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IKA L It A in!, Editor itnil Publisher
Ono l'enr l)j Mall, In udrntico. ,$l.r
Olio Year by Carrier, In advance, $2.00
Entered at the North Plattu, Nebraska
Postofllco as Second Class Matter
Mr. Lute, In his letter to the public
announcing IiIb candidacy, calls at
tention to the fact that ho Is a grad
uate of tho University. In his lottor
sent out to many of the voters of
Keith county, wo aro Informed that ho.
calls attention to the fact that his op
ponent, Mr. Wilcox. Is an attorney,
and urges his own election because he
,1a not an attornoy. Tho facts' are, that
In tho constitutional convention wo
to see that this Is placed In our con
.itltutlon. If you believe that my legislative
- porlciice will be of servlc to our
county and state In the coming con
stitutional convention nml that tho
principles for which I stand are cor
rect, I would lo pleased to have your
support at tho, election.
Sincerely yours,
::o: :
To the Voters of tiic 77th DMrlct.
Voters should realize that tho most
Important election l:i year.; will be
held Novembor 4th. Tho constitution
adopted by the convention will be the
fundamental law of tho state for prob
ably half a century. It Is of utmost Im
portance thnt all sections and all In
terests should bo represented. Lin
coln and Dawson counties will each
have a delegate In the convention mid
want tho biggest and host men wo can j mo voters oi tnose counuos sihhhu
get. If wo do not have those kind of lIy f'r with Kolth county and vote
men, western Nebraska will not bo tor her candidate
represented in this convention, for in There nro seventy-seven lawyer
other parts of the stato tho pooplo aro1 candidates In tho Held. Of the six can
choosing tho men boat qualified forj"totM In tho thrco counties I am the
this nosltion. If Mr. Luto had studied 'll' farmer and stockman. Shall tho
law, wo have no doubt but thrt ho ' farming interests bo represented? It
would havo montioned that fact ah ' l to ypu. Jiy worn ior over utroe
years on the stato oxocutlve board nf
the Farmers' Union, as well as a life
time 3pent on tho farm has given me a
broad and progressive view thnt I
shall turn to good account If elected.
On that basis I solicit your support.
II. D. LUTE, I'axtou. Nob.
In his letter of announcement. Accord
ing to Mr. Lute's argument, tho fact
that ho Is a graduate of tho Stato Uni
versity should bo considered a rea
son why ho should not bo elected, as
collggo men will bo represented with
out Mr. Lute, and there aro more
peoplo who aro not graduates than
thoso who are. Viewing tho question
from an agricultural standpoint, Mr.
Wljcox has as great agricultural In
terests as his opponent and his knowl
edge of tho law will bo of great valuo
to him as a member of this conven
tion. ::o::
To the Voters of Lincoln County, Neb.
North Platte, Neb., Oct. 2&t 1910.
An election will bo hold on Novoin
bor 4th, to elect delogatos to, a CON
The strong curront of tho Enfield Tho undersigned will offer at ipubllc auction on the Crook & Cobb ranch,
river wai responsible for an exciting I formerly known as tho old Garman ranch, 11 miles northwest of Dickons, 14
adventure in which both Francis X. I miles northeast of Wallace. 10 miles south of Hershov. on
n.v.r u.v. ..-..,-; THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 1919
Theso popular stars, soon In the' . ..-,.,,
stl-rlng Metro drama. "God's Outlaw" I Commenclnu at 10 O clock ru m..
at I'm Sun theatre this evening, wt-ro; Q.QSA An-io r$ I an!
mourned on spirited horsos ready to OOSrU jHlVI UL JUctllU
cros:; the swift little river for one '.' Th(, mnd v.,u ,)0 gold ,l3 a wholo or ln tmct8 tn 8ult tho Durci,ftSor. Thls mml
tho lm;-rtont scenes or tho play ,8 ,oam so !Jliltaolo for growlng crops; Ideal combination ranch land
Director Caban.iC, dlscovoror of t':" . , ., , ...
i ciiiais $i,i;uu ciisii cn eacu section purciiascu, ouu-nnu purcuaso price
on March 1st, 1920, balance on deferred payment at 0 por cent Interest. Trans
portation for prospective land buyers will bo furnished freo on morning of
sale, and all buyers for the land will bo shown over tho ranch before sale com
mences. Application for transportation must ho made at Crook & Cobb's Otflco,
North Platte. Nobraskn.
