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Sunday morning courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1893, July 02, 1893, Image 3

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-tr jW'f r ; i v ,
'. r$-WO 'T W
First National Bank
Gapital, $400,000.
Surplus, $100,000.
K. H. II l!(K)l), I'ri'Milcut.
1'll.vn. A. II VSN.v, Vim I'rmlili'iil.
I'. Mi COOK, t'lllillll'r. ,
('. S. l.tlTlvorr, AMmit (tamer.
II. S. 1iii:i:man, Ar.iHmit Cnitliicr.
Colli mtlci. ogo
INxition'l J3tualc
Ofllrer Mini lilrertnm.
.loitN II. WllliillT, I'rrslilrnt.
T. I'.. Sniii:ki. Vice I'tmiilont.
.1. II. Mt('l,..('llKllllT.
V. K. JiiIiiixoii. II. 1'. Inii. Tim. Cochran,
K. It. Slier, T. . Lmvicy.
V. I.. I)iiIiii.
General Banking Durness 'l'ransncrd.
Coi.i.i.ctomi a Wri:etvin.
Ulcli.ir.IV lUiick, Cur. Mcventh aiU O Su.
otriiitfii, ijt-jno.oo.).
I. .M. liVVMIINII, 1'ri'hilllMll.
I), i:, 'I'iiomi'm'n. VIoi. IVflilcnt.
S. II. HfitMlAM.Cniililcr.
1). (1. Wimi, Aci-lslaiil ('iidilvr.
Diumtoiih -I. .M. Iliiymnnil. I.owlo Owwiry,
S. II. lliirilliiiin. T. V. Luvvcr), ('.(I. l)nwj"H,( .
H.JIiirlll. A. .1. Snwjor, I.. K. Iliovvii. KVv.
Utile, S. V. ISiiriilmm. (I. M. I.iinibortMiii. 1).
K. Tlii)ini!"iii.
Qcrman JSJ ational Bank,
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
SURPLUS, $20,000.00.
CIIAS. A'. U'AITH, ('ashler.
GKV. II. SCIIWAKK, As.it. faultier.
. jut rent nil lrn.-lt I'ldil iittlie
S&ciL'Vi.i.'i&giS 33cira2t
Cur. P iiml KU'Vi'iith St.
The on I ij. Safe 1 7(w Wntlti In Linenlii
N. S. Ilnrvvun').
N.C. Ilr rk.
Win. MrLiitulillii.
W. A. Si-!l ( k.
C.T. ll.n.
O.W. WflKwr.
Allcit Wnikn i.
I'rnl WiMnr h.
ltnchol Llojil.
II. D. llntlinwiiy.
A.'.. Hi if i'.
t"..l. Kii'ht.
11. V. hi wn.
I!. . l'.i.'.i. .
r '.'. ixit.
II nr cltli.
II m K. Low In.
IV J5 13HJA S3 JCPk.
CAPITAL, 2m).ooo.oo
HtiickliiiliK'N' Lillliilltlex. jnVIi),WSI.
I'll-" liitt iv.r on vmiiu-i iiccoimtu unit time
ilo.n x t. l'liriiNlies 'toliiiiiKt true
Id ClUltlllllPJH.
Jons Tvw.on, I'reslili'iit.
JAMW KlMICllN, Vll'ii l'r -xi'ltfllt.
ii. It.TiMiui:.(,ntilir.
Steam T$r&lrtx
Xu. 11: 8 N.TwolfH. 5"t.
ami c vtiv i.r m itr.u.
Dies all km In df Recalling P.omptly.
A'l work tturiantod.
:t(lH So. I ltd M.
I.lnoilli. Vi'li
T. 0. KEHX, !). IK S.
Fooms 2 and 26, Burr BIolU.
S. 30. ST.
rain UN
.Mr. T. S. A lion went to Union Tuesday.
lion. Thomas.!. Majors was In tho oily
Mr. It. I). Muirri'ttiriU'iiTuvHiliiyfrmn
Mr. II. i:. Kohhiim left Tlmmlny for
Mr. X.U. Ahlwitt left for C1iIck
MIhh I'.llu Kaufman dopartod for Ohio
Mr. Iloinan 0. Dawori Iuim tutnrnod
from Ohio.
