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tBA L. BABE, Editor aad 1'ublJnkor.
One Year by Mall In AdTRnce....L2l
One Tear by Carrier In Adrance. .?LT0
Entered at North Platte, Nebraska,
PoBtofllco no Second Class Matter.
Fill DAY, JUNE 22, 1017.
i . Mrs. Jamos Hart will lcavo shortly
for Cliicago to visit lior slstor.
' Mlsa Eva Dlonor loft a fow dnys ago
for Kcarnoy to attond tho nonnal.
Dr. Morrill, Dontlst.
Morlo Luwb roturncd to Kcarnoy
Wednesday after visiting hero for sov
oral days.
Miss Efflo Christ will rotmlrn totnor
'rcl f rtjm Dickons whoro sho spont tho
past wook.
. Tor Salo Fow plocos of good fur
nlturo. Inqulro at 714 oast Fourth
Btroot. Phono Rod 004. 4C-3
i Rov. T. D. Sullivan, of Elm Crook,
and Rov. aioason of Ognlallti, spont
Wednesday with Rov. P. McDald.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Imnan will lcavo
shortly for Parsons, Kans., to spend
a couplo or wooks with relatives ,
Mrs. Harloy Bonlinm, of Potter,
camo a fow days ago to visit with her
parents Mr. and Mrs. John Knox.
Mlssca Craco and Elslo Mehlmann,
of Donvor, aro oxpotod hero today to
visit their hrothor Roy Mehlmann and
Illlmor Thompson, of Chappoll, camo
down Wodonsday morning to visit tho
homo folks and attend tho N. S. P. A.
convention .
Mrs. Harry Flolshman and daughter,
Who Ivwro visiting In Omaha and othor
oastorn points, roturnod homo woilnos-
lay ovenlng.
J. H. Plolstlckor, of Dickons, camo
horo Tuesday to visit his hrothor F,
C. Plolstlckor whllo onrouto to Iowa
to visit rolatlvos.
Tho Urslllno slstors of St. Patrick's
school will return tomorrow evening
from Sldnoy iwjhoro they woro In ro
treat for a wook.
. Mrs. .Tosoph Sollor, of Carroll, Ia
who had been vlsltlnB hor hrothor F.
C. Plolntlckor and eon Elinor, loft "Wod
nosday morning,
Homor Handloy, of Chappoll, for
merly of this city attonded tho drug
glBt'a convention tills wook and visit
ing tho Tarklngton family.
I'Uiy-mroo ono nunureutiis ot an
inch of iriiln foil Tuo3day night In
North Platto and In tho section west.
Tho rainfall south ami east tolas light
Mrs Norman Edwards and children,
ot Drady, who woro visiting hor elstor
Mrs. Frank Elliott havo gono to Cnll-
rornia to visit nor mothor Mrs. W . T.
"Tho Wagor',' with Emily StovonB
showing at tho Crystal Monday con
tains In groat abundance tho ono thing
patrons of tho photoplay prlzo moat
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mann who re
cently movod to Omaha und havo boon
visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mann 'for
flovoral mipoks wll loava this week
for Alllamio to mako tholr homo. Mr..
Mann has accepted a posltloji as trav
eling salesman for tho Cudahy Paclc
lng Co. of Omaha.
!i!i;li!ii f f 'ill
IVrlHcn lir T.. It.
Iwant to thank you friend. You must know tho heartfelt gratitude of a
father with an only boy.
Ho went with tho troops, and I was proud. ,
But I'vo had many a hoartacho since.
Thoy my he'll pull through now all rlghtr bechuso thoy found him Just
In time.
Did your dollar bring my boy back from No Man's Land?
Did your dollar tako tho stretcher bo closo to tho thlok of tho firing?
Did your dollar glvo him tho water ho ploadcd for In his delirfckn?
' Did your dollar bring my boy back to tho base hospital where thoy gave
him almost a mothor's caro?
I ,want to thank you If It did for your dollar has given mc back my
boyi it has brought him hack to mo out or No Man's Land, whoro many sons
aro going, whoro many will remain.
Con I say this to you my frlond?
Suroly, I can If you aro a member of tho Rod Cross or If you send
In your personal subscription to tiro" Red Oiloss nolf for many a father's
son will como out of No Man's Land by tho aid of tho dollars that go to swell
tho BUlwcrlptlon lists of that .great cnforpiirso of humanity,
Join today mako this your Rod'Cross Day. No field sorvlco 13 required.