Thero aro two candidates for our
district, Attorney Wilcox of North
Plate and II. D. Lute, of Paxton. We
aro pleased to endorse Mr. Lute of our
own county for a number of reasons.
First, we would like to sco a Kolth
county man represent the 77th dis
trict. Second, wo havo nothing
against Mr. Wilcox as a man and can
not object to him because ho Is an at
tornoy, but ln vlowlng tho matter from
tho standpoint of varied representa
tion, wo And thnt the legal profession
I fu oitrn rt 1m tn11 rnnrnunntnil -itlat nu
convention will submit a now constltu- . ,. . .
u huouki uc. uui is u not possiuie 10
tlon to tho voters at the election noxt
On account of my experience during
thrco sessions of the legisluturo and
the position I have taken on important
public questions, many, persons urscd
mo to become a candidate for this con
vention. This Is ono of tho most Im
portant events In tho history of tho
state Our constitution Is tho safe
guard for tho protection ot tho poo
pic. "Wlille I am a Hopubllcan ln poli
tics, tho nnmcs of the candidates .will ,
appear on a non-partisan ballot for
this election.
havo as many farmer delegates and It
Is essontlnl that tho farmor, as woll
as other Interests, be well represented.
Third, and last, wo bollove Mr. Lute
will endeavor to bo fair to all Inter
ests, progressive and . yet sensible In
that ho firmly bollevos In law and or
der and upholding the constitution of
the stuto and United States. Wo bo-
! Hove tho Nows readers can safely vote
for their neighbor, II. D. Lute, of Pax
ton. Ogalalla News.
77th District Candidate.
M. W T.ntn nf Pnvfnn Tvnlth nmmtv
Because of tho tremendous prob- Nubrtt8l(a ,8 a ,loat candidate seeking
lems-growlng out of the war. and thojUlo oloctoI1 to raprG30nt tho 77th nh.
growth of profiteering In this country, ( trlct , tho now CQn8t!tuional convcn.
there Is a tendency on behalf of some nn wh,eh w, conveno at Uncola
of the radical olomontH to drift our ,-.,..,. o a ii
country s progress toward socialism. ffjr tho He of olect, aclcsatc,
anarchy and bolshovlsm. On tho other wU, bo hoW Novombor 4
hand, there Is a tendency among some ; Tho nt constltutlon waB fram
conservative elements to drift our . . . 187n Tn .
state and nation towards, autocratic forty.flvo yenrfl Ncbraska lm8 salne(,
beautiful lt,otit. : lia l forded the I
crossing 'r.iu.iy times but had forgotten i
thnt a weok of torrential rains had
preceded the brilliant woathor the
mpany was then experiencing awl
U ". the river was swollen to t. !(
Its usual strength. He was aniH.-.e 1.
therefore, to see both horses on which i
ills stuns v.orp soatel lose tholr frot
Ing and be rr.pluly swept down-stre
Ills fears were groundless. UoWevor.
as both Mr. Dushmau and Miss Bft.uiu
had regained control of their mounts
and though they had been swept from
their saddles wore calmly holding
on to the horsos who soon made the
opposite shore In safety.
q ;
Public Library Notes.
After November 1st tho library will
ro-reglster its borrowers.
Ninety Nebraska librarians' attend
ed the association meeting in Omnha
last week.
Miss Murphy was elected vice-president
of tho association and also ap
pointed on tho stnte committee of li
brary, extension.
Owing to the grent Increaso ln the
circulation of books, plans aro being
mndo to provide library assistants to
help during tho rush hours. 229
books wero circulated last Saturday.
Peoplo of the surrounding country,
and visitors in town are invited to
come in and enjoy tho public library.
The pupils of tho Washington school
havo furnished the library with some
very attractive Hallowe'en decora
Spats of unusual style appeal to
women who care. The Leader Mer
cantlle Co.
