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Columbia, Feb. 6.-Special: State
ments calculated to injure Speaker
Etevenson have been circulated. In
quitry has been made abont these statc
ments. Mr. Stevenson personaliy did
not care to notice the- charges, but the
ways and means c. mmittee of ite own
*6lion unanimously signed and gave
out the sollowing explielt and conviDc
Iug statement regarding the matter.
The committee says:
Whereas, the statement has been
publicly made that W. F. Stevenson,
the Speaker of the House, has come
betere the committee on ways and
mean and made an argoment as attor
ney for the 6eaboard Air Line, and it
Is charged that he appointed this com
mittee for the purpose of influencing
It to such action as be desired, and
abused bis privilege by making an
argument before it for the Seaboard
Air Line:
Now, therefore, it behooves said
committee to set forth to the public all
that has ever occurred between jhe
said Speaker and this oommittee:
The.said Speaker has been in said
commnittee room to see the committee
only twice during the session. Once
be came to file the claim of J. Belton
*Watun for per diem and mileage as a
witm.S in the Penitentiary iuvestiga
tion order that the committee might
pro for its payment in the appro
pria o. bill. The other time was
Ale bill "To provide for collec
ti 6fidertain fees by the Secretary of
Sta.," introdened by the chairman of
,this iftmee, was under considera
* gS! ~esIn wras-ent for and ap
peared all tate the dates of the char
ters of the Pilmetto Railroad Com
pany, the Obesterfield'and Kershaw
Bllroad Company and the South
Bound Railroad, and that they had
complied with all laws up to the pres
est regulating domestic corporations,
and it was probable that they might
:o ooidat~ioon into one ecirporation,
i~p'askdd was to be accorded
the*24 #etment as other corpora
t'190board Air Line was only
mentioned- once, when he expressly
stated that, if the "Seaboard Air
Line" came here from without the
tt ttwlssolidate it should pay the
, -alt6er foreign corporatious, so
be was concerned.
- gt:ralr" 2om
He simply made a
ets for the information
coMM . ,Vbch were pecul
Therefore be it Resolved, That such
charges of ab~of pjrlvIilsge and at
tcapt to Control the action f this coM
-gttee are ut*XiEalvd and njust, both
-t6 this commntiuid the Speaker ot
tMl-lU*0 Iand must bave been made
= =-_~soQus information as to the
t 1 - ilson, Chairman;
p-. -BA. Cooper,
nry J.Ki ad ]V- C. Weste
T. Logan, W. 0. Tatum,
D. FEftrd,
r. Redfarn,
George L Prince,
E umgaard,
A. K.
Jip atR AnboUnment made by Comn
n.Uer Hunt
Ol.WI i . Hunt, commander of
the -South Carolina division, U- S- C.
-V., delfstvery camip to have full
represeuttionl at the State reunion,
U YV, tobe held at Colombia on
y 8.:The constitution of the sons
of veterans provides for this, andCo!.
* Hunt is very anxious for full de.e
gaion from every eamp in South
Carolina to attend the reunion in thiu
year. Coltanbia is a dielightlul place
for such agathering, itS central loca
tion is convenient for. all and in addi
tion to thiee consideratious, Comn
mander Hunter begs the sons o
veterans not to forget the grea
responsibilities that devolve upon then
In this matter.
The South Carolina monument o
the. Chick5aaga battlefie~d willb
linveiled on May 27 and the gtrand re
union of the U. C. V. of the entire ol
southland begins the inext day at Meri
phi'. Get'. C. I. Walktr, commtanc
ing the Sooth Carolina divisiou, U3. (
V., extends a cordial invitation) to t t
sons of veterals for this great anud 1~
teresting occasion. Get'. Walker esp
cially desires the sons of veterans~
accompany their honored and hero
fathers on this journey sudl to tal
part in the exercises and ceremonies
te day.
* Commander Hunt is' glad to extet
tbi. inivitatioin to-every member of I
division and to urge as maany as pos'
*bie to be with him and his staff
Colnombia, Ghickadianga ar d MemphJ
Col. Hunt will much appitciate su
publicity as the State prets cant
ventietntly give this matter.
He urges tbe eammanders of evt
cam pin the State to begin worn noc
on tbese several matters. Any cc
munication addressed to Commait
Walter F). Hunt, Spartat.burg, S
or to hia adjaitant andl chiet of st
-will receive immediate at tentior..
The merited reputation for cens
-ilessoes afld min diseas-e' acqm
bMids' Witch .Hk zel Sa've,
le to the thaking of-wortbleSs coun
fetg .siireto -get. 6:lyDi
,4 p. 8al 'c~ aster Uo.
