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tl.or of Riders of the Purple Sage.
rfras-- -ev ai0 v iLir i -
Chapter VIII Continued
""Snore 1 appreciate It, Dick,
know flow you care for that boss. 1
SUC8S raebbe Charley Ladd has loved
hoRSl An' one not so good us Sol.
I was only tryln' your nerve, Dick,
askln' you without tcllln' my plan.
Sol won't got a scratch, you can
gamble on that I I'll ride him down
Into the valley an' pull thejGrenscrs
out Into the open. Thcy'vo got short
ranged carbines. They can't keep out
of range of the .40.", an' I'll bo takln
the dust of their lead. They can't gain
on Sol, an' he'll run them down when
I want. Can you beat It?"
"No. It's great I . . . But sup
pose a raider comes out on Dlanco
"I reckon that's the one weak placo
In my plan. Hut If they do, well, Sol
can outrun Diablo. An' I can always
kill the white devil I"
Lndd's strange bate of the horso
showed In tho passion of his last
words, In his hardening jaw and grim
set Hps.
Gale's hand went swiftly to tho
ranger's shoulder.
"Loddy. Don't kill Diablo unless
It's to save jour life."
"All right. Hut by G d, If 1 get
a chance I'll make Blanco Sol run htm
off his legs 1"
Ho spoke no more and set about
changing the length of Sol's stirrups.
When he had them adjusted to suit, h
mounted and rodo down th6 trail and
out upon the level. Ho rodo leisurely
as If merely going to water his horse.
Tho long black rlllo lying across Ma
saddle, however, was ominous.
Galo securely tied tho other horso j
to a mesqulte nt hand, and took a 1
position behind a low rock over which J
he could easily sco and shoot when ,
necessary. Ladd rodo a quarter of n l
mllo out upon tho lint before anything
happened. Then a whlstlo rent tho '
Btlll, cold air? A horse had seen or ,
scented Blanco Sol. Tho whlstlo was
prolonged, faint, but clear. It made
tho blood thrum In Gnlo's cars. Sol
hnlted. His hend shot up with tho
old, wild, spirited sweep. Gale leveled
his glass nt the patch of mcsqultes.
Ho saw tho raiders running to an open
place, pointing, gesticulating. Then
ho got only white and dark gleams of
moving bodies. Evidently that momont
wns one of boots, guns and saddles
for tho raiders.
' Then Gale saw a rlijpr gallon
swiftly from tho group toward the far
ther outlot of tho valley. This might
have been owing to characteristic
cowardice; but It win more likely n
.move of tho raiders to nmko sure of
rottvnt. Undoubtedly Ladd saw this
galloping horseman. A few waiting
Cnl???' VXC fUPl,lR ".'IT'
man rtmclinu too Nlnnn. Iipirnn In olluih.
man reached the slope, began to climb
With naked eyes Gale saw a puff of
white smoke spring out of tho rocks.
Then tho raider wheeled his plunging
horso hnck to tho lovel, and went rac
ing wildly down the valley.
The compnet bunch of bnys and
hhicks seemed to bronk npnrt and
sprond rapidly from the edge of the
mesqultes. Puffs of white smoke In
dicated firing, and showed tho nnture
of the raiders' excitement. They were
far out of ordinary rnngo; but they
spurred toward Ladd, shooting as they
rode. The raiders' bullets, striking
low, were skipping along the hnrd,
bare floor of the valloy. Then Ladd '
ralsod tho long rlllo, Thoro wns no
smoke, but three high, spanglng re-! !
ports rang out, A gap opened In the ,
dark lino of ndvnnclng horsemen; '
then n riderless stood sheered off to
the right. Blanco Sol seemed to turn
ns on a pivot nnd charged bock
toward tho lower end of the valley.
IIo circled over to Galo's right nnd
stretched out Into his run. TUcrc
were now five raiders ln pursuit, and
they camo sweeping down, yelling and
shooting, evidently suro of their
quarry. Ladd reserved his fire. He
kept turning from bnck to front In
his saddle. I
Manifestly he Intended to try to
lead tho raiders round ln front ot
Gale's position, and, presently, Gale,
saw ho was going to succeed. The,
raiders, riding like vnqucros, swept
on ln a curve, cutting off what dls-j
tanco thoy could. Blanco Sol pound
ed by, his rapid, rhythmic hoofbents
plainly to bo henrd. no was running
Gnlo tried to still the Jump of henii
and pulse, nnd turned his eye otfr.lii
on tho neurest pursuer. Tills ro'ler
was crossing ln, his carblno held
muzzle up In his right hand, nnd he
wns c6mlng swiftly. It was ti long
shot, upward of five hundred yards.
