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Sunday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1893, June 18, 1893, Image 6

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eMeeaiaMvaa.ia.i, at . ffii0 eo. euatllNBe
It was itlll early moniliiK nt tho Mes
niito valley ranch. A cnlm traniuil
lity rested ujKin tho limitless prairie.
Tho scattered (lira of tree tlmt every
where straggled across tho undulating
plitln niul gnvo tho locality iti dUtln
Kulahlng titlo were mute and luotloulim,
a if yet in awe of tho recent nunrlso. A
fow plover iImm1 mournfully from the
uplands. Tho quarrelsome cawing of
ravens, holding a stormy conclavo in
aotno remote treotop, nt times rose nn
jrrlly upon tho morning air, and grazing
occasionally, nt Intervals ralniriK hti
head to regard with atteut enrs and ipilv
ring nostrils tho prnirio lioforo hlni, hut
pursuing n direct course for tho distant
ranchhouso over tho summit lovel, a
iargo sorrel horse, Mddlod and bridled,
bnt riderless, cuino shrilly neighing.
Tho house which tho liorso was thus
approaching was Inrgo and substantial
and built in tho faction of ranches of the
bettor class. Souaro in sIiiiimi, it ret
looked from tho open prairio a tuero box,
rising nbovo tho vnst monotony of tho
boundless plain. Dut tho curious visitor,
who remarked it from a nearer view
point, found it commodious in its ap
1oitiUnent, surroundel with a strong,
larb wire fence and flanked by out
buildings and corrals moro ambitious in
structure, than tho dwellings of moot
ranchmen. A broad, sunny veranda ran
tho entire length of tho house, command
tug tho vast exjvanso of tho outlying vul
ley. Over tho floor of tho porch, where the
sunlight lay in broad squares and
patches, n half dozen Mexican saddles
woro atrowed, their bridles slung upon
tho circular pommels, their broad stir
Tup leathers picturesque and einlosstd.
Whips and lariats were lying about.
Several colossal rocking chnirs occupied
tho foreground, with n general air of
proprietorship enhanced by their un
wieldy bulk. A magnificent buffalo
role, thrown carelessly over a long re
cliniug chair and warm with tho rays of
tho sun, invited luxurious repose.
Tho wide entrance of tho rancho stood
Invitingly open to tho balmy morning
air. Within tho broad, bare hallway,
with its adjacent doors upon either hand
opening iuto various rooms, was dimly
seen, Tho walls were' picturesque with
trifles, revolvers and tennis racquets
tastefully arranged and grouped, A
guitar lying carelessly among a heap of
cushions on a comfortablo lounge be
trayed by its bluo and yellow ribbons
the adornment of feminine fingers. A
Urge stuffed eagle with extended wings,
at the end of the hall, typified the far
reaching destinies of tho American re
public. A young girl came suddenly to the
door and looked out over the broad val
ley, shading her brown eyes against tho
glare of tho sunlight with tho finders' of
a jeweled hand. She was tall and state-
ly, and tho simplo folds of her cloth
morning gown swept to her feet with n
-graclousnesa and ease that betokened po
isition. Tho dainty white collar at her
throat was fastened by a single diamond
stud that flashed na if in rivalry of tho
clear eyes above it. Her brown hair was
frathered in the simplicity of thoOreciau
knot tho soft tresses waving about her
temples wero like spun silk. From the
loug, dark lashes that swept her beauti
Jul eyes to tho heavily bowed slippers
that peeped beneath her robe sho was all
refinement and grace. And the small
-handkerchief sho raised to her parted
lips breathed that faint atmosphere of
odor which seems to identify the pros
enco of beauty. ' v
She stood quietly a few moments in
tho comer of the doorway, gazing out
dreamily over the limitless prospect
at the vast billows of prairio stretching
before her like an emerald sea. Her eyes
wore an expression of wistful tenderness,
and there was in them a shade of disap
pointment, as one has seen the water of
a liquid pool darker in the shadow of
some overhanging rock. Then she came
listlessly forward and sank down upon
the reclining chair, nestling in tho soft
(olds of tho warm robe with a little com
fortable shudder. Her dark lushes swept
.her cheek half hidden in the long fur.
