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- -juuiu k'ROBLM.
Garrard County, Ke ntucky, GraVpiing
with 3 Railroad Problem simus- to the
ne Confronting Winnsboro-Fer Citi.
zeasWilling to Pay a Large SuA for the
Rome for the Increased Pay that Will
Come to Them
To the ciljzelv. of Garrard Ceauty.
Lauc ister, K.., Janusry 9, 1901.
From irformation jusit received,
(sni as published in te daily papers)
e are i lorned that the Southern
wilwaybhi commeuced the final lo
Mol of tihe line froml Jellico to Enr
Ky., work having commenced at
Jellico on January 4th.
In viewof the fact that the road has
willingne to build the
o Garrrd unty, provided
way is gi en, we deea it
atten 'on af our Oiti
a to a a es to be derived
by them froin the building of this road.
The on y inner in wbich we can se
cure.. right-of-way, is by private
subltipton, the present constitution
f ntucky prohibiting a county vot
. ptax for such purposes. We feel
iit is the. duty of each and every
cpizen of G arerd to do what he can
taward this,ae greatest improvement
/ ud.enterprise we will ever have of
fereds. A portion of the right-of
-, way has been obtained but there re- I
mains a larger part yet to be secured. t
It is estimated that the right-of-way t
will cost about $25,000. which sum is I
exceedingly low, when you consider i
e1-nanv advantages to be derived t
- The following wil: show some of t
the advantares the road will bring to ;
the citizens of Garrard: I d
Miles of new road built in the tl
county, 10. Taxes per mile, $25,00. k
Sixteen mies at $20,000 per mile, g
$320,000. Other railroad property, rr
including depots, side tracks, water a
tanks and one-half bridge across Dix b1
river $100,000 making a total of $420,- m
000 inerease taxable property. At the fa
present rate of 973 cents this will bring In
into the county treasury $4,095 in er
taxes-. . bt
Last year thei-e were 510,000 bushels be
'*-Jof wheat shipped from Garrand coun- fr
ty to the markets. As everyone knows, cil
the price of wheat in other local cities of
has always been from three to five w,
cents per bushel more than we can yO
get here. This is on account of not cis
having better railroad facilities, The ni
new road will open not only another ha
1. ar resent markets, but give an
ur Sboard at ios
.three ee &V
ofanctit Wil Oro
of $14, .30 Wincreas o
for one year for ar o
dred carloads of sm
ster alone last wes
estimate of 30,0
a ati
,imake the The ii
of $8,000. These and tb
de by prominent Some
ers of coal and the c
ughly understand their
w exists. Mesiz
the increased grand
the county by The (
oad ($4,095) the wLere,
eat, say Scts per is not
nshe nd the saving of many
srty cent per ton on coal received at with t]
t Lancaster depot alone ($8,000) other
makes a grand total of $27,395, which strong
S the peple of Garrard county would makes
gave by virtue of the road being built, vest tt
Strenous efforta are being made by and.I'
the citizens of Boyle and Lincoln the ist:
counties to secure this road (which dotlIar
would leave Garrard county out en- When
tirely) a former survey having been buys a
made thronah those counties, but as may ti
stated above, we are assured that if' It is 1
Garrard c tunty can comply with her Filipir
first proposition, give the right-of-way can so6
tthe company, it will surely be built there
this way, but if not, it is cartainl to sent tc
,..' miss us, and we will be f rever cut which
from outside markets. They
[Signed by a large number.-ED ] 5monid
AFRICA they r
ndon, Jan. 16.-Tee casualty list and g<
ws that there has been a severe en- sued t
ent with a loss of six killed, Philip]
ndgand five missinga at Mur- marry
rbere the Dtdtch are said to 14, an
have been 3 ining the invaders. Mur- This is
ray sburg is 16 miles west of Gr: fen- Ameri
reicet. Copy
Indications are not wanting that the been u
decision of the gover ninent to send girl of
re-enforcementS has not been taken a Ameri
moment too soon. eol. Colville's was is
mobile column, which has been pur- valid.