The State Contains the Following Account
of Senator Ragsdale's Speech on those
Lost Bonds
Senator Ragsdale spoke on the same
line, and wanted to know wh-n the
last of this matter would be heard.
He hoped some means cru!d be di
vised by which the legislature could
be prevented from wasting its time
over it. He thought the governor had
wone cut of his way in bringing this
matter up in his message, after it bad
been twice srjudicated and refused on
its me .t. .lie thought this was a
scheme for some lawyers to get fees,
and that the real crtditord. if there are
any such, wMi not get more than $2.30
out of it. He thought the language of
the governor as to "repudiation" was
totally uncalled f.r, and denounced
the bills as an attempt at a raid (in the
treasury. He thought tne senate
should pass a-i act of some kir.d to
prevent this matter from being brought
up again. He thought it the debt were
a valid one, and satisfactory evidence
of that fact could be shown, the pro
moters of this scheme would simply
ask the passage of a bill authorizing
the payment of the debt. The legis
lature will not repudiate the debts of
the S:ate, and if ey.dence is show" of
the validity of the debt both houses
wil' pass an act authorizing the pay
ment of the debt.
He spoke of the reference to the
matter in the - governor's message,
wherein. it was stated that the refusal
to pay these bonds wou'd amount to
little less than repudiation, and said
that if it was necessary to meet strong
language with strong language, he
would brand this bill as little less than
an attempt to steal. Me believed the
pLrase "repudiation" originated in the
minds of greedy lawyers who were
powerful enough- to move even the
governor's office. He hoped that when
the matter was disposed of this time
it would never be heard of again.
He did not regard the claim an honest
one and did not think it should be
paid, and hoped the bill would be
In discuasing the child labor bill,
which is the amendment excluding all
children under the age of ten from
working in the mills, Senator Ragsdale
had the following to say:
Mr. Ragsdale said the question had
been fully dictseradtA
what is goddrv The
guetion that'confronts us is the pto
reetion of childhood in its very help
lestness. Is this not a proper matter
upon which to exercise the police
power of the State? It must be a'i
mitted thst it is not right to chain
these children to ponderous machinery,
and when we once admit it is wrong
we need not consider it further. He
did not see how any one who looked
at this matter honestly and fairly could
oppose this bill. Of course the parents
who wish to retire from work and
live on the earnings of their children,
and the mill owners who wish to con
tinue to omplov cheap labor, will op
pose the bill, bat the children have
not been heard from.
It is argued by some that if we pro.
hibit chi:d labor in the mills we should
also prohibit it on the farms. But
there is a vast difference between farm
life and mill life, and the two are no
to be compared. No child on a farti
has been hurt by labor, becauae he
does not werk all the time and hba
plenty of time for rest and recreation
and has pure air and sunshine.
If the law may interfere to prevet
cruelty to animals, In God's nam
haven't we the right and ought w
no to interfere to prevent ornielty t'
ebi:dren? Of course it may be profit
able to work these children in th
mill, but we sh-iuld not place cow
mercialism above ,humanity. Let th
senate pass the bill and send it to t
house. The house uday leave it on t
calendar, until next session, but
thought it best for the seate to pat
it now and it may pass the house ne>
year. He was not wedded to ar
-particular plan, but legislation on tb
iline is needed.
Saranh. Ga., Feb. ti.-Last tig
Stl:e Confederate Veterans' Associatit
f Savannah, passed resolut iOn'saggir
the invitation 'to President McKinl
to attend the reunion of Courederm
V. eterans in Memphis. Tfhe resojlutF-3
recite that the associationl entertai
p rofound respet~t for Prepident h
K in'er and his exalted station, b
believig his prescutce o.' this occ;
oi.n as the gust of the city ot Mempi
i s sought by a few of the e'tizensa
c Mempits to further their polit:
f spratins, and is, therefore, dero,
tory to our idea of the proper tesp
ddue to the~ President of this g:
- n ation atnd contrary tot he spilit ol
.*Un~ed Confederate Veterans, parti
~ olitics and all that jends to it be
iatstr~ctly forbidden In all meetings
hretnions of the United Confedel
c Veterans' or ganization,' the asso
tion call- upon Gent. *ordont, ci
my anderi-chief, to name some iu1
ry city thati Memphis as the placo for
mreutLn, at d says it wiil not setnd d
Irgates 1o Memphis if the invitatiot
Cthe Pr eident is adbered to.
sfPepsin preparati,2ns often fail t<
C' lieve indigeetion because they cat
gest only al'tnminous foods. The
-ri one prep:.ration that digests all clh
rred offod, and that is Kodol Dyspt
hs Curr. It cures the worst cases o
har digs.ou and gives instant reliet
E. ., adicests what you ea'. McM
Capt. S K. McDinal of the ens
grossing department was probably tbi
first commission( d. officer wounded in
tne Confederate service. At the out
break of the war Capt. McDonald was
a smtdent in the old Charleston Mill
tary Academy. 7 He enlisted inS thW
Palmetto Guards Artillery when that'
command was -firs organized, when
he was little over 14 years of ag.'
