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Mrs. Peterson Says She Was
Afraid to Eat on Account of
Trouble That Followed.
"I weighed Just n hundred nnd three
pounds when I begnn taking Tnnlac.
but now I weigh a hundred and twen-Jy-two
pounds," declared Mrs. Amy
t'eleiHon, the wife of a prosperous
fanner of Laknvllle, Mas., a suburb
of New Bedford.
"I had acute Indigestion," nlie said,
"and no one knows how I suffered,
I Imd cramping pains In my stomach
Miut were almost unhearable, nnd I
MifTercd no end of distress from gas
nnd bloating. Why, I was actually
starving to keep from being In such
awful misery, nnd I lost thirteen
pounds In weight. Sometimes I won
def how I lived through It nil, and I
JuHt thought there was no hope for
me. I was restless night and day and
wan easily Irritated, and some nights
I otopt go little It didn't seem that I
had. been to bed nt nil.
"But now I feel as strong nnd well
ait If I nnd never been sick u day In
My life, and I Just know Tanlnc Is
the best medicine In the world. I
haven't n touch of Indigestion now,
nmi every time I sit down to the table
I can't help but feel thankful to
Tnnlac. I hnvo a wonderful appetite
ad havo gained back all my lost
weight aud six pounds besides. I am
H tastily overjoyed to bo fcollng so well,
imd I Just praise Tnnlac everywhere
I go."
Tnnlac Is sold by leading druggists
everywhere. Advertisement.
Didn't Understand Encore.
Margaret had u sister a yenr older
who was to sing n soug at nn enter
titlnmcnt given by the Sunday school.
"When the time nrrlved the sister
wuh sick nnd could not go, so Mar
garet said: "I will sing the song for
sister," nnd Bho did.
When she finished It tlio nppluuso
was grent. Some one near the stnge
said : "You will have to sing It again,"
She looked around aud snld: "No,
I won't sing It again. I did It right
the first time."
Cutlcura Sootheo Itching Gcalp
Ott retiring gently rub spots of dnn
lrufT and Itching with Uutlcuru Oint
ment Next morning shampoo with
Cutlcura Soap and hot water. Make
Uiem your everyday toilet preparations
sail havo a clear skin and soft, whlto
Foreign Wheat Yields.
The whent yield of Austrullu Is ex.
pected to bo between 125,000,000 nnd
130,000,000 bushels, of which 100,000,
W aro avnllablo for export. Tlio cur
rent yield Is tho largest since 1010-17,
although not tho record yenr. Tho
latest estimate for the 1020-21 wheat
Vrop.of India gives the total at 23.G00..
000 acres, us ugulnst li8.000.000 acres
fur the corresponding forceum of hist
yeur. Tho yield will be very much
wuitllor proportionately Minn last yenr.
Important to Motnera
Qxnmino carefully every bottle of
OASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta and children, and see that It
la Uso for Over JJO Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher Oasloria
Somewhat Important Point.
The cinema product'? wns giving his
Haul Instructions for the production
e( I'art nineteen of "Tho Adventures
t Annie."
"Mr. Daring," ho addressed tho
curly-hnlred hero, "for realism pur
Phos I have borrowed a live Hon for
tblu act. The animal will pursue you
fw five hundred feet."
Mr. Daring Interrupted him. "for
five hundred feet?"
"Yes," replied the producer. "No
more than that. Understnud?"
Ttio hero nodded dubiously. "Yes, I
understand; but uoes the lion?"
AT. LBN'S FOOTnBASII. the antiseptic
powder to bs ihakn Into the shoes, stops
toe pain ot corns and bunlona. and gives
qwlak relief to sweakln, callous, tired, aoh
In, tander feet, blisters and sore spots. It
naits) the feet, keeps them cool and comfort.
a4le, Shoes and stockings wear twice as
lea- when you walk tn comfort.
The House of Lights.
