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One Year,............................$t50
Six Months........................ .. .75
Tuesday, January 8 -- 1901
THE General Assembly meets
How would you vote if the
proposition to issue bonds for the
bnilding of the Winnsboro aud
Camden Railroad were submitted
to you? Have you considered
which way your vote would best
serve your interest and that of
your community at present and
in the future?
his report especially urges upon
the legislature three measures
the appropriation of $200,000 to
the general school fund, better
- supervision of the schools through
expert supervisors elected by
6the than a political system, and
the eniployment of an assistant
superintendent. We are heartily
in favor of all three.
Tmis is an excellent time for
teachers to -interest their pupils
in the legislative department of
our government. How our legis
lators are elected and how our
laws are passed are of as much
importance as any questions that
can be presented to our future
citizenship, and they are ques
tions that should by all means
find a place in the school-room.
Born our Rredecessor and his
successor ha e called attention to
..hdaitof the coroner's
of William Ros
been g* u jail for -r
er days of -
on The part of e
y are charged with a crimA,
the enormity of which and the
circumstances surrounding it de
mand that the very closest w
be kept over all three and
no favors be shown any.
them, whatever hi~ as-.
may have
* by 4
exposii by an apormet
of $250,000 for a og South <
builing*II" presentseio
Carolina atth wll be asked
for the lga tae. of $50,000
for a state beinoi ase
There should ben the isus
b~y out legislators in t discue
810n of the proinane
tho wisdom ofi,
is wholy 1inaees hvie
wisdoml of the Batel ayi atm
buildin8 for the didenta propo
desrie is aselleie
sitin- ebe wrho oppose any
A few there ~osiOnoth
tepo the har eston alonevl
~bnefitted-Ti tery counfe
and far between' Evdebe coune
in the State isul be tree
Epecially w gaite countY- i'
ifitold e more attractr
exhni ou exhbit of the grad1
thich or bde er rejected,- t
which owr bprises- to ha t
wcntone of ou wealth.
Worerstone that 1o Fairfield .'
w e tst recorded agal
tihe tato stance to this
theSate'swic pomises so mni
postein ustral aevelopmen
th whole State and of or 4
Rev. E. A- o caie o te
S. C., has bmin and UPPi
Foes chrchsev. Mr. Mc
iacept i in taeul
churches. Th be mo tn
Sunds e trying th
ehurches to cOOer i no
jocating the pato sacourteous, C
-gr.t~i Mc O" preacher al
gertleman, Uid be a great hI
oer, adi t iend' in Union .
it is to be hoped ha Th O
'bs nthe countY yasO acpTdi
Mr.Mcow hahs fr
cal and wl iahh'~~
A sheep killing dog up in Maine has
eaten up his master's farm ana died.
The dog killed a neighbor's sheep and
the neighb ar proposed to settle the
matter if the dog was killed. The
owner of the dog would not have his
dog killed and a law suit followed.
The owner of the dog had to mortgage
his farm to pay costs and damages and
the next thing was the surrender of
the farm to pay the mortgage. The
dog's master is homeless and the dog
is dead.-Cbeter Lantern.
This same Maine farmer who loRt
all to save his dog has relatives. in
South Carolina who are willing to let
their neighbors lose their all to save
their own dogs. As an instance, the
Messrs. Kinard, of Kinety Six, who
are among the largest sheep raisers,
recently lost over a hundred dollars
worth of sheep by worthless curs.
But stili Tbe legislature will pass no
aws gainst the keeping of these d)gs.
Judged by their actions we would
onclude that some of our legislators
are close kin to the inan in Maine.
Thirteenth Anniversary an Enjoyable Oc
casion--First Prize Awarded the Late
T W Rawls for 646 Pounds Lint on an
Acre-Officers Elected for Another Year.
Mr. Editor: Please give me space
in your c lunns to report the thirteenth
anniversary ot the Wateree Prize Club.
,Toe supper given at Mr. T. L. John
sfon's o-i the evening of the 27th was
not lacking in any way- in keeping
with our past record. It was-perfectly
grand. The money prizes had been
ispensed with at a previons meeting,
and nothing changed hands but the
The only thing tbat marred our meet
ing was the thoughts that one of our
most active members was not there,
and never would be again. Yea, he is
gone. God, in his divine providence,
has called him where he will toil no
more with this world' tr-uhles.
