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Sovcral thousand head of catilo from
tho drouth section of Wyoming havo
been shipped Into Brown county whero
hoy will bo pastured.
The Iron works at Beatrice, which
mixuuaciuroa cultivators ana anus,
but which had closed because tho busl-.
noaa could not bo made to nay. were
Bold last week for ?35,000. Tho plant
cost about twico that sum.
. Tho town of Wymore has let a con
tract for paving forty blocks o' Us
atreets, which means that practically that If thoy couldn't llvo with each
J tho cntlro town will bo paved. The other, It was still hardor to llvo wlth
' contracts call for an expenditure of out each other so onco moro bj
About .$300,000. , mutual consent they got Into tho auto
C. H. Mitchell, mall carrier from clipped out of town, and arrived In
tho Tobias postofflce for twelvo years Ogallala Tuesday evening. Ogalalla
committed sulcldo by hanging and Nows.
snooting nimseii thru the leu temple
Ho aroso early and went to tho barn
as hla family supposed to do the morn
ing chores. Tho shot followed. Tho
body was discovered In the hay mow
by the man's son, Donald whd had
summoned tho neighbors.
Oet-Rlch-Qulck Walllngford had
nothing on his name-sake, H. H.
"igforrt of Fremont, who three
reeks ago bought tho Ryloy Mongol
Tarm near NIcherson for $325 an ncro
The tract comprises 120 acres. This
week Mr. Walllngford sold It to Ernest
fSnrlnlrn nf Unrmnn tnr tlOft flnt Vinrn.
trf. " . . V J 1 1 W V t . V V.
by cleaning up $9,000 in less than 21 tho reserve forco on duty, most or actually resldo with sucii society j.oin.j auueu.
days. It Is said that he actually put them aboard transports. It is expect- mombor. I TakenuP th undersigned on
less than $3,000 Into tho deal. ! od all of the reserve officers end men Before purchasing a ticket those who section 23-13-0 who thoro resides,
On last Thursday, night thieves remaining in the service will be re- go from this countv and vicinity must on or about April 15, 1919, a black
robbed tho Forsyth Ready-to-Wcar leased within two months. procuro from J. E. Evans, Adjutant horso, weight about 1000 pounds,
store at Ogalalla of $1,000 worth of :o:: I of the G. A. R. Post In North Platte.! about ten years old, no brands dls-
sults, dresses, waists, handkerchiefs.! 0;a See "Clinton & Son' an identification certificate Nebraska tlngulshable. Owner call, prove
hoso, etc. They entered through the -'"'"t your Eyos and , wllll no doubt, be well represented , property, pay charges and I take nnl
transom of the rear door and culled i satisfied. Son Is over on on this trip, because the Commander mal away. SCOTT REYNOLDS,
tho stock of the best In each Unci the Rhine, will be home soon. Sign ot in Chief of tho O. A. R.. Hon E. C. I North Platto, Nob.
mentioned, having a preference for all pig Ring. Adams, is a Nebrasknn. and Hon. P. Phono 786F11 53-12
Chautauqua Patrons to Hear these Celebrities at
North Platte Chautauqua August 11th
w wmm in imwimpwwh us mm. i mmmm , i i n i mt mm
wool garments, silk waists, dresses
and hoso and fancy linen handker
chiefs . Tho authorities havo as yet no
cluo to tho guilty parties.
Edward Routh and Mrs. Mary Car
son Routh of Falrbury, Nebraska, wero
married at tho court house by Judgo
Arrowsmlth on Tuesday evening
Those peoplo woro married thirty years
aco In Ohio, cnmlntr to Nebraska
shortly after. Aftor twonty-two years
or weaueu nro, ciouus appearca anu
by mutual consent a divorce was
secured. Evidently they discovered
Nnvy Reduction Proceeding.
Demobilization of tho navy Is pro-
grossing satisfactorily, according to n dotlcs and mombers of their Immedl
navy department anouncement. A total, at0 families can otaln tickets at tho
of 316,554 enlisted men have been dls- 'roduced rnto:
charged slnco tho armlstlco was. Mnmbors of a Post of the G. A. R.
signed, of which 94,300 woro enlisted
In the regular service and 222,248.
were members of the reserve force pong 0f Veterans, and National As
who wero releasd to inactlvo duty, , soclntlon of Army Nurses of tho Civil
subiect to cnll. Moro than 22,500 re- War. "Members of tho family" of ono
servo officers havo boon returned to belonging to cither of tho societies
civil llfo nnd 7.124 still are on duty,, named Is interpreted officially to
Tlinrn oflll nro 70 000 fn1lntfl1 IHOIl on
A . . . Vj J V . . . v .,ww ........
