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Mr. and Mrs. Moso McKarland an
ounced tho engagement of Uiolr old
out daughter, Lucille, to Air. Paul No
lan at a seven o'clock dinner at their
komo Saturday evening.
Tho tables wcro beautifully decorat
ed with cut flowora and tho nnnounco
wnt was disclosed by Cupid himself
In a letter to each guest. Covers wcro
laid for twenty. Brldgo followed tho
iroll appointed thrco courso dinner.
Miss McFnrlond attended the local
schools and In a talented musician.
Sho Is very popular with the young
people and prominent In social cir
cles. Mr. Nolan Is a leading business man,
bolng a registered pliarmaclst. Ho In
a partner and manager of tho Rcxall
Drug Storo. Mr. Nolan was 1st Lieu
tenant In tho lato war.
Tho wedding will take place this
-t ::o::-
ChaB. Boguc loft Sunday for Omaha
to transact business.
Mrs. J. 13. JollXf of Dickens was a
city shopper Saturday.
Everything points to an AUTO
SHOW of which wo will nil bo proud.
Thomas Hawloy, of Ilershey, visited
friends in tho city last week.
J. B. Nelson loft yesterday for
Sterling to transact buslnoss.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson of Dickons
vieftod friends In tho city Saturday.
B. Johnson of Oothonburg trans
acted business In tho city last week.
Mrs. J. S. Butler returned yesterday
from Omaha whero sho visited with
Feed and Garden Scods of all des
olations. North Platto Teed Co.,
Phono 20C.
Leonard Cornott returned last wcok
from Carlisle, Tcnn., whoro lie spent
tie winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Hydo of Cotli
eahurg woro city shoppers tho Inst of
the wcok.
Ada Wilson of Sutherland visited
Ruth Sizomoro of thin city for n fow
days lost wcok.
Sailors of tho latost shapes and col
ors most reasonably priced at Tho
Loader Morcnntllo Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lily, of Tryon,
transacted business in tho city tho
last of tho week.
Mr. Schleicher of Brady entered tho
Platto Valley hospital Saturday to
taho treatment
Dr. Twinem rotumod Sunday from
Omaha whero ho was called on pro
fessional business.
Miss Beatrlco Ward was off duty at
tho Dodmoro Kamora Shop last week
on account of illness.
Mrs. J. I. Smith entertained tho War
Mothors nt her homo Friday ovcnlng.
'Refreshments woro served.
vuwiwii mmui , nu nun uuun umuiK
treatment at tho Platto Valloy hospital
returned to his homo In Ncsbltt Satur.
Valoska Bijou tho stunning actress
will appear at tho Kolth Theatre,
Wednesday, April 13th In tho thrco
iwt comedy-
Misses Freda Shumau and Hoso
Morlarity of Grand Island canto Sat
urday and are guests, of friends in
tho. city.
Tito Itoynl Neighbors hold an on
Joyablo dnnco Saturday ovenlng in
th IC. P. hall. Music was furnished
llV Vail Dnrilll'n Vnvnltv nrplinntiMi
Homombcr: Tho noxt best thing to
a Itrunswick phonograph is Brunswick
records on tho phonograph you have
Completo linns, Walkor MubIo Co.
Bd K-lerlg and fantllv will leave
about thb first of May for Wyomlnir tt:
spend tho Bummor months but will t$b
nnck In time for tho snlo business In
tho fall. It was roportod that Mr. Pio-
rlg Is to loavo North Platto for good
Din lie says this Is not true.
, Agricultural Statistics for Lincoln
uouniy lor uio year luuo credit us
with G4 farm trucks, 91 gas tractors
and gas onglnos on farms. Tito
saino records Bhow 117 silos, C5 modern
wmor to'stcms, 41 modorn hcathnr
systems, 54 modorn lighting syBtoms
on larms in tins county.
ino nans or marriago were nro-
(tlalmcd for Uio first tlmo Suuduy bo-
iwccn Miss unzol Smith and Thurs
Urn Woodhurst at tho St Patrick
church. Miss Smith Is tho Hocond
daughtor of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Smith
and is. gruduato of tho local schools.
