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NO. 30.
At the regular mooting of the HiY
next Wednesday noon an election of
, olccrs for the coming year will bo
The Senor class of tho high school
is to hold a hard times party this
evening but tho place was not an
nounced. Notice has been received here of
a hearing before tho state board of
pardons and paroles on May 9, of tho
application of Fred Shiek for roleaso
from tho penitentiary. He was sent
up in Juno 1920 for grand larceny.
The Junior class of tho local hlijli
school will have a party in tho bail
ment of tho "W. H. Cramer homo this
evening. Games and dancing will be
tllb amusement Class colors will bo
used In decoration.
The track team will leave next Fri
day for Cambridge whore a track
meet will bo hold. Those that will
txflo part in tho meet aro Shaner,
Locko, Deats, Rector, R. Simon, Yost
Healey and Stroup.
In February tho price of common
labor ranged from 13 to 20 cents an
hour in the southern states, 23 to 30
cents an hour in. the middle western
states, and around 45 cents an hour
in the. Pacific states. The prices of
leans without, drivers ranged from
24 to 42 cents an hour.
Those entitled to Night school certi
ficates will find their names posted on
tho bulletin board. If somo one is en
titled to credit and his namo is not
posted, report to tho qfficqand. sue
about cfoflifs". This announcement
was made yesterday at the office of
Superintendent C S. Littel.
Tho district championship debato
will bo held at the Auditorium Satur
day evening when Grant will compete
with North Platte for honors. Next
Friday the North Platte team will de
bate with Cambridge. The money tak
en In at the door Friday will be used
to defray the expenses of tho tean
when it goes to Lincoln.
Yoemen supreme and state officers,
Hoffman, Wilson, Pitkin, Brayant,
Morrill, Schabolka, Spencer will on
fer the Rhadamanthus degree hero
on April 26. A banquet and social will
follow. This degree is only for Yoe
men who aro cligiblo to have tho
Moritorlous ervico pin. Tho evening
of tho 25th will bo regular initiation
and social.
Tonight at the Methodist church a
tervlce will bo held for tho junior
America's Hope Day
As Americans wo colobrato many
worthy holidays, most of which re
call illustrations names and ovouts
in our national history.
But Arbor Day Is not a day in tbo
past It bolongs to tho futuro, and
brings with it each year ronowed
hope, courage, visions of nchlovmont.
Arbor Day this year should havo
an especial significance. Wo aro en
tering a period of greater and moro
stablo prosporlty than our country
has over boforo known.
The Platte Valley State Bank
Tho following committees have boon
appointed to go to tho different
schools on Monday at 3! 45 and escort
tho boys to tho Keith theater for tho
frco plcturo show and on Tuesday at
1-.45 to escort tho boys .to the great
boys parade to tho Fair Grounds:
"Washington Herbert Tramp and Dr.
Rcdfiold; Lincoln Thurston Wood
hurst and Ernest RIckner; Jefferson
Harry Portor and William Simants;
Central Newton Buckley and Carl
Donner; Franklin Otto Thoelccko
and Dr. Kerr; St. Patricks Arthur
Rush and Frank Piolstlcker. Tim
big parade on Tuosday will be headed
by the Cadet band and other organi
zations. and intermediate pupils of the Sun
day school. Tho prayer servico will
bo led by D. H. Brooks. Tho pupils
o tho Sunday Bchool classes aro ex
pected to sit In classes. Minute
speakers wll bo B. A. Gamble, B.
M. Reynolds and C. J, McNamara,
with a short sermon by the pastor,
Rev. II. B. Hess, on tho subject ''God's
Magic." Everyono is invited.
Tho story is told that Washington
Hiuman owned tho block between Lo
cust and Dowoy and Sixth and Front
at. one time and ho decided to replat
it Ho did so running two alloys
north and south and connecting them
with another alloy, thus forming the
letter "H" within Hho block. This
was intended to commemorate his
name. But when tho Ottcnsteln gar
gae was built tho connecting alley
was closed but tho two parallel al
loys still remain.
