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JJRS. J. M. CRAIG, oi Lot An
4Ut, Calif., who ssys do one
eo feel more Jrsteful lor whst
Tanlao bit done then the doct.
Deeteret the het geined twelve
pounde end her health it now bet
tcr then ia yesrs.
"Of all the people who have taken
Tnnlac, I don't helleve there Is any
one who feels any more grateful to it
than I do," was the statement made
recently by Mrs. J. M. Crulg of 074V4
East Fortieth street, Los Angeles.
"Llko so many other families dur
ing the influenza epidemic last year
we ull had it, and my own illness, to
gether with the worry over the rest
of our family, brought on n caso of
cenuinc nervous prostration.
"I was so weak I couldn't even
sweep the floor, nnd during the day I
would have to lie down four or five
times. I tried townllc but found out
half a block was all I could stand be
fore I gave out. Nervous spells came
on me often.
"Every medicine I tried failed to
reach my case until tlnnlly my hus
band urged mo to try Tnnlac, nnd I
am Indeed thankful that he did, for
It proved to be just what I needed.
"The first two bottles didn't seem
to help me. I guess Hint was because
I was so extremely had off, but on the
third bottle I could tell I wns Improv
ing and that gave mo more Hopes than
ever of getting well.
"My improvement from then on was
rapid nnd by the time I had taken
five bottles of Tnnlac I wns better
and stronger than I had been In years.
I was sleeping soundly nt night nnd
had gained twelve pounds In weight.
"That wns several months ago "nnd
from then until now I hnve been In ns
good health as I ever wns In my life
and hnve been doing ull the houso
work ,by myself.
"It Is simply remnrknble how Tnn
lac has built me up nnd I hove told
everyone of my friends and relatives
what n wonderful medicine It Is."
Tnnlac Is sold by lending druggists
very where. Adv.
Knew All About.lt.
There was u small pussagewny be
tween the dining room uud kitchen In
Frederick's house vth:it was recently
tlttcd out for use us n breakfast room.
One duy at school Frederick's teach
er had occasion to nsk If anyone knew
what n "nook" was.
Frederick, with the new breakfast
room In mind, answered: "It's a
place where you cat breakfast to keep
the dining room clean."
Thousands of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Womcns' complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the other or
gans to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a physician's pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be Just the remedy needed to oTcrcome
such conditions.
Get a medium or large Bize bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
Teat preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Adv.
Thirty Days.
An nthletlc young fellow In Aus
tralia went- on n tear nnd landed in
the police court. Tho magistrate In
quired what the prisoner's occupation
"He's a professional football piny
er," said his counsel. "Ho plays out
side right for his team."
"Oh, he does, docs he?" replied the
magistrate; "well, then, we must
change his position. He'll be loft In
side for the next month."
For your daughter's sake, use Red
Cross Ball Blue in the laundry. She
will then have that dainty, well-groomed
appearance that Girls admire. 5c.
Tho Polynesians believe that the
moon nt Its waning Is devoured by
the spirits of the dead.
It Ir sweet to suffer when we suffer
fer those we love.
Good health cannot be maintained where
there is a constipated habit. Garfield Tea
crercomea constipation. Adv.
Don't wear out yur welcome ; It Is
difficult to replace.
Tirnoly Nows Culled From All
Farts of tho State, Reduced
for tho. Busy.
Norfolk will hold nn nuto show
April 7 to 0.
The anny rocruitlng station nt Fre
mont has been closed.
A wireless stntlon has been Installed
by the high school nt Shlekley.
Deshler Is to have a municipal bath
ing beneli und artificial lake for boat
ing. Madison county will spend about
$50,000 on good roads the coining sea
son. Unable to make a profit, the owners
of tho Staplcton hotel have closed its
Beatrice business men are raising n
fund to equip the new national guard
unit's armory.
Nebraska's subscription to the Na
tional European Relief fund amounted
to over $150,000.
The Nebraska Music Teachers' con
vention will be held In Fremont on
April 11, 11 and 13.
Initial steps for the erection of a
flub'home for the Hastings Woman's
club huvo been taken.
Mrs. L. L. Snider, past grand ijiatron
of the Nebraska Eastern Star, Is dead
at her home In Osceola.
"Better Citizenship Week" will he
observed by the Blair public schools,
beginning February '28.
Mrs. Caroline Venneman, a resident
of the state since 1801, Is dead at her
Nebraska ranks third as n grain pro
ducing state, according to llgures by
A. K. Anderson of the federal bureuii
of crop estimates for 1020 production,
recently inar. public.