Mr. Air Shilling .loft .Sunday Un w
woild'H fair.
Mih. 1-3. S. Mayor loft Tuowlay Tor
Mr. A. H.IIarKrayoH roturnoil Tmwdny
fiiim Chicnuo.
Mr. and Mih. 11. E. Monro hno rotnrnod
from Chloii'o.
Mr. Vj. K. Ihown tottirnod Tuonday
from Cliii'nn"-
ludv S. 'J'. Cochran wont to'l'liornton,
Iowa, 'J'uowlay.
Mih, A. L. Sullivan hat uiturnod from
tho woild'H fair.
Mr. A. Ivooh-A'ndriano was an Omaha
vimtor 'J mwlaj.
lion. H. It. Cltoor, of Koaruoy, wim in
tho city laHt wook.
MShhAkiiph Kitchen loft Vodnondny
rorSalt Lal;oUit.
Hon It. II. CVrlin, or Omalia, wan in
tho city TlniiHday.
Mih. Lucy Rtoariw loft Wodnonday
for San I raucihco.
Mr. A. S. liioou. of Omaha, wan In tho
city all of hint wook.
Hon. V. J. C'ouuoll, of Omaha, wan in
tho city Wodnonday.
Mr. ami Mih. OoorKo K. ShloIdH loft
Monday for bl. l.ouin.
Mr. iIuliiiM WoHtoiuian 1h doinj; lojior
torial wo.k on tho Ike.
Mr. tioorno Valnh roturnod hint wook
from Coritoll uulvoiHity.
Mr. and Mih. II. II. Shaw departed
for Chicago WodnoHday.
Mr. 1. .J.CoHgrflTo willdolivora lourth
of duly oration at lOxotor.
Mr. and Mrn. K. It. Hutchison have
Hono to JolVotHon City, Mo.
Mr. .John T. Dorian returned lant Sat
urday fiom Salt Lalco City.
M!r. and Mih. C.C. Waldo departed for
tlto world'n fair Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrn. William Clark huvo ro
turnod fiom tho woild'H rair.
Mr. William McLaughlin Iiiih re
turned from tho world'n fair.
Mr. and Mih. It. 1). Muir rotuined
Tuofday from tin world's fair.
MisH Josephine and Mii8 Mary Tro
maino loft for Chicago Monday.
Mr. and Mih. 10. E. Ponnott returned
Thau-day from tho world'H rair.
Mr. VimDropHor. or WuHhington.iH tho
Ki'ost of Mr. and Mih. It. JI. Oakloy.
Mr. 11 White loft Tuonday for Indian
apolis, whoro ho will spend the Hummer.
Mr. Ivozin Welch krt WodnoBdayovon
ingror I )onvorand other Colorado pointn.
Mr. and Mih. CIuiiIoh M. Koofor ro
turnod ThurHday from tho world'H fair.
MisH Amy Lander, or Denver, ih
visiting her nistor, Mif-H Jessio Lander.
I'rofot-sor and Mrs. Cioorgo E. How
ard will leave Monday ior tho woild'H
I tow and Mrn. T. X. Dahi andoung
oHt daughter have rotuined from Chi
cago. Tho MifScH Carson are ovpoctod hack
friiiu Chicago tho latter part of thin
Mr. Thomas II. Honton and Mr. My
ron Wheeler loft Thuit-'day for the
wi rld's fair.
Mips Xorth or ColuniliUH has lioon tho
guest of tho MIss-'oh Cowdory, for tho
pant few days.
Mr. and Mih. M. P. Miller, or HagoiH
town. Mi1., mo thoguoHthof Mr. and Mrs
I). I'. Eamonlay.
Hon. A. It. Humphrey, coiuuiipHlonci
of pul. lie lauds and huilding. wan in
Xorfolk liiHt week.
Mrs. It. W. FurniiH. of llrownvillo. is i.i
Lincoln visiting her hou, Mr. C!. (I.
l'"iuiiaa. at ITU" P Ht.
Mr. (loorgeZuokor, of Now York Cit,
was tho kih st of Mr. and MrH. Herpol.
slioinior the piiHl wook.
Mr. .). I. Maefa.land rntuniod tho
willy part of tho wook from Washington,
P. C., and Pennsylvania.
Tl.o formal opening of the now llihor.
nian liall. thiitoenth and P stiootH.will
occur WodnoHday ovoning, duly 5.
Miss Henrietta Hawloy wont to No
li. aska City ThurHday, whoio hIio will
remain a few weeks visitlngwitli fr.ondH.
Mr. and Mih. Fred C. Howo roturiii'd
from their Inidnl tour Sundaj. Tiny
United Dom or and other Colorado pointr.
Mr. W. E. Annin.or Washington. I). C.
and Omaha, who war Senator Paddock'
private sociotary, was in tho city Thim
Mr. and Mrs. ltoliort Mcltoynolds, of
Oklahoma City, am receiving tho coi.
Mti la iniih uf heir fiiondh .it the Lin
do 1.
M . D. !'.. TlomiMinund lorsiso.
, Mis Mit.-y M 11-t who haw Loon i
0 .cm.; ,i.io iXji'ced hauK in a fi-w
I ll ,H.
I Mrs. D. L. llinoo and Miss Klw'd-y
I I -i. ii.ius lay fu, .ho Xviv Yoi'K Chau
tauiiia. They will visit tho world's fail
on route.
Dr. CI. A. McCandloss of Lanoastor.
Pa., is tl.o guest of his nephew, Mr. L. A.
Mc"andle's. Tho doctor thinks or lo
caUug in Lincoln.
Mih. Zi'hiung and Mr. Frank C. 'oh
rung will leave in a Tow days for Col
firaiYo. when' it is honed Mrs. Zohriuur's
health will ho honelltted.
Mr. O. W. Wohflter and sou Joseph
returned Tuosdaj from tho world'H fair.
l.MiH. Wol.stor and Master Itlcluud will
I spend thomimmcr in Ohio.
! Piof. OweiiH. of tho Htato uulvorslty,
has hoon uiado a momlier or tho Inter
national oongrossor olootrioians, to moot
In I'lilcago August -1 to'JI.
Theto will ho plenty or skilled em
plou'sin attendance at tho sanitarium
on Tin: Cm'iin.u's fioo iIiijh. Parents
need have no fear of their children,
Mrs. John It. Clark and Miss Lulu
Clark toturnetl homo last Saluiday, no.
It, who lui
Misses llertioand Margniot
Miss Clara Walsh will leave next
Thursday for Philadelphia, to join rela
tives, and together they will go In At
lantic City, N. J. to spend tho milliliter.
Mr. II. M. Hufihuoll editor or tho Call,
iloliveiodan interesting address ioforo
tho teachers institute Wednesday even
ing on his experiences in South America.
Professor Xowootnher has made Until
turangomontH to go to California to take
tho chair or languages in a ptivato
school near Leland Stanford univeisity.
Mr. John West, of Denver Ih
in Lincoln. It Is expected (hat
loturii witii Ids fiiiuilv in the near fu
ture and iigiuii tidto up Ids loHnleneo in
Huh oily.
Mif. Jennie SI Hen and her tdsterMV-
Ituhy Jones, loft Mondax for tho world's
fair. The. will I ii joined later li Miss
Mario Jones, who has hoon studying at
(Irand Itupiiis, Midi.
Mr. C. It. Iticliter. or St. Joseph. Mo.,
ppenl Sunday in the cit.w Mr. Itiehtei.
who loft Lincoln a war or so ago. is
holidly oHtahlishoil in lim new liomo, and
is in tho enjoyment of deserved yron
pority. Mr. and .Mrs. Osear Fniiko loturnod
Trom their Inidal tiip Woduosday. Tlioy
spent three weekn iu Cliicago and on the
lakes. Mr. and Mih. Fuulcc are residing
on Kstieet hotwoou Tweirth and Thir
teenth. Mr. J. D. Knight who i on a tishing
expedition near Ton or, Minn., i-eiit
homo a haiiel of Hh last week to Mr.
John liiwoll, wliogouoroitsly distribu
ted them among tho elllploxoH al tho
Colli t hllUFO.
Mr. !'. W. ColliiiH addiesod tho Lan
caster county teacher's institute at Mon
day's session. His lecoptioii wiih moHt
piilhusiastic. Mr. ColiiiiH is one of tho
most fniciliio HieakeiH in the Htato. and
his servici's arc much in demand.