0. A. It. Excursion
Tho tlmo for tho annual meeting of
tho Grand Army of tho Republic and
Its llled societies at Columbus, Ohio,
Is drawing near, and many Inquiries
aro being mado as to who can go on
tho reduced rate of ono pent per mile.
Tho National Convention of each of
such societies will commence at
Columbus, Sept. 9th. A special
train witl start from Lincoln, Nobr.,
at 4 p. m. Sopt. 7, arrlvo at Omaha
at n p. m. tho same day; at Chicago
9 a", m. Sent. 8. and arrlvo at Colum
bus at C d. m. tho same day. The
dus m p. m. i iwuii
rounu wip uro .rum
S?TXmny rn I
I u?J 1K LnTi ? o ll davs and
nnn nil ?Vn, r InY with VfiP
each way. on the basis of one cent
m a ntrAf tiirn an nrTivi . I 1 1 1 1 v
members of tho following named so-
Members of tho W. R. C. Ladles of
the G. A R. Daufihters of Veterans.
mnfin momhora nf HUCll famllV WllO
IllVl.ll avf.aawwau - V
Chautauqua Patrons to
Hear Hon. J. L. Bristow
Ex-United States Senator Will Speak on "America's
Bob Seeds
Farmer Tells Bankers and
Lawyers What Consti
tutes Happiness
Entertain your out-of-town friends
durlnc the Chautauqua by Inviting
sthena to spend a woek with you.
A. Barrows, our present Lt. Govornbr
Is tho thajoadlng candldato for tho
office of Commander In Chief of tho
Sons of Veterans. Ho will probably
bo elected to such offlco for N'o
braskans generally get what thoy go
aftor. I hopb that a largo delegation
will go from North Platte.
Thoy toll a story of a bootlegger In
Kansas who, during confinement in
tho county Jail, received a visit from
somo tomporanco women who brought
him flowers and tracts. Tho boot
loggor. Instead of thanking them,
boratcd them for their Ingratitude
"You folks busted up tho greatest
tomporanco movement In this country
1 y" Wn,1l. "I WIS BOlllng
?. Mgh n . 75 W jj 1 youd
---- - - -
cm drlnkln'
pure water."
There aro a dozen housos In Wallaco
under construction at present and
several others to go up. Indications
aro building will keep up and will
continue rlgut up until cold weather.
Wallaco Winner.
Miss M. Sleman, steam baths and
owedtnh Massage, ladles and gentle
men. Phone 897 Brodbock bldg. 8Gtf
to 16th.
John Harlan Andress
Delivers Lecture Full of
Patriotism Afternoon of
the Last Day of
Get ready for tho enthusiasm. The
Chautauqua Is a tonic, turns tho blood
S odder and puts pop into your syatom.
'roubles vanish in tha wholesome
atmosphere ot the Chautauqua.
A Waiting Game
(Co&xtlfht. lll, by tha Wttrn Nw
pupar Union.)
It was his first law case; It prom
ised lengthy and strenuous difficulties;
the fee In nny case must be contln
gent, for his clients had no money. For
nil that Rodney Wallls undertook even
to advance tho costs, willing, ambitious
and hopeful at the outset of his profes
sional career.
Old Judge Mnrtell, who lmd been
gunrdlnn nnd preceptor through his
two years' study, shook his head slow
ly and dubiously when Wallls told hltn
of his decision.
"You've got only about $500 to carry
yon through tho next six months," he
snld, "and unless you get some other
business whero nre you"? Your clients
are poor as church mice, tho other side
has money to burn. If lt wasn't for
the costs, which nro bound to quickly
dissipate your little capital, I might
say tako a try. I plainly see, however,
that you stand a chance of starving to
death beforo the matter Is decided,"
"Rut my clients are In the right,
Judge," declared Rodney with tho em
phasis of conviction nnd enthusiasm.
You don't quite understand, I think.
Sooner or later, rich, selfish, cruel old
Jacob Lusk will be compelled to award
them their just dues. Then, again,
this poor girl, Elllco Vane, nnd her
mother strongly appeal to mo In their
utter helplessness. I don't llko to go
adverse to your opinion, but I nm will
ing to mako considerable personal sac
rifices to help thsra to their rights."
