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Tuesday, January 8, - - 1901
-A large crowd was in t.,wn sales
-Obear's Dyspepsia Tablets-5(
cents a box.
-The county supervisor has a re
port in this isnue.
-Mr. Toni Moore is now clerkini
for Mr. H. B. Relo.
-Mr. Walter Tennant is the nevi
clerk at the postoffice.
-The United States now leids the
world in the amount of its exports.
-Several locals occur in this issu
that were crowded out last Friday.
-You can have all your job printing
done at THE NEWS AND HERALD office
-Spartanburg county had but foul
clerks of court during the whole o
the 19th century.
- Miss Hattie Sitgreaves has beaw
brought home from Lancaster and ii
now quite sick at her mother's.
-Mr. A. W. B!own is now collect
ing moneys dee the estate of Q. D
Williford, deceased. See notice.
-Mr. Jno. J. Neil, Jr., is taking hi
first lessons in the railway mail servie
on the ran from Columbia to Ashe
-By an error in getting hold to a
old mailing list several irregularitie
occurred in the mailing of our las
--The public reading room will b
opened row a& s'oon as the chair
which were ordered several weeks agi
-Newberry will have a special term
of court from January the 28th to Feb
ruary the I-Ltb. Ex-Judge Izier wil
-The State college at Orangeburl
will not reopen till February 1st o
account of not having the proper heat
ing facilities.
-All purely complimentary sub
scriptions are discontinued with thi
. number. This does not apply to cor
-Hood.' Ssrsaparills calendar foi
1901 is a beauty and can be had for si
cents in stamps of C. I. Hood & Co.
Lowell, Mass.
-Senator W. H. ManIdisr a man o:
V ling qualities and erable
prparty, passed WDy a s home
nr at
several application for the position
There's a morrl to this.
--Tbe Knights of Pythias have rente
'the old Masonic hall in the Beat:
building and are having is~ put in goot
-news comes tha
, who went
,is doing s
little Isabelle
*Johns Hopkins 1
well as could be ex
--Salesday a small tract of land near g
Rockton was sold for partition be
tween Woodward & Rayy W. R.
Eahb bought it in for $215.
-THE NEWS AND BRAI.D office has
a complete and full line of np-to-date
stationery and will be pleased to have
all your orders for job printing.
-Clemson's session has been ex
tended two weeks so asto make up
fr time lost on acconnt of the recentt
~~cation. Commencement will eome
June 21st.t
-- Mr. John McKeown, who bad the
misfortune to shoot himself a few
days ago while bandling a pistol. _is
now impr.vinlg rapidly and soon will
Sbe out again.1
-rJames Kelly was hanged in Char
leston Friday fr the murder at Mt.
*Pleasant of an old man whom he en
ticed into a swamp so as to murder
him for his money.
-By act of the Congress at its last
session your congressman baa about
3,000 packages of several different
Skinds of seeds for free distributionl.
Youi might write him.
-Misses Gaines and Taylor are
again at their school duties at Steven
nsr. The former bas just returned
-rolishe. home at Washington, D. C.,
and the "kter from hers at Greensboro,
W. C,
Miss Miamie .Jorda-2 returned yes
terday evening to ter school duties at
Elizabeth College, uh~arlotte, N; C.
Her college friend, Miss DeWoody,
who ha. been spending the Imas
holidays, returned with her.
-Mr. Jn-. C. McFadden, clerk of
curt for ( heeler county, carme down
Monday for the purpose of selling the
\land of John A. Kee vs. Carrie E.
K e, et al. The property was bought
in by the heirs at 4.30 per acre.
-The centest for the speakership of
the Hoiuse is between Hon. WV. F.
Steven"son, of Cheraw, and Hon.
George E, Prince, of Anderson, with
$be aids io favor of the brmer. The
ace for clerkship lies between Th's.
'. Ilamner, the former ckcrk, and J.
alter Gi sy.
