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f Silver Novelties f
This (lo)uir(mvn(, solium,
nlar With gift seekers, Ix
always maintained at
standard. I'lilqne and
pleasing gifts mny lie
selected here for
Men and Women
Our fall line lias recently
come In. It Is replete
with all the newest things
of Uk year. Wo will be
pleased to hnve you call
and look them out with.
Ont uny ohlitrallon lo
Jeweler and Optician
Republican Candidates of Lincoln Coun
ty Leave no Doubt as to Their Loyalty.
and turns, the short routes aro known I
to him and he knows ho people. Ho I
Is nn officer not a politician. It is'
conceded he will poll a large vote. I
I Republican
M. soniKit
Candidate for
Two years ago the public eXprosed
i Tho two prime purposes of tho p build a much needed bridge neroM ' eoNiiilerire tu Sam Souder and placod
j American peaple at this time, having the river at Brady which will be built nim ,n otfjco ns County Treasurer.
precedence oi an outers uruT nrt iu uurniK me huai yuui .
insist upon the abosluto and Uiorough- It la conceded that ho la one of tho
going A'merlcnnizatlori of our entire best Commissioners Lincoln county
citizenship; and second, to win tho has ever had and his e.xporlenco and
war, to win it as speedily as possible, knowledge Is worth dollars to Lincoln
and to end it by the peaco of ovor-' county. It Is predicted that he will
whelming victory, a ponco which shall 'poll a big majority.
guarantee to us, nnd to our allies and
to all well-behaved nations of the clv-j j, t. KEEl'E
.r .T0A l"m . Koimbllcan CaudMate for County
dominion .
, country for but ono
' language of tho Declaration of Inde
pondence. of Washington's Farewell
nddress:The English language. Amer
icanism transcends every party con
sideration. No man who is not 100
per ccn American is entitled to the
support of any party which Is Itself
entitled to be considered nn American
party. We should treat rts disloyal any
attempt to carry water on both shoul
ders, to conciliate any half American
' voto here at homo.
New, neat styles in silk and satin Everything 'we do now and every
camisoles and combinations. All go at thing we say must help win tho war.
sale prices. E. T. Tit AMP & SONS. I Tho President has said "Politics is ad
journed'. Ho Is certainly right, in so
1tn.n.. "Vl.,li llnlllfrnii l.ifl U'llli Ilia
As regards tho Americanization, wo c ; " said "1 desire J T.
must insist that there be In
try but ojie nationality: the American t nUorncy na i know hls ef
Natlonallty. Thero Is room in this I .. ., ii, , Mr itniiin.it,
language, lUO, T , ,rnntlta nhUHv luiu rnnnlinil Mm
W. V. Hoagland and W. J. Tiley
were business visitors in Lexington
Rexall Grip Pills Prevonts colds
and La Grippe. The REXALL STORE
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Meadows are
included. In tho list of flu victims.
They were reported quite sick yesterday.
For Sale Brand new Galloway
far as politics Is to bo used for per
sonal ends or party triumph. But pop
ular government, even In war, must bo
carried on yb parties. Party spirit
must, of ct ursc, be suppressed where
J. T. Keofe's ability has reached tho
ears of the people of Lincoln county.
He Is wldoly known throughout
western Nebraskn as an orntor and
being a lino public speakor he has
been called out In many war activities
to which he responded with pleasure.
During the Bond drives he was going
night and daj without pay Html any
audience that listened to Mr. Koefc
can judge well his ability and that ho
is a ttreICiB worker for all war activ
ities. Mr. Keofe is not only nn orator but
a very competent lawyer and the legal
matters of Lincoln County have been
very ably conducted slnco ho has boon
in ofilco and lie has always beon on
tho Job.
