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An Interesting Letter from Our Je nkins
vile Correspondent
"Gift bearing, heart-touching, joy
bringing Christmas.
Day of grand memories, king of the
For weeks the air has been breath
ug of Christmas, for its coming al
ways cats long shadows before.
There ha; been much baking, stewing,
boiling and the preparing of gcod
things otherwise. A magic tool of her
needle, "a one-eyed slave of steel" that
never yet refused to do her bidding
has many a fair one made in the prep
aration of gifts for loved ones. Gifts
and good~wisnes have filled the air like
enowfiakes, and it is indeed a beautiful
4wcustom for which we have a heavenly
Some one in writing of the philos
ophy of Christmas, says, that to fully
enjoy it one must be young-very
yourig,-that when we grow too old to
peep up the chimney ter old "Saint
Nick,' Christmab loses half of its fasci
nation. That may be so, but children
of larger growth manage to extract a
deal of enjoyment from the occasion
even without the aid of egg-nog.
Our little village was tnronged for
many days with happy-heartedpeople,
making their purchases for the coming
holidays, and the merchants have no
cause to complain of a lack of trade.
Mrs. Agnes Walker, Mrs. Mary
chambers and Miss Bessie Boekman,
all of Columbia, are being entertained
during the holidays by Mrs. T. P.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Chappell, of
Littleton, are spending Christmas at
Mr. Joseph McMeekin's.
Miss Lula McMeekin, who has been
employed: in a store in Newberry, l1
at Mr. Mc~Jeekin's enjoying the good
cheer of hoga.
Mr. Olin Bell, now of Columbia, is
visitibg relatives in this vicinity.
Misses Madie Chappell and Vivian
Glenn, who have schools in Kershaw
county, have a week's sojourn at home.
v Miss Lois Chappell, who has charge
a school near Littleton, is spending
Xmas wiih her home people.
Misses Stella and Emily Ruff, Miss
Eloise McMeekin and Mrs. Stafford
Curry are the guests of Mrs. Henry
Parr, of Newberry county.
Mr. Thomas Flonk of North Caro
Jtna,, is again here in search of students
orbi busipess 'ollege. Ho was en
at the home of M. J. -.
. Mr. L. A. Bye, -Davis Quarry, has
work in the n they'a now
his familv with We heartily wel
livirg at Long Run e in our midst,
come them to a h e from life in
avid hope that the ch they came,
Pbiladelphia from when
to life in a southern co un
hood may not prove so t a one as
to cause home-sickness nd a longing
for return.
There was a small social gathering
at the h& ..~ndrew Wallace
on We4eF ay evening last.
Some of our young people were in
vited p a reception tendered Mr. J. C.
Swyoert, Jr.. and his bride at Peaks,
S. (f., on Thursday evening.
Gifts were dispensed from a Christ
-mas tree at Monticello on Tuesday
night. I hear that there have been
many merry-makings in that vicinity.
kA new year and a new century will
soon dawn upon us. So few of the
many generations have seen one cen
tury turn into another, that we should
appreciate living at such a time. Along
with the privilege comes the responsi
bility, which so few of us realize. T.
Jenkinsville, Dec. 28, 1900.
th Ih8KIRd YOU hu81! IW3 t
The Young People of Aiblon Eeturn Home
to Spend Their Xmas Holidays
The seribe of this section of out
county has to report a very quiel
Christmas. GOr holidays have beer
spent for the most part in the quiet en
joymnent of the home fireside and ii
reunited families. Perhaps this is noi
the worst kind of Xm~as after all, fot
while we have have had few Christ
mas gambols to record, we are fortu
nate inu having no Xmas accidents 01
criwes to report. The appropriatE
sentiment of "Peace on earth and
rood will toward men" seems to havE
beeni abroad in our community. The
seca.en has been signalized for tbi
lit'Ae folks, by twa school Christmna
trees. Miss Mamie Weir's school hat
a tree Monday afternoon and Misi
Eunice Rtosboroulgh's Tuesday night.
