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t& Net Contents 15Pluid Praohm
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1 ;i AVcclabtePrcparatiofl6fAs-
k tingtAcStonactenndDcwcbrf
NEW Tiiaa
WriiT TiTlif 1 iWllTiTifi
For Infants and CMldron.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Casforia
Bears the
Thereby IomoUnDitfoi
neither Oplum.Morptlncnor
Mineral, jn or wh"
fumplua n
Signature Xtf
For Over
Thirty Years
3 AMM.41. cw-:.
Drcttuti: Snp, Onhntct Tiltma ?Sc. mil.
t-Kt-l!KI l Fl.tki. Ointment Toor dm.rl.l or bl
I ilLUtvLLu f.V. T. book. Or. C. H.Birry
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 48-1919.
Rather Hard on Him.
Hubby It's a wonder to iue you
didn't niurry the first bonehend that
proposed to you.
Wlfey Well, I did. nostou Post.
Both Right.
Philip. I think you mnrrled me for
money." "Well, dear, I believe I earned
It, don't you?"
Is It news that n dress suit Is some
t linos the livery of a crook?
Sclcnco Bays that old age begins with
weakened kidneys and digestive organs.
This being true, it is easy to believe
that by keeping the kidneys and diges
tive organs cleansed and in proper work
ing order old ago can bo deferred and
life prolonged fur beyond that enjoyed
by tho average person. .
For over 200 years GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil has been relieving tho
weaknesses and disability due to advanc
ing years. It is a standard old-time
home remedy nnd needs no introduction.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil is Inclosed
in odorless, tasteless capsules contain
ing about 5 drops each. Take them as
you would a pill, with a owallow of
water. Tho oil stimulates the kidney
Pessimistic and In Many Cases Derog
atory Appellations Given for No
Apparent Reason.
For n people upon the whole cheery
And possessed of much homely philos
ophy, the English hnve shown a sur
prising amount of pessimism in their
choice of plnce-niunes, remarks a
Canadian soldier now In England.
Wlthnl, their Mount Plensnnts and the
like nre n good deal rnrer than their
Coldhnrbours, Stnrvcacres, Stnrve
crows, nnd so forth. But for stark pes
simism the writer knows no place
name to heat tlmt of a northern farm
stead situated nt the exposed end of
n hlenk, unkindly valley which al
ways seems much colder and more
foggy than tiny of tho nenr-by heights.
Tho name Is Bnd End simply. One
of Its occupnnls was hnnged, but so
far ns the name goes this must have
been effect rather than cause, for the
hanging wns recent, while the name
antedates tho oldest Inhabitant's rec
ollections. Cackle Street, Dnrwell
Hole, Old Hole, Bugshill, Popplnghole,
Froghole, PIgstrood. Platnlx, Kitchen
hour, Grnndturzel, Little Nineveh, Tub
slake, Brownbreud Street, nre a
few merely old plnce-nnmes recalled
nt random, nnd nil to be met with in
a day's mnrch along the beautiful Sus-sox-IOmt
border country. Montreal
Some men use nil the material they
have nt hnnd In "making fools of themselves.
action and enables tho organs to throw
off the poisons which cause premature
old age. New life and strength increnso
as you continue the treatment. When
completely restored continuo taking a
capsule or two each day. GOLD MED
AL Haarlem Oil Capsules will keep you
in health and vigor and prevent a return
of the disease.
Do not wait .until old age or disease
have settled down for good. At the first
sign that your kidneys are not working
properly, go to your druggist nnd get a
box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules. Money refunded if they do
not help you. Three sizes. But re
member to ask for the original imported
GOLD MEDAL brand. In sealed packages.
An Ovorsupply.
The help problem bothers them In
the Orient also, but In a different way.
A gentleman who had returned from
India remarked. "The worst thing
about the plnco 1? the nuisance of nu
merous servants. Why, when I was
at Bogglywallnh I had four servants
to look ufter my pipe aloue."
"Four servants to attend to
"Yes. Tho first one brought
me; the second filled it; the
lit It"
"And the fourth?"
"Oh, ho smoked It. I never could
ubldo tobacco In any form, you know."
It to
Must Have Had It All.
"I understand you have had a slight
"That's what I thought 1 hull, but
I got the bill for It yesterduy and I'm
inclined to think now thnt while I
was under the ether the surgeon gave
me everything he had In stock."
Uncle Eben.
"A man dat keeps tulkln' 'bout his
self," said Uncle Eben, "sometimes
surprises you by de way he mnnnges to
make n puny good speech on a mighty
slim subject."
First Impression.
"Well, I must be off."
"I thought so the first time I mcl
you." Baltimore American.
