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m ?Vi tt&.l
Volume XXXVI, No. 2b
Bennettsville, S. C., Friday Evening, October 27, 1911
$1.50 a Year in Advanc?
Two Wcgro Woman Yi?\\\ Cv?
a Man and lioth aro -
Clio, Pot. 27.- A terri! lo
iinji -crape odour rod Y\ >?.?
night oil tho plantation ol' Mt u j
M,\ers. when Mary Isabella Iv j
found Pearl Yarhoro in iii" In < .
willi her husband. Marj ?
mario an c?lOrt lo kill lier I"
and I nt4 dusky iluni>ol Pi ? . '
a ra//ir, culling lier hu- ' . se
vorcl.v ami almost sew; i .
jungulnr vein ul" Poui i, i .
Bonncttsvi lu, who drew hoi i
in the incantiuHi and took ; ri
tho cullin}.', splitting thc ?dui di
.Mary Isabella and cutting a? don
gash iii her chest. thain.c; Ivy,
the man in tin." eas", luis rot linn ?
io North Carolina. Tho two \ nm
oai wore brought to town a. d vii
severe won lids were neall.\ tl ia?
b.v Dr d A 1 lamer and lin n tu ned I
over lo tho county muli nities ;;'
Bonneltsville for I'urther oar? m
legal i reat'?iout. Tlie pin tien art
all neurons.
Il is reported that james Hana i
ol' I > i 11 o Ii ran over a .Vi rs
with his automobile near l i; sta i
line .v?storda.v itltornooiiantl brtik?
her K?us. She is still living, inti
in a critical condition. M r i lanuu
is a son* in-law ?d' Thos J Ina-sam
of Bennetts ville.
.\L VY .1 t lovington ol' lOvor
greed, N ?, has been Spending :i
few days with the family ol' Mi
Charlie Covington lane, Both ile
Mesdames Covington went io lien
pottsville Thursday morning.
Mr ,1 T Petcrkin ol' I lillon, a
son ol' .Janies A Petcikin Ksp, late
of this county, is lane foi- a few
daw- cont-st manager foi ile
"Marlboro Times.
1 have just received tho col Ieee
m ago/due from my young fi ?end,
.) 1* IO va ns of the University ol
?South Carolina, who is business
manager with Mr Broad us Mitch
el, editor. Tho tone of the jou rnal
is earnest and incisive and clear in
its literature. Thank you gentle?
nam for the pleasure of its peru
On Monday night Mrs K L Ben
nett invited the Eastern Star, o!
which she i-. worthy matron, to a
reception in her handsome, com
modious home on ('lunch street-.
lier program consisted of seven
enjoyable events ami surprised*,
adding much to the please.re ol' ihe
occa ion. Mrs Barnet', i-. prov in*
to he a real tn ii rot) nf tjlio [>) isjith i
Slur ami contmut s to ii. hi lo |p r
popul.:.ri ty more a-, a Mar
her sex ll.an on tho : trot i. 'I'M . ?j
Cepli ?ii e! i.sed plea, hui ly a lei :
OUtr il ;m l s il?pl r:..;r -e.
liindVertdntlv .- . ; i . . . ,0 l,f
Kt5V !.: ( ) W.dv.u . ii lor ; ? Dre
presen) bihci?],
Mr Mciv'cilhan ?j? luis re
jair}vod io ms pl nv ??? a p'??ft o
the. Clio Mule e ?luptiny, ll ft e|
Speniiin;/ fl shirl wli.ie in N '
Carolina a:al al tho home ol' hp
p'arOnts near h m, where M1 ?
Hogers1 lui'* boon i r sovprul tbiyi
rein. /-.. - . y ..iraiay.
HOV WolooihC Quick went t<
11 tulls no ii'- li ? ,m il in l 'a\ ?l ?
l'jilO on Thursday to have lie
? :
. talion v. nos ' wi e is ottrien . >
Tlie bare ol' the IU*,lo OUOM ?0
lor a while tri tip ii) ijlitds < le- M ?
es Mary id ul kittie Mei ?iiurin, -s H
have liad their caro foi' . i
< 'ar ?tccoinm alalini-: \.
i't'ieti i, t?adger Biggs ol' ! ai ii .
lon. X (-, who 1-; new at the d sn .i
i' developing into ah elli ci ein nit n
ope hitor for the Bell telcphon
Harmony Happenings,
I larmony, ( )ei. -JI. Several (
'.he I larmony people have Ix en t
Mci 'ol! ami BcnnettsvHIc shop pin
this week.
ooiiio of tho Harmony folks at
tended tho play at Olio last Tues
j> niyht,
Mr and Mrs ll B Spears and
Mrs lill (iioson attended services
ti tue Catholic church at Cheraw
Sunday morning.
