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i - i t
' ' Vou tarn a lorcr and gas
sorvlco Is Instantly roady to
' 'cook tho avonlng meal, light or
'"'heat tho homo. Did you ovor
'stop to think that th0 source
of that energy may havo been
bin tho coal mines and oil wolla
hundreds of miles away?
You pick up a tolophono re
ceiver and a city thousands of
miles away answors your call.
You board a street car and
an invisible, powor moves It and
you reach your destination.
You want to. convorso with
Louden 6V Shanghai, and
through, the air wltbjjit, tho aid
of '( a ivlre, or. throtth cables
unilor the. ocean, 'gbos your
molssago" to pblrita on the other
side of tho world,
A switch Is pufihod and great
engines start a mill in opera
tion omplayjng thousands fit
Common occurences, you say.
Not at all" . TheMfctpry, of tho
utilization of energy by our
groat public sorvlco companies
is a story of miracles.
North Platte Light &
Power Ok
Offlco over tho McDonald
State Bank.
Clinton's for Bye Service.
Carl Backers spent Sunday in
Staploton visiting with friends.
C. E. Purval of Paxton was a busi
ness visitor In tho city yesterday.
Mrs. Cora Brown has resigned he
position with tho O'Connor store
Dr. J. B. Rcdficld transacted prof
essional business in Ogallala. Sunday.
Roal Estate Mortgages bought and
sold, "T. a Patterson.
Benjamin Krasmer of Denver spent
aoveral days in North Platte visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cornell.
Mrs A. A. Elliott left yesterday
for Excelsior Springs, Mo. where she
will spend several weeks.
Rev. N. P. Patterson left'yeBterday
for Hastings whero ho will transact
business for a few days.
MIbs Irma Bradley returned tho
lirst of tho week from Grand Island
after visiting a few days with friends.
C. T. Whelan loft yesterday for
Siiolton and Omaha whero ho will
transact business for a few days.
Miss Irma McMichaol spent the
week end lri Wellfloot visiting with
Miss Ellen Flynn of Sutherland is
expected tomorow to visit with Miss
Lottie LaRue.
Mrs Sam Cox or Cedar Rapids is
visiting in tho city with her sister
Mrs. J. C. Mooro.
Mrs. J. Horrlgau carnc Saturday
from Grand Island to visit relEJUvea
in tho city for a few days. -
Mrs. George Finn returned Thurs
day from Koraney after attending a
Meeting of tho Past Matrons Club.
Mrs. Thomas Bolan and baby spont
tho wook ond in Wellfloot visiting
with relatives.
H. J. EameB and son of Wallace
transacted business in the city yofl
torday. Mr. and Mrs. Burgnor and dau
ghter MercedeB loft for their homo in
Hyannls, Nobr. after spending tho
week in tho city visiting with relatives.
Merle Fletcher of Now York City
Is visiting his brother Carl Flotchor.
Elcnor Leavltt, who Is attonding
school in Omaha, Is 111 with dlptheria
From last roports sho is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoo Diehl of Lin
coln havo been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Blalno Combs.
Verda Pletchor, who had her ton
sils romoved a short time ago, is re
covering nicely and Is back in school
this week.
The Community Club met Friday
evening and tho general courso of
business was discussed. Tho pro
grams for tho Club'" will begin In
about a month.
Chas. Trimble of Omaha and Wm,
Trimbol of Princeton arrived Satur
day cvonlng and havo been enjoying
a week of hunting on the Blrdwood
m company with their brother E. P.
Rucl McMaster of Cheyenne has
boon a visitor at tho Fred Brooks
homo tho last week. Mr. and Mrs.
Brooks and family moved back to
Choyenno with him starting Saturday
A surprise party was given Mrs.
M. D. , Elder on September 30th It
being hor seventieth birthday. About
fifteen wore present and a very pleas
ant time was had by all, especially
Mrs. Elder who was enjoying hor first
birthday party.