Mr. and Mis. L. C. Ilurr and Mim
Chillies L. Uurr returned from Chicago
Tiitsdav. after a ton ihij's visit at the
rair. 'Ihe weio accompanied hy Miss
Mao Ilurr. whom they mot in Cliicago
on hor return fiom La Salle seminar).
Aulniriidalo, Mas.
Vm. CJoo. 11. Frankfurter han arrived
in tliis city from (loruiany to take charge
of tlie chemical work in the experiment
station connected with tho Htato univer
sity. Piof. Frankfurter has hoon in
vestigating for a iiuinher of years iu tho
noted uuiveiHitiesof (.ierinnuy, and hoiiio
of his discoveries) iu chemistry are of
substantial value.
The new pipe organ in St. Marks
Liitheren church won pulilielv tested
Fiiday evening at an organ recital given
In ProroKHot F.J. Ileiiedict or St. Louis,
assisted ly Miss Sadie Horkley, the
elocutionist. A siilendid piograin had
hoon propoied, and tho V. P. S. C. E.
H'rvod ice cream iu tlie lower part of tho
Mr. W. V. K'elloy. whos. brilliant ser
vices as special correspondent for tho
state .limruul during the Indian
trouHi'H in tho iilnck "ITills. attracted
much attention tit tho time. infie-ueutlj
referred to in the world's fiio puohea
tiou issued liy Mull'alo Hill. In this pub
lication tho wiling Lineolnito is called
tho "bravo young Kelley." A numhoi of
oxtraets from his diHpatches to tho Jour
nal aio prink"'.
Mr. Mark A. Skinner, of Colorado
SpiiugH. Colo., and Miss I initio H. Hed
ges wero united iu marriage Wcdnesda
evening at tli' losi.ioiio" of the bride.
laiiSslreot. Uev. C. II. Xewuau iilll
dating. The coieinouj icjiirred at
Siliti o'clock and was vitno8'od by ro
iativPH and intimate frionds. It' was
fiilliivvod by tin elaborate vwddiug .Hiip
per. Mr. and Mrs. Skinner left Friday
for their homo in Colorado.
Whatever may bo tho caus of blanch
ing, tlie hair miiv lie restored to ItB
original color by tho use of that polent
.omody Hull's Vegetable Sicilian I lair
IJovb and g'ul between tho ages of It!
and 'id, who furnish their own Imlhint';
suits, will lo admitted to tho gio. t,
pluiiuo in the new sanitarium, l-ou,-N'onth
and M r.n.nts. APSOLUTEIA' I
HIKE OF CHAIKiE. Tuesday audi
Saturday luoinii'H. July I and 15, upon I
lie prerontatiuti of nCiiuiittii coupon.1
Tuesday morning, fnun '.) in 12 o'elock.
kn lioys; Saturday nio:niug. July 1.1,
same Iiouih, for girls.
JeoKeil Hios. n.-vv tailititu es'ab! sh
meiit, lit) north Thirlooith street n r
the Lansing is tlie popular rchort r r
stylish garments.
New Imported SwisH Cheeeo.
.V (iitrord.groco.s, opmsite Ilurr
Never give a party or order ice urenni,
ices or lunches until you have tlrM boon
Mr. Hi own at tho Jloyal Cafe, P2I Xorth
Tenth stieet.
For Sunday dinner supplies
liidtor's market, oppjslto Laiisitii
tor. Phono UK).
call at
: Thou-
I'urs storcil for tho summer insured
I'ico from moths a.ul theft at F. K.
Vi.olkor's. practical furrier, Y. M, C. A
!: ml t: rMir imiii.
Pr. W. '.. D.. 'in no ibs a'i'l uirW ,
N.i. ll. i (I st.e.t, L. ic i!;j. Xeb.
i ink 1'irnxiJ oor weak
FO.l th
WOlt .1- o I AIR. I
You will always tlud a great lino Jo
select fiom at our store. All tho very '
latest HliapcH and designs in the mos't !
c niifortitlile and easiest lit Mug. Tans in i
Oxfords, (iaiteis, and bluchers and nil!
tho other nobby olk'c.s.
lwl . O. street.
u S. (iillick, I'awhio'.ialilo Tailor.
