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IRA L II A It K, Editor and TuIjIMiit
Last Saturday President Wilson vo
tobd the agricultural bill bocausc of
the clause which abolished tlio day
light saving net, which was pnssed
Ono l'car l)T Mull. In ndtmice. .$ ." March 9th, 1918.
Olio Year by Carrier, In ndvunco, $2.00, President Wilson stated that the
' abolition ot the daylight saving law
Entered at tho North Platte, Nebraakn, would bo a Kravo lnconvonlonco. nnd
Postoffleo as Second Class Matter,
TUESDAY, JULY 15, 101!).
not only, a grave lnconvonlonco, but
would involve a sorlous economic loss.
Ho said that tho law was passed after
a thorough study of conditions all
: 1 ovor tho United States by economic
ti,a nitnn-,,,1 .ntnnHtu.in f i.,.nfin...' oxports. He also called nttontion to
gcrs and pcarlpl women in North Platto ?, ulww consequences" which had
is being &&by tho Maxwell Tele- followed the passage of this lniV i ;
post nnu uwauinorinnu uourior as a .r : .. - -
club to defeat tho now court houso operation for some tlmo. stressing
proposition. While there are bootleg- l oconomy oi .um u , u,,erp re lun
gers and scarlet women in North Platto 0,1 for nrll,Jclal 8ht, and fhc
as there arc in every town of similar i foater efficiency of work done in tlay-
slzo the country ovor, the conditions 1,g,lt hours.
aro not such as to brand North Platte ' :o: :.
a holl-hotasuch as theso two paporsi JltTHliej' Aowh.
apparently dtftlre to convey to their . rom the Times,
readers. tV&boUovo that the average1 Mr 1111(1 MrB J- l Show left tho lat
resldent oft5 county will agreo withtor I,art of last .week In their nuto for
us that the injection of a moral quos-' Donvor where they, expect to muko
tlon Into a court houso proposition Is Uulr future homo. Mr. Show is cn
rather far-fotched, and has no bearing SOBcd in buying stock in the yards at
whatovor on tho question as to whoth- Denver.
or Lincoln county does or doos hot Edward S. Crow, of Staplcton, has
heed a now court houso. A now build- started tho erection of a $4,000 bunga
lng Is not any more a North Platto low on tho nortli sldo near where W.
need than a Lincoln county need; ov- C. Knight Is building. It is to have
cry owner of land In tho county is in- seven rooms and a basement and will
torcBtcd In tho prosorvatlon of tho bo modorn in cvory respect. Mr. Crow
records;, ovory one who visits tho expects to deal in real estate and ln
court houso will agree with us that suranco business In Ilorshoy.
ovcry officer in tho building is liandi- Dr. W. M. Sadlor 1ms been here for
capped by lack of room nnd convoni- severnl days tho past week, having nr
oncos for transacting business and rived Monday morning. Doctor lias
we bollovo that tho progressive farm- been traveling through several of the
ors of Lincoln county realizing tho western Htntes tho past two months in
need of a now buldlng will not vote his Ford. Ho has seen a cood hit o'
against tho proposition becauso of tho territory but says that ho has yet to
chargo that North Platto officials arc find any plnco that looks much better
lax In thoir efforts 'to prosecute law to him than this valley. lib will leave
brcakors or to drive out undesirable again soon, as ho has not qulto com-
cltlzons. plotcd his trip.
. viv7r,i;.'Vci.n umini; An,y L Wcn" of Omaha, deputy
GERMAIN Y 'ltfjpc.vkn for the Brotherhood of American Yoo-
f HUM I'UJ'IM. HAH men arrived Tuesday morning to work
. , , . , . In bohalf of tho homestead in our
Germany ncrcaned hor stock of town. Sfto comes highly recommend-
gold during tho war but lost 123000,- e(, na ono of tho best workers 0f the
000 between January 1 and Mny 7 of Yeoman'flehHforco
this year, according to information Danlol Becker, who has been in the
obtained by tho fedora rcsorve board. hoavy nrtin0ry in Franco, arrived
This loss was duo to reparations nomo Tll0S(lay nIght ,mvlng rccolvctl
made Belgium and Rumania for gold hlB honorable discliarge. Dan has
stolen from those countries and by, BOcn conHt(iorablo sorvlco and was
shipment? to neutral countries, for -throwing pills" as ho calls them, at
i i n . . , W'o Huns In most of tho last big bat-
Doglnning with $98,000,000 In gold tics of tho war
?i!.hL,0lrQ!,,k .f 1,10 Ttt too Ocr- Th,0V08 cntc;e(i tho Ganson & Gan-
Snssnnnnn'i t n,n n,i ,.r mm 80n. Blor. som Umo Wednesday night
rm v r i an(1 tooU Uvojvo s c skirts from the
coin J Z tlTXVn Vh? rack Tho los ot discovered
country and tho Bank of England untii noon todav ft t .
