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By Opie Read
IUuitrated by
R. H. Livingstone
Capxrlght, Tbt BtU Syndic!, Inc.
CHA1TEK VII, Continued
It wits n long tlnio before Drnco
found n bont to set him over to tho
opposite shore. It was so late when
lio reached tho llcthpage plnce tlint he
did not go up to hlH room. The house
was so quiet, tho hounds themselves
nslccp, that he stole Into the garden
to pass the remainder of the night on
ft couch In the summer house. Tho nlr
was heavy with roses breathing In
through the lattice, and as he straight
ened out, grateful for repose, this
thought enme to him:
"Pale they cull death, but to mo It
will ever ho red. And I have looked
Into Its red countenance, and was not
nfralri. I thnnk Cod that llo gavo mo
that strength. . . . Hut what n
melodrama 1"
At the Breakfast table, Tycle, with
mother tenderness, upbraided Drace
for sleeping out for fear of arousing
the house. Afterward Draco and tho
General strolled out under tho trees.
"Ily the way," tho General snld pres
ently. "I havo an engagement to de
liver mi address before a teachers'
meeting In Natchez, and I should much
like to havo you bear mo company.
We can leave this evening on the
Black Hawk and reach there early in
the morning."
"I'd like very much t,o go," answered
Drncc. "But can we get back before
"Easily by Wednesday morning.
Anything Important for Thursday?"
"Oh, no. An old fellow down at tho
ferry wants mo to go fishing with htm
Thursday, and I gavo him my word
that I'd be on hand. Most rcmnrknblo
old man, fulf of fun; qulto n charac
ter." "You must mean old Spence. But
arc you sure It Is not that pretty
daughter, of his that attracts you?
You'll havo to bo a little careful, my
son. We may associate with men out
of our social running, but not with
Women. . . . Ah, Tycle I Mr. Drace
has Just consented to give mo his com
puny to Natchez."
Tho Black Hawk's band played a
welcome, and the captain came down
the plank to conduct the General on
board. From a quiet, lazy and almost
deserted landing the place leaped Into
the full throb of life. Negroes and
ahlftless whites nunc from their hovels
to gaze upon the magic splendor' of
this Journeying pnhic", and the three
shell mini Kt'pj'd ashore to gather up
1 Dinner was a state occasion, and
ifter It, the bull. Then their state
rooms then morning, and Natchoz.
The address was to he delivered In
the afternoon, and when the time came
tho General led htm over to the hall to
hear tho speech, Imprisoned htm with
out ball In a corner, and there ho had
to sit. The address wms long, academic
r nnd dulj, and tho sir"Vrer mused;
'I don't see why Shuttle ever called
you ir remarkable character."
Kvcrybody came about tho General
to take his bund. Young women told
htm that thoy had never neon so
thrilled. Draco lied to htm, too, sVoro
hint nn orator.
"Let us walk olT alone," Hald the
Slowly they walked at first, but after
n time the old gentleman struck n
brisker puce, toward the Itlvor.
"Now, my boy. as we've got through
with those beaters of dust out of old
vurpctH, we'll have sonto fun. Old
Colonel I'emberton wanted uio to go
homo with him, and he has n delight
ful house, a gracious wlfo and hand
Homo daughter, but I hud to decline.
I've Btood about as much now as I
can. We'll go down to old Tobo Ma
son's tavern, under tho hill. Tobo ta
a gvntlo old fellow, novor klllod but
three men, Ono of Uicm shot Tobo's
leg off and now ho wears a peg ; and I
want to toll you that when ho un
etraps it nnd hops nround ln a fight,
Iio'h right meddlesome At a trial ln
tho courthouse hero not long ago, tho
Judge Issued nn ordor that nil deadly
wenpons must bo left with tho doputy
sheriffs nt the door and sir, thoy
made old Tobo take oft his wooden
Tho tavern was as tough a place ns
river men could make tt Built of logs,
bricks, stone nnd clapboards, It looked
llko un architectural stagger, trying
to climb tho hill. In tho main room
wns tho bnr. Herein Tobo gavo his
famous 'possum fcusta and dances,
when Uio spirit of liquor mounted high
enough to swing its partner off tho
"Well, I'll bo knocked In tho head
for a steer I" old Tobo cried out, stump
Ing toward tho General. "I haven't
'HfiCd you. jslneji thf; Elvor tuck flee.
