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Why Not Have a Com
pany Closet?
(Copyright, by Joseph D. Bowles.)
"Yes, I would like to bring a friend
home to lunch, but my wifo Is never
ready, says she does not have tilings
in the house for unexpected company
and it is ho much bother," remarked
the business man.
You ought to have u company clos
ot like my wife hus," answered 13.
21. number two. "I don't know how it
Vi, but Mamo always manages to get
admothlng up if I bring people home
without warning. I asked how it was
ono day, and she said she had emer
gency shelves."
So I asked Maine what a company
closet was. " 'A company closet?' Oh,
it's two or three shelves in my pantry
that I devote to keeping goods that I
can use in an emergency. You know
I started in by doing light housekeep
ing and living with a chafing dish.
This taught me how io use prepared
food. Then 1 kept house and had
canned tomatoes to make soup if any
one came unexpectedly, but now I
Sleep quite an assortment of goods
ready for instant use.
"What aro they? Well, to begin
with, there are lots of things out of
which I can make sandwiches when
Bob turns up with an old friend from
-the place he used to live in, and my
refrigerator is empty. There are all
sorts of canned pates, among them
chicken, wild duck, grouse, partridge
and quail. Then I keep canned lob
ster, sardines in oil, shrimps, little
neck clams and such things that vary
in price from -15 to 35 cents, and aro
always ready to put in between thin
slices of bread and butter to mako de
licious sandwiches. Out. of the shrimps
and lobster I can make salad with my
bottlo of salad dressing that is on the
samo shelf.
"On another shelf I keep all sorts of
canned nnd bottled soups and it is
ntinlBhlmr hnw innnv vnvlnUoR fhorn
. ( J - - ... . . . u ... I " V
are". All that is needed is to heat
them up, put in somo celery salt if de
sired, arid thicken them with a little
macaroni, or one can. use them with
out any thickening at all. Among my
canned soups I have mock turtle, to
mato, ox tail, consomme, julienne,
chicken, colory, vegetable, tomato and
okra, and beef. I buy these cans by
the dozen and get them in this way at
a reduction. They average ten cents
a can. When I am very particular I
open a can of green turtle soup or
clam chowder, but these cost more.
So you see I am all light as regards
soup in an emergency.
"When I do not want to follow my
soup course with sandwiches I can
open somo of my potted meats. I am
In Justice To Xanthippe.
To speak ill of one who is dead and
cannot defend him or herself is gen
erally conceded to be a disgraceful
deod. Yot from generation to genera
tion this has been dono in the case of
Mrs. Socrates (neo Xanthippe), says
Kathorino Smith, who undertakes a
defenso of that much-abused lady in
tho Smart Set.
Xanthippe's parents were poor but
proud when Socrates sought her hand
in marriage. She began life hampered
with many drawbacks. There was her
name, long, and beginning with that
rarely heard consonant, X. She was
tho youngest of a noblo family, and
tho rest of tho alphabet had been ex
hausted In provdlng for her 23 broth
ers and sisters.
What could be her endearing nick
name? Was it Xannlo? Could it be
Thlppe? Not at all. The modest,
shrinking child grow up to woman
hood as Xanthippe, lived as Xanthippe,
died as Xanthippe. Centuries after
her death the word is used to illus
trate tho alphabet as one of tho few
words beginning with tho mellifluous,
but seldom encountered, letter X. She
has, at least, that individuality, poor
Socrates was, an old man when ho
married, and far from a beauty.
Xanthippe, much younger, would prob
ablv have taken prldo in tho Cornell-
noss of a husband, but Socrates went
for tho most part barefoot, was un
gainly and dressed poorly. That his
wifo was of tender heart Is evinced by
her naming her llrst child Lamprooles.
It "will bo seen that her object was
to find a name capablo of a pretty and
eudearlng diminutive. Hero was a
woman who, even If Bho felt inclined
to uso an endearing name toward her
flat-nosed, thick-lipped husband, would
be obliged to call 'him Soc or Hatty.
quite proud of the variety I have of
thoso for nearly every kind of meat
comes prepared in this way. For in
stance, corn beef comes for 15 cents
a can, good roast beef is 22 cents a
can, veal loaf, Is a triile cheaper. Re
sides these, I have ham loaf, hamburg
steak, chicken loaf, cooked turkey, Vi
enna sausage, potted turkey and pe
tlto frankfurters. I didn't know there
were so many kinds until I began to
stock up my closet. But these aver
age 15 to 20 conts a can, tho most
expensive is 50 cents and they are
good cold or can be heated quickly.
