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Mrs. Hill, Says Lydia E. Pmkhaip's
Vegetable Compound Removed
The Cause.
Knoxvillo. Tcnn. "Mvbaek htirtmn
.nil the time, I was nil run down, could
jnot cat and my head
ootnerca m e, all
I caused by femalo
trouble. I was
three years with
these troubles and
doctors did mo no
pood. Your med
Icino helped my sis
ter so she advised
mo to take it. I took
Lvdia E. Pinkham's
JVegotablo Com
3 pound and the Liver
Pills and used Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Sanative Wash and now I nm well, can
at heartily and work. t 1 give you my
thanks for your great medicines. You
may publish my letter and I will tell
everyone what your medicines did for
ine. Mrs. Pearl Hill, 418 Jacksboro
St, Knoxvillo, Tennessee.
Hundreds of such letters expressing
gratitude for tho good Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has accom
plished are constantly being received,
proving tho reliability of thi3 grand old
If you are HI do not drag along and
continuo to suffer day in anq day out but
at once take Lydia E, Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound, a woman's
Temcdy for woman's ills.
Can Be Quickly Overcome by
Purely vege
table act sure-
jie liver. Cor-
zect Diiious
ness, head
ache, dizzi
ness and indigestion,
They do their
Small PIU Small Dose Small Price
great nerve and blood tonic for
Anemia, Rheumatism, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness and Female Weakness,
Oeoalne anil scar slgsilort yavriieC
"Hatching Dollars"
is a Look that tells you how money
makes money it tells you about high
class securities from which big men get
their incomes how you can buy these
same safe securities by small payments.
Scud for your rca copy today to
Investment Department
J 71 Broadway - New York City
"1 II I .XT V C-t C t I
One CexnpltU. uUr, Copy ol our -30c. V
with huutifc) torn pictures IFwnow Film Sun
ro coW toirthef Uh StxtUrPopulMUiof Intro
Juctofr OOu Cnjpon. (tl.SO worth lot SOc).
5ml 3c. tump promptly.
No Call.
"I saw nn auto-Jack at work to
ln.v." "Did you call the police?" .
"No; they were only using It to put
on a new tiro."
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CARTORIA, tlint famous old remedy
Cor Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the fffl .ITj? P'
Signature of yr&&s
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Well Matched.
"She has dyed her hair a raven
hue." "I suppose that is to match
hor orow's font."
rVlrla anA MtHIa IpnVrt f linilflftTllla With
wofttr Irirlnnvn fltlfl nnhinff bflckfl. TllG
kidneys have to do most of the work
of fighting ou a cold nnu tuey weauen
glow up. You feci dull and irritable
and have headaches, dizziness, back
ache, and irregular kidney action.
Give the kidneys quick help with
Doan's Ktaney vmsi uoam are
used and recommended the world over
for weak kidneys and bad backs. Ask
your neighbor!
A Nebraska Case
Mrs. II. U. Bailor,
Ponca, Nebr., says:
"My back was weak
and It pained almost
constantly. I had
sharp twinges through
my Doay ana puny
spots appeared under
my eyes. My head
RChed terlbly and my
kidneys acted Irregu
larly, causing annoy
ance. I used Doan's
Kidney Pills and In a
short time the back
ache and weakness dls.
appeared. I continued
Inldntt tllAIYI llnHI T
was preatly benefited and the benefit
has betn permanent "
Ccl Doan'i at Any Store, 60c Bos
DOAN'S "jfssy
htry PWiCT -f4j5
Rrritating Coughs
Promptly treat couhs, colds, hoarseness,
bronchitis and similar Inflamed and Irritated
conditions of the throat with a tested remedy
Latin America Wants the
WASHINGTON. -Latin American countries which participated In the peace
conference and also those Invited to join tho League of Nations are watch
ing tho request of Salvador that tho United Stales define the Monroe doctrine
so that they will know Just what they
c (wHAT DO" it yT?
lack of clearness. 1 refer to article 21;
'"Nothing In this covenant shall be deemed to affect tho validity of In
ternational engagements, such as treaties of arbitration or regional under
standings like the Monroe doctrine, for securing tho maintenance of peace.'
"My government recognizes that the Monroe doctrine consolidates the
Independence of tho continental states of Latin America and saved them from
the great danger of a European Intervention. It realizes that It Is a powerful
factor In the existence of the democratic form of government lu this conti
nent and that It raised a barrier to European colonization.