-sping the B ers, has seen obliged to or ju
rest at Grevlingstad t erect a block- cerem<
house and to cease .perations until man n
reedorce-t by mounted forces. wife iM
Geni.?~get ha .,n his force to each a
Pretor.i ~ .~If. Many, of the men cate tc
are an etring from enteric fever, tomn of
Th-ee hundred B<( ers captured a parent
sinall British convoy at Bror~khulrst togeth
Sptuit near Pretoria, but made off af- There
ter liberating theprisont r'. -part 0
Gen. r b , 4ile addressing a Spanit
e~c f inasors at Cape Town, parts
- se ete atborcs wsere anxionls to the yo
said the arto ava fromt Cape Town his fat
ifc th~e, abut tiat the oni- ho~ of vi0u*
i po s l, edin 1,000 men to are hc
toingr'bt. lyin ueged tnat no precini- meets
thifon. Hu~ e umited to prevent the recepi
einm fhorfbea neir inrtter soth-b --up9E.
merite I re;>utationl for cng
Ses and skitn disea~s acqul
,, Witch 11bzel Sa've,
:ng ot worthleSScoonte
o get only' b~it
Co. --
An Interesting Description of the Filipin
Cagayan de Misamis, Philippinei
Dec. 5.-Where the Fiipicos (negroes
sbine is at a Filipino theaterin Manils
Attend one and glance for an in
at the women. If they wer it(
you would likely call I pretty.
But as she is brown t are negro
will fit her much bet . Sbe is plump,
with Iqni I blac - es, a face some
thing iike a spanese, and a skin,
though soft and dark. They have
luxuriant black hair put up a ]a pom
padour in a Psyche knot just back of
ther crown, held there, by a great
comb of gold set with diamonds, each
as big as the end of your finger. Now
take a look at her brown ears with the
big diamond rings in their lobes, and
at the same time notice that gold chain
with the diamond locket attached,
which is wound round her neck. I
renture you have thought that all Fili
ino women were savage, dirty, ragged
md poor. These women at least mu,t
>e rich, and there are scores just like
hem all over the islands. Their cos
ames cnsist of a low-necked jacket,
vith great bell-like sleeves which stand
ride cut from the arms and stops at
he elbows. They have an embroidered
rder-gown which is also cut low at
be neck, and over this a long skirt,
rith a train. About their bare shoul
ers a handkerchief ii pinned. I say
ieir shoulders are bare, for the hand
erchief. and jacket are of the finest
anz-, so woven that through the
teshes you can see the shoulders and
-ms. Many of their faces are homely,
it yon will rarely find a young we
an who is not straight and wedl
rmed. Even the poorest of the wo
en are erect and well formed. Their
ectness comes from their carrying
irdens upon their heads, and the full
se of their shouldere, very likely I
DM pounding the rice, which exer
te thoroughly develops the muscles c
the L, Per part of the body. Every I
)man and girl smokes. Every one
a see is either smoking a cig'ar or t,
,arette and is puffing out the white t
xitine in long slender wreaths. I I4
re seen children who were not able
I big enough to wear clothes smok- n
cigars. This would look disgust- E
r bome. It is far different here, Ik
rwbre-, even bitw, f
ner. The - een courses of a,
much 'no women smoke of
little chifdeot more than the th
e Almost as am ar taugbt to tri
ned. I am told h as they are of
in tbe '
d not 1opjury-he women. J
ten hate taken Filipino wives, fore,
D Mestiza girls are their children. no or
of the most famous women of trary
inutry have Chinese blood in co-op
veins. Aguinaldo's wife is a wishc
a and Aguinaldo's mother has that
parents who were celeatials. such
)hinese features always show work
rer there is Chinese blood. This sarily
always so with the Spaniards, ing.
of whom have inter-married Sund
.e natives. For some raason or such i
the Chinese blood seems to be impr
Ir than any other and it always and ii
itself visible The Filipinos in- cratet
e most of their money in jewelry Souti
renture that there are women on 8rmosi
mnds who have ten thousands of acli
put away in precious stonea. ud p
a girl .gets a little ahead she therei
,new.-ring, and later on, she great
in a dozen rings into adiamnond. schoo
rhispered that there are many be pu
o jewels in tbe hands of Ameri- phase
diers. I have heard it said that dress
iree several piecec of jewelry the se
>the United tStates by sol ilere votioi
were worth $10,000 a piece. The
irere gold combs set with dia- Carol
.The women are very mdest our d
r ways. They think nothing of them!
iga shoulder or a section of bare belov
leg as high as the knee; but the z
esent the slightest attempt at the hi
,rity, and are as a rule, virtuous gcod
>od. According to an order is- in the
y the military governor of the their
>ines last December, boys may come
as soon as they reach~ the sge of in the
d girls may be mar'ried at 12. once,
an American law issued hy an sna
ean governor, but it is merely a
>f the Sp'anish law which has
sed for generations. A Filipino
12 is not often bigger than ant A I
ean girl of 10. Until th's order boy
sned all marriages ha'i to be brok
Now any justice of the peace If a la
ge can perform the marriage The ~
iny anid all that a man and wo. and
eed to do to become man and The r
to publicly cay that they take mud~
then as such, and sign a cartifi. coax
tbis effect. The ordinary cus dle at
contracting marriages is for the low.