"Radical." The fellow who doc
not agree with us.
A Health-Bliilding Food
A blend of wheat and
barley prepared to di
gest easily and make
and keep people strong,
'There's a Reason'
Uncle Sam Is to Expand Chemical Warfaro Service
WASHINGTON. Announcement by tho war department thnt will cnllbt
nnd concentrate nt onco nt tho Lakehurst proving grounds 1,000 men
from tho chemical wnrfaro service Indicates Undo Snm will not neglect tho
development of this brnnch of tho mod
ern army.
When tho war ended America bnd
mndo wonderful ndvnnccment In tho
methods of chemical warfare. Thcro
hnvo been prominent army officers who
havo suggested that the conflict wns
forced to a quicker conclusion by tho
work that wns done at Lakehurst, ex
pressing tho belief that German spies
may have carried Information ns to tho
efficiency with which tho United States
employing these new devices could ex
terminate armies and cities. The recruits will bo enlisted In tho infanry nnd
Immediately assigned to tho chemical wnrfaro service. Only whlto men will
bo accepted.
Lnkchurst was selected by tho government after n countrywldo search
for sites as the most available place for Ita tests of ordnnnco nnd chemical
warfaro materials.
One of the most famous gases developed there wns n mustard variety ten
times stronger than that employed by tho Germans ngulnst tho Americans.
Experiments showed thnt It frequently killed on contact. Another gas, which
tho country has already learned could hnvo wiped out Berlin llfo In n night,
wns perfected in n remarkable scries of tests.
King Albert Makes History by Visiting Congress
ISTOIIY Is being made rapidly these days. When Albert, king of tho
Belgians, paid homnge the other day in congress to tho United States
army, which he said was "tho decisive factor In determining tho victory," ho
wns making history. Greeted ns "our
friend, our defender nnd ally," King
Albert stood before tho sennto of tho
United States nnd Inter before tho
house of representatives to fulfill tho
main purpose of his long journey to
American shores tho expression of
Belgium's gratitude for American nld
during the great war.
For tho first time in history tho
crowned hend of a monarchical govern
ment was an honored guest In the legis
lative halls of tho foremost democracy
of the world. Beside stood Leopold, duke of Brabant, his son and heir
to the Belgian throne, nnd from her place In tho gollcry Queen Elizabeth
looked down upon a scene unprecedented In American history.
Cheers and n thunder of handclapplng rang through tho staid chamber
of the senate as the king entered, escorted by Senator Lodge, whllo Senator
Hitchcock walked beside Prlnco Leopold. Queen Elizabeth nnd Mrs. Mar
shall, wlfo of the vlco president, entered the executive gallery nt tho same
King Albert was seated beside Scnntor Cummins, presiding over tho sen
ate, with the youthful prlnco nt his right. Sennte and galleries rose nnd
cheered again when Senator Cummins presented the king, pnylng tribute to
tho high courago of the mnn who had led the heroic little kingdom in Its
struggle agqlnst a mighty foe.
Tho queen was first to appear on tho houso side. Members roso nnd
applauded ns sho entered the executive gnllery.
Tho formal announcement of the king's coming was drowned In a wavo
of applause as he wns recognized nt the door. When he wnlked down tho
ulsle, escorted by former Speaker Champ Clark, there was a roar of cheers.
Ho was greeted by Speaker Glllett, hcsldo whom he took his sent
II. S. Soldiers Gain Weight During the Great War
UNCLE SAM'S soldiers grew fat during the war, gaining an nvorngo of ten
pounds a man between enlistment and demobilization, according to Dr.
William Dnrrach, denn of the faculty of medicine at Columbia university.
Denn Darrach points out that tho bct-
ter health strides In the army were
made In spite of unfavorable condi
tions of war, und credited the achieve
ment to the mnrvelous development of
the science of medicine and hygiene In
recent years.
"While we may not expect to at
tain 'perfect health,' we certainly are
headed in thnt direction," Doctor Dar
rach said. "We no longer merely nro
checking disease or curing und allevi
ating the ills of mankind. We nro
preventing them. Preventive medlcluo Is mnklng tremendous strides. Vaccl
nation has made smallpox n rnrlty; inoculntlon has brought typhoid under
possible control; dlphtherln und hookworm nre taking cover; elimination of
the louse has put trench fever nnd typhus to rout; destruction of tho mos
quito checks malaria nnd virtually all other contagious or Infectious diseases
are being stamped out.
"Public hygiene hns made great strides also, especially In the larger
cities. The decrease in infant mortnllty statistics, where purental clinics
nnd milk depots have been established, is startling. From tho cradle on
through the public schools children aro watched cnrefully nnd their health
safeguarded by the community.