Oalo had not time to adjust Mio sights
of tho Remington, but ho know Mie
gan and, holding coarsely upon the
swiftly aioring blot, ho began to shoot
The rlflo wns automatic ; Galo needed
only to pull the trigger. Swiftly ha
worked Suddenly tho Icadlnj
Illustrations by
Irwin Hyer
norso leaped convulsively, not up nor
nslde, but Btralght ahead, and then
he crashed to the ground, throwing his
rider llko a catapult, and then slid
and rolled. Ho half got up, fell back,
and kicked ; but his rider never moved.
The other rangers sawed tho rclna
of plunging steeds and whirled to
escape tho unseen battery. Gale
slipped a fresh clip Into tho maga
zine of his ride, no restrained nim- Bnw LaM can down and drop the
self from useless firing and gavo eager ) i405 ln tne gnml rje would take no
eye to the duel below. Ladd began to i ci,nrices of wounding Beldlng's best
shoot while Sol was running. Thej i0Vcd horse.
.405 rang out sharply then again. Tllon Gnl'c snt transfixed with sub-
The heavy bullets streaked the dust, pemle(1 brentn wntChlng tho horses
nu mo way utruss inu vuuuy.
raiders spurred madly In pursuit
loading and firing. They shot ten
times while Ladd shot once, and all
In vnln; and on Ladd's sixth shot a
raider toppled backward, throw his
carbine and fell with his foot catching
In n stirrup. The frightened horse
plunged away, dragging him In a path
of dust.
now Blanco Sol quickened and length
ened his running stride. Ho ran away
from his pursuers. Then It was that
the ranger's ruso was divined by tha
raiders. They hauled sharply up and
seemed to bo conferring. But that
was a fatal mistake. Blanco Sol wai
seen to break his gait and slow down
In several Jumps, then square away
and stand stockstlll. Ladd fired nt the
closely grouped raiders. An Instant
passed. Then Gale heard the spat ol
a bullet out In front, saw a puff ol
dust, then henrd the lead strike the
rocks and go whining awny. And It wn
after this that one of tho raiders fell
prone from his saddle. Tho steel
Jacketed .405 had gone through him
on Its uninterrupted wny to hum past
Gale's position.
The remnlnlng two raiders fran
tically spurred their horses and fled up
tho vnlloy. Ladd sent Sol after them.
Tho raiders split, one making for the
eustern outlot, the other circling back
of the mesqultes. Ladd kept on aftei
the latter. Then puffs of white smoke
and rifle shots faintly crackling told ol
Jim Lash's hand In tho gnme. How
ever, he succeeded only ln driving the
roller back into tho vnlley. But Ladd
had turned the other horseman, and
now It appeared tho two raiders were
between Lash above on the stonj
slope and Lndd below on tho lovel.
There was desperate riding on pnrl
of the raiders to keep from being
hemmed In closer. Only ono of them
got nway, and ho enmo riding for Ufa
down under the eastern wall. Blanco
Sol settled Into his graceful, beautiful
BWlng. He gained steadily, though he
wns far from extending himself.
Some fow hundred rods to tho left
the raider put his horso to the
.... ...
weathered slope. He began to climb,
Zigzag they wont up nnd up, and when
Lndd reached the edgo of tho slope
they were high along tho cracked nnd
guttered rniiipart. Once twice Ladd
raised tho long rlllo, but each time he
lowered It. Galo divined that Mie
ranger's restrnlnt wns not on account
of tho Mexican, but for Mint vnllnnt
and fulthfut horse. Ur and ui ho
wont, and tho yellow dust clouds rose, ;
nnd nn nvalnncho rolled rattling nnd
cracking down the slope. It was be-1 ;
Only One of Them Got Away, and Ho
Came Riding for Life Down Under
the Eastern Wall.
yond belief Mint a horse, burdened or
unburdened, could find footing nnd
hold it upon that wall of narrow
ledges and Invorted, slnnMng gulllos.