Robert R. Peale of Denver spent
several days In North Platte return
ing to Denver Wednesday night. He
accompanied the body of his father
hero for buria.l. Bob, as he is famil
iary known Jiore, was born in North
Platto and grow to manhood here. He
knows all of the old timers who
wero hero up to twenty years ngbl
HeCJs a't'Jpreaent1 in the painting busf-
ness in Denver, having a .shop at 3826
Osceola. Mr. Peale made a call at
this office and in a lengthy conversa
tion told many interesting anecdotes
of early days in this city.
Troop eight, Boy S outs, won tho
first annual track and field
meet Tuesday afternoon at tho Fat
Grounds. Its score was 57 with Troop
sovon taking second with 40 points.
Tho boys wero classed according to
weight and only efficiency scouts
could compete. Troop eight stands
very high in , efficiency and so all
boys wero on hand. Troop throo
mado 8 points, Troop four, 8 point?,
Troop five, 2 points and Troop nine,
13 points.
James Moran, roadmaster on the
third district, attended a staff meet
ing nt Choyenno Thursday.
Dodicatod to tho father and mother of this Lincoln County hero
who fell at tho Battlo of tho Marno in Franco.
So young to go, you say? Porhaps.
So full of life's fair hopo and strong,
Facing each day with hopo, strength, and faith,
As caroirco ns a thrusirs song.
Ho heard tho call of man-mado war
Ho answered and in answorlng foil;
Ho did his part as bravo men! will,
Ho played his rolo and piayed It we'll.
Ob.1 mothor with your toar-dlmmed oyes,
And you, his father, o'or-wholmcd with grief,
You think his stny on earth was short, - ',,
But earth's life is so brlof.
His doop brown locks, your hair tlngod gray,
Aro measurements of fleeting yoars;
IIo Journeyed faster, that was all
In passing through this va1o of tears. ;
But think you well each cventltle,
Tho whijo you pray to mrfet again,.
That he knows loyalty to God
Who first learns loyalty tS men.
His country was moro dear than life,
You gave, ho gavo tho all ho had;
Bo satisfied, bo glad, content;
, Be proud to know ho was jjour lad.
O. O. II. Wcidricr, Maxwell, Neb.
- Tho NorthVPJajttf
iricrce'wiil send a ndmber of repre
sentatives nnd a band to tho Good
Roads meetingat Tryon tommoro.v
fornoon nnd at the dedication of tbo
Amorican Legion hall at the same
place during tho "Afternoon and even
ing. Tho Legion and the citizens of
Tryon have Invited everyone in thl
.... t . ' . t
pan 01 mo, country to attona mo meet
ings and many havo promised to be
there. Secretary Bare of. tho Chair
bor of Commorco gavo out word last
night that those who Intend to make
tho trip to Tryon, bo(h car owner-
and passengers are requested to as
semble nt tho court houso square In
time to start promptly nt 9 o'clock.
The American Legion post at
Tryon will furnish tho lunch at noon.
Tho High School Cadet Band will ac
company tho delegation.' A number of
local Legion officers and members
will spend all or part of the du
April 24-29 is engineering week at
tho University of Nebraska and the
students from North Platto who are
enrolled In tho Engineering College
aro inviting all of tholr frlonds to at
tend. Thoso enrolled are C. B. HIrsci:.
D. II. Nowton, C. D. Schulz, L. O
Troxlor and R. A. Oglor. During the
week an opportunity for observing
both tho routine work of tho college
and a number of special displays ..r
ranged by tho students will bo given.
Thoso special displays will bo oput)
to tho public Thursday night, April
27, in tho different laboratories. Tho
Electrical studonts will give a con
Gort by wireless telephone, while tho
Civil Engineering studonts tie iron
rods, tho size ot a porson's wrist, into
figure eight knots nnd tho Mcchan
lclal deafen cvoryono near by tho ex
hausts from tholr big onglnos. The
Chemical, Agricultural, and Architec
tural Engineers and Applied Mechan
ics departments aro all planning on
displays of cither work already done
along tholr rospoctlvo lines, as by
uso of models, or will havo original
displays typical of their work. In Ad
dition, all posBtblo laboratories will
bo running at 'full speed with guidea
fto oxplain tho uses and methods of
work being done in tho routino woik
of tho Engineering studont
J. B. Sebastian returned yestordav
hnorning from Omaha, whoro ho at
tended a meeting of tho members of
tho oxocutlvo commlttco and offlcors
of Stato association of local insurance
men. Mr. Sebastian is ono of tho of
ficers, being Becrctnry-trcasuror.