Mr. Woodhurst, pou of Judge and
Afro. Win. II. C. Woodhurst, has latoly
boen uppolntcd monagor of Uio Wood-
nurst insuruueo Agoncy. Tho mar
rJago is to tako place Uio latter part
o uio momn.
Some tlmo ugo tho Local Council of
Boy Scouts passed a resolution that lit
all Boy Scout camps and foods pro
vided by tho Council or Scoutmmstoni
when coffco was provided for th boys
cocoa must also bo offorcd. Thl,a wos
a wiso resolution. Coffoo Is a atlmu
lunt which nclonco hns decrocd Is
harmful to growing boys and girls,
Many parontB do not want their boys
to ubo coffco until maturity. Tho host
informed nnd most solicitous parontB
do not allow coffco sorved to their
growing children. Undor thoso cir
cumstances It Is wrong to offor no
drink to tho boys or girls oxcopt cof
foo and wo certainly approve- of this
action on Uio part of tho Council. Wo
understand that It 1b mark of honor
In the Campfiro Girls for a girl not to
drink, coffoo. Our young folks do not
need stlmulanlfl and will mako hotter
ion nnd women If they do not ac
oulre tho coffco habit until thoy are
mature. Then they can decide for
Wo desire to express our thnnks to
Uo manv frlonds for tholr kindness
d beautiful floral offerings during
. fie sickness nnd doathj of our beloved
wife and daughter.
Wrrn DoolltUo.
Vr. Armstrong.
Thos. B. Doolittlo and family.
A Dimpled
( 1121, by McClur. N.wipaper Syndicate.)
"So you think yourself n beauty 1"
young Maben sniffed. "And you can't
help agreeing with me." Lorraine gig
gled, twining un unmlstakubly pre
meditated curl about her forefinger
Maben i:nlffcd again, saying:
"What I think doesn't matter not
the least. But If my name were only
Wainrlght " pausing slghlllcantly.
Lorraine Bmllcd clflnly, clasped her
hands behind her head and murmured,
apparently to the breeze:
"It Is nice to be found pleasing by
a person who knows." Then, sitting
up, head thrust forward! "Tell mo,
Dicky, does tho exalted one really
think anything nbout me? The frozen
truth there's a good fellow."
Young Maben smiled craftily. " 'Frald
you couldn't bear It," he said, looking
past Lorraine to her reflection In the
mantel mirror.
"Oh, it won't quite turn my head,"
she laughed back at him, yet with a
deep note under it thnt hurt Maben
to hear. But to bo madly Jealous at
two-and-twenty Is to bo also entirely
ruthless. "He says you aro a type
Uio dimpled dairymaid mighty fetch,
lng hero on tho form but clvlllzntlon
would spoil you utterly," Maben an
swered slowly.
"Would It, I wonder?" Lorraine an
swered calmly, with n meditative
smile, but something at Uio bottom of
her eyes thnt wan disturbing to her
sometime sweetheart. They had grown
up together Into an Illusory love nnd
grown out of It, thoy thought, by help
of school nnd college. But since lovo's
possessive case Is nearly nn I minor-
Held Chuckling Conferences.
telle, Wnlnwrlght's advent hud made
Million furious. All the more so that
ho hlmseir was responsible for It
Wnlnrlght, a fellow of Million's col
lego, specializing In sociology, bad
taken u fancy to the Ind from the
wheat country, had helped him In
many ways In return for nil of which
Million bail almost bullied him Into
coming to lOnrnblo for the holidays.
Tho farm nanio Intel pleased him
mightily when be sensed Its deriva
tion. It was the old form of arable
and doubtless meant adapted to eared
crops, , Place names, you see, all hold
glints of sociology. Thus Wnlnrlght
to himself. The basic truth was
wearied of sophistication, lie felt a
longing for life next to tho ground.