Jler builds held a vellum copy of verses
mhe had taken from tho chair. Dut sho
was not rending, and the eyes she lifted
absently from the book strayed wearily
away to the valley. Surely it was very
early in the day for revcrio and medita
tion., Tho sudden neighing of a liorso startled
hor. Sho sprang to her feet abruptly,
tho color mounting to her cheeks and
suffusing her, neck with blushes, un elo
quent dcligljt flushing in lurdurk eyes.
Tho sorrel horse stood expectantly at tho
.gateway of tho rancho, his loug lariat
trailing from tho saddle bow, his mano
and forelock tossed and disheveled with
Ills loug wandering.
The girl gazed at him breathlessly a
brief moment; the next, tho rosy flush
.faded from her cheeks and she stood
white as the neighboring wall, her hands
clasped before her. Sho reeled a littlo
aud sat down again in tho nearest chair
a. if to recover herself.
A few momenta sho sat thus, treia-
lin;,' violently, Uef bosom buying, r
.taruin;' tho motionless horse at the gate
With blancted faco and ngouized eyes.
'Then thcro was ths sound of footsteps,
.and a tall, handsome man, with bronzed
face and Cashing eyes, -came striding
along the hull and out upon tho sunlit
'Why, what's tho matter, Edith? You
are not ill. I hono," he said, coming rap
idly toward tho young lady with an anx
ious face iu he observed the apparent
weakness of her attitude
' "Oh, uofhlug, Phil! a sudden, faint
nets, that's all," tho younggirlnuswered,
striving to rise, a faint color llko tho
iluh of dawn struggling to her check;
She put her hand to her head with a deft,
"wcajs'. mtnro.
Sho laughed nn anxious, nervous ntcie
Tho innti regarded her with grnvo solic
itude. "You don't seem as woll lately," ho
said. "I fenr'yoa find this wild life of
ours less bcucildnl thnu wo anticipated,
or perhaps, Edith, yon neglect your ex
ercise. Wo must go today for auothet
loug prnirio ennter. Let mo cnll my
wife to your assistance."
He turned back to tho door of the
rnucho and cnlled "Katot" twlco In n
loud, Imporntivo voice. There was a
inimical reply, the sound of a closing
door, tho hurrying of slippered feet
across tho bare hallway, and then, with
tho sudden revolution of a pulo blue
morning wrapper, fluttering skirts nud
flying golden braids, the advent o!
"Just seo tho stato that Edith Is In."
snld Phil Keruochnu pityingly, directing
the gnzo of this blond and radiant nt
puritiou to tho figure in tho chair.
"What hud wo better do with her?"
Ho turned ns ho spoke,
"Hollo!" ho shouted, his eyes fulling
for tho first time on tho sorrel pony
standing by tho rnucho gate. "Them's
Hnl's iwnyl When in tho world did ho
arrive?" Ho glanced nguln nt tho re
clining girl. A light seemed breaking
In upon him.
"Why, it can't be," he said in amaze
ment, "that his horse has walked off aud
left htm, and he's been obliged to lay out
a night or two on the bald prairio! Well,
Hint's rich, I doclnro!"
Ho rnn hurriedly down tho steps of the
vernndn and strode away to the ranch
gate. Ho throw it wide open, aud the
pony, with n whinny of welcome, trotted
gladly within.
Kornochan regarded him critically,
taking his meerschaum pijio from his
lips, an amused siuilo accent ing tho curves
of his mouth beneath his light mustache,
Thero wns no sign of violence or nccl
dent. A few cockle burs clung to the
mustang's mane, an acquisition of his re
cent travels. Tho rolled blankot still
hung from tho crupper of tho saddle.
Kernochnn gathered up tho lariat aud
slung it on tho pommel.
tik 'vsjsBf HH-H Ul
"There's Mai's poniP'
"Rube!" he shouted, turning his head
in the direction of the neighboring cor
rals, where a thick set and sun tanned
individual wns busy doctoring some ail
ing sheep, "give this liorso n feed of corn
and groom him n little. Take his saddle
off and turn him loose in tho doorynrd
till tomorrow. Don't hopple hlml" ho
directed as tho man approached In an
swer to tho summons.
Ho turned back to tho verauda, laugh
ing quietly to himself, ns if some pleas
ant revelation hud dawned upon him.
Tho f rugrnnt wreaths of smoke from his
pipe rose nbovo his head and brooded 111
tho still air.