s of the bride and groom to get Greei
er and make the avrangemnents. the ti
is less giving of money on the of the
Sthe bride's parents than in most andt
h countries, and in fact, ia.ome true
>f thie island, it is the custorii rar wadet
ung man to act as the sti'Yanit 01 same
her-in-law for several years pre- 11mbel
to his giarriage. May marriages ley, ~
ye matchep. The yowoo maj assist
his sweet-heart at a ba l or a' with
wn sand sfter that goes to arcoax
e~ d in the~ well
- alhily. The man
hetreet and Th
I he window, tisepi
him to be DiW
- norn to go Jieves
-rrrige the imita
woman's propers is kept senarate and
apart from lb, f the buoband's. She
has entir azirol of it. If she loans it
lo hra into business and he fails,
s, ahe Is as a creditor of the second
, and if she dies, her money 'goes
ck to her family, he receiving onry a
small proportion of it. A man may
have children who are very rich,
though their mother and he himself, be
almost destitute. Headquarters of the
first division of the department of
Mindanao and Iolio wa's moved here to
Cagayan yesterday, and we now have
General Kobbe and s:aff with us, and
the 28th infantry is expected at any
time, and 60 days of hard campaign
is etarted, and as soon as completed
the 40th will start for home by the
wry of Manila.
With beat wishes to your paper aLd
eelf, I remain, very truly,
R A. Herron,
Co. M, 40;h Infaatry, U. S. V.,
Cagayan de Misamitt,
BeatO.at of a & Increase of His Pension
A Me.%ica, -ar veteran and promi
nent editor v. ite-: "Seeing the adver
tisement of t Lamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrbcaa Remedy, I am re
minded thit as a soldier in'Mexico in
'47 and '48, I contracted Mexican diar
rhcem, and thi remedy has kept me
from getting an increase in my pen- 1
sion for on every renewal a dose of it
restores me." It is unequalled as a
quick cure for diarrhcea and is pleas
ant and safe to take. For sale by Mc- e
Master Co., druggitts.
To Assemble in Newberry I& February. Ii
The executive c)mmittee of -the r4
South Carolina Interdenominational p
Sunday School Association has called ti
the annual conventin to meet in New- ti
3erry on Februarv "i-27.' I
The offcers of the Lutheran Church di
)f the Redeemer has tendered the bl
:hairman the use of their church fo tt
helsessious of the convention, and 9l
he ivitation has been accepted. of
The call issued by Dr. W. E. Pelham,
hairman of the executive committee, Ai
avs: fir
"The executive committee is pleased fe
3 state that we will be favored at all da
ie sessions by the presence of the fol- th
)wing named international workers:. gi
'aProf. H. M. H amill, D. D., of I111- frs
ois, field secretary; Mrs. H. M. gi
[amill, teacher in primary work; Mr. yo
farion Lawrence, of Toledo, Ohio, $o
aneral secretary; Prof. Excell, leade I
Wadpro ' '- '
11 workers We'
All of the above na
Du irn pursuan
mnecontinental .
r . ot
w e readily observed, there- he
that this convention should be en no
dinary occasion, but on the con- tim
one that should enlist the hearty I
eration of every active well
r of the greatest of all causes w
of the Sunday School. With Green
specialists aq those named, the a( 2 p.
of tne convention must neces- the "1
be both instructive and interest, the cit
We feel free to say that the Yesi
sy Schools have never before had Smith,
>pportunity for enlargement and sick, h
>vement as will then be offered, that th
is to be hoped that the conse- from 1t
I men and women in all parts of No. 95
.Carolina, now engaged in this State,
useful arm of church work, wil -
the occasion in order that great
ermanent benefit may be derived
prom, in renewed energy and The
ir efficiency to the individual are nc
I. The programme, which will averag
blished later, will cover every goveri
of Sunday School work; the ad
a wi1l be helpful and all parts ofbak
*rvices will be spiritual and de- power:
ial. 1694.