-Senator G. W. Regedale weni
own to (olumsbia Mondan to entei
pon h-s duties fo'r a second terL' al
e Sea-o: r:om' Fairiield county
na'or Readae is of the opinion ta
sless something unforeseen deve'opa
is session shon'd be nusua'ly shor I
'svery d utiful whether his l,rotbet
-Hon. E. B. Ragsdale, will be able
take bis place in the House..
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup cures Cough
or Cold at once. Conquers Croup,
Whooi -Cohnd Veasj&-Courh
tho mothers praiset.
Doctors prescribe it for Bronchitis
Hoarseness, Grippe, Pneumonia an
Consumption. Quick, sure resuIta.
Price, 2Scent. Refuse the dealer's substitute.
= Always cures when others fail.
D.Ba's PwissreConstipation. so pfis soc.
THE WATER SuPPLY.-The follow
ng is the report of the policeman on
the water supply measurements taken
on Monday morning:
Cisterns. Capacity. ft. in.
Court-house......17 0 16 00
Depot............16 7 15 11
elliott's...... .11 3 9 4
Neil's ... ... ....17 7 16 2
Miller's........... 8 4 9
Phillips'..........11 5 10 8
Cummings' .......17 8 17 8
.ollege...... ...15 3 15 3
Smart's...........16 6 16 00
An Appreciative Letter
Mr. J. J. Obear, Winnsboro, S. C.:
Dear Sir:-My daughter had been a
suferer from chronic dyspepsia for
more than two years. I had tried
t every kind of medicine without any
benefit. I bought three boxes of your
Dyspepsia Tablets and they cured her
entirely. I can recommend them to
I any one with pleasure. Yours truly,
) J. D. Leitner
Jennings, S. C.
I The most sonthing, healing and an
tiseptic application ever devised is
DiWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It re
lieves at once Zand cres piles, sores,
eczema and skin diseases. Beware of
imitations. McMaster Co.,
Piese Note
The days of publication are Tues
dave and Fridays. All mail is put in
the offic6 early Tuesday morning or
early Friday morning. Former sub
scribers to the Tri-Weekly wil get
their mail through the postoffice. This
change is due to the fact that the sub
scription price has been reduced one
half; and as all get the same price,
we think It but fair that all get it de.
livered to them in the same way.
~~~u- lF~r ener
subcription agency for,% large pub
lihing house 9f Philadelphia. He
shall have general oversight of the
house's interest in this State, es
pecially in the employment of agents
Swho shall canvass tfie field for him.
The large repair business, which Mr.
Matthews has built up, will be con
ducted by Mr. Will Johnston. We re
gret to see Mr. Matthews leave ano
success in his new
sh or ?13
c a.M T 312A * the
na thid Ye. lisAlWys Bs~
Te past week was one of many
Mrs. M. K. Gladden has moved from T.
he Timme house to the house occo
lied by Mr. Jno. H. Propat and daugh- o~
er. Judge Johnsten2 has moved into T.
he Timma house, and Mr. B. N. Mc. t
dagter and Chas. A. 13tevenson into t
be house vacated by him. st
Mr. W. S. Weir is now in the Tim
nons house.
Mrs. Mary Landecker and Mrs. ot
Y. W. Wylie are keeping a boarding
touse in the Ruff house. a
Mrs. A. L. Porter and family with p~
the exception et Miss Pearl havetl
moved to Ridgeway.
The dissolution of the Arm ot Hawes J
brothers has caused Mr. L. W. Hawes a ~
to move back to the country-to thel ,I
abb place- and the house vacated
by ntis move will be occupied by Mr.E
. L. Holly.
Mr. Stgreaves has moved into tbe ti
uso formerly oecnpied by Mr. R. N. b
MMoaster, and the house wade vacant
by her move is now occupied by W. K. t
Mr. Chas. Timine now occupies a
part of Miss Mary Poole's house. C
Mi's Bertha Robinson,who haq for (
several years beeun the efficient assist
a~t in the Caidwoll Dry Goods Co.,
will leave jla a few days for Manning
where she will take char ge of the large
millinery department of S. S. Till &3
Co. Te best wishes of hosts of friends
go with her.