Count this tho chanco to do your bit for this country must havo two million
mombors of tho Rod Cross ?100,000,000 in subscriptions.
Pnosldont Wilson, himself, Is President of tho Red Cross and asks' that
ono million men and women enroll their names as subscribers to tho Red
Cross at $1, 2, $5, $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000.
Ho doos not ask that you do anything olso Unit pay your subscription
and thon If you wish to securo 10, 26 or 100 now subscribers, do bo If you
wish. No furthor sorvlco In tho Hold or olsowhore will bo required.
In this hour! of tho nation's and all tlie world's need, ovony American who
loves his country and his follcuf men asks: "What can I do?" Whore can I
For stalwart youth tho path of duty Is plain. Our country and hiutmanlty
need men to fight and dlo for them. Yet of our 100,000,000 only a small frac
tion now and but a tltho at most, or worst, can thus serve. For all who
cannot enlist to seek "tho great priizo of death In battlo" or who aro not
neodod in thoso ranks, as yot, thoro Is another enlistment. It Is undor the
bannor of tho Rod Cross. Enlisting thoro all, old or young, woman or tender
child, can proudly say:
"I too nm sorvlng humanity and my country."
"I too am deserving well of tho ropubllc," "Fight on Glvo" Is car' Battle
This Is Red Cross weok and wo ask that you do this by becoming a sup
porltor of tho Rod Cross. Sond your casli or your chock today $5, $10, $100,
$1,000, $10,000, or $100,000 glvo to your very utmost.
F. J. McGovern, James Keofo and
sovoral othor local Knights of Col
umbus will lcavo tomorrow ovonlng for
Donvor to attond a meeting and ban
quot. A marriage llcenso iwas granted
Wodnesdtty morning to Gcorgo F.
Star of North Platto and Miss Sadlo
Tcotorton of Wallace Thoy wcro mar
riod dn Wallace
J. W. Sinclair returned Wednesday
ninrnlnir from Dotrlot. Mich., whoro ho
snant aovoral wcokb. Mrs. binuiair
and chlldron aro visiting In Grand
Island Iwfhllo enroute liomo.
Mrs. Lawronco Womott, of Kearnoy,
Is oxpectod horo tho first ot next wook
to visit hor brothons Messrs. m. a.
and Edward Robhauscn and attend tho
Soml-Contonnlal colobratlon.
Mr. and -Mrs. G. E. Hooper and
chlldron nrrlvod horo Saturday from
Chicago to mako tholr homo. Tho ter
mor has accopted a position as brick
foremen on tho now depot Bite.
If you havo tried everything olso
without Results, Try Chiropractic
Spinal Adjustments and get iwoll.
DR. L. D. SMITH, Chiropractor,
40tf Building and Loan Building.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Alex Adamson, of
DouglaB, Arizona, formor residents of
this city, aro expected noro noxt weeic
to attend tho colobratlon and visit tho
lattor's brothor John H. Day and fam
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Fonner woro
iruosta of honor nt a. showor given Mon
dav ovonlng by Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Tshavold. Thoy woro tho recipients of
many usoful housoholu articles.
Harry Block, of this city, has loasod
a room In a good location In Columbus
and will opon a ladlos' furnishing
goods storo Soptombor first. Tho now
storo will bo In chargo of lita brothor-In-law.
I iijiiiiiljiHiiiii:!! '
My Faithful Servant
THE New Perfection Oil Cook Stove is never
cranky, never lazy, never late. It cooks delicious
meals and serves them on the minute. More than
2,500,000 housewives are using New Perfections
today 20 more than last year.
Cooks fast or slow as you like. Turns all the oil into
heat and all the heat as used in cooking. That's the
secret of the famous Long Blue Chimney hurner.
No more coal hod and ash pan drudgery no more
toiling in a Stuffy overheated kitchen.
Ask your dealer to show you the reversible glass
reservoir, an exclusive feature of the New Perfection.
For best results use Perfection Kerosene.
A .
m tm wrmmm t-
Pnrsnns. f'hlrntro.
Judgo and Mrs. H. M. Grimes leave
July lot for an oxtondod trip In the
oast They go to Indlania whoro they
will meet tholr son Loo and a trip will
thon bo mado thrlugli Ohio, West Vir
ginia and down Into Tonnessoe, They
villi bo absent sovoral weeks.