Ho said openly ho "collected sum
mer girls," thereby assuring his harm
lessiipss. It was thus he had classi
fied Lorraine, with no thought of
slight or slur. Maben knew as much
knew thnt his quotation, actually
veritable, was spiritually false. But
In a losing bnttle one tnkes any
weapon handy,
Lorraine, In front of tho tall mir
ror, scanned herself narrowly, turn
ing and bending to see herself nt nil
angles. A new and specially wicked
dimple plnyod hide nnd seek In her
left cheek. Million, watching It,
yearned to kiss It nway, but felt some
how as though ho had forfeited nil
right even to think of such a thing.
Presently ho said awkwardly: "I'm
glad you don't mind, 'Italne. The old
boy mount no harm, but most girls
wouldn't understand "
"God Almighty made 'cm to nintch
tho men," Lorraine quoted with- a
twinkle. "But mo 1 I'm Uio best little
undcrstnnder going. If you doubt it,
just you watch mo."
"I'm sure you've said things of
him," Maben began defensively. Slio
nodded, Interrupting again. "Not a
patch on the things I shall say to him.
Beloved, listen, It will bo worth while"
"Going to ask him If n dimpled
dnlrymiild wears her linger In her
mouth?" Maben bantered.
"Why didn't you let mo think of
thnt?" Lorralno sighed. "You know
original sin gets there first always"
"Shut upt There ho comes," Ma
ben iidmnnlshed over his shoulder, as
he rushed to meet a toll, thin person
with a scholarly droop of eyes and
shoulders, who came up the path be
tween brilliant flower borders. Lor
raine flung after after him nn Inscru
table smile then Tnnlshod, not to rc
appeur until very late afternoon.
Mnben stared at her. She WM
transfigured. Not a curl, hardly a
wave broke the sweep of her red
golden crown. She had banished or
cry dimple, gentled her dancing feet
to n softer rhyUim. All In white,
clinging and vaporous, she seemed to
float rather than walk ncross grass
already cool with dew. Lifting her
head deerlike from her low garden
sent, she smiled up at Wainrlght, a
smile of prlmnl ntluromont, Baying
softly: "Now Is the time for wonder
stories. You must tell me one tho
one I most enre to hear."
"What Is It?" he asked.
"You promised to tell It," anxiously.
"If I know It," ho snld Indulgently,
In his best elder brother voice,
Lorraine Bmllcd again. "If not you
who does?" she murmured. "It U
tho story of yourself tell It from Uio
very beginning."
Wnlnrlght gasped. Half n minute
before he would have sworn to himself
nnd walked off. Now Instead, he flung
himself on the turf, set his chin In
his palms nnd. mnde the beginning
of the end.
It wns a profound social observer
who snld: "There nre rid" such trou
blesome ghosts nt maturity as tho un
committed sins of our youth." Wnln
rlght proved the saying. Ills youth
had been hard and driving, untouched
by merry dalliances, unsweetened by
saving follies. Naturally his ghost
dancing mado him a spectacle for gods
and men. But he cared noUilng for
that. Men might scoff, women sneer;
all he wanted was to bathe himself In
the sunlight of Lorraine's eyes and
lot her gentle feet dance over hl
heart If thoy chose.
Maben tried rescues ninny and vari
ous, pnrtly on his own account, purtly
also becnuso of real friendliness. But
none of them got him anywhere. lie
dared not risk open expostulation
the habit of reverence wns too strong
In him. Lorraine would neither talk
nor listen to him no more than sho
would to her mother or the minister.
Now nnd Uicn sho held chuckling
conferences with her father who nev
er since the day she was born had seen
anything wrong In her. But even
ho at length grew, not anxious, but
compasslonntc. "Put Mm out of mis
ery gently, honey," he counseled.
"When you don't want n fish throw
him back, Instead of leaving him flop
ping nnd .messing up the bnnk."
A cryptic saying perhaps It was
In obedience to It that a month af
ter Wulnrlght's begullomcnt Lorraine
again snt In the low chair, bending
townrd him on the grass at her feet.