Mr. Keofe has onllstod for the dur
ation of war, but it Is now conceded
that thero will be a speedy closing
Vherefort tho following republican frJ ,i rvi 15 nil
flitmlltlnlf n-Lincoln rnnntv , re. lovnl .f ami tllO rcmon of nil
. , .. , 4u.. I . itnreat or uormnn worm tioniinion
iiuui ntui ;iii.uim ami uiuji oui ii iu
receive tho votes of any German sym
pathizer, or tho vote of the traitor, or
spreader complete, nevor been tho voto of tho sedltionlst, or the vote .;.. ,,i ,,c. f
IllUiro UI uuuruHS W . V . WUIUH "i iU ui mo vuiu ui me .mm rp,, i ,, ,,. if Io 1,1
In this case Mr. Keefe would place
a competent deputy In tho office until
his return and then attend to tho
used. Inqulro
XT 11. T11..11 Tt. . T" - .1 1 1 (in 00 n A I, I 1 n l.m. . .1 Ik. i,n1l( f ilinf 1 u.i
1WUI nuilf, riiuue 1UJU U.U. OO-- au """' l""'"1-0 . - tl,nf nnfnrnn nvorv Inw ,,t,m,
r!ila.?? "!.,tho statutos Including the prohibitory
nt ,, ,a .mi o .amendment, in future as ho has in tho
u uiu iuuii u nu to m niiiif, iv nuinv twi i ,
!ilf-",?."1 JJ"CA"Lth y?!" Surely the patriotic people of Lin
u nUIrw,lin,! coin county will concede that no
iml nnr M ti 1' , I bould httVO tho COUrtCSy Of tllO OfllCO
3l'!,lo,S0il. IL1,!!", and noil a big majority vote. Do wo
lv,, ,i,i , i not owe it to our soldier candidate,
Rexall Cold Tablets. A safe and re
liable remedy. Sold only at THE
Justice Sullivan united in marriage
Friday Albort C. Ashley of Cheyonno
and Catherine Holland of Poplar
Bluffs, Mo.
Mrs. W. T. Alden has retiuirned
from a tvo weeks' visit in Lincoln, ac
companied) by her daughter Helen,
, who had been attending tho stato
university. ,
fir Morrill. DpnilMt.
J. Stnnley Orr.. ticket agent at the
depot has rented the Albort Schatz
house and will soon tako posssosion.
Mr. and Mrs. Schatz will spend the
winter in Omaha.
For Farm Loans see Gene Croolt,
Room west of Vienna Cafe.
H. J. VanNatter. salesman for The
Moorman Mfg.. and brother J. F. Van
Natter, of Bridgeport, also salesman
for tho same company have been tran
sacting business for the firm in Oma
ha the past few days.
the markets of the world.
For -Sale 1017 Dodgo Touring car j Li:'cllj cunty-
Republican Candidate for
Mr. Meyer has resided in
county for thirty years. During this
time ho has helo fdeo of County Sur
veyor for fourteen years. Thirty years
of experience in the field enables him
to cxecuto his surveys with accuracy
and according to tho requirements of
the law and the decisions of the
When Surveyor R. L. Cochran en
listed fcr war work he suggested that
Mr. Meyer be appointed to till his
place, as he knew his oxpert work and
well-known ability and honesty need
ed no introduction to the people cf
tint. ..In (nn.1
put you to thinking about your
; Cross subscription, holped the Sam-
, my Girls place a comfort kit with
couni every soldier that loft North Platte
. . and Lincoln county? And now he
llIlCOin I clirm iilnru n mm nttil atnrlo fnr -H,n
fighting line, and says "Back to tho
Rhine, you Huns. " Could ho bo more
patriotic Ho Is entitled to your voto
if yen aro to his patriotism. Think it
over and lot us see what a good vote
we can pivo a soldier
A vole for Mr. Meyer is a voto for
a most competent official.
In good condition. Plione S13.
Du'ring tho past four days in the
neighborhood of 5,000 boys in Khaki
havo passed through from Camp Fre
mont to tho east. Five troop trains
passed through Sunday with about
five hundred men to the train.
Dr. L. J. Krausc, Dentist, room 3
McDonald Bank building.
Lieut. Howard McKay and Ser
geants Komp and Wilson, who camo
here last week for the purpose of es
corting tho Lincoln county boys to
Camp Kearney, Cal., returned to that
Camp Friday.
Strayed 2 cows, branded cockoye
on tho right side or hip. Notify Thos.