:o: :
Baptist Church.
10:110, church and Sunday school
sermon, "The Communion of the
Hlood." Children's sermon, "Saved by
tne L,ovo of n Pet Animal."
0:30, 13. Y. P. U.
7:30, ovenlng worship, theme, "Tho
Gospel of Good Health," the second
of a series .of sermons on modern re
ligious attitudes. Good music by
largo choir; a church homo for all.
A. C. HULL, Pastor.
Silk and wool underwear $4.75 and
50.00 with a variety of nock lines and
stylos at Tho Style Shop.
First Lutheran Church.
Morning worship 11 o'clock, subject
"Tho Grace of Liberality." Evening
worship 8 o'clock, subject "The
Despised Invitation." Sunday school
at 9:45. This Is ro-organlzatlon Sun
dayclasses provided for all. We
want every member present. To all
our services wo cordially Invito tho
strangers and the unchurched. Come
nnd worship with us.
. a U . 1
A REAL Cordova bag Is tho REAI
delight of a lady's heart. Dixon has
a wonderful stock for you to seo.
Announces his discharge from milit
ary service and tho establishment of
his office over Hlrschfold'a Clothing
Phones: Office 333. Rob. Red 866.
There will also be offered for sale at same time and place
Seven Head of Horses
8ets of harness, 1 wagon and rack. 1 spring wagon, 1 saddle. 1 rldlnE lister
1 now Mollno two Row, 2 cultlvntors, McCormlck mower, Deoring hay rake,
McCormlck corn binder, two-section harrow. 30 acres corn ln shock. 100
bushels car corn, 75 acres cano ln bunch, cut before frost, 25 tons of hay In
bunch, 20 tons hay In stack, 8 sections winter range.
TERMS Sums of $20 and under cash: above that amount six months tkn
at 10 per cent Interest.
CROOK & COBB, Owners.
COL. H. M. JOHANSEN, f Auctioneers.
North l'lnttc, Ncbr.
For the treatment of Medical, Surgical
and Obstetrical Cases. A place
where tho sick are cared for so as to
bring about normal conditions ln tho
easiest, most natural and scientific
I bollevo that tho safety of our gov-CJ-nmont
and our Btato lies In a mlddlo
course. Wo must not lot bolshovlsm
and anarchy get control of tho Amorl-
a population of ono and one-half mil
llona.aud there has been a remark
nblo expansion of, commercial and
fanning Interests. Tho old constltu-
i tlnn In nlmnlnt,,. nnrl miiHt ha rvlanrl
can peoplo On the other hand, wo, um, nmM to moot ont d
have Just been fighting autocracy ln.noedB. It ,8 ,mortuut that, the con
Luropo, and in order to prevent the;vontlon Houl(i bo nmvosri of men
growth of anarchy and all forms of who ftro couvorsult tho 1)r08S,
opposition to law, wo must keep our netM,8 of tho 8tatomen who w roD.
irnvnriunnnt nml Ha n,l,llcitn,l.,..
. ... ' , rosont all tho peoplo, without conr.ld-
oratlon for tho factional Interests of
special privileges to tho fow.
II. D. Luto has lived In Keith coun-
tv pmiHntimislv qIiioa wlin 1...
ed and which placed all of the powers hm) owne(, nd mcc(!Hatuliy oporBtc
w. ikimiiiitoii ttLnu ui tuo );ijvuriimc?ni
of the stato tn tho hands of tho sov
ornor. 1 nm opposed to tho control bv
closo to tho peoplo,
Because of this bollor, In the last
'legislature, I opposed tho Civil Ad
ministrative Code bill which was pass-
Crystal, Saturday.
in the western photoplay
Breezy Jim"
Office over McDonald Bank.
Office Phono 1131) Hos. Phono 1120
Phone 110.
North Plutte, Neb.