"Tho vnst hull wuh u blnze of dnz
lalug light. From the center of the
celling, almost touching tho heads of
tiu guests, hung a magnificent elian
(toiler, fashioned like a huge rose,
twnstliig n hundred gleaming electric
swhKih which cast a wondrous radiance
over tho grent assembly. Kvery niche
la the ornnto walls had a gleaming
bulb und every alcove was a miniature
ot light 1 It wnH mngnlficentl"
At this point the struggling author
dropped his pen and called out to his
wife: "llosle, for goodness' sake
briar; me another candle I"
Bi Using thu
4M mflfinna In 1ft lamrnaaM In nvjirv Imt.
ltts, Mloe, Oockroaohrs. Ants and Waterboga
dfivuor food and proportyairf are carriers of disease.
nwHsi' iiiixxno rasio xoroea mesa pests I
ftuu tbo bnlld.1 no- for water and flush air
ita to ran
Bo and ll-K). "Money back If It f alls."
II. 8. QoToruisent bays It.
Asks Congress Not to Grant
Compensation to Soldiers at
This Time.
Executive In Address to Senate Oe.
dares If Congress Passes Contem
plated Legislation It Would Hln
der Every Effort of Restoration
and Imperil the Financial Sta
bility of the Country.
Washington, July 13. President
Harding conveyed u solemn warning
to congress Unit tho condition of the
nation will not permit the passage ut
this time of legislation granting ad
justment of compensation to soldiers
who served In the World wur.
For congress to puss contemplated
legislation now, the President warned,
"would hinder every effort of restora
tion und greutly Imperil the financial
stability of our country."
Tho President took his uppeal per
sonally to the senate und delivered a
brief message In which he painted In
anything but glowing colors the eco
nomic und financial condition of the
country today, lie pointed out thut
tho nation now Is cnguged In a mighty
struggle toward restoration, nnd he
emphasized thut tills restoration can
only he brought about by careful
financing und reduced expenditures.
lho President's message deals chief
ly with the bonus question uild the na
tion's finances, but the President took
occasion to warn congress that thero
"Is much confessed disappointment
that so little progress has been made
In tin, readjustment aud reduction of
wartime tuxes," and urged early ac
complishment ofithls.
President's Address.
Tho text of President Harding's
message to the senate In part was as
follows :
"Mr. President and Gentlemen of tho
"There has come to my attention
tho pending unfinished business before
tlio senate nnd It Is an Imperative
duty to convey to you tho probable ef
fect of the pnssnge nt this time of
the proposed act, providing for adjust
ed compensation to our service men
In the World war. If this mensure
could bo mnde effective at the present
time without tllsnster to,. the nation's
HnunccB and without hindrance to Im
perative readjustments of our taxes,
It would present nn entirely different
question than that which Is before
you. In n personal, as well as a pub
lic manner, which ought to be a plight
of good faith, I have commended the
policy of generous treatment of the nn-
tlon's defenders, not us a part of any
contrnct, nor as the payment of a debt
which Is owing, but us u murk of the
nation's gratitude, Kvery obligation
Is to the disabled and dependent. In
such reference as Iins been mnde to
general compensation there has been a
reservation as to tho earliest consist
ent time for such action If It Is taken
Lven without such reservation, how
ever, a modified view would bo whollv
Justifiable "at the present moment be
cause the enactment of the compensa
tlon bill In . the midst of the struggle
for readjustment and restoration
would hinder every effort and greatly
Imperil the financial stability or our
"More, this menacing effort to ex
pend billions In grntultles will Im
peril our capacity to discharge our oh
ligations to those wo must not fall to
"I nm addressing the senato directly,
because tho problem Is immediately
yours, as your unfinished business, but
tho executive branch of the govern
meat owes It to both houses of con
gress nnd to the country frankly to
. -- A At... .1llll-..tll...
buuo wu uimcuuies we tinny are
called upon to meet and the ndded
peril tills mensuro would bring.
"Our lnnd has Its share of the finan
cial chaos nnd the Industrial depres
slon of the world. Wo little heeded
the growth of Indebtedness or the
limits of expenditure during the wur.
because wo could not stop to count tho
cost. Our ono thought then was tho
winning of the war and the survival of
the nation. We borrowed nnd loaned
Individuals to the nntlon nnd the
government to other governments, nnd
to thoso who sorved tho nation with
little thought of settlement.
"It was relatively easy then, be
cause national life wus nt Make. In
tho sober aftermath we face the order
of reason rather than act nmld tho
passions of war, and our own land nnd
tho world are facing problems nover
solved before. There can bo no sola
tlon unless we face the grim truths
nnd seek to solve them In resolute de
votion to duty.
Three Problems Cited.
"After a survey of more than
Private J. Munson, Who Carried Mes
sage From MaJ. Whittlesey to Head
quarters, Succumbs In New York.
