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TllR CoitlHKU'H fMHillll CollllllllR tlllB
wank, nml tho knowledge of ninny coin
lug nodal events, toRtlfy to tho truth of
wliut wait stated a week ago, viz, tliut
notwithstanding tho biiRlnesH depres
sion, Booloty 1h more active tluili It linn
boon for Rovernl catt.
1'Voiii now until tho now year Ih
ushered In tho momborR of tho jiy fir.
do will havo much to engross tliolr at
tout Ion, mill no ono can hoiuI up tho
plaint, "Thoro'H nothing K"l"tf ""
Ono would think from tho nodal
activity that tho report of dullness in
business cannot bo accepted an fact; lint
whether 1uhIiiomr Ih good or had, wo
mind havo some amusement. Moreovor,
LIiicoIu'h nodal ontortalnmontH, whllo
thoy nro uhniwt ttivu'ritilily vnjoynlili, urn
comparatively inexpensive.
Tho uhuiiI fortnightly meeting of
SoronlH wiih hold with MrH. W. 8. Bum
mora on Monday, Duuoinhorll. Tho sub
ject for tho afternoon wiih "Dr. Arnold
of Rugby," lod by MrH. 13. 11. Guthrie,
who gave an Interesting prologuo, dwell
tiifr on tho llfo and worka of thin dirt
tlngulshed Hon of u distinguished
father Dr. Arnold's biography wiih re
viewed by MrH. llolyoko. Ho wan horn
in tho Isle of WlKht in ni5, and livod
only forty-xovon joani. Ah a child ho
wiih exceedingly studious and fond of
hiHtory. After fluhihlng in tho common
ttchoolfl ho wim Hont to Oxford, whero ho
niudo Hpouiul progress. After graduat
ing ho wan ordained a deacon, and spent
his time in preparing young atudenlR
for tho ministry whllo ho wroto u IiIh
tory of Rome and Bovoral other lMokt.
About thin time tho head iiuiHtorHhip of
Rbgby was vacant, and ho applied for
tho portion, which wiih awarded to him
ovor many applicants Ho wiih very
successful hero, winning tho lovo of IiIh
HchohirR and the encomium of England's
greatest school intiHtor. Hero ho died at
mi oirly age, full of lionorR. MrH. Har
bour' nkotchod Htudcnt llfo at Rugby
boforo und during tho tlnio of tho
Arnolds, iibd road from "Tom Drown at
Rugby," tho impression formed by this
'grout mini upon IiIh pupllH.
Mm. Guthrio treated of Mathow
Arnold'B bloKraphy. Ho wuh born
in 1825 and dlod in 1888. Ho was a
man who hud been ono of England's
greatest scholars und critics, ami whoso
work for and among tho middlo classes
wit productive of much lasting good.
Ho was a pout of no small value, a poli
tician of strong conviction and purpose,
a crltio widely known and a man whoso
influence will bo folt in utter years.
His visits to America did not endear
him to Americana, for whom ho did hot
havo tho greatest admiration. Ho died
of heart disease while visiting his sister,
and his loss was felt throughout tho
literary world.
Mrs. Wheeler reviowod Mathow
Arnold's essay on "Oulturo and An
archy;" Mrs. Mlllor.tho religious sub
jects, lltoraturo and dogma Mrs. Sum
mers took the political ones, democracy,
equality, Irish Catholicisn and English
liberalism and tho literary ones treating
of the "Guide to English Literature,
Goethe and George Sand.' Tho time
was too short to discuss Mathew
Arnold as a poet and critic; but the sub
ject was one of pleasure and protlt and
was left with' reluctance.
The next meeting of Sorosis will bo
held Dec. 28 at the homo of Mrs. T. H.
McGahoy, at which time Miss Sarah
Harris will discuss "Art at tho World's
KaUrUlad the Itattkera.
Mr, John B. Wright, president of the
Columbia national bank, entertained
the officers of the Lincoln banks at
dinner Saturday evening at his resi
dence. It was a notable gathering of
congenial spirits, 'and the hospitality of
Mr. Wright, who was ably assisted by
Mrs. Wright, made tho occasion par
ticularly enjoyable. The guests sat
down to a very elaborate dinnor at 7:15
and It was 'way past nine when the
cigars were passed. Tho remulnderot
the evening was passed at cards.