It was By no means a complex: affair.
Clearly lt had been tho purpose of tho
Wharton cstnto to glvo to tho Vanes a
largo share of the fortune, which was
placed under control of Jacob Lusk,
The latter refused to construe lt that
way. Technically, he Insisted, they
could lay claim only to a residuary In
terest. He declined to consider com
promise or settlement, believing that
expensive litigation would soon wear
Itself out.
Rnroly had the young lawyer met so
winning nnd nppcnllng a being as El
llco Vane. It wus by mere accident that
she and her mother hnd come Into his
offlce ono day. Tholr Ingenuous
truthfulness nnd their direful poverty
Interested Wallls, nnd acting upon a
generous Impulse, accentuated by tho
eurnest, anxious eyes of the beautiful
girl claimant, he promised to secure
herself and her mother their rights If
lt wus at all possible.
It took only a brief period to retillze
that Jacob Lusk was Intent on playing
a waiting game. Hv.ery crook and turn
of the case was utilized and perverted
to delay action. Somewhat down
hearted, at the end of CO days Wallls
made a cnll at the humble home of tho
Vanes to ndvlse them 6f tho dllnfory
tvi rtlt rwl c3 t tli nfi nnnAnnhf n till Mm
fear that It might bo n year or longer
before the case was heurtl. Mrs. Vance !
looked hopeless, KlUce sighed, but was
patient. There was a certain compen
sation for his expenditure and loss of
time on tho part of Wallls In having
tho conlldenco nnd compunlonshlp of
his clients. Already the notion had
more than half depleted his little capl
tal. Ho had begun to economlzo close
ly. Ho hid his true flnnnclnl condition
from these friends, secured somo copy
ing that kept him up half the night,
nnd nt the end of a few more mouths
arrived at a point where ho hnd not
only exhausted nil his original capital,
but was In debt besides.
There followed a period during
which Rodney Wallls passed through
deep and troubled waters. On account
of his shabby attire, Instead of those
former cherished calls, ho advised
them by letter of tho progress of the
case. On ninny occasions. ho went to
bed cheerless, cold nnd hungry. Ho
grew thin, pallid and forlorn looking.
Ono day a spell of weakness overcame
him nnd he had to sit down on a door
step and rest. That night ho retired
with a burning fever. Tho following
morning he was delirious. Ho was in
arrears with room rent to his landlady,
who sent' him to a public hospital. Ho
was not aware of lt then, but for three
weeks he wns consumed by a serious
Illness and helpless as a child.
He wns conscious that two persons
sat by his cot In the half darkened
room as ho aroused to full sensibility.
A firm hand grasped his own, but with
gentlo fervor. His blurred vision made
out the Judge.
"Just as wo hoped and prayed for,
dear boy I" spoke his visitor heartily,
"When tho nurse says you. aro strong
enough to henr It we havo a long story
to tell you."
"We?" repeated Rodney In weak bo
wllderment, nnd strained his glance to
mako out another form Just beyond
the Judge.
"Yes, Miss Vane and myself." Judgo
Martell drew aside nnd tho eyes of tho
Invalid glistened us he mado out LI
lice Vnne. He noted that her attlro
wns chunged, giving her a certain ele
gance. Ho quickly traced an expres
sion of gludness In her fair face, min
gled with an nxlety that related solely
to himself.
"I must tell him!" breathed Etllce.
"It will give him now heart ot hopo,
Oh, Mr. Wallls! Your case Is settled.
Mr. Lusk died unexpectedly, and all
of tho estate goes to my mother nnd
She hud taken his wasted hand In
her own. She did not relenso lt, oven
when with a rare smile of gladness and
content Rodney lapsed Into brief un
consciousness, overcome by the an
nouncement and reading In the glow
ing eyes of his beautiful client the
rapture of dawning love.
Nothing Germans at Coblenz Would
Not Do for That Article '
Pepper Came Next '
German supptlcs were getting rather
Rhort when tho American army of oc
cupation moved across tho Rhine at
Cobtehz. The population wns eating
a tough black bread which was nothing
more than a bran mnsh, wearing paper
clothes, nnd going virtually unwashed,
as they hnd no sonp.