New York, July 13.- Private John
J. Munson of this city, decorated dur
ing the war by both the Freuch nnd
Amorlcan governments for currying a
messago from the "Lost Battalion,"
;omniam1ed by MuJ. Charles W. Whit
tlesey to regimental headquarters in
September, 1018. died here,
four months, contemplating condition!
which would stagger all of us, were It
not for our abiding faith In America.
I nm fully persuaded that three things
nro essential to tlio very beginning of
the restored order of things:
"These arc tho revision, Including
reduction of our Internal taxation, the
refunding of our war debt nnd tho
adjustment of our foreign lonns.
"It Is vltnlly necessary to settle
these problems before adding to our
treasury any such burden as Is con
templated In the pending bill.
"It Is unthlnknble to except a busi
ness revival nnd the resumption of
the normal wnys of peace while main
taining the excessive tnxes of war. It
Is quite as unthinkable to reduce our
treasury to an additional obligation
which ranges from $3,000,000,000 to
$3,000,000,000. Tho precise figures no
one can give.
"If It Is conceivably true that only
$200,000,000 n year will be drawn an
nually from the treasury In the few
years Immediately beforr us, the be
stowal Is tow Inconscqenttol to be of
renl value to the nation's defenders;
und, if the exercise of the options
should cnll for cash running Into bil
lions, tho depression In finance nnd
Industry would be so murked that
vastly more harm than good would nt
tend. Must Meet Obligations.
"Our government must undertake no
obligation which it docs not Intend to
meet. No government flat will pay
our bills. Tho exchanges of tlio world
testify toduy to that erroneous theory.
We may rely on the sacrifices of pa
triotism In war, today we face markets
und the effects of supply and demand
nnd the inexorable laws bf credits in
time of peace.
"Definite obligations amounting to
seveh nnd n half billions In Wnr Sav
ings certificates, Victory loans and
certificates covering Hontlng Indebted
ness aro to mature In the two years
Immediately following, and the over
burdening of the treasury now means
positive disaster In tho years Immedl-
ntely before us. Merest prudence culls
out In warning.
"Our grentest necessity Is a return
to the normal wnys of peace activities.
A modest offering to the millions of
service men Is n poor palliative to
more millions who may be out of em
ployment. Stabilized flnunce nnd well-
established confidence nrc to be es
sential to restored industry nnd com
merce. Slump War's Aftermath.
"The slump which Is now upon us
Is nn Inevitable part of war's after
math. It lias followed In tho wake of
wur since the world began. Thero wns
the unavoidable readjustment, the In
evitable charge-off, the unfailing at
tendance of losses In the wnke of
high prices, the Inexorable deflation
which Inflation had preceded.
"It lias been wholly proper to seek
to apply government relief to minlmizo
the hardships, - nnd the government
has aided wherever possible, and Is
uldlng now, but nil the special nets
ever dreamed of, all the particular fa
vors ever conceived will not uvold nil
the distress nor ward off all tho
"The proper inentnl stute of our peo
ple will commit us resolutely nnd con
fidently to our tasks, and definite ns-
surunces as to taxation aud expendi
ture will contribute to that helpful
mental order. The only Hurts way to
normalcy Is over the paths nature has
marked throughout nil humniii experi
ence. "With the approvnl of congress the
executive branch of government has
been driving toward that decreased ex
penditure which Is the most practical
assurance of diminished taxation.
"War Is not wholly responsible for
staggering costs; It hns merely accen
tuated the menace which lies In
mounting cost of government nnd ex
cesses In expenditure which n success
ful private business would not toler
ate. "I can mnke you no definite promlso
In figures todny, but I can pledge you
a most conscientious drive to reduce
government cost by many millions.
"The United States participates In
none of the distributable awards of
war, but the world owes us heavily,
and will pay when restoration Is
wrought. If the restoration falls,
world bankruptcy attends.
Work of War Risk Bureau.
"In view of some of the things
which have been said, and very care
lessly said, perhops I ought to report
ofllelully some of tho things which
have been done. In the department of
war risk Insurance, there have been
tiled up to July 7, 1021, compensation
and Insurance claims numbering 813.
112. Of these, 747,780 have been ad
judicated, at an expenditure of $471.