But Instead of saying anything she
spread her bands, palms downward
palms all pink and satin-smooth, molt
ing Into round baby wrists. Wain
right caught them she did not draw
them nwny. As he made to lay one
against his cheek she said softly:
"Pity they are so smooth nn'd wenk
thpy quite spoil my typo.", '
"Nothing can spoil your typo, what
ever it mny be," Wainrlght murmured,
trying to kiss n wrist. She drew It
gently nway. saying roguishly: "Fie!
You are not going back on yourself,
surely! Remember you called me a
dimpled milkmaid !"
"So I did!" Wainrlght snld sitting
up suddenly. "Where's Maben. I won
der!" "Here," snld Mnbeu looming through
the dusk. "But don't swear there's a
pair of us. She's going to' marry
ITcnth Muclny noxt monUi."
Truthful Fisherman Tells Rather Re
markable Story of an Experience
He Had.
Ilere's n fish story that Is not n flsh
story. It's n snnke story. It comes
from n llshoriiinn's Hps In n time when
snnko stuff Is supposed to be unob
tainable. Moreover, It comes from a
truthful Ilshermnn's lips. Therefore,
behold tho marvel :
Herman Schlender went Ashing on
Cicero creek above Noblesville. lie
throw out a minnow halt, nnd dropped
off to sleep. When ho nwnkened he
saw his line was pretty well out. Ho
begnn drawing It In, but It soon drew
tnut, caught on a snng outstrcam.
Schlender noticed thnt tho line np
pnrently led from the snag to the bank.
Ho walked over to a trco on tho bank
to observe more closoly and saw a
water moccasin fast on his hook.
Some tlmo during his sleep the
snake hooked Itself, swam ashore,
crawled around the tree three times
and so entnngled the lino thnt It would
go no further. Los Angeles Times.
New Uo for Fllwer.
Fred Hnwklns, a farmer In southern
Thnyer county, Nebraska, has discov
ered a new uso for the flivver. Grass
hoppers aro plenUful In tills section
nnd It Is necessary to kill them off
now before they can lay their eggs, ne
nttnehes to the front of his enr a trap
like device mndo on the principle of a
vacuum clenner. It takes In n 30-foot
swath nnd will function nt any speed
up to 40 miles nn hour. He has
cleaned 500 acres of alfalfa by thlfl
devlco nnd gathered In about threo-
i fourths of a ton of hoppers In the
once over. Sioux City Tribune.
Greek Harbor Rising From Sea.
Tho remarkable tilting of Crete with
in historical times hns been lately
described by Professor J. L. Myrcs In
a Royal Geographical society discus
sion. Tho eastern half of tho Island
has sunk nnd the western has risen,
nnd as a consequence tho ancient quays
and harbor works at Hlerapetrns aro
submerged, whllo at tho west end of
the Island the Greek harbor of Phala
sarna 1ms been entrlely lifted ont of
tho water, making It possible to walk
about on tho dry floor of the ancltftf
ra Inter.