Thoso present wore: Mr. I. M. Ray
mond, president of tho American Ex
chungo National bunk; Mr. E.E. Drown,
vice president of tho Union Savings
bank; Mr. E. E. Moore, president of the
Union Savings bank; Mr. ,0. II. Imhort,
cashier of the. Union Savings i:tuik; Mr,
0. A. Hannu.'Vico, president of 1&V, First
National bank; Mr. Frank M. Cfyske,
cashier ot the First Nationul banHjMr.
Charles E. WaUo, cashier ot thier
man 'National bunk; Mr. S. H.jurn
ham, cashier ot tho A mericau, tylehungo
National bank; Mr, P, &V Thompson,
vice president ot the Amorican Ex
chango National bank; Mr, J. H. -He-Clay,
cashier ot the Columbia National
bank; Mr. F. E. Johnson, and Messrs.
J. E. Hill, Jl. P. Lau, E. R. Sizer,
directors ot the Columbia National
tank; Mr. Will Stull, president ot the
Industrial Savings bank; Mr. R D.
Miller, treasurer of the Lincoln Savings
bank; Mr. William Fullerton, vice
president ot the Merchants bank; Mr,
J. D, McFarland, ex-president of the
First National bank; Mr. R. A. Perry,
MdMr.C'E. Yates.
Vnrmdn CUV MMtlBf .
A meeting of the southern divlaon ot
-ibe Lancaster county Farmer's club was
ksUfttUMrsskkaMotMr. and Mrs.
Dlxby, Thursday of IiihI week with a
full attendance. The meeting wiih
called to order by tho vlco president
Mrs, (IrceiiaiiioyerandthoiiiliiuteHof tho
hint Directing wero read. All those
present then Joined In singing "America"
which wiih followed by tho roll call with
rcHK)iiecH and Instrumental music by
MIsh Daisy Oreenameyer and a recita
tion by MIhh Nolllo LoIorleH. Tho sub
ject of "How to caro for hogR during
tho winter," wiih then discussed and
followed by tho election ot olllcurn for
tho year of 1)1 an follows: President, Mr,
Chambers, vice-president, Mrs. J.
WatHon; secretary, MIsh Jean Watson;
treasurer, MIsh Daisy (Ireoniuneyer. Tho
meeting then adjourned to meet Jan.
nary i with Mr, A. RobertH.
I'niiiirniiiln ('(Hirer!,
ltepreseutativo hall wiih brilliantly
Illuminated Thursday evening for the
promenade concert which was given
under tho uusplccH of tho Lincoln Light
Infantry. Tho exerclseH comprised a
concert, an exhibition drill and dancing,
tho latter commencing at 9:30, Follow
ing Ih tho musical grogram given;
Nebraska State Hand ,
1 1. T, 1 rvlne, director
Tuxedo Mandolin Club
Franklin Eaton, director
Overture "Fra Dlavolo" Auber
"Tho Passing Regiment" Coverley
Mandolin Club- Woman's Lovo Waltz,
Cornet Solo "Tramp, Tramp"... . . .
Mr.D. ll.Kondrlck.
Tattoo "Soldier Life" Keler-Dela
Approacli of Night; the Sorjiiudo; the
March; tho Piayer Deforo the
Dnttlo: Final.
Mandolin Club "Dance ot tho Tramp."
Descriptive "A Trip to Coney. ....
Island" , MnscH-Tobniu
Characteristic Piece "Guard
Mount" Eileuberg
Mandolin Club-Clio Gavotte
Mazurko Ruhro "La Czarlno"...Gauuo
Ml I'olvlu In C'lili'iiKii.
Tho Lincoln friends of MIhh Potvin
may bo Interested in the following, from
tho Satimtity Kveniny JleniM, Chi
cago: MIsh May S. Potvin, tho piano
virtuoso recently added to the faculty
of tho Perkins' Chicago National Col
lego ot Music, will give a pianoforte re
cital Tuesday evening, December 11), in
Kimball hall. MIrh Potvin made a most
favorable impression at tho recent
faculty concert ot the college. Hor play
ing wan such as to place hor in the llrst-
class of i lano soloists. Her appearance,
in u recital of largo worlH by Deethoven,
Schubert, Rubinstein, Mozkowskl,
Chopin und Tauslg will attract general
Interest. Miss Mao Estello Acton will
supply tho vocal numbors with selections
from "Lu Fnvorltu" und "Curmon."