Killy dollars, widen was unido
up hy id" rural school iuipro? o
mont a isocnition ? T i'la ??-?O .?
.ii M>| in A t'.?rii, lins ber h iised roi'
bd.i lug o'ta i i s loi; (lu sehou .
M r VY illiain S pi a .. and r i ni;; ly
and Aliss l <>:a \h I ii U?h s j ?iud
sa1 U i'd ay hi Ked ti li I.
Marriage L??epfc?fl.
Nd. h.v>. C-narles IhoWh, ligystVK
did Creccy lillei he I !, c Un .?.,
diaiheiiin Alai i h'd ( ) i. '.<:) oy M
i\iel/iiii iii;
N... SI. ?'?'.sdi l v \? ; p 'nier' L iii !
.), \ and 1 lourie! i i Tu t UT i I), j
While, Lemu'. i v I no. .Muie.O!
) .? i.'.f by d i> (Jli)SO??.
No. So? Lui hoi'1 Jaiupheli -I and
I ?ebrge lilla iJohnsiid Colored*
um. Married Od i i .'? i>.\ Ue\
A M Poe.
Nd, 80, Prank (iibsbjl hs ann !
life j ly. I ug t am hs. Colored-. CL??Li '
ii. N ii>? Ai ir. md ( let. - I by M I
I )a\ id I ?. Parish and Mis-, Lau- ?
?si (??llow'ay were married at lia-,
h ape ol I he bri ld i ear Man r |
yo> l i sri I ' S ul ."> p. m., liOvj Mi'J j
11er ber I performing the ceremony.
I'lie ohdal party came ip puce
lo Hie handsome cpd ni ry hoini! iii
Mr. Pa .'?sh, I lire ' ti i es soulli ol
town, where a KV-, pt on and din
ncr were .v.iven to a lai'ge m.m au
of ln-> neighbors und I rieiids.
Ail?ong those who went lion.
Ilcnncttsville were dudge Milton
McLaurin, Kev. S. d. helhea, Col
lom U. 'lamer, T h. M cl J.ie a al
A. (J Sinclair.
'I ne dinner is said to hilve 'neon
one ol MU? h. sl ever given <m a
similar occasion in Murinoro ci un
awl. vaiv ai^Xi., ?ui'.;,>od.J.hy.|
thc guests.
The hi ide is a daughter of Wil
liam I ?alloway, formerly of Marl
boro, and is .> very chariini
young lady. Mr. Parish is a mein
her ol the comity hoard of regis
tration, and a prominent and suc
cessful laiiner- They have the
congratulations and best wishes ol
many friends.
Tho Hunting of tho TaliP.
Of lill the U;l.\>. <U lill ll ti UK surely
that ol' (he hillmen ol (inrliwal ls lile
strangest, 'this, iicco'i'diihi tn Sin|nr
the 11 ciii. c. <:. liriiee, iii .'Tweiity
Veurs la i he lt hun layas," ls their nie! h
?il of UHIitta (lie lain, a loni j s| 1 les
ol" i:.I : "| Ia viilti driven Hie lain inn.
de.o. rilli;.hs \vl(ij ns' U pri'(M| ':' ii
si.! s. out ul ulii. h there ale ee:i. ;:i
we.I kno wn nUir ripiki lliiiv i.r ??? . eil
II prer
(ff tl .wi?
ia Vir
I'roi ii Delolier ;a> io S'oveuibor il--4
('oiiuniihi ti ie s*eai of Unusual
A. li v Hy.
Th?re iv j il l>r niiniMeineiti aahu'e for
vi .??Ui.r.--- io Cae State Kid r to lie held
in < '? >l 111111 ii'iii OiJt?bor' 80 to No
Vl ililli r Iii The .Uli. . ! .-; uf the Fair
haw made arrarigoiiieiils for several
l?'i'opla i?e III;; ht s h> ii well Known
aviator, A inimher ol fa.st antonio
I?iIcu have hei n entered for the auto
mobile rae. .-. I Ibm ? lass shows havo
iiooii .- ?...'?...ii hy i h jj ioanurtoment for
Hie M in way ami lhere, will bo a nu tn
hi l of a ( i rael |..u:t oh Main fllroot.
Tho maii.iaemeiit oi' pio Columbia
theatre will offer a nu m bor of high?
ela-s attractions,
Special ti h'a ti rte ni en ts aro boin j?
ai a ?le lo ealerinin tho sovoral thou
.-iiuil vlftltor.H thal will attend tho Pftlf
from ev. iy e..only In South Carolina,
ana of cour.io the rallroftdfl havo
Kraaled especially low rules.
