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An Official Letter.
Mr. J. J. Obear, Winnsboro, S. C.
Dear'Sr:--I have been suffering
from dyspepsia for several years an
In that time have tried many things
but your tablets did me more good
than anything else. Yours truly,
A. D-. Hood,
County Supervisor.
Tbe House has Voted 8200,000 for t a -'d
Veteras of south Carolna
The house of representatives yester
v morning decided to double the
fund appropriated for the assistance
'of id ' af erste soldiers aind their
t. e ppropria i n whe
Art made waik$50.000. Later it was
increased to $100,000. Yesterday Col.
J. H. Brooks' bill to increare the fund
.t150,000 was taken up, but instead
of passing it at that amount, the bonse,
on motion of Mr. Rucker, decided io
increase the pension appropriation to
In years past Confederate veterans
who were miembers of the house have
Shad to plead for the pension appropria
tion. Yesterday, however, the gallant
old "Rebs" were called upon mereily
to thank the sons of veterans for pass
*ing the bill. Tue bill passed second
reading wi hout serious trouble.
Capt. J.' Hampdent Broo~ks called for
the special order for the day, bis bill
to increase the pension fand from
$100,000 t o $150,000.
Gen. W E. James of Darlington,
for the committee, flly explaine'd the~
bill and in a business-like manner
went over the whole situation. The
general classes of pensioners have
gotten the following amounts: 1889.
$33.40; 1890. $24.26; 2891. $23.00;
1892.$23 013; 1893 $22.00; 1895, $21.75;
1896. cla's 0, 419.40; 1897, cluss c,
$16.3; 1900, cla-s, C, $12 30.
Gen. James paid a high tribute t..
the gallant old sodiers and how the
.lists were now increasing.
Mr. Racker of Andersen wan'ed the
:appropriationl raised It o $200,000. He
-did net believe any county would ob
ject to the increase and it w as needled.
in Georgia the pension fund has been
$494,000 and recently it was raised t.
$894,000. He urged eloquently that
the bon-e adopt the amendment which
he presented.
Mr. McMaster made an eloquent
speech. Trhe people I f South Garo
hina never hesitated at the cost wt b'
the State seceded. Now lin the pros
pet ity of the Srite, should the old sol
diera be neglected for cost? He re
ferred bean, i:nly to the author of the
bill. Mr. Brooks, who whenu wounded
and dying on the bat'lefield begged
that bi. bod y be placed upon the ramn
parts to prot.ect his comrades.
Mr. Efird said that the taxable prop
erty in the State is $179,000 000 The'
levy of 5 mills Wil bring atbout $895.
000. The house has altes-; given $50,
000 to tbe Uharle-ton ex t o.ition It
the increase he rraraed the qgustion
will be wh-ther or tot t i a'-.se th.
levy. He moved to adj urn debxte
until th- apropriati' n bifl id act.-d
upon in or der tha- the h')u e might se
how much it cou d appropt i .te to th
needy old soldiers Tbiq was voted
Mr. Dean of Spartanrg, a gallat
Confederate sddier, spoke tcelngh~ of
the serv'ce' of the Conuf-der-. te sold er.
Me spoke~ in wo:ds ot fire in reference
-to Mr. Efird's pe.it;on.
Mr. Ei-A disclairmed smingr one
An Appreciative Letter.
Mr. J. J. Obear, Winnsboro, S. C.
Dear Sir:--My daughter had been
I sufferer from chronic dyspepsia fo
more than two years. I had trie
I every kind of medicine without an;
benefit. I bought three boxes of you
Dyspepsia Tablets and they cured he
entirely. I can recommend them t
anyone with pleasure. Yourt truly,
Jennings, S. C. J. D. Leitner.
word against the sol jers of the Con
. deracy, and he would cheerfully vote
for the appropriation If it would not
increase the levy.
Mr. Wilson said that he had intended
to sneak at length upon the bill, but as
the young men of the house are-going
to favor the bill he would stand on the
at-r ant RAP ths and old train
go by. And why sbould not the voung
en of the house pass the bill? Nearly
every one of them represents a noble
father, dead or living, who followed
the destiny of the Southern Conteder
scy. This is a tribute to the needy
though not all the deserving Centeder
ate-for all were deservmng.
Mr. Galluchat of Clarendon was glad
that Mr. Efi'd bad called attention to
hbe figures. for ic had brought nut the
fire iin the old Confederate (Mr. Detan).