In tho Matter of Edwards Sltz, Bank
Case No. 5G, In Bankruptcy, Voluntary
Order on Application to Sell Real
At North Platte, In said District on
this Cth day of October, A. D., 1919, bo
fore Walter V. Hoagand, Referee ln
This cause came on for consldora.
tlon on tho application of the trustee,
J. C. Hollman to sell at public auction
the undivided one-seventh Interest of
teh bankrupt,' Edward Sltz, In and to
tho following described property to
wit: The North West Quarter (NW)
of Sec. G, Twp. 45, North of Rango 17,
West of the 2nd P. M. ln Prince Albert
County, Province of Saskatchewan,
Canada; and also Lots 17 and 18 in
Block 8, of tho town of Peterson, Clay
Legal Notice.
T. P. Laughlln and Estolla Gibson,
James Gibson, Rachel A. Staley, Rosa
Connor, and Robert Staloy, heirs at
law of John Staloy, deceased, and Cecil
Teuell, National Firo Insurance Com
pany, The South Half of the South
West Quarter of Section 32, ln Town
ship 11, Range 32, in Lincoln County,
Nobraska, and all persons claiming
any interest of any kind In said real
estate or any part thereof, will take
notlco that on tho 28th day of June,
1919, Vf. T. Gulher as plaintiff filed
his petition ln the District Court of
Lincoln County, Nebraska, the object
and prayer of which are to foreclose
a certain mortgage deed alleged to
havo been executed and delivered by r;; ; "
tho defendants W. T.rvln and Winnie i'L1?,5
. ... - . . - uuuii uuiinium uliijii
tirvin to t. AicLaugnun may, atn.i
1916, and thereby conveying to said
Laughlln the South Half of the South
west Quarter of Section 32 In Town
ship 11, Rango 32 In Lincoln County,
Thnt on October 0th, 1919, the said
W. T. Ervln and Wlnnlo Ervln de-
fondants filed tholr answer and cross
petition ln said action, the object and
prayer of which are to clear title to
said lands of certain clouds thereon
and to quiet and confirm such title In
the said M. T. Ervln and to exclude
each and all of said defendants, and
nil persons claiming any Interst of any
kind in said real estate or any part
thereof, from any right, tltlo or claim
against said premises.
You are required to answer said
cross petition on or before the 24th
day of November, 1919.
Dated October 13th, 1919.
. "'.RR. Tholr Attorneys. ol4 n7
boaucratic government at Washington
of thoso nctlvltles which proporly be
long to our stato. Tho city of Washing
ton Is too far away to control local
matters. Jnmos G. Blaine once said,
"Thoro Is nothing of which a public
officer can bo so oaslly persuaded an
to tho enlarged Jurisdiction which po
tains to his office If tho offlcor bo or
bold mind ho arrogates power for the
purposos-or ambition; oven with timid
men, powcr Is often assumod as a
measure of protection and doonso.M
Our constitution has stood tho toit
of years. During troublcBomo tlmoB Is
no period for trying oxporlmonts ln
now things ln constitutions, Tho llbor
ties of our pooplo must bo protected.
Tho powers of admlnlBtratlvo govern
ment should bo distributed into tho
handB of elective offlcors undor tho
constitution and should not bo placod
entirely In tho hands of ono man, th
govornor of tho state. A good man
might administer tho laws woll, but a
bad man can tear down ln two years
moro than a good man can build up In
a half a century. Tho effort will bo
made to experiment ln what I bellovo
to bo autocratic govonimont at tho
coming constitutional convention .If I
am oloctod I will opiwso It with my ut
most powor.
I also bollevo Unit our wealth 1b In
tho native soli, and tluit tho tltlo to
our lands should only bo hold by cltl
lona of tho United States and If elect
ed to tho convention, I will ondoavor
a largo farm and ranch. Ho la a grad
uate of tho school of agriculture, and
a member on tho wrtlng staff of tho
Nebraska Parmer. Ho is unreservedly
pledged for a constitution which shall
bo fitted to tho needs of a growing Ne
braska. Sinco Dawson and Lincoln
rountloB eneh havo a candidate in tho
convention, tho Independent suggests
that It Is but fair that Keith counly
havo tho lloat roprosontatlvo. Por
that nosltion no hotter nor abler man
than II. D. Luto could bo elected. Ho
Is woll oducated, ho Is straight as a
srlng, and enthusiastic for a now con
stitution which shall meet tho proper
presold requirements. Gothenburg
with brains, brawn and bravery ho
subdues a fake reformer. Two reel
nnlmnl comedy
"Daring Lions and Dizzy
North Platte Tent
and Awning Co,
109 West Sixth Street
Phono 210
Upon consideration whereof, it is
ordered that tho trustee sell the Inter.
