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3' "I
Guaranteed not to break.
f Graduate Dentist
Office aver the McDonald
State Bunk.
"J.J. Horrigan caino from Grand Is
land Sunday to visit his family.
A. G. Hotchkiss has roturned from
a short visit In Colorado cities.
Theodore Lowe, Jin,, left Friday ev
ening for a short visit in Omaha.
' Tho G. I. A. to tlyj.ty of L. E. will
not hold meetings during August.
Mrs. McCarthy, of Thurnian, came
last week to vlsltrat tho Frater home.
Dr. Morrill. JDentlst.
A baby girl was born tho lattor part
of last week to Mr. and Mrs. Georgd
Mr. and Mrs. Davo Day and baby
returned homo yesterday morning from
Tho county commissioners wano in
session yesterday transacting routine
' T"l 4 TV ITTl 1 rtntr r P - r o I snnnl C2n r
day in town as tho guest of his broth
er J. Q. Wilcox.
Mrs. Fred Lathrop, of Chicago, is
expected here soon to visit her sister,
Mrs. W. J. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. George Voseipka left
Sunday morning for Bridgeport to at
tend a family reunion.
Don't fail to seo our window with
tho 19c Dress Goods.
J. A. Knadjl, of Cedar Rapids, Neb.,
Is visiting friends in this city and
looking after his real estate interests.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stuart, residents
of Arizona, are expected horo short
ly to visit Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stuart.
Miss Lillian Sturges and Miss Lu
cille Boyerlo will leave this week for
Basin, Wyo., to visit relatives for two
Mr. and Mrs. T. L.. Green and daugh
ter Catherine loft by auto Saturday af
tornoon for Grand Island to visit rel
atives. ::o::
Call 125 for Taxi day or night.
Also five or seven passenger car for
funeral Bervlce.
Chandler & Elcar Agency,
Corner Eighth and Locust Sts.
Miss Laura Murray is cx'pocted to
retitrm tomorrow from Chicago where
she has been .spending the past two
Arthur Hubbard, formerly of this
city, came from Kimball last week to
visit his parents Mr. and Mrs. William
Three men wore arrested at Alliance
for stealing boozo from cars in tran
sit. Two of tho men havo confessed to
tho theft.
For Sale Improved section, IB miles
northeast of North Platto; price $3000,
Inquiro of L. A. Gambrol, 703 west
Eleventh. 59-3
Mrs. Guy Hadsoll, of Sterling, who
was tho guest of Miss Ella Steggo
mann for somo time, returned home
Saturday morning.
Henry Ellas, who has been em'ployed
at Grand Island for somo time, spont
tho lattor part of last week in town
visiting his paronts.
Mrs. Earl Crandall and baby, of Lin
coin, who woro guests of her aunt
Mrs. A. P. Kelly, left Saturday ovon
Ing for western 'points.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Barnam, of Lin
coln, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
DeGr.aw while enrouito homo from
western cities by auto.
The room m the Nevillo block on
Front street occupied by H. A. Donol
son, is boing improved by the addi
tion of a new modern front.
Tho Presbyterian aid society will
meet in tho church parlors Thursday
afternoon, entertained by Mesdames
Snyder, Fred Payno and Rhodes.
36 and 40 inch voiles specials for
Friday and Saturday and all next
weok only 19c. Thi3 is your oppor
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. King, of Lin
coin, spent last week here visiting
with friends whilo enroute to Brady
to mako thoir home on a farm. Mrs
King was formerly Miss Graco Eavoy,
Lewis Schulz, C. A. Lundin, F. J,
Sullivan and T. T. Marcott mauo a
rocord breaking irun from Brady to
Cheyenne last Thursday in Mr. Schulz'
big touring car. Their time was nine
hours and fifty minutes. Brady Vin
Bccnuso of tho great number of ex
emptions from military Bcrvico undor
tho draft net, filed by those having
(lopondents, tho military board has
forwarded to nil local exemption
boards a now ruling. Undor this rul
ing, If a man's dependents can llvo
on thirty dollars a month, tho mini
mum pay to soldiers, tho oxomptlon
111 not bo considered.
Tho Instructions follow:
"Pleaso call attention of local boards
to tills fact that a soldier's pay Is no
ess than $30 a month, and that all
l)t3i!lng, substance, mtVlIcaii; troatf-
mcnt and housing tiro furnished him.
Undor tho law ho may allot any por
tion of his pay to a dopondent.
"Many soldiers receiving $30 per
month aro oaslly able to allot $25
monthly to tho support of depend
ents. In caso of death In line of duty
tho government will pay to tho bene
ficiary designated by tho soldion six
months' pay.
"Sodtlon 4 of tho solectlvo service
act provides that these in a status
with respect to perstns ddpondant
upon them for support which renders
their exclusion or dlschargo advlsablo
may bo discharged, but It does not
require that thoy shall bo discharged
In all such cases.