Well, well! fhlnkln about you the
other day. . . . Glad to shake your
hand, Mr. Drncc. Set right down."
"Tobe, I'm glnd to sec you," said the
General. "And fetch us about two
quarts of Hint snmmor-grnpc wine. Let
mo tell you about It, Drace. We have
a .wlhl nrnw litre that gets ripe alpng
In Auguxt. It's much larger and Is not
sour like the fox-grape, nnd Its vino
likes to cllttrb about n rniwmfnis sap
ling. And then you we nn umbrella of
grape. Now don't any a word fill
you've had u good tnste of It. Tobe
makes It himself, and he'll fetch us
some that's at loust twenty-five years
old. Here we are."
Tho wine was as red as blood, cool
and yet warm. Its flavor was the rip
ened sweetness of the spirit of autumn,
it was as mellow ns the scent of tho
apple at harvest time.
"What do you think of It, hey?"
"Undo Howard, are you sure that
this was not mode by Bacchus Instead
of Tobe?"
"Good, my boy I Hujoylng yourself?"
"Yon, I'm doing fine, General, You
Bee, I can't express myself as well ns
you can. I liavon t us much to uruw
from. You've not only book-knowledge
but experience, worth more so
cially Ulan all the libraries In the
"You hit It off well. But what Is
better than It nil? Moral freedom.
This table here Is rough, with one
rheumatic leg slightly drawn; 'these
chairs we sit In, bottomed with strips
of hickory bark, would be scorned at
u sheriff's snlo; but sir, Mark Antony,
In his first triumph, his chariot drawn
by lions, was not more regal than we
are at this moment, enthroned and
sceptered with moral freedom. Pour
out, for ns that same Antony said:
Scant not my cups.' Tobe, whero's
Hint old scoundrel who used to piny
'The Arkansaw Traveler'?"
Tobo stumped his way over from tho
"You menn old Slithers?"
"That's the man. What's become of
"Nothln. And I reckon he's plnyln'
right now down at Cadman's Joint,
thnt ought to bo wiped off the earth.
Want him?"
"Need him, Tobias. Send a boy
after him."
Old Slithers, bald and wrinkled,
came with his liomc-mndc fiddle. The
Old Slithers, Bald and Wrinkled,
Came With His Home-Mnde Fiddle.
Genernl greeted him warmly, Intro
duced him to Drace; und tho most
comfortable chair In tho house provid
ed blm, ho sat down to play the fa
mous old tune and to recite tho di
alogue, Improvising where his memory
failed him.
The General roared his delight, said
that he would go on tho stand to swear
against Sour Socrates In favor of tho
fiddler's dialogue. "Tobo," ho shouted,
"fetch In tho huck-nnd-wlng dnn,cra."
Tobe went to the door, yelled ns iti
calling hogs; and In came two big no-f
groes, a throng or inters rotiownig
them. At It thoy went, slinking tho ,
house, and when weariness threatened !
to seize them, for refreshment thoy',
drew off, nnd leaping, butted their'
ticads together llko goats. After a time
the Genernl gave them a dollar nplece,
dtsmlsscd them gavo tho fiddler five,
with tin order to play that old tuno
again. Old Tobo was now lighting hla
ovonlng lamps. Tho aonernl called to
"Toby, what havo you for supper?"
Tho old follow closed ono eyo.
"'What havo I gotr ho Bays. Ah,
that'B It. An' I'll tell you. I've got
hoo-cako and roasted doves,"
"No. you don't moan It 1"
"Iloc-cako and roaatod doves, I BalaV
"Good, by Gldcon'u Band. Fetch us.
Tobias. And mark you. nlong with tt
all bring about a trowel full ot that
wuu pium jouy.
Tho dovca nud tho Ktrtps or uacon
7 kLta n.1.1 tho lolly camo
on. nnd arising tho aenorul saluted
tho ronnBt.