"Woll, ladles," he said, coming tran
quilly up tho steps, his recent amnse
ment still lingering in his eyes, "it seems
our careless friend, Bruce, has seen fit to
let his horse come homo without him. 1
suppose tho only thing we can do is to
rido out and look him up.
"There, Edith Stafford, I told yon that
was all it amounted to!" exclaimod Kate
Kernochan, smiling reassuringly at tho
the young lady over whom bIio had been
sympathetically engaged ever since his
departure. "Give me back my cameo
vinaigrette this instant! Tho idea of
your being so foolish, dear!"
Miss Edith Stafford languidly extend
ed tho article in question uu exquisite
bluo trifle carved to represent a crested
grebe, and a rol'c of Phil Kornochan 's
generosity dun. 0 his extravagant court
ship. "Do you think, then, ho isn't dead?"
sho inquired, sitting up with sudden ani
mation. "I was curtain of it! Oh, dear!
I shall never get used to the dreadful un
certainties of this primitive country. 1
was quite positive some awful crime had
been perpetrated." Then, springing ea
gerly to her feet:. "Let us rido for lilmut
once. Poor fellow, he may bo starving
to death! I'll put on my riding habit
right off."
Sho dashed away to tho door with a
haste that contrasted with her recent
"One moment," snld Kenochnn, catch
ing up a leather quirt from tho veranda
nud flecking his boot with it. "1 thought
we'd ulako a hunting trip of this search
und kill two birds with one stone. Ha!
hnl starving to denth that's gootll Yon
cntch Henry Bruce starving to denth
with a breechloudlng shotgun nud
LimJcheBeuough to stock a ranch! Not
mucin Well, what do you say? There
aro lots of wild turkey between hero and
tho Colorado river. We might take tho
i jJui-ugaudcouiMjany ttttcumeoui
"Oh, that would bo charming!" cried
Miss Stafford, turning back to flash her
gratification upon Kernochan, with a
revelation or radiant teeth aud eloquent
smiles. "Come, Kuto, lot's hurry aud
get ready! Wo won't bo'u moment!"
And with this feminine cstimato of
that indetlnito period ullotted to mutters
of tho toilet tho ladies rushed from the
The vertical rays of noontide were
beating down 'upon Cynthia's bower,
Tho leafy ceiling above was bright with
a thousand luminous points from tho
steady glare without. Now aud then
a cone fell or a feathery seed vessel
slipped softly to the earth in tho gloom
i of the columned aisles. The rattling
lotos of a banjo struck at intorv.i! i, tin)
low murmur of voices in conversation,
and ulovo all tlw odor of burning to
bacco, overmastering tho aromatic In
cense of the wilds, announced tho pres
ence of visitors. Tin wero Druco nud
Tho young girl wns sento.l at the base
of n scarred and denuded hemlock, tho
light sifting through tho branches nlwvo
nud fulling full upon her head nud shoul
ders. A Btuall banjo, showing signs of
abuse and exposure to tho elements, lay
in her lap. Occasionally sho struck the
htrlugs. Half reclining at her feet und
completely envoloped iu t'.so wreaths of
smoke that brooded llko a bluo vapor in
the quiet air, Lritco lay mnolslng. The
autelopo fawn, Its feet curled up, its vel
vet eyes blinking inowsily, solemn and
meditative as UMiul, und Aulm com
pleted this rural quartet,
A sudden breath of air dispersed tho
smoke, favoring tho dog with a pjsbiug
whiff. Ho sneezed violently aud loo',;ul
anuoyed, ns if the lust test had boon put
utoii Ids puiiuicc.
"You smoke too much, Mr. Bruce,"
said Cynthia, waving the passing cloud
from tho dog a liend with a compassionate-hand.
"Lf you keep it up, 1 wouldn't
wonder of ono uuy you got Jest as home
ly aud coffee colored us thet skull. Why
don't ye quit before it gets you?"
Bruce laughed aud removed tho long
umber mouthpiece of bit pipe from his
lips. It was of mcu'sclmum and curved
to represent a huud holding a human
"I don't know," he snld, blowing u
huge ring that shot forward wit.i curl
lug folds until it broke upon tho no.soof
tho nodding antelope. "I suppose I like
to smoke, and then 1 seem to stand It
very well. Possibly, too, there is some
thing iu my associations with tho pii."