SrJ "!5 ?' Ai SSenl'nrruroSeS0 &S$
Italy Tlfewod dcrreases rUx ,a pa8S koy of 80,no Rort- oth
itaiy siiowcu decreases. lng olso WQS found ralS8ln Tho ,08a
Nobroslm's Gmln YJeld. 1 1 ,B climated t between $7C and $100.
The estimated yield of small grain
In Nebrneku is not holding up aq the'1 ' Wnllnre .Nfws.
harvost' progresses. It was stated (From tl? WItuit)
soveral Aveeks ago that tho crop Tno twenty-acre cliprrv, n-r'nn!
would ho tho heaviest tho stato had 'south of .Wallaco In qulto a sif't nt
ovor known, but tho hot woather tho Presont. The trcos, 7-10 years old aro
latter part of Juno was somewhat '"'frliiR full capacity and it is report
disastrous, causing 4ho berry to shriv- vd tbero iu quite a demand for chor
cl. irles. . ,
Sneaklnc of tho oxaKKoratod es-1 Sundny afternoon Grant nnd Wal-
tlmates mado a couplo of weoks 1)0-1 'aco mnt 0,1 tno Upl'l of Wallace nnd a
fore lmrvnst. thn nmiilm linn huvjj! close gamo of baso bnll ensued. Tho
"Now wo nro told that spring vhoat victory belongs to the visiting team,
will not exceed 12,141.000 bushels and scoro Dcmc u l0 Ut
that winter wheat will only reach 67,- J Tridlo, an old settler and
725.000 bushels. If these fluuros turn homesteader hero,, camo up from No-
out eventually to bo correct, It will brasltn City City Tuesday for n fow
wmtm m r iTTf rwrrrr-Tfi
Dr. Elmer" Lynn wllliams'has comianded" tho "admiration of 'thousands
ovor tho country who know of his work in cleaning up vice and crime in
Chicago's loup district. Ho wont Into this district a fow years ago as pastor
of a church in tho heart of Chicago's million or two population. His parish
was in tho center of tho vice district. Respectable families wore living
alongsldo gamblers, thugs and thioves. In six years ho succeeded in cleaning
up much of this vlco. Ho had tho cc-oporation of priests and ministers o
all creeds, the city authorities and the police, and after one of the most
foarloss campaigns ever waged In that city, ho secured reforms thoretofore
considered Impossible.
Dr. Williams' experience in social problems of tho city and community,
and ns a leader In many great reforms, equlp3 hjm with a knowledgo and!
power tchandlo ono o' tho greatest reconstruction problems facing tho world
'today, "Public Morals and Reconstruction.''
' JOllk S. SIMMS, M. D.
Special Attention Given to
McDonald Dank Uulldlnij
Office riioho'88
Residence S3
Wactlco Limited to
Surgery uud Iladlain Therapy
729 City National Bank'. Building.
Omaha, Nebraska,
Phone 308
Rooms 1 and 2 Belton Building
Nortli Platte, Nebraska.
ftorth riattc, Nc.br.
For tho treatment of Medical, Surgical
and Obstetrical Cases. A place
where the sick are cared for so as, to
bring about normal conditions in tho
easiest, most natural and scientific
Phono 110. North IMnttc, Neb,
Office over McDonald Bank.
Office Phono 113G Res. Phono 1120
Hospital Phone Black 633.
House Phone Black G33
Graduate Veterinarian
Elht years a Government Vetorlnar
l&n. Hospital 218, south Locust St
one-half block southwest of the
Court House.
Miss Grace Banks was hostess at a
kitchen shower Thursday evening In
honor of Miss Irene Van Ceavo who
ill becomo tho bride of Claude Wil
son this week. Miss Van Cleave re
ceived a host of useful gifts.
'Clinton & Sou' will
take caro ot your Eye
Glass trouble; we guar
antee to give you satis
faction. Sign of the Big
Ring. Son is with Uncle Sam in Ger
many, will bo home soon.
" '" w " mm" ' 1
For Salo
My houses and lots on tho corners
of Sixth and Cottonwood streets.
Inquire of Guy Swopo.
4G-9 H. N. SMITH.
glvo Nebraska tho biggest wheat crop
It ovor sont to markot. Spring v hoat
soldom has gono abovo 10,000,000
bushels, and tho winter varloty usu
aly returns something loss than GO,.