"Talk about quail I Quail, sir, Ib In
sipid, white, dry and tasteless .com
pared with tho durk richness of tho
dove. And look at this broad, made of
mealed pearl. You novor tasted any
bacon llko that, my son, fed on acorns
showered down from Olympus. , . .
Tho Bweot of tho ulghtl"
Thoy had finished tho meal and wore
Bitting bnck, Btuoklng, sipping wluo,
when Draco noticed a sudden chango
la the Qcucral'a cmtLniJlc!ii n Ufilli:
ontng. a grrim.esK; andfurnlng about,
ho saw standing against the wall a
strange figure a mrin not tall, but
broad of shoulder, his body sloping
Ilthely down to feet expressively of
sinewy restlessness. Ills mass of hair
was like tungled llnx straw, dark nnd
yet gray. Like the bristles of a wild
boar, bis short mustache stuck out nnd
his heavy eyebrows looked tike great
hairy caterpillars crawling across his
hi.., ,uu u-.mm, rni m,K i crow n i
lotfor forehead. In his dress there'was
a wild touch, a barbaric aspect. Slowly
ho CHino forward.
"This Is Genernl Bethpngc, bob?"
"Ttltif Iti tmr ilnmn vnu WMtnf 1si
you want with me?" '
"Whut I want: hah? I coiim to 'not.
oglze to think them mule be mine." nml B0Cl,on 31 township 14 rnngo tho north uno of BCCton 8, about 20 ln tho offIco of tho county clork of
"Well, go on nway. I don't want any 29 west ot tho Gth P. M. and thonco ro,ig weat of u10 northeast corner of Lmcoln County, Nebraska, on or. bo
apology from you." ( south following said section lino, section 8, thence ln a northerly dl- ! l'ro o'clock noon or tho 10th day
"No? You put pistol at mo. That , crossing the right-of-way of tho Union roct0n along tho east bank of the i of November, 1922, or said rond -will
was In Loulslanu. This Is risHtsslp Pacific railroad and tho railroad cnuy0n on section 5 to a point about bo allowed without reforenco thereto.
An I tell you here you hnf turn car- track to tho southeast cornor of sec- 20 rods south of the northeast corner: Witness. my hand and official seal
P "What I' If General Vn.lrmv Tnrk Un 3' town8ulP 14- ranB 30- Tor- ot soclJon 5( tl)eni.0 crog3ln3 canyon 1 8 2sth of September 1022.
son sliouid arise t'hTn atlneand connecting with tho Lin- and golng north 20 roa9 aloUg tho' A. S. Alien, County Clerk.
tell me that, do you know what I
would sny to him?"
"You would beg bees pardon as you
will mine, hob?" (
"I would say to him as I now say to
you: You are an Infamous liar."
Drue, Ntimnir lietwoon them 11ml
(lw. ....... 1... tUX .....I..,. .111.
" . " , .. ,
r , i '
fcl from his hand. ,
Duiiiii duck, viuiierui, enea "ract.
"Tbero Is not going to be a fight here.
Stand bad:, Tobe I"
The dark-faced man looked Drace In
tho eye.
"Monsieur was ver' strong. But I
see him some other dny."
Turning, the fellow made off.
"Now. who the devil was that?"
asked Drace. ,
"That, my denr Drace," replied the
General, "was tho fellow you asked
about tho other day Stepho la Vltte."
To Draco this encounter with Stepho
In Vltto, the father of tho girl he
loved and the ouUaw upon whom he
had sworn to wrenk vengeance was
disturbing Indeed. The General, how
ever, wns not at nil upset by tho fact
that ho had been barely saved from 1
Stepho's knife, nnd when n short time 1 Phones
Inter thoy boarded the Bumblebe6 on -their
return, ho gripped Major Pcwltt'u
hand and said:
'ITVffi Hft T trt nr nnrl T 1a n vrn in nut '
precious possession three quarts of old
Tobe's wild grape."
"Hn which Is as much ns to soy'
that you have three quarts stewed out
of tho heart of Venus. I'll find DTaw
klns nnd the four of us win gather iu
the Texas and and llntter the stars,
by gad I But Tobe lied said he didn't
have any of the old stock left."
