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r&CJAk to to 44' s
No. 46
j ii in itnnttf
Onr roiuilntfonls 7,057.
Mr. Hoffhine, who is getting up a
directory of tho ic,ity, lins completed
his canvass, and tolls Tho Trlbuno
that tho population of North Platto as
customarily figured by directory mon
is seven thousand live hundred and
llfty-sevon. This includes tho subur
ban population such as In Gracoland
addition and slmlar outlying districts.
Tho population of tho samo torritory
as found by Mr. Hoffhlno In 1915 was
C.G50, showing an lncroaso of 1,002 in
two years.
Important Notice.
All persons taking (part or willing
to take art in tho street pageant and
battlo of Summit. Springs during tho
sepnX-contennlal; colcfbraltlon ao re
quested to meet at tho fair grounds at
two o'clock tills afternoon for re
hearsal. Wo need 1,000 people.
GEO. A. MOONEY, Sec'y.
"The Country God Forgot" shown at
tho Crystal tonight is a picture of tho
groat wost that still exists. It is a
drama of a woman's longing for real
lifo; hor lonosomeness ; it is also a
drama of realization, of (remorse, of
rotribution to the tem'ptor. and of great
joy, ueaco, and understanding that
camo to an unselfish loyal husband.
Juno 23 to 30 Itccrultlng Week.
Prosldont Wilson issued tho follow
ing proclamation Wednosday:
"I hereby designate tho poriod of
Juno 23 to Juno 30 noxt, as irtecruitlng
wook for tho regular army and call
u'pon unmarrlod mon between tho ages
of olghteon and forty years, who havo
no dependents and who aro not on
gaged In pursuits vitally necessary to
tho prosoc!utlon of tho war, to present
themselves for cnlistmont during the
wook horoln designated, to tho num
bor of 70,000.
Tho president's action was takon at
tho request of oilmy officials Kvjio havo
beon seriously concorned over tho slow
rato of recruiting for tho regular
army. '
Hnlr Switches
I havo a nice assortment of genuine
human hair switches at reasonable
prices. I also niako switches from
combings. Mrs. W. Hanson, 314 east
men oirnni ar.-a
: :o: :
J. N. Bakor mado final proof on his
homestead in Arthur county last wook
and Is in town to attend tho colobra'
tlon. Ho is Bomeohut of an old-tlmor
himself, having lived hero sluco prior
to 1880.
Pretty Wash Dresses
Respond to the Call
Tho spirit of Patriotism and Service
has stirred tho heart of Damo Fashion
horself, as well as tho hearts of men,
.'for she has called forth hordes of
pretty wash fabrics and evolved from
them wonderfully becoming modifica
tions of tho plcDulriesquo dresses of
Grandmother's Days.
Never .havo washable dresses receiv
ed greater recognition than dui'ing
these days. Never havo they so well
responded to the call of the times in
serviceable qualities, dainty styles and
various colorings.
Displays aro now ready for Inspec-tlln.
Iadies Voile Dress made in
a novel effect from white
voiles combined with fancy
striped voile. Novelty j ack
et effect, lower part of skirt
of striped material fancy
sleeves. Price jjj IJQ
Ladies Voile Dress made of
white, with, combination
plaid collar, lower part of
waist and top of skirt of
plaids, combination plaids
and plain sleeves. $Q 7C
Price r
Ladies Voile Dress Coat
style trimmed with white
collar and cuffs, body of
dress made of fancy voile.
Junior Dress made from
cpmbination of plain voile
and fancy printed striped
voile elbow sleeves sizes
13 to 15. Price $3.59
Wilcox Department Store.
The Public is Cordially Invited to Attend the
(j Pure Matted Mil
The Purest, Most Healthful and
Desirable of Foods.
This product contains more real nourishment than
any brand of malted milk on tho market.
It Is tho result of 44 yenrs of constant malting ex
perience. It leaves no sickly aftortasto so common in
many other brands, as tho sting of tho molt is eliminated.