1'rrnkylorlMii HorUl.
Tho First Presbyterian church was
tho bcoiio of an animated gathering
Wednesday evening, tho occasion being
a soclul given by tho ladies ot tho church.
Misses Laura Houtz and Gertrudo
ChumborB rendered two excellent man
dolin duots and Miss Follmor recited in
a very pleasing manner. Tho rooms
wero beautifully decorutod with
chrysanthemums and tempting refresh
ments were served throughout tho even
ing by Mrs. O, F. Lndd, Mrs. Rczin
Welsh, Mrs. Josoph Digger, Mrs. G. L.
MoiBsnor und Mrs- II. S. Freeman.
Tnkrn lly HurprUe.
Mr, and Mrs. John L. Doty, who havo
recently moved into u handsome resl
Honco nt Twentieth und F streets, were
Visited by u largo number ot their
friends Saturday evening, who came
unannounced. A very pleasant ovenlug
was spout. Thoso present woro: Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Drown, Dr. und Mrs.
Casobeor, Dr. and Mrs. A. 11. Dorrls,
Mr. and Mrs. Warren, Mr. und Mrs.
Tilton, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, Mr. and
Mrs. Hutchins, Mr. und Mrs. Wells, Mr.
and Mrs. Schwuko, Mr. und Mrs.
Kearna and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Btcckley, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Mr. and
Mrs. White, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Mr.
und Mrs. Atkinson, Mr. und Mrs. Wood
wurd, Mr. und Mrs. Lasch, Mr. and Mrs.
Lindloy, Mrs. Purkor, Mrs. Appiegot,
Mrs. Hurris, und Mr. und Mrs. Talbot.
HUle HUInrlcnl Society.
Tho annual meeting of tho state his
torical society will bo held on tho even
ings ot January 0 und 10, in tho chapel
ot the stuto university ut 8 o'clock. Tho
following uro tho programs: ,
Junuary 0. Hon. D. J. Johnson of
Howe, Nob., "Early Reminiscences;"
J. A. MucMurphy, Omuhu, "Pioneer
Life in NobraBku;" C. D. Altchisou,
"Llfo of Governor Durt;" F. Dull, Pub
myra, "Extracts From Eurly Docu
ments.'' Junuury 10. Hon. T. M, Murquotto,
Lincoln, "Tho Eurly Courts of No
brusku;" II. W. Yates, president ot tho
Nobrusku Nationul bank, Omaha, "Early
Nebrusku Currency und Per Cupitu Cir
culation;" Victor Rosowator, Ph.D.,
Omaha, "Municipal Government in No
bruBku;" 8. C. DubboU, Gibbon, "Tho
Soldiers' Free Homosteud Colony."
Will 1'Ujr nt Her Wedding.
Another London celebrity, Sir
Arthur Sullivan, has moused much
talk by volunteering to play tho
"Wedding march" on tho orgun ut St.
George's church when Miss Adole
Grant ot Now York marries the Earl ot
Essex. This was construed among
persons who were aware ot Sir Arthur's
attention to Miss Gruut as a touching
influence ot self-abnegation and
forgiveness. There was no doubt in
the minds of that section of the public
which Is interested in the question of
the love affairs of prominent peoplo that
Sir Arthur and Miss Grant were upon
the point of 'being engaged several times
while the musician and composer were
in this country, Later In thoseason'tlicir
engagement wiih rejKirtcd rcpeatcdljr by
cable from London, l
lti'ii')ll(iM ut llm V. M, V, A,
A reception wiih tendered to tho
general Hecrotary of tho Young Moii'h
Christian association Mr. Doano, and
Mrn. Doano, and Mr. Sloan, tho physical
director, in tho parlors of tho associa
tion Tuesday evening. There wiih a
largo attendance of ladles and gentle
men, and tho evening wan spent most
pleasantly. Mr. Lo Grand Daldwin, tho
president of tho association, and Mrs.
Daldwin, and Chancellor Canfleld,
assisted In receiving tho guests. An
enjoyable musical program wiih ren
dered. Tim Mliluiiy I'lnUiiiifc.
