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C., EEMAs MACH s (A\
Thefollowing:letter was received by
Mrs. G. H. McMaster in Rictimond,
Va., from .Miss Margaret McMaster,
after Sherman had passed through
-- - innsboro:
Dear Sister:-I suppose you have
heard that we have had a visit from
the Yankees at this place, which we
thought the meit secure in the Confed
eracy. I never thought ther would
ever come here, but if they did, we
might as well give up. I would siy
new it were worse thin death if we
- are conquered. I know what the
Yankees are now, ard I hope I may
never live to know them' beter. I
anticipated some plessure in seeing
our army pais- through, but we were
so ercited and so busy having cooking
done for them, and at the same time
biding our v.aluables from Ibe Yankee.',
that It all seems like a confust. d dream.
We feared Wheelers' cavalry to
They did not do much stealing though.
We all lament now that we did not
divide our flour and other provisions
with our Own men rather than let the
Yankees have it all. The Cnnday be
fore the enemy crne Dr. Palmer
brought his family to stay with us,
Harriet and the- children. Monday
Hattie McMastex.and the cbildren came
In also and'Brotber Riley. 'On Sunday
night Gen. Hamