer tho penalty
provided by tho federal government
Tho services of two public spirited
citizens is desired to act ns registrars
at each of tho polling placos, and
those who will so assist will ploase
sond their namos to rao or to tho coun
ty clerk or county physician. The- nec
essary registration blanks will bo
supplied at the polling places.
Tho dato of registration will bo
named later, and when it is announced
I ask that all assist In giving public
ity to tho dato so that all concerned
may attend and register and thus
avoid tho penalty provided by tho law.
In preparing for this registration I
ask for tho co-oporatlon of all patriot
ic citizens. Sincerely,
A. J. SALISBURY, Shorlff.
Tho Cemetery Improvement associ
ation will hold a meeting in tho Cham
ber of Commorco rooms Wednesday ev
ening to mako arrangements for clean
up day. All interested aro asked to bo
Tho homo of Lowls Grady In tho
Fourth ward was quarantined tho lat
ter part of last 'week for scarlet fovor
Frank Keenan
Margery Wilson
Was she a slave?
She was won over a
poker table. Her mas
ter, with vengeance in
his heart introduced her,
as white; to the betrayer
of his grandniece, and
she became
"The Bride
of Hate"
"pipe of discontent;
keith theatre
Thursday, May 10.
10c and 15c.
Tho war department announced yos
torday that at tho "earliest posslblo
momont" nlno regiments of army en
gineers, composed exclusively of high
ly trained railway men, will bo tho first
American troops sent to Franco. Thcso
regiments consist of 12,000 men. Ev
ery branch of railway workers neces
sary to tho building and oporatlon of
railway linos will bo 'represented. The
nowl forces will bo voluntooora raised
at the nlno great railway contors of
this country.
Bollovlng that immcdlato stops
should bo taken to conserve Nebras
ka's food supply and to Increase pro
duction Yor national purposes, Gov
ernor Novillo has Issued a proclama
tion calling upon tho vnrious organi
zations of thjo stato to appoint delegates
to tho conference in Omaha May 22 to
25. Theso delegates aro to como from
agricultural, educational, social, re
ligious and Industrial organizations.
Secretary of War Baker, while in
Cleveland yostordny Indicated that tho
United States is making propagation
for a throe-year war at least. Ho has
littlo hopo of an early pence. Coming
from so high a source this should set
at rest tho reports that with Amer
ican troops in tho Hold peace would
soon bo declared.
Tho conference committee on tho
army bill had a four hour discus
sion yestorday but failed to roconcllo
differences. Tho questions involved
aro tho Uoosovelt army sonato amend
ment, tho senate prohibition amend
ment nnd tho ago limits of men sub
ject to draft. Tho senate placos tho
ages between 21 and 27 and tho house
bill between 21 and -10.
Reports gathered by tho railroads
indicate that from 35 to 45 per cent
of tho acreage of fall wheat will make
from a partial to a full crop. Tho for
mer estimate of a fifty per cent loss oi
tho alfalfa crop still holds good.
Miss (Louiso Stoffrcggnn, of Blue
Hill, arrived hero last evening to visit
Mr. and Mrs. isuwfiiru stoiirpggan.
Arrnni?ninents aro boinir made to
hold an orgari recital at the Methodist
Episcopal church on xucsuay ovening
May 22d.
Mrs. Frank Baldwin, of Callaway
neo Mis3 Cro Dlcnor, of this city,
camo tho lattor part of last week to
visit her parents.
A baby girl was born last week to
Mr. and Mrs. will Brosius, of Staple
ton. Tho later wlas formerly Miss
Francis Christ of this city.
Shoos at prices that do not prohibit
your wearing them at
A complaint was filed yestorday
morning against James Adamson
Larkln Cecil nnd Allio Cecil for as
saulting Claudo Shoots.
Weather forecast for North Platte
and vicinity; generally fair tonight
and probably Wednesday; not much
chango in temperature. Highest tom-
peraturo yestorday 58, a year ago 92;
lowest last night 28, a year ago 35.
lldnvow. riiniiK. fnnr modern fur.
nlslicd rooms, close In, hay farm laud,
. l . - 1. ..J
vacant wis, crop or cusn renin, nu
ngo room and snfo deposit boxes.