High water In tho North Platto river
has again endangered tho embank
ments at the concrato brldgo north ot
SiVthanland and at tho Lincoln High
way brldgo oast or tclvMn. At tho latter
placo tho fill was strengthened by
placing sand bags and at tho Suther
land brldgo mon havo boon at work
for sovoral days with protoctlvo meas
ures, Somo foar Is expressed over tho
results that may occur from the flood
wntor which Is expected to roach
thoro noxt Thursday.
Holstein Cows.
I will hnvo a curlond of Holstein
Cows about July 1st. Thoy uro as
good us money can buy. If you need
ono or more sco mo
Am selling nil kinds of cattle In
any number desired, in addition to
ouyin-r liogH. o
Phones: Office 159 House Red 6.10.
$10.00 PER TON.
$10 PER TON.
All Junk is high. Bring it in.
North Platte Junk House.
1 MJ'.y -ssm
J. 13. SEBASTIAN. Stnto Mtrr.
Minn.MutuaI Lif elns.Co.
Phone Office Red 612
Residence Red 348
..General Hospital..
One Hall Block North ot Posloflice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for ths
scientific treatment of medical,
urgical and confinement cases.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and diagnostic laboratories.
Geo. B. Dent, M. D.
J.B. RcdfieliUl. D.
V. Lucas, M. D.
J. S. Simras, M.D
Helton Building
Office hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
' 7 p. m. to 8 p. m.
Office Black 1020 Res. Black 513
Cathorlno MtClecs will tako notice
that on tho 24th day of May, 1917, P.
H. Sullivan, a justlco of the peace, In
and for Lincoln County, Nebraska, is
sued an Order of Attachment for the
sum of $73.,0 In an action ponding be
fore him, whoroln Helon M. Rltner is
plaintiff and Catherlno McCloes, do-
fondant, that property consisting of
ono Suit Case, one Traveling Bag and
tholr contents, together with a miscel
laneous lot of wearing apparol, toilet
and othor articles, has boon attached
under said ordor.
Said causo was continued to the 11th
day of July, 1917, at ten o'clock, a. m
Dated North Platto, Nobraska, Juno
1st, 1917.
Hospital Phone Black 038.
House Phone Black 633.
Graduate Veterinarian
Bight years a Government Voterlnsr
Ian. Hospital 218-south Locust St,
one-half block southwest of the
Court Housfc.
Quality in Cigars has has been our
aim slnco two began making cigars In
North Platto over thirty years ago
Wo put quality in tho first cigars we
mado, and that samo quality is in tho
cigars wo mako today. Schmalzrled'
Cigars have stood tho tost of those
more than thirty years. What greater
ovldonco of quality could you desire?
If you havo not boon smoking Sshmalz
dled's cigars, try them they aro cer
tain to please.
To the liclra of II. A. Lozler. Henrv
jv. iuzier: uio noira 01 iicnry i. cozier
niuio L,oan At Trust joninny 01 uga
llala, Nebraska; Kaatorn Hanking Com
nany: Iicnry A. Lozlor & Coinaanv. i
corporation orRnnlzod under tho Jaws
ot tlie state or uiuo; Mary 31. uozler
ueurse m. joziur: uoorcro .-sparKS l,o
zler, Funnle Lozler; LIUIe Lozler
iiecca Lozler; Henry Sutton: An
nle Sutton; KHzaUoMi Thomas
flinDei Tnoinns; l'onri Thomas;
ThoinuH, child of Jamos Thomas;
Thomas, child of Jamos Thomas:
Thomas, child of Jamos ThomaH; Fan
nlo Ilaskoll: Henrv I'null: Don llobln
son; Lewis II. 31111; Jonas Foltrhnor
l-Tcii unsworm; jiarry a ..oziur, jr.
soph T. Lozler; Georxe Pope, ltacelvor
01 me rope .Manuinot.urmB company
corporation: and
The rone Aianuit
turinir Comnany. a corporation.
The American lilcyclo Company, a cor-
You and each of you are hereby no
tined that on the nrst day of Novem
ber, A. IX 1915, Bertha Thoelecko pur
chased of the Treasuror of Lincoln
County, Nobraska, nt public tax sale,
tho Houthoast Quarter (SEU) of Sec
tion Eighteen (18), Township Ton (10).