ArboTday which is a holiday In
Nebraska will bo passed over In North
Platto with loss attention than usual
because school is not being hold and
business takes tho attention of mnny
who might got away on other days
Appropriate oxerclsos aro being lmlrt
today In ,mnny of th schools nnd a
number aro planting treos this week
and will plant othors noxt week be
cause they cannot get away to plant
them on Saturday. Rain Is locally
needed to put tho ground in tho best
of condition but whoro city water Is
obtainable, n good planting can bo
mado. Both fruit and shndo trees will
bo planted as well as somo kinds of
vlns and shrubs but snlesmon report
a decreased demand for all kinds of
nursery stock this year and attribute
It to tho financial conditions. Most of
the states havo somo kind of an Arbor
day but not all como on tho 22ml.
That dato was set for Nobraska part
ly bocauso it is in tho right season
and partly to commemorate tho birth
day of J. Sterling Morton, tho founder
of Arbor dny.
Tho art department ot thoWomane'
club will sponsor an amateur art
exhibit on Monday, April 21. -It will
bo hold in Miss Whlttakor's Millinery
storo. Miss Whlttakor and (Mrs. Mo
Reynolds nro tho committee nnd thoy
aro socurlng tho namos ot all am
atour nrtists in tho city. They aro
asking that all work bo taken to the
oxhibltlon boforo G o'clock on tho
ovonlng of tho dato sot and thoy will
ba glad to loarn of nnyono wjio dooa
any kind of art work, not Including
noodlowork. Light rofrshmonts will
bo sorvod and tho gonoral public la
cordially invited.
Thoro will bo a chlckon Buppor at
tho South Bluffs school houso, two
mllosoast of tho stato farm Friday,
April 28. A full program will bo
given after th supper.
Tlioro is some talk of a booster
trip by tho North Platto business
men but thoy do not agrco ub to tho
kind o a trip nor tho diroctlon it
should tako. Somo say two days is
about tho length of tlmo to spond on
such a trip, somo say only ono dnv
can bo spared, Somo want to go in
autos and somo on tho train. Somo
want to go north, othors south, othors
cast and still othors west Somo
want to combine all directions and
mako a circlo of It. Tbo dlroctors
will havo to work out tho problem
and will do tholr best to harmonize
tho dlfforcnt idcnB.
John L. Gilmoro of Holdrego and
jMiss Florence B. Aton of tho same
placo secured a marriago license at
fthoy)fflco of County Judge Woodhurst
laBtr' Wodnonday nnd wero married nt
tho home of Row P. R. Stephens of
tho First Chrlstlnn church tho samo
ovpntng. Mr. Gilmoro had resisted tho
charms of Uio ladles for so many
years that It was generally thought
j'ho was Immune. Ho Btolo awny from
(his friends and persuaded Miss Aton
to accompany him. Sho is said to have
boon his stenographer. Ir. Gilmoro
is a brother to Professor Gilmoro, who
was formorly an instructor In tho
history doparttnont nt tho University
nnd who is un authority on Indian
"Fun with a purposo" is whnt Mark
Twain gavo tho world in "A Connec
ticut Yankoo in King Arthurs
Court," which is billed for Saturday
and throo following days at tbo Keith
theater. Mark Twain wroto this
groat comlo romnuco first to mako
th0 worjd laugh nnd socond to "show
up" King Arthur.
Twain bad not n very high opinion
of tho Knights of tho Round Table.
Ho had heard too much about thorn.
Ruskin nnd William Morris had bo&n
fooding tho public on tho Middle
Ages, and it had bocomo tho fashion
to bellovo that ovorybody dead and
gono was bottor than ovorybody-allvo.
