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WILSON TOUT, Editor and Publisher.
Ono Year, In ndrnnco $2.00
Entered at the North Platto, Nebraska
Postofflco as Second Class Mattor.
FRIDAY, OCTOItKlt 22, 1920.
Tho Tribuno Is not in favor of
(rinding down our public Borvlco cor
porations Thoy must give ii fnir ro
turn on tho invostniont If thoy nro to
glvo im sorvlco. AVo do howovor ob
ject to paying anything for poor sor
vlce. If tho company furnishing us
with gas can show that It is being
underpaid for Its product wo nrc In
fvor of raising tho rato until It pro
duces onough rovonuo ho that wo can
havo a good quality of gas and tho
ompany can havo a fair return on tho
Investment. Tho rato now charged Is
tho same a that charged before tho
: :o: :
Wo nro for a League of Nations. It
g tho only plan yet .proposed for
putting an end to war. Every llmo wo
jpny u war tax wo get a Jolt In favor
of a Lcaguo and against War. Tho
tLeaguo of Nations now In cxlstonco
with forty-ono nations as members Is
about right. It may need a few minor
changes to mako It work to our satis
faction but thoso can bemado without
danger to tho plan. Germany is ask
ing to Join tho Longuo, leaving only
Russia, Mexico, Turkey nnd tho United
States outside!. Tho jealousy of tho
sonatorial oligarchy has so far pre
vented adoption of tho Lcaguo as it
stands and tho HtubbornncsB of tho
President has provonted any modifica
tions. Partisan politics has dictated
to tho party press that, tho Longuo
must bo downed In order thnt tho ad
ministration may bo discredited. The
partisan pross has dono good work
. and millions-of well-meaning pooplo
havo becomo blttor-ondars without
knowing why. Ellmlnnto tho partlsnn
'politics and most of tho peoplo In
2:30 Sun Matltjpo
3:30 Pair Grounds Football North
Platto vs Crclghton
7:00 Sun Soul of Youth
7:30 Crystal Tho Husband Huntor
9:00 K. C. HallDance
7:30 Sun. .The Miracle of Money
7:30 Crystal Devil's Double
8:00 Lutheran.. A Militant Christian
9:45 Luthcrnnf.Sunday School
9:45 Christlan.-Sunday Sohool
9:45 Uaptlst Sunday School
10:00 Presbyterian.. Sunday School
11:00 Lutheran.. "Sinning Against,
11:00 ClLris(tlan-.An Uimnswored
Prayor Answered
11:00 B. & L. nidg. Christian
Sclonco Services
11:0 Presbyterian. jMornlng sorvlco
11:00 Baptist Tho Triumph of Lovo
7:30 Baptist. -Tho Dazol of Earthly
7:00 Christian. -Reviews of Living
0:30 B. Y. P. U.
C:30 Presbyterian C. E.
Splendor. Illustrated with wator-
color palntalngs 4-5 feet In slzo
7:30 Sun. .Modem Husbands
7:30 Crystal Devil's Double
8:00, Mothodlst; Church.. Reception
for teachers
Mr. and Mrs. Guy S. Popejoy enter
tained last evening at a surpriso hal
lovo'on party in honor of Misses C6raf
Marcolles nnd Ann Rubls at the Colin
try Club. At tho appointed hour of
eight nil guests attired in sheets met
thoir partnors at some building where
thoy had boon directed to go in their
Invitation and wcro than taken to tho
Country Club whoro Van's Novelty
Orchestra furnished tho music for
dancing. Doughnuts, apples and cider
woro plentiful during the evening. The
Club was decorated In lmllowo'cn col
ors, Jack-o-lanterns, signs of bowltch-
thls county are for tho Longuo. Coupl- i lnB Influence, brooms, corn stalks
cd up with tho election. It will not bo
a test of Its strongh. Wo nro for tho
ILeaguo of Nations and wo havo no
doubt that tho United States will bo n
member, whether undor Republican
or Democratlo Administration.
Tho'llno weathor so far this month
has prolonged tho senson for Hummer
nnd outdoor sports boyond tho time
and blnck cats
Tho guests wcro met by Chief Clans
man James T. Keofo and warned to
follow directions. At tho hour of
twelvo a clrclo was formed around
tho hugo flro placo with tho chief in
tho middle. Ho informed the clan that
two girls had gopo against his wish
and as a penalty -they must wado in
the stream. So saying ho ordorcd two
Clansmon to take those ami all made
when they uminlly close. Somo of way to the river whoro tho girls
lirf'bpys nra still playing tennis nnd waded. On returning ho told tho for-
n, now croqflot ground has Just boon tuno of nil the clan after which a two
opened at the Country Club. Base j courso lunch was served. All left tho
. ball has taken a slump and tho bats party with tho hope that the honorees
and. mitts have boon put awny for next again would bo surprised.