There Is almost nothing the Ger
mans won't do for n piece of Ameri
can soap. The washwomen will dnrn
Impossible holes In the doughboy's
socks, mend his trousers, scrub hl
legglns, and wotdd smnd guard In his
place If assured they will bo rewarded
with a portion of this delicacy. Soap
takes tho preference over cigarettes,
chocolates or chewing gum.
The Germans hnve nn Imitation soajv
they provldt? for tho populace. It looks
like soap and makes a rlch-nppenrln'g
lnther, but It Isn't soap. It doesn't do
the work. You might as well try to
shavo with the foam from their bad
tasting beer ns that sonp. Having no
oils or fats In It, lt Is plain camou
flage. Another thing the Germans are shy
on Is pepper. A person who has al
ways hnd pepper might glvo lt Uttio ,
thought and It probably would be tho
last thing Included In nn "Iron ration,"
but go without pepper three years' and
you'll begin to think that lt Is the staff
of llfo.
Sonp and pepper are to the Germans
what pie and Ico cream and going
homo are to the American doughboys.
Tho Splker of April, published In
France by the United States Array
Railway Engineers.
Movie Actress Tells Why 8he Long
Has Had Grudge Against '
Robert Hllllard.
Robert Hllllard, actor, and best
dressed mnn In Now York theatrical
circles, was Introduced to Mary Plck
ford recently. As thoy shook hands he
smiled and said:
"My dear Miss PIckford, I havoi
wanted to meet you for'n long time.
This Is n pleasure, I assure you."
"Thank you, Mr. Hllllard," replied
the movie nctress, "but I must say.
your memory for faces Isn't very
"Why?" ho asked.
"Some twenty years ago, when you
were playing In 'The Littlest Girl,' In
Toronto, you needed a child to be tho
girl. My mother offered my services.
I wns little Gladys Smith then. You
looked me over and told me to go homo
and wash my hands."
"No, nol" replied tho horrified Hll
llard. "I couldn't have said that;" '
"But yoii did." persisted Miss Pick
ford ; "hut I told you my hands weren't
dirty they were chnpped. You finally
gave me the Job. but I took a dlsllko
to you Just the same."
"You did! Why?"
"Because," concluded Miss PIckford,
"you made me go home nnd wash my
hands, anyway, and I detested soap
nnd water In those days."
"Well, I declnre!" said Mr. Illlllnrd,
as ho arranged his bontonnalrc. Re
hoboth Herald.
Explained. ,y
She was weeping bitter tears Into
h:r afternoon tea. "Oh. my dear!"
she said to her only friend, "I don't
know whnt I shall do. Ted and I havo
only been nfnrrled six months, yet ho
spends every evening nt his club."
"Well, don't worry, darling," said
11. ..it. 1 1 T ......... I t .... 4 ,...v.n
Illl! (Jiliur, I t:riv .1 just wiu muiic
Rut I shall never scold him again for
spending so much time nt his club."
"Wiry not?"
"Well, last night a burglar got Into
the house and my husband knocked
him senseless with n poker. I've,
heard several men speak of hltn ns a
poker expert. Ho has ovldently been
practicing nt the club for Just such an
emergency." Exchange.
Rescue Cage.
Less thrilling than being rescued
nnd carried down on a swaying Indder,
but much moro practical, Is a new res
cue cage. When the fire Indder Is
thrown against a burning building it
carries with It a wlro cable attached,
to a steel cage. Like an elevator with
out a shaft the cage hangs from lta
pulley nt tho top of tho ladder, within
easy reach of the windows. It Is low
ered by turning tho cuble drum on tha
fire truck below, and will carry four
passengers sufely. Popular Mechan
ics Maguzlue.
Bright Rupert.
Tho lesson wns on the rabbit.
"The rabbit has long ears, fur on
Its body, ami a tall, nothing to speak
of, though," tho master informed tho
The next day ho wanted to see whnt
they knew about lt.
"Now, then, Rupert," he barked to
n particularly origin, youin, "ten m'
something about tho rabbit."
"Tho rabbit hus a tail," said Ru
pert, eyeing his silent fellows trium
phantly, "but It mustn't tnlk nbout it."
Just So,
Sho wns teaching tho word "cle
ment" to a sixth grade. Sho had told
them Its meaning the substances of
which n thing Is composed nnd then
hnd Illustrated her definition by saying
that tho elements ot tho enrth were
water and soil.
Then sho nsked them to wrlto sen
tences containing the word. And this
Is the ono Henry wrote:
"Water Is one of the elemonts ct

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