Tennyson's "Idylls of Uio King" mode
(Mark Twain sick. Ho was tlrod of
tho Mtddlo Ages. LadloB languish
ing in high, inacccsslblo towors,
waiting for knights to como nnd res
cuo them, did not o.ppoal to him at
all. Ho had boon brought up on tbo
Mississippi, and ho had tho idea that
ono Mississippi rlvermon was as good
as several 0 tho Knights of tho Roun-I
Table, and probably a lot bottor. Sir
Galahad ho considered a wishy-washy
sort of horo; ho preforrod Tom Saw
yer. I'll show up King Arthur and his
woll known knights," said Mark
Twain, in offect So ho wroto a book
describing tho ndvonturos of a mcd-
orn, smart, clovor Amorican at tbo
Court of King Arthur.
R. B. Robinson, onclnoor IM. of W.
t department for 'tho Union Pacific,
'was in North Platto a short tlmo
this morning.
Rov. N. P. Pattorson ot tho Firs
Prcsbytorian church porformod th
marriago ceremony for Hardy A. Bui
of this city and Miss Mario Jncobso)
who also lives hero.
Tuesday a marriage license wns Is
sued to Thos Readdy of Bartcsvllle
Oklahoma and Mrs. Delia H. Watson
of Omaha,
customs, etc.
Marriago llconscs woro Issued to
Gcorgo Iljmmorlto nnd Mrs. Hazel
Grady, both ot this city and Hardy A.
Ball and Miss Mario Jacobson also of
North Platte.
True Automobile
"The ability to got what you want, whoii yt6i want it,
and at a fair price."
Wo have for tho past six years supplied
our Dodge Brothers car owners with this im-
mediate service by carrying adequate part
stocks and by providing good working facil
ities, right hero in North Platte.
With such assurance, you can rely on ob
taining daily service from any Dodge car,
and not havo expensive delays or high
charges for necessary maintenance.
After having tried some of the other kinds, would
you not bo pleased to obtain such service with
your next car try it tho noxt car you buy.
Following1 Is tho prog'ram for Boys'
Dnys as planned by tho committees
ot tho Ki wants nnd Rotary clubs ot
North Platte. It Is part of a nation
wido celebration for tho boys: .
Sunday, April 23 Every boy In
church. All ,boys over 11 will bo
nskod to alt In a body as guests of
tho church and special oxerclsos will
bo conducted for thorn. No paront
should stand in tho way of allowing
eVory boy to got tho bonofit of this
tpt"ilal service.
Monday, April -24 Committees fvnm
tho clubs will bb at tho dlfforcnt
schools ot tho city when school is out
in tho attornoon and will Conduct tho
boys In a body to tho Kolth theater
whoro tho moving plcturoa ot tho
Clinton, Iowa, Boy Scouts on tholr
trip to Yollowstono Park will bo
shown. Botwoon tho reels a demon
stration of scout work will bo given
by picked teams. All adult citizens
aro cordially Invited to occupy tho
seats not needed for tno boys.
Tuosday, April 25 School will con
vono as usual and boiys will bo mark
od on tholr attondanco. Thon tho
commlttocs from tho clubs will call at
each school and conduct tho boys to
tho Central High school whoro a pa
rado will form and headed by tho
Cadot band, will march to tho Fair
Grounds. Horoa track and field moet
will bo hold with tho boys divided
into classes according to age so that
all may havo a fair chnnco. Sultablo
words will bo ndo. Tuosday oon'ng
a public meeting will be hold-at tho
Franklin building whoro tho prizes
will bo proBontod to tho wnors of
tho fiold meet nnd a progrnm will bo
Wodhosday night at St Patrick's
school, the Knights ot Columbus
gavo a banquot to Troop sovon, Boy
Scouts In honor of its winning tho
Scout basket ball (mnmplonshlp of
tho city. Tho Scoutmaster 1b Joe
Schatz with Cyril Doncgan and
loorgo Young as usBlstants. Tbo
lommltteomon aro Fathor McDaid, W.
a. Mnlonoy, John Horrod, M. C
Inyes and John DoRolf. There aro
twenty-two boys In tho troop. Short
addresses wore mado by tho officers
ind mombets of tho troop committer
w'th W. It (Moloney as toastmaster.
Miss Clara Soronson loft this morn
ing for Omaha to Bpond sovcrnl weeks
visiting Mrs. Homer Peterson.
Mrs. Clark LoDIoyt loft this morn
ing for Grand Island whoro sho will
visit frlonds for soveral days.

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