"Who guvo it to you, Mr. Bruce?"
wild Cyntliia, quickly raising her eyes to
his. 'i.iey wero solemn and deep, aud
Inmeath their durk lushes reminded
Bruce of some culm, b.ue pool ho had
m-ou iu the shadow of u wood.
"A friend of mine," he answered in
definitely, noting her euruestuess.
"Yes," she said, "but I meant wus it
a man or wusu't ii':"
Her tycs dropjied suddenly from his
face, and she struck tho banjo roughly
in her embarrassment.
"It was u ludy," Bruce replied gravely.
"Light or dark complecteur" asked
Cynthia breathlessly, not raising her
"Darl:," snU Bruce in the same tone
"a rich, c caniy brown. I don't think
that even tlmt beuutilul tint there," ho
continued, indicating where the soft
white of tho stem was fnlutly dyed,
"could hoiH) to vie with her. Her eyes
were durk, too more like that, "touch
ing tho hue of tho bowl "and her hair
there id nothing here to show you tlmt
cuu do it justice." '
Cynthia sighed.
"Lawful sakes!" she exclaimed. "An
is thet the reason you're suiokin thet
thing all the while, 'cause ye jest natur
ally expect ouo day to iuke it look like
the chocolate colored womun?"
Bruco hurriedly disclaimed any such
"Well, 1 wouldn't try," she rejoined,
"for by tho timo you'vo dono it yo'll
prob'Iy bo dead. Father hod a meer
schaum that ho wus colorlu once, but
ho snld before ho got through it colored
him instend. I reckon bo." After this
alarming instance of tho effect of nico
tine, she became silent. Bruco continued
"How olu is she?" Cynthia inquired,
suddenly, turning from him und glan
cing across tho river.
"That's an uncertain question," the
gentleman replied. "In fact, 1 know
nothing bo diftlcult to ascertain precisely
as the ago of u young woman."
Cynthia looked puzzled. Then she
apparently received an inspiration.
"Didn't ye get to see her teeth?" she
Inquired demurely, but revealing an ir
resistible circle of carl by the question.
The gontleman overlooked in silence
this query, prompted no doubt by her
knowledgo of sheep.
"White does she liver inquired Miss
Dallas, njthing daunted.
"About 20 miles from here." Bruce
"Oh!" snld Cynthia, Sho was sudden
Iv silent. The soft sunlight played amid
tuo tresses of her golden hair as with
downcast lushes sho enressed tho ante
'lope, burying litr fingers in his rough
coat. A few needles shaken from the
pines drifted down upon her. It was as
if tho fond fathers of tho wood were
wafting a benediction upon tho ono who
cheered their solitude.
Suddenly Cynthia raised her head.
"Do you expect to Bee her soon?"
"See whom?"
"Thet girl you're so gone on?" sho in
piired with mutter of fuct gravity.
Bruco was about to enter nn emphatic
protest. In Ills euruestuess ho leaned to
ward Cynthia and took her hand. The
girl trembled a little, aud tho color dyed
her cheek, bnt she did not withdraw her
hand. She lit ted her eyes to his aud smiled
upon him mi sweetly, thut whatever of
mischief thero hail been in her question
fled before h. Such u radiant beauty
had sad Jen!) come to dwell within her
Tho quick snapping of a twig caused
Bruco to look up. Ho dropped tho girl's
hand abruptly with nn embarrassed air.
Two ladies were stunning iu a sunlit
opening without aud gazing into the
bower. They were iu riding habits, their
long skirts gathered in their left hands,
heir whips iu their right. Tho younger
of the two a dashing bruuotto was
modishly attired. A glossy black beaver,
lurched saucily on her hood, acconted
the Hush of the durk tycs beneath. The
Lit of black laco nt her throat was fas
tened with a diamond.' Hor .hands won
Cutldiously gloved, blio laughed a mer
ry, ringing Inugh us sho advanced into
tho bower.
"So, sir!" she said, laying her slim
gloved hand uiou Brace's shoulder with
i certain familiar uir of proprietorship,
"we liuvo found you out at last! And,
as usual, surprised you iu the attitudo o?
a gallant. Do not lor i interrupt you,
beg. but ut least fuor us with an in
yr-K Most
"Kc hnre found jou out nt Inttl"
Sho glanced coldly down at Cynthia,
who, intuitively recognizing n rival, re
turned tho glanco with the customary
feminine cordiality.
