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No. 13
Meetings nt which war memorials
wore bestowed by the French gov
ernment upon the relatives of our
fallen heroes In the world war, were
hold on Sunday, Washington's birth
day, throughout the length and
breadth of this broad land, many of
tnom very elaborate nuairs with the
greatest orators of the day, but at
none of them could greater sympathy,
higher tribute or deeper gratitude- be
paid than was oxprcssod by Post Com
mander It. O. Mackintosh at the
Franklin auditorium for these boy a
oC North Platte mid Lincoln county
who gave their lives that liberty might
live. As for the address on Ameri
canization by the Hon. H. M. Grimes,
well might it be for the country, could
ho have shouted it from the house
tops for all the world to hear and
take heed of the menace of radical
ism that is creeping into our very
homes . Judge Grimes' appeal was a
clarion call for the preservation of
American principles and ideals and
mot witli frequent applause from un
lappreGjativo audience. Post Com
mander J. E. Evans of the G. A. R..
linked the past and present together
in some well chosen remarks and paid
tribute to the women's hands which
have been ready to servo when duty
calls. The Community Chorus, con
ducted by Mrs. O. H. Schriver, lead
in the singing of our national hymns
and Stamp's orchestra lent its ser
vices to a most memorable occasion
Following are the names of our boys
whom the French government in
proud to honor: Harry Churchill, Noel
C. Donegan, Carvin R. Duckworth
Paul R. Martin, Albert Leonard Oar
roll, Raymond F. Burgner, Ralph C.
Robison, Frederick J. Gill, Orva C.
Williams'. Edward R. Moore, Phillip
Absolem Fetcher. Lae Wilson llird
Infral Hansen, Wm. C
C. Discoe, Donald O. Duckworth.
There arc relatives of several oth
er soldiers who died in service who
live in North Platte for whom me
morials were not received from the
government. If these relatives will
call on Post Commander Mackintosh
of the American Legion, applications
for the memorials will bo made.
20th Century Cub.
T. C. Patterson, who returned from
California Sunday, says one meets
former North Platte people every
where you go in that stato. Stopping
into a bank in Los Angeles ho found
at the window Charley, Ross, a former
Nortli Platte boy, at the steamship
office near Long Beach ho found Ben
Bonda, ono of tho murderers of Of
ficers Mecombcr and Rogers, is in
Post Commander Mackintosh, of tho
American Legion, is in receipt of n lot-
Mexico, having eluded officers while tor from Capt. H. R Packard, U. S,
enrouto to that country. Tho whore- Infantry, in which ho says:
abouts of Bonda was made known "On March 9th I am bringing with
through a letter written by him to an mo to your city a roprosontativo of
acquaintance working on tho section the federal board of vocational trnin
at Blrdwood, who informed Sheriff tug, u. S. public health sorvico and
Salisbury of tho letter. bureau f war risk insurance for the
whether Bonda can be secured Is purnose of explaining to all ox-ser-
problematical, as efforts to that end vice men their rights under the ox
would need be made through the tsttng laws which govorn the gov
state department at Washington eminent agencies.
which means much red tape, and this We are arriving in your city some
would be further made difficult by ume during tho day and woud ask that
the lack of cordial relations which arrangements bo made for a meeting
now exist botween Mexico and this nt a convenient hour, say eight o'clock
country. However. County Attorney This meeting will bo In the plan of un
Keefe and Sheriff Salisbury are ouon forum. This representative and
working on tho case and will use ev- myself v. Ill give short talks on the
cry. onort to secure the escapeu mur- benefits which nro open to all cx
dorer. A Mexican who knows Bondn service men, and tho proper course of
lias volunteered to accompany bnenu procedure In applying for those beno-
By nearly throo to ono tho sonato
of tho United States last night
passed and sont to tho prosident tho
modified railroad reorganization bill
under which tho carriers will nttompt
to adjust thcmsolvos to conditions
arising with tho ond of government
Thirty-two republicans Joined with
15 democrats in voting for ndoptlon of
tho conference report while throe re
publicans nnd 14 democrats comprised
tho 17 voting against It. There was
never any doubt as to what tho son
ato would do, in view of tho wide mar-
Tho Keith and Lincoln Counties'
Beet Growers Association held a moot
ing at tho O'Fallon school houso Sat
urday aCtornoon and roports read
showed a membership of ono hundred
and uvo. It was also shown at this
meeting that members of tho associ
ation, would, if tliolr demands of tho
sugar factories aro mot, put In thirty
six hundred and fifty acres of boots,
and If the demnndB wore not mot thoy
would not attempt to grow boots.