Dr. HI. F. iloover, of Ridgeway,
spent Monday in tewn.
Tied Priends Best.
ForthirtyyearsTutt's Pills have
proven ablessing to the invalid.
Are truly the sick man's friend.
A Known Fact
sourstomach, malaria,conlstipa
ion and all kindred diseases
-Dr. W. H. Wakefield will be in
his office at No. 8 North Church
Street, Charlotte, N. C.,'all of January,
except each Thursday. His practice is
limited to diseases of the Eye, Ear,
Nose and Throat.
Resolution Adopted at the Pension Board
Meeting of Fairnield County on January
7th, 1901
Resolved, That the thanks of this
board be extended to Mr. G. H. Mc
Master for the services so efficiently
rendered by him as chairman of the
board for the last four years and we
regret exceedingly his resignation of
such position and desire by this reso
lution to express our appreciation of
the services rendered.
W. W. Smith.
Judge Buchanan Grants a Change of
Venue In the Carroll Case
Judge Buchanan adjourned the Court
of Sommon Pleas sine die yesterday
and left on ihe afternoon train for
The motion of Messrs. Mitchell &
Smith for a change of venue in the
cate uf Miss Annie B. Carroll against
the Seashore Railway Company was
granted, and an order passed trans
ferring the record to Orangeburg
County lot a hesr;ng there. The order
filed was brief, simply stating the con
viction of th Court upon the papers
filed maid the a-gument in the case that
the motion ith'old be granted. Miss
Carroll felt tbrangh a hole in the
Mount Plea- Tnt %haif on the night of
August 8, 1898, and brought suit
against the company for $10,000. Two
trials have been had in this county,
both resulting in a hopeless division c f
the jury Miss Carroll filed an affida
vit that this result and the sentiment
of the community convinced her that
she could not obtain an impartial trial
here, and-9n Orangeburgijuy will now
Vieiked to render an impartial Vr
Jupge Buchanan bas presided over
the termjust closed with marked ability
and impartial courtesy, and leaves
many new friends in Charleston.
News and Courier.
Beat Out of an Inerease of His Pensien
A Mexican war veteran and promi
nent editor writes: "Seeing the adver
tisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhcea Remedy, I am re
minded that as a soldier in Mexico in
'47 and '48, I contracted Mexican diar
rhos and this remedy has kept me
from getting an increase In my pen
sion for on every renewal a d
tr Co., druxists.
Cadet T. M. Lyles returned last
week to the Citadel.
Mr. Jno. N. Lemaster, of Ridgeway,
was a visitor in town Monday.
Mr. W. B. Lyles has returced to the
Medical College at Charleston.
Mise Lucy Rion Edwards is visiting
her grand-mothber, Mrs. M. C. Rion.
Miss Julia Fripp has junt returned
from an extended trip to ~jiiu
as return tes
Porter Military Academy at Char- ,1
diss Bessie Lyles is again at her no
ies as assistant teacher in the Ridge
y school, its
f Is Marie Simonton, of New Hope,
nt Saturday and Sunday with Miss
C. Elliott.. .
Miss Cora Wallace, of Charlotte, is
an etended visit to her sister, Mrs.
. Cureton.
Miss Grace Binnant has returned to
a South Carolina Co-Educatioaal In
ute at Edgefield.
r. B. B. Johnrson, an experie eed .
esman of Greenwood, was among
rr welcome callers the past week.
Mr. Watt Hinnant, of Bascomnbville,
dd Mr. Joe Hinnant, of Bateaburg,
i a visit to their parents recently.
Miss Marie McKeowni, who spent
Le holidays with her sister, Mrs. Jno.