Though he had inen confine.1 to toe
house tbs vdr, his name will appear
first among the prize winners:
T. W. Rawls, cotton prize3 No. 1,
646 pound. lint.
Ti. acre had 200 pont.di ac!d, and
two sacks cot ton seed meal, 100 pounds
ammonirted guano, and 15 busbels of
coton seedi received THE 1E* AND
--" nd dor
0 dal
parts mixe
or d
ed g
ce Jotn~sn 0 vein''
cin oera a eray wasi
poite th o F .Ni>
the Priz Cl. Secretary.
esicham by d~e usfu aokstoth
cJony, n ll t ent home tra
givenour poP hoida wasc
beotedmast detul im.
we. haditara eaue lof te spame
your enjoya btnon th e part ofth
waMtescami for bithr eer$5 ift
ofit rle ooad and -stl ok etoh
rC thrown andtlO ther thmfedinne
pYoursa resectfully, rda
givn or hlidys at T h ics
e hadki, dS de-'*t' ' 1901. A
mostenoyaherete of teme
a ther aing onbe prtof th e
t itte oangi~re for tae $n cop
rs trw CnO ermdt
-or kespcfudreeied
,n qui 001hrbuidig by emonir
e:any oth -un truble prompt reE
byte isink~ ingi i dag hous t
l e lad suggs 4.tO
Ac.M einut sutgL red tane is A0
are ntcd t'esequently and i
)tc e clya9 pr Og on utheirin. n
. t MasterasCo.
rSho Ross aio j our
ot Ter Reeikngd- his eceived
em inrseere knw t pneteumboma o
byas th Ajkn fun en audvse e
pet. The a sa sCn
e no fo'n assrt on deami
- wly r0eoveredy saed a,'tl
eaovech~ uti eesd su kerig F t
semnthese ut tlhs a uSA
or eVsa~i
Report of the Winnsboro and Eidgeway
The statement of the gross and net
profits of each dispensary in the stale
during the eleven months ending N7o
vember t^0 last has been issued. The
gross sales for the period indicated
amounted to the enormous sum of
2,421,84Q-22-nearly. two and a half
millions of dolars. On' this the state's
profit was $176,012.18; and the net
profits divided equally between the
towns and cities of the state, covering
a'so the beer dispensaries, reached
$998,166 26-making the total profits
for the eleven months on the state's
big liquor business $474,178.46. The
net profits from beer dispensaries to
towns and cetunties aggregate $27,469.
The Charleston dispentaries realized
$12 305 26 net proits; the Columbia
22,738.79; the Greenville $10,130.42;
the Spartaiburg $11,382.03.
The Winnsboro dispensary netted
$3,203 33 tp be divided between town
and county, The net profits of the
idgeway dispensary were $933.11.
The sales by months were as follows:
Sales. Profit.
January, 81,817-00 $186 40
Fbruary, 1.939 45 198 28
March, 1,912 75 226 69
April, 1,450 36 07 06
May, 1,5P3 75 129 06
Jine, 1,694 90 192 49
July, 1,467 45 1U8 21
Aungust, 1,687 90 261 80
September, 2,611 30 396 27
October, 2,57 -60 _= 55
November, 2,570 90. 39501
December, 4,10160 6065.51
$25 394 95 3,202 33
Sales. . Profit
January, $ 755 60 56 76
February, 697 90 48 87
March, 653.80 31 31
April, 443 95 13 69
May, 437 55 13 44
June, 442 95. 29 4
July, 366 80 00 9(
August, 452 95 3 1
ptember, 918 50 15 7
Otober, 1,08305 1 6'
November, '963 85 67 2
December, 1,276 70- 14 6'i
$8,493 50 33 11
The Mother's Favorite
...hamberlain's Cough Remedy tbi
Wgther'e favorite. It is pleasa ani
te an wa
.Coughs, colds, o
aBgh. a
east ang 0
dag and
-n. 0 I o0n
an th e
e capacl'Y0 ofiR tO i
enot veryTs Gov. *~0ef **
, ey' sed exper tsu'aan Is
ortorf the nuti an adept. ster
t ttin g to be qulit t. r o
Episcoalp boriand avery
en n cope were Mr' liott
he bPy~ co Mis ioreP un
el lla Shoke , witnser
rman. Tthe estswer Is
ad d clerks abou the 0alo, era
of th erl ssembly and ~end
Miss all is a daughter of M en
aai ShockleY of Sep-to-d ant