With loss than jx thousand Votes
cast last week In tho contest for qucon
of tho semi-centennial colobrntion,
Miss Blnncho Fonda received 500 votes.
making nor second In tho number of
votes cast. Miss Day, who led last
wlaek, still rotalns tho load, having r.o
colvod 2G5 votos during tho wook. Tito
voto stands:
Elva Day 955
Blancho Fonda 755
Janot McDonald 4G0
Hlhlogardo Clinton 410
Florence McKay 405
Holon Waltomnth 325
Hnzol Smith 300
Mario Bowen 300
Syblo Gantt 280 '
Ellzaboth Hinmnn 275
Mnbol Burko 2C5
Louise Ottonstoln 2G0
Hnzol Barbor 2G0
Maymo Plzor 250 ,
Cathorlno Hall 245
Myrtle Bcolor 225
Mario McCabo 225
Lucillo Wilcox 225
Cleun-np Day at Cemetery
Ffrlday aftornoon. Mnv nth. linn
boon solocted as cloan-.nn ilnv nt tii
North Platto comotory and ovory citi
zen Is ronuostod to nsslnt.
occasions visitors horo havo condoinned
wis city for tho nnonr.moA of thn mm.
otory and a numbor of ladles of the
rwontietii century club havo Inter
ested themselves in tho dlroction of
making tho burial irrounila morn tiro.
sentablo and sightly. A number, of
men navo volunteered their assist
ant nnd it is hoped that many others
Will do SO. Street rommlsHlminr Rnl-
lsbury has been choson as director of
mo wont, a rcquost has boon made
that high school students bo allowed
to assist in tho work. Tho ladies In
chargo will sorvo lunch.
Keep Up Your Dogs.
A First ward lady phoned us this
momlnc that Inst TllcrM flnirn nrnnMrM.
ly destroyed hor woll kept gardon. "If
juu uaiiuui puupie, anu especially chil
dren, to grow gardens It will bo nec
essary to induco doR owners to koon
their animals at homo. I am not the
only ono that Is comnlaininir of flnm
ages caused by dogs running at large."
Sncrcd Concert Dropped
Tho sacred concert. m-ihlch
posed for next Sunday aftornoon
has boon dropped. Too much war talk
to intorest nialo singers In tho con
cort and got them to tako tho nccos
sary time for rohoarsals. No further
efforts to linvn rnmrminlt v milnf.. I.i-
- vv.. v UI.UI bull)
jnonis-wiii.- ue mauo ior-tho present-
: ;o: :
Church Dedication Mnv "ntli.
Tho dedication of tho Methodist
Church, which was nostnnnnil nn nn-
count of tho damaged condition of tho
scats, win do noid Sunday, May 20th.
A program of tho sorvlcos will bo
puonsneu later.
g"aEsabUsh edt, JOSS
The perfection of Studebaker manu
facture is responsible for the smooth run
ning silence of Studebaker gears and mov
ing parts.
Correctness of design and the correct
material for each vital part, together with
the exactness of manufacturing methods,
has made its possible to secure even greater
standards of accuracy than ever before.
In the Series 18 Studebaker Cars notice
able vibration has been eliminated, and this
because the Studebaker Motor has been Im
proved, refined, perfected into one of the
best automobile motors on the market today.
Tho Studebaker is tho most powerful car on
the market today with hundreds of dollars
of its price.
Come in and ask for demonstration.
40-H. P., 7-Passener FOUR. . . .$ 985
50-H. P., 7-Passenger SIX 1250
Prices F. 0. B. Detroit
Hendy-Ogier Auto Co,
Phone 34- Corner Fourth and Dewey.
Mrs. L, W. Toolo returned last ev
ening from an oxtondod visit with hor
paronts In Stromsburg.
Martin Oberst, of Omaha, a formor
resilient or tins city, Is visiting this
wook with his son Attorney Byron
Oberst and family.