The little folks seemed to have enjoye4
ihemselves greatly and all went homw
happy with armfuls of gifts. The oc
casion was also taken advantage of b:
some of our grown up boys and girl
for the exchange of gifts that wer
perhaps sent as shafts from cupid
Several of .our wanderers retnrne<
to spend their Christmas holiday
under the p~renital roor.
I~ev. J WV. Douglass is down tror
his field of lator in Baltimnore, spent
ius& a couple of n eeks with his parenti
M%-. and1( Nirs. Jiio. S. Donglass.
Mr. .Ju. Mean~s Simonton, one<
Atatta's risir~g young lawyers, ra
ovecr to spend a few days at his o!
home. We hear that when he cohlt
again, he wili iiot be alone..
Th friends of Mr. Walter Bi1<
were glad to shako his hand aga-.
After spending a few days at home he
returned to his place of business,
Shelby, N. C.
Miss Bessie Simonton, teacher of
music in All Healing, spent the Xmas b
holidays at home. A
Miss Marie Simonton, who is teach- v
ing in the county, enjoyed Christmas
by the home fireside. .
The social life of Now Hope has re- n
ceived a very serious blow in the de- a:
parture of Misses Ludie and Emmie 3
Simonton for college. Miss Ludie
goes to the Dae West Female College
and Miss Emmie to All Heaing, N. 0.
Some of our young men are very much b
down in mouth over it. e
We regret very much to report that
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. S. Douglass and
lamily contemplate moving soon to v
Columbia to make that city their future a
home. Our community regrets very ,
much to lose them but hopes that their
old home may have safcient attrac- ,
tions to draw them back again ere 1
The young people had a watch b
party Monday night to watch the old 1
century out and the new one in. What
a tremendous century It has been com- j
pared with the preceeding I But the tj
general opinion seems to be that its A
glory cannot be compared to the glory b
that shall be revealed in the new.
Well at the close of the next century (
may Winnsbore be the metropolis of
South Carolina and TaE Nzws amA
HERALD its chief daily. X. I
Albion, S. 0., Jan. 1, 1911. t
VOlcaniC Euptens(
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob t
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve I
cares them; also Old, Running and r
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, t
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, 8
Best File cure on earth. Drives out I
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box. 1
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster j
Co., druggists.
a large crowa
M. E. Church on the evening of De- t
cember 27th to witness the marriage
of Miss Alice McEachern to Mr. Henry
Isbell of LKershaw. The church was
in holiday attire, the pearly white of I
the mistletoe and the gleaming red of t
the holly made it a tower of beauty.
The bridal party entered to the sweet
music of weddir- march, and c
while t apLlghted their
trothth ni of " Lan- I
e w i a
white satin a rain sauce, et train, I
her stately head erowned with the soft '
bridal veil and wreath of orange blos- t
som 'ed a bouquet of mareschal a
o d ferns. The brides r
maids, Misses Sara ,Margar't i
Isbell, Margaret Lee, of S ,allie
Lee Harrison, were dainty and a
in white organdle over white ill c
carrying bouquets of helly and mistle
toe. The ushers were Dr. Burdell, of
Camden, Messrs. Walter Isbell, of
Kershaw, Jack Crumpton and Ed.
McEachern- The brido entered on
the arm of her maid of honor, Miss
Ethel Rabb. The groom with his best
uan, Mr. Mills, of Camden. After
the ceremony a reception was given at
the home of the bride's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Isbell left on the midnight
train for Camden.
The bride was a general favorite and I
will be greatly missed. A century of
happineas attend them!
On December 26 Miss Ella Campbell
was quietly married at home to Mr.
Bltely, of Lanrens.
Mrs. Sloan, of Davidson, is visiting
her mother, Mrs. Campbell
ran rs. . .Lemaster are
visiting friends in Union.
Dr. and Mrs. Hoover spent Christ
mas in Hampton.
Misses Isabel, Harriet and Floy
Ruff are spending the holidays in
r. and Mrs. John DesPortes are
Svsiting Mrs. Blakely Boyd.