Mrs. C. E. Snyder waB called to
Jay, Okla., on account of thfi serious
illness of hor daughter , Mrs. Si
Towers. Mrs. Towora was a former
resident of Blgnell and has been buff
ering from typhoid fovor. Last re
ports aro-that she Is much Improved.
Saturday was fair and cooler. Sun
'day was also fair and not much
'chango In temperature There was
' a heavy frost Sunday night, tho low
est tcmporaturo bolng 2(?. Tho fore
cast for North Platto and vicinity Is:
fair to-night and Wednesday, Cooler
' Wednesday.
' Your best girl wants a diamond
;rlng. Let us flguro with you. Austin
j Kolth Thoatro building.
I C. M. York left yeBterday for
j Omaha where ho will serve on tho
'Federal Grand jury.
Miss Julia McCarthy of Ogallala
, will arrlvo tomorrow to visit sovoral
days with Miss Lottlo LaRue,
, .Mrs. R. C. Langford and mother
Mrs. M. E. Watts left this morning
for Rochester, Minn
Thlrty-flvo cars of steel structuro
'passed through hero this morning on
routo to Alaska This Bteel will bo
used In constructing a bridge there.
Havo your diamond reset by us. A
lino lot of plain and fancy mountings
Austin Jewelry Store, Keith Theatre
Tho Danceland Entertainers will
' lcavo this ovening for Kearney, Grand
" TV1"
(Island, Hastings and Omaha. They
will play in Omaha Friday and Sat
Mr. and Mrs. C. V Fnher of Elsie
were business visitors In tho city
A marrlago license wad Issued Fri
day to James E. Wilson 23 and Mrs.
Verna Rlmpley, 20 both of Maxwell,
Miss Helen Rodine left Sunday tor
Cleveland, Ohio, after visiting with,
her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Roa
ino for tho sast few months.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Plummer re
turned Sunday from York whero they
spent several weeks visiting with
Misses Hannah Young, Violet Rey
nolds and Adelaide Curry spent Sat
urday in Wallace visiting with ,
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery return
ed Sunday to their home In Central
'City after visiting for several days
with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schudoll.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Young return
ed to their homo in Hastings Satur
day after visiting with relatives for
tho past week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Finn will
leave tho last of tho week for Indina
polls whero they will visit for a few
Mrs. Smlthey, who has charge of
our Beauty Parlor is an experienced
up to date operator. Her work is
sure to give satisfaction and wo will
bo glad to meet our many patrons.
I'ChoIco A No. 1 corn fed steer steak)
Wo also servo a
from 11 a. m. to 2 p-. m. for 'i5c
To Whom It May Concern:
Tho spoclal commissioner appointed
to locate n public road aa follows:
Road to be 60 feet wide.
Commencing at tho south end of
road No. 233 on Boctlon lino botwecn
sections 3G, township 14, rango 30,
and section 31, township 14 rango
29 west of tho Cth P. M. and thenco
south following said section lino,
crossing the right-of-way of tho Union
Pacific railroad and tho railroad
track to tho southeast corner of sec
tion 3C, township 14,, rango 30. Ter
minating and connecting with tho Lin
coln Highway at that point, has re
ported in favor thereof, and anyone
having objection thereto or claims for
damages by reason of tho establish
nlmndon, then tho wlufto airiounl hnll establishing of tho nbovo 'described , of tho 10th day of Soptombor 1022, or
uocomo duo and the mortgagee ali.ill romI mW8 "lo sn,'a in tho offlco of said road will bo allowod without
soil tlio same, and lo County Clerk of Lincoln County, roforonco thereto. '$.