North, Rango Thlrty-ono (31), Wost of
the Cth P. M. In Lincoln County, Ne
braska. vA,liU land was assessed and
taxed for the years 1914, 1915 and 191C
to, and In Uio namo of tho Heirs of II.
A. Loiter; that I purchased said tax
certificate, nnd nil of the rights ac
cruing thnreon, nnd now hold an as
signment thereof; that after the ex
piration of three months from tho data
ot sorvlco of this notice, a tax deed
from the County Treasurer of said Lin
coln County will be applied for.
The time tor redemption from said
tax sale will expire with the first day
of November A. D. 1917.
Certificate No. 8098.
Assignee of Bertha Thoelecko,
Remember the
Nurse Brown Memorial
Homeopathic Hospital
When requiring hospital care-
Surgically, or
Hero your Interests and comfort will
bo Borvcu. It Is not tn0 biggest, out
ono of tho best places wherein to
get won.
1003 West Fourth Street.
Dr. J. S. Twinem.
Geo. B. Dent,
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention given to Surgery
and Obstetrics
Office: Building and
Loan Building
t,l Office 130
rnone" Residence 115
Special Attention to
Surgery, Gynecology nnd Obstetrics.
Nurse Brawn Memorial Hospital.
Phono 30S
Rooms 1 and 2 Belton Building .
North Platto, Nobraska.
Successor to
Drs. Itedfleld & Redfleld
Office Phone 642 Res. Phone 676
Practice Limited to
Surpery and Radium Therapy
728 City National Bank Building.
Omaha, Nebraska.
Licensed Embnlmors
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Day Phone 234.
Night Phone Black 588.
By virtue of nn order nt onln loann.l
from, the District Cnnrt nr t.i
County, Nebraska, upon a decree of
foreclosure rendered In said Court
wnerein xne welpton Invetment
Company, a Corporation, Is plain
tiff ana ciarenco c. Mrnn r
nl are defendants. and to me
directed, I will on tho 13th day of July,
- u uiuuk p. m., at tne cast
front door of the Court House in North
Platte. Lincoln Conntv. NTnlimsUn .ii
at public auction to tho highest bidder
iur kubii, io satisiy safu uecree, interest
mm torn, mo touowing described prop
.ots Kumuer une (l), Two (2), Three
(3), Four (4), Five (5). Six (6). Seven
(7) and Twentv-two f2ai nt ATnrio'o
subdivision of Lot Number Six (6). and
also Lots Number Two (2) and Three
(3) of McGee's subdivision of Lot Num
ber Fivo (5) all of Sear's subdivision
of a Dart Of tho North V.nnt Ounrtnr
(NE) nnd tho South Half (S) of
Section Twenty-nine (29). in' Township
three (33) West of the nth n. in.. In
Nebraska, belnpr a part of the Village
of Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebras-
Icn. fl I'niird !l! f t fl .Tin y.i rrt v.l nln. Un.nnf
and also a piece, strip or parcol of land
described an becrinnlnir nt n nnint nn thn
south line of said Lot Number Seventeen
iiii oi (JiarKHon's suntiivminn nr tho
North "West Quarter (NWVi) of Sec
tion xwenty-nino w), n Township
Fourteen (14L North of rtnnirn Thlrtv.
three (33), west of the 6th p. m., being
ii pan ui uiu village oi sutnerianu, xse
braskn. a distance of Two Hundred
Fifteen (215) feet westerly from the
South East (SE) corner of s.ilil Lot.
Seventeen (17), running thence Norther
ly on a imo parallel with tho East lino
of said Lot a distance of Two Hundred
and eight-tenths (200-8) fnnt. thonrn
west along the nortlullne of said Jot a
distance or uno Hundred and Twenty
una ixty-iivo iiunurcutns 1120.G5)
feet, thence in a southerly direction on
a lino parallel with tho east lino of
said lot a distance of Two Hundred and
Thirteen and Two-Tenths (213.2) feet,
wiouiu in mi uiimuny mrecuon niong
the south line of tho said lot n Hh-
tance or une Hundred and Twenty (120)
Dated North Platte. Nebraska, this
xxi.il uuy ul uuiio, I'jlf.
