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Glasses make you
a better driver
They ease the severed strain on the , ,
eyes which comes from driving a car.
Yon will get more pleasure from your
car, and be a safer driver to ride
with, if you wear correctly fitted
Stop at Clinton's and consult our
optometrist. His expert, professional
advice will be highly valuable in pro
tecting and preserving good sight.
Auto Goggles
Protect the eyes from glare, wind and
dust 50c to $2.00.
Graduate Optician,
At tho Sign of Uio Big King.
MIsb Irraa Johnston waa called to
Denver Friday by tho death of a rola
tlvo. Raymond Tigho loft Friday evening
for Ft. Logan to ontor tho aviation
Boots for canning and pickling,
North Platto Floral Co. 58-2
MIbb Mario LoDloyt will return to
morrow from a visit with friends In
Miss Eva Dlonor has rotuTpod from
tlio Kearney normal where sho spont
sovoral months.
Van Lawronco spent tho lattor part
of, last wook In Omaha combining bus
iness with (pleasure
Dr. Brock, Dentist, over Stone Drug
Noalo Turplo roturned Friday from
a buslcnss visit in Omaha and other
oastorn Nebraska tjowns.
Miss EsbIo Wcssburg loft Sunday
ovonlng for Ogdon to visit her slstor
for sovoral wooks.
W. J. O'Connor Is cxpoctod to roturn
Thursday from a business visit in
Now York and Chicago.
Mrs. W. L. Ri'cltar'ds has 'rotu'rncil
from Omaha whoro sho was cafiou by
tho death of a rolatlvo.
Dr, Smith, Chiropractor,
. Building '& Loan Building.. GOtf
Bon Calhoun, of tho Nobraska Tol
ophono Co., has boon transferred from
Grand Island to this city.
Elonol Carl Russoll, a threo-yoor old
boy who was taking troatmont in a
local hospital, died Saturday morning.
Tho ireinalns wore taken to Drulo for
lntormont Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Josoph Quinn will loavo this
week for Choyonno to visit hor moth
er for a couplo of wooks.
Mrs. Will Allen returned to Oniaha
Friday aiftor (visiting relatives and
frionds In town for a wook.
Corbin Jonos roturned to Omaha Uio
lattor part of laat week after a ton
day visit with local frionds.
Miss Margaret Brooks left Satur
day nftornoon for Gothenburg to visit
rolatlvos for a fow days.
Wanted Bookkoopor and stonog
raphor, apply at once, J. V. Romigh
Garago. 58tf
Mrs. Wilfred Stuart and baby, who
woro visiting at tho Tight homo for a
wook, left Saturday morning.
Mrs. Nolllo Hcaton and daughtor, of
Columbus, aro guosts this week of
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Salisbury.
Miss Graco Trover, of Pueblo, carao
Saturday morning to visit with Mrs.
Curl Bonnor for a week or moro.
Raymond Tigho, who had been visit
ing friends in Choyonno for several
days returned homo Friday ovonlng.
Seo tho nifty lino of early fall hats
now on dUplay at McVickor's at Tho
Loader. 59-2
Mtb. E, E.'Moodyana son Emmett
loft Saturday morning for Laramio to
viBit frlondB for a wook or longor.
A 'pleasant mooting of tho Happy
Hour club was hold Friday afternoon
at tho homo of Mrs, Ernoat Mills.
All Dross Goods scon In our window
spocial salo 19c.
Oliver Carroll, RoVj. Hull and Loon
Sawyer, who woro flBhlng In Wyoming
fon two wooks, roturned homo Sun
Tho Chautauqua closed Saturday ev
ening and at this session tho platform
manager announced that ho had been
unable to socuro tho necessary num
ber of financial backers to securo n
Chautauqu for 1918. So far as the
business men aro concerned they are
practically unanimous in tho opinion
that tho Rcdpath-IIornor Co. has es
tablished a reputation in North Platto
for furnishing excellent talent, and
that on this reputation made they aro
practically nssu'red patronago In the
futuro sufficient to Justify thorn com
ing without a committee guaranteeing
a certain sum which sum is always
moro than sufficient to cover actual
oxponsos, and whatever Is taken In at
tho gato on slnglo admissions repre
sents tho net lncomo to tho company.
If, therefore, wo aro to havo a Chau
taiDqua In 1918 tho Rcdpath-Horner
company must como without bolng
guaranteed In, isiidyanco the salo of
$1400 in season tickets.