He spoke of the need of cont ederate
urvivors as a more pressing dematnd
than to keep the tax levy within its
recent n-cepe
Mr. S rom said he would be nn
northn, of a Confederate sire if be did
to favor t13 bill. He would favor the
jicrease tax levy for any .one of three
purposes-public schools, good roads
or pensions.
Mr. Nicholas wanted the house to
give the appropriation with one voice
rn order the~t the outaide world might
see what the sons of veterans think of
the cause of their gallant sires.
Mr. Beawgaard as a son of a Con
federt'r solaier wanted to see the old
..diers eased down to their graves.
e tavored the bill.
Mr. R. B A. Robinson said that
durir~g the past year six of his old
compaav had died. The time will
o .n 1)e'here when we can do nothing
for the Confederate soldier. as they
will all be gone.
Capt. Brooks, author of thbe bill, de
lined to make a speech, but he thanked
the members of the house. especially
he young men wno had r-llied to the
upport of the bill, lHe thanked God
for the young manhood of the Stat".
Capt. Bank., a Confederate soldier
who had shed blood hitmself and had
oar a brother in the wair, favored the
200.000 appropriation indJividually
nu' feared that it was not acceptable
o the serrate and would jeopard ze the
.r Henry B Richardson gave a
eau~iui tribute to the Confederate
Mr. Crun, a veteran, hoped that the
,ona of veterans would always frely
Vote a bill appropriation to the needy
Mr. Prince, the son of a priva'e,
tard the Sate owts a debt of grati
ude to the Contfederare soldier. We
hould take off our hats to them. But
the qnestion is shall the appropriatton
e $150,000 or $200 000 ? The ap pro
priarton had first beetn $50,000 thent
100,000 The question is shall we
rake two steps~ or one s:ep, make iU
20.00or 50.000. lie faivorel he
,at ter. Try it fbr a year, and if it is
vct (!nongh incr. ase it next session.
Mr Hil of Colleton made a strong~
appeaI f ir the b;11. He had beent a p
proacticd by a Confederate sold er in
'iZ c uty and apt'ealed to for t'tem.
M r. Riebard< of Kershraw bt -ted thu
ad a lw.. .vomen on the aide oil
Two Letters of Interesi
Mr. j. 3. Obear, Winnsboro, s. C.
1 Dear Sir:-- have used your tabi
r and found that they greatly benefi
I me. Yours truly,
( White Oak, S. C. R. A. Patrick
r Mr. J. J. Obear, Winnsboro, 5. C.
r Dear Sir.--I have used your dysp
D sla tablets for dyspepsia a-nd t
pleasure in recommending them. V
truly yours,
Rabb, S. C. J. R. Iarve)
strictest economy, but be would vot
i this mat ter to give the Confederat
soldier what he nedds.
Mr. Cooper in reply to Mr. Princ
stated that if South Carolias had bee
tardy in taking proper steps to tak
care of tbe Confederate veterans, I
time to take two steps. There
beomre- n~ Co V
never be mor neAy_
iers than there are, ow, an
wait another year to make the ap
propriation $200,000.
Mr. Bacot warmly supported th
By a vote of 91 to 24 the hoom
ad -pied Mr. Rucker's amendment 'si
the bill as ameid d then passed teconm
reading.-Tbe State, Feb. 6th.
Mr. John B. Cleveland of Spartan
burg is about to present to the State
of Sonuh Carolina a tablet of bias
marble witb a copper plate centel
whIch will be one of Ihe most aalna.
ble and interesting ones in the walls
of the capitol. It is in honor of James
len, who was former governor ol
his State over 150 years ago. The
andsome tablet arrived bere vester
day and is now in the office of the sec.
retary of State. It is about three by
ive feet in size.
Cut in the marble is the following
abave the copper centerpieca:
"James Glen. E-q., Governor oi
Snth Carolina, 1738 1755
'He found them in shes and let
hem fair, fortified and frurbbing.'
Below the plate are the words: "The
opper plate was found several years
ago in the grave of Governor Glen at
Linlithgow, Scotland. .4 plate with
he3 same inscription is upon the inne'
laden casket containing his remains
resented to the State of South Caro
ia by John B. Gleveland, 1901."
The inscription on the copper plate
eads thus:
James Glen Esqr.
"of Longcroft.
"Late Governor of South Caro
"Obiit 18th July, 1777.
Aetat 7g."