000,000. Thoroforo, tho only treat
"loss" bo far sustained is In thn dif
ference betweon tho early and unjusti
fiable ostlmates and tho grain that ac
tually comes from tho field."
A rain which was reported bv tho
woather bureau as nlnoty-sovon ono
hundredths of an inch foil Sunday
evening. Apparently tho rain covor
cd qulto aninrca of country north and
west and oxtonded ovor bouUi, but
railroad men say that east of Gannojt
but little rain foil.
days' visit nt tho Nick Snltzor homo
near town, and to glvo him a lift In
tho harvest field.
Tho nine-year old daughter of Thos
Ditto, south of town, was thrown from
a horso Saturday evenlng-and sustain
ed a broken arm. Tho girl wns unfor
tunate enough to have tho right arm
brokon in two places.
Glonn, young son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Lewis Spencer, of this place, received
iniurlcs to tho oxtont of a brokon clav-
Iclo Wednesday when his pony fell on
him. Tho child is doing nicely nt
present. Dr. Nowmnn was called and
set tho bono.
::,o:: ,
Always try Tho Rexall first, It
nays. tf
Boy Scout work has a strong appeal for tho boya ot any community
Scout cralt la of universal intorost among thorn. Hero is a group ot boy
scouts undor tho direction ot Francos L. Shaw, an uccompllshod pianist and
Tho boyB aro thorough musicians, playing saxnphonos and brass lnstru
ments, singing, and violin solos. Program ot orohoatra music, military stuuts
scout drills full of pep, norol and an inspiration for old and younir; Amer
icans. Thoy appour In nifty boy scout uniforms, giving a distinctly military
cast to their appearunco and programs.
Program featuring Master Leland Wood, phenomonnl boy violinist, an
artist 14 years ot age. A young "Helfltx" with a repertoire conalstlne ot such
numbers as "Sarasate," "Faust," to tho boautltul Handel's Largo. Afternoon
ot tho lourtn any.
-1 ...
This splendid Company 4th day of Chautauqua
Estray Notice
Taken up on -Section 13, Town 12,
Range 21), by, tho undersigned who
there resides, on or about April 15,
1919, one roan heifer, no brands. Own
er can have the same by proving prop
erty and paying charges.
Route A North Platte. Neb
Taxi and Livery
Phono 90S. Black SOS
Physician, Ofostotrictan
Surgeon, X-Ray
Calls Promptly Answered Night or Dny
Phono Office Gi2 Residence C7G
Office Phone 340
Res. Black 376
Osteopathic Physician
Belton Bldg. North Platto, Neb.
Phone for Appointments.
Estray Nollco
Taken up by the undersigned, or.
Section 10, Town 15, Range 29, whoi
thero resides, on or about April 1st j
1919, ono two year old red heifer; iu
brands distinguishable. Owner cal..
prove property, pay Charges and take
animal awny. H. E. WOODS.
North Platte
Licensed Embamers
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Day phone 41
Nhrht phone Black 598 ?
In tho District Court of Lincoln Coun
ty Nebraska. Ruth E. Winget, Plain
tiff, vs. Helen C. Ross, Ethel M.
Winget, Charles H. Winget and
Charles Ross. Defendants.
Notice of Sale in Partition.
Notlco Is hereby given, that. In pur
suance of a decree of the District
Court, mndo and entered in tho above
ontitlcd action on tho 31st day of
May, 1919, tho undorslgned referee
duly nppolnted In said cause and hav
ing taken tho oath prescribed by law.
and having given tho bond provided
by law and tho Court, and which was
duly approved by tho Court, I, O. K
Elder, tho said rofereo, will ofu-r at
public auction at tho east front door
of tho court houso of tho county of
Lincoln, In tho stato of Nebraska, to
tho highest bidder for cash In baud
tho following doscribed property by
said decree ordered to bo sold, to-wlt:
Lot threo (3) in Block sixty-nlno (C9
In tho city of North Platto, Lincoln.
County, Nebraska.
Snld salo will bo held, and said prop
erty offered for salo as aforosald at 2
o'clock p m., on tho 16th day of Aug
ust, 1919.
Dated this 12th day of July, 1919.
J14al5 Referee
..General Hospital..
v (Incorporated)
One Hall Block Noitb ot Postoftice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for th
scientific treatment of medical,
surgical and confinement caits.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and dingnusttc laboratories.
Geo. B. DenU H. D. V. Lucas, H. D.
J.B. Redfield. M. D. J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
5, G, 7 Building: & Loan Building.
Office Phone 70 Res. Phono Red 1009
Phsylclnn and Surgeon.