It !b understood that tho growers
of Kolth and Lincoln counties havo
Juen offered a Hat rate of $11.G0 po
gin by -which the Cummins bill, more ton, but It Is the unnnlmotts feellitg
drastic than tho compromise, wan of tho association thnt nothing loss
passed. The bill goes to President than . ?1S minimum price and a slld-
Wllson and the general opinion was ng scaio ue nccopteu.
Mint he would sinn it. nlthouch labor -?:o
lenders ume a veto. The board of directors of tho Cham
Railroad labor Is not satisfied with her of Commorco met last evening to
Elder,, Archie
Salisbury to Mexico 'to assist in run
ning him down, but whether this vol
unteer could be trusted there is some
: :o::
Mrs. Glhbs Passes Aiwiy
Mrs. E. B. Gibbs, for many years a
resident of North Platto, passed away
yesterday at tho home of hor daugh
ter Mrs. Fred Lathrop, in Chicago,
with whom sho had been making her
homo. Tho remains will bo taken to
St. Louis for burial. Mrs. Gibbs was
oighty-four years of ago. Boreft are
four daughters, Mrs. Harris of St
fits. We will also bo ready to answer
nuy and all questions which are put
before us.
Commander Macklntsh will later
give publicity as to whore this meet
ing will be held.
: :o ; :
A Guess on ihe Population.
The Tribune has been asked to
make a guess on the population of
North P'atto as found by the census
enumerators, and a guess of ton
thousand five hundred and seventy-
two is herewith made. This is a mere
nnnoci rf nsiitoi lutt If It la mnt'n t1ili
Louis, Miss Mattie , Gibbs of Los An- 0Q fc f u T1 T ,b wl
goles, Mrs. W. J. Stuart of this city, ,. C(' u .ifI. ,
and Mrs. Lathrop of Chicago. Tho do- ni.'" VrHv.. t. it, :
ceased came here in tho spring of . .. . ,,,
as a basis the voting strength of the
city, the school population and the
number of names given In the city di
rectory, ond We feol confident that
we will not be required to furnish tho
: :o: : -
hoar reports from solicitors for tho
budget, which has now reached about
512,000. A letter from Mrs. Esthor
the way things nro going ovor Its wago
Vomands. This was Indicated in con
ferences vesterdav of union officials
miul trnnernl committeemen, called to Krocgcr. secretary of tho Koarnoy
pass on tho president's settlement pro- commercial club was road, in which
posal Passage of railroad bill by tho she accopted an Invitation to mako
senate last nlcht onlv added moro bit- an address beforo tho local nssocla-
tornoss to talk of tho union workers, tion. A commlttco was appoint od to
Arrlvnl of committee chnirmon assist in boosting tho proposed water
union loaders closest to the rank nnd and sower bonds
Mo brought OUt StrlKO taiK. tllglior a n.oni,,, ,HH,,ntrh ilnliNl vnatnrtlnv
officers were inclined to discount Lays: Retail moat dcalors throughout
evidence of the workers feeling, but tho coutry lnU8t rcuuCo their prices
liotoi loooios ouzzeu wuu iiustuuiimun
of the situation. There wore indica
tions thnt the union heads who havo
dealt .with Director General Hlnes
wore worried lest nil that was accom
plished might bo wrecked
1SS1 with her husband, who tor a
number of years was emplyed as an
onglneor, and later as district fore
man. Mrs. Gibbs had many friends in
North Platte who will learn of her
death with sorrow.
: :o: :
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilcox returned
from Denver Sunday morning, where
they attended the funeral of Emer
son J. Short- W. T. and Mr. Short
had boen intimate friends from boy
hood days In Ohio. Mr. Short was ail
Tom SkevhlM
Tho New York Tribune said tills
about Tom Skeyhlll: "The greatest
demonstration in the history of any
war loan in any nation when he single
attorney at Ogalalla for several years handed raised the unprecedented sum
prior to 1891 when ho moved to Den- -pjo.iuu.uuu m io immuua a imi
ver. His funoral was attended by Hon dollars a minute." Tho Literary
mnnv inomhprs nt the Denver bar. Digest said in a full page notice of
Judge Lindsay of that city making the his Metropolitan opera houso speech.