Qst of tho bankrupt, Edward Sltz, ln
and to tho above described property
at public auction at the offico of ref
eree at N.orth Pattc, Nebraska, on tho
5th day of November, 1919, at 2
o'clock p. m.
It Is further ordered that the trustee
advertise said sale for a period of 30
days prior thereto in the North Platte
Tribune; that 30 days notice be given
by mall to each of the creditors and
parties to tho record ln these pro
coedlngs, the same to be given by
mailing a copy of this order.
It is further ordered that a credi
tors' meeting be held at the office of
W. V. Hoagland, Referee In Bankrupt
cy, at North Platte, Nebraska, on tho
15th day of Nov., 1919, at 3 o'clock p,
m., for tho purpose of considering the
report of the trustee and the conflr
matlon of said sale and any other mat
ters that may come before the refereo
In the matter of said estate and more
especially the objections of tho trustee
and the bankrupt to tho proofs of
claims of Christ Paulson and tho First
National Bank of Peterson, Iowa, that
are on file ln said estate. Said parties
will take notice accordingly.
O10-o31 Roforee ln Bankruptcy
Octobor 27, 1919
Board mot, prosont Hormlnghnunon
and Sprlngor.
Sam Carson, work on blade, $5.00
Wm. Anthony, work on tractor, SIS.
W. W. Bronnan, hauling gravtl
James Eckhard, hauling gravel. $42.
Wm. Balloy, hauling gravel, $122.50
Jess Ruby, dragging, $28.00.
Alvju Bakor. hauling gravol, $101.
Sundry porsons, river work, ?1CC,90
W. T. Elliott, rlvor work, $54.00.
Wosloy Cocklo, dragging, $1G.OO.
E, C. Vanscoy, stovo, $10.00.
Adjourned to Novombor 2. 1919.
For Snlc
Socond hand Chovrolot Touring Car
In irnul untinln ' ' ' .
414 So. Walnut. 88-2
Keep your eye on
Corner Front and Dewey.
Phone 221.
..General Hospital..
One Hall Block North ot Postoflicc.
Phone 58
A modern institution for th.
seisntific treatment of medical,
lurgieal and confinement c&sei.
Completely .quipped X-Rny
and diagnostic laboratories
Geo. B. Dent, M. D. V. Laos, H. D.
J.Otde!d.M.D. J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
Notice For Publication Isolated Tract
Public Land Sale. Department of the
U. S. Land Office at Brokeii Bow, No
braska. September 27. 1919.
Notlco is horeby, given that, as di
rected by the Commissioner of the
General Land offico, under provisions
of Sec. 2455, R. S., pursuant to tho ap
plication of William B. Howard, seri
al No. 012001, wo will offer at public
sale, to the highest bidder, but at not
less than $5.00 per acre, at 10 o clock
a. m. on the 13th day of Novombor,
next, at this offico, the following tract
of land: SSE, Sec. 32, T. 15 N., R
30 W., Cth P. M.
Tho sale will not bo kopt opon, but
will bo declared closed when those
prosont at tho hour named havo ceas
ed bidding. Tho person making the
highest bid will bo required to Im
mediately pay to tho Rocolvor tho
amount thereof.
Any person claiming adversely the
above-described land aro advised to
fllo their claims, or objections, on or
before the tlmo designated for sale.
Notlco to Creditors.