"Since however, the covennnt of the Leagtto of Nations does not deter
mine the purposes nor fix u definite criterion of International relationship In
America, find since, on the other hand, the doctrine will be forthwith trans
formed In view of tho full sanction, of the nntlons of the world Into a prln
ciple'of universal public law, Juris ot de Jure, I request that your excellency
will bo good enough to give the authentic Interpretation of the Monroe doc
trine, as It Is understood In the present historical moment."
"Stop Throwing Forests' Into the Waste Baskets!"
orOP throwing the forests of tho country Into your waste basket," Is the
U message sent to the business houses of the country by the American
Forestry association, which Is enlisting the nld of the schools, business houses,
and women's organizations In a pa-
per conservation campaign.
Charles Lathrop Pack, president
of tho association, has given out llg
uros which show the tremendous In
crease In pulp wood consumption. In
congress the subject has come up for
frequent discussion.
Here are the figures submitted by
Mr. Pack, who calls for a nntlonal
forest policy and for better lire
protection for the forests, in cords con
sumed and vnlue:
1SS9 . 1.9S6.310 9,837,510
INK) 4.001.C07 31,477,540
1916 J. 5,228,558 45.7S5.CS2
"A look at those figures will cause some deep thinking on the part of
publishers." said Mr. Pack. "We must stop throwing our forests Into the
waste basket. Business houses can bring about a grout saving If they will
write the carbon of the letter they are answering on the bnck of the letter
received. This will save paper and cut
The situation, Mr. Pack declared,
production of raw material. One of Hie
lean Paper and Pulp association, which
the future raw material supply. It recommended a nntlon-wldo forest sur
vey, better fire protection, and increased planting of trees.
One of the first organizations to
In Its campaign for paper conservation is the National Woman's Association
of Commerce of Chicago. Miss Florence King, the president, has Issued a
call to ull members connected with business houses to start tho agitation at
"Boiling" Senators .Give Soldier a "Square Deal"
SENATOKS got excited the other day over the matter of soldiers nnd the
loss of their private property. In consequence the senate passed a bill to
amend the act now in force and give the' soldier a better chanco to recover
from Uncle Sam. Senator Wads worth
CANT AUow ir You wwEttT sk
no fault of tljolr own. However, a
series of decisions by the officials of the-treasury department have placed
such restrictions on the law as to preclude favorable consideration of n
majority of the claims which have been filed. These decisions are brlelly
summarized ns follows:
The auditor has disallowed all claims for property lost by fire unjess
claimants can certify that the loss occurred while tho claimant wns engaged
lu saving government property.
The comptroller has ruled that "money" Is not nn article of property.
The comptroller has recently decided that property lost In Franco can
not be considered as having been lost "in the field during campaign," unless
the claimant wis actually in the battle line. This decision will affect prac
tically all losses of personal bnggtige In tho field other than that In course
of transportation.
Senator Wndsworth said the committee on military affairs "boiled with
Indlgnntlon," and Its purpose was to give tho soldier a "square deal."
Great War Makes Many Millionaires in America
AMEKICA'S millionaires Increased by 1,470 In tho first year of the wnr In
Europe. During the second year the Increase was twice as great, for In
1U10 there were 'J,80!t more millionaires than In 1010. And In 1018, while
tho net growth was only .11. the true
situntlon rests In the old saying, "Illm
who has gets I" Tho increases of
that year were in Increased Incomes
of those Included in the totals of years
gone by.
Distribution of these new million
aires throughout tho country shows
them thickest where war activities
were greatest, with New York state
alono having 2,888. Nevada was the
only state that didn't claim a million
aire resident In 1017, but her million
aires live elsewhere, that's- all.
Of American millionaires, capitalists as a group made up 3,383 of tho
total; manufacturers who made war material 020. and tho producers of
food, 120. Corporation officials numbered 710 millionaires.
The largest Income In 1017 was $34,030,001. Tho mnn claimed to ho
unmarried, which mrikes him appear to be Standard Oil's daddy, J. D, Rocke
feller. A "single woman" received $r,704,r50. She may have been Mrs. E. II.
llnrrlman. In the great group of excessively rich over tho United States
there were 227 classed as "single women."
From these lutest avallablo figures It Is shown that Individuals through
the Income tax returns contributed In 1018 on their 1017 Incomes a great total
of $301,480,177, while corporations In the same period yielded Undo Sam's
ttrong boxes Just $2,142,44 5,700.
