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Jomea Russell Lowell in a hitherto
'unpublished essay In tho Docombor
Century says: "Thcro Hro certain
books which it ia nocessury to read; hut
they aro vory tow. Looking at tho
matter from an eathotlo point of vlow
merely, I should aay that thus far only
one man had been ablo to uao typos so
universal, and to draw figures so cosmo
politan, that thoy aro equally truo in all
languages and equally uccoptablo to tho
wholo Indo-Europoan branch, at least,
of tho human family. Thut man is
Homor, and thoro needs, it scorns to mo,
no further proof of his individual ex
iatenoe than this vory fact of tho solitary
unapproachabloneas of the Iliad and
the Odyssey. The more wonderful thoy
are, the more likely to bo tho work of
one person. Nowhore is tho purely
natural man presented to us so nobly
aud sincerely aa in those poems.
Not tar below these I should place the
Dlvlna Oommedia of Dante, in which
the history of the spiritual man ia
sketched with equal command of
material and grandeur of outline. Don
Quixote atanda upon the samelovel, and
receives the same universal apprecia
tion. Here we havo tho spiritual and
the natural man set before us In humor
ous contrast. In tho' knight and his
squire Cervantes has typltioU the two
opposing poles of our dual naturo tho
imagination and the understanding as
they appear in contradiction. This is
the only comprehensive satire over
written, for it is utterly independent of
time, placo, and mannors.
Faust gives us the natural history of
the human intellect, Mephlstophelos
being merely the projected Impersona
tion of that akepticlsm which is the in
variable result of a purely intellectual
oulture. These four books are tha ocly
ones in which universal facts of human
nature and experience aro ideally
represented.! They can therefore never
be displaced,
I have not mentioned Shakespeare
because his works come under a dif
ferent category. Though thoy mark
the very highest level of human geniue,
they yet represent no special epoch in
the history of the individual mind. The
man of Shakespeare Is always the man
of actual lite as he is acted upon by the
worlds of sense and of spirit under cer
tain definite conditions. We all of us
nay be in the position of Macbeth or
Othello or Hamlet, and we appreciate
their sayings and deeds potentially, so
to speak, rather than actually, through
mumiximmm office,
JjjJlilJ(liirti1ttTiiwijriiTiiiivV.1li ; 'iW'hftriRJitsiirii.l!MibUtAW (iteaWw"aefcjjfetj!
:-t:v" rfj'vv??"
tho sympathy of our common nuturo mid
not of our experience."
llluo mid Gray for December opens
with u hnmlRomo untl urtiHtic colored
frontispiece, showing tho old liberty
boll in a ChrlHtmufl wreath of holly.
"How Unc' Eph' llought Herself" is an
excellent ChrlstmiiH story in choico
diuojut, by George I'. Northrop. "Union
Jack V serial, "With Farrngut on tho
Hartford," Is accompanied this month
by four splendid Illustrations, by Xun
thus Smith, descriptivo of tho light at
Now Orleans. This soriul is growing
more interesting euch month, and Mr.
Smith's special skill in naval technique
gives unusual value to his pictures.
General Horatio 0. King continues his
"Recollections of War Times;" Mrs.
Uruco concludes her "A Uehttcd Honey
moon,'' and Mr. L. W. Wulluzz con
tributes somo of his conclusions regard
ing "Meade at Gettysburg." Tho
Patriotic Youth's Department is very
strong, giving n biographical sketch of
Mr. Goorgo W Childs, und a most cup
tlvating illustrated paper on "Tho Old
Liberty Bell and its Home," besides a
number of shorter articles of a patriotic
character. This muguxino has now
complotod tho first year of Its existence,
and enters its second year well estab
lished in the hearts of our patriotic
citizens in all sections. (Patriotic
American Co., Philadelphia.)
A Japaneso pupil of Mr. Lafcudio
Hearn has asked him in horror und
amuxomont how it is that tho strange
subjocts of love und marriugo uro bo
freely treated in English novels. This
gives Mr. Hearn occusion to toll in his
urticlo, "Of tho Eternal Feminine," in
the December Atlantic, how different u
place women occupy in Japan and in
Amorica and Europe. Equally note
worthy ia Mr. F, U. Sanborn's urticlo on
"Thoroau and His English Friend
Thomas Oholmondoloy." Tho pupor is
made up mainly of lottorsi between a
young Englishman of no common char
actor and tho naturalist and philosopher
whose namo is coming more and mora to
bo coupled, like Emerson's and Haw
thorne's, with Concord in its best days.