81a?, First Farm C la?,
On fUtttrn Krbratlc nnd Wntern town
f.rnu, In notn of $100, $500, 11,000 or
15,000; clue March 1. 10 16 or 19X6 i liitrrrtt
fml-nn"l i tm-frr Aik for our laUat
information write, wire or phone at our
Btcurlllea Department
Lloeetn, Nebr. Then B-tTM
Notice is hereby given that on tho
14th day of March, 1021,, there was
tiled in tho office of the County Clerk
of Lincoln County, Nebraska, a potlUon
asking for tho formation of Dralnago
District .No. 2 of Lincoln County,
Nebraska, under Artlclo 5, Chapter
19 of tho Rovlced Statutes of to State
of Nebraska for the year 1913, tho
title of which appears in tho Rovlsod
Statutes of the Stnto of Nebraska for
tho year 1913 ns "Dralnago Districts
Organized by Vote of Land Owners,"
nnd tho full title of which act us tho
samo appears In Chapter 1G3 of the
Session Laws of the State of Nebraskn
for the year 1907 as follows:
''AN ACT to provide for drulnage
districts to drain wot land and land
subject to overflow; and any land
which will bo improved by drainage;
to build dykes and levees; to construct,
straighten, widon, deepen, or alter any
ditch, drain, stream, or watercourse;
to riprap or otherwise protect tho
bank of any steam or ditch; to con
struct, enlarge, extend, improve or
maintain any drainage system; to
construct, enlarge, extend, improvo or
maintain any system of control of sur"
faco water or running water, and tho
rights, obligations, nnd powers of such
corporations, including tho power of
eminent domain, tho creation of debts,
Issuing of negotiable bonds, and the
lovylng of special assessments on such
real estate and easements therein as
may bo benofltcd by such public work,
and donning tho duties and "powers of
public officials:" that Uio boundaries
of said proposed Dralnago District No.
2 of Lincoln County, Nebraska, as fixed
by the Board of Commissioners of
Lincoln County, Nobrfaska; arc as fol
lows: Commencing at a point whero the
lino of Uio south bank of tho North
riatto RIvor Intersects tho West line
os Section nine 9) In Township four
teen (14) North, of Range thlrty-Uiree
(33) West of tho Cth P. M. in Lincoln
County, Nebraska, running thence
south along the west line of said
section nino (9) to tho southwest
corner of said Section nine (9) ; thence
cast along tho souUi lino of said Sec
tion nine (9) to tho southeast corner
of said Section nine (9), In Township
fourteen (14) North, of Range thirty
three (33) West of tho 6th P. M. in
Lincoln County, Nebr.; thenco south
along tho west line of Section fifteen
(15) to Uio southwest corner of said
Section fifteen (15), in Township four
teen (14) North, of Rango thlrty-threo
(33) West of tho Cth P. M., thenco cast
nlong the south line of SocUons fifteen
(15), fourteen (14), and thirteen (13),
all In Township fourteen (14) North,
of Rnngo thlrty-threo West of tho 6th
P. M., and east along tho south line of
Sections eighteen (18), seenteen (17),
sixteen (16). and fifteen (15), all In
Township fourteen (14) North, of
Range thlrty?two (32) West of the Cth
P. M., In Lincoln County, Nebraska, to
tho southeast corner of the southwest
quarter (SW'4) of tho southwest quar
ter (SW,i) of said Section fifteen (15)
In Township fourteen (14) North, of
Range thirty-two (32) West of the Oth
P. M In Lincoln County, Nebraska;
thonco south along tho west line of
the East half (E) of the Northwest
quarter (NWVi) of Section twenty-two
(22), in Township fourteen 14) North,
of Rnngo thirty-two (32) West of tho
6th P. M., In Lincoln County, Nebras
ka, a dlstanco of forty (40) rods to the
southwest corner of the Northwest
quarter (NWV4) of tho Northeast
quarter (NEV5) of the NorUtwest
quarter (NWJ4) of said Section
twonty-two (22) ; thenco cast along
the south lino of the North half (N)
of the North half (N) of the North
half (NV6) of Sections twenty-two
(22), twenty-three (23) and twenty,
four (24), all In Township fourteen
(14) North, of Rango thirty-two (32)
Wost of Uio 6th P. M.. In Lincoln
County, Nebraska, to the southeast
cornor of tho Northeast quarter
(NE) of the Northeast quartor
(NEVi) of tho Northeast quarter
(NEVi) of said Section twenty-four.