Amateur yeggs failed to tee tho
printed -combination direct Kins near tho
safe in the Havelock Lumber & Coal
company office und consequently went
nwny without nny loot.
A Greek community was receillly
organized In Grand Island with Georgu
Theros as president. One thousand
dollars was pledged for church activi
ties for the "community."
Fanners around Big Springs wins,
who for tho past several months hnvo
been holding their .wheat, apparently
I have despaired of higher prices and
are marketing their grain.
Tho breaking up of the I'otnto
Growers' association, formed during
the war to enable producers to receive
n fair profit, is forecast In tho sale of,
the warehouse! nt Hay Springs.
Fred Hobbcnslefken of l'lutto Cen
ter wns Instantly killed when hi
c'othlng caught In the flywheel of
gnsollne engine operating n buy baler
on his father's farm neur Monroe.
The cjty of Deshler hns purchased
n tractor upd will use It for grading
the streets, and roads near town, to
pull the street sprinkler and operntu
the pumps at the city water plant In
case of emergency.
Tho first stnto clinic of the Ne
braska section, American College of
Surgeons, will bo held In Omaha,
March 3 and 4, with forty surgeons of
the state eonlluctlng tho surgical work
In the several hospitals.
Three hundred and fifty-one cars of
live stock passed over tho Wyinoro
division of tho Burlington Inst Sun-
I lay, bound for Kansas City and St.
.loiiepn markets. Tlie stock wn.i
shl.ped from Bed Cloud and west.
The annual trip of students of iho
home near Nebraska Cltv.
A perfect babe, weighing 41 ounces, I c""c of "Brleulture, University of
was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Wel '"". " uie suuin viuuun siock
mer, at Ojnahii last week. ,
Cecil F. Laverty, asistnnt attorney
general, Is dead at his home at Bur
well, of cancer of the stomach.
The Blue Springs consolidated school
will be ready for occupancy March 10.
This structure will cost $100,000.
yards and packing houses was mado
last week, in charge of Professor
Gramllch of the detriment of animal
Norman (Nels) Johnson, who shot
Detective Arthur Cooper nt Omaha n
few weeks ago, was found guilty of
York County Treasurer F.' L. I'ropst ' '""r"W ' " I'K '"
hW written U.017 automobile license l''-'d to the penitentiary for life. The
Jury, deliberated seventeen and one-
half hours.
Safety deposit boxes containing
$11,000 In Liberty bonds, $8,000 in cor-
tllllcnf n nf ilimiwll .mil SIIWUVI !ti
County officers captured 150 gallons j , wpre foUnrt,lchei, , ' CUIVUPt
of mash on an Island In the Repub-. )lcar IUuehlll. The boxes were stolen
Hcan river a few miles southwest of !.., ,iu. Riiiiin iim si..i.. i.,i..b tin....
weeks ago.
receipts and collected .flM.UOU.fK).
The Loup City Masonic bulge has
purchased property on which they will
shortly begin the erection of a temple.
Tho Chudron Civic Relief associa
tion has raised more than $1,000 In
The Volstead liquor law does not re-
! nal otlwr lunlillilttmi Rtntntes. 1Vtlirnl
a campaign for funds to carry on local Jll(li;il , MI111J,.r nikli Ilt Tj.w.ni,,
n,,'l!f wolk 1 when he denied the application of.
Iho Turin house of Perry Clause, i7uUs noJ
.urge of Omaha for a ro
eleven iiiIIm south of Nebraska City. . vli0 ,,r KPn(,.n(.t. (l riliuw, of
was destroyed by fire together with j KU,ting up a still,
the contents. ' , Accidents to workmen reported In
Forty head ofPolnnd China hogs ' ebraska Increased from 4.0S1! In 1015
owned by Chris Llonbergei- of Ilnm-! to i :t,70 in 1020, and compensation
boldt, sold at auetloiffor an average i,1PmiS(!tl fron, toti 0f $51,107.7 In
of $00 a head. j 1015 to $540,'M."..0S, according to the
Mrs. Sarah Finch, who died at Ar- biennial report of State Labor Coin-
nom recently, leit $1 7,riMi ror the nilsslonor Krnnk Kennedy.
equipment of a free library building .
for that pluce. '
Fire thought to b'e of Incendiary
origin damaged the planing mill of j
Walter Heckmeyer nt Fremont from ,
S 8.200 to $1,500.
.The famous case of John O'Connor,
Hastings recluse, whose estate of
$100,000 lias been fought over by
scores of litigants for eight years, is
to be taken to tho United States su
preme court by James B. O'Connor of
P.lans are being perfected for a St. Joseph. Mo., a claimant,
(lower campaign among the children
of Wymore to beautify the grounds of
the public library.