G. Rowley. S2-4
County Clerk Allen was taken vio
lently ill Saturday night, but managed
to get down town the following morn
ing. Later in the day there was a re
currence of the attack and since then
Mr. Allen has been confined to the! JtepiiiMlean l'niii(Iiliifo for Kmiiuls
house. I sioner 2nd District.
No hotter man ever represented
'Commissioner District No. 2 of Lin-
icoln county than E. H. Springer and
Republican Candidate for Represcn
tntlvo 77th lilslrlct.
Says only loyal patriotic votes wanted.
During most of his time he has been
engaged in business in Dawson county
but he knows western Nebraska needs
in ovory diuil, thiiB being a man of
good buf-iiitss judgement was induced
hv hif. many friends to become a can
didate for representative. As in this
time ci national emorgencv we must
insist upon . absoluto efficiency In
every department of the state and na
tion. Men who know T. L. Carroll know
Republican Candtdato for County
Miss Gantt has given unusual satis.
faeiirn In tho office during tho pnst
term. She knows tho needs of Lincoln
county schools and has put them on
the l'ront paire among Nebraska
Miss Gantt to put it briefly, has
everv nuallfication for the office of
County Superintendent, broad educa
tion, thorough experience, energy nnd
enthusiasm and not the least of her
qualifications 1 one that she possesses
in unusual degree, namely patriotism
and she Instills it in tho minds of all
tho children when she Is out vlsitlnp:
the schofis.
A vote for Miss Gantt on November
5th will i,e a vote for the best Inter
ct of nur own boys and girls.
Republican Candidate for Sheriff.
It is conceded all over the stato that
Lincoln county has a real sheriff and
tlinf tlif nnnnln nf T.ltirnln nnitntv on-
him to be wide awako to all important Joy aml appreciate a good official,
questions of today and it elected will j The (iemami today Is for efficiency
represent the 77th district with credit. , nvPrv lino nf work. Tho work In
It has been proven that they mndo
no mistake a J. J. Mahoney, County
Treasurer examiner for the state of
Nebraska, said "That tho Troasurer's
office of Lincoln county Is one of Uie
finest In the state of Nebraska, that
in the six examinations he had made
he found thnt oncli collection win cor
rectly entered and tho vouchors nnd ,
filed nnd the cash was not off one cont
vhich could be seen by his report filod
wkh the County Clerk, and this was a
ri.nrd few Treasurers had."
He has boon a tireless workor. sor-
'vlng tho poople of tho county with
nuiilty. His oven temperament ana
MHTlence has made him a vory coni-
rcient official.
Republican Candldato for Stale Rep-
vlr . DhvIs needs no Introduction to
Lincoln county voters; Jmving served
them ns County Treasurer and Post-
mnMer In a very compotont manner.
"No better man could bo found to
send to the legislature to help make
tin- inwg as ho is acquainted with tho
ncods of evefy branch of Industry."
No ono questions his loyalty, as his
watch word Is. "Insist that this whole
crumtv bo unified, nationalized, Amer
icanized and that no division cf our
American loyalty or American cltlzon
sh'o along tho Hues of national orinln
or of adherence to an alien (lag be for
one Instant toloratod."
Does Quality ount?
Two mills with identically the same machinery
may produce different Hour.
One mill may carefully select and Mend lis
wheat: the other may not.
Both flours are milled from a certain AMOUNT of
wheat, hut the QUALITY is different.
We provide a market for all home grown wheat
hut only the 11EST Willi AT goes into . COW
1IKAM) FliOV!.iS'iJ
Every iirst class grocery store has it for you.
The hest cooks all use it.
Iti publican
For Trade Hcrse and mule colts
or other stock for a Reo car. Leave i
address at Tho Tribune office.
Tho detention hospital, now bolng
fitted up in the new fire hall for Span
ish flu patients, will be in need of
single and three quarter beds, kitchen
tables and chairs, rocking chairs and
stands for bedside, also small ice
chest or refrigerator. Anyone having
such articles and willing to donate
them to tho Red Cross kindly notify
A. F. Streltz, Secretary.
he has not hesitated in his adminis
tration to advance tho general Inter
ests of his constitutonts by always
striving to have them get a square
Ho is always on tho Job and he has
tho office of the Sheriff Is not a regu
lar routine, but like lawsuits, is mis
cellaneous In character and requires
experience and good sound Judgment.