Misses Ella Moore, Sara Coleman
and Eeaanor DeaPortes are ei ,ying
Itheir vacation
Miss Jean Coleman, of Florida, is
speding Christmas with her mother
Mr. George Moore came to attend
Sthe I~bellMcEachern weddinnig.
Misses Jennie Bolick and Ste'la
Walker are at home. D.
Dec. 27, 1900.
A Powder Mil Explosion
Rmoes everythiag in sight; so do
. drastic mineral pills, but both are
;,mighty dangerous. Don't dynamite
the delicate machinery of your body
f with calomel, croton oil or aloes pills,
a when Dr. King's New Life P'ills,
d which are gentle as a summer breeze,
a do the work perfectly. C-.res Head
ache, Constipation. Only 250 at Mc
.e Master Co.'s drug store.
I Efijoyable Xmas and Other Interesting
I will try and wind up tie old your
F sending greetings to TnHE Nuws
qD HERaW. The holidays have been
,ry dull in this section; consequently
.ws is very scarce. We have not as
tany accidents to report as formerly,
2d this is very gratifying to your
ribe. We; have had a beautiful
inter so far, fine for slaughtering
Dgs. There have not been many
tchered, only enough to give a limit
I supply of sausage, backbones and
be and the other extra trimmings
hich we all enjoy so much. I have
tended several dining rerties this
eek with relatives and friends.
bese I have erjoyed very much. I
ill not attempt to give the menu for
might make my selt and others hungry
rhen tl.,i is -,.en Next week we drop
ack on our -Id reliable bread and
Mrs. Alva Kinard and children, of
[yatts Park, have been on a visit to
ieir father, Mr. J. L. Cauthen, also
Ir. and Mrs. F. P. Mann, of Colum
Mr. H. L. Cauthen, of Roanoke,
'eorgia, spent several days with his
arents. Herbrt Is looking well.
Ve were all glad to see him and sorry
is stay was so short. He is in the
legraph. business.
Mr. James Wylie and wife, of
kklawaba, Florida, spent Xmas with
eir parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
Iroom. They report evirything
ather dull in Florida with the excep
onof railroading.
I learn that there was a cutting
crape at the convict camp on Tuesday
st between two young .men who
rere visiting there that day, a Mr.
'rye and Mr. Tidwell. It seems that
r. Frye gave Mr. Tidwell two severe
uts with a knife, one on the shoulder,
be other on left side-cuts supposed
be severe. They were both friends.
wounds are not as severe as
bought.. Mr. Albert
I have just learned t . . Albert
L. Binnant, brother of Cap . ant
f your town, is in a very critical con.
Rition at his home in Richland county
row injuries received from being
brown from his horse on Monday
at. His collar bone was fractured
.ad his leg was broken in-three places.
Ve wish him a safe and speedy re
S W. Brooks and wife are
W_]ristmas in Columbia.
1 ar Tripp's store warbroker
. There is no clue to.Ak
There was a murder consMitted o
e plantation of Mr. H. B. Trap
everal weeks ago which has not bpen
eported. Henry Franklin spot and
:i led Jim Gooding'at a negro froi
ad as far as~I knewuhas ne
rrested. Fromt
'w'it a eof
old-blooded murder.
We had a very enjoyable time at a
hristmas tree at Bethel church on
ristmas day. The following pro
:ramme was carried out:
Song-Hark the Herald Angels Sing
P ayer-by Rev. R. W. Spigner.
"Christmas is here"-Recitation by
tine girls.
Angels Song- (quartette).
Rectaton-"What is the Xmas
imes"-by four children.
Song-"Arountd the Tbrone of God"
- by the children.
Recitation-by Elizabeth Spigner,
ollowed by song by children.
Recitation-by Mamie Robinson.
Recitation-by Mamie Burley.
Song-Glory In the Highest-duet
sud chorus.
Recittio-by Jennie Lee Gibson.
Song-Holy Nigtt-duet.