Sunday School wcrkers of South capital
ina OWe it to those who will be
istinguished guests, as well as to and hi
elves, and to the youth of our whollh
ed Commonwealth, to make this under
oat successful convention year in dates f
story of the organization. The
people of Newberry, ever ready the sol
ir hospitality, wilt welcome to depart
happy homes all those who shall from
We invite every Sunday School sue de
State to ake this matter up at
to' the end that proper r'3pre- ermnme
ion may be had.'' is as p
-- vileges
ittle ragged, dirty, typical negro cent. ii
ras riding an old, worn-out, issue d
n-down mule that wouldn't trot as a ge
cotmotive were to push it along, of the
oy held a bundle in his hand debt al
was using hi., coat as a saddle. vances
mule had a'most stopped in the neessi
y street, and in hid efforts to public
the animal, he dropped bis bun- The
id hi3 coat fell into the mud be- Englarn
A prominent bank president of rowed
~ville was on tbe street nearby at and t
me and noticed the discomfiture reserve
back African. With the kind gold y
ender heart characteristic of a transfe
Sontherner, this moneyed man bankin
I through mud and, with the trol of
motive be would have had had go'd b
mn waiting on Presidernt McKin- bank a
anded this little coon his bundle, and tbt
ea him iin arranging his coat and, rates t<
tbe aid of a switch, managed to the pul
the mule on. This act of the and tel
known bank prcsident is worthy the be
it ation.-Greenville News. solid it
a most so-.thing, healing and an- more
ic application ever devised is countr;
itt's Witch Hazel Salve. It re
at once andl cures piles, sores, Qual
ia and skin diseaaes. Beware of IDeWit
tinn. MeMwar Co.n uable li
oung White Women Run Down by
L)ng before ,
day morning a fearful, accident oc
en in the southern portion of the
ci ty, ending the life of a young white
girl and seriously injuring her sister.
Tbe body of the young woman killed
was almost severed by the merciless
wheels of a locomotive, yet for two
hours s he lived in agony, retaining con
sciousnes and talking with those
about her. The girls were on their way
to begin their day's work in one of the
catton millF. They were happy and
anmlrdful of the terrible suffering that
was so soon t0 be theirs-of the advent
into another world that wa- to be the
lot of une. Making the trazedy all the
more deplorable was the fact that the
girs were helping to support an aged
mother living not far away. The young
pirl who lost her life was Leonora
Daniels, aged 16 years, and she who
was seriously injured was Flora
[aniels, ag(d 18 years, both sisters of
1otorman Daniels of the Electric
Ulway company, one of the best men
o1 the line.
The accident happened at 5 30 a. m.,
met at the hour when the factories are
4anging from the night to the day
orce. These girls, who lived on Divine
teet, bad left home and were walking
> the Palmetto mill, along the old
tain line track of the old S,uth Caro
na and Georgia railroad. They had
ached a point on the track on the
roperty of the Southern railway when
ie Seaboard's northbound passenger
sin came along on the trestle. They
ere watching this train, it seems, and
d not hear the road crossing signal
own not more than a half block from
em by Southern railway shifting en
ne No. 92, in charge of Engineer Dix g
'this city and Gonductor A. E Deilin.
)e -engine had nothing attached to it
d was coming down upon them head
at. The losomotive was within a
w feet of the girls when, through the
rkness, Engineer Dix discovered
im on the track. He reversed his en
ie and applied the air brakes, but It
is too late. The engine struck the
-Is and stopped about tbree feet be
nd their bodies. Miss Leonora's na
ly was almost severed near the
tror walon was -on the
- time. Offeers
were *10,0
e of the soffrers. -19
engine waq a light one and the its 19
er stopped it quickly, but not in tnnd,
There were several people on
ine at the time.
jcuneral service of the young lady
as killed will be held at the
Street Methodisl church today
m ., and the interment will be at
[elly Ground," four miles from
erday afternoon Magistrate
acting for the coroner, who is
eld an inqest. The verdict was
A yonn lady came to her death*
eing run o'-r by shifting engine is all
of the M.tuern railway.-The
run~tions of te Bank of England el
t Afinitely understood by the *.Jgre
e peson, because they are partly :2 oct
meial and partly privrnte. This -th'n
whiui is the largest and most
'ul in he world, was founded in Sectt'
It bean by lending all of its Oil.
to thgovernment of William The
ary, taugh at the time it was.