Why hnve the peplo shown tiller ap
preciation of Art Salisbury and al
ways given him a good voto?
Because ho thinks and acts.
Because in the enforcing of the pro
hibitory amendment ho is on tho Job.
Because slnco car tholves havo be
come a mennce he dellvors tho goods.
Because when you call Art he is on
tho Job In tho shortest possible time
Candidate for
Senator W. V. Hoagland of North
Platto is a candldato for ro-cloctlon
to tho Sonnto from this District. Ho
represented this District In the 1011
and 191U sessions and his prior ex
perience and faithful offorts for tho
stock, farming and irrigation Inter
ests of Western Nebraska will insure
Lincoln county being on the map In
tho next Legislature. Mr. Hoagland
was ono of tho leaders In tho 1013 ses
sion for the State regulation of tho
Stock Ynrds and endeavored to securo
tho passage of workable bonded pub
lic grnin warehouse law, whoro tho
farmer can deposit his grain, obtain a
ncgotlahlo receipt, and then borrow
money on it or sell It when ho wants
to. A proper law, on this subject ought
to stop tho slumping of tho markets
in tho farmer's grain and dostroy tho
grain gamblers and profiteers. If elec
ted this year he will support a .lettoi
regulation of the Stock Yards and n
better grain wnrehous law.
Senator Hoagland does not need an
introduction to our people Ho was
chairman of tho Judiciary committee
in tne l'Jla Senato and placed westorn
Nebraska and Lincoln County on the
State map In the Nobraska Legisla
ture. Ho secured a re-apportlonmont
which gavo Western Nobraska two ad
Ultlonnl Senators and eight additional
Representatives. Ho supported tho
non-partisan Board of Control of
Stato Institutions, tho Initiative and
Referendum and has re-wrltten tho
Irrigation Lnws for tho benefit of
Western Nebraska.
Senator Hoagland Is now loyally
supporting tho Government with his
timo and finnnces in the great war
crisis, and will do so until tho Great
Ifovevninont enforces unconditional
surrender of tho German Autocrats
Scnntor HoaKland did not seok this
office. A larpo number of business
men and fnrmors of Kolth. Lincoln
and Dawson counties urged him to bo-
coma a candldato at this time for
Stato Senator, because they demand
his return to tho Senate very essential
in mo present crisis, ills lnnto ox
nerionco and ripe Judgment and prior
faithful work for our peonlo will be n
great valuo in this time of our Nation
al emenronoy .
Tills District needs tne energy,
broad-view. unyt3l;lng rcsoP'tinn.
cou.rage and ability of Sonntor Iloair-
land. His character and Integrity aro
unassailable. He will ropresont our
peoplo's interests nnd has tho ability
to secure it. Let us give him a unaml
incus voto at tho election.
Tho first draft from men In the big
manpower registration In Septombor
will call S.IHO NebniBkans to the col
ors in November nnd December, Cnpti
Walter L. Anderson, stato provost
marshal, announced Saturday.
Nebraska has boon called upon to
furnish 12 per cent of tho class of 10
and 20 nn 32 to 3G to go to training
camps during tho Inst two months of
tho present year, Cnptaln Anderson
No announcement Is mndo at this
time ns to dates of ontralnmont or tho
camps to whioli tho solects will bo as
Nobraska has approximately u&.uuu
availables In the first class of tho now
draft nges, Captain Andorson stated.
Voto for D. M. Anishorry of Brokou
Bow for Secretary of State. Ho is a
eprusofitntivo 'of WwBtorn Nobras
ka. S3-3
Do not negloct tho warnings of na
ture. If your appotlte Is poor, brcatu
had. tonguo coated, you will bo sick,
unless you tako stopB to put yflur sys
tem In good condition. Prickly Ash
Blttors is tho romedy you need. It
purifies tho bowels strengthens diges
tion and regulates tho Hvor. Price
$1.25 per bottle. Gummoro-Dont Drug
Storo. Special Aonts. .
Apples! Apples!