"The greatest example of tho progress mndo by surgery nnd tho medical
profession Is In connection with the war, For tho first time In history an
army grew fat. The American soldiers averaged a gain of ten pounds in
weight from the time of mohlllzntlon until tho army disbanded. All other
armies In history havo lost weight."
These men, tho nrmy of about 4,000,000 men, which participated In tho
war at homo or nbrond, will go to mako up a healthier coining generation.
Works Council Growing Popular in U. S. Industry
THE rnpld growth In America of tho works council system, which tho
employers' group In the defunct labor-capltal-publlc conference insisted
must be written Into any pronouncement on collective bnrgalnlng Is shown
In n survey Just finished by tho na
tionul industrial council bonrd.
Up to the war period tho works
council wns comparatively unknown,
although tho basic Idea is old as tho
hills, the "chnpel" in printing estab
llshments, for example, running bnck
almost to tho days of Gutenberg. But
ns n development In Industrial organ!
zatlon the system Is among the new
comers, nnd few other plans for Im
proving shop relations are attracting
inoro widespread Interest. Tho works
council may be described as u collectlvo dealing plan, under which plant
employees, through representatives chosen by themselves from nmong their
own number, shure with the management In ndjustlng conditions of employ
Tho first known American example of a works couucll, tho survey dls
closed, datedtbnek only to 100-1. Up to January, 1018, only 20 such orgnnlza
tlons had been established. But during the last 20 months tho growth hns
been so fast that now there are known to be 225 works councils In 170
corporations and companies, In addition to many that have not been disclosed.
Nearly all of them uro located oust of tho Mississippi; tho largest num
her Is found In tho branches of the metal trades, and tho next largest la the
c a package
before the war
c a package
during the war
c a package
Real Reason Why the Red Trousers
of the French Infantryman
Have Been Discarded.
Tho rod trousers of tho French army
nro to bo no more. There Is n political
and economical tragedy nbout It with
which very few people aro familiar.
Tho originator of tho red trousers was
Napoleon, who was prompted In his
"reform" by n desire to help tho nn
tlvo 'cultivation of madder root against
the Dutch and Italian rivals.
But then enmo tho Graebe-Lleber-
mnnn discovery of the alizarine dyes,
and In less thnn ten years, between
1870 nnd 1878, the production of mad
der root In France shrank from 25,000
to GOO tons, and then It disappeared.
This wns a great German victory. Nev
ertheless, tho nrmy trousors continued
to bo dyed red, only this time tho dyes
had to bo Imported from Germany.
It ovldently required n great war to
put an end to this humiliation.
Something to Boast Of.
"I'm not bragging or anything."
"Yes, yes, go on."
"But I do wunt to snv that I havo
been n landlord for 17 venrs und In nil
that time I haven't had a single com
plaint filed against me by n tenant."
A man who courts nnd runs away
may bo hauled to court somo day.
A childless marriage Is not a howl
ing success In one sense of tho term.
Observing Intellect Has Discovered
How the Brain That Names Sleep
ing Cars Works.
I used to bo nwwl, writes Inobottn,
at the' thought of tho Intellectuality of
the mnn who nnmes tho Pullman cars.
To what storehouse of classical or his
torical lore did this mentality hnve ac
cess, thnt ho could exhume thorcfrora
such nnmes numes that seemed to
mean something, but yet just eluded
nnnlysls? I used to think I'd like to
meet that bird.
But I'vo pegged him at lastl He'a
no glnnt Intellect nt all. He's Just a
pathological specimen one of thestr
wrong-foot cases tho medical Journal
havo been, discussing lately, whose
cerebral or spinal connections seem tm
bo crossed. Their handwriting go
from right to left It's called "mirror
writing." Their co-ordinating mechan
ism Is constantly In reverse gear. AnA
how do I know that the uomenclntor
of Pullman cars is one of those? Sim
ply thus:
Tho sleeper In which I rodo fron
Clnclnnntl to Atlantu the other day
wns named "Klimwocl" Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Take strict heed to thy ways; act a
watch over thy' actions; nnd govern
tho thoughts of thy heart. Dorothea
Somo puns nre nhnost ns pnlntfesa
ns wanton's pencils.
If you want to make good
health a habit and coffee
interferes, try a change to
the wholesome table-drink
with a rich coffee-like flavor.
You'll find Postum satisfies
without any penalty.
Boil for fifteen minutes after
boiling begins.
Delicious, Refreshing, Economical
Two sizes, usually sold at 15c and 25c
Made by
Postum Cereal Company
Battle Creek, Michigan
Hhlp-bulldlng Industry.

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