Free Demonstrations as follows
Will &4 sold at the above named stores. Consult
yoar physican in regard to COORS MALTED
Christian Sclonco aorvlco Sunday 11
o'clock. Building & Loan building,
HTi.n A T-1 r i 1 i L . . ' . - - I
day ovontng from alhreo woolta visit P"ua to
K. lit ... I -III I...- . I... I...
wiin nor uaugiuor iiuin in Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Guv Coatos. of Max-
ifSfiU, aro visiting local frlojids this
Mrs. Jamos Stafford and Miss Rose
McOlnloy, of Pnxton, -will lislt with
fflltjs. Iloso Garrison next week.
An attempt to Bni'ucglo 120 quarts of
hlsky Into North Platte vaa nipped
hon Shorlff Salisbury took
possession of a trunk at tho dopot
Wednesday evening. This trunk was
chocked from SIdnoy, but had evident
ly been shipped thoro from Cheyenne,
and camo in on No. 4 Tuesday night.
Tho local officors horo woro phoned
about ton o'clock by SIdnoy oclclnls to
bo on tho lookout for tho trunk, and
folld.)Ing Its nrrlval tt watch was plac
ed on tho baggage room. No ono ap
pearing to claim tho trunk, it was
takon possession of by Shorlff Salis
bury and Is now hold at tho Jail. Tho
20 quart bottles woro securely (pack
ed with gunny sacks and papers and
could bo very rdrghly handled without
broaking tho bottles
It Is said that sovoral such trunks
havo boon received at Sidney during
tho past month.
Tho shipper evidently oxpected to
reap a. rich harvest during tho colo
bratlon in this city next week, .but
foiitunatoly for tho public good his
unlawful schomo wtis nipped.
tho whisky, which Is of an inferior
brand, will probably bo dumped Into
tno scuiar next Monday.
Itnptist Association Meet lug-.
Tho North Platto Baptist Assocla
tlon meeting Kvpth tho Baptist church
or tins city has been more largely at
tended than was expected, soventy-flvo
delegates instead of fifty havo been in
Two interesting features havo beon
tho recognition and j-ecoption of the
now Baptist church tt Fort McPhor
son, which applied for membership,
anu tno plans of tho Glen Echo Bap
tlst church for a building. This
churich occupies a torritory about forty
miles across In tho sand hills north of
Paxton and conducts three Sunday
schools, but has as yet no chuirch
building. Thoy begin construction next
Last night Rov. C. j. Popo, of Lin
coln, gave some intimate glimpses of
tho work of tho university pastors in
Lincoln, and Dr. Jordon, of Grand Ib
land college spoke of tho importance
or "Christian Education,"
This afternoon Rov. C. J. Popo, who
representing tho state Council of
Dofonso, will speak of tho churchos'
part in tho war.
Dr. Fawcctt, of Denver, continue
his strong devotional Bible study ad
dresses at tho opening of each service.
Tonight Rev. Clark H. Bancroft will
deliver a missionary addross illustrat
ed: by splendid fitoreopticon slides.
Officors for tho ensuing years aro,:
Rov. C. A. Iiivln, Farnam, modorator;
Rev. J. iS. Jones, Dickens, clerk; Rov.
C Hull, North Platto, Association
Sormon; Glen Echo church, place of
next anniversary.
Itnnqiict for Red Cross Workers.
This evening, Friday, Juno 22, 1917,
at 0:30 p. m., at tho Methodist church,
a banquet will bo served .by tho la
dles of that church, for allVtho com
mittees and officers of tho Red Cross
Association who aro taking part In
tho campaign to raise Lincoln. coun
ty' apportionment of $19,000.00. Re
ports Iwlill b mado by tho chairmen of
tho various committees, in order that
wo may learn of tho success of tho
wonk to date, and to perfect plans for
mo worn yet. 10 do aone.
A chargo of fifty cents por plato will
bo mado.
I dosino to rofuto tho rumor that has
boon circulated, that this banquet was
to bo paid for out of tho funds solic
ited Certainly no ono acquainted with
tho mon and womon who havo bo un
selfishly dovotod their tlmo to this
work, and -who have also liberally
contributed to tho fund, over bolioved
that such would bo done. Each of us
expect to pay wor oun own ticket.
Come ovory worker, and lot us ex
change views as to what has been
dono and what must yet bo done.