Monroe Doctrine Defined
are agreeing to If they Join the league.
Tho state department has acknowl
edged receipt of the request from Juan
Franco Paretics, minister for foreign
affairs of Salvador. His note says,
among other things:
"The text of the treaty contains
one article which has awakened warm
discussion throughout the whole Amer
ican continent. Including the United
States, due no doubt to Its brevity and
1917 6.4S0.075 $00,815,05'
1918 5,250.794 73.167.111
filing expenses, too."
will not improve until there Is greater
pressing problems before the Atner
met recently In New York city, was
join the American Forestry association
saiu the present situntlon was "per
fectly nbsurd" and rend these para
graphs from a letter from the secre
tary of war:
The original act was Intended to
provldo a simple and expeditions
method of settling tho claims of offi
cers and enlisted men for reimburse
ment for personal property lost, dam
aged, or destroyed In the military
services of the United States through
Proper Drainage Is Chief Essential In
Maintenance Road Drag
Especially Useful,
The cardinal essential In spring
maintenance of earth ronds, especially
those on heavy soils. Is good (Irnlttnge.
So long as the wnter can bo kept
from penetrating deeply Into these
roads they will remain at least fairly
passable. To accomplish this on aver
age earth roads, however, Is far from
ensy. During the early part of this
season of the year rains are often of
long duration and tend to saturate the
soil. Water from melting snows Is
perhaps even more penetrating than
long-continued rains, whllo alternate
freezing and thawing of the wet sur
face tends to Increase the porosity of
tho soil and permit oven more ready
access of water Into tho foundation.
The chief attention of the road mnn
must therefore be directed toward
getting and keeping the water away
from the rond. So long ns tho founda
tion can be kept dry, even a heavy
freeze followed by a rapid thaw will
do little or no real damage to. the roatl
surface. A dry soil does not heave.
The foundation will thcreforo still bo
solid, and the road will be able to
sustain the traffic without serious rut
ting. On the other hand n saturated
soil expands greatly on freezing, and
when It thnws out has not only lost
practically all power of sustaining tho
weight of trnfile, hut also Is In nn Ideal
condition for taking up or absorbing
still more water, and thus forming
still more mud.
During the early part of the season,
ns long as tho weather Is very rainy
or there Is melting snow on the ground
It will pay to have tho road man go
over the road dally to see that the
drains and side ditches do not hecotno
clogged and to note tho need of any
necessary repairs. A few minutes'
work with a shovel may prevent a so
rlous washout or dnmnges. which, If
not promptly checked, might make tho
road practically Impassable.
The rond drag or somo other slmllnr
device finds its greatest usefulness
during this season. It may ho used
to good advantage to clear tho road
way of slush and melting snow nnd so
prevent this water from soaking Into
Drag Most Useful in Spring.
nnd softening tho subgrnde. To fill
ruts smooth the surface and maintain
the crown of tho road, the drag Is un
i excelled when In the hnnds of n
skilled operator. An unskilled mnn
amy do moro harm than good. Fur
thcrmore, tho nctunl condition of tho
rond during this period will depend
very largely on the knowledge of tho
rond man ns to' Just when to drag, ns
well as his skill In the operation of tho
In addition to tho mnlntennnce, pro
vision should he made for doing nil
necessary grading or earth work as
rurly in the spring ns possible, In or
tier that It may become thoroughly con
olldatcd before the dry weather of
summer. If the work Is done too Into
(lie road will not only probably be
nunc very dusty in dry weather but
u III need additional attention later In
the fall. Where tho soil Is a heavy
-lay or gumbo tho condition of tho
road may ho very materially Improved
hv adding sand from tlmo to time ns
hat already on the road Is worked In
by the passing traffic and t.ho drag.
Plenty of Space Should Be Allowed
in Rebuilding Bridge or Culvert
Repair Costs Cease.
Whenever a bridge or culvert Is re
built use somo form of permanent
construction, seeing to it mat plenty
of runway Is allowed for tho water.
Then repair costs-will virtually cease,
nnd tho money now wasted will begin
to show In ronds that are good 12
months In the year.
Unsightly Features May De Unseen
by Farmers, But Passerby Is
Keen to Discern Signs.
The farmer Interested In attracting
trade In his farm products should look
well to the nppenranco of his plnco.