Whereas default lins boon made In Nobraaka,, on or boforo 12 o'clock Witnss my hand and official boa
the payment duo Soptombor 15, 1922 noon ot 1,10 101,1 dftV November, this 28th day of Sptembor, 1922.
and tho said O. R. Hoover, tho morts- 1922' or BUch ronu w111 allowed - A.' S. ALLEN,
agor, having nbnndon said property without roforenco thereto, , , Qounty Clerk,
anu uio sniu Roy v, Buaklrk, feollng! 'IUU0B """" wn "lui nem
unsecuro, docs horobj- forocloso said th,a 28th dnv of September. 1922.
mortgage nnd will on tho 9th day ot A s- ALLEN,
November, 1922, nt ono o'clock p. In. County Olork.
of said date, will sell nt public auc
tion at tho garage of tho Busklrk
To Whom It May Concorn:
Tho special commissioner appolxjtett
to locate a public road as follows:
Commencing nt tho termination at
tho laid out road which terminates oa
Motor Company, 215 East Fifth Street, i To Whom It May Concern:
'North Platto, Nebraska, to tho high-1 Tho Bpoclal commissioner nppolntod ' tho section lino between section 25-14-
ost bidder for cash tho ono Ford Racor to locato a public road oa follows: 34 nnd section 30-14-33 nt tho Untom
Motor No. Lincoln Conty No. 83 to
satisfy said claim in tho amount ot
elghty-threo and 25-100 ($83.25) dol
lars and tho coat herein accrued.
To Whom It May Concern'
Tho special commlBsloncr appointed . 17 thonce cast nbout g0 roda botwoon
to locato a road aa rollowa: , BoctIonB 17 and 20, nil in Lincoln
Commencing at tho southeast corner county Nebraska, tho nbovo described
of Section 24, township 14, rango 31, roa(1 ls to bo 66 foot wJa0( lm8 ro
on road 21, tuonco running norm l ported In favor thoroof. anyone hav-
Boglnutng at tho southeast corner ot i Pacific Company's rlgnt-of-way, aad
flection 29, and tho northoaat corner J extending Bald road from said Union
of section 32, township 11 and rango ' Pacific Railroad Company's rlght-oC-32,
thenco running west ono mllo bo- way on tho section lino between bc
tweon sections 29 and 32, along Bald tlon 25-14-34 nnd aoctlon 30-14,-a
'section lino, thenco south botwoon north to the Lincoln Highway, said
sections 31 and 32, to tho north lino road to bo 40 foot wldo, has roportod
of township 10, thenco south betweon ,'ln favor thoreof, anyono having ob
scctlons 5 and G and sections 7 and 8, joctions thereto or claims for damages
18 and 17 to tho south lino of section by tho reason of tho establishing ot
mile on section lino botwoon soc
tion 24, townsllop 14, range 31,
and section 19, township 14, rango
30, thenco west ono mllo between sec
tions 24 nnd 13, township 14, rango
31, to the northwest corner pt boc-
tion 24 and connect with road No. 7flf
has boon roportod in favor thereof,
anyone having objections theroto or
claims for damages by reason ot tho
establishing of the nbovo doscrlbod
road muBt file samo in tho offlco of
tho County Clerk of Lincoln County,
Nebraska, on or boforo 12 o'clock noon
on the 10th day of November 1922, or
said road will bo allowed without
reference thoroto.
Witness my hand and official seal
September 28th 1922.
A. S. ALLEN, County Clerk.
ing objections thoroto or clalmB for
damngoa by tho reason of tho estab
lishing of tho nbovo described road
must fllo tho Bamo in tho offlco of tho
County Clork of Lincoln County,
Nobrnska, on or before 12 o'clock noon
tho nbovo described road must fllo
tho samo in tho office ot tho County
Clerk at Lincoln County, Nebraska, oa
or boforo 12 o'clock noon ot the lOtfo
day of November, 1922, or said road
"will bo allowed without roforoaco
Witness my hand and official seal
this 28th day of Soptombor 1922.
County Clork.