Mr. Cleveland has consulted with
sov. McS weeney and Prof. R. Means
Davis, and arrangements are beiny
er fected fer t be presentation exercie
o be held in thbe ball of the house of
eprerentatives on. Monday eveninya
nxt. Gov. M4cSweeney will preside
n this occasion and Prof. Davis wil
ieliver the presetntation addresq on be
af of Mr. Cleveland.-The~ S-ate.
For Over Fifty Years.
a been used tor over fifty years b.,
niilius 'of mothers for their childre'
while tei-bing, with perfect succesh.
Is .'ohes t b.- child, sottens the Lutos
llava all pain, cares wind c..lic, an"
s the be't remedy for diarrhoea 11
will relheve the poer little suffers
mmdt.-h. SoiJ by druggists in
ver' part of the world. Twe'tv-fiv
ent- a bottle. B- sure and ask for
'Mrs. Wins'low'e Soothing Syrup,"
ma take ns ather kind. 1-1-17
'r, J. J. Obtr, WIashoes, S. C.
ets Dear S ir laW been sAnerl
ted yeisrs with IysiL and have ti
every kPown *dine for it,
.without ayJ$st. I tried year
pepsiatabieta iad three bones4-ti
ep- entfrely turs _ne, -and I cheerI
ke reconimed them to all suffer
Dry Yours truly,
A. Lasge
3 oW th'the ll! othe i
Queen are ppisroceMssof settlemuns t
B at ner tbedlife of King, Edsai
~ tin
B .Jmgr'*t
same. aearing
- .his 60th year, the propoiton is unlik
ordinary applieions, being governe
D by iltogether-diferent rules, A phj
sical examination being out of tb
aestion, the copnpanies must rely o
such statements concerning the King
health as the Court pbysielanh are will
fng to make, sad bass their ealdal
tions accordingly. While It Is certal
the King will take the beet poesibi
eas of himself, l'ying, pertaps, fo
many years beyomi the ordinary ll
expectancy, tu risk will bring "hand
some rates" bceu.. uf die speculativ
features involved.
Insurance on the King will not b
-taken out, American fashion, for th
benefi of him relatives, but by personi
who would suffer pecuniary and bal
ness loam by reason of his death. Thea
frical manasgerd and others inlereste4
in ventur.,. wt~lch would be wreckes
-by another period ot mourning have .
legitimate insurable Interest whici
uill probably be protected by the
companies at a cost of something lik
5 per cent of the assount insared
Toat would yield eonsiderable revenue
and since much policieles run scircely
more than a year, the Immediate rilt
would not be great. With merchants
he situation is much the same, the
possibility of commercisl disaster offer
nog the incentive in most instances.
Then, tea, the stock market demand
represents every variety of risk, muc
as insurance~ against lossafrom collaps.
of some important deal which -could
never be put through durisg the period
'f uncertainty foUa Wing a king's death
Besides taese are the purely specula
ive, risks covered by insurance at
Lloyds, London, where underwritere
are found willing to take almost any
.ort of chance If the premium offered is
sunficiently large Thsn the questio.
becomes little less than gambling, witi
hM tiability not always clearly de
Whbile the companies have been
sometimes governed by motives of pa
tritism' in.writing this class of insur
race, the heavy loss entailed by the
Qceen's death may forca strict ad
herence to accepted standards as the
only safe basis for continuing much
ouiness. Rates are pretty sure to bi
savanced as a result of the Queen's
eath, although the companies have
probably cleared a handsome profil
considering the aggregate of premiuml
'.nid during all the years her lifo has
been insured
This may operate to modify hasty
acion' in the matter, although witi
5,000.000 or so to pay out on a single
oss, inture applications for '..ourt
paronsge insurance" will probably be
rtinized with unusual care. The
uin s has never appealed to Amieri
an companies, who still adhere to the
-hvaical examtination as the real tesa
or accepting life risks, and in in
tances where such protection has bett
A-Mag istte's Test hnc
r. J,J. Obsar, 0*nboroS.
r a Wted yow 4ySPdPSA to
id ad they grsatly benefited me.
but Yours trulyl
Vs. C. A. Robinso
m BMagistrate at Hor
turned dewa et prohibitive ra
. aa
piandug at tbearilest poi
plowed ready, sothat the only thi
needed to prepara the soll would b
harrow, that ,all land upon whi
there is no winter crop growing.