Creight, returned yesterday to her
uies at the Williamston Female Col- p
Miss Louise McMaster, Miss Daysie b
rockington, Misses Helen and Jean
t Stewart have returned to Win- i1
rop after spending several days at
r. S. K McDanald, formerly of i
is place, stopped over Monday for a
8W hours on business. He was on
is way to Columbis where he is a
lrk in the engrossing department.1
Messrs. A. Williford and Arthur
hens go to the West today for the
orpose of purchasing stock for Mr.1
Villiford's stables. Mr. Williford re
nests that bis customers wait till he
eturns as he proposes bringing to the
ocal market the very best stock to be
Lieutenant R. H. McMaster, who
bas been at home on furlough for sev
eral weeks. has gone to join his regi
ment at Fort Preble, Portland, Maine.
Lieutenant McMaster made a fine rec
ord for himself in the active campaigns
he a engaged in while in the Philip
pines. Should there be an increase of
the army as now provided for in a bill
beore congress, we shall soon greet
him as Captain McMaster. We trust
that he will get this c veted title. It
wll be a c:edit to him and his town.
n_ gs indY i.
Wizro Lodge 0g, Qrganisd 1
Nar ]Iiay entt-wet
1;e past few weeks Pythianism
haei talked so much in Winnsboro,
an( legend of Pythias and Damon
wii unsurpassed record of friend
shi-as so impressed upon the citi
z..af our town that. steps were
tako organize a Pythian lodge.
AfIthe efforts of Mr. Williams of
Cobia and Dr. Tbornwell of Fort
Milteir hop.es were realized last
Fri,.night by the organiztion of
Wintro Lodge No. 198. This
lodgegins its existence with twenty
one ant Knights, and it promises
to be , few weeks the inferior to
none (the other lodges in this de
To a a good impetus to this lodge
and toDudact the initiation of the
candida into the mysteries of Pytb
lanism, d to assist them through the
dark pies and put them up the
"greasy dle" the following Knights
were prent: Dr. J. H. Thoruwell.
W. H. IMurray, J. . Spratt and
W. B. Meham of Fort Mill; Fewell
of Rock Ill: Grahim, Williams and
McDouga of the Columbia lodges,
Rev. E. PTaylor, Dowling and Davil
of Winnooro, R. F. Frazier ol
The chrter members of Winnsbor
lodge No 108 are Knights J.1. Me
Doald, 'reston ition, W. M. Dam
pier, L. I Owens, E. P. Moblgy, Jr
J. W. Filde, R. B. flanahan, J. E
Quarles, t. P. Dickens, J00. H. *
Master, E W. Matthews, J. R. Beart
%xeo. B. McMaster of Winnabors
Chas. E. Isacs of Blythewood, an
W. S. MoMurray and W. E. Spra
of Fort Mill. Owing to the latene
of the hour initiation of C. K. Doni
, L. Landecker, D. A. Crawfor
B. Steele and F. E. Propst w
hol ovor until the next meetin
Fri y, January 11th, inst.
The on of officers resulted
Dr. ahan and Preston Rion
past - ncellors, J. . McDona
chan lor commander, L. E. Owl
vi chancellor, J. H. McMaster p
Ia J. P. Quarles keeper of reco
and seal, Geo. B. McMaster of
che ner, J. P. Quarles master of
I . Preston Rion inaster of we
ou . Beard master of arms, J.
E. di ipner guard, Chas. E. IM
Ha r guard, trustees, Dr. Hana
Th %. Mobley, C. P. Dickens,
indee . . .
visiti newly initiated Knights v
IodI fortunate In having. so i
tIo g Knights from the neas
ea and are under many oh
in b r the kindly interest u
midst their behalf. We thatnk I
ered 1roducinig Pythia~nismD in
th ud from what we hare
towns and cities i
urishes it is needE
nedits derived
order ftd
that the -,5 be for ti
gswl and true; that which
chigs w rnal. Pythianism nee
tng and e praise than that whi
no greater dled in the members
ee exemd~
_____ e Kidney T'ronbs
mada n't Know it.
ad 0 1in4 Out.