Perhaps old, unsightly fentures of
uiiich he Is not conscious exist, but
the passerby Is keen to discern theso
signs of farm management and hesi
tates o purchase at a pluco showing
Apply few drops then lift sore,
touchy corns off with
fincers No parn!
Doesn't hurt n bit I Drop a little
Freezone on nn aching corn, instantly
that corn stops hurting, then you lift
It right out. Yes, mngtcl
A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but
a few cents nt any drug store, but la
sufficient to remove every hard corn,
soft corn, or corn between tho toes,
and the calluses, without soreness or
Freczono is the scnsntional dis
covery of a Cincinnati genius. It la
wonderful. Adv.
Unapproachable Fishing.
Tho angler tackled the manager ot
the country hotel angrily.
'What do you mean by luring vis
itors here with the promise of lino fish
ing?" be said. "Thero Isn't a bit of
fishing here. Every brook has a sign
warning peoplo off."
"I didn't say anything nbout lino
fishing, sir," said tho manager, calm
ly. "If you will kindly read my ad
vertisement again with more care you
will seo that what I said was 'Fishing
unapproachable.' "
If Your Back H'rts or Bladder
Bothers, Drink Lots of
When your kidneys hurt nnd your
baclt feels sore, don't get scared and
proceed to load your stomach with a
lot of drugs that excite tho kidneys
nnd Irritate tho entire urinary tract
"Keep your kidneys clenn like you keep
your bowels clean by flushing them
with n mild, harmless salts which re
moves tho body's urinous waste nnd
stimulates them to their normnl activ
ity. The function of the kidneys is to
filter tho blood. In 24 nours they
strain from it 000 grains of acid and
waste, so we can readily understand
tho vital Importance of keeping the
kidneys active.
Drink lots of wnter you can't drink
too much; also get from any pharma
cist about four ounces of Jnd Salts;
take a tablcopoonful In n glnss of
wnter before brenkfast each morning
for a few days nnd your kidneys will
act fine. This famous salts Is made
from the ncld of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with llthln, nnd has
been used for generations to clenn
and stimulate clogged kidneys; also to
neutralize tho acids in urine so it no
longer Is n source of irritation, thus
ending bladder weakness.
.Tad Salts is Inexpensive; cannot in
jure; mnkes a delightful effervescent
llthln-water drink which everyone
should tnke now and ' then to keep
their kidneys clean nnd nctlvo. Try
this, al30 Iteep up the water drinking,
nnd no doubt yon will wonder whnt
beenme of your kidney trouble nnd
backache. Adv.
She was reading Cobb's nmuslng
story, "Speaking of Operations." Be
ing Interested she took It to business
with her and read It on the car. A
woman next to her observed tho tltli
and inquired:'
"Studying to bo a nurse?"
Says Cream Applied In Nostrils Re
lieves Head-Colds at Once.
If your nostrils are clogged nnd
your head Is stuffed nnd you enn't
brentho freely becaiiHo of a cold or
catarrh, Just get a small bottle of
Ely's Cream Uulm nt any drug store.
Apply n littlo of this frngrant, anti
septic cream Into your nostrils nnd let
it penetrato through every air passnge
of your head, soothing nnd healing
tho inflamed, swollen mucous mem
brano and you get instant relief.
Ahl How good it feels. Your nos
trils nro open, your head is clear, no
more hawking, snuffling, blowing; no
more headache, dryness or straggling
for breath. Kly's Cream Halm Is Just
whut sufferers from head colds and
catarrh need. Tt's n delight. Adv.
Thirty Daysl
Friend (entering show manngor's of
fice) Hello 1 What's all this I
ManagerA voice trial.
Krlend Il'm! I should say convic
tion is certnln to follow. Hoston Tran
script. For your daughter's sake, uso Red
Cross Dall Dluo in tho laundry. She
will then havo that dainty, well-groomed
appcurauco tlint girlH admire. 6c,
ISnvy Is poor ammunition. The
only thing dangerous about it Is Its
Well Known
Kansas Woman
Nortonvillo, Ksns.j "During middle Uf
.f l becaruo all run
vou. I took Dr.
Flcroo's Fnvorito
Prescription and it
brouRlit me through
this critical period In
plendkl health. I
have nWo taken the
Dr. I'ioTco's Golden
Medical Discovery
s tin blood tonio and
for tho liver and
found it eauallv m
ilwnva clad to meOmineruf Dp.
Icrco'a medicines." MRS. WM. OCKEIt.