"Tho discretion of local boards is
Invoked by this provision, and such
boards may well take tho facts re
cited abovo Into consideration in do
cidlng claims for disdhargo duo to
dependency with a view to determin
ing whether, as a matter of fact, tho
person claiming bucIi dlschargo will
not bo In as good or better position to
upport their dependents aftor so
loction for military sorvico than ho
was beforo. If such is tho case, of
course, tho discharge should not bo
Plans for proceduro regarding ex
emptions aro boing mado, tho govcr
nor appointing an official In each dis
trict to look after tho filing of ap-
peals. Tho servico of tho county at
tornoy In filing them Is recommonded
A. B. Hoagland, In charge of tho
county grading outfit, has been doing
machino work on the tractor for a
couple of days past preparatory to be
ginning work on tho Lincoln highway
between North Platto and Maxwell. In
a number of places this work must
bo done in dry weather, and certainly
this Ib tho proper tlmo.
To Yourself
Real generosity to yourself begins with
spending less than you earn. It ends with
having money at your command at the time
when it means the most to you.
Make your beginning now with a sav
ings account in the McDonald State Bank.
We will pay you 3 per cent compound
interest and your surplus will be safely kept
in our vaults for your day of opportunity or
$1,00 starts an account.
McDonald State Bank.
Every man who .has .enlisted
in the Army or National Guard,
or who was drawn In tho draft,
should niuko a provision for his
wife, mother, sister or protect
his business Interest that ho is
leaving by taking out an Old Lino
Llfo Policy nt once. Thoy are
worth thoir fuco In Europe; no
extra premium charged us long
us Insured remains In territory
limits of tho United Stntos. Toll
clos limited to $2,000 on any ono
man. Sco or phone
J. E. SEBASTIAN, State Agent,
Urodbcck Uldg.,North Platte, Nob.,
IVItli Old Minn. Mutual Life Insur
mice Co.
::,:: .
Catch Big Trout.
C. C. Hupfor returned yesterday
from a fishing trip in Wyoming,
bringing back a dozen brook trout
weighing from throo and ono-half to
five and one-half pounds each, and
making by far tho finost bunch of trout
this writer has over soon brought to
town. Tho fishing grounds woro lakes
in tho Snowy range, out from Conten
nial, lakes that aro surrounded with
snow, in fact tho snow runs down to
tho wator edgo and tho boys used tho
snow hanks to cache their catch. Tho
trout brough homo by Mr. Hupfor rep
irosented but a small fraction of tho
number caught. Mr. Hupfor was ac
companiod out. of Laramio by Henry
Rebhausen and a friend.
City Engineer McNamara has been
employed for several wcoks past mak
Ing a hydrographlc map of DawBon
Lincoln and other western Nebraska
counties, a work that was started by
Roy Cochran last year. This map Is
being mado for tho stato onglncor's of
fice at Lincoln and will bo very com
pleto In detail.
Mrs. 0. W. Sprlgg and baby of Kan
sas City, are expected horo this weok
to visit rolatlves. Mrs. Sprlgg was
fonnorly MIbb Mao Nolan, of tills city,
Mrs. P. J. Norton and children re
turned to Grand Island Sunday evon
Ing after visiting Mr. and Mrs. P. A
Norton for sovoral days.
Dress Goods in our window 19c
special for Friday, Saturday and all
next week.
Mrs. Edward Spocht loft yestorday
morning for Buffalo, N. Y., to visit
City Engineor McNamara left yes
terday morning for tho wostorn part
of tho state on business.
A Colonial Furnace will Save its
Cost to You in Fuel and Repairs
If you don't own a furnacd that gives you greatest
economy, you are always adding to the original pur
chase price.
On a business basis, that is poor practice.
Don't argue that you must have heat anyway,"
"without respect to cost."
The furnace that eats the most fuel, is least de
pendable in heat.
The more extravagant the upkeep, the less the
Keep these points in mind when you investigate
Green COLONIAL Furnace
i juj jf ecu a lsvmc ,i i cat i mcnsyier Creen columiau FuhnACB
Stoking in fuel and shoveling out ashes, is a thankless, costly job.
Green's COLONIAL Furnace overcomes all these wastes, because every part -of
it is the result of long experience a real refinement in furnace design, materials,
workmanship. k '
How the fuel is consumed, the way the draft operates, the method in which
the heat is extractedthe certainty that you are not heating all out-doors cleanliness.
, convenience, warmth m every room, comfort and health for the family security against
the coldest days, and the damp days, too:. All these things certainly should, enter into
your consideration of a furnace! .
You wouldn't buy a gold bond or a first mortgage on a printed announcement,
and we don t expect you to buy a Green COLONIAL, Furnace on what we say in thia
advertisement. '
But we do believe that you will investigate the Green COLONIAL Furnace.
Study its many merit-points; it has no other!
Get acquainted with its five-year guarantee !
Figure on its low upkeep cost.
Make a start in the right direction, by asking for a copy of the' latest illus
trated, descriptive catalogue. It is free I
We Sell and Install tho "Colonial."
Frank Elliott and family loft this
weok on an auto trip to Estes Park,
and othor Colorado points.
Mrs. C. F. OrmBhy, a formor resi
dent of this city, but of lato living In
Long Beach, Cal., Is visiting hor slater,
MrH. Anna Church.