Estate No. 1G88 of Sam Botonls, de
censed, ln tho County Court of Lin
coin County, Nobraska,
Tho Stato of Nobraska, ss: Credl
tors ot said estate will take notlco
that tho tme limited for presentation
1 .111.. - . , 1 , L 1.1 ..
uiui iiiuiK oi Claims aguiusi. sum u-
tato Is February 21st, 1920, and for
settlement of said estate Is Octobor
15th, 1020; that I will sit at tho county
court room In said county, on Novcm
her 21st, 1919, at 10 o'clock o. m., and
on February 21st, 1920, at 10 o'clock
a. m to receive, examine, hear, allow
or adjust all claims and objections
duly filed.
o21nl4 County Judge
Legal Notice.
To William E. Plckons and the
heirs, devisees, legatees and personal
representatives of said William E.
Pickens, nnd all porsons Interested in
tho estate of said William E- Pickens,
defendants: .
You and each of you will take notice
that A. Bollo Swarthout as plaintiff
has filed her certain petition In t,he
uisirici (jourt or Lincoln county, Ne
braska, and object and prayer
of which aro to partition th$
following described lands situate tn
Lincoln County, Nebraska, to-wlt:
Lots Five (5) and Six (G), Block One
hundred nnd elghty-slx (18G) of tho
original town of tho city of North
latte, part of Lot Three (3), Union
Pacific Railroad plat lying south of
Lots Five (5) and Six (G), Block One
hundred elghty-slx (18G) ln tho City of
North Platte, tho north forty-four feet
of Uta Ono (1) and Two (2), Block
Ono hundred seventeen (117) of the
original town of the city of North
Platte, all of Lot Three (3), Block Ono
hundred twenty-soven (127) of tho
original town of the city of North
Platte, West twenty-two feet of Lot
Three 3), Block One hundred four
(104)of the original town of the city of
North Platte, part of Lot Six (G),
Block One hundred four (104) of thj
original town of the city of North
Platte, Nebraska, described as follows:
Beginning at tho northeast corner of
said lot, thence 132 feet In a southerly
direction along tho east sldo of said
lot to the southeast corner thereof,
thence G6 feet In a westerly dlreotlon
along the south lino of said lot to tho
southwest corner thereof, thence 82
feet In a northerly direction along the
west lino of said lot, thence east 3
feet, thence 15 feet In a northerly
direction on a line parallel with tho
west line of said lot, thence east 1
feet, thenco'35 feet in a northerly di
rection on a line parallel with the
west line of said lot to tho north line
of said lot, thence east CO feet to tho
place of beginning; all of blocks Ono
(1) and Two (2) in Thomson's Sub
division of a part of Lot 4 of Section 4,
Township 13, North of Range 30, west
f tho Gth P. M. of the original town of
tho City of North Platte, Nebraska.
And tho following described lands sit
uate In Dawson County, Nebraska, to-
wit: Lots One (1), Two (2) and Three
(3) ln Block Flfty-slx (5G) of tho orig
inal town of the city of Lexington, all
of Block Ten (10) In C. L. Ervln's Ad
dition to the city of Lexington, and a
part of Block Seventeen (17). Mac-
Coil's Addition to tho 'city of Lexing
ton, Nebraska, described as follows.
Commencing 100 feet west of the
northeast corner of said block 17.
thenco south parallel with the east, line
of said block 150 feet, thence west
parallel with the north line of said
Block 100 feet, thence north parallel
with the west lino of said block 150
feet, thence east to tho place of be
ginning. And to confirm title ln and
to all of said lands In the follqwins
shores and proportions to-wit: In
tho plaintiff an undivided elovon
twelfths (11-12) Interest In all of said
descrlbedl ands and ln the defendants
or such of them as may be entitled
thereto an undvlded on-twelfth (1-12)
nterest and for such other and further
relief as Is just and equitable.
You and each of you will make ans
wer to said petition on or before tho
8th day of December. 1919, or your
defaults will be taken and .iudmnpnt
entered against you as In said petition
Dated October 28. 1919.
Her Attorneys. o28n2t
Legal Notice
Green L. Sherman, Annie Sherman
Poleg G. Vary, Frontier State Bank of
Curtis. EV6 of SWi, and W of SWA
Sec. 22, Twp. 9 N., Range 27, W. Gth P
M. lit Lincoln County, Nebraska, and
all persons claiming any Interest of
any kind In said real estate, or any
part thereof:.
