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The Marlboro democrat. (Bennettsville, S.C.) 1911-1911, October 27, 1911, Image 8

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(.?s- \v!l!i't?t( p
J down in (llb l'nivAuui i'?ui?l ... -, vii .' I '. . : lilley ?hi j?'r )
i lips ol* Hugh's ba's, lb.il hb o".! ?t. \ ? < :?. ? Obeih'tl?, I lie aruiy
engineer wini \< 1 ? i : i 1 ' i : ; ; ?? (h.- big Canal, ?Sui ii?vs?Uolil !>iMi'\?>'.. ..!...
paused Inn-- biioiigh dir lifo ' ?!' ? >! pt' sUinhl ly ia \V!iil<i
duck- lo luke a (ubi uro hf ?lie : kt o ci : I rilli . ( 'bl < ;. . I hills; ti's yoii j
will soe from his Hkcip. (si ls il ililli of ituhihlb eplinieipineOj like lili j
buyer ?iud more libed tea i ?:?.i(o. '.':. was shbwjhg (Ito prbsldbiil sollie'
special feature ?if the hi;; ditch, ii ntl : ppi?rohll.V Ijotli \ pleased. If
is ?ertahi, at ?ny rale, (hui lt was 1 >i 1 bjeotlng lo I he rbritlleiillbii ol'
the canal. Otherwise President 'Pai'l's l<% instead 01* liebig hroiid, |
would hnve been tis nnrr?w eeo.;rap!iicaliy with relailott u> his fe 00 us I
is Ute Isl lt tuns of Tannum with rclnlUm io North and South Anua'ieti.
W SI ?f??K1? I H ? ? 111 (S?? 1 ii
Wf ell lila vMIUSka tis
K :^v.!i;^w?s.^-i:^v.-:L'c::r^;^.i fill
HlOSC roo I Crisp ll'.oi'i'il!
wann cl ol hing; ns usual, wo ni
B&kSflZS&S ."vi....:. .'.1* I l.?vVslOK^
rm Win
M^^iifT^T^^nrrwiraKn^iiiiiBiiwiiiiii iiiiiiii II i III III HM HIM I
Mons all 1
ribbed all co'
Boys uncle
Womens si
ton and wool
Prices from !
Womens n
and all cot to
M isses am
in ribbed nm
Infants un
cotton wrap j
FURS! FURS!! We aro
consignmenl of furs lo daysb
tod by them to oller al Broad1
York. Von do not pay the n
HcCaH We?
.Ut ill ??>?-) m . ?
Marlboro Baptist Union.
The Marlboro Baptist Unioi
convenes with the Blenheim Bap
'.?st church Saturday and Sunday,!
October 28th and29th, 1011. A;'
the Baptist cburclies in the count
are expected to send representa
lives. The services will boas fol
10:30. Devotional Service.
Enrollment and organization.
ll. Benefits of the union meet
mg. .1 J Lane.
11:30, Fundamental Baptist
Principles, J A Brown.
3 P. M. Devotional service.
3:13, Tho Benefits of an Or
iran i/.cd Sunday School, Prof
3:45. Tho Benefits of Teachei
Traiuing, W 10 Wilkins,
SUNP?Y, ocr. 29.
10 A . M. Sunday Behool.
II. Preaching by dov ,1 A
3 "!'. M. Dovolional Service.
M il 5 Thc iittviiiati's lv?spbhsi
I db tv, J \V Lo(? rando.
3 'Ah. Tito Lay man's Movement,
\\ IO Wilkins.
Short talks by Laymen.
Special collections tor Stat<
, Missions.
For Sale,
1238 acres of thc 'Round O" plan
' talion on? of tho best in Darling
j ton county, S. C, 800 acres undei
cultivation, with good clay foun
! dation, suited to cotton, cor?? and
I tobacco, balance woodland w i t l
i some limber. Good water, 100
acre paean grove two years old
Young peach orchard just corni nj
into bearing. Out building' and
? tenant houses ii (irstclass repai?.
Majority of them new; 35 acre
iii drii wi ec felice for hog and cat
tle pasture, Only One mile from
.;?!'.<.<)'. ch it roi j und depot, and se\
11 m?t s from tito ..<?;:;?t v s<\'it, pi
: od Clay niad. Ks ti mn te of ero)
|il<: ,> " ir, 30,0 bales of obft.oh
' ?
M?til* Clar? n d ?hspfj?v.