Vd: .>;:...! Reopened by ,vMzs.
Newton-New kai'iroad
fMPifc&U Crowd
Po,\ Mn, Cot, ....!.- Messrs ?o
nior ( Mvin.vm:) o tu I Jaines GudHol:
VlcObjl ?pent Sui/ ay aliena on va
.??is section.
Ali* a nil Airs Henry, Smith ol
Society Hilt rot ii cued home Tues
; i.\ aller spending a fo\v days ' -ii
Mr NV alt isaiah's.
Several from Cd son will attend
Coble's Minstrel"1 in tho opei'a
house at t Jilli ein Im I*'.?' l'Yeiay even
,\|iss danie Gibson is spending
Pis week with her sister, Airs \\
>.'. ( ?aldw?ii, I I'niun.
M ?'.sos Mattie Ilunsuekcr, l.eii
A right, Al \ 11 lc h m ley ami Uiith
iV'ri gil ti, wno uro alte: d ng school
n Southern presbyterial c?i.?go,
pt r.i lin* wee!; otu) willi their pti
r0.nts near Gibson. Miss Mattie
Ilunsuekcr was accompanied b.\
ocr eon-, n. MI SS .Myrtle Allen (d'
' 'roy, N 0.
Mr and Airs Lawrence Gibson
spout Sunday with friends in Rook
Ah T vY 11 itokabee and famil.S
.>l?ent Sunday al Air I", id Stallion's
,.ear Olio
Cotton is being put on the mar
ket as fast Us gathered. At the low
prices tho ilvorago fariner dondis
paving iiis dehls.
Mr and Mrs F ( ? Liles speid
Sunday at Air P L Newton's.
Miss Mary Richards ol' CheraW.
arn\ ed ai ? iibson Saturday and bc
uun leaching t he primary d?put
aient ol' the Boy ki n high school
yesterday. Miss Richards wi||
ooaid at A|iss .Mattie t-'ovip^',, ?j
[evsni lt will bft^'oaiv?.v.ie.nt, \-.? A,n
and returning fi ai school.
j Mr and Airs ,1 Li Gibson of l)il-|
lon spent the week end al Mr Sim i
Miss Pauline Herring, principal
thc Gibson graded school, spent j
Sunday in Hie. Boy kin section.
Mr and Mrs .lohn Al (..(.'allman ol'
Gibson spent Sunday with their
son, Mr,Ja nos MoCallman of A.
and Al. college
Air Laurie (Iibson returned Sun
day nigllt from tho lair ai Raleigh.
I Quite a lal go crowd nltcndcd the
>n 11 .rise parly at Aliss Mattie
I ll ni.sucker s hist night, coin pi t
lUen'.ary lo lier guest, Miss Myr
? tie Allen.
I Ai! the y? u:jg folks art* look i nv: '
i; d, will ha a great Coi
e io tile large mimi -i r
jg' .nen as well as day boar
Air ll
II au i ' a igii;
d tue k.i.en..i
) han o Ked Spi iii.
lay iii ( >. I ison?
I ?gi I ni ev.rnMi.i- tram
?ri ii I m nd re; I lt titi
l a fe da.\ -, al Air W 11 (iib- j
M ; 1 !.; ,? n t ildsdUi who i->
'-?aehiir: m Ni ?jj i|s, S G, attended
liiO v. ee,?.n... of her cousin, Ali-s
. 'arrie B Br< edon, iii Bonnet ts ville
iiji'st tveek, ami .-.peut Wethe :iiia.\'
light al le-r hmm- near (iibson.
Likes Geor/jia.
A note from .I Ii Stanton, re
Hue tin;;- i ha? the Advocate be seul
lt) hiv ip-w Inane at Aniericus, (ia,
says j
"Crt)pS are good out herc Thc
South Carolina boys that are out
here are. gathering a bale of colton
per acre. This is a lino country,"
Has P??jted at All InaujlvrAltons
and Funerals ot' thc
.*>? - ---
'l iai United Slates Marine Hand
which combs to lieiine.ttsville bil
\V(]dne.sday Nov. 1 tor :i grand
concert al the Court I louse at ~
o. en., is conceded hy all critics to
Ki the greatest military and con
cert band in tho world. Organiz*
d way back in 1801, this oren,
hau l is now In the ono Inindia ?i
mid tenth year ol its existence,
i - o i is aha.s', as o! d as thc Ndional
apila! i * self. When the city ol
Washington was a toddling infant,
just born on thc hanks of the ma
j slie Potomac, this band, then in
reality but a life and drum corps,
?.vas its chief play tiling and means
pf diver-ion. This is why tho
National?, apital bas always boen
so proud of it-. Marine Band,
riley hav crown up from infancy
together, and if today Lhere is no
other capital in tho world which
equals Washingloi, there is like
wise no other governieut hand in
? ne woidd that equal 1 lucie S un*
"pet" mush ul organization.