Spoclal Attention Given to Surgery
and Obstrotrlcs. ,
Office: Building & Loan Building
Phones: Office 130, Residence 115
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
Osleopothic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
Knights of Columbus Building.
Highest Cash Prices
Paid for
Hides and Junk.
of North Platte, Nebraska, on the 30th
day or June, iui. ueruueate no, 32
First mortgage loans $1,001,600.00
Loans on stocK or pass
book security 1,600.00
Real estate, office 29,023.14
State and munclpal securi
ties, u. 8. Govt. Donas iy.iuu.uu
Cash 41.234.30
Delinquent interest, fines,
etc. 7C2.60
Furniture and fixtures..... 1,232.97
Running stock and divi
dends $ 458.955.50
Paid-up stock and dividends 572,400.00
Reserve fund 25,800.00
Undivided profits 3S.237.4X
Advance Interest 60.60
Notice of llrarinir.
In tho matter of tho ostate of Herman
Sonnorman, deceased, In tho County
ouri 01 Lincoln ijounty. weiiraskn
To tho holrs nnd all persons Interested
in said ostntoi
Notlco Is heroby given that a petition
for tho appointment of Mlnnlo Son
norman, ns Administratrix of the es
tato of Herman Sonnorman, deceased
and nlso an application for an allow
ance to said Mlnnlo Sonnormnn, as
widow of said decoased, Jiavo been
tiled in this Court and thnt the said
potltlon and application for widow's
nliowanco will bo heard before the
County Court of Lincoln County, Ne
braska, in tho County Court roim in
tho court house In tho City of North
riatto. in said County and Stato. on
August 5, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m.. nt
.which tlmo any poraon interested mny
uppuur mm bhow causo, u any thero
bo, why tho prayers ot said potltlon
and application shorn! not bo granted
Dated at North Platte, Nebraska.'
July 14, 1919.
JIBal County Judge.
Legal Notice'
To Amanda Seward, and If dead, her
heirs, devisees, legatees, or personal
representatives and all other persons
interested in ner estate: Samuel
Peugh, and If dead, his heirs, devisees,
legatees, or personal representatives
and all other persons interested In
tho estate of Samuel Peugh, deceased.
Marlah Hartley, and If dead, her heirs,
dovisees, legatees or personal rep-
rresontntlves and all other persons in
torestod in her estate: Lllllo M. Rich
ards- and if dead, her heirs, dovisees,
legatees, or personal representatives
and all other person intorested In her
estnto; and the unknown heirs, de
visees, legatees, or personal repre
sentatives and all other persons in
toreated in the ostate of Josephine
Scanlon, decensed, .Tho Southwest
Quarter of Section 14, Tovnshipl2.
Range 31. Lincoln County, Nobr., 'and
all person claiming any intorest of
any kind In said real estnto or any
pprt thereof, defendants. V'
.You and each of you take notlco thnt
ion the 25th day of Juno. 1919. J, L.
Doming ns plaintiff filed his potltlon
against you In the district court of
Lincoln " County, Nebraska, alleging
that ho is tho absolute owner In feo
simple of tho following described
land in Lincoln County, to-wlt:
. Tho Soiithwost Quarter of Section
Fourteon, Township Twelve. Range
FThlrty-ono, Lincoln County, Nobrnska.
Holding the same by good nnd suf
ficient record title nnd by reverse.
open, notorious, continuous, uninter
rupted, exclusive, hostile, possession
by himself nnd his immedlnto grantors
for moro than ten years prior to the
commencement of said action. Tho
object and prayor of said petition Is to
obtain a decreo decreolng and con
firming plaintiff's tltlo in feo simple
to said land, nnd every part thereof
and quieting said tltlo In plaintiff as
aeainst the defendants and each and
all of them and forever barring and
oxcluding and perpetually onjolning
tho dofondnnts and each and all of
them from ovor claiming any right,
tltlo to, or Intorest In or lion upon tho
said land or any part thoreof of any
kind or natur$other in law or. equity
nnd for gonoral equitable roller.
You and each of you aro required to
answer or pldad to said potltlon In
said court on or beforo Monday, tho
25th day of August. 1919. or tho alle
gations of Bad potltlon will bo takeri
as truo and a decree ontored accord
ingly. , . , . ,
- ' J. L. DEM1NG
f . ' " f PJalntlff.
By D. P. WEST, Attorney. J15a
Receipt nnd ExpendltureN for the
Yviir EndluR June 110, mil).