Manager Solhy has urranged a
wrestling match between Rny and By-
llid but at present ho cannot got a
suitable hull In which to hold It. Sev
eral placos might bo used but thoy uro
too small or otherwise unsulted to
Ovor two hundred tnombers of tho
Cathollo Church woro confirmed yos-
torday at tho ton o'clock mass, by
Bishop Duffy, of Grand Island.
the purposo. As promotor of boxing j rrho Klrls Hf th0 class wcro .gowned
and wrestling for tho Amorlenn Lc- f j wliito. with white veils and wreaths
gion, Mr. Selby Is anxious to pull oft nn,i n0i Into tho church followed by
somo good mutches but unless ho tho boys and adults,
.fjnrts a hall sultablo for this purposo nishop Duffy addressed the class
Uq will not bo nblo to arrmigo thoso nnd was assisted In tho mass by Fnth-miltt!hos-
or Sullivan of Elm Creek and Father
Hunting is on In full Torco with McDald of this city.
partlos going out ovory day. Somo. -.nr.
report a good bag but most of thn ! HKCHPTION FOR TEACHERS IN
parties roturn without tho limit. Thoy.
say the chickens aro wild and that
whilo thoy nro easily located thoy aro
ofton so sonry thnt they cannot bo ap
proached within range. Somo of tho
hunters Bay tho flight of Northern
duck has pot yot reached Its primo
..bccauBo of the continued warm weath
er.' Somo good bags havo boon re
ported but thoy aro mostly tho oarllor
migrants and smnllor varieties.
Football is tho sport that is claim
ing tho attention of Its followors, now.
Tho high school boys nro making
a good allowing and while thoy did
not win at Lincoln, thoy rocolvod
pralso from ovory source and woro
Orodltml with having played Lincoln
to a standstill. Tho winning scoro
was a flnko and doos not roprosont tho
ronl strength of tho opposing tonms.
Golf nt tho Country Club still hns its
followers. Tho contest for tho Coun
. try Club, championship 18 now on and
.tbia rounds are bolng played ub rapidly
ft tjio players can got to It.
Austin Dsdell nrrlvod this morning
fr6m Omaha to attond tho Crolghton
North Platto foot ball gamo and visit
tlio homo folks.
, Wq .carry a comploto lino of small
Boy's Ovorcoats, 2 to G yoars of ago,
,mado up to tho mlnuto In stylo, In
wlous shados nnd materials, priced
very reasoanbly at' BLOCK'S.
'rfbra Thompson Btarlod Wodnosday
evening as clerk nt tho News Stand
Tho Ladles of tho Mothodlst church
will glvo a rocoptlon to tho toachors of
tho North Platto schools at tho church
next Monday evening. All members
and friends of tho church nro Invited
to meet tho tonchors at this tlmo.
J. J. Crawford left a fow days ago
for Konrnny whoro ho will transact
buslnoBs for sovoral days.
Brocado hats, tho best Btylo of the
season yo shown In variety at Tho
Loador Morcnntilo Co.
Justice Sodonuan and family will
loavo soon for Missouri whoro thoy
will rosldo in tho future.
Nebraska Telephone Company
Omaha, Nebraska
October 20, 1920
telephone is an essential public service, it' -all
telephone users as well as to telephone
employees and investors in telephone securities that this
Company's revenues shall be sufficient to meet its requirements.
Because tne
important to
Considered on a yearly basis, our present revenues in this
state are approximately $593,000 less annually than are nec
essary to pay operating expenses' and earn 8 per cent interest
annually on 'the money invested in our property. .
service to
In order to provide for the extension, of ouV
new, people and to new areas we' must obtain ovor $1,000
new money annually irom lnvestars. To cet this money
be able to pay our operating expanses and earn such a
,000 of
we must
rate ,of
interes t
invest .
as will, prove attractive to those who have money to
This condition has made it neoessary for us to ask the
Nebraska Railway Commission to approve an increase in our
rates. But even with the increase asked for, our total rev
enues will only be sufficient to enable us to earn approxi
mately 62 per cent annually on our investment in this state.
An increase of 10 per oent has been asked in exchange rates
to be applied as a sirr-charge. "This course has been followed
rather than to request complete hewschedules of rates, be
cause it is impossible under present conditions to determine
what permanent rates should be.'
A change in
dis tance
rates has been requested which
will produce approximately a 7 per cent increase in our toll
revenues. These changes apply only on person to-person calls.
No changes will be made in station-to-station toll rates.