To Whom It May Conrorn:
Tho Bpeclal commissioner appointed i
to locate a public road as follows:
Commencing at tho northwest'eorner
of section 7, township 13. rango 31,
thenco north on section line or as near ,
Hotel Palace
Palace Cafe
Evaffthln firat cloo aad prices
reasonable. Opposite Union Pacific
Station. n
as practicable between soctlon G,
ing of tho above described road must j township 13, range 31, and sectl n
fllo the same in tho offlco of tho coun- '. township 13, rango 32, to the north
west corner of section 1, township 13, j
rango 31, road to bo GG feet wide, has
reported in favor thoreof, nnydno j
having objections thoroto or claims i
for damages by the reason of tho
B. & L. Building.
Phone 63
ty clerk of Lincoln County, "Nebraska,
on or before 12 o'clock noon of tho
10th day of November, 1922, or Bald
road will be allowed without roforenco
Witness my hand and official ncal i f- '
this 28th day of September 1922. , fiffiffi!
A. S. ALLEN, County Cleric.
A Travelers Life,
Accident or Health
Policy taken out
through this agency
assures you a friend
whose business it is
lo provide financial
assistance in time of
The Condolence We Send You Will Pay the Doctor,
the Grocer and the Landlord
Whereas G. R. Hoover, mortgagor,
, did on tho 11th day of August, 1922, j
! execute and deliver his certain prom-' .
' Issory nolo to Roy V. Busklrk, nnd
! did on the samo date to Becuro the
i payment ot said note, execute and do-1
' llvor to tho said Roy V. Busklrk, as
mortgagee, a first mortgage on ono
Ford Rncer, Motor No. Lincoln Coun.
ty Nq. 83. That said mortgago was
I given to secure tho amount of Elghty
i ,i nninr. tsi nm dnilnm with
Interest at 10 per cent from date, ot
' which amount twenty-seven and 30
mo fS27.30) dollars became duo om
,T . (1
I September -45, 1022. Bam mortgago
I was duly recorded in tho offlco of tho
County Clerk of Lincoln county, No- j !
braska on said dato. That said mort
gago provides that If default is maAi
' in the payment of any part of said
debt when duo, or if said proporty is j
Wednesday Only.
Comody character Impressions. Mr, Kastner has a very ploaBlng
baritone voico and Is suro to ploaso tho most critical audience. MIsb
Vyvyan ia a mimic and pantomlmlst second to none.
Shadow smiles in colors, Dopletlng all kinds ot incidents. Comic
and otherwise by clover and ''artistic throwing ot shadows on tho
Bcroon. This ia several steps ahead of any provlous shadowgraphy.
iTrmmmwrrirr TOiitnirmi inminnrrm -ht if r r n"i t n .
Comody bits. Comody talks and situations following with eccen
tric dancing.
Farco comedy. An amusing comody act fast as a bullot In action.
Very snappy. Witty dialogue. Every ono will enjoy this auro flro
mirth producer.
Also a good fire reel fcaturo plcturo will bo shown.
... ..,... .......'... ..... ......... ...'. '....
The Baptist Church will hold an AUCTION SALE at
Saturday, October 14th.
Beginning at 2 o'clock p. m. sharp
This sale will consist of tho following described articles to-wit:
Live Stock ot all kinds, Cattle, Hogs, Chickens, Geese, Ducks.
HOUSEHOLD GOODS- clock Reed babv buy bating tovo, picture
frame, scale, leather chair, floor rugs, carpet
sweeper, childs bed.
FOOD STUFF- Pottoe8 beets, carrots, beans, onions, tomatoes, apples,
flour, canned fruit.
CLOTHING- PIain sewinfi and fancy work, towels, childrens clothes, boys
clothes, shoes, aprons, home made comforts and quilts.
AN OIL PAINTING- The work of Rev-Paul A Shcnk-
Other articles to numerous to mention.
These articles have been generously donated by the mem
bers and friends ot the Baptist Church. .The proceeds
will be devoted to church purposes.
COL. E M. J0HANSEN, Auctioneer.

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