In Township fourteen (14) North, of
Range Utlrty-two (32) west of tho 6th
P. pit., In Lincoln County, Nebraska;
thonco north nlong tho cast lino of
Section twenty-four (24), thlrteon (13)
and twelve (12), all In Township
fourtcon North, of Rango thirty-two
(32) wost of Uio 6th P. M., in Lincoln
County, Nobraskn, to a point whoro Uio
south bank of tho North Platto River
intorsccts tho oast line of said Section
twolvo (12), in Township fourteon
(14) North, of Range thirty-two (32)
west of tho Cth P. M., In Lincoln
County. Nebraska; Uionco In a wostorlT
direction along tho south hank of tho
North Platto River to tho point of
beginning, nnd that said dralnago dls.
trict Include all lands lying within slad
That an election will bo hold at tho
office of tho County Clork of Lincoln
County, Nebraska, In the Court House
at North Platto, Lincoln County,
Nebraska, between to hours
of 8 o'clock A. M. and 6 o'clock
P. M. on tho 21st day of April, 1921,
for Uio pusposo of determining tho
question of tho formaUon of tho pro
posed drainage district and for tho
furUior purpose of electing a Board of
Directors for said Dralnago District,
which said Board will bo composed of
5 Directors, who will tako their office
contingently upon tho formation of
slad Dralnago District
horounto sot my hand and nfflxed my
i official Bcal this 30th day of March,
1 A. a ALLEN,
(SEAL) County Clork.
Wo aro in tho market for Lincoln
County Farm Loans. Loans closed
promptly. No delays.
Room 2, B. & L. Building.
,. . - MVM , ,.
ft 'if
I ..General Hospital..
Onfi Half Block North rostofilcc. Vt
Phono 5S U
A modern InsUtuUon for the j;t
scientific treatment of medical, 8
t surgical and confinement caseB. 8
Complotoly equipped X-Ray if
and diagnostic laboratories.
See. B. Dent. M. D. V. Liu H ft $
J. B. RdfieliM. D. J. S. Simias,M.D.
.f. W .A,......., 44. , fr W
Practice Llmllcd to Diseases of
Women and Surgery
Phones Office 113. Residence 265
Surgeon, X-Ry
CallB Promptly Answered Night or Day
rnones oraco 042, Residence 676
Office Phone 333 Res. Phono 1020
Office 340 Housel257
Osteopath Physician
Over the Oasis. North Platte.
,, 6. 7 Building & Loan Building.
Offico Phono 70. Res. Phone 1242
Offico phone 241. Res. phone 217
Osteopathic Physician
North Platte, Nebraska
KnigTAs of Columbus Building.
Special Attontion Given to
McDonald Bnnk Building
Offico Phono 83 Residence 38
Teacher of Voice Culture nnd the
Art of Singing
Residence Studio: 108 West 3rd, City
Physician and Surgeon
Special Attention Given to Surgery
nnd Obstetrics
Office Building & Loan Building
Phono: Offico 130. Residence 115
Oral Prophylaxis Mouth Hygiene
Dental Surgeon
Phono 307 Twinem Bldg-
ft Homeopathic Physician &
General Practice and
ConstnicUon Surgery
Hospital AccoiumodnUon
Platte Valloy Hospital
Former Namo Twinem IIospItnL
titHWmHHHH ........ I.W..W.
Licensed Embalmers
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Day Phono 41
Night Phono Black CS8
Graduate Teterinarian
Ex-Government Veterinarian and ox
assistant deputy State Veterinarian,
Hospital 315 South Vino Strcot. Hob
pltal Phono G33, Houso Phono 633.
JIUUKUT A. rmiiliLL'rJ
H riastblag and Heatta? if
if All work nntrimtnil in ma will it
j receive my personal ouporrl-
Msion. uoBiaonco ana Bnop 1303
EL Cth Street. Tolenhona 4KX.T.
On April 11, 1921, at 7:30 P. M.,
thoro will bo a big meeting of all
Yeomen of Lincoln County, Nebraska,
at tho K. C. Hall, In North Platte.
Thoro will bo a big InltlaUon with
third degree conferred. Horahoy and
Sutherland have been Invited to bring
their candidates to be initiated. Dole
gates to tho State Conclave at Norfolk
from the Western Part of Uio State
and from points as far cast as Grand
Island will bo here. Everybody turn
out and Bhow tho visitors a good Umc.