You are well aware of the increases which have taken place
in wages, material prices, freight rates, fuel prices, rents
and interest rates. The price of all these items and others'
affect the cost of furnishing telephone service. To illus
trate: We are now paying over $1,700,000 more annually in
wages in this state than three years ago, of which only
$750,000 is for new employees added during that period. And '
the cost of materials used in the up-keep of our property has
just' about doubled the last few years.
' Th"is statement
giviilg the public
feel sure that it
public .s
'l .
is made in accordance with our policy of
full information ab.out our
will be
accepted in the same spirit of
and co-operation that has always characterized the
attitude toward this company.
'ST ;
Want Ads
For Sale Call ducks. Phono
Wanted A waitress at tho Oasis.
Apply to Johu Poulos.
Lost A parrot. Finder please phono
28GW or notify Rush Dean.
For Sale A six months old mule
Phono GG8J.
For Rent Ono slooplng room. In
quire J L enro of Tribuno.
For Snl(! Ten foot Eclipso wind
mill comploto for $35. Phono 795F13.
For Snle Ono No. G Radiant Homo
hard coal stove. 220 W. Sixth St.. A.
O. Kockcn.
Lost Palr of child's glasses in case
In 800 block east Fifth St. Call 1S2J.
Howard. ,
Found Two automobllo tiros about
1'4 miles north of No. Platte. Call
790F.. ,
Ono Jersey cow or calf for salo or
trade on Ford car. Phono 719W. or
call at 1003 W. 8th.
Onions for Sale 1 mllo north and
'A mllo oust of Platto Valley School
For Sale: Six hundred acres of farm
grazing laud. North of Flats. Good
Improvements, windmill nnd tank.
For Salo 70 bushel grain body for
truck. Phono 1081"vV.
Strayed Dark Iron gray maro from
tho farm on tho Blrdwood sometlmo
In May. 4-years old, weight about 1400
Cuy Coleman, North Platte.
For Snlo Storo fixtures, five floor
show cases, flvo lC-fobt wall cases,
ono ribbon case, ono tnrcat camnot,
two lG-foot counters, ono Elliott but
ton fastening machine. NELSON &
CO. 717 No. Locust.
Wanted: Horses to winter and pas
turo. Two sections for horses to run
on and two wolls for watering. Ono
section has novor been feed off of.
Inqulro C. SODACOTT. North Platte,
GenL Dol.
For. Sale GG ft. corner lot In 1000
block on E. Cth St Phono 537 or call
at 1109 East 4th.
For Sale All modern homo built
for owner's homo. Eight rooms and
bath, oak floors, full basement, double
garage, all now. On account of monoy
condition will sell at a bargain if sold
soon. Call at 801. E. 3rd St., North
For Sale Whlto Leghorn cockerels,
good vigorous birdB. Hatched from
University of Nebr., trap nested, ped
igreed stock. Prlco $3.00 each untill
Nov. 1st. Fresh eggs retailed at plant.
Poultry Department, Uni. of Nebr. Ex
Iperlmont Substation.
North Platte.
Wanted A plumbers' helper. Must
bo familiar with plumbing and heat
ing. "Wages no object to good man.
Reply with references to B. B. Caro
For Rent 2 furnlshod rooms. Cu I
nt 803 Wost 7th or Phono 593W.
For Sivlo Throo Improvod KoltuiCut about atty tons oI A'lross
Co. farms. Two stock ranchos. Vory
long tlmo and easy paymonts. Q. F.
Hoxlo, Ownor, 908 W. Fifth St. North
Platto or Ogalalla, Nobr,
For Salo 3ood Ford 1 ton truck,
comploto with grain body nnd cab
Sovoral Ford tourings from $200 up
Ono 1919 Ford Roadster . $850.
J. V. ROMIOH Doalor
Mlnnio Zobr, Flats, Nobraska.
For Snlo An Albrecht Wild Cat fur
coat, with raccoon collar and cuffs,
40 In. length, 38 in. bust. Inqulro 203
W. 2nd SU or, phono 158.
For Snle To ono wanting room, but
not too far out, a lovol souUi-wost cor
nor, almost 200 foot front, plotted in
three small and ono lnrgo cornor lot.
The Fairview Dairy to be sold
at Public Auction, Nov. 4th.
This plaee is an ideal Dairy Farm, nearly all
necessary improvements being located, next to city
limits. Land all under irrigation. Produces good
crop of beets this year and will be in good shape
for alfalfa next spring. This place will no doubt
be worth twice its present value in a short time on
account of location. For terms see Owner or Mr
Pielsticker at Platte Valley State Bank. Come
and look over the place before sale.
Soul of Youth
with all Star Caste
2-reel Aubrey comedy.
The Miracle of Money
Hobart Henley
Toonrville Trolley Comedy.
Modern Husbands
Henry WalhalL
In tho depot.
Phono 1212W.

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