Nearly 500 men participated in a
wolf hunt' along the rher near Napo
nee, and the day's drive resulted In
five animals killed.
Last Monday's run at tho South
Omaha, stock yards was the largest
for several weeks being about' 8,000
head, against 4,075 a week ago.
Millions of gold fish have been dis
covered In a lake near Big Springs.
They are of tho Japanese fantall va
riety and weigh from several ounces
to a pound.
The Kenesaw Kominunlty Klub Is a
newly organized hotly at that place.
Any one who has Kenesaw for his
business or social center Is e.llglblo to
Nebraska's first Millinery school,
sponsored by the state, held Its first
session at Meadow Grove last week.
The school had the backing of tho
Madfson County Farm Bureau, which
views the Iden as a step toward
lightening the burden of farm life fo
Over 100,000 of the 220,000 motor
vehicle owners In Nebraska have not
taken out their 1021 licenses, accord
lug to a letter from Secretary George
K. Johnson of the state department, In
charge of registration. The secretary
authorizes the anest of every driver
who has not ills 1021 number plate.
A storm of protest has been aroused
by the action of the board of super
visors recently In ordering the removal
of the coiirt house tower, which has
been a Hastings landmark for thirty
. .....v. i iiih-m .i j liiminn itiiiuuiui i nil iiiii
A milch row sold for $1S2.50 nt the years. Petitions were circulated ask-
Trickery coiiich back to its master.
French proverb.
II. S. Mason farm sale at Beatrice.
Others sold for $150, $1.12 and $10(1.
Tho average for the herd was above
the $100 mark.
Carlton Ithoten of Douglas, a mem
ber of the Otoe County Pig club last
season, has recently been awarded a
pure-bred Chester White gilt by the
state association for having been one
of the five highest Junior contestants
growing Chester White swine in Ne
braska last year.
Many farmers around Callaway are
marketing their wheat and corn crops
and the elevators are doing more busi
ness than for mouths;
Discarding the name Commercial
Club for "Chamber of Commerce,"
Plattsinouth boosters hnve reorganized
and elected new officers.
Kagle Is agitating n public library,
and It is thought the state circulating
library can lie utilized as a nucleus
for it permanent organization,
A warehouse belonging to a Norfolk
hide and meat company, was badly
damaged by a mysterious blaze. Many
hides and pelts were damaged.
Fire at the home of County Treasur
er John A. Fraudsen at Hastings,
thought to have been caused by the
explosion of coal In t.'.e furnace, did
$1,500 damage. .
Hons Trexler, a North Platte youth,
was electrocuted In the machine room
of a motion picture house there, when
2,300 volts passed through his body.
Fight persons were lujuied, three
seriously, half a dozen women fainted
and scores of shoppers had narrow es
cape's from Injury when a temporary
scaffold being used to clem the cell
ing collapsed In an Omaha Jr?trUnent
Ing the board to reconsider and the
board have complied and will hold u
special session to reconsider.
Claiming that a purely federal ques
tion is Involved, the seven railroads
of Nebraska have asked the Nebraska
supreme court for removal of the state
railway commission's suit to prevent
tho carriers from enforcing the passen
ger and freight rates Increase author
ized by tho Interstate fcoiiimerce com
mission. Four bend of horses and thousands
of dollars' worth of feed were destroy
ed when the barn on the farm of Mrs.
Carrie Stevens near Almn was burned.
A lantern started the blaze.
Expecting to rench Washington by
March 4 to witness the inauguration
I of President-elect Harding, W. P. St.
j Helen, a Loup county ranch owner,
j has started afoot on ills Journey,
I S. F. Heekman, president of tho
I First State bank of Hickman, was
found dead In his barn, with u shot
gun lying beside lilin, circumstances in
dicating an uct of suicide, but no cause
Is known.
One hundred fires in December, 20 of
which were In Lincoln and 20 In
Omaha, caused total losses of $151,
210.:i5, according to the monthly bul
letin Just Issued by State Fire Mar
shal 0. E. Hartford,
The Crete Milling company at May
wood has begun work on one of the
largest natural Ice plants In the state.
The plant will coyer twelve acres.
Funds raised nt the annual concert
of the Kearney municipal band will be
used to defray expenses of the organ
ization during the summer In giving
concerts in other Buffalo county
important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
OASTOIHA, that famous old remedy
lor Infants and children, and see that It
In Use for Over 80 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Custoria
True to Form.
.Mother Well, dear, has Jack kissed
you under the mistletoe?
Small Duughtu' (demurely) Yes,
Mother And did you enjoy It?