But ho climbed on, sure-footed as n
mountain goat, and, surmounting the
Inst rough stepsj ho stood a moment
sllhouottod against the white sky.
Then lie disappeared. Lndd snt
astride Blnnco Sol gazing upward.
' Haw the cowboy must have honored
that raider's Imtve otecdt
Gale, who had been too dumb to
filiout the admiration he felt, suddenly
' leaped up, and his voice came with a
' "Look out, Lnddyl"
I A biff horse, like a white streak, was
1 bearing down to the right of the
i ranger. Ulanco Diablo 1 A matchless
i rider swung with the horse's motion.
! Gale was stunned. Then ho remem-
bcred the first raider, the one Lash
had shot at and driven away from the
UUUL'W l nits it'liuw mm umuu iui lhu
mesqulte and had put a saddle on'
1 rm.i s..it .Mn.1n v it,rt
Beldlng's favorite. In the heat of tho
excitement, while Ladd had been In
tent upon tho climbing horse, this last
raider had come down with tho speed
of the wind straight for tho western
outlet Perhaps, very probably, he
did not know Galo was there to block
It; and certainly ho hoped to pass
Ladd and Blanco Sol.
A touch of tho spur made Sol lunge
forward to head off tho raider. Diablo
was In his stride, but the distance and
angle favored Sol. The raider had no
carbine, lie held aloft a gun ready
to level It and fire, no sat the saddle
as If It were a stationary scat. Galo
thundering toward him. Blanco Dla
bio was speeding low, fleet as nn an
telope, fierce and terrible ln his dev
ilish nctlon, a horse for war and blood
and death. Ho seemed unbeatable.
Yet to see the magnificently running
Blanco Sol wns but to court a doubt
Plain It was tho raider could not make
tho opening nhend of Ladd. He saw
It and swerved to the left, emptying
his six-shooter as he turned.
Blanco Sol thundered ncross. Then
the-race became straight away up the
valley. It was n fleet, beautiful, mag
nificent race. Gale thrilled and ex
ulted and yelled as his horse settled
Into n steadily swifter run and began
to gain.
Tho gap between Diablo and Sol
nnrrowed yard by yard. All tho devil
that was In Blanco Diablo lind Its run
ning on the downward stretch. The
strange, cruel urge of bit and spur,
the crazed rider who stuck like a burr
upon him, the shots and smoke ndded
terror to his nntural violent temper,
ne ran himself off his feet. But he
could not elude Mint relentless horso
behind him.
Then, like ono white flash following
another, tho two horses gleamed down
the bank of a wash and disappeared
in clouds of dust.
Gale watched wlMi strained and
smarting eyes. The thick throb In
I his cars was pierced by faint sounds
of gunshots. Then he waited In al
! most unendurable suspense.
Suddenly something whiter than the
1 backgrrund of dust appeared above
the low roll of valley floor. Gnlo lev
eled his gltisss. In the clear circle
shone Blanco Sol's noble head with Its
long blnck bar from ears to nose.
Sol's hend was drooping now. Another
second showed Lndd still In the snddle.
Tho rniv.cr was leading Blanco
Diablo spent broken dragging
An Interrupted Siesta.
No man ever had a. more eloquent
and benutlful pleader for his cause
than hnd Dick Gale In Mercedes Cns
tanedn. Nell lay In the hnmniock,
her hnnds behind her head, with rosy i
cheeks nnd arch eyes. Indeed she,
looked rebellious.
Dick was Inclined to be rebellious,
himself. Beldlng had kept the- rangers
ln off tho line, and therefore Dick!
had been Idle most of the time, and, I
though ho tried hnrd, ho hud boon
unable to stay far from Nell's vicinity. 1
IIo b'illevcd she cared for him; but
ho could not catch her alone long
enough to verify his tormenting hope.
He had long before enlisted the loyal
Mercedes In his anise; but ln spite of
this Noll, had been more than n match
for them both.