;:mon glas with yoi
Row' nd twenty-four hours;
P1 a bottle or sediment or sei
t te r and let it - ln indic ~
unhealthy condi
tioni of the kid
. y neys: if it stan
your linen it L:
evidence of kid
ney trouble; toc
frequent desire to
-pass it or pain in
'the back is also
, i the kidneys and blad
E ae ot o or in heknowledge so
.Kilmner's Swamp
y ere is co remedy fulfills every
ee .prssed, tismn, pain in the
>o, , the great bladder and every part
sh in curin e. It corrects inability
it kidneys, ,ding pain In passing
th heurinary dlowing use of liquor.
hold water rcomes that unpleasant
o rbad ff mnpelled to go often
ne or beer y to get up many times
ecsity of a mild and the extra
tirng the day .wamp-Root is oo
tring the nig he highest for its won
diaary effect. ost distressing cases
aaed. It st ne you should have the
rflulcures of t tsin 50c. and$. sies
yooineed am sample bottle of this
stt.Sold by ry
Youmay hay l1,
ondderful t
Ln book that I,
noreesabout It, bo *om ersm~
bsluutely free b .~Fhen witing men-.
ddeess Dr. KI offer in this paper,
o.,, nghamt
onn ading th~Yrn
Nden roadf he miles a
famon t 8S. H. KET&
1- 1-21V. ~ W E B
T'O O ~~'S
ate of Q.D- an
please esiia
ud offer many goods at BARGAIN PRICES. Some of
these goods are offered at less than cost. This does not in
sude all the goods in our store. The bargain lots are put
on the counters and marked in plain figures. These items
at these prces.
A varied lot of Dress Goods, Plaids and Silks,
Lot of Percals, at 7, 8 and zo cents.
Flannelets and Outings.
All Winter Underwear at a discount.
Lot of Gents' Heavy Gloves.
Cotton and Wool Blankets.
Lot of Ladies' Fine Shoes, at $1.50 to $2.00. These are
less than cost, worth $2.00 to $3-0-.
Lot of Children's Shoes, all sizes and prices.
Lot of Gents' Shoes, at $1.50 to $1.50, worth $2.00 to b3.
Many of the goods we -offer are fresh, new stoek, bought
this fal not wish to carry them over the summer,
and offer at these prices for CASH.
.To the many who hav patronized us we wish a*.haPjly
: Ne ear wit that the new century may bring them muchi
eOf properity. We ask a continuance of your patronage,
promising at all t ies to use our best efforts to supply your
; wats to your entire satisfaction bothas to. quality and pi~Ic.
The Oa weII Dry Goo Gompany
I~in Addition to a Large Supply
On hand, I have just put in stable a carloa4 ot tne n ,
s MU LES that I have had in ten years. Stock Of al inds
are. hih oii hre of the public patronag, aud do
. not intend to be undersold by any of my con Ca
:- and see me and be convinced. .r
rk, BUGGIES, HAR - desci
W- kept in stock. H m
X" Corn, Oats and Hay at r
Dr. to do a General Livery
good horses.
rere 5 rse si. awOen
All (9ooC1 eI ap fop
llofrs zCuls 1 c0o1
ad receivegi a good pie h o
e by purchasing a nice horse
Prom e. I bave three or four good
39mbinatjop Horses, nP-to-dat sad. Thankinoufrnd
here and nice drivers; also three nice for
ares, goo' workers Rand well bred- their past patronage, we ho
. for a continuance of the sanj
M U LES. and that they will still remem
I have 8 or 10 well broke Males. ber we are dd lr
hey are acclimated and can stand
edrk. Bet Them are large DRUGS,
'ls, uitable for heavy work. I Can
fl them as cheap as you can buy them MEDICINES
iywhere. Also a few plugs. Com
'see me and I will try and please TOILET A R TICLES,
eeb tm vnqr horse or mule PAINTS,
* hae nosutvr to e me a d I O IL S ,
y markt and wm
-Lmls Ds~ethtt

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