A unique entertainment was given at
the First Congregational church Tues
day and Wednesday ovonlngH, interest
centering in the Midway Plaliianco. Sup
per wiih served it 0 o'clock. There wiih a
Ferris wheel, and attractively designed
booths, suggestive, in name, at least, of
the Midway, presided ovor by ladles In
appropriate costume. There wiih music
during tho evening.
Tint (Vnlury Cltili.
The last meeting of tho Century club
wiih held December 11! at tho residence
of MrH. Henry Hartley. Mrs. MeCrocrj
discussed tho "Reign of Louis XIV,
101:1-1710," MrH. Klrker, "Literature
Under IjouIh XIV," and Mrs. Scott,
"Tho French In America." Tho next
meeting of the club will be held Decem
ber i!0, at the residence of Mrn. W. D.
Ilnx l'nrty ut Hie I.iiiirIiik.
A box party that added to the general
attractiveness of tho interior of the
Lansing theatre Wednesday evening,
when tho auditorium was filled with a
cultured and fashionable audience pay
ing triiiuto to "rrlends wiih that com
IMised ot Messrs. 11. R. Krug, W. D.
Robinson, John T. Dorgan, Dommi G.
Dawes, Gcorgo Woods, C. P. Cloiigh,
and MIbbch Fay Marshall, Nellie White,
Jeannette Wilson, Ward, of Waseca,
Minn., Rachel Drock, and Maine Car
Minor Mi'iitliui.
MIhh Drowuio Damn, well known in
this city, made her debut in Omaha
Tuesday night at u brilliant dancing
party given by her mother, MrH. Daniel
Damn. MIhh Anno Funko, of thin city,
was prCRont nt tho party.
Chancellor Crook, of the Wesleyan
university, lectured Wednesday evening
in tho chapel ot tho State university,
his subject being "Detsy and I Aro
Out, a Popular Viow of tho Divorce
Mr. Frank M. Hall will begin the
erection of u handsome residence ut tho
corner of G. and Fifteenth streets, in
the Hpring. Tho residence will cost
910,000, und will bo built utter u colonial
A number of ladies havo interested
themsolves in a movement looking to tho
establishment of soup houses in this
city, and it is probablo that some dofl
nito action will bo tuken in tho near
Tho ladles of tho Y. W. 0. A. will hold
u bazar today at tho residenco ot Mrs.
Com Pitcher, 1045 II street. Tho buzar
will bo In progress during tho afternoon
and ovonlng, und the public is invited.
Mr. J. W. Outright, who was privato
secrotary to Congressman Dryun during
tho oxtrn session of congress, has re
turned to Lincoln. Ho has resumod his
position us city editor of tho News.
Thoro was a merry gathering ot young
people, mostly university students, at
tho residenco of Mr. Frank W. Lewis
Suturduy evening. Whist was tho prin
cipal form of entertainment.
Mr. and Mrs. Archio Ensign, who
wero married ut Hot Springs, Ark., lust
wook, will arrlvo in Lincoln tho lutter
part of tho month, and will bo ut homo
at 1109 F street.
Tho mooting ot tho Huydon Art club
to have been hold Tuesday evening was
postponed on uccount ot tho illness of
Mrs. II, II. Wilson and Professor Ward.
At u mooting ot tho Pleasant Hour
club hold Monday Rome now mombors
woro elected, and it was decided to hold
tho UBual holiday party December 20.
Tho Current Topic club mot Monday
ovonlng in tho Y. M. C. A. parlors. Tho
subject diflcuBsed was "Has Money a
Legitimato Uso in Politics?"
Mrs. Eva Qruningor who has been
visiting hor roii, Mr. A, O. Ziemor, left
Tuesday for Chicago, whore Rho will bo
tho guest ot her daughters.
Miss Ward, of Wusecu, Minn., who
has spent sovorul weeks in this city tho
guest ot Mies Jcunnotto Wilson, expects
to return homo noxt week.
The Patriarchs, ono of Lincoln's old
est dancing organizations, will give the
first party of tho season noxt Wednes
day evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Goorgo Lowry arrived in
Lincoln -Wednesday. They will occupy
Mr. Frank Drownell's house on O street
this winter.
Tho Tuxedo Mandolin club will give
a concert Tuesday evening in tho
Daptlst church, the proceeds to go to
the poor.
Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Troth, of McCook,
who wore the guests ot Hon. und Mrs.
John 0. Allen, returned homo Wednes
day. The students ot tho stuto university
will hold thoir usual holiday dance
Tuesday ovonlng at tho Lansing hull.