Mrs. Wlggln provides tho short story of
the number in "Ton o' tho liluob'ry
Plains," a pathetic sketch of Now Eng
land lite. Mrs. Cavazza's story, "Tho
Man from Aidono," has its third, last
and most effective part. Charles Egbert
Craddock continues "His Vanished
Star." Studies. of nature uro nearly
alwaya expected in the Atlantic, and
from Mr. Bradford Torroy and Mr. Frank
Bolles the readors of tho magazine have
learned to expect very charming papers.
Such, indeed, aro "In tho Flat-Woods,"
by Mr. Torrey, and "Birds at Yujo-Tide,"
by Mr Bolles. To these are added the
-A. NEfe
By special arrangement with the Mulr-Cowln Company of this city,
THIS COUIHEK Is able to make the following extraordinary premium
To every New Subscriber who pays 50 Cents In advance for three
month's subscription, we will give as a premium a beautiful after
dinner china cup and saucer, hand decorated. These cups and saucers
cannot be purchased for less than 75 cents or $1.00. Gall at the office
and see them. Courlor IPtito. Co,,
IUOI O Street,
vivid pictures of Mr. Hamlin Uurlund'H
"Western Landscapes." An unsigned
pnpor, "Ideal Transit," suggestH, half
whimsically, a pleasant solution of all
tho difficulties of travel. Professor
Woodrow Wilson, in "Mero Lltoraturo,"
makes u plea for tho study of books not
as subjects of scientific Inquiry. "Demo
cracy in Amerlcu,'' by Professor Francis
Newton Thorpoft is of interest partic
ularly to studentHot our social history.
"Tho Blazing Heart," a pooni by Mrs.
Alice Williams Urothorton, and tho usual
departments fill out this strong conclud
ing numbor of tho 'Atlantic's ono hun
dred and thirty-fourth volume.
Elegant tailor mado garments or those
for tho proinonado aro of plain cloth.
They aro often beautifully braided or
trimmed with a soutacho of another
hIi ado. A novel way of using fur is in
poriiondiculur banes on tho scams,
starting from u fur hoad at about tho
height of tho knee. Odd combinations
aro encouraged, nnd black and white
though not now still continuo in high
favor. The mingling of luco em
broidery und fur form tho rich fushionsof
tho present moment. Tho Eton Juckot
and Figaro und Zouave seom likely to re
man fushionublo for some timo to coino.
A feuturo of this season's fashions is tho
richness of tho mutcriuls used in gowns.
Tho now dahlia tint, myrtlo and brown
uro much seen in woolen goods com
bined witli moire silk. Tlieso items of
interest give only a fulnt idea of the
many instructive points contained in tho
McDowell Illustrated Magazines from
which thoy havo been selected. Thcso
journals uro tho Btundurd authorities in
either Paris. London or Americu on
everything portuining to fashion.
BcsidcB their useful information they
givo vuluabio lessons to dressmakers and
offer unusual Inducements in tho form
patterns und coupons.
Tho Docombor numbor of "Tulos
From Town Topics" presents, with its
usual furrugo of miscellaneous reuding,
u complete novel by Charles Stokes
Wayne, entitled, "Anthony Kent." It
is u tuio of lovo thut is both bud und
puro, und its Bconcs uro laid in
Venice, Monto Carlo, Paris and New
York. Anthony Kent's experience in
loving a beautiful udvonturess, und
afterwards mooting und losing his heart
to the woman's innocent young
daughter who has been deserted us a
baby by her unnuturnl mother, is such
us to hold tho attention of most
readors, und tomako tho story udmirublo
as a piece of lltoraturo.
Tho multiplicity and oxcollenco of
othor magazines, far form lessening the
usefulness of tho Reviews of Reviews
makes this uniquo perodicul moro and
iaoi O STREET.
more a necessity. Its indoxes, conden
sations of leading nrticles, classified lists
of new hooks, and general survey of
written thingR said, and things done
during the month preceding its issuo,
would sulllco to keep tho reader in
touch with tho current of lifo and
thought, even if wo woro able to road
nothing else. Tho December issue is
full of fieshness us its predecessors have
havo regularly been; and to tlioso who
know tho Review of Review's this is u
BUtllciout commendation.
Mitchell' IMiui.