This year tho salo of season tickets
fell about $130 short of tho sum guar
antied and this deficit was modo up by
tho fifty-one who stood as financial
backers sonfb of whom took and paid
for moro tickets than they used.
Tho Tribuno has never favored bo
nusos, eubsldlos or guarantees, bc
lloving that evory enterprise should
stand or fall on Its Individual' merit,
Tho local business firm receives no
guarantee; all risks aro assumed, and
why should an outsldo concern be
treated better, than a homo concern?
Much Wntcr Used.
During tho month of July tho water
plant pumpod fifty-three million gal
lons of water to supply tho noedsof
tho (people of North Platto and tho Un
ion Pacific company. This Is equiva
lent to ono and tWroo-quarter million
gallons per day.
Tho extromo dry weather during
July made a big demand for wator for
lawns and gardens, herico tho unusu
ally largo consumption.
Sfiinrt and HurroiigliM to Franco
Will Stuart and John Burrqughs,
two North Platto boys who havo boen
living in California for several years,
aro now onroufto to Franco as mem
bora of tho Eighteenth United States
Englnoors, tho branch of tho army that
will reconstruct tho railroads of the
allies. Prior to loavlng for Franco
tho Teglmont had been in training for
sovoral wooks under tho shadows df
Mt. Ranior. '
CelcbrnUon of tho Four Hundredth
Aiinher.siirj- of the Reformation
Will he Held with Strong Pro
gram In North PinUc.
Civil Service Examination.
Civil sorvlco examinations will bo
givon Autgust 17th for forest and Hold
clork and for typewriter In tho flold
sorvlco. Persons with tho necessary
training aro urged to tako theso ex
aminations as tho United States needs
both men and womon to fill thoso po
sitions. Soo Mrs. Gleason at tho post-offlco.
Miss Margaret Sullivan, of Grand
iBland, camo Friday afternoon to visit
with hor slstor Mrs. Herman Schleuter
for a wook.
My Faithful Servant
nPHE New Perfection Oil Cook Stove is never
-- cranky, never lazy, never late. It cooks delicious
meals and serves them on the minute. More than
2,500,000 housewives are using New Perfections
today 20 more than last year.
Cooks fast or slow, as you like. Turns all the oil into
heat and all the heat is used in cooking. That's the
secret of the famous Long Blue Chimney burner.
No more coal hod and ash nan drudgery no more
toiling in a stuffy overheated kitchen.
Ask your dealer to show you the reversible glass
reservoir, an exclusive feature of the New Perfection.
For best results use Perfection Kerosene.
(Nebraska) Omaha
The Lutherans of the local church
have extended' Invitation to tho people
of Westorn Nebraska and to tho city
churches to attondd their celebration
this wook, August 9th and 10th.
Tho evening services will be hold In
the Methodist church. A strong mu
sical program will bo given by solect
voices and the orchestra under di
rection of Earl Stamp. Fouir addresses
by loading men of the Lutheran church
from Nobraska, Illinois and Kansas
will bo given. Ono addross each ov
onlng and two tho afternoon of tho
"October 31st, this year, will mark
the 400th anniversary of the Reforma
tion, a movemont considered by tho
historians as tho germ of all modern
liberty, not only religious, but civil
as well.
"Therefore at various times during
the year 1917, largo meetings or festiv
ities are bolng held in commemoration
of tho Reformation in nearly all Prot
estant denominations of the world.
Tho main purpose of this celobratlon
is not to oxtrol Luther or other great
reformers but rather to remind our
selves of tho results of their labors
that wo might come to a bettor reali
zation of thoso truiths which never
Tho Lutherans state the object of
their celebration In theso words: "We
celobrate tho Reformation of tho Six
teenth century in order to hasten the
Transformation of tho Twentieth." It
Is not to antagonizo or tear down any
othor faith or belittle any other, de
nomination, but to como to a better
knowledge of thoir own for greater
efficiency In tho great work of caring
for their own and doing their part in
tho great world evangelization In this
contury. It Is an opportunity to bear
testimony before the world to a faith
and practice which God has chosen
to make tho faith of many nations,
and which onrolls as her members
more than one-hal of the entire prot
03tant world. It Is a most favorable
opportunity to lead our pooplo into
a larger understanding of this glori
ous church and thereby to fire, their
hearts for greater achievements for
Christ and His Kingdom."