This programme was very success
ully executed and showed much pains
md care by Misses. Lallie Ruff and
Willie Jones. The music w as admira
,ly rendered by Miss Jones on the
rgan. She was ably assisted by Mist
[4allie uff and Miss Blanch Camnal
md Mr. Ed Noely and Mr. Englisi
amak. There were quite a large
nmber of presents given both by the
Sunday School and friends.
Mr.~ W. A. Neil and his sister, Mrs
igon, have moved to Fiint Hill.
Jan. 1, 1901. T. B. M'K.
A Diamnond In the Rough
I wish it was in in' power to writt
a long and newsy letter, but we, o
this Flint Hill section, are a quie
people. There are cut'few of us, ani
we are not given to much hilarity eve'
at Xmas times. Though if you were
to consult the traditions of this neigh
borhood (old B. ne Yard) you would
find that tb'e fiowis-g bowl, the dancE
horse race, shooting match, and thb
gander pulling, reigned supreme a
this season of the year. My old friend
Capt. Richard Machett, who livps nes
bore, is full of those old traditions sa
I often while away an hour with hig
I had the pleasure of spending Xmu
day at his home. Like all very oli
persons, he lives almost entirely in tbn
past, and his memors is stored wit
many amusing reminiscenses. II
will soon be 87 years old, and accord
ing to nature, cannot be with ns mud
longer. .I have classed him as a dit
mond in the rough, and I am certall
that i all of our people were like hIts
..e would not naed a court house a
jail, and the lawyers would have to
seek some other profession
Oar community was enlivoned Xmas
Eve yl a gathering at the home of
Profl Wn. Durham. Tbe occasion
was that of a beautiful Xmas tree
got* up by the Professor's coomp
lisbe daughter, Miss Berta, for the
benelt of her school children, though
a number of we older ones bad our
hearts ma glad. Eten your humble
servftt was the recipient of a splendid
pocket knife given him by his best
girl, se I baA to gve her a crooked pin
to ward off any age.
Several of our young men will
leave ts after the holidays.
More anon. B.
Jan. 1, 1901.
4OA.O6 W L .A.
Mr. George E. Boggs died ;&t his
home at Livingston. N. C., on last
Thursday. He belonged to the, well
known Fairfield family .of that came,
being a son of Rev. G. W. Boggs.
ils mother was an aunt of Sheriff .
E. Ellison. He was born in Winns
boro about 58 years ago, and joined
the Fairfield Fencibles on the break
ing out of the war, and became a
member of the famous 6th BReitunt.
AF Seven Pines he was desperately
wounded. He engaged in planting on
James Island for awhile and sibse
quently went into tho insurance .bnsi
nese. He moved to North Carolina a
naiber of years age, land engaged in
the nursery business. He was a good
business man, and it is said that his
business was a success.
His remains were interred in the
cemetery of the Presbyterian Church
Saturday morning at eleven o'clock.
The pall bearers were Messrs. W..B.
Gilbert, W. W. Ketchin, D. H. Robert
son, Jas. A. Brice, C. S. Dwight,
R. N. McMaster.
Y. William Boggs, formerly chan
or of the University of Georgia, but,
c w of Jacksonville, Florida, and Rev.
nel Boggs, now prstor of the
b yterian Church at Cattettsburg,
stucky, were the only membera-of
family who were , ent at hbl
ttigti Cd eip
vines here, their m
4yawere glad
hoSM once more.
? negro came r on
dty bringing thoenews that Mr. Star
P Martin bad been shot, but beyond
tis mere fact he could give nothing.
Subsequently another negro came to
town for some drugs, and he condfiraed
the report and gave a more intelligent
account of it. Mr. Gayden arrived
bout 6 o'clock and brought the news
f Mr. Mardui's de'ath. It appears that:
Mr. Martin owned a very intelligent:
ittle dog, and being himself very deaf1
he depended frequently upon this little
*imal to warn him when some one
ianted to get in the store. About
even o'clock Monday night the littlei
og began to bark and indicated that1
oe one was without. Mr. Martin
pent to the door, and upon opening it,
sceived a gunshot wound in the
itomach. The assassin was apparently
uly about Eve feet from him. Mr.