"And n liar's wine Is sweet, my denr
Major. Come, Virgil, my boy, put all
brooding out of your mind. Brooding
Is for the poet when the nag Is tlnjd,
and not for us. We'll hnvo a night of
It, nnd.thcn we'll return to respectable
servitude nnd slow mornl decay. My
dear Major, lend on. We follow."
Tho remainder of tho trip bnck to
Bcthpnge wns a matter of moral free
dom at tho gaming table for tho Gen
ernl. For Draco It was occupied with
tho hot struggle between thoughts of
his grim mission ngalnst Stepho, and
his longing for Nndlne. For tho time
being, however, the beautiful girl who
had rescued him from the burning hut
triumphed. She had promised to. see'
him once more on Thursday. He'
would keep tho tryst.
Presently the Bumblebee mnde Beth
pngo Landing. And tho General's hos
pitality wns at once so warm nnd so
gracious that Drace felt no hesitancy
In rcmnlnlng for tin? time being under
his roof until Shuttle's return, at
least. That night after dinner vhon'
his wife, Tyclo. had left, the old gen
tleninn lit clgnr nnd for n long time
snt smoking In silence; nnd Draco was
silent, too. looking through tho lnttlce'
at tho moon, Ice's slow timepiece
stopped and stagnnnt In the sky.
"Yes, General."
"Have yon a pistol, sir?"
"No; I had ono, but I lost It."
"Well, provide yourself with anoth
er. In saving me from n deadly assault
you have mortally offended old Ln
,Ue e ,s , no w,So nfrnM. but
ncUhop Js ,J0 am, wouId
you without wnrnlng. You told me,
you remember, of your appointment to
meet old Spence tomorrow. I! haven't
any too much confidence In him; ho
might play you Into tho hands of
Stepho, nnd I ndvlso you. aot to go
flshlnc wlh htm."
(To Ito Continued.)
To Whom It May Concern:
Tho spoclal commissioner appointed
to locnto a public road as follows:
Beginning at tho Bouthenst cornor ot
soctlon 29, and tho northeast corner
ot Bootlon 32, township 11 nnd rnngo
32. thonco running west ono nillo bo-
tWM.n RficH0nH 29 and 32. alone said
jrrflnn linn flinnPA nnilHl Iwttwnnn
SQOtOM 31 and 32( to Ul0 north Hn0
f town8hjp 10, thonco south between
' , ., .
actions 5 and G and sections 7 and 8.
3 and 17 to the south lino of soctlon
17, thonco cast nbout 80 rods between
sections 17 and 20, nil ln Lincoln
County Nebraska, tho nbovo described
rond is to bo 0(5 foot wldo, has re
ported in favor thoroof, anyono hav
ing objections thoroto or claims for
damagos by tho roaBon of tho estab
Hailing ot tho nbovo doscrlhod road
must fllo tho samo in tho office ot tho
County Clork ot Lincoln County,
Nohrnskn, on or before 12 o'clock noon
ot tho 10th day ot Soptombor 1922, or
Bald road w111 bo alIowod withont
,rofc.ronco therct' . - .
Witnss my hand and official soal
this 28th day of Sptember, 1922.
County Clerk.
To Whom It Mnv Rnnnnrnf
m ' '"T " .
xno special commissioner appointed
t0 locnto a public road as follows:
Boat! to be Gil foot wide.
Comrnonclng at tho couth end of
No 233 011 floct,on llne betwocn
' SQct,on3 3(3, township 14, range 30,
"tj . i'uhh, hu iu-
.uurueu m mvor uiorcoi, anu anyone
having objection thoroto or claims for
damages by reason of tho establish-
tng; of tho above descrlbod road must
fllo tho same In the office of tho coun-
rlm-ir r rinnnin n..n.. xrni.nni.n
' """vi vu,du,
. . . .
0U or Dororo 12 OCIOCk noon ofitM0
10th day of November, 1922, or aald
, win , ,, ,, ,vtiv.n,.t
..... . l.v.. ..v.
Witness my hand and official neal
this 28th day of Soptcmbor 1922.
A. S. ALLEN. County Clerk.
.ioiin s. snms. ai. i.