widely knownh hand een s dg
of that city. Sh ihd ba s .og
alall" filas athoMitford, ib~d
Cor. Hall is a young teas at
Mr. aP inClarendon Count~
baodan, tno his home at Mita to
badpndhe hoias On the w
pedthe hldaybeand Miss S dy
camthslardogether. One t dn
me thydei tatf teyol r
ried.Bo eldmirers o~ '
laady's father beingi was sent
Mc ~~weeney, a thie crmoy
him oe0 eadilY assented. The
"overnrtycm r the Columbia
dabot 3 o'clock and dhre direct)
th heSate capitol, whrthe ,Edu
me by Sapenintend nto tedUeZ
Mch and us hered wer e in
liv chaber. The wenl ad el
nesses in wating, the oeradnb
the snographer ofd, the gen
office The oungd in a tailor
a fulfugirl, wasgOWae rial and worn
d dreddres of drab materecin
it lar e capeau. Af er ecuri l
" ama ns.the goyernor, praye proce
t-. hand, fced the gnp.C The proes
rforthth te cereiocuhyi Th clerpo
e-- were given by eahd Acar thv
e- oe. 0ring waserned hok hands
mo iY the govrnr se present'1
thhe.bride, Theu a brief seaso
. introdue and a congratuatiotf
conversation rv o teu i
happy uP rvey to the trin
S,w when lthyto th ti-A rn
unset . eparatiafs ofte fail t
metot eation because ey ca
ydynd and 'aumious f '. The
r' on that d ts all ch
Pacific Fire Insurance Comrany of
New York. 1
Glen Fall Insurance Company or
New York.
Rochester German insurance Com
pany of Rochester, N. Y.
Solicits share of public patronage.
At the hoipitable hone of the bride's
father, on Dec. 27, Mr. D. K. Tarter
was united in marriage to Miss Lucy
Kohn, W. R Briscoe ofi'ciaing. After
an elegant and sumptuc.u feast Mr
and Mrr. Tarrer departed for '/olwm
Mr. Tarrer is a prominent aad hon
ored citizen of that city, a:id Miss Lucl
a flower from one of Fairfield's finest
May their lives be fair as tbeir w cd
ding day, long and useful.
A Powder Mil Explosion
Removes everythiag in 'ight; so do
drastic mineral pills, at both are
mighty dangerous. Don't dynamite
the delicate machinery of your body
with calomel, croton oil or aot s pills,
when Dr. King's New Life Filti5
which are gentle as a summer breeze,
do the work perfectly. Cure4 Heaa.
ache, Constipation. Only 25c at Mc
Master Co.'s drug store.
Here is an anecdote I heard from the
late Hon. Judge Belton Oreal. one of
South Carolina's greatest temperance
A young lady had tried hard to ge t
a young gentleman to take the temper
ance pledge, tried in vain, and he of
fered her his arm, but she replied that
&be would never put her arm through
another jug handle.
Sam Jones is a most vehement man
for prohibition.
I think the New York Wo:Id is too
hard on our late Democratc candidate
for president.
Isn't Bryan a man, a sovereign? 14
Mr. McKinley or any other man In
the world s.nything more.
J. C. Feaeter.
and the hundred and one
It cures permanently by atn
naturally on all organs ofth
body. Asa bloodclener, flesh
builder, and health-restore it
has no equal. Put us n Qua
. Bottles, and sold at.I each.
John H. McMaster & Co., Winnsboro,
. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
L. (.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C ;
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
for their
in the
and wis,
them all
A. Happy New Ye .
Dealer in Fine Grocerien .
s pepsi a Cure
be ig gO eststbefnddi
rehsO~t lwsnd -~
ses Mk esjntraia,
her tof mprfC [email protected]
Gentral Time at Jacksonville and 8Sv"A?
Easten Time at Other Point&
Schedule In Sffret June10fla, 19y,
(W.jaknville (p. 8 . - -----
sav.. (. o ,............
- .rSa l.. ................ ...... 4 'n.