At tho car on track at Locust street
crossing. Only $2.15 per bushol.
Outfit to balo and haul 150 tons of
been vory careful not to entangle tho
couinty In nny lawsuits, therefore has , to reach you
carefully conserved tho comity's finan- How can Art do these things In such
ces. an efficient mnnner?
Ho obtained by hard work a permit Because all the roads, all tho crooks
Ladies' Shoes
We have taken our Ladies' Patent Leather Shoes out ol our shelves
and put them on our tables where you can tako your choice at $1.98
$2.48 and $2.98. These are fine shoes, some lace, but mostly button.
There is a full run o! sizes and widths and the price is less than the cheap
est grades of shoes in the market. You should come and buy not only one
pair but several.
A S. ATjliEY"
Roptipllcnn Candidate for County
Mr. Aliens past record lias peon
servioci WNcency niij business
methods and ho will continue in tho
future ns in tho past, to dovoto all his
time and energy to the County nnd na
tion ns ho has no other Interests or
business connections nnd a voto for
Allon is a voto for a qualified man.
Republican Candidate for Police Judge
llioro are few citizens of North
Platto who ere not acquainted with
Mlltonborger, and It would bo exceed
ingly imrd to find a man who com
mands respect from tho gonoral pul
lic more than does Mlltonborgor nnd
wncn a man mteq tor Milt, ho Is con
fidont that it s a vote for loyalty, son
vico and jrftlte as ho conducts his
aPnlrn fcarlossly. fairly and thoroly
: :o: :
I hereby announco myself a candl
dato for Co. Supt. of Lincoln county
at tho comlnir election. Wn born and
educated in Lincoln County, graduat
ed rrom tho North Platto high school
and from tho Nobraska Wosloyan uni
versity. I hold a Stato life certificate
and havo taught two years in the
country schools and spent threo years
m iiigii scnool work.
win appreciato your support at
uio coming olectlon.
: ;o: :
Polls Open from 8 to 8.
Contrary to tho published notices
tho polls at tho gonornl olectlon to bo
lipid ISovonibor 5th will opon at olght
o'clock in tho morning nnd remnln
opon until elKht o'clock In tlin ovon
, jk- mis is in accon anco with an
' am on dm ont mndo to the oloction laws
I y the last legislature
: ::o::-
! For Rent Furnished room. Girls
nroforrod. 817 13. 6th. Phono Red
McOook Rkimjiimcan: "Judge Roso
has been serving as a Judge of tho
I'Supreme Court since 1908 and has made
a most creditablo record on the Bench
; as well as in every position he has over
held, administering tho aiTnlrs of that
position without fear or favor."
, Neiwaska Dkmockat (August, 1918):
I "Judge Roso is broad. He does not
i jump at conclusions. His motto is to
give every party in his court a square
deal and that is all the American people
want. The judge is in tho prime of hfe
strong, robust, healthy and a constant
Tecusiskh Chieftain: "It can bo
said of J jelge Rose that he has uniformly
discharged the duties of his high oilica1
with rare ability and lias contributed
powers of analysis and discrimination to
the court which have been of inestimable
value to thp state."
Every Pledge Mndo to the People Hat
Been Fully nnd Faithfully Redeemed
His re-election will insure whole
hearted and experienced co-oper-
sition. with the Federal Govern
ment in the prosecution of the war.
GH'llntn f1 O T-r
Congressman M P Klndald, Re
publican candldato for ro-jolectlon .
By volco and voto has given his un.
qualified support to ovory war nioas
uro and urgos vigorous, speody pros-
ocution or tho war until tho onomv Ib
forced to nn Unconditional surrondor
Chasies W. Pool
Hyannis, Nebraskn
We must win the war not by
peace treaty but by absolute and un
conditional surrender of our enemies.
If elected to Congress it will bo my
pleasure to assist the President in his
every effort to win the most right
eous war that was ever waged by any
President Wilson carried every
county in tho Sixth District in 1910,
his majority boing 12,642. He should
havo a Congresiman from -this dis
trict to ussist him in the reconstruc
tion dnys which will follow tho war.
I Will Appreciate Your Support
Election Tueuda,y,Noyw.

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