Speclnl Attention Given to
( Surgerv
- McDonald Batik Muildl'ii:
Office Phone 83 Uesldenee
Wit. ItEDPIKIil)
Physician, Ohxti'li'lclun, Snri:em.
Calls promptly answered Nlglw or
Office H42 Kesfilpii- "
nrVHE power that makes big hills
X seem little!
Red Grown Gasoline is full of that kind
of power not an occasional flash of
pep and soon afterwards the familiar
knocks caused by heavy carbon deposits.
And what you want is a gasoline that is satis
factory in all of four respects starting, pick-up,
power and mileage. You have it when you get
Red Grown, the balanced gasoline. Instant
starting, quick on the pick-up, consistent hill
climbing power and maximum mileage. An
unbalanced gasoline may give you" some of these
but it can't give you all of them.
Make the nearest Red Crown Service Station
your headquarters for gasoline and motor oils.
You will always find the supply as dependable
as the quality the finest. Free air and water
when you need it, courteous service, full
Let the Red Crown Sign be your protection
L nt-T '
: " ' "
Tho special commissioner appointed
to locate a public road as follows:
j Commencing at road No.' 2G5 at tho
northeast corner of section 2D, town
1 aout 520 rods, onor noar tho soc-
tion lino ns practical, tlicnco in n
head of tho canyon and back to tho!10 ,ocato n Publ,c rond follows:
' section line, thence north to fhc
' . . ' .
ii iirr ii nn b r riiirn ni' rr ct n n t inn i i
north oast corner of section 17,1" 1 " una oneoatng wo muoB
thence In a j.orthwosterly dt- north lo ct'unty linc- ha8 reported in
rectlon down a rldgo about 160 ! favor thereof, any ono having objee-
rods to tll0 maln canyon( thence In a
northeasterly direction ctfong the east
1)ank of tho cnnvon on section 8. to
north sldo of tho canyon to tho north-
tenst corner of section 5, thonco north
ab0ut 240 rods on tho west section
n,l0 or section 33, townsntp 10, rangolA eminent petition, as follonfh:
07, west, thenco in a northeasterly I Commencing at tho northeast cor-
direction around a head ot a-canyon ner of section 35, township 15, range
. . . . . ... nn ...
l0 a point auout 10 rous eapi ot uieioj, running tnenco west on tno sec
northwest corner of section 33, thenco
cast about. 140 rods along or as I
. ., t. ...
uuur an luiiuuuiu, ihc aounun line uu-
twon S0CtionB 33 and section 28, to
tho northeast corner of tho north-
west quarter of section 33, township 1 section 35, said road to be a section
10, north of range 27, west of the Gth I lino road and to bo G6 feet wldo, to-trlt
P. M. The above described road ter- 33 feet on each side of said section
minatlng at road No. 292 and to be j lino. Anyono having objections there
any width up to G6 feet that i3 neces- j to or claims for damages by reason of
sary to make a good road, has re- tho establishing of tho above dea
ported in favor thereof anyone hav- jcrlbcd road must file tho same in the
; ing objections thereto or claims for office of the County Clork of L'ncoln
; damages by tho reason of the cstab-1 County, Nebraska, on nr before 12
ltshlng of thg nbovo doscrtbed road . o'clock noon of the 10th day of Not.
! must file the same In tho office of the 1 1922, or said road will bo allowed
County Clerk of Lincoln County, No- without reference thereto.
b-aska, on or before 12 noon of tho Wltenss my hand nnd official seal
, 10th day of November, 1922, or said ' this 28th day of September 1922.
road will bo allowed wltnout reference
Witnoss my luuid and official seal
tho 28th day of September, 1022.
County Clerk.
To Whom It May Concern :-
Tho special commissioner appointed
u t i
commencing s. w Corner of Sec.
m n rv n . ...
I t!pns thereto or claims for damages
uy reason of the establishing of tho
nbovo descrlbod road must file same
ITo Whom It Mny Concern:
tion lino between section 35 and 20,
township 15, range 33 to tho north
. .
, wuoi uuniur ui sum section iia tnenco
' south along tho west section line of
section 35 to the southwest corner ot
County Clerk.
"Write or ask for a
Road Map
mrm m m m m m
C Mm 1

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