Mrs. M. II. Douglas has gono to Sid
ney to visit with friends for a wook.
Mrs. Charles Trovlllo will leave
Shortly for Omaha to visit hor daugh
Mrs. Jack Beal left Sunday ovonlng
to visit relatives In Ogalalla for a few
F. C. Hoxlo left yestorday morning
for Omaha to spond a wook on busi-
Seo' tho nifty lino of early fall hats
now on display at McVicker's, at Tho
Leader. 59-2
Miss Fern Lipplncott has accepted a
position ns cashier In Tho Loader Mor
cantllo Co. store.
Mrs. Wilfred Stuart returned to
Lexington Saturday ovonlng aftor vis
iting hor paronts.
I now have funds at 5 por cent
cholco bottom tablo land. Gono
Crook, Room 4, Keith theatro Bldg.
Lieut. Cecil Cool, who had boon vis
iting In town for a wook, rocoived or
dors to report at Omaha and left for
that city Saturday morning. Tho
Sixth regiment of which Lieut Cool is
nn officers, was mustered Into tho fed
eral sorvico Saturday.
Rev. Charles Chapman, of Butto,
Montana, formerly of this city, who
visited at tho Clinton homo for ten
days, loft Friday ovonlng for Wash-'
ington, D. C, and Now York to visit for
sorao tlmo. Rev. Chapman was pastor
of tho Church of Our Saviour for sev
eral years.
Brokon oyo glass lenses can bo re
placed tho samo day as ordor is given
in our' lonso grinding department.
tf ' Graduato Optomotrlsts.
A dozen men havo boon at work at
tho head of tho Suburban ditch put
ting in a wing dam,. Tho water is
deep and In ordor to drlvo tho light
Iptling ono man supports another on
his Bhouldors, this giving tho lattor
tho froo uso of IiIb arms. Tho dam
has boon partially completed and tho
flow of water in tho ditch has been in
Miss Stella Mao Horlng, who came
hero a short tlmo ago from Ogalalla to
tako trcatmont In a local hospital died
Saturday morning at tho ago of twen
ty years of porltonltls. Tho remains
were takon to Beardstown, 111., Sat
urday evening for Intermont and woro
acpompanlod by a slstor, Mrs. Lula
Robinson, of Lltchflold, 111., who was
called horo during tho lllneBs of tho
Choice smooth eighty acres alfalfa and hay
land within two miles of the North Platte Post
Office at the bargain price of $65.00 per acre.
Cool Breeze Indoors
The cool breeze of the mountain and sea
shore may be enjoyed in the home or office
'equipped with an electric Fan. A wonder
ful sleep producer. Insures the baby's
health in hot weather. Operating cost is but
a fraction of a cent an hour.
North Platte Light & Power Co.
JCcnl Estate, Fire, Tornado and Hull
Insriiaiice. Special Agents Globe
Life IiiHuranco Company.
Cornor Front and Dowoy Sts.. Upstairs
Phono Ited 572. North Platte, Nob. c7-tf
Notice to Hunters
No'tlco is hereby glvon that no hunt
ing or trospaBsIng will bo allowed on
lands owned or leasod by us cither bo
foro or during tho hunting season.
Miss Bortha Thoolocko, who spont
two wookB here, roturned to Molroso
yestorday morning.
Mrs. E. W. Cross will leave today
for Overton and othor points In cast
orn Nebraska to visit friends.
' C. M. Nowton loft tho lattor part of
last wook for Estos Park whoro his
family Is sopndlng two weeks.
Now Is your chanco to got a Dross
at very Httlo expense at
U. P. Supt. A. W. Woodruff, of Choy
onno, was horo yesterday whilo onrouto
tfp the branch on road business.
Mrs. Carl Simon and chlldron re
turned Sunday ovonlng from Hastings
whoro thoy Bppnt two wooka with rola
Miss Sadlo Trovllo, who has boon
taking vocal Instructions in tho Mllllo
Ryan musical school at Omaha for
Bomo tlmo, .will leavo in a short time
for Now York to tako a finishing courso
In music.
Mrs, Omar Huff and baby loft Sun
day ovonlng for Paxton to. aponda.
couple of weoks with rolatlvos.
Mrs. D. II. Carson, of Grand Island,
who has beon visiting hor paronts Mr.
and Mrs. Georgo M. Smith, will' re
turn homo today.
Railroad Attorney Albert ElBasor
caino a fow days ago from Qmaha.jtp
visit his brother Edward Elaassor and
transact business this weok. 4,
MIbh Mario Osborno, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., who was tho guest of Mrand
Mrs. C. R. Moroy, loft tho latter part
of last week to visit relatlvts :at Sta
ploton. S. D. Wndsworth, of Sioux Falls,
who resided In this city twonty'flvo'
years ago, spont yestorday horo with
his brother-in-law John Illnman.
Real bargains In Muslin Underwear
Miss Alico Otton, who spont tho past
year in Nampa, Idaho, roturned horo
yoatorday afternoon and will rosumo
work with tho Rush Mercantile Co.

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