"Of course I have shelves with jol
lies and preserved fruits and when I
wnnt inoro than I put up myself I find
I can get at least a dozen varieties
of jelly that aro always in tho mar
ket, orange marmalade, bar-leduc
jelly, guava jelly and canned pineap
ple, cherries, plums and peaches. So
I am never at a loss in tho matter of
sauces. To supplement these I keep
on hand different varieties of wafers
such as vanilla, fruit, cocoanut, etc.,
for often 1 have no cake in the house.
Thus you see I am provided with a
soup courso, a meat or sandwich
course, and a dessert. At times I want
side dishes and for these I keep pea
nut butler which I often make in sand
wiches, jars of cheese, pots of mado
mustard, olives, cheese sandwiches,
and lots of other fancy goods that aro
on tho market. When J.t comes to tho
matter of something to drink, of
courso I always have coffee and tea
in tho house, but I also keep on my
emergency shelf a can of cocoa which
can bo prepared easily and rapidly
and various fruit juices, like grape
and raspberry. These last aro deli
cious in summer, served with ice. If
I happen to have a lemon In the house
I put in tho Juice also. I always keep
in my company closet a box of nice
layer raisins and two or three kinds
of nuts. These I use for dessert when
I do not have fruit and wafers. Some
times I vary these with a jar of honey,
figs and dates.
"Don't think wo live on such canned
goods all tho time, but like all fami
lies we often have enough for two
and not for three, and aro without
cake and delicacies ono wishes to. set
before a guest. My company closet
solves the problem at once. Bob thinks
it is a miracle, but I know it is simply
that I look ahead for an emergency;
Then, too, with these varieties of
goods 1 am always ready to servo a
cup of cholocate with wafers to tho
afternoon guest who calls in winter,
or if in summer, I have my fruit
Juices to serve with a thin, sweet wn
for. It is really as simple as can be.
The wonder is more women do not do
the same and everybody docs not have
a company closet. The English call
these 'pantry groceries,' and have
stores that carry nothing else. Lots of
times I am complimented on my soups
and sandwiches by the men that Bob
brings home to lunch, and I smile and
say I am glad they like them. They
llttlo realize that I have prepared the
whole meal out of my emergency clos
et, and as to tolling them not I.
What's the good of telling all of one's
domestic secrets? I tell you that you
may be prepared the next tlmo that
husband of yours comes home sudden
ly with My old friend Dick, who Is
spending the day In the city,' and you
havo nothing In the house to eat."
Is It any wonder then that she longed
for some euphonious nickname for hoi
first-born? Lammie it was, but tra
dition hath it that this netted and
spoiled son repaid Mrs. Xanthippe's
Kindness by saying that though she
had been a good mother to him "dl
not kick him, did not bite him yot
her tongue was worse than her toeth.
High Praise for Maeterlinck.
Maurice Maeterlinck, who, it Is an
nounced, Is to receive the Nobel prize
for literature this year, has been
called "the Belgian Shakespeare" a
title he is by no means averse from
holding. As ho is now only 40, it is
probable that ho has not yet given of
ids best. Last year lie purchased tho
ancient abbey of Saint Wandrllle, in
Normandy. This historic retreat was
in ruins, but the poet set about hav
lug the place repaired, so that ho can
entertain Ids friends amid picturesque
Students Wear Mustaches.
At the University of Pennsylvania
mustaches have again come Into stylo,
according to tho Philadelphia Record
"Yea, a fellow Isn't In It this fall with
out a mustache," said a varsity senior
"You see, a great many of tho boys
havo been over in Europe this sum
nier, and tho hirsute adornment, is nl
the rage among the swells on the other
side just now. Of course, wo college
boys have to keep in (he swim, so tha
is why you seo all this sprouting dow;
on the campus."
Was Prepared.
"Was Will frightened at tho stago
hold-up in the west?"
"Oh, dear, no! Ho, had attended too
many charllty bazars." Baltimore
The neglected calf becomes tho
stunted cow.
Prosperous farmers make a prosper
ous community.
Feed costs money. Don't let tho
animals waste it by careless methods
of feeding.
Study your flock from now on with
view of sorting over for mating in the
early spring.
The satisfied farmer Is the 'farmer
who finds satisfaction and stimulus
n doing everything well.