040,702. There were 200,000 claims
pending when thu war risk department
was reorganized, late In April this
year, nnd the number of pending
claims 1ms been reduced by 1:11.311.
"Thero have been requested 887,014
medical examinations and more than
14,000 await medical action.
"Thero has been paid out In allot
ment and allowances the sum of $!78.,
405,053, nnd nearly $4,000,000,000 of
government Insurance Is In force."
1920 Population of Badger State Con
sists of 1,356,718 Males and
1,275,340 Females.
Washington. July 13. Tho 1020 pop
ulation of Wisconsin consists of 1,350,
718 males und 1,275,341) femulos, the
census bureau nnnounced. During tho
decade tho totnl population Increused
12.8 ner cent, the mnlo population hv
12.3 per cent und tho femulo popula
tion by 13.3 per cent.
urge passage of
Mclaughlin bill
Appear Before House Commit
tee in Behalf of Measure fo
Increase Farm Loans.
If Bill Is Enacted to Amend Federal
Farm Loan Act Will Increase
The Maximum Loan from
$10,000 to $25,000
Washington, D. C. Representative
farmers from tho mlddlowest, Includ
ing member from those sections, ap
peared before the house committee on
bunking nnd currency In behalf of Con
gressman McLaughlin's bill to amend
the federal farm loan act by increasing
the maximum loan from $10,000 to
K, M. Pollard, former member ot
congress from the First Nebraska dis
trict; J. W. Batchcller, president ot
the Farmer's union of South Dakota ;
George Baker of thn Farmers' union
of Iowa, and Morris McAullffc, presi
dent of the Farmers union of Knnsns,
spoke strongly in favor of the Mc
Luuglilln bill and urged the committee
for u favorable report.
Previous to tho hearing of the Mc
Laughlin bill, Congressman Rcnvls
was accorded a half hour by the bank
big and currency committee to explain
the provisions of his bill to amend the
federal reserve act extending the loan
period on farm paper from six months
to one year, a bill which Mr. Pollnrd
und other farmers now in Washington
heartily approve.
Reduction in Rates Asked.
Washington, D. C High freight
rates on live stock and feed prevent
producers from replenishing their
ranches and the price of meat will bo
advanced to the consumer, the board of
railroad commissioners of South Da
kota, said In a brief filed with the In
terstate Commerce commission. "Wo
believe," the brief added, "that con
ditions warrant reduction In rates
commodities, the movement is being
stifled tiy the present abnormal rate
level, or where as In the live stock In
dustry conditions including transporta
tion charges arc cmshlng the life out
of industry."
Farmers In Need of Credit System.
Washington, D. C. The greatest aid
congress can give agriculture would be
in "helping the farmer to get credit, so
ho can hold his stuff off the markets
and not dump it all at once," according
to views of Maurice McAullff, president
of the Kansas Farmers' union, made
In an address before the congressional
commission investigating farm condi
Airplane Flight Restores Speech.
Indian Head, Snsk. An airplane
flight proved the means of restoring
the power of speech to Wilfred Verner,
a young farmer who hud been unable
to talk since ho had been kicked on the
liead by a horse a year ago.
At a picnic Vomer took u ride.
When the aviator descended Vomer
was unconscious. Upon gaining con
sciousness he found he could talk.
Enact a Sunday Blue Law.
Nashville. Tenn. Kimctment of a
Sunday "blue law" prohibiting among
otner tilings the operations of Sunday
trains and excluding Sundnv newsnn-
pers from tho mails, are urged by the
Methodist central Sabbath crusade
committee In a petition presented to
congress this week.
Federal Tax Receipts.
Washington, D. C The bureau of
Internal revenue announced that the
tax receipts by the government for the
fiscal year ending June 30 totaled .fl,
5513.9XV248. of which $3,212,713,480
was derived from Income nnd profit
taxes. The statement was based on
collectors telegrams of June 30.
Gold Strike Reported In Alaska.
Anchontce. Alaska. Strikes of until
nuartx unnarentlv hearing mom tlmn
$100 to the ton In n district 30 miles
south ot here were reported according
to messages received. The original
find was followed by numerous others
of equal Importance.
Cloud Burst Near Andrews.
Alliance, Neb. Several persons are
reported to have perished, one Is
known to have been killed, thousands
of head of live stock have been lost,
scores of ranch homes and other build
ings in ami near Andrews, a village
seventeen miles west of Crawford,
were destroyed and fields devastated
by a cloudburst that deluged the White
river canyon country. Andrews wns
practically all under water. Ten miles
of Uw C. & N. W. track near den,
west of Crawford, wus washed out.