Por more thai) one hundred
years every Inaugural Procession
that hus ie ft thc greitt dome cap
i e 1 ( 'a pit ul escorting I hi' Lat ion's
new Chief Executive down Penn
sylvania Avenue to tho While
House has marched to the martial
music of th'- Marine P>and. Al
every Inaugural hill, at, every
Presidential Kcoeptiom 111 fact, on
all tele days when dide Sam
turns host and invites his own fi I
low citizens or the representatives
. f och ec nations, to be his guests,
he relies very largely upon the
cm o.t'i. u ... m^^,^1: 5 -th* iVarir.o
Band to add to the merriment ami
happiness of the occasion.
But all days are not "feto days/'
It may be said as truly of the na
tion, as of thc indiviual, that "in
to each life some rain must fall,
some days be (birk and dreary, I
and there have been dark and
dreary"'days, indee. I, for our na
tion when not with triumphal
march, but with funeral dil go, and
tnnlllod dru..; and muted horn, the
Marino Band has led the solemn
procession as our "Martyred
Presidents," Lincoln, (iarbeirj ami
McKinley, have been borne to
their (ina) resting places.
itu: u.\Ni) IN (iicnSu ?NI?.
Tho Richmond Times l)isj ?itch
stud: VBofPfe ?m aui lichee bl
thia o thousand p.'tipie. v. h cn I \
a inoro liriliiatii audience lias
nil. v. inch sal entranced beneath
lie magic spell bf Lieut. Sanlei
i.em's baton.
"Tho ..:. u ran) has nevi- ?us u
quailed at any liahu edhcorl given
; lids city. There wein over
(lies 'rom the great Opt ras foti t ic
msically tail til red, un I ihodieys
?d marches for the masses, with
CM- old "I 'ide'" thrown in as an
" ITie (I tiled Slates Abu inc
Thc Mule Caplured.
Mill ly C. I ! trper, who o md le
was -.lol. ti ft.un (ns h une ai Bo
1 'ivs cross; iv ul ; I as I week, has
recove i'll 11 his mule. 11 v, as found
by Sa o Brie!;, near Little Pock.
A ?OgrO who broke into a bon a, in
ihe community that nigh! ?md dis
appeared, is supposed to have rid*
tleu the mule oil a. d turned it
; Phone number IO if you want a
Saturday'? livening Tost Prank
I McCormac, agent.
Philadelphia hi Mot So Slow.
"Motlier*" said a thoughtful liostou,
child, "is Philadelphia older than Hes
ton 7"
"Of course not, my son. Thc first
settlement wits made in Charlestown
in 11130, willie William Penn (Pd lint
arrive on thc site of Philadelphia until
li ft y two .veins hiter." _
"Thal was always my impression,
mellier. How is ll. then, that I'hlhideP
phill is mentioned In Hie IM hie. while
Boston is not 7" Huston Star.
Little Violet was one day examining
n beehive, which was new tb her. He
lm; disturhed, Hie bees came out of
their hive.-, and ono ol' them st imp; her. |
Tears vaine hito her eyes, nut sim
quickly dried Diem aiid cried irhnn
"Now l know who lakes Die woodlea
ont of mamma's cushion."-Delineator.
Couldn't Bothor Willi Trifles.
"litis your In tina' ever given you any
Idea wlial ho thinks of mo?"
"No. i really don't holieve fut hoi
thinks of you m nil. ile TIMS SO many
Important things to lill his mind."
st ra v Stories,
If you he poor do not seem poor IC
you would avoid insult ns well ?ts suf
Mrs. Ora mercy M,\ husband ls mix
lons to get rid of me. Mrs. Park
Don't cry, dear lu thal case lie won't
haggle over th" iillnioiiy.- Smart Set
Magnitude of Stars.