J. G. BEELER, Chairman.
: :o: :
Bnptist Church Notes
Ray McCann, )a!io has boon attend
ing Grand iBland college, will spenk
In tho morning. B. Y. P. U. will meet
at 7 o clock and Mr. McCann will re
port his trip to tho Estcs Park Stu
dent conference.
In tho evening tho pastor ivill speak
on "God and War."
Mr. Nllson will rondor solos both
morning and evening
Drowned In TfoTilo Lake.
Walton Dllion, aged itjwfonty-three,
son of I. T. Dillon, was drowned Sun
day in tho Noble lako flvo mllos south
east of Flats. Ho was in swimming
with tho two Cris'p hoys and in at
MUs Alico Langford 'will go to
Columbus today to remain for sovoral
days, 1
IT" .
Ico Cream 30 conts a quart at Wil
cox Department Store.
High Grado Indigo Dyo Ovoralls
$1.19 a pair at Wilcox Department
Steolo Holcombo, formerly of this
city, now roorultlng for tho U. S.
navy, spent tho foro part of this wook
horo whllo onrouto -from mostorn
Mr, and Mrs. Oarl Brodbock havo as
tholr uost this week Miss Paulino
Roth, of Omaha.
Mref, C. II. Boylo and children loft a
few days ago far Kcarnoy to rosldo in
Tho K. of C. dancing party at St.
Patrick's school Tuesday ovonlng wbb
enjoyed by all w.ho attondod. ' Tho
Doucot orchostra furnished tho music.
Miss Graco Anderson, of Suthorland,
(camo yestorMay to visit with Miss Eliz
abeth Carmlchael for sovoral days.
Dr, J. S. Twinom has beon confined
to tho house by illness for a few days
past, but oxpocts to ho at his office in
a uay or two.
Mm. Frank McFaddon, of Paxton,
is expected horo Sunday to v sit Mr.
anu sirs umar llutl for a wook or long-
C. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Connelly,
(wno spont lliolr "honeymoon" In Cal
ifornia, will rotum homo tho first of
next wook.
. W. W. Bust, of Lincoln, formorly of
tno state farm south of town, is vis
iting horo this wook with W. P. Sny
rder and family.
Tho past weak was disastrous for
British shipping, the Goitman U-boats
sinking twoniy-sevon vossols of ovor
1,000 tons each.
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton, of St. Joo,
camo a row days ago to spend a couplo
or mieoKs wiui tno lattor's slstor Mrs.
William McHugh.
, Wanted for tho summer by a man
and wife, a furnished house. .Inquiro
at tins onico.
I ....
,1 W. J. O'Connor, Ray Tlgho, W. R.
JUalonoy and W. J. Landgraf will at
tend tno Ivnlghts of Columbus ban
quet In Donvor Sunday.
H. W. Shull, of Broadwater, .camo a
few days ago to visit with Dr. and
Mrs. J. B. Redilold.
Martin Larson, of Etna, and Amanda
aialone, of Gothenburg, woro married
in tins city Wednesday by Rev. Hull.
For a quick hay crop bow Billion
Dollar Grass now. JBest homo grown
seed ?5.U0 por 100 pounds.
46-2 W. W. BIRGE.
Mrs. J. H. Hershoy, who is a cuost
nt tno w. iu McDonald home., tripped
on tno Btntrs Wednesday anuin falling
seriously injured a siiouidor.
Mr. and MrsJ Dan Kllllan and two
children, of Rdck Springs, camo at
noon Wednesday to visit tho formor's
aunt Mrs. Joseph F, Filllon. Mr. Kil-
nan formerly resided horo.
Tho county commissioners havo beon
sitting as a board of equalization
for sovoral days past. So far not many
havo appeared to mako complaint aB to
1110 assessment or their (property.
The thlru bank at Horshov. for
which a charter was obtained Bovoral
months ago, will bo opened by fall.
A two-story building will probably bo
erected on tho corner lot Bouth of tho
Sadlor proporty.
tuo boo company, or Omaha, ar
rived tho early part of tho week and
havo started tho work of decorating
buildings, a dozen or moro of which
havo already boon completed. Stream
ers and other decorations will bo
strung across tho stroots and alto
gether tho city will present a gala
appearance to nil visitors noxt wook.