Already great fruit has been seen
Tho Norwegians who wore formerly
of three bodies havo united now with
a force of 500,000 communicants. Tho
three great English speaking branch
es have mado definite plans for a per
manent merger to bo concluded be
fore tho close of tho year, In Novom
her. This will bring together In ono
so-called United Lutheran church of
Amorlca 1,500,000 baptized members
nnd nearly a million adults.
In common with other churc.iM the
Luthoran church hns much " nave
tho sam e bible, samo form ot church
govornmon, tho samo obstacles to
ovorcome; and In this land of tho free
,thoy recognize that they havo tho samo
privileges, tho samo responsibilities
toward our government and toward
our fellowmon.
The Lutherans regard tho church as
a rollgious organization pure and sim
ple with distinctly spiritual activl
ties. In rofusing to substitute any
othor mossago in Us puuilpits for tho
oxposition of tho scriptures this church
Is often maligned and frequently mis
understood, but tho messages which
go out from tho pulpits always Insist
upon loyalty to country, obedience to
nil In authority, and respect for Uio law
of tho land. The Lutheran church can
point with prldo to Its history in Amor
lca where It was planted contemporan
eously with tho earliest settlements In
our land. Luthorans havo always de
fonded tho stara and stripes, and in
tho revolutionary, civil and Spanish
Amorlcan wars did hor sharo in tho
contribution of Bomo of her noblest
Whllo tho Luthoran church Includes
In hor momborshlp moro than ono-half
ot tho protostant world's population,
sho numbers nearly four million of
baptized membors in America and ovor
two nnd ono-half millions adult mem
borB, with church property valued at
$102,320,045 and educational instltu
tions, including theological seminar
les valued at $13,9Gl,130,nnd somo 71
thai! ooneAghbors!orhkdtboA,"w u,SH
orphans' homos, and homos for aged
besides ather chartablo institutions.
Sho contributed to local exponses
last yoar $14,800,787 and to bonovo-
loncos $3,782,751. Sho has 979,463
scholars In hor Sunday schools and
255,397 in parochial schools.
Mr. and Mrs. Holmer Sallno, liv
ing In Bouthorn California, aro guests
of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Don this
week whllo enrouto homo from a visit
In tho east.
Takon up on or about tho 9th day
of May, 1917, on my farm sovon mllos
southwost of Uio city or Norm
Platto, ono rod cow, Blx or sovon
years old, branded on left hip nut an
Imal bo wild that brand cannot bo
doscrlbod. Ownor is roqueatod to
call, provo proporty, "pay chargos and
tako animal away, H. P. LARSON.
5G-5 Routo 3, North Platto.
A Sermon On Lumber,
In conclusion my friends, we can't get away from
this lumber question. Why, every one of us
spent our first days in a cradle made of lumber.
Our lives have been lived between walls of two
by fours and lath, with rafters over our heads,
and matched flooring beneath our feet. We have
been sitting in wooden chairs, eating from wooden
tables, riding in wooden wagons, and in the course
of time will be laid to rest in wooden caskets.
Lumber is King in tho Construction World.
Coates Lumber & Coal Co.
North Platte, Nebr.
Like New Mown Hay
is tho fragrant odor of our fine print
butter. And tho tasto is Just as fine.
You havo only to try it onco to realize
what superlative butter Is. Try a
pound today and wo will leave it to
tho butter itself to make you a steady
user of it. Ask for and get Alfalfa
Queen Butter.
North Platte Creamery.
Sidney is to have a now three story
hotel 80x132 and containing sixty
rooms. Tho United States Hotel Co.
will bo tho builders.
The Continental Oil Co. has ob
tained leases on thousands of acres in
the Pumpkin creek valley in Banner
county and it is said tho company will
proceed at onco to sink test wells.
W. E. Rondebush has finally been
released as postmaster at Chappell.
Ho resigned last March, but until last
woek no attention was paid to his res.
IgnaUon. The offlco "pays $1,400 a
A car loaded with hemp attached to
an east bound freight caught firo at
Joslyn, and had gained such headway
Uiat tho only thing that could be done
was to set tho car on a sidetrack and
let it burn.