Mr. John Harrop, the newly elected
register ot deeds, Is visiting friends in
the southern part of tho state.
Tho "Hard .Times" Whist club wiih
entertained last evening ut tho Lincoln
hotel by Miss Maine Carson.
Mr. John P. Sutton luiRgone to Minne
sota to act iih paymaster for somo of Mr.
Fitzgerald's contract work.
Tho Jolo lo Vie club wiih entertained
last evening nt tho residenco of MrH. J.
II. Housloy, 1.T23 S street.
Mr. Walt Mason, philosopher and
Mot, of Heatrlce,. wan in tho city
Mr. Charles L. Durr attended tho
Damn dancing party in Omaha Tuesday
Tho Jolo do Vlo club mot Inet Friday
evening at the residenco of Dr. G. M.
MrH. George-II. HiiHtlngs attended tho
funeral ot hor sister in Aurora, III., this
MIsh Maine Carson returned Monday
from Omaha, where sho visited sovoral
Mr. Ernest Holmes, formerly of tho
Journal' Htuir, arrived In Paris Thurs
day. MrH. Hall of Kansas City Is tho guest
of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Dartholomow.
Prof. Nicholson, of tho state univorHity,
has gono south for his health.
MrH. A. D. Clark and Miss llortha
Clark visited Omaha Monday.
Mr. Dort Howoy waB in Lincoln
Wednesday and Thurnduy.
Mr. K. K. Hayden has returned from
Washington D. O.
Mrs. D. E. Thompson, spent Monday
in Omaha.
MIsh Surah Harris lias returned from
Mrs. E. E. Drown left Tuesday for
Hon. J. E. Hill has gono to La Porto,
Mr. J. II. Agoi Ib in La Porto Texas.
Hon. A. II. Weir in in Chicago.
Feeblo und capricious appetites aro
best regulated by tho uso of Ayor's
Cathartic Pills. Thoy do not debilitate,
by oxccHdivo stimulation; but cuuro tho
stomach, liver and bowels to perform
thoir functions properly. As an after
dinner pill they nro unequalled.
You can find tho best lino of holiday
dry goods, toys, clonks, Slippers, rugs,
dolls, jewolry und 1000 of other things
for presents ut Horpolshoimor & Co.
Cnnon City und Rock Springs coul
nicely screened at Lincoln Coal com
pany. . '
Tho Whitobreast company is having
grout success with its Elk Mountain
unthruncito 89.80.
M. L. Trestor soils Pennsylvania,
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, und
Wyoming coals cheap for cash, 1211 O
Luxury of Trnvel.
"Hollo, Juckl JuBtcomo down town?"
"No; why?"
"DccauBO you look so fresh und trim
as though just out ot a bandbox."
"Well, thut is natural enough, when
you consider thut, instead ot just com
ing down town, I havo just got into town
utter u trip east."
"uut tnut gonoraiiy uses a man up,
and gives him that tired feeling, what
with crumped quurters and jarring und
worrying him utmost to death.1'
"I know that is sometimes tho cuso.
Dut frequentfy it depends upon what
roud you rido over. There are roads and
rouds. I mado my journey by tho
Michigan Control, und thoy huve such
perfection in uppliances for comfort,
such discipline ' among the employes,
that the annoyances aro small indeed,
und tho comfort equul to thut in ono's
own home, unless it is an exceptionally
luxurious and well-appointed one. Try
the Michigan Control, 'tho Niagara
Fulls Route,' next time you wish to go
east. You'll find it so." Arkunsuw
High Five or Euchre Parties
Should send at onco to John Qebastian,
G. T. A., O. R. I. & P. R. R., Chicago.
Ten Cents, in stumps, per pack for tho
slickest cards you over shuffled. For
$1.00 you will receive free by expression
the; florists.
Wogrow and alwa)S liuYO
And ull kinds ot Decorating und
Flowering Plants.
and FIVE ACRES . . .
Wholly devoted to Flowers and Plants.
' Main green liotuo 1 mil wectUnion colUf.
Cholco of an immonso lino at
lc Each.
Cholco of entiro lot of Fancy
7c a yurd.
Worth 25c.
Drund "Fruit of tho Loom"
8c u yard.
10 yards to ono customer.
Slightly damaged, Slightly Boiled,
39c Pair!