A. J. SALISBURY. Sheriff.
Trntntn "Mrt 1 IT 7 nt TInrnin,. a ti-V.
deceased, In tho County Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
Tho State of Nebraska, to all persons
Interested In said estate tako notice
that tho administrator has filed a nnai
account and report of his administra
tion nnd a petition for nnal settlement
and discharge as such, which have been
sot for hearing before said court on
juiy o, laiv, at y ociock a, m., when
yuu jiuiy iiiipcur unu contost tne same.
u j uno o, luiv.
uoumy juugo.
I'Airrrrmx sams
By virtue of an ordor directing tho
roferoo to make a sale, which order was
issued from tho District Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska, upon a decreo
or partition and tho connrmation of
tho referee's report rendered m said
court, wherein Llllio M. Dean, Rosa
Eshon nnd Blueford Anway are plaln-
iiiia unu iiiuiuiia auway and wtnol An
way, his wife; Lewis Anway and Goldle
Anway, nis wire; Jano Grimes and
James Crimen, hor husband; Aam E
Donaldson, Benjamin. Anway and
vuiiio jinway, ins who; Joseph Harris,
single: and Harris and , iTnrio1
his wife, whoso first and real namos aro
to your said plaintiffs unknown; Bruce
Eshon, husband of Rosa Eshon; Rush
George Anway. an Incomnot nt nmi w
h. Fast, superintendent of tht Asylum
for tho Insano of Nebraska, Jn whoso
custody and caro Gcorgo Anwny Is at
tho present time; Ella Anway, an In
competent, and Dr. a, D. arlfllth. super
intendent of tho Nobraska Institution
for FfteblQ Minded Youth at fflrico"
In whoso custody and care said Ella An
way is at mo present time; John V.
Fowler and Bertha L. Fowler, his wife,
nartlea In nossesslon of nni,i inr,,io!
nnd George O. Fowler and Dollle m!
Fowler, his wife, parties In possession
of said lands, and to mo dl
on the 9th day of July, 1917. at two
o'clock P. M. at tho East Front Doo?
of tho Court Houso In North Platto. Lin
coln County, Nobraska, sell at nubile
nuotlon to tho highest bidder for cash
vim iuuuiiiiik unavi mcu rum estate to
wit: All of Section Flvo (5). In Town.
Twelve (12), North of Range Thlrtv.
one (31). West of the 6th P. M : and tho
South Half (BM) of Section' Thirty"
three (33). In Township Thirteen (13),
North of Range Thirty-one sn. wat
or tho 6th p, M., all of said land being
located In Lincoln County, Nebraska.
Dated this 4th day of June. 1917
J5J6 Referee,
Office phone 241. Hob. phone 217
' Ostoopalhlc Physician.
. North Platto, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
Notice for Bids
Notice is horoby givon that sealed
bids for tho construction of a now
school house In and for School Dis
trict No. 65, in Lincoln County, State
of Nobraska, will bo rccolvcd at tho
oillco of tho Director of said district In
tho town of "Wallace Lincoln County,
Nobraska, up to tho how of G o'clock
p. m. on Monday, July 2, 1917. Plans
and specifications of said school house
aro on fllo In tho office of said director
in tho town of Wallace, Lincoln
County, Nobraska, and may bo exam
ined by any prospoctivo biddor. All
bids must bo accompanied' with a cer
tified check in an amount equal to flvo
por cent of tho amount of tho bid made.
Board of Directors rcsorves tlie right
to reject any and all bids.
m29-J29 Director.
To Mary Ellen Chandler, non-resident
You will tako notice that T.onlsn Sr.
Cody has filed her petition In tho Dis
trict Court of Lincoln County, Nebras
ka, against Vou ns defendant, the ob
ject nnd prayer of which aro to quiet
unu cuiuirm into in said piaintill and
in various grantees, to certain por
tions of tho following described lands,
situated in Lincoln County, Nebraska,
to-wlt: Beginning nt a point ll.G feet
south and 990 feet west of the quarter
section corner on the north lino of Sec.