Eight or ten casos of small-pox de
veloped at Chappell last wook before
tho pep'plo of tho town really know
tho disease had struck them. Tho
stato health Inspector was called and
ho and tho local physicians it is bo
lioved havo checked tho spread of
tho discaso.
As a result of reckless driving, an
auto containing four young men over
turned south of Lexington a fow days
ago and ono of tho occupants was
killod. A coroner's Jury iroturned a
vordict which practically .said that Will
Fellers tho driver of tho car, was
guilty of manslaughter.
Two women auto tourists encoun-
trring a rain wost of Overton Thursday
attomptod to drdvo ovor a slippery
road without chain. Tho car slid
into tho ditch and over turned, ont
woman sustaining a broken collar
bono, tho othor a broken arm. They
woro onrouto from Denver to Chicago.
Cnrd of Thanks
Wo wish to oxtond our sincere thanks
to frionds and tho various lodges for
their kindness during the illness and
death of tho lato R F. Schmalzrled,
and for the beautiful floral offerings.
Miss Anna Pramborg left a fow days
ago for Gothonburg to visit friends
and relatives.
Mrs. Elmer Holgoson left yesterday
morning for Sutherland to spond a
wook or longor.
Miss Lois Moore, of Lincoln, came
a fow days ago to visit with hor sister
Miss Ruth Mooro.
Ira Stebblns, of Gothonburg, spent
last wook horo vlslUng frionds and at
tending Chautauqua.
Mrs. Frank DIckerson, of Horshoy,
spoilt last wook horo attonding Chau
tauqua and visiting friends. ,
Charles McMullen and W. J. Land
graf returnod Sunday ovonlng from a
short visit in Grand Islund.
Miss Lula Groff roturned Saturday
ovenlng from Falrbury whoro sho
spont ton days wlUi frionds.
North Platto People go to Mountains.
Mrs. G. T. Field and Miss Annio
Kramph left Sunday morning for a ton
days' visit in Estes Park and othor
Colorado points.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mitchell and
children left Saturday morning for
'points In Colorado, oxpectlng to bo
absent about two weeks.
Miss Lula Burke left Friday morning
for Denver to visit frionds for two
weeks and will mako sldo trips to sov
oral of tho Colorado summer resorts.
C. F. Tracy left yesterday for Cher
okee PaJrk to remain for about two
weeks. Hay fever mado its appear
ance with Frank hence his flight to
tho hills.
Harvey Softonson and Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Curamings and children left Sun
day morning for Glen Eyre, Col.,
whoro they will remain for a week or
mora. Tho trip Is mado In Mr. Soren
son's car. ,
Mr. and Mrs. John Strahorn left
yesterday morning for Cherokee Park
where they will spond a month, Mr.
Strahorn going there to havo relief
from hay fevor and to catch trout At
this sport ho has been very successful
In past years.
Mr. and Mrs. Albort Muldoon aro
now sojourning ton Michigan river
near Wnlden, Col. While in Cheyenno
onrouto west a fire truck was backed
oujt of tho houso into Mr. Muldoon's
car, bending tho fenders, breaking tho
wind shield and damaging the top.
Fatty Arbucklo at the Keith tonight
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Bliss, of Suth
erland, spent yesterday hero and tho
formor took tho draft examination.
Ernest Shlck, an employe of the U.
P. car departmont, sustained Injuries
to his right foot Saturday when a steol
bar dropped on it
The MeUiodlst aid society will meet
in the church parlors Thursday af
tornoon ontortained by Mesdamos Mc
Dermott, Hemphill, Shinn nnd Riche
son. Mrs. Robert Arnold ontortained tho
Q. E. class of tho Baptist Sunday
school tho lattor part of last week and
the members made quilt blocks for tho
foreign nilssioHary society.
Having been vaccinated for small
pox, tho boys of Company E havo boon
glvon tho first shot of innoculalatlon
for typhoid and somo of Uiom who woro
given Uie shot Sunday aro feollng
pretty soro.
Rawlins GInn, a member of Co. E
was injured Sunday aftornoon while
riding on tho running board of an
automobile Ho was thrown from tho
car and sustained sevoral cuts on his
head which necessitated a numbor ot
Fred C. Dolson, Bon of W. S. Dol
son ot this city, who for throe years
past has rosldod in San Francisco, has
Joined tho aviation corps. HlsVifo and
child will arrlvo hero next Monday to
make an extended visit with Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Dolson.

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