The reason for this early piantini
that the roots of the oungplantsw
ga deeper hold and inpartshadl
Asoil beore the winter moisture is go
rTo this end the ground should ha
been very deeplr plowed, very th<
oughiy pulverised; that the youi
roots may easily penetrate. The
mark may seemn strange, but 1 thiu
Sthe roots of plana imbibe the air in t
*soil, and wit It as much sustenance
least as nah fiad in the air in the wai
they live in, and that this loose soil
the means of carrying immien
amseounts of plant food from the atmc
Sphero to the plant. Often it is fou'
Sby chemical analysis that 85 to 90 p
nt. of a plant is water, and that
r. but three per cent. of a plant Is mas
r. up of Ingredients of carba)n, oxyge
and nitrogen furnished hr the atm
phers to the plant. The best rened
for spring drouths Is deep- filling a'
abundance of minaro and early plar
iog.-S. S. B. in Southerni Planter.
Toe most soothing, healing and a
tiseptic application ever devised
D4Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It :
-lieves at once and cures piles, sorn
eczema andaskin diseases. Beware
imitatIons. Mcliaster Co.
The Greenville Mountaineer giv
this warning: "The lightning r<
swindlers are abroad la the land.
reputable farmer in this canaty h
been Imposed. upon by the agent of
lightping red company, who propose
to give him 155feet of rod it he wono
pay for a few feet more, and'iines
,him to sign a paper upon which otb4
men have since demanded full pa:
ment for 145 feet. It Is the old gant
of securlug a signature to a documer
which contains a clause undereath i
fine type that repudiates any oral coi
tract which the agent may make. It
a barefaced s windle, and farmers ougi
to be on the look' n -f.>r the swindler
who are takingr dl .tage of them t
proposing to civ. diem a lightning rt
at a verv small coat in order to g
their influence in the neighborhood."
Pep~ain preparatiosns often fail to r,
lieve Indigestion because they can d
gest only albuminous foods. Therd
one preparation that digests all classi
of food, and that is Kodol Dyspepa
Care. It cures tbp worst cases of I:
digestion and gives inst ant relief, Lu
it digests what you eat. Mc~sti
ly[ A Mill Letter.
. Mr. J. J.0Oboar, WIesbiiLC.
blets, Dear Slr:*I have bow ainrte fer
several years from dyspgsaasihave
tried mzany different thng,Si he
, nothing to do mhe an'y oei mtried
eb. a box of your tablets whiclh clrgiA me.
* Fairfield Gotes Mils.
n the RGE of &- 4A
.sea a r
sn asimedho reidp~tTD
Stertainf meahactaMast
auecu asidflede..m?e
il spk asnd said rtadely ja~v~
hecre so .oi h ti
at sprhe vidence Wa eo
is efgatin iexresin
se apparen cfor, mneds oi
a s-poae hand sid ot weel oWesa'n
bd o the stam an bnmoefrskp:oo
aet i speeches .ofe as hfkea or
le psla s te wered aou . av
is foelegn to eprsiner. #fJ
50 apprenot Imanwas aout stt
hadbeard himge oHe wsvea obroteo
ofathe ofn ain. Gonernor fJameso.
Tilcasn. He spento.:nfny years of
n.miorie in nth sehic f th Stat
isgon pthroelngh teivl wor hav -r
efoiegongto beeede holdngtoter-po
iia in fhn asd abut.rH nat
appyearfane. inpbicl was ase or
femer of Lete constttornaesntH.
TiA. greaet many mCaolifn
ehs wi hea tbhepoon reegrc of tte
ideanthoghwo they a has bee pr
e cuatoed olde adeig seeraiontems
f stinl ofhoore" rut Tilllan.
aPearace hin palis lfews.a
debo sthry con siutal e
A geath chan Sou esthaoriast
for ofl heary. eourget o theims
aof nheseMch., thell howbeesuc
saUe Gaeree. THeiays:
isfee hs ansohees o v er
a tht h col not turn ovr- e
*dloe Aft sin o botlesof .
d proe boand adoown woer.
b he chainsme dese for feme dirst
leos anes, mchl, telho* sch
mrlae wsi maedicin. e saysend
to weasbeesicklrsndownveea
hi sen old not turnaver no.,
is gatn. Atruigtobtlso lo
la Titers, ea rsa wndstrullthat
it prved n andaetion.o But own osk.
r comess melbuildln, hueadcs, emor
to w-reak sicly betrefundton peole
Q.Evrybtlgarned Oly0

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