Will tako notlco that Wesley T. Wil
cox, plaintiff in a certain action where
in Wesley T. Wilcox is plaintiff and
you nnd each of you aro defendants,
on the 14tb day of October. 1919, filed
his petition In the District Court of
Lincoln County, Nebraska, against you
and each of you and all porsons claim
ing any Interest of any kind ln tho real
ostato, hereinafter described, or any
part thereof, the object and prayer of
said petition being to qulot plaintiff's
tltlo to tho E& of SW&, and of
SEV1, Soc. 22, Twp. 9, N., Rango 27,
W. of tho Gth P. M. In Lincoln Coun
ty, Nebraska, plaintiff alleging ln his
petition that ho has been In the open
and continuous adverse possession of
said, real estate as owner since on or
about Jan. 1, 1903. Plaintiff also
seeks to havo his title quieted against
a certain mortgage upon tho above
described real estate, executed by
Green L. Fhorman and wlfo to Peleg G.
Vary on Mny, 1st, 1893, whlh mort
gaged is recorded in Book 21. at page
52 of tho mortgage records of Lincoln
County, Nobraska, plaintiff alleging
that said mortgage is barred by tho
Statute of Limitations ot tho Stato of
Nebraska, Plaintiff also seeks to havo
his tltlo qulptod as against a certain
mortgage upon said real estate, ex
ecuted by Green L. Shorman and wife
to Frontier State Bank of Curtis on
Mny 17, 1893, which niortgago Is re
corded in Book 18. at naco 282 of tho
mortgage records of Lincoln County,
Notlco (o Creditors.
Estate No. 1GS2 of Gust Katsanos, de
ceased, In the County Court of Lin
coln County, Nobraska.
Tho State of Nobraska, ss: Credi
tors of said estate will take notice
that the time limited for presentation
and filing of claims against said es
tate Is February 21st, 1920, and for
settlement of said estate is October
17th, 1920; that I will sit at tho county
court loom In said county, on Novem
ber 21st. 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m.. and
on February 21st, 1920, at 10 o'clock
a. m to receive, examine, hear, allow,
or adjust all claims and objections
duly filed.
o21n!4 County Judge.
Notice. Decree of Heirship.
Estate No. 1701 of Mollie Keith Neville.
deceased, in the County Court of
Lincoln County, Nebraska.
The heirs, creditors and all persons
Interested in said estate will take no
tlco that on tho 23rd day of October,
1919, M. Keith Neville, an heir of said
decedont, filed his petition herein, al
leging that th6 said Mollle Keith Ne
ville died Intestate on or about March
1, 1884, a resident of Lincoln county,
and at tho tlmo of her death she was
tho ownor of tho Southeast Quarter of
Section 34, Township 14, North of
Rango 30, West of the Gth P. M.. situ
ate and lying north of Union Pacific
Railroad right of way. ln said Lincoln
Counly, Nebraska, and that no appli
cation has been made ln the said State
for tho appointment of nn administra
tor. That sho left surviving her Wil
liam Nevillo, her husband, now de
ceased, and M. Keith Novllle, a son
residing at North Platte, Nebraska.
That all debts of said decedent havo
been paid, and said real ostato Is whol
ly exempt from attachment, execution
I or other mesne process and not liahln
Nobraska, plaintiff alleging that said for tho payment of the debts of said
mortgage Is barred by tho Statute of deceased, and praying that regular ad
ministration uo waived and a decree
bo entered barring creditors and fixing
tho date of her death and tho degron
of kinship of her holrs and the right
of descent to said roal estate.
Said petition will bo heard Novem
ber 24, 1919, at 9 o'clock a. m. at tho
offico of tho County, Judge In said
o28n1,4 County Judge.
Limitations of the State of Nebraska.
Plaintiff also alleges that ho has ac
quired a now and Independent' tltlo to
said real estato by adverso possosslon.
You aro further notified that unless
you answer said petition on or before
thd 2.4th day of Novombor, 1919, Judg
meht will bo rendered against you.
Dated Oct. 14. 1919.
oHn7 Plaintiff.

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