Boosts Rates on Special Delivery.
Washington, D. C. Tlio cost of send
ing a pochtl delivery letter Is to be
raised from 10 to 25 cents.
Postmaster General Hays, In mnk
ins tlio change, Is dolug so on the
supposition that tho general public will
prefer to pay the higher charge for
hotter service than that which can be
rendered under the present scale, with
ono messenger getting n batch of let
ters, with the result that often u spec
ial delivery letter takes longer than
an ordinary one.
Resignations in tho Army May Reach
75,000 for Month of July.
Will Not Forfeit
Washington, D. C Estimates from
reports "of resignations from the en
listed personnel of the nrmy during
the first 10 days of July, according to
some officers will mean at the present
rate the number leaving the service
may run as high us 70,000 for this
month. Officers based their estimates
on first reports from corps nrca and
division commanders, although the
total for the 10 days had not been
The discharges are being granted
under Secretary Weeks' order pro
viding for reduction of the nrmy to
150,000 by October 1 and giving tin
men privilege of resigning upon nr
plication without forfeiting the bonus
or travel pny allowances usually paid
at the expiration of the three-year en
Under the order the men recelvi
a bonus of $00 and travel pay elthei
to their homes or places of enlist
ment. The nverage sum paid for each
resignation It wns said Is about $150.
Many officers snld the men were In
fluenced by the lden of getting this
"ready money," equivalent to a three
months furlough with pay nt $60 n
mmth und would apply for re-cnllst-ment
after they had spent "their roll."
It wns pointed our, however, that re
cruiting had been stopped nnd no en
listment would be possible until after
the total enlisted strength had dropped
below ir0,000.
Operation Directed by Wireless.
New York-. A surgical operation
200 miles nt sett, directed by wireless
from Brooklln, was described by Dr.
Raymond Barrett of the Brooklyn hos
pital. Tho captain of the tanker Vesta
performed the tnsk under Dr. Barrett's
directions, transmitted by Arthur It
Hnydon, radio operator.
Hnydo'n heard the Vesta calling for
aid for a man who had an Infected
hand. He telephoned Dr. Barrett, who
feared from the description that the
man's whole arm would he Infected.
Under the doctor's directions the cap
tain used a herring knife for a scalpel
and pieces of rubber for drainage tubes
after antiseptic treatment. The oper
ation was a success.
Taft Takes Oath of Office.
Washington, D. C William H Taft
has been sworn In as chief justice of
the United States.
The simple ceremony of elevating
the former president to the supreme
court was performed 4n .the oflice of
Attorney General Dnugherty by
Justice Hoehllng of the district su
preme court In the absence from the
city of the justices of the supremt
Less Money Per Capita.
Washington, D. C. Money In circu
lation In the United States July 1
amounted to $52.42 per capita, accord
ing to a statement issued by the treas
ury. The total was $5,774,005,000. A
year ago the capita amount wns $57.18
and the total $0,084,854,000, the re
duction delng brought nbout thru the
decreased issue of federal reserve banl
Carpentler Signs to Defend Title.
New York. Georges Carpentler haK
signed a contract with Tex Itlckard to
defend his world's light heavyweight
championship during October. His
opponent will be selected later, the
agreement rending that the French
boxer shall meet any light heavyweight
nnmed by Itlckard.
More Roads to Reduce Wages.
Chicago, 111. Tho average 12 per
cent wage reduction that became ef
fective on a majority of railroads July
1, by order of the United States rail
road labor board was extended by the
board to several carriers that had not
appealed to It for reductions of wages
:f certain classes of their employes
prior to June 10.
Crossed Plans In 1845.
San Jose, Cnl. John Pyle, last male
survivor of the Pyle-Hannan party
which erossed the plains In 1815,
traveling part of the way with the Ill
fated Donner party, died here after a
short Illness. Mr. Pyle wns 1 year old
when lie was brought across the plains.
Women Get Full Legal Equity.
Madison, Wis. Wisconsin women
gulned every right possessed by mnlo
citizens, under civil law, when Gov
ernor Blnlne signed the bill placing
this state as the first In the union to
extend full legal equity to Its new
The measure removes every re
striction even giving women the right
to "wear trousers and stand on the
street corners chewing tobacco," us
senators said when they discussed the
bill in the legislature.