. . . ...mi i . I ,'T.TIa Dlnrir a nnn if foltll tin, If. fltlfl
auuress. ivir. snort win oe lemem- -Li,n .w., ...
bored by manv of the older residents grit, and those who hear him are
of North Platto and Keith county. thrilled and inspired and made to feol
"What's holdin' him up?" asked the nIHB,. ,nini tn m.nr hi Anznn
amp-zed Sutton as Benny Bolton from unform and i8 an authorized speaker
the noriu wooos iook uiov, aum- um , Th ... r . over 1U1(1 Ul0
from the famoiiB pugilist and nover T
fell. Yes. what was holdin' him up? gkeyhill Is to be in North .Platto on
Grit, a grlmness of purpose, me uurn- Monday. March 1. and speak before
C. Clinton as cashier, and over on
c -- -- - " -- UU1IUI IIUU1.J null. umv uiui.-e
North Platte picnic held a couple o, tQ Eve Man. At the Sun Thursday
us tho wholosalo prlco of moat do
cllnes, or olso submit thoir bookB to
fedoral agonts for investigation of
tliolr profits.
Rov. Hull will preach his farowoll
sermon nt tho Baptist church noxt
Sunday and leave tho following week
At tho mooting of the city council
next Monday evening an ordinance
will bo Introduced which will submit
to tho voters nt he city election In
April a prposltlon to votu bonds for
water main extensions and for exten
sions and enlargement of tho sowor
system. Tho amount needed for these
purposes is in tho neighborhood of
J23O.O00, of which $105,000 would
cover tho cost of tho water niatns ex
tension nnd tho Installation of an ad
ditional pump nl tho pant, nnd $65,000
for tho enlargement and extension of
tho sower mains.
In Us wondorful growth of tho past
few yours North Platto has outgrown
Its water and sower systems and con
ditions are now such that both sys
tems must bo onlurgod and oxtonded.
Realizing thnt both these Improve
ments nro absolutely necessary, what
ever Intluonco The Trlbuno may pos
sess will bo directed toward the Issu
anco of tho bonds.
Do you wnnt in sell your fnriul If
so, list It with tho ii. k . Agency
Farm Department, W. II. Barrett, Man-
Thursday and Friday:
"His Father's Wife"
A delightful story of an old widower
who marrlos IiIb secretary a story
unusual and alive with intorost. For
weeks ago over 200 former North
Platte residents were in attendance
George Hanlon went to Omaha last
night to remain for a day or two hav
ing his eyes examined and visiting his
For Sale Maxwell roadster, good
condition, self starter, $250. S. & R. Initiation
Filling Station. 1 lunch.
and Friday
A class of fourteen candidates were
Initiated at tho Elks club last even
inc. Twentv-three candidates for
ture Course at the Franklin auditori
um. The general 'admission is 50c.
Cnrd of Tiianks.
Wo wish to thank our many frlonds
neighbors, doctors, nurses and all who
nntlf.ru wore on the boards., but the so kindly assisted us in tho illness of
stormy weather prevented the attond- our intant son. btamey William; aiso
ance of nine living out of town. Tho our appreciation to all who expressed
was followed by a big
The Keith and Lincoln Counties' Beet
Growers Association, composed of 105 beet
growers of the two counties, respectfully
submit the following to the public:
We ask that the Great Western Beet Sug
ar Co. and the American Beet Sugar Co.,
for which companies we grow beets, give us
a minimum flat price of $12 per ton for our
beets, based on a wholesale price of $9.00
per 100 pounds of sugar, and an additional
$1.50 per ton for beets for each $1.00 per
100 pounds of sugar in excess of $9.00, this
excess to be based upon the average price of
sugar during the months of November to
March inclusive. In making this demand of
tho sugar companies we are acting in co
operation with the National Federation of
Beet Growers which was recently organized
in Denver and at which seven beet pro
ducing states were represented. Wo be
lieve that the sliding scale is just to tho
growers, for certainly the sugar factories
can afford to pay the growers more for beets
when sugar is selling at $15.00 per 100
pounds than when it sells for $10 per 100
pounds, as in both instances the cost of
manufacture is tho same.
In making these demands, we are not
placing ourselves in the position of profit
eers, for we are willing to grow beets for
$12 per ton if the factories will maintain
sugar at a maximuin price of $9.00 per 100
pounds wholesale.
Do you think our position is unfair?
By FRANK TURPIE, Secretary.
their sympathy with floral tributes.