Gnlo pondered ovor an Idea ho had! -n,atntn T . . .
long revolved in mind, nnd which now Estate No. 1S93 of Rhoda A. Ed
Buddenly gavo place to a decision Miat mlfton, deceased ln tho County Court
made his heart swell and his cheek I of Lincoln County, Nobraska.
burn. IIo wont In sonrch of Mrs. Bel
dlng, nnd found her busy In the
Tho relation between Gnlo and Mrs.
Beldlng hnd subtly and Inconiprehen
'slvely changed. He understood her
less than when nt first ho divined nn
antagonism ln her. If such n thing
were possible she had retained the
antagonism while seeming to yield to
some Influence Mint must have been
fondness for him. Gnlo had come to
care greatly for Nell's mother. Not
only was sho tho comfort and strength
of her home, but also , of the Inhabi
tants of Forlorn River. Indian, Mexi
can, American wcro all tho samo to
her In trouble or Illness 5 and Mien she
was nurse, doctor, peacemaker, helper.
She was good and noble, and there was
not a child or grownup ln Forlorn
Rlvr who did not love nnd bless her.
But Mrs. Beldlng did not seem happy.
She seldom smiled, and never laughed.
There was always a soft, sad, hurt
look In her eyes. Galo often won
dered If Micro had been other tragedy
In her life than the supposed loss ot
her father In tho desert.
Mrs. Beldlng heard Dick's step as
he entered the kitchen, and, looking
up, greeted him.
"Motiier," bognn Dick, cnrncsMy.
Beldlng called her that, and so did
Lndd and Lash, but It was Mie first
time for Dick. "Mother I want to
speak to you,"
The only Indication Mrs. Deldlng
gave of being startled was in her
eyes, which darkened, shadowed with
multiplying thought.
"I love Nell," went on Dick, simply,
"and I want you to let mo ask her
to bo my wife."
Mrs, Holding's face blanched to f
deathly white. Gale, thinking with
surprise and concern that she wai
going to faint, moved quickly toward
her, took her arm.
"Forgive mo. I was blunt. . . .
Hut I thought you knew."
Tvo known for a long time," replied
Mrs. Holding. .Her voice was steady,
and there was no evidence of agita
tion excent in ner paiior. -much
. i .n xnll9
you .haven t spokenjo Nclir
Good domand. Better Mian last year.
l. LirsniTZ
Trovlyn E. Doucet
Teacher of Violin and Cornet
Over Hlrschfeld's
Offlrp Phone 332 Roe. Phone 102
Notice Is hereby given that on tho
2nd day of January 1923 at ono o'clock
v. m. at tho offlco of tho county
treasurer of Lincoln county, tho Com
mlsslonor of Public Lands and Build
lngs, or his authorized reprosentaMve,
will offer for loase at public auction
all educational lands within said
county upon which forfeiture of con
tract has been declared or lease con
tract has expired.
All sec. 16-12-26
NWW, SE14 scsc. 361226
All sec. 161626
All sec' 16 10 27
All sec. 361027
E sec. 361127
All sec. 101027
All sec. 361023
W, SEV1 sec. 161029
All sec. 361029
All sec. 361129
N'NWU sec. 361229
SW4NEy4, SEVi, lot 2, 3 sec
S&SEVi sec. 161629
NW&, NSWVl sec. 361629
N&NE14. WW sec 16930
NWV4 soc 36930
All sec. 161030
NE4 sec 161130
S1 sec. 361230
NWVi sec. 361530
N sei 361630
All uec 16931
All soc. 36931
V. SEtfSEVi sec. 161231.
All soc. 36 1331
All sec. 361631
All sec 161032
W sec. 361332
Vt soc 36933.
SW4 soc. 361333
SEV4SWW, SE, Lots 2, 3, 4, 5. soc
S 14 33.
N, NHsSWii. SEVi soc. 1614
All soc. 361533 '
NMiN'Vj sec 161633 '
All sec. 16934
SW4 sec. 161034
All soc. 161134
NEV1 sec. 161334
N&N, lots 2, 3 ,4, soc. 141434
! Docombor 8 1922
DAN SWANSON, Commissioner of
Public Lands and Buildings.
Tho Stato of Nebraska, to all persons
interested in said Estato tako noMco
that tho Administrator has filed a
final account and report of his admin
istration and a poMMon for final set
tlement nnd dlschargo as such Admln-
'strutor. which havo been sot for hear-
Ing boforo said court on January 19th,
1923 at 10 o'clock a. m. when you may
appear and contest tho same.