Hall Fifteen Feet Deep.
Great Falls, Mont nail fifteen feet
deep In gulleys nnd ono to four feet
deep elsewhere has been reported, fol
lowing a storm thut wus declared to
have covered a path from one to sis
miles wide in this vicinity. Its
course, was through a section largelj
unimproved, but about 1,000 acres oi
wheat was declared to havo been de
stroyed. Mnny windows were broken
and cellars were flooded here and la
Black Eagle.
Cuticura Soap
Without Mug
Out! ran Seap U the f aTorite f orsaf etrrasor ihaTing.
RaeiorM Color find
Betantr to Cray and Faded Haiti
soe. ana ilwi at vrurruis.
ninuKniiunn nmvnt am
I0Q4M. atnna All Mln. mmm mntnr tn IhM
ffft. ntkM valktar r.r. tt. by nail or ItPnf
CtofL IUmox Chamlcal Works, i'ltchcm. ti. l7
flAIQV CI V Vll I cnnACED amtwitebs
uniu i i li rviL.Li.il
cheap, Laet
all teaten. Wide of
metal, can't rplll or
tiporrr : will not toll
or Injur anthln.
Goaranteet) affretlT.
(Sold by dealer, or
Dreoad. S1J3.
HAROLD B0HER3, 1W D Kalb Are., Brooklyn, H. Y.
DMTETMTC WRtion I.Oplenii
r A I en I o gotKVifeK:
Bald reaaocable. Illibeitreforeocce. Deelierrlcae
Ancient Relic to Harding.
A theater ticket not made of paper
but of a stony substance that has
stood the test of two thousand years
has been presented to President Hord
ing by Dr. John Constns, assistant
surgeon at Georgetown university
Dr. Constns stated that the theater
ticket was probably used during the
earliest period of Grecian drama. It
boars on ono side the engraved head
of a gorgon and on the reverse the
head of a fox. It Is believed to be of
Athenian origin. New York Times.
Nebraska Directory
Ag Tbtrd Floor F&xton Block
SUfe 1 8d od Farnam S ta Omaha. Nah.
' Beet ecralDDed dental offles tn Omaha.
bit rrteee. Bpoclal discount to
all people Urlng outside of Omabv
TCfelTCtt kmm 0(1 SUM MVERS
1 a&ll I af CttenrPrlctt. Thj in Rltht
American Tent and Awning Co.
40th and Farnam Sts. Omaha
LtrgMt Iieletlte Hew and Ca Slere aad OBte rtitere Heatt
lalBtrlca, We Oeeefy Owr U.0OO Beatre reel.
S. W. Cor. 11th and Douglrj Sta, Omaha. Neb.
Phone Douglas 2T21 AU we ask la a chance to bl4.
Omaha's reliable Arm of hemstitch
ing, pleating ot all kinds, braiding,
hand embroidery, buttons, plcot
editing tree catalog. Oat of tows
orders siren prompt attention.
Tea Arasja Dtees neatleg eod Ruttnn Ce.
410 FasUa BlMk Oaika, 8e.
Drugs By Mail
At the Long-Established
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Mall Order Department
19th and Farnam Su Omaha, Neb.
Established 1888
Painless Extraction of Teeth
Makes Dentistry Easy for You
706 atf Kit'l Btnk, 16th ft Htmtr Sts., Oauii
Exceptional opportunity at the present time
for young women over nineteen years of age
who have had at least two yean in high school
to take Nureoa' Training in general hospital.
Our graduates are In great demand. Address
Supt. of Nurses, Lincoln Sanitarium
I Jnroln. Nebraska
Hotel Castle
632 S. 16th Street
Omaha, Neb.
New, absolutely fireproof
With prlrate toilet 11.38;
with prlrate buth
81.75 to 2.60
FRED A. CASTLE, Proprietor
Main Office and Works
23rd, Hickory and U. P. R. R.
Phone Douglas 1043
20th, Center and C. B. & Q.
Phono Donglaa 1141
Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Electric Service
on Automobiles
Gray & Dm
fixtee" bosch
Send Your Cleaning
Tailors and
Raa Cleaners
IIXZ-IIM Farnan St, Omaha, Neb.

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