a prive institution. The law ting t
which ie bank now operates under
com 184 In order to establish work a
Ldity of e institution the issues
nedC~ W entirely separated Stop
he bankit department; the is- but, u
>arltment en office of the ger- take Si
it and thesnktng d~partment
rivate as ai other bank. The Liver C
g departm! pays the govern- with yoi
bout ?200,,2a year for its pri
and receii in return 3 per Gl5
terest on ?400,000 tent to the can. T
apartment- ie bank also acts
seral bank the local banks you'll pt
empire; it wages the public S ,tt
id pays the 'rest on it; ad- Sct
money to the rertnment when Oil is
ry, and aids collecting the
revenne- "cCan'~t e
sine departmessues Ban kof -
d notes f:>r t he5,00(y000 bor- your dOl
from the bank department long be v
ont E1,000.00(ore gold sm 0
.It also issuebtes o% any
'hich the bankldepartment The ge
as to it for thatpoie. The this pict
Sdepartment b' close con- take no<
thbe money mark It British tifeyo
egins to be drain~road thetre i,
dvances the rate discont free sarn
Ls reducei its loan~~ich greea ble
discnurage heav.~~n by ~r re
tic and thus keeps is dow TTh
da to stop thbe sate old. As 409ea
nk is regarded aolAste09 ea
notes are as good '>ldt tey
over; in fact jghey worth 50c. anc
lian face value in ne ever "
r.-The Pathdnder. r
Ity and not quanti akes *~
's Little Early Risers val
ttle liver pills. McMtco
liap~nhtprosperous NevoYa
~*+*TO ALL,ww*
Rnb 10 Cents for Everq Pounb of Cot
ton "Rafseb in 1901 to the
9OGfl F ES o OL F I i.
And when you want anything in the line ofDRY
ING be sure and call on us. We can supply all your wats
-4**Low-aTide Prices..e..
We have The Winnsboro Bpnk on our side; prosperity is
ound to come to all who trade with us. Our -motto:
Quick Sales and Small Profm.
Polite attention to all. Goods exchanged. or mon
inded. Yours for biz,
D. V.&
The privilege tertilizer tax amount
$70,144.51 last year.
A. movement to on foot to
tional park at Valley Forge.
rhe total cost of the Georg
up .2.
,mathas OA WeWW
anch" McBe. * * y
State peni ntLary turned over ocourt of o0v(b
) into the'$tate treasury from above stated ease, I
)0 earnings and reserved a good before the Court onse
ror Improvements, the
within the legal bours ofsbisagse
Outcry1 to the Wighest bsddt, the 1.1
lowia described property to wt:
Al that piece. parcel or tract of
land lyiug in Faifteld County, 'touth
of Simpson's Turnot, and 4ei t of
h An te &iterC Railwat the
C. C. & A. Ralhkuj tainn
T hmore or less, and boundeaoth n Sra
-ight of way of the midM
right, if you are too fat; Railway, and on the east by tmn& of
OOA.DesPort*4 and jpusoirgi
I wrong, if too thin already. and on the West by Jem&b*MMnv be.
,enough for your habit, is I longing to John W- Suirt.
y; a little more, or less, is Thr Os baa 1e
at harm. Too fat, consult Intmente on a cret of - nd
or; too thin, persistently
o matter what cause, takem
Emulsion of Cod Liver Purcasr of paying gii as* The
Purchaser to pay for all ncsr
papers and for [email protected] and rofttall
re arc many causes of get- necesary revenuestan
Do thin; they all come Jan. 149 1901. C. C. a P. 3.C.
thesee two heads: over--trd
nd under-digestion.
over-work, if you can; TOO MANY
hether YOU Can or not,, N H N
tOtt's Emulsion ofaCod HAND .
)il, to balance yourself
ir work. You can't live JUST ARRIVED, A CARlOAD
true-but, by i) y Of YOUNGMULES. thhaveover
'here's a limit, however;
s Emulsion of Cod Liver 0"
the readiest Cure for
at,"' unless- it comes of Or' hand, and they most go. If you
prchwan r to by a le come to ssame
ng n wok--yu cn tand I will sell you cheaper than you
pell and strong, without can buy anywhere else.
t of activity. I have aY Price -Mule or m you
aswantirOM o up. Also
send drI
:ot not musAo fA N .A(
.irwrk Yo can' goodUS AoRersV an som eosAD
nts-u , dyou o o toE8 se mae beoe
'hereealt, yowever;
Yorno Iok-o a' want to bay aou atle. oeLose me.
t $100 alvigty.s se thae anyre oasl.rhrs o
nun hIasA4 want irom 80gup. Als
>te .u.ki1fi lnbro .

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