32, twp 14, Rg. 30, W., this boing a
point 25 ft. south from tho center lino
of tho Platto Valley Irrigation District
canal, thence west parallel with the
north line of said Sen. 32 nnil nnlil
canal, 1C29.22 ft., to a point 11.5 ft. south
or tne rtw corner or said Sec 32, thence
south on section lino between Sees. 31
and 32, a distance of 959.65 ft. to a
point uuu reot rrom tho center
ine of the Union Paclflo Ttnll.
road original main track. menHiirri nt
a right angle, thenco south 80 degrees
east, parallel with said railroad, n dis
tance of 1655 ft. to a point 990 ft. west
of the north and south center line of
said sec. 32; thence north parallel with
said center line, 1233.4 to the placo of
beginning, being the land embraced
anu contained in scout's Ilest Addi
tion to the City of North Platte, Ne
braska, and which said suit is prose
cuted by the said plalntlrt In her ownj
behalf and on behalf of said grantees,
and particularly to quiet and confirm
niie in saiu respective owners against
certain proceedings hnrl In thn nTai-rint
Court of Lincoln County, Nebraska, for
me auie inereoi uy one iJllen a. Chan
dler, guardian of the defendant, Mary
Ellen Chandler: and further to set up
and establish now nnd Independent title
in her and the said grantees, by reason
of tho adverse possession thereof by
said plaintiff and her grantees and her
grantors for more than 10 years last
lou will mako answer to said pe
tition on or before tho 9th day of July.
1917, or decree will be entered against
you as In said petition prayed.
By EVANS & EVANS, "her "attorneys.
Legal Notice.
Tn V rtlmlnn A ,1 . .
fondant "".-""Ji non-resioent ao-
You are hereby notified that Mary
Adamy as plaintiff has nied her cer
tain petition in tho District Court of
folni Coxln&'' Nebraska, against you,
Impleaded with others, the object and
, "y ""-" d.hu ijuiiuun is lore-
close a certain mortgage made and ex
ecuted by yourself and Ellen M. Adamy
tS A'"rt"".".l,9rasKa,to-
Six, (6), Townshlp;sixreen0(ie60).
ptu o f ""''V-eiBiauil , west of the
6th P. M. and Lot Fifty-six (56) of
wuuu.uoiuu ua iiiatieu and
recorded in Book B-l, at page 40 of
ino ueeu records or Lincoln County. No-
j. ...... vj.o uiiiuuiil claimed to
bo due Plaintiff upon said mortgage Is
the sum nf l7inii;
?-?RTarau,it w'-, b0 taken a"u decree
entered as in said petition prayed.
t T-. jiujxim x , I'lamtiir.
By Evans & Rvnnn vr a
m29-J22 1 niiuiuoo,
SlicrliT'tt Snle.
from Vi.r :.;Y" A,"-i'1 5i1" 'asupu
f.Vr.,1:.. r , ""ui i oi Lincoln
County, Nebraska, upon a decree of
foreclosure rendered in said Court
..w. v... a. ..u uutiuiuu uunuinir anil
kOa,,A8.s,f0latio,n 5? Beatrice. NeBraska.
r """". i-iarn lionc et ai aro
defendants, and to mo directed. I will
X the 'east ftonVSoo1? or
i ?r " in jortn Platte, Lln
f.olnA Co.unty, Nebraska, sell at Pub
lic Auction to tho highest bidder for
,t.8at!?.f7 a'l ?eo?ee,' Interest
vo.D, lllD xuuuwing described
SJtyisi2LNSilh Platte in Lincoln Coun-
i9bated North Platte, Nebr., Juno 7,
J12'J13 A. J. SALISBURY, Sheriff.
Nebraska. "'"ku"' --uuniy
f,nH,0.tat!.f. Nebraska, to all per
tlce hit ti a said estate talto no
n nnafanVo?ntA2 Aled
rninistratlon-and"a .etltlo.i for nnai
Dated Juno 11, 1917.,
I12J29 GE0. E. FRENCH,
J J County Judge.
n nii 1 too Administrator has nied
whin?, v,i: tanu "ischargo as such.
SncUonsttnho2a1n?en. -'appear
Datod Juno l, 1917.
J5-3w GE0, 5 FRENCH,
Vn'iiinn -m
&8ht'yn. Nhe6bra.ty C0Urt 0t
nt oLi ta!of Nebraska, ss: Creditors
?im8ald. e?tato will tako notice that the
ln0nflm,,ito.d for Presentation and flit
jJi.ot cI'"s against said estate i
January 6, 1918, and for settlement of
ft'dn?8tate ,a Jllne IS"; "hit Twin
!t, at the county court room in s-iia
county, on July 6, 1917. at 9 ovinJS
a m, and on January 6. 19 Cn?S
3B-4w E0, FRENCH.
County Judge.

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