Long1 time straight loans, or out of
our (building1 mid ilonn association,
return same as rent. Seo
Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday
On all ladies' patent leather
high shoes. All sizes, all
widths, high heels, low heel,
button and lace. These shoes
are all the latest style in
patent leather and the best
of quality:
$4.00 Shoes now $3.00
$3.50 Shoes now $2.50
$3.00 Shoes now $2.00
at the
knaves you oney on shoes
1 door south Keith theatre.
L. II. VonDollon loft last ovonlug for
Grand Island on businoss.
William Adair roUirnod Sunday ov
onlug from Gibbon whoro ho spent n
week on his ranch-
Mrs Georgo Mang who has boon vis
iting in Omaha, is oxpected to roturn
home Sunday evening.
nr. McDormott came up from Om
aha yestorday morning and porforiued
oporations on throo patients presented
by Dr. Fettor.
Mrs. C. W. Grovos ontortnlnod nine
teen rolntlvos nt a family ro-unlon
dimmer Sunday aftornoon In honor of
nor slstor Mrs. C. 13. Emory of Doug
las, Ariz.
Mrs. William Daldock and children
who havo boon visiting hor palronts Mr.
and Mrs. James McMtchael will loavo
for Molbcrta tho lattor part of this
Dr. Morrill. Dentist.
Asst. Stat Deputy Veterinarian
Pritchard wont to Lincoln yostordny
to transact businoss portnintng to his
postion. llo will Do absent about a
The eight year old daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. M. W. Ray who was oporatod
upon at tho NUrso Drown hospital a
vfeok ago was ablo to roturn to
Dickens yostordny.
Our Cont, Suit and Dross Salo Is
rapidly cleaning up our stocks, but wo
still havo a fair assortment loft,. Hot
ter como In nnd got yours.
James P. Adams, of Portland, Oro,
formerly of tho Maxwell vicinity
spont yestorday horo whilo onrouto to
Lincoln whoro ho was callod by tho
illness or a relntivo.
I havo an unusually attractlvo as
sortmont of midsummer lints in my
department at Blocks. Dainty white
hats suitable for all occasions. Arvllln
Whtttakor. 33-2
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dixon havo boon
In Omaha for a day or two past visit
lug Dr. and Mrs. Conlln. Mr. Dixon
Willi roturn tomorrow, but Mrs. Dixon
will probably spend tho wook In Onv
Tho Catholic Ladlos Socloty mill
hold a social In tho basement of St
Patrick's school on Thursday after
noon, May 10th. Ico cream, cako and
coffeo will bo served. Tho public Is In
vited. While nearly all cattle growing soc
tlon3. roport a depletion qf. brooding
cattlo, Lincoln countyls Increasing' Its
number of those nnlmals. During tho
past six months Kealo Turpio has
shipped in nnd sold to Lincoln coun
ty farmors and stockmen over two
thousnnd cows and holfors.
Tho Methodist aid socloty will hold
their regular meeting In tho Presby
terian church basement next Thursday
aftornoon; hostesses Mestlamos Kolly,
Moor, Gllnos, Sherwood and Johnston
As thoro is somo importnnt business
to como boforo tho aid ovory niembor
should bo present.
Duchnnan & Patterson will plant
twenty ncros to beans on their Villn
Vista farm southwest of town. From
roports coming In, it 'is probable that
tho acreago of beans In Llncoln'coun
ty this season will oxceod a thousand
John Shaffor, Jr., who was arrested
rocontly plead guilty in tho district
conrt yostordny and was given a
sontonco of from ono to ton years In
tho stato ponltontlnry. Ho was charged
with stealing three suits of clothes
from tho North Plaito Laundry. The
suits woro tho property of William
It will pay ovcry lady in North
Plntto tocall and seo our largo as
sortment of dainty mhlBummor hats
in whito nnd all tho light Hhades, Tho
prices aro vory reasonable. Villa Whit
taker at tho Wilcox Department storo
Judgo Iloagland, of this city, haB
boou appointed a member of tho com
mlttoo of throo to mako anningemonta
for bonding tho Nebraska old soldlors.
both northern and southern men, to
tho peace convention to bo hold in
Vlcksburg noxt Octobor. Tho stato
has appropriated $s.0,000 to pay tho
oxponsoB of tho trip, and while at
Vlckaburg tho oxponsos will bo borno
by tho fodoral government.