Dated December 23rd, 1922.
County Judge
J. C. Hollman, Atty.
Estato No. 1923 of James V. Rob
inson, deceased ln tho County Court
of Lincoln County, Nobraska.
Tho Stato of Nobraska. To all por
sons lntorostcd ln said Estato tako
notico that a potltlon has boen tiled
for tho nllowanco to probato ot tho
last will and testament ot James
V. Robluson, deceased and tho ap
pointment of Ada A. Robinson at Ex
ecutrix of said Estato, which has beon
sot for hearing horeln on Jan. 16th,
1923 at 10 o'clock a. m.
Dated Dec. 23rd, 1922.
County Judgo
Physician and Surgeon
Bpoclal Attention Given to Surgerj
and Obffetrlcs
Offlco: Building & Loan Building
Phones: Office 130 Residence llf
Offlco 340
Osteopath Physician
Over tho Oasis North Platf
Physician, Obstetrician, Sunu'vii
Calls promptly answered Nigh, or Da
Phones. Offlco C42 Resldonco 676
Graduate VcUsrlnnrlnn
Ex-Govornmont Votorlnarlun and ei
assistant deputy State Veterinarian
Hospital 315 South Vino Stroet.
Phones. Hospital 633 Residence 63S
Office Phono 241 Res. Phone 21
Osteopathic Physician
North Plntte. Nebraska
Knights of Columbus Building.
For dates and terms call at
First National Bank
NorMi Platte, Nob.
Takon up by undorslgned Block 33
and 31, Novillo addition, . County of
Lincoln, Stato of Nebraska; on tho 19
day of November 1922, 1 black goldlng,
2 years old; 1 dun colored goldlng
coming 2 yoars old; 1 gray maro com
ing 4 yrs. old. Unbroko and no brands.
Dated Mils 22 day of Novembor 1922.
Signed Gone Crook.
To whom it may concorn:
A consent peMtlon presented to tho
board of county commissioners to lo
cate a road commencing at tho South
Woat corner of Section nlno (9) and
Mie Southoast corner of Section eight
(8) Town Thirteen (13) Range Thirty
four (34) to connect with road No.
213. All objections Mioreto or claims
for damage must bo filed in tho Coun
ty Clerk's office on or before noon
on Mio 2nd day of January, A. D. 1923
or such road will bo established with
out reference Mioreto.
Said road to bo 66 feet wide
County Clerk
To whom it may concorn:
A consent petition presented to Mio
board of county commissioners to lo
cate a road commencing at tho South
west corner of Section 27, Township
14, North of Range 31 woot of Mio
6M1 P. M. and running tiionco North
on section lino to tho Union Pacifld
Railroad right-of-way. All objections
thoroto or claims for damage must
bo filed ln Mie County Clerk's offlco
on or before noon of Mio 2nd day of
January A. D. 1023 or uch road will
be established without reference
Said road to bo 66 foot wldo.
County Clerk
Notice Is horoby given that tho City
Council of tho city or North Platte,
Nobraska, will sit as a Board of
Equalization on January 2nd, 1923 at
8 p .m., for tho purposo of equalizing
nnd assessing tho cost of construction
of pavement in Paving District No. 9,
being West 4th Street and ln Paving
District No. 11, being West 9th Streot.1
against tho abutting property owners.
All those having objections to such
equalization and assessment will be
present at tho council chamber on
said dato for tho purposo of presenting
to tho council all obJocMons.
Witness my hand this 19th day of
Docombor, 1922 .
City Clerk.
To whom It may concorn:
Tho commissioner appointed to va
cnto roads Number 120 and 161. Road
No. 120 oommonclng on the section
lino botwoon socMons 8 and 9 Town
14, Rango 33, Mionco in a Northeast
erly direction, parallel with tho souMi
bank of Mio North Platto rlvor, and
tormlnaMng on Mio soctlon lino bo
twoon secMons 9 and 10 Town 14
Rango 33.