A Nervous Breakdown
Kaunas City, Kmis.j "Dr. Plcrco's Fav
orite Prc-icriptJon broucht mo through a
very critical period for which I shall always
be very grateful and I am (dad to tell of it
that other Buffering women may tako my
advice and try the 'Prescription.' I had a
severe nervous break-down, causod by
woman's trouble. Doctors called it inflam
mation. I doctored for about five years with
very littlo help. I saw Dr. Piorce's medicine
advertised and was so discouraged that I
was ready to do anything for relief. I at
onoo sot both tho 'Favorite Prescription'
and the 'Goldon Medical Discovery.' I
tVik I took about a dozon bottles but it
was juroly worth it as it restored mo to good
health, curing me of all my ailments."
ard St.
Remarkable Case of
a Kansas Woman
Atchison, Kons. "About twenty ycara
ago I first commenced taking Dr. Fierco's
Favorito Prescription for displacement and
other feminine weakness. The first hall
dozen doics gavo me great relief, and by tho
time I finished the first bottle I felt stronger
than for n long while. Since then I havo
taken this medicine whenever I have felt
run-down, weak or nervous and it has
always given mo the desired relief. I am
very glad to recommend 'Favorite Prescrip
tion' as a woman's real friend." MRS.
IDA TICKNER. 1118 N. 10th S
Same as Now.
"Where did you first meet your
wife?" "1 don't remember now. but
I'll bet I had to wait for her."
Coated tongue, vertigo and constipation
are relieved by Garfield Tea. Adv.
lfr Inn'- wtinf vmi nnv ffa tvtint vrtti
get that counts.
A man is as old as his organs ; he
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
Th world's standard remedy for iddnsy,
Ilvsr, bladder and uric acid troubles
sines 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates
vital organs. All druggists, threo sizes.
Leak for 0a nam Cold MUI on mtwer box
a&U axcapl awt Imitation
Bad Sickness
Caused by
If people only realized the healtlwleatroy
Ins power ot an acid-stomach of the many
klnda ot alckneaa and mliery It cauaea ot
the Uvea ft literally wrecka they would
guard against It aa carefully as they da
axatnat a deadly plague, You know In an
Initant the nm aymptoma of acld-atomaoh
pains of Indlceatlon; distressing, painful
bloat: sour, gassy stomach; belching; food
repectlng; heartburn, etc. Whonevor your
itomach feels thla way you should lose no
time In putting It to rights. If you don't,
lerlous consequences are almost sure to fol
low, such as Intestinal fermentation, auto
intoxication. Impairment ot the entire ner
rous system, headache, biliousness, cirrhosis
t the liver; sometimes even catarrh of the
itomach and Intestinal ulcers and cancer.
If you are not feollng right, see It It Isn't
acid-stomach that la the cause ot your HI
health. Take RATON I C, the wonderful mod
ern stomach remedy. EATON1G Tablet
quickly and surely relieve the pain, bloat,
belching, and heartburn that Indicate acid-
Itomach, Make the stomach strong, clean
and sweet Dy keeping the stomach In
healthy condition so that you can get full
strength from your food, your general health
steadily Improves, Results are marvelousljr
sulck. Just try EATON1C and you will b
ss enthusiastic as the thousands who havs
used It and who say they never dreamed
anything could bring nuch marvelous relief.
So get a big 60-cent box of KATON10
from your druggist today. If not aatlsfao
tery return It and he will refund your money.
Nebraska Directory
Creamery and Cream
Station Supplies
Mlllc Bottles and Dairy Supplies; Bffg
Cases and Chicken Coops
1309 Jones St. 1801 E. 4th St
MuHonlo Temple lNtg.
19th ind Douxltt St., Omths
C 1 D tL.
kty- FOR
fcsP. 1 write for booklet.
Colorado Land for Sale
NEAIt HURL1NGTON, perfect 100
acres, fine locntlon, Ideal fanning or
Investment, $32.G0 per acre, $1,500 cash,
balance easy terms. Owner, Frank
Gush, 4005 No. 25th St., Omaha, Nebr.
hxt optional opportunity at tho present
time for younir women over nineteen
j-e urn i a v ulio have had at least one
year n liii school to take Nurses' Train.
ItiK In KenerKl hospital Our graduates
ttin ii treat dnnin 1 Address
t oi n'ui' Lincoln Sanitarium,
cood. 1 m a

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