T 'Cf. Dptm'd,
S6eiol.y Hill. S.V.
o;d u ?OA . li. |<\ I >. S'?), ii
li?l?oiii-H 'Ss is i bri io -i dtspi'd?i '?"! '.'?!
li il i. II ni I iii'Slniiiiti-ii. l-'lia Hi 11** I lain
T.-i I >ii'I ti iv i -vii ! lalj.V ;i M ? 11 ! i : 11 . 11 lini ;
, ?uti ad?;d i s|>ivia|.ly to ?na oh (?ii
ni?ran': io - i' a.ii -i- ir. srntaai1 ft ii. t,u
mu? iiivijii)rat<! i?. ;>> irixulauj lim liv
nnil i.i lumisli liilioiisili'SS iiositivclv III
if l illi WM
i remind ns forci!)] y.
.o equipped to sup] ! \
..M. -. ...j ... .'.._ BCSSSSSBB
i ie f
vvool, fleeced and ril
lion shirts and draw?
rwear, h MHO goods a
ilk and wool; marina
mixed; fleeced and
25c to $1.00 garnien
inion snits in silk an?
n. Price from 50c t
I childrens in all wo
I fleeced vests and t
der wea rs in Rubins
)ors. Price from iE
just in receipt of a 1
[)ngei\ TI ie se furs a r<
A;ny wholesale prices
isual retail profit.
y G
Ci ot a Sat ui (fay Evening Post ?
from me every Thursday. Frnak J
MoOormac, agent.
Tlk> host plastor. A piece of (launel
mal willi OluuabcM'laia'H Liniment,
i ' IIMMI oa ovor tlie afloctod parts is
lor lon planter anti rust only on ?
much. For snlf hy All Dealern.
One Thousand Cannes Bulbs for
November is tho time to plant
for gorgeous canna beds
li su vmer. Buy now at 5c each.
bli? bulbs also for salo.
Mrs. A. J. Matheson.
lM I ..:ia.
For Sale
ro lot with two dwellings
I boro street. Apply to
Williams, McColl, S C.
?QT Scot
Imitation < ontaining three
ami ninety acres ol' high
.cd bimi within two miles
ree, S 0, to rent or wil'
or live years if desired.
Apply to J. P Hodges,
lie, S. C. 19
.nv for Sale.
?s of which about 50 are
id in good state of cub i
las one, tenant bouse with
tugs. Is well drained and
. Clay subsoil, healthful
. n f.'?) miles of Kingstree.
i at $30.00 |>er acre. All
M in-. A pply to
11 K M?>ntgoniery,
Kingstree, S C.
?;?oniy hon^, nioilem
mc:.! -, go >d co'lid j jpn
y *? -1 * ? buil lings, tenant
' lilia! d, our bali' acre wide?
t'jro-5 (loop; Ibirgiun in th's
v. I.i rati-m ns gddd as tho
..ms, oj e. hal f cash, bal
li ve y i a?, rs.
pi Open y i^ n< >fc sold at
sali) bi ?'ore Isl Monih\.\ in
>er it will theil bo sohl al
before the court house to
nest bidder. A pply to
IC illili SUIT. I) H'I' \\
an?s, and anxious
m^iKM&wtamiMMM' - i T"ffl
vvool and cotton m
match. Price frc
les as in mens. P
ibbed wool; fllcec<
. cotton vests and
; all wool; mixed
) suit.
:ed wool and cott<
s to niatch, 25 anc
?ol; silk and wool:
c garment.
?'rom the furrier,
t ne o f K( vv York'i
ge t a fur al tho p
xt ten days will ci
There will bo an littra? ; [follow
e'en party under tbo auspices ol tho
Twentieth Century Club for the ben
efit of its library, in
Mathesons Hall On
at 7
ii mom
:80 \\ M.
9 v
There will be in any attractions for
small amounts for the cl ii id ron and
grown people.
Admission: Adults !5 cents, children IO cents.
24-25 ad
e always keep the kind
A NTI ?K T< ) 0?V K Y< iii Til IO PU KKST AND
\\\>-v TIS KKK IS.
Li I;N'SK|) i)iUJG(J 1ST 'if. Si-.iiV!-; YOU A NU
vi?ij ?cvk?Y i*iu:scmiyn< -N AS ITSHOULD ino
B e h n ott sville P h a rmacy,
O. A. M&theWs, ?h. G. Mgr.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
fe?NNETTSV?llL?, S. C.
ea rabies must be replaced by good
to have von investia'ate our ofror
ixed; fleeced and
)m 50c to ?J .50
.rico 2,5c to $1.00
3d and ribbed cot
l pants to match.
wool and cotton
>n and all cotton,
1 50c garment.
, all wool and all
allowing us to hold and offer tho
s lead i ng fur lirir.we \\<ie influe
nce (hey sell for wholesale in Now
nd your fur opportunity.
=PROM ! S Ps -

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