If you want to improve your farm
and put it down to clover, Held by
Held, and pasture hogs on it.
Hons do not reli&h scratching In
damp, heavy litter. See that plenty
of straw or leaves that are perfectly
dry is 'supplied.
Now is the time to make up your
mind what kind and how many trees'
you will set out In the spring. Of
course you are going to set out .some.
Keep the henhouses clean. Great
piles of frozen manure underneath the
perches is not a very good testimonial
for tho owner and not much encour
agement for the hens to do their best
Leaks in old shingle roof3 can bo
more surely fixed by tho use of strips
of tin than by using shingles, as tho
latter aro apt to raise the edges of
thoso about it and make tho leak
Cows that aro to calve in winter or
early spring should have about six
quarts qf some vegetable every day
for two weeks before calving. If this
courso is pursued there will bo no
milk fover nor any other of the many
troubles incident to calving time.
One must understand their Incu
bator, nnd nius.t keep close watch of
it, if good results aro to bo secured.
It is so easy to bo careless and lay
failure of eggs to hatch upon the incu
bator. Tho best of machines requlro
intelligent handling.
Don't let your farmers' meetings
drift Into a mutual admiration society
in which nothing better is talked
about than neighborhood gossip, which
pats those present on the back and
criticises tho absent, neighbors. Mnke
such meetings prolltable by taking up
real farm problems and discussing
Havo you taken an inventory of th
farm yet? No business house of any
sizo in tho world but that lakes an
accounting of its slock at the end of
the year preparatory to tho new year'!
businoss. Does not the farmer need
to know what he has on hand ant
what amount of business ho has done
during the year before ho Is In shape
to Intelligently begin another year'
It's not brawn alone which makes
for successful fanning. Brains ai
needed on tho farm as novor befon
The man who is going to roan the re
wards which the farm can be made
to yiold must be equipped for the task
Ho must not only have a nrcttv com
prehensivo knowledge of the principles
governing agriculture, but ho must pos
bobs practical business qualities whlcl
will enablo him to market his crops
after he has raised thorn.
A Canadian inventor is said to have
devised a plow which cuts two slices
of soil as it passes through the earth
one from the surface soli and one
from the subsoil. The first layer is
turned over into a ditch cut by tho
pravious run, while the second layer
of subsoil Is turned over on the llrs
layer. In this way seeds and weeds
are completely burled, while tho rich
subsoil Is brought to the surface. Tho
plow Is formed with two shares, ono
placed In front of the other and tho
rear one makes u deep cut. Tho for
ward Bharo is of such form as to forco
tho layer of soil it cuts to one side
and at tho samo time turns it over
Just how effective such a plow woult
prove could only bo demonstrated b
actual use. It sounds good, bvv oul
Its work?
Tho good farmer takes care' of his
tools. All your machinery housed?
Cowpens mnko good feed for hogs
nnd other stack and do the land good,
Money In ponchos if the right trees
are planted and planted In the right
Provide lots of llttor for tho hens.
Keep them busy and they will bo
more apt to lay.
Founders In horses can be cured, It
s said, by administering a largo table-
poonful of powdered alum. Try It.
In tho rich prairie soil apple trees
are apt to grow too much to tree, at
the exponsu of Its fruiting qualities.
lie sure your pigs are housod warm
ly. They aro sensitive to tho cold
nnd will not do well If lcopt In a cold
drnfty pen.
juvery year in wnicn me garden is
fertilized and the ground" worked It be
comes richer and more capable of
To free cattle from llco, sprlnklo
with wood ashes, rub with sulphur
ointment or whnle-oll, or with potro-
cum emulsion.
Some farmers who havo tried it
think that tho best way to got land
n condition for alfalfa is to grow a
crop or two of cowpeas.
If tho wound loft by the removal
of tho Inrgo limb is not covered with
paint ovax It will decay In a few
years and cause a bad placo in tho
Not so much danger of overfeeding
tho poultry at this season of tho year
is there was during tho summer.
Feed liberally if you want to get tho
lleavv draft loams are not for fast
road travel. Seo that your hired help
does not run them on returning home
from, town after the delivery of the
Too much earth in sacked potatoes
Is judged as adulteration by Kansas
olllcials. We've heard of sand in
sugar but sand with potatoes is a now
Be suro of tho clovor seed you buy.
Somo farmers in Ohio have suffered
tho past season through sowing Eng
lish clover seed which was sold them
for red clover.