Tho brighter a slur ls Die Smaller !
the mun!.er represent hm Its IliilgUi
tilde, mu? consequently a star ol tlie I
first magnitude |s brighter Dian one et
the second, mid one bl the soeond
magnitude i s I wo magnitudes brighter
Iii.ni elie Ol' Hie 1'iiir,h. lu (lie same
woy stars brighter dian Die hist maa
ti i tialo can ho represented i>> numbers
smaller Ihtlii ??ll?.'. hy iioeiuiuls. di even
by notait ive numbers, sirius is ol ?tie
I.I magnitude. Vega pl ii.'J magul ade.
nm' sim is ii siiii' ol the 'JU..ri liuignl
Uni ', ami il g ft es us in.UUU.tMIII.UIIU
(hues as inlicit lighl tis Sirius. Il Die
sim were IWiec tis tar away fl'Olil us
as it ls it wiaild give niil.t iinoqunrioi'
as um,ii ??-.-lit. If it were IUU.Ut?i
times lari her Off Dian i< is Its lighl
w<uiiil ho tho same intoiisily a> that
Of S.;:i;< Pill evi'lj ill Dits or.orui'>us
distaiiie the sun would bo only nliont
,K.v ip j|.s .>'? av.\i.v .--i Strm", ex
act ly Iles.' Iii .rbis
shines willi II Histor limy tim ty times
that of our sun New V??ri< World.
Encouragement Offered by tho StafO:
I'nh--l l ne Exhibits.
Special attention will bo nala to
agricultural exhibits at tho State valr
to bo held In Columbia from October"
30 to Novomber .'{. A number of
handsome prizes will bo given for tho
best showing made ulong tho various
lines of agriculture.
Among tho fen tu roa ol the Fair
will be tho < '. . 11<? 11 Imposition to en
ooiirngc the growth of long staple
cotton In this stat,-. The exposition
win in- hold under th? auspices of tho
Untied States tann d?monstration
Work and $1,000 in prizes will bo
given for Ho- best results shown In
tho growth of Die staple cotton.
Deports rCcelvfd herc Indicate that
many l'a rill el's in tho Statt- will Send
exhibits ol' finn producta. There
will bc a special h ult ding tor tlie agri
cultural exhibits.
. MM
Lieut. Will am H, ?Sanielmann, (
Marine Band which w\\l be in 1
Because Soma Wove Acquitted Ile
Thought it Usv?csj t1 " ry
thc Osiers
At, ihr liisi 1,'inii ol' court, vlien
Solicitor Spears liol pro- .. 1 ?.vj
liquor eayes work* il up lo, ? . da
u otivi - , bc Inp! the follow lng 'uio
inc?il ii!-?I willi thu iccoids , ? tho
'*Sl ute mont hy Si licitftr .1 Mon
roe Spinrs, made, in op ii url..
"A poli I jory bf good ned law
ful bien of .Mu ilior > cpu id >itv
iiig 11 i ed ii defendant in a . -iso
where tho state's Witnesses : tied
positively to tim sum o;' I ?< .<>'.,
and having by their v< iii no
quitted him, hu being i cpi i uti d,
iqid there being other dofcimautJ
to be tie! not. re presen I ed, 1 deem
it uufuir io try these men and con
vict them, when those represented
uv found not guilty upon ll.o - ame
test iuiony.
" 1,1 lu i efore, because of my own
feolii gs :ii tlie mutter (?md 1 want
0 peifeetl.\ fi?nkly '<? your
hoiior, iud . have my doubts as
?iros ocufhui attorney), I therefore
lol pros nil dispensary cases pend
ny o: Marlboro county in which
hrs e. itiiesses aro thc pi o "cuting
vitiiesses; the facts appearing in
t c ? valence that the pay ol' these
professional witnesses depend upon
.onvic!i n. The witnesses are col
ored c ipples in tim employ of a
vhile num. their chief ( v. bite mun)
? coi vi ng $1(5 per case for convic
Ljui : the negroes for doing thc
wi il\ and testifying lo receive
7.?0 i ai li conviction. The jurors
ni two c jses rendered verdicts of
ot guilty" upi,n their evidence?
hereby showing that '2d good men
ot ihc c.ouoty won d not convict
upon sucio test.im- nj;/. .t uniter ^
1 rials of these eases . .aid bea
use less waste of time, eheigy uiid
noney, and would tesult inaequit
,1- Monroe Spears, Sol."
Card of Thanks.
In expressing our appreciation
f thc kindness and sympathy
bown by the people of Bennetts
ville durino tins the saddest hours
I our lives, v c cam ot say in
wm ds o < ugh to repay > on,
May ? ur Heavenly Father bless
von all and unidc you so that wo
.ii mci i nu h vi d ( i rs fts we aro
ailed from this earth, is i r pray
\V. 0. Mouthard,
Mr. a <i Mis. 0. W. I; ki; bp.
?iiiytl?i4u3ftM,,-.-.~....?. . .-J
Conductor, of thc United States
Jcnnciisville, Wednesday Nov. I

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