Small Daughter Yes. thank you,
mother, but (very demurely) I strug
gled. London Punch.
Dye Old Skirts, Dresses, Waists,
Coats, Stockings, Draperies
Kach package of "Diamond. Dyes"
contains easy directions for dyeing any
article of wool, silk, cotton, linen, or
mixed goods. Beware! Poor dye
streaks, spots, fades, and ruins mate
rial by giving It a "dyed-look." Buy
"Diamond Dyes" only. Druggist baa
Color Card. Adv.
A Familiar Warning.
A man was walking down a etreet
In Dorchester the other day and an
acquaintance some distance behind
was calling out utter him: "Hey, Luke I
Hey, Lukol"
As the twin ahead did not show any
sigh of hearing, u wag on tho street
coiner shouted: "Stop, Luke, nnd lis
ten I" Boston Transcript.
Then it is Genuine
Warning 1 Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets,
you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by
physicians for 21 years and proved safe by millions.
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains proper directions for Colds, Headache,
Pain, Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Neuritis, Lumbago.
Ilandy tin boxoa of IS tablets coat but a few cents Larger packages,
Ajolrln u lb trad mark ( Brr Mtnulaetar at WoaoaoUcaiAaUr ofS&UoylUxuU
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot, Be Cured
by local applications, an thoy cannot
reach tho diseased portion ot tho ear.
Catarrhal Deafness requires constitu
tional treatment HALL'S CATAIIRII
MEDICINE la a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness 1b caused by an In
flamed condition of the mucous lining ot
the Eustachian Tubo. When this tubo Is
Inflamed you 1 avo a rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entire
ly closed, Deafness Is the result Unless
the Inflammation can be reduced, your
Hearing may be destroyed forever.
through tho blood on tho mucous sur
faces of tho system, thus reducing the In
flammation and restoring normal condi
tions. Circulars freo. All Druggists.
P. J. Chenoy-& Co., Toledo, Ohio,
No Doubt About His Love.
Hess "Are you ipiltc ouro ho loves
you?" .hint "Love mo? Why, ho
went down on his knees In damp moss
with new white flannel trousers on
to propose to me." ltoston (Jloho.
The Alibi.
"Prisoner at the bar, you are
cluuged with vagrancy, having no vis
ible means of support. Are you guilty
or not guilty?"
"Not guilty, your honor. Norn,
shake hands wld tie Judge; Judge, meet
me wife I" Richmond Tlmes-Dlspntch.
The wny to carry a stiff load H to
have a stiff upper lip.
' Canada's Fuel Resources
Tho fuel resources of Cuuadii are sit
uated In the extreme east uud' west
nnd tho western part lif Alberta : the
lignite coals are situated In the prov
inces of Alberta and Saskatchewan,
but lying between the limits of those
deposits Is a great stretch uf (enltorj
devoid of coal measured by economic
value. The 12,000 square miles nf prat
bogs are situated In this area.
Spohn's Distemper Compound
la the one Indisputable remedy tor contagious and Infectious
dlieaaea Hinonir horaea nnd mulea. Ha aucceaa aa a pravontlva
nnd cure for DlHTKMl'lCU, I'INIC KYIS. COUOI18 nnd VOLUH
for more than twenty-ala yeara la the hlgheat tribute to Ita
merit n a inedlolne. It la endorsed by the beat horaemen and
live atock men In America. Buy It ot your drusslat to cent
and $1.16 per bottle.
tU'OIIN JUDICAL CO., tioahen, Ind., U. 8. A.
Since it is worth while to bo well, toko
Garfield Ten, Nnture's medicine. Adv.
Jud Tunklns.
.hid Tunklns' says that for practical
purposes a philosopher nnd n student
isn't near as much practical use In so
ciety ns a person that plays a fair
gume of bridge.
What to Do for
Take a good dose of Carter's Little Liver
Pills then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after.
A few doses restore your organs to their
proper functions and the Headache and the
causes of it pass away. In the same manner
They regulate the BoweU and prevent Constipation.
SSS'-SmwsS Small Ml, Small Dots: Sm.ll Pries
Everybody Vants a
Dependable Car
The Cadillac is known and respected the
world over for its everlasting and constant
Some day you will own a Cadillac and find
out for yourself why truly critical people are
more than satisfied with their Cadillacs
year in and year out.
if you want to know good cars
We want to send you free a very complete
book " Details of Construction." It describes
all the fine "inner workings" of a modern car,
and beautiful pictures make the reading very
interesting. Send for it now; its an educator.
Please send me your "Details of Construction" which you
are offering free, without obligation on my part.

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