"Why, Edith you here?" exclaimed
Bruco, springing to his feet and clasping
the gloved hand In both his own. "And
Knte?" advancing to meet tho lady who
had lingered without. "How is this?"
"It menus," said Kate, laughing, "that
yon aro a careless, wicked fellow aud
that Edith bus been half dead with nnxi
ety, fancying you killed or starved to
"No such thing!" replied Edith, with
spirit, lashing n small cedar with her rid
ing whip In her embarrassment. "I knew
nil tho while we should find him ntsouif
farmhouse. But I certainly think, Hnl,'
she ndded, glancing down nt Cynthia,
who, with lowered crest, had been cure.ts
iug hor fawn nnd lnvihhlng tender sol.ji
tutlo upon tho solemn Aulus ever sit ci
the Indies' nrrlvnl "I certainly thinl
you are very exclusive in reurd to youi
new dnlcinea."
Draco glanced nt her with a look in lib
hazel eyes that wns almost reproach
Their eyes met. Edith's expression was
ono of defiance, but in spite of herself
thero stole into her dark orbs such u wist
fill tenderness such a caressing fondness
for the man leforo her that sho let their
curtained fringes drop before his stead
fast gazo and turned her attention to
Miss Dallas. An embarrassing pause ensued.
"Cynthia." sho heurd tho cordial voice
of Bruco say u mlnuto lutcr, " .lis is Miss
Stafford tho ludy of whom 1 spoke us
having given mo tho pipe. Let mo make
you acquainted; also with Mrs. Kerno
chan my partucr'a wife."
Tho ladies exchanged salutations, Mrs.
Kernochan bestowing a kindly glance
upon Cynthia as her admiring eyes dwelt
ujwn the piquant faco in its picturesque
setting of red gold tresses. Cynthiu's
greeting wns frank, but nccompunied by
a shy restraint that wus unusual with
her; Miss Stafford's disdainful and re
served. Probably her feminine appre
ciation of the fact thut Diana's namesake
was both fascinating und pretty precox
tibly lowered tho temperature of her rec
ognition. A fow moments later they were al.
wending their way back to tho ranch.
Cynthia preceding them, escorted by the
gracefully tripping fawu nud tho digni
fied Aulus. Bruce accompanied the In
dies. "This picturesque gypsy acquaint
unco of yours is quite enchanting, with
her quaint simplicity und original pets,"
remarked Miss Stafford, glancing at
Bruco from under her eyelids as they
fared ou. "I cun readily see how easily
yon forget your former friends."
"Nonsense, Edith 1" Bruce returned,
with some imiuitienco, breaking a small
twig of dry brush as they passed aud
hurling it from him violently as if to
givo vcut to hlB irritation. "This banter
nnd child's piny have gone far enough.
Tho little Lono Stur mniden is quite a
character a charming littlo idyl of her
native river. I wunt you to cultivuto her
aud apprccinte her originality. She is
like u spicy breath from her native
woods; sho interests mo by her very
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niuib comfort and real to tbuee vtho wlah to whllenway nn hour or twoufier u bath. The
luteal faablon bonka, perlodlcnla aud llluatruted pupera are on vouTenleut tittilea. I.nxur
loa iIItmu., rockera and ea-y cbalra are on erery tide, Tbe curpeta are rlcb In color aud
dtalKU. lie aure und Tl.lt three upurtinenta.
The Barber ahop la In clmre of careful men. Tbetoola are iburp, tbe anrround
Imre neat and comfurtable und the charge moderate.
Iha Ladles Hair Dressing Department la yery complete and ia aupiilled with
eter.vthlnn no..ry for artletlc aud aatl.fnctory work. lie ludy atteuduula areexvrl
eucJ aud conrieoua and will atrlre to pleaw all wbo furor tbeui with avl.lt
The Plain Baths are rery complete and nlford umple accommodation! for both
-xx at the aame time. All tab are white porcelain,
I'nmphleta, teatlmonlala and all Information may be eecored by nddreaalnv Ir. M. U.
and J 0. UTerett, raunauInK pbyalclaua, U and Fourteenth atreeta. Lincoln, Neb.

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