Latest novelties iu goitlomus' sining
goods. (Iillick still caters to tho wish of
tho public. Call on him an 1 hu suited. '
1010 O street, room 10. ,
iiiiiiiiiu inn iimi hi, (hiiniiiiiumiiioi'
the Willi Writ Htittu.
Theiovvas aiioiuptlon or HulTalo Hill's
wild west show in Sundav's Cliicago
Herald. "Hein Is aglluipsoof the grand
entice; Cossacks follow, standing in tho
stirrups, waving, shouting, twirling their
guns a dangerous oiowd they scorn as
they take their, position in tho lapidly
foi tiling body of horsemen, And thou
comes the Alalia, their oiig elnaks
Hying, their little hoises bending low
ami running the earth Willi their sharp
little honrs. They aio like a loaf from
"Aiaddln." Thoy aio like a dioant fiom
Asia. Theto is an American git I alone
an American girl who can tell .mhi
soinethiiigof tliiHcountiy ,voti call ,vour
homo. She has lived hot life in the
wild west, ami her friends are tho
mountains. She passes like a Hash, but
she helps her horse as lie wheels about
and faces you.
And then with a blare or Ituinpels
and tlto noihoor much shouting, comes
tlie Amoiiean cavalry from I ho distant
entrance way. A piolly incident was
added tho day I visited tho show. In
tho biiv below mo sat Mis. Cody, wife of
ImiIuiIo Ulll, witli iter daughter and hor
daiiglito.V daughter tho latter u bright
little child of iiouiil .1 voars. The little
one Iimi kept her place iu the bo till
the Americans wcie lieialdeil, audas tho
Hindus of "L'he Star Spangled llatiner"
welcomed the soldiers hIic slipped fiom
her uiother'H side and began a little wall)',
of her own up and .down I lie passageway
between tho I)o.ch. She helil her Iniiuls
aliovo lior head and plrouollod grace
fully down and back, caioless or the
thousands who had turned for the
moment fiom tho Hold to wateh her
liiin'eing and then darted baok to her
mother with a laugh of delight.
Willi a laugh or delight that was
succeeded ill a moment by u scicaui or
pleasure and a baby salute from two
white hands, ror hero was llulialnl
hill. Ho iodo from Die distant gate
tow-aids us. not with tho wild rush or
common men, but with the graeeful
I movement of a master whose ominone(
was lit in. Ilhi lioisc is the gift of i
uonorui .vines a spiomuu animal, as
proud of his master ns a horse can bo.
and as clean or limb as an Aiab barb.
Theto iHiisidvoor oheeisas the king of
scouts dcsoiibof Ids oh o!o. bowing to the
left and light, then pausing for a mo
ment hero at our foot to lir Ids hat and
and smile his iickuovvicilgoiuentH or our
hearty welcome.
'Ladies mid gentlemen,' lie says and
wmiehow it doesn't for a moment seem
the formal address of a showman.
Ladies and gentlemen, wo welcome von
to this congress of nations, anil' Imt
you 1om the wotds there, for Ihe cheoiH
have not died out yet. Hut you catch
in strong tones, 'Hough liders of tlie
woilu'aiid the wide slouch hat is ic
ttuticd to tho head us tho handsome
hijrso backs away fiom tho stand and
takes his position at the front of the
solid Kiiuaro. Tho little grandchild or
tho leader has never seen him at the
head of his men. She is standing on
her chair, ohippinu her hands and call
ing a rapturouH greeting. The. bund is
playing its HWiTtost music. Hoforo vou.
in successive Hinges, rest the links of
that chain which begins with tho Inuso
men ol A ruby and coiiiiccIh evcrv race
in every eliiuo. ending with this 'group
of Indians who seem born for tho saddle
and tho i fin."