Dr. L. J. KRAUSE, Dentist, Mc
Donald Bank Building. Rooms 2 nnd 8.
Phone 97.
Exclusive Agent for
Appointments Attended to Promptly.
Resldonco 315 W. Seventh.
Phono 249W.
Ed Kierig,
General Farm Sales A Specialty, als
Real Estate. References and Datoi
First National Bank.
Res. 400 East 3rd St.
Phone 91
Scott Reynolds, March 29, 8 miles
southeast of North Platte.
C. R. Swanson, March 30, 17 miles
northeast of North Platto on Bill
Ross' place.
Physician and Surgeon
Diagnosis and Treatment
Calls answered Day and Night.
Phono Houso 1044W Office 298
Oyer Union State Bank.
Estato No. 1809 of Allco R. Hoyao, de
ceased, in tho County Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
Tho State of Nebraska. To all pxff
sons Interested in said Estate, tako
notice that a petition has been filed for
tho anDolntmcnt of WlUt.im vravaa
Administrator of Baid estate, which
nas been set for hearing herein on
April 5th, 1921, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Dated March 8th, 1921.
County Judge.
Notice is horebv iriven flint th
Board of County Commissioners of
Lincoln County. Nebraska, will on
April 11th, 1921, receive sealed bids for
tho care of the county poor for the bal
ance or tne year 1921, as per specified
bidding forms on file in tho County
Clerk's offico.
All bids must bo filed with tho Coun- ,
ty Clerk on or before 12 o'clock, noon,
of the 11th day of April, 1921, and win
bo publicly opened in tho office of the
County Commissioners at 2 o'clock P.
M. of tho same day.
Dated at North Platte, Nebr., this
15th day of March, 1921.
(sal) County Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that tho school
district board of School District No. 8
of'Llncoln ounty.Nebraskn.wlll receive
scaled bids for Uio erecUon and com
pletion of a pressed brick school
building on Uio property of school
District No. 8 in accordanco with the
plans and specifications now on file
in tho offico of Halligan, Beatty &
Halllgan, Mutual Building & Loan
Association Building, North Platte.
Said bids must be presented at the
office of Halllgan, Beatty & Halligan
on or before 1 o'clock p. m. on tho 14th
day of April, 1921, and said bids will
bo opened at 1 o'clock p. m. on tho 14tu
day of ATrll, 1921, and no bids shall
bo consldored unless accompanied by
a certified check In tho sum of ?300.00
made payable to the treasurer of said
school district No. 8 of Lincoln
County, Nebraska, to bo forfeited to
said school district in case the bidder
refuses to entor into contract if tho
samo is awarded to him.
The school district board reserves
tho right to rofuBo any and all bids.
School District Board of School Dis
trict No. 8, of Lincoln County Nebraska.
Notice is hereby given that tho
school district board of School Dis
trict No. 8 of Lincoln County, Nebr
aska, will receive sealed bids for tho
Installation of a steam heating plant
In the pressed brick school building
to be erected in said school district
No. 8 in accordance with tho plans
and specifications now on file In the
office of Halllgan, Beatty & Hallican
Mutual Building & Loan . AssoclK
Building, North Platte, Nebraska.
,Sal,b,d9- must bo Presented at V
tho office of Halligan, Beatty & Y
Halligan on or beforo 1 o'clock p. m.
on tho 14tU day of April, 1921, and
said bids will bo opened at 1 o'clock
P. m. on tke 14th doy of April, 1931,
and n Uds shall be considered
unless accompanied by a certified
check In tfle sura of $300.00 made
payaBlo U tho treasurer of said
Schsol Dlstilet No. 8 of Llnooln ,w
Couniy, Moaraskn, to bo forofolted
to said eokos district in case fhe
bidder pofcisos U enter into a con
tract If tie nue Is awarded aim.
The ssftol district board reserves
tke Bisfet to sofus any and all bids.
SfeBool Blatrict Board of School
Bisiatct No. 8 of Lincoln County

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