He was elected captain of his cold
pany, but declined the position :on'
account of his youth and Capt. L.,
Charbonniere, who now lives in Au
gus:a, Ga., was elected to the-poitiOP
Capt McDonald was made a lieutenont
in the ccmpany.
While tl.o command was stationte
near Chat I ston, Capt. CharbonnieJ
and i apt. VeD 'nald were seated in,
their t. t o!i. &by and Capt Charbon-,
niere w;e. Or.iiing his pistol. Ho did'
not knons it was -osded, of course, and
the weapon - as dikcharged. the bal
striking Capt. McDona'd in the thigky
It is there yet, though the wearer Wf
it says he feels a lump under the akin
and bilieves it is working itt way outi.
Capt. Mclonald has In his possessiotl
a relic which he prizes very highly. T
is the original copy of what was one of
the last, if not the rery lkst, telegram
ever sent by Gen. R. E. Lee. in Marc*r
1870 Gen. Lee made a trip to Flerida
for the benefit of his health and passed2
through Columbia._ Mayor. McKenzie
knew of his coming and telegrapbed
him, tendering him the hospitality
of the city. Gen. Lee received the t1
gram on t be train and sent an aswer
from Winnsboro. Capt. Mc nald,
who is a veteran 'telegraph operator,
was at that time in charge of the tele
graph office at Winnsboro, and to him
Gen. Lee handed the message to be.
forwarded. it is as fellows:
Winnsboro, March 30, 1870;
To Mayor Mo~enzie, Columbia, &. .:
I shall be very happy to see the cii-,
zens of Columbia and take each one by
the hand if they will pass through the
car, but it must be in a very quiet way,
as I am indisposed and must pass ob.
B. E Lse..
Capt. McDonald kept, the origins
and baa had It neatly framed and, of
papor, Aid is still clearly legiblL.I
Capt. McDonald's desire thailt shall91
be turned over to the Dangters of the
ConfederAcy of Columbia for s
keeping 'and this will doubtless bo
done. -The State.
The most so-thing, healing and ast
tiseptic application ever devised to
DAWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It re
ieves at once and cures piles, sores,
czema and skin diseases. Beware of
imitations. McMaster Co.
He Shows that It is o0V Another btOP, the
Last Step, In the Scheme to Ewiinate
Siver from Legal Tender MoneY
Washington, February 7.-Chairman
Southard, ef the House. coumittee en
oinage, has received from William J.
Bryan the latter's view of the pending
bill before the House making th stand
ard silver dollar redeemable in gold.
Mr. Bri an says in part:
"The bill has a double purpose-tO
cenvert standard silver dollars io
sbsidiary coin and to make silver dol
lars redeemable in gold on demand.
SThere is no necessity for redemption.i
)The lsgal tender law will maintain the
- arity between gold and silver dollar'
B o long as both can be used to an un
limited extent in the pay ment of pu~
Clic revenues and private debts..
eAs soon as the silver dollar is made
eredeemable in gold another endls
chain will be created anid the argu:
5mentN used against tbe grwenbacks an<
~ttreasury notes will then be turnet
!ainst silver.
isThe measure gives to the financier
absoute control over the nationa
deThe conversion of standard silve
dollars into snbsidiary coin is equivi
tt lent to the retirement of silver a
instandard money and this is the last at
'in the programmhie instituted som
twenty-seven years ago and persis
te tntly pursued ever since. If tis i
e completed go'd will be the only leg'
rotender mney and bank paper tti
a only credit money.