Martin then got his pistol and firedi
hveral times to attract the attention of1
the negroes on the place. Some of his
laborers came to him and the neigh
hors were summoned. Medical assist-.
nce was procured, but his wound was
iserious that no hope was entertained
or his n$povery, and he died about
i o'clock o&4nesday. He was conscious
practically tI~the end, and told how it
happened, but he could not identify
his cowardly assassin. No arrests bave
een made. but the Mitford communit y
swill do its best to ferret out the mur
erer. It is hoped that some c'ue
~leading to the murderer will be found.
. Mr. Martiu was about .56 years of
age, and leaves a wife and thbree chil
ren. The funeral services were head
jat Bethesda Church on Wednesday.
H lugh Mc. Gaither and Harry Net
ies, two negroes, suspected of hiving
ad something to do with the murder
of Mr. Stark P. Martin, were arrested
and brought to town on Thursday
night and were lodged in jail. It is
lown that these negrees bore ill feel
ng against Mr. Martin, one of the
men having been indicted by Mr.
Martin for s*.ealing cotton from him.
Teir behavior aroused the suspicion
Jof people in the neighborhood and
they were at once arrested. One of
tese negroes was in Winnsboro on
the morning after Mr. Martin was
affai aid that be knew nothing what
ever about it, although he stated that
he had left there the night before.
If it is proved that these negroes ate
guilty they will probably receive the
pannihbment that they deserve for
committing such a dastardly deed.
No Bight to Ugunes.
The woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who would be attrac
tive must keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all ran down, she
will be nervous and irritable. If she
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretch
ed complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine In the world to regulate
stomach, liver and . kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin rich complexion. It will make a
good-looking, charming woman of a
run-down Invalid. Only 50 cents at
McMater Co.'s drug store.
Winam egmbor.ug, an Esteomed Col
ored man, round Dead.
William Rosborough, the colored
merchant, attended a business meeting
of the deacons of his church (St. Paul's
Baptist Church) on Monday night,
Christmas Eve. While he was jIn the
church, William Smith, the sexton, In
formed him that some one on the out
side wanted to see him. Bosborough
went out and neser returned. Becom
Ing alarmed, his brother-Inlaw, Arthur
Golding, and others, went in search of
him after the meeting adjourned and
found him dead about 3 o'clock on
Tuesday morning. He was lying about
-100 yards from the church, with a gun
shot wound In his chest. They then
notiled the policemen. William Smith,
Wm. Witite, John Rowe and Sam
Craig have all been arrested. The
oroner's jury was Impanelled by Mag
istrate Cathcart on Christmas day, and
it is still investigating the case. Smitlk
has been released. It Is supposed that
osborough, who was a very success
ful business man, had a hundred dol
lars or so about him, and all of this as
well as his watch had been taken from
bis pockets when his body was found.
His pockets were turned Inside out In
dicating that rabbery was the motive.
Bosborough was an unusually pros
peons and ente rising Colo man,
by the
Little Hattie Stevenson, the 2-year
old daughter of Mr. Jno. B. Steven
ion, met with a terrible accident on
'riday morning. The little girl was
playing In the yard near a granite post,
axpon which another child was sitting,
when the post fell over on the little
rrl, striking her on the head and In
licting a terrible wound. Dr. Lind
say was immediately called, but found
upon his arrival that nothing could be
lone for the child, the injury bein'g so
serious that there was no chance for
er recovery, and she died about 4
'clock Friday afternoon.
This Is one of the saddest things
hat has ever happened here, and the
arents have the sincere spmpathy of
he whole community. The little girl
was a bright and attractive child and
was the Idol of her family.
and the hundred andon n
la lseue yh blood
or inactive liver, quiky yild
It cures permanently by acting
naturally on all organs of the
body. Asa blood-'claser, fesh-.
builder, and health-restorer. it
has no equal. Put us in Qul
John H. McMaster & Co, Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Boekton,
S. C.; W. M. Patrick Woodward. S. C ;
T. G P-atrc C. drwie nak, s. C.
Over-Work WeaKens
Your Kidneys.
gUhealthy Kidneys Nak Impure MLoe.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once everl mthrmit.
nwkidneys arm your
blood puriflerstheyil
ter out the waeor
impurities In theb oed.