: :o: :
Notice to Residents
Property owners and tenants must
null throwing ashes in tho street
diti'.lies, or complaints tor violation
of ordinnnco will be filed This 'order
is tinal.
lo-2 Street Coinmissioner-
Every member of the G. I. A. Is
wanted at the P. P. hall at 2 p. m.
Friday. Mrs. Hosier, Presidont.
Exclusive models in coats and suits
at tho Stylo Shop.
Rowdyism 3tns Cease.
At a spcclnl executive session of tho for Grand Island to accept tho charge
board of education last evening, tho to which ho has been called.
.1 -0 -' 1 , - n .... .,,1,1, I
duesuon oi cusb ub us .... w T, N u p, Uo d t f tho
new and added Importance , as n res It Amorcnn Wnp MothorH w'ni n)oot ,nt
?l ,mh. :i",?,V; tho homo of Mrs. J. P. Clabaugh, 309
Ifu". r LTf woat Fourth street, Friday evening,
r,. r.e n, IiIpIi Hplmnl fnnrh- ODrUttrj HI1, at eight O CIOCK.
luul " .. 1 r . , t I- , . , 1 . . 1 . . 1
n-u ),,. vvnr,. In nlmrrrn nf tlin mirtv. ftir. Iinu ftiru. luib n.uiiy luiuuiuu
a crowd of senior high school boys this morning from their wedding trip I simple entertainment don't miss thfa
ontonfl n mmiltnr nf them, sennratod to v. nicago. one
the couples, and removed tho shoos Wttntold Girl for general house-
and trousers of two of the 9th grado work. H. Waltomath rosidonce, 420 j
boys, all this being uono on uowoy west i'ourtii etreot.
streot in a mixed crowd of boys and
clrls. Previous to this, a forcible en
trance had beon twice effected Into tho
building as broken locks and door
jambs attest. A policeman had been
on duty at Mr. Tout's direction, but
as he was cone at the Important mo
ment, the teachers called othovs and
tho ring-leaders, who are known and
were positively identified, were ar
rested for disorderly conduct. Those I
baro from some of our host fam
ilies and are old enough, to know bet
tor. There Is no excuse wnateyor tor
such conduct. The board wishes It
to be thoroughly understood that It
is behind the teachers at all times m
the performance of their duties, which
in this case consisted in the suppres
sion of vandalism and rowdyism.
When fun Is carried to such nn extent
that it involves Indecency, and damngo
to nubile nronorty. it is time for It to
in. im.it.oil nuteklv and thoroughly. If
wo cannot linvo a school spirit instead
nf nlass snlrit. wo had better havo
none at all. Should there be a repe
tition of the Saturday night affair tho
names of tho offenders will bo pub
The Spanish War Veterans Auxili
ary will meet Wednesday afternoon.
Ask to see the '"ashablo satin potti
nnnts. Thev nro lust new. E. T.
: :o: :
Registered Suffolk Stallion
for salo or trnde. Weight 1050, six
'years old. Inuulro of Albort A. Ginapp
Hrndv. 10tf
Ketih Theatre, Wednesday and Thursday.
"The Lure of Ambition"
If ambition is' leading on, where will it lead?
that settles the problem.
A photoplay
Adults 30c.
Children 15c.
o i."iVery rian
Jack Sherrill and Mable Withee
A drama of struggle, kve and adventure that
vil entrance every man, woman and child. Adopted
from the novel by Larry Evanj. Noted sport writer.
At The Sub,
Thursday and Friday.
Your Own
Can See
the difference between a real line car like
the various models of the Chandler line and
the common product. Just like a line watch,
the good manufacturer dresses up tho ex
terior of a line car so that it is pleasing, but
the works of either fine watch or car must
be built up to a high standard, also.
Chandler motor cars aro line products of
nutkers who never tried to make anything
cheap and today such motor equipment .is
Bosch magneto, Morse silent motor chains,
solid aluminum motor base, show the in
built quality of this car. Have any engineer
ing or technical export go over this car me
chanically and you will be astonished as to
how much of real quality you are buying at
tho moderate price now asked for the
Chandler motor cars. The standard touring
car is still $1 805 f. o. b. factory.
Tt will pay you to drop in and examine
this fine ca,r.
Oth and Locust.
Nortli Platte.
The service must be on an equality with
the prodlucts sold, and our service policy is
such that we do and havo satisfied every
Dodge and Chandler owner for the past
three years.

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