Ladies' Suede
Mosquotairo Gloves,
75c Tair.
Ladles' and Children's Woolon Mit
tens ut 12, 10, 25 and 15c.
120 Each.
Handkerchiefs Embroidered,
15c, 20c und 25c.
To Gloso Out.
Drocudcd Silks, funcy weaveB' run
ning from 5 to 20 yards in a piece, all go
at tho unheard of prico,
39c Yard.
Dig drivo. Never before offered ut such
prices in tho history of tho dry goods
An immonso lino of Fine Satin. Our
19c Yurd.
Silks to advertise us flno novelties,
extra qualities, best goods. Worth up
to 81.25'yard, nt
39c Yurd.
H. R. KRUG & CO.
Christmas Gifts
Solo lonther, bnskot,
crystal bound.
Vn11P Alligator and grain
' milking usoful und
ITlttecl Bates
Pocket Books
Card Cases
bags of
IXressinfi: Cases
:&ru.sio Rolls
kNGOieN Trunk Factory.
ioi7 o 'x'iici3'r.
This is a vory flno establcBlimont probably better than anything of the kind
in tho world.
Capacity, 1,500 baths daily.
Artesian minoral wator is used.
Soparato accommodations nro provided for both sexes.
1r Great Plunge lcitlx
Holds about u quarter of u million gallons of Sen Green Suit Wutor.
And is neurly 150 feet long, 20 feet wido und ll to 0 foot deep.
Its clear us a crystal, too.
Thoro aro Borne spring boards, trapozo and automatic needle bath in this de
partment. 1lae Beet Rooms
Aro for transients who do not euro to leavo tho building utter a bath.
Putionts tuking treatment uso thorn also.
And muny other diseases can bo CURED In tho Hot Salt Department.
1Mo Tm'lcil J3citlas!
Now wo'ro coming down to business.
Marblo wallB, Mosaic floors, rich Rugs, Carpets and Druperios.
Great tiro places, easy chairs and divans.
All sorts of baths aro given. Thoro is also u DARDER SHOP.
Ladier' Hair DroBsing Department, and ovon u Municuro, Chironodist inri
Doit Dlack. "
Lunolies A.v& Served
And Turkish coffee und lots of other things good to eat and drink
And the halt hasn't been told. ' '
Special in Ladies' full regular mado
Cashmere Hoso,
25, 35 und 50c.
Extra good vuluo.
Full blenched Irifih Linon Tablo Dnm
usk, extra wide. Special prico
48c Yard.
Regular prico G2Jc ynrd.
Ladies' Dlnck Ribbed, VestH, 25c.
Ladies' White Merino Vests, 37c
Children's Union Suits, 81.35.
Ladies' and Children's Wool Hoso 25c.
Ladies' Dlack Cotton Hooo, 7c pair.
Turkey red Tublo Damask, extra heuvy.
Spcciul prico,
21c Yard.
Rod und Whito all wool Flunnol,
17c Yard.
Good for Underwear.
Saxony Yarns nt 5o
Zephyrs, Dear Drund 2)c
liest Dress Druids.... a'
Ponholdora lc
Dest Needles , ,3c
Stockinet Shiolds . . . ,5c
Curling Irons 2c
Funcy Druids worth up to 81.25, for
- - -, 5, 10 and 25c
Silk Ihrcad, in colors only 4c
Dest Linon Thread '. . . ,5c spool
Dig Lino of Pockotbooks 15o each
Choico Robertson's Btock of Fine
DuttoiiR, crochet, pearl and
metal 5c dozen
Coat and Vest Duttons ledozon
Ludies' Ruches lcouch
canvas covered, iron, leather und
leather in bonutiful designs und colors
elegant presents.
Gladstones, cubin bags und club bags with
useful und comploto toilet fittings.
In seal, alligator, Morocco, Russia, pebblo
calf and lizurd, beautifully trimmod with
gold und silvor ornnmonts.
und bill books, chutolaino bags, shopping
all kinds.
collar und cuff, hundkorchlof, jowel und work boxes
in fancy colored Icathor.
Manicuro sots, cigar coses, extension
cases, dresB suit cases, writing
tablets, drinking cups, etc.
In gonuino soul, pobblo calf, smooth calf und
gruin leathor, from 81.00 to 80.00.
W - '
, t

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