. 1 o....... ..... . -6
" ranhe.............. ..
"in ................... 4
Ar. ColbLa .................. 1100a 55G
L. Augusta, (So. By.). ...
Granitefille ............. ..... 281 0
anhenn ............... 8005a
" Johnston............520. 41 1W
r. Co .mbia, (U .. ........ ...... 5 s
Lv. ColumbI, (Bldg .... 930. @10 6 201
" Winnsboro ................ .... 03p 55
" Chester ................. 7 8181
" RockHill ................ ...... 8 8
.Charlotte 9........... .
.TDanvill ............... . - 00 -
.JBohsond ............... ... a 6
v oria (Pa.EE)..... ..... 9Pp6m
" lh .in b r ........... ...... "M 5
" Ceser ... ................75p 8f
. Ro km il . ............... ...... S 3
r. Cha r g .......... .... --..- --- p 1 9
M okBON.
AX. or10 m ............ ... ...... 48 V
* ~~............ ...
ore ..... ...... U
elp: l .' *
t,.... ............. .....
am Lr.............. .... 40b4m
burg .... .o
Ar m iW .. ......... ...
a ................ ..... 5
4. .. ..... .e
.................. .....1
.. . .. S
- e
um(9..)...... .....
P mebui... ........ ... ....
b .... .
........ 1 8
Just Received Direct from
England a complete
line of
An extra supply of GLASSWARE
as also been added to this depart
nent, together with a nice selection of
lue and White Enameled Ware.
We cardially extend an inpection
) be.=e goods to every one. No
ouble to show them or quote prices.
Dyspe psia
-Cur'es- C
8e and Comt, cesa ni
mkfmjfo aa When r '
r a~f patren wetd
3 for a shr aaag
~ tt5~rie a: aUhose t'
- . LLLes
Coulit Snornsor.
21, 1900.
The following claims were exsmined
and approved on State Case Fund of
No. Am.unt.
s90 Winnsboro Bank, $44767
891 R E Ellison, 756
892 Samuel Mcormick, 1250
893 RE Elliion, 728
894 R E Eison, 30000
895 RE Ellison, 80000
896 R E Ellison, 418 -
897 John Hollis, 850
698 Jno H Gibson, 200
899 R. geda'e & Ragdale, 50 00
900 D A Broom, 2000
901 B G rennat, 14800
902 RE Ellison, 30000
903 R E E jsn, '00
The following claims were examined
and approved on Road and Bridge
Fund of 1900:
No. Amount.
905 8 J Gladden, $ 150
906 J H Crawford,
907 A J Hinnant,
908 C D Obappell, -700
909 Jas Y Turner, 150
910 A F Rnff & C', 1490
911 Jas E Ghdden, 245
912 J F & J N Browo, claim,
$110 00, allowed, 1500
913 Joe W Richardson, 2500
914 S H Morgro, 1250
915 W H Lewis, 1250
The following claims were examined T
and approved on Poor House Fund of
No. Amount.
t 914 .1 - D Palmer, $3880
91.5 11 B Refo. 1SO
916 U G DeasPorte', 54S
917 L Ladecker, 150
91- L 34 B air, Soo
919 daggie S Tennant, 825
I do certify that the above statement
is a correct copy of claims approved
at the last meeting of the County
i Board of Commissioneis held on the
21st day of December, 1900.
1-9 County Supervisor F. C.
epol h
a- Ia.oQhave a b
nih heat.ca4~
yu O rcol
We also the nes' $m ro4e 01
He.atea MOKELESoBMuu
AND ro TAL -nta~~o your
bed room, tiining room, and parjor.
Why pay sixty-eight dollars for a
range from an agent when yen- can7
buy s good one at half price fram
your home dealers, who have a repu
tation to sostain and who will treat
you more fairly. The mosey- left at
home with them is circulated at homne
as much as -possibl-tha sent away
does no good locally.
New Year's
Years change and1 centuries
lo too. We are at the same
ild stand and wili furnish you
nything in our line at prices
o suit your purse.
Thanking you for your past
wvors and soliciting your fu
ire patronage,
Yours for a Happy New
er d for ulients ona approved securi
'all on, or write to
A. 8. & W. D. DOU~Lass,
At-orney . Winneboro, S. C.
.9 /

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