If they arslck.or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains achesadrhe.
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, becausethe heart is
over-working in pumig thick. kidnty
poisoned blood throughein and arteries.
It used to be that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional ae have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sck you can Snake no mistake
by first doctoriig your kidneys. Te tiild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kolmer's
Swamp-Root, the great lodney remedy is
soo4 realized. It stands th hie for its
wonderful cures of the most cases
and is sold on :ts merits
by all druggists in-fify
cent and ohl.-dollar siz
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mall NOW
free, also pamphlet telling you how tw nd
out if- you have kidney or trouble.
Mention this paper .hen Q .I* nrKUMU
jr Co., Binghsmton, N. Y. -
Couty Siariur.
CoxmSmsOas' HEw Dp..
14, 1900
The following claims were minea
and approved on State Case na40
8 RE EElison .
814 Hugh 8Wyhe. Ito
815 8 D Dunn, I
816 W E DeHines,
817 D L Glenn, 950
818 W G Bankbead,
819 D A Broom, W
820 Jae GHOW, 1250
821 Jno H Cooper, 1250
82S2 John Rollse,
823 D L Stevenson,
1824 Samuel Lindsay,
825 Jas G MeCauts.
826 A P Irb ,U
RW ps,
and Head -
asHAiken, 260
J A Scott. (60 -
following claims wee xandn1
roved-n RoNd ad Brldge
o 1900:
A Broom, $;0
John B Patrick, 250
R C Stevenson, 200
W W Turner, 510
08 Jame& Macle, . 480
339 C W Broom *1950
, Reuben Besborough 240
John C Weldon,
M2 Charles Russell, 6W
33 B GTennant, d
34 W MPatrick, 43
I5 B HYarborough, .- 4675
46 Jno C Buchanan, 400
347 a W Phillips, .16 00
38 W J Johnson, 6240
M9 MS8Herron, - 140
15 OT GPatrik &Co, 610
361 A J Hinnant, 2
162 J C Willingham, 150
53CB Babb, 6 00
3s W J Haynes, 1650
355 W JBurley, . 358
156 D Lauderdale, 6 12
357 John R Morgan. 200
38 Jas T Lemmon, 4 90
35 H E Powell, 863
360 D YTimms, 4462
161 WREBabb& C0, 5750
l62 JasB Carlee, 360
163 C H Douglaste, 9'13
364 W J LWeir, 185
l65 T HRicardson &Bro, 770
366 W ME-tes, - 8:35
187 C D Cbappell, 80
368 R W Herron, 1700
369 Thomas W Brice, 10 00
I7 H B Refo, 40 35
The following claims were ezamined
id approved on Poor House Fund of
go. Amiount.
371 Tmas W Brice, $56 00
l72 CW Wrao, 35600
373 A D Hood, '6500
374 Tom 8:ngleton, 4 00
375 W Mi Patrick, 2800
376 Jlhn H McIater & C", 130
377 John D McCarley & Co, 19 45
378 B GTennant. 10 00
l79 TG Patrick &Cc', 36 26
380 W Johnsmn, 37 00
381 R SSpence, 500
382 Samuel Lindsay, 700
383 W RRabb &CO, 60
384 E Roberts,60
The following claims woermiune
ad approved on Publi. Bullfag ftad
f 1900:Amu.
885 John D McCarley [email protected], - $2 5
888 D L Steveton, - 1068
887 B Grfenztant, 1S65
888 B Johnston, . 186
8~89 Walker, E & Cogewell Co, 16650
I do cerdify that, the above statement
is a correct copy of claims a
a the last meeting of the Wuty
Board of Commiiones held on the
14'.h day of December, 1900.~Q
1.4 (ounty SunerTisOr E.

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