The proposed measure by decrea
-ing the money of ultimate jedempti
and increasing the volume of protmis'
to pay money still further enlarge. ti
5jdisproportion between money and
substittes; this necessarily adds toitl
etrisk of the business man and leesel
etthe security of thbe general public.
t Ifat as tie freign complicatio
a or panics~ compel a considerable e
n"portaton of gold, the disproporti
tbetweenl money and its substitutes w
dae il finrth r increaednor an 1
~*t e volume -of business."
he or Over Fifty Years.
to) has been used for over fifty years
millios5 of mothers for their child:
wile tee-thing, with perfect succi
re- It soothes the child, softens the gut
di- shay a 1 pain, cures wind caic,
is iis the behst remedy for diarrhoea
seseAwill relieve the poor little suffe
psaimiediateh. Sold by druggists
in- every part of the world. Twenty
for cents a bottlef. Be sure and ask
tsr"Mrs Winslow', soot'ming Syrti
ard take ueAther knd. --
WVbiugton, Fabitary .-Itb the
:Igsp~giOnl in [email protected]
te- -A ~efican-shipping' -uialmbUedy
passed by the-Soutbei cdton lwna
bi ;a.tsItif, a, big *~t Sdfatbi -Ne
%gurizi, of oulb Caftlnn, te I I
a of tbe mostbiliant spischei .
Ihe Seate tiga alo"eeslo' utor
icLaurin vtiewed .the- wgibr 1
atsce inrcotton hanufatated ah&~
thieruprjde im)race t6 the'84tfth
ef tis indnstry; The Sonif,1i raide
A, do tL world'% fonobelT-bi o
ios eiotQWt res& ,the
tinued dovelo~puent 6f cotton aratbW
facture is essential .0 the prosperity of
7f04armets rwiell m to the genml
,uufac steanme a
76'o mAt . ton:3biob Mb
ptu1njT wit foKgn buyers' baa
tieesttwa-yeare [email protected]
I that*3tgUpinbes
synd, thy ade the
1 a h the atferUerg3 d .u tEM
,And 100604e i
mainsewe~rIhU-South 40b t
a latteist- 47 i'ai e100faI
where 1o'tt*befor.
It - flw-ba l-$40
er~.m ~O bales and witbia'
a or two Southern consup
9il -AO ~lkY
iwuai is only i Its 0
tof oVt- pr Olr'in th me d
ares esaiqwa *w*r
s.lrm .. ~ hat mej
t -that d t
a ndor f0hi sipp - -
=803d 4, ili.lmhlpja ~ i we
to ato Wilak i 6
wbe o hih. i t si, t , t b
trad0. -erk not agd
uoe b1i
befo-hr cstwith on -e ar .
ma wo reltt 44V dty c ll~me tY(M P i
Statel ndelo peni I 4e
nists s oPfSlg a48
ti aeIU fpreca's ohe tse pa
T eor e n th- our ta .e~rad- ora
dbie r foregntrdeL-T4
90 Erpe estlbO . -~ tb our o utw
8popemee ty1 rbtr e
fGoelrtfnet to dtirec ta ab
-*mii ofeiagan daaana ,~h 1tu~
ote .nry--u estaan adt7*1 - l h
e .ae we ,are- - m
abpof e counrOfo thnloth
of 90 ter andto orfotheignouth. Al
e --~a dagrit fulO~ Bouneryw
sshol oftrenmcaise an horribl a
Scald: Cu rBre Buckenf 1
lanc Salvehe~ a sd thewe
ie he pnandebl'11 ~' promptly i
n Uret aOfl ores uero Sof
ve oilsCU 10ns dirctsalh Sin
fo iion Bes Fle 1crur.e eath.,
"25 te'ats an man. Ce uarateed. 8i~
' hu,.Mter Co. drgi th
1. IN
Y~lcoukdn't make
a bfter one.
. ieswiu it ebodesa
Odmfert, SatisactlpP .-- ~
asnd succes. -
CorMT.-Becaus .:
"We wenaSeLZ SNOBS ts ye.ar
SATOFAGT10N. - Because S!f Selz, e
Succzss.-Because SAl ShopYe
your healJth, save you money and
pumue your daily duties with ease and freedo.
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an for ngand get
Valetires .
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p th bedTAIfl
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I?fSThere.4no dsubt
bo at i. It. nouris e,
e..EsaIa ATRAL Wo0D oIn
- rundown or waiated y~ O AE*
sh4uitake Aas-XEr~a0b.--.
- nedicine ' bear Dru~g C Co
~~ Administrator's Noticce.
W. B ck fl OTICE IS a!BB sI aV'
Contractor and Builder. ,aJe e wiman agaome
________deceased, are requliredtOp ttI.
r r duly attested; and all persohn ~
il ilgive prmtatninto all to said estate will make payment
wor - ** it b to the undersignbd.
- - . wrk. - -J. E. McDONALD, . *
pAdmuiistrator Estate WIiamD K. BW.
od s ATI FATION GUARANTEED. orouh .ecg.d

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