Tho cheap cotton gloves are a boon
for the farm work folks. Buy thorn
by tho dozen pairs. They're choapor,
and In this way you always havo a
supply on hand.
Tile the laud and drain off the sur
plus water which, if allowed to ro
main, will sour the land, and when
evaporated leavo tho land hard and
unfit to grow a crop.
Every thing pertaining to tho dairy
business will find a placo at the dairy
show at Chicago In December. Soma
of the finest stock ovor before shown
will be on exhibition.
Doctoring stock Is seldom satisfac
tory or profitable. Bettor see that by
proper caro and feed they aro kept
healthy. An ounco of prevention Is
worth a pound of cure.
Llvo steam is the best thitrfe with
which to scald milk utensils, but
where such Is not to be had scalding
water will do, but bo sure that It Is
hot to the scalding point.
An expert butter maker declares
that cream should not bo kept over
four days before churning cither sum
mer or winter. Cream a week old
makes butter a week old.
The farmer who is content to work
his horses with ill-fitting collars, is the
farmer who is always doctoring sore
shoulders, and finding that his horses
can only pull half a loaV.
In your feeding arrangements have
it so that each animal has an equal
chance nt the feed. Prevent crowding
by feeding tho sheop in racka with
partitions fnr each animal.
As soon as an animal shows signs
of sickness soparato from tho rest and
put on short rations and wntcli close.
Sometimes a day or two on shor
rations will straighten them up.
A dog with only a bark and a big
appetite ftus no proper placo on any
farm, but a good dog trained to bo of
sorvlco will prove hlmsolf a valuable
adjunct to tho farm equlpniont.
Cleanliness Is absolutely ossontla
In tho raising of calves by hand. The
pall is not clenn when tho calf has
licked it dry. It should bo washer
dally In soapy water, especial attention
being given to tho soams, scaldod
with boiling water and turned right
side up In the sun to dry and ulr,
New Yorker Succeeds to Post of See
retary of Navy Newberry.
Washington. Herbert L. Sattorles
of Now York, a son-in-law of .1. Pier-
pont Morgan, is the new assistant sec-
etary or tho navy, succeeding Truman
1. Newberry, who has entered tho cab-
net as secretary of tho navy as suc
cessor to Victor II. Mctcalf,
Mr. Satterlee was a volunteer non
tenant In the navy from July G until
November 7, 181)8, as chief of staff to
Capt. John It. Itartlott. U. S. N., ro-
tired, who was then In charge of tho
coast signal service Ho wb born in
Now York October 111, 18G3. Aftor
graduating from Columblu university
law school ho was admitted to tho ba.r
In 1885. In J881J ho was private secre
tary to United States Senator William
M. Evarts.
Mr. Satterlee has been Interested in
the New York naval militia for a long
time and from 180 1 until 1895 he was
navigator of the first, naval battalion.
In 18!)G lie was colonel and aid do
camp , and aid to Gov. Black.
He is president of tho Naval 'Ho-
serve association and general counsel
of tho. Navy lenguo of (ho United
Slates. From 185)5 to 1000 ho was
fleet captain of tho Seawanaka Yacht
club. He Is also a member, of the'
board of visitors to the United States
Military academy.
Primitive Street Railway System In
Town of Navasbta.
City of Mexico. The town of Nava
sola has one of the moat, primitive
street, railway systems In Mexico. This
Is saying, a good doal, for In somo
towns of the country tho transporta
tion systems are about as crudo as
could well be imagined. The Navasota
line is equipped with home built cars.
These cars are about tho height of an
Crude Street Cars in Mexican Town.
average man and each will seat about
20 persons. They are divided into two
sections, The forward end Is for first
class passengers and tho rear section
Is for second class. There is no dif
ference in tho finishing and comforts
of tho two sections but a hlghor rate
of fare is charged those who ride In
the forward section. Eacli car will
accommodate as many as eight first
class passeilgers by crowding. The
rudely constructed Boats run length
wlso of the ear. It Is a tropical cli
mate and closed ears aro not neces
sary. The wheels and trucks, ure flim
sy looking, but they seem to have
much more strength than their appear
ance, would Indicate. The track Is
narrow gauge. Small Mexican bur
ros are used In haul the cars. The
line docs a good business and Is said
to bo making monoy for Its owners.
Bluffton I said something to my
wifo last week that offended her and
sho hasn't spoken to mo siuco.
Henpcck Great Scott, maul You
can't remember what it was, can you?

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