And road No. 161, commencing on
section lino botwoon Sections 9 and
10, Town 14, Rango 33, thonco run
ning 1n n Southeasterly direction to
tho section lino botwoon sections 10
and 11 in Town 14, Rango 33, West
was roportod In favor of tho vacation
theroof, and all obJoctlonB thoroto
must bo fllod ln Mio county clerk's
offlco on or boforo noon on tho 2nd
day ot January, 1923 or Buch roads
will bo vacated without roforonco
County Clork
Humus 6 6. 7 Building & Loan Uldg
Office Phono 70 Res Phone 1242
Practice limited to Eye, Ear, Nose and
Offices over McDonald Bnnk
Phono CIO
Licensed Emlmlmcrs
Jnderlakers and Funeral Directors
Day Phono 41 Night Phono Black 5d8
X-ltny Dinunosls Oxygen nnd
Gnj Anesthesia for Extractions.
Orer Union Statu Bank
Phono 256
john s. snors, m. d.
Special Attention Given to
McDonald Bank Building
Office, Phone 83 Residence 3R
Physician and Surgeon . )
X-Rny y"' J
DIagnoss and Troament
Ovor Union Stato Bank
Office Phono 296W House Phono 2H6R
Estate No. 1920 of HatMo M. Rockard,
deceased ln tho County Court of Lin
coln County, Nobraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska. To all per
sons interested In said Estate take
notico Mint a peMUon has been filed
for tho probating of tho will filed and
tho appointment of E. H. Evans as
executor of said estate, which has been
set for hearing herein on January 2,
1923 at 10 o'clock a. m.
Dated December 9Mi, 1922.
County Judge.
To whom it may concern:
The Bpoclal commissioner appointed
to locate a public road aa follows:
Beginning at the SouMioast corner
of Section Twenty-nine and tho North
oast corner of SecUon Thirty-two,
township eleven and range Milrty-two;
thence running west ono milo between
secMons twonty-nino and thirty-two,
along said secUon line, Mionce South
between SecMons tkirty-ono and thir
ty two to tho SouMi line of township
eleven, Mionce souMi between sections
five and bLx and seven and eight,
seventeen and eighteen to tho South
lino of SecMon Sevontoon, thonco east
about eighty rods between sections
seventeen and twenty ln township ton,
range thirty-two, all in Lincoln coun
ty and Stato of Nebraska, tho above
(loacrlbod road to CG fL' wlde
Any or all parties having obJecMons
thoroto or claims for damagos by
reason of tho establshmont of tho said
abovo described road must file same in
the offlco of tho County Cerk of Lin
coln County, Nobraska, on or before
12 o'clock noon of tho 26th day of
Feb. A. D. 1923.
Dattd at North Platte, Nebr., this
11th day of Nov. 1922.
County Clerk
Scaled bids will bo received at tho
Office of tho County Clerk of Lin
coln County, Nebrasljp, on or before
12 o'clock noon of tho 8th day of
January, 1923, for the records,
blanks and supplies estimated as
4-8 qr. looso leaf plain records,
printed heads.
4-8 qr. looso leaf printed head and
page records.
5 tax lists 2-4 qr; 2-6 qr., 1-3 qr.
Tho above records to bo made of
tho best linon ledger paper, full bond
extra onds, bands and fronts, with
canvas covers.
400 school land receipts, triplicate.
12,200 tax receipts ln duplicate.
2000 Redemption Certificates in
4 dozen chattel files of 100 pages
49 assessors books, ledger paper,
cloth bound, per book.
8000 assessors schedules In dupli
cate. CLASS "B"
Wliolo sheet blanks, per 100.
Half sheet blanks, per 100.
Quarter shoot blanks, per 100.
Envelopes, 3 1-2x6 1-2, per 1000.
Envelopes 4x9 1-2, per 1000.
Sanford8 Writing Fluid, per quart.
Sponcerlan or Gluclum pons, por
Pencils, per gross.
Recor ! Ribbons, por dozen.
All o' said supplies to bo first
class atd to bo furnlshel as requir
ed by tho County Officers.
Successful bidders to furnish
bond to bo approved by tho County
Board, each bidder to havo printed
on tho onvolopo "Bids for PrlnMng."
Tho Commissioners of said County
reserve tho right to rojoct any or all
Dated at North Platto, Nobraska,
this 14Mi day of Decombor, 1922.
A. S. ALLEN, County Clerk.

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