Cliurlio Mitchell, tho pugilist, closed
hit theatrical season in Philadelphia
last week. Ho has go no to Florida to
begin training. Ho is abstaining en
tirely from ulcholio stimulants of all
kinds. Mitchell says ho will certainly
bo on hand tho night of tho fight und
expects to win.
Asked ubout tho oxtru height and
reach of Corbott, Mitchell said: "I
know ho is four inches or bo fuller than
I am und thut I am giving a lot uwuy,
but ho is liable to muko u mistake.
Tho best of us do. It ho docs I shall
nail him. It I mako it he'll nuil mo
in ull probability."
"Do you think tho fight will come oil
in Florida?"
"I bco no reason why it should not, do
you? Everything bcoiiib Bottled. I'm
willing, Corbott's willing. Why
shouldn't it?"
"Jb it right that you muy truin near
"Yes, I like this purt of tho country
vory well. Tho climuto suits mo und I
can got ovorythlng I want; besides I
huvo heard thut Floridu is a muluriul
kind of u placo, that is ono in which a
man might contract muluria in train
ing. Now I huvo hud muluria onco, und
don't want it aguin, nor to tako any
chances with it. I wunt to enter tho
ring us fit us tho provorbiul fiddle, und
us I cun got to Jucksonvillo from hero
in a little over twenty-four hours what
is thouBO of going down thero to truin?"
Peter Jackson und Joo Choynski uro
also in Philadelphia, but neither cured
to mako a comparison of Corbott und
Mitchell. Both contented themselves
with Buying thut fighting, liko horse
rucing, 1b "mighty unsurtin."
Summer Weakness
And thut tired feeling, loss ot uppotito
und nervous prostration aro driven uwuy
by Hood's Sarsupurillu, liko mist boforo
tho morning sun. To, realize tho benefit
of this greut medicine, givo it u triul and
you will join tho army ot enthusiastic
admirers ot Hood's Sursaparillu.
M. L. Trestor, coal and lumber. 1241
O street.
Water colors' und etchings ut Crancor'o,
212 South 11th.
xarvrrjvrioaarsB to 1
ml tm
Special attention given to tho grow
ing ot now and choico roses. Carnations
and all kinds of grcenhouso plants.
uflC0ifl FViORtMi
Are Just as Curable as Other Diseases.
Treated exclusively by
11K. LKONIIAHIIT, Lincoln, Neb.
orriot I4tr o it. mouss t to daily,
.Send for Free Sample Copy of
lies Jul.
Tim ImdiiiK livo stock nowspupcr nnd mar
ket reporter of tho west. A paper for
lino stock breeders, (train dealers. Very lotost
nnd correct market reports by tolcarnph from
nil tlio principal stock markots. Address
South Omaha, Nob.
Under now management
HULKTT & AVKXlOIlT, l'rops.
Spocln) attention to stnto trado, guest and
commercial travelers. Farnnm street olectric
cars pass tho door to and from all parts of tho
A beautifully docorutcd
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iwovujivrmiai xiw
Ball Proerams.
i?,',;,'111 ir Li:iir'wwJAay3!ggjJL
-.J 'l
A year's subscription to Scribner's
Muguzino will bring into your homo
twelve monthly numbers, aggregating
over 1500 puges ot tho best ana most in
teresting reuding, und moro thun 700
beautiful illusrrutions.
George W. Cable will begin in tho
Junuury number u romunco ontitled
"John March, Southerner."
Two othor important serials huvo been
engaged: J. M. Uahhik, author ot tho
fumous "Little Minister," has written
a now novel, tho tlrstsincothut fumous
story. George Meredith, tho grout
English novelist, has in preparation u
novel ontitled "Tho Amazing Mar-'
Short Stouikh will bo abundant.
W. D. IIowells, Miss Elliott, W. If.
Bishop, LudovioIIalevy, PaulBour
oet, Joel Chandler Harris and
many new writers will contribute
Studies op Ameridan Life will bo an
important fuituro, including Nowport,
Bar Harbor, Lenox, etc., und tho west.
The Illustrations will bo ovon moro
numerous nnd bcuutiful thun over. A
series of Frontispieces chosen by
Philip Gilbert Hamorton will bo espe
cially notable.
Tho numbers
for 1893. nnd
u subscription for 1801 94.50 ,
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bound in cloth - - - G.OO
od folder do
scribing the
NEW MEXICO. furm8i
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No other country possevHes such a desirabla
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