I.liirnln IVnpV.. Iii OiiimIiii,
Lincoln people who go to Omaha, ami
Lincoln p.-ople have hoiir-Iiow noitiiiil
tlie habit or going lo Omaha with more
or less fieiuoncy. have discovered that
tiio pleiiMintest place to put up at in the
popular Murrav hotel. Manager Ira
lligby lias thepli-iisiiieiif greoMng many
of his old time l.iieilu r i'-nils. Mr.
lligby is a hotel man or wide experience.
llo was connected witli the Windsor
hotel iu this city, and was for some time
proprietor of tho Hotel Watson. Xe
in aska City. He lias friends every where,
and ids known capability as a hotel
manager is adrawingcard. Tho Muriay
is the hotel for Lincoln people. '1 lie
table is unsurpassed and tlie rooms are
the pleasantcst in the city.
Miiniiii't- VVimIuii
And that tired feeling, loss of appetite
and nervous ptiHtratiou aio iliivon
away by Hood's S.usapaiilla. like mist
before the morning sun. To reali.e the
benotlt of tluHgieat medicine, give it a
trial ami you will join the army of en
thusittBtic adiniieisof Hoods Sarsatitir
iil"iniil rittifii-.
will sell tickets at greatly loduced ratei
on account or tlie X.itiomi birt inlay
Fouith of July tickotH on pale July .r and
1 and giHiii for return until and 'includ
ing July ."; City otlieo ltfil O ntioet
i.incolu Neii. J. E; . Miliar C. T. A.
Till'tlMi llitlle..
Tho tin kih lintli depu.'tmiMitn of tho
Hiint.uiu'ii .in' now completed, and they
ate, wit in .nt eijceptioliH, the rlnet in tie
state. 'II. .-re uro tw distract depart
mi u s, one for ucn and o ie fur vvmiiio.i.
Timii I i'li ItrtK lo ( iiliu-iiilii.
Tho lini.ii Pacitic rath. ay will now
sell round trio tickets tj Denver, Cm
, rado Spr.ngs. Manitou ami Puel lo nt
tin low rate of ,b-l.l" ginid ritn:ninn
j until October .'Utt. Stop .iveia allowed
liotwo-'u l'uoblo and Cboy.iino. t or
1 nnl piutici Iji'h cdl or itud.oss C.tv
Tick-t olllce. Itl I O street.
I J. i.Mvh'IIN. E. 1. fc I,'li ON,
I C.iy I lelset Agoi.t, (.ion. A ,ont.
Do not forgot 'I'm. loh.ii its two fro
days at tlie uaiiitaiium. I'.oys andgi.ls
wiih Coi'itu a coupons admitted lite to
the great plunge, luosday, ,lt.h I ai.
Sal unlay, July lo. Jso bUie iui.i ci.t out
i lie coupon.
HushiivH men thut want a clean ccono
micdl luiieli tit noon, t us tend or going
home, w ill and a Hue ouinc- at the Cate
L ,.l -i Si.th 'ic i h s. '. Pi icon
..i.lll 4lA.' l..
I UtilHi 'U' 1)(1111,1.. ( .IL'UIO f O
..duilShlo.i u hi (,-fiu i ill.ie ill tl.o
11 IV ril ..ullUUl.
Mrs. McChive and M e. Euiiiiiiiuur,
line iliiSHiiuiUi. g, I 'J 8 O srreot.
( lt ( )i"Fi7i k7 oiFfuiiiT rou pun.
Ask your grocoryman for tho "Will oi
Itolling Mills'' Flour, Clias. Haivcy, pio
(hit-tor. Iinpiirofor
i.itMe lla.eiiet,"
Nickle Plato, 'mil
1-iiKeis' Cms aic-."
I- very sack wainuted.
'Ihe llnost grocery sto:o in thu citw
Miller ic ILirn.il,
Special Discount sdlei
Tnl)le Iviinoiiis9
'Xovxols iiicl Ttviy Guodi
I5IvOCI-I fe
Pi'io;ivskIvo I "!
141 AND I
XrItil to I'm to
11 io WorliJ'
Soa SlKii'Uq
MoiiiitrilnM'oi' I
,t I ICC'M,
Will find it greatly to their advantage to look through our
stock before making up their
Just now wo ore offering some o.vceptionully fine bargains in all lines of
An.l t.tii mvl'
callutl batgain
"ii from
PI to ?t)
uk. i in south loth st, orrosm: aovKiiXMiw squaiib.
Tt. Solioo,! I'dp tlo MisKosi
1 11 8PRL If
tn iiopiii'tnioiiiMi
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