G. D. Eplls, of Gnslln product, pro
poses to do his sharo toward feeding
tho nation and tho allies. Ills 175
ncros of wheat was wlntor killed, but
ho will put tho ground in corn, which
wfll give him 330 acres of com; ho
has put in fifteen ncros of potatoos,
two of onions, and will plant slxteon
ncros to beans, ono to cnbbago, ono to
watunnelons, bosldcs growing othor
vogetablos In largo quantities-
Cnrpots and Rues of nil kinds
thoroughly cloanod by tho Littlo
ulant Vacuum Cloanor. Satisfaction
Kuarantcod. Phono Rod 1000; or call
at 2 South Maplo. 30-4
Tho Callaway quilting socloty. com
posed of loading ladlos of tho Custor
c unty town Is no nioro. Ono momber
Hungostod placing an American Hag
In evory homo. At nco tho hobtoss.
who was a Gorman, Jumped to her
10-1 and Bald. "As long as I llvo you
will place no Amorlcan Hag In my
hoi.'o. If thoro Is any flag to bo hung
horo it will bo a Gorman flag." Then
tho riot of wordB began and ended
only whon tho Gorman hostess ordor
od tho momhers out of hor houso.
Call 125 for Taxi day or night.
Also fivo or Bovon passongcr car for
funeral service.
Cnandler & Elcar Agency,
Corner Eighth and Locust Sts,
Tho Club Novlta will moot tomorrow
aftornoon with Mm. Carl Hrodbook.
The Zetta Zetta club will moet to
morrow aftornoon with Mrs. Earhart
Tho Novlta club will moet Wednes
day afternoon uflth Mrs. Carl llrod-
Tho Eldoon club will moot Wednes
day afternoon with Mrs. Geo. RIcli
atds. Tho Tllllkum Girls woro ploasantly
entertained at tho homo of Miss Kdlth
Pattorson last ovenlng,
Mrs. W, D. Drown v,fl entertain the
literature dopnrtmont of tho Twlontloth
Century club this afternoon.
A social dnnco wnn hold Saturday
ovonlng in tho dining room of Uio Ho
tel McCabo by a number of tho young
or sot.
Tho Hnppy Hour club' will moot with
Mrs. Roy Uunnoll Tnursduy aftornoon
Instead of Friday as formorly an
nounced. Miss Mario LoDioyt ontortnlnod fif
teen young lndloa at a thoatro party
Saturday ovonlug In honor of MIsb
Doss Francis of Wood Rlvor,
Tho Et-A-Vlrp club will bo ontor
tnlnod by Mrs. Wnllnco Qulnn tomor
tow aftornoon. All mombors tiro re
quested to moot nt tho homo of Mrs,
A. J. Snllsbury at 1:30 p. m.
Luck of Patriotism, or Whutt
It Is roally a littlo surprising that
In vlow of tho fact that conscription
is cortnln to como within a vory short
tlmo, tho young mon of North Platto
and vicinity aro so alow in voluutoor
lug onllstmont In Company E. For
sovoral wooka Captain Unlllgan nnd
othor mombors of tho company havo
been using their influonco among tho
young mon of tho city and county to
socuro onllstmonts, but their efforts
havo almost been futllo. At tho pros-
ont tlmo Company E hns but Bovonty
five mombora, mora than one-third
of whom woro secured last week at
Ogalalla by Captain Hnlllgan. Tho
wnr strongth of tho company is 1C0,
so that up to this tlmo tho company Is
but halt full. Cortalnly it would be
bottor to havo tho company mndo up of
men from Lincoln and adjoining couu-
tlos moil tufit niro known to each oth
or than to wait for conscription and
thon ho assigned to a company com
posed of all strangers and all condi
tions of mon.
Tho gonoral public is a littlo disap
pointed thnt so littlo patriotism 1b
bolng displayed by Lincoln county
young men.
U. P. Agent North Is ill with blood
poisoning caused by an infection in
ono of his limbs.
J. Hnrrlgan, of Car Sorvlco Ag6nt
Hllllkor's offlco, wna In North Platto
Sunday. Ho la chocking up all cqulp
mont on tho Ncbrnska division.
Adolph Hanson, who lias boon a
student In tho high school, yostordny
accepted a position as stonographor
in tho offlco of District Foreman Mo
Alvln Raugh who had boon employed
'with tho Horrod Grocery Company for
Rovornl wooks roslgnod a fow dnya ngo
to nccopt a position tn tho Union Pa
cific shops.
12ngInoor Millard iloslor hopos to
roBumo work soon nftor bolng out of
sorvlco for ovor sovon months, duo
to nn injured back which ho Bustnln
od whilo holplng a nolghbor treat a
sick horso.
After nn nbsonco of nearly twonty
years from North Platto John P, Coady
rotnrns to his old lovo In tho tolograph
offlco. Coady says many chnngoo havo
occiirrod during his nbBonco, tho most
conspicuous bolng tho irnpld and suc
cessful enreor of Gonoral Mannger
Joffors a formor North Platto boy.
E. C. Manson Is now suporlntondont
of transportation at Omaha, Bucceod
lng W. A. Whltnoy who has been ap
pointed gonoral managor of tho Ec
clos By8tom of oloctrlc linos In Utah.
Mr, Manson comes from tho Oregon
Short Lino nnd sovejral years ago was
chlof dispatcher at Pocatollo. Idaho.
Smyth Farm Sold
Georgo T. Smyth, who has boon liv
ing on n farm wost of tho stato cxpor
1111011111 station (yostordny sold 004
ncros lying south ot tho road to W. V.
Gates, of Nuckolls county, for a con
sideration of twenty-two thousand
dollars. About 200 acres of tho tract
Is lovol farm land, tho romalndor Ros
In tho hills. Mr. Gntoa will tako pos
session or tno placo in a short tlmo.
Tho salo was mado through O. H.
Hold Patriotic Mvetliig
Tho patriotic mooting hold nt tho
Franklin auditorium Friday ovonlng
')is not vory lnrgoty uttondod- tho
Indies turning out much hotter than
tho men. Addresses along patriotic
lines woro mndo by Miss Kramph,
Capt. Halllgan. E. S. Davis, G. M.
Dnvloa, Supt. Tout, Judgo Grlnioa nnd
Rev. McDaUL
. J Chrlstlnn gcIcncQjaccturo .i
Tho Chirstiun Sclcnco Socloty of
North Plntto nnnouncos a froo loc
turo on Christian Sclonco by Mr,
Dlcknoll Young, S. 13., or Chicago,
member of tho Hoard of Locturoshlp
of tho Mothor Church, tho First
Church of Christ, Scientist, in Uoston,
Mass., Thursday ovonlng, Mny 10th, at
tho Masonic tomplo. You and your
frlonds aro cordially Invited to nt-tcml.
Mr. and Mrs. Yartor, of Brady, camo
yostorday to vlfllt Dr. and Mrs. Fot
tor for sovoral days.
"Th Curo.'! . with, , QfiarUe Chaplin
(Mutunl)"Ono of Chaplin's best cotn
odlos ' Won tho audlonco quickly and
brought tho usual Chaplin businoss."
M. J. Woll, Lako Shoro Thcato. In
high class neighborhood- At tho Kolth
Real Estnto ami Insurance.
Como nnd sco ua for town lota In
different parts of tho city. Good In
vestment,, on caay terms. IIousos for
salo and ront. Wo havo also good bar
gains In farms and rnnchos.
P. .T. IHENElt & CO.,
Cor. Front nnd Domoy Sts-. upstnlrs.
Wednesday, May 9th.
Newest of the Chaplin Specials depicting Char
lie's visit to a health resort. Guaranteed to cure any ,
grouch. You don't have to die to win Laff-Insurance,
this is a paid up policy.
10c and 20c.
Pure ingredients and careful kneading, mixing and baking
of the dough makes '
what it is today A Pure Food Product.
Good (lour, plenty of yeast, sugar, short
ening and salt each contribute its share
of real nourisbment and altogether they
make Dickey's Bread.
The Bread that Builds.

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