Cash on hand last report..? 19,740.51
Dues (running stock) ... 126,328.11
Paid-up. rstock 249.200.0Q
Mortgage payments 151,843,39
Stock loan, payments 3 014.26
Interest . i ......... ,r . I . 68,fe89.52
Fines . ..t 667.55
Membership and transfer
fees 590.75
Rents office building re
ceipts 1,209.68
Othor receipts In detallj
sale U. S. bonds 300.00
Bal. from former Treas... 80.21
Foreclosure account .... 65.72
Tntol 9J
Mortgage loans $ 368,S00.00
"Withdrawals running stock
ntwl dividends 51.386.68
Withdrawals pold-up stock 127 600.00
WltlifirnwnlH dividend on
paid-up stock 28,650.67
Salaries 3,13.3&
Other exnenso 658.59
Cash on hand 41.234.80
Furnishings J15.60
Tntol 9021.020.00
State of Nebraska. Lincoln County, ss
I. Bessie F. Salisbury. Secretary of
the above named Association, do sol
emnly swear that the foregoing state
ment of the condition said Association
Is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge nnd belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo
this rth day of July, 1919.
Notary rublic.
North Platte Tent
aod Awning 'Co.
109 West Sixth Street
Phone 210
General Farm Sales n Specialty.
References uud Dates nt First Na
tional Rank, North Platte, Neb.'
Phono 1000.
Notice of Special Election.
Notice to Creditors
Estate No. 1G73 of Maurice Lanning.
deceasod in tho County Court of
Lincoln County, Nebraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska, ss. Credit
ors of said estate will take notice that
the tlmo limited for presentation and
filing of claims against said estato Is
November 8, 1919, and for settlement
of said estate Is July 3, 1920; that I
will sit at tho county, court room In
said county, on August 8, 1919, at nlno
o'clock a. nvu and oh November 8, 1919,
at nlno o'clock a. m., to receive, exam
ine, hear, allow, or adjust all claim's
and objections duly filed.
(Seal.) TO H. C. "WOODHURST,
JSat County Judge.
Notice of Petition.
Estato No. 1074 of Albert Coolldgo,
deceased, In tho County Court of
Lincoln County, Nhraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska. To all per
sons Interested In said estate take
notlco that a petition has been filed
for the regular administration of said
estato, by Dolla A. Coolldgo, widow
of deceased, for the appointment of W.
H. McDonald as administrator ot said
estato, which, has been set for hearing
on AugUBt 1st, 1919, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Dated July 7th4919.
J8J23 County Judge.
Notice Is hereby given, that by vir
tue of an order of the County Board,
duly made and entered on the 16th day
of Juno, 1919, and by virtue ot the
Statutes of the State of . Nebraska, iu
such cases, made and provided. I, A.
S. Allen, County Clerk of tho County
of Lincoln and State of Nebraska, do
hereby direct and proclaim that a
special election be held, in tho sev
eral polling places throughout the
County of Lincoln, State of Nebraska,
on Tuesday, tho 22nd day of July. 1919,
between tho hours of 8 a. m. and -8 p.
m. of said day, at which said election,
tho following proposition Bhali be
submitted to tho legal voters of "said
county, to-wit:
Shall tho County Commissioners of
said county levy a special annual tax
of five mills on tho dollar valuation ot
tho taxable property iu said county
for a term of llvo years, to-wlt, the
years 1919, 1920. 1921, 1922 and 1923,
fon the purpose of building a now
court houso In said county?
The ballots used at said election
shall have printed thereon tho words:
"For directing tho County Commis
sioners of Lincoln County, Nebraska,
to levy a special tax of five mills on
tho dollar valuation of tho taxable
property in said county, for a term of
five years, to-wlt, tho years 1919.
1920, 1921, 1922 and 1923 for the pur
pose of building a now court house In
said County."
"Against directing the County Com
missioners of Lincoln County, Nebras
ka, to lovy a special tax of five mills
on tho dollar yaluatlon of tho taxable
property In said county, for a term ot
flvo years to-wlt, tho years 1919, 1920.
1921, 1922 and 1923, for tho purpose
of building a now court houso In said
Those voting In favor of said propo
sition shall mark their ballots with a
cross (X) in tho square opposite the
paragraph beginning
"For directing tho County Commis
sioners of Lincoln County, Nebraska,
to lovy a special tax," etc
Those voting against said proposi
tion shall mark their ballots with a
cross (X) in tho squar-o opposite tre
paragraph beginning
"Against directing tho County Com
missioners of Lincoln County, Nebras
ka, to levy a special tax," etc.
In Testimony Whereof, I havo here
unto set my hand and affixed thn seal
of Lincoln County, Nobraska, this 16th
day ot Juno, 1919.
,. , . County Clerk.

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