It has coma to tho notice of tho com-
mittoo of arrangements for tho
QJUoon's ball that a number of invi
tations havo failed to roach people
thoy woro intended for, thoroforo tho
committoo will provldo all who doslro
with tho proper ticket either at tho
ball room or by calling at Dixon's Jew.
olry store. THE COMMITTEE.
"Bill" Smith." colored, languish In
tho county Jail charged with "assault
with attempt to groat bodily harm," to
ono Bill Andorson. Tho two Bills,
Mo aro employed on tho section at or
near Sutherland, and becoming (in
volved in an altercation Smith pulled
a gun on Andorson and threatened to
let sunshine gleam through him. Smith
wis arrested, arraigned before Judge
Miltonborgor and pleading not guilty
was bound ovor to tho district court in
tho s!um of $500. Not being able to fur
nish bond ho is sojourning In tho
county's brick building.
Tho ryo crop of Lincoln county prom
ises to ho tho greatest In history,
and wo woro beginning to congratulate
tempting to cross tho lako Dillon sud
denly sank In tho deepest part of tlio lrZ tf iTOnTZ
ii, ttic .,i, fnwn,i ?wirtfcllvo3 that if wo toduMnt foUy
wneat uroad wo could mat mado or
ryo, whon Vic von Gootz who eats ryo
br,oad exclusively comes along and
tolls us that ryo Hour today costs moro
than wheat Hour. And thus It is; Just
whon wo think wo havo solved tho
high cost of living, something occurs
that blights our hopes. However, we
still havo lots of radishes in our gar-
In tho houso to house canvass for
Red O.-'Oss funds, tho solicitors visited
0' "to a fojv homes that Indicated that
the fifty conts or dollar given meant a
ror.l sacrlllco, yet tho cheorfulnoss
with which tho Bum was glvon gavo
ovidonco of thoin doslro to help the
causo. Perhaps tho dollar glvon by
tho woman who earned it ovor tho
wash tub may result in saving ilo lifo
of Bomo bravo boy, and that undoubted
ly was uppermost in her; mind Iwjien
sho mado tho saennco so willingly
And thoso aro tho contributions wo so
highly prize that wo bo highly com
mend, whoa compared with thoso who
gavo a slnglo dollar grudgingly uo-
cauBO It robbed thorn of four gallons
lako. Ills companions attempted to
roscuo him, but thoy woro so near ex
hausted from swimming that their of
forta wore futile.
Frank A. Harrison, of Lincoln, an
old nowspapor man, Is in tho city, and
being a Nobraslcnn of fifty-one years
Btandlng, will spend colobratlon weok
horo. Mr. Harrison is gathering data
In tho Platto valley for a syndlcato of
nowBpapors, and is accompanied by
Miss Francos Harrison, a nioco from
Julosburg, who., is assisting In tho
work. '
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Statos and
children, of Donvor, will arrive horo
Juno 25th to visit with Mr, and Mra.
John States.
Miss Vera Gough has accoptcd a po
sition as bookkoopor in tho Hondy
Oglor garagd.
Mrs. Josoph Weeks, of Grand Island,
camo last ovenlng to visit hor son for
a week.
Mr. and Mrs, P S. Evans havo gono
to Grand Islund to visit irlonds for a
Crystal Theatre
Saturday Afternoon and Evening.
Sarah Bernhardt
"Mothers of France."
The greatest actress in the world in the
greatest historical photb play of the times.
Sewerage connection on three floors.
Move Sunlight More Ventilation.
An abundance of hot and cold water.
We acknowledge having the only sanitary soaking
and sterilizing machine for cleaning bottles in North
Just a little touch of more goodness in each bottle.
Our factory built to preserve your health.
Our products will help you. Ask your dealer for them.
Cleanliness and carefulness our watch-word.
Costs no more. Why trifle with yourself? You can't
afford to take the chance. ,
We want you to bo with us
The "STAR" on the bottle.
Yours to give satisfaction.
-We are. for you.
Lumber & Coal Co.
All Kinds Building Material
Everything New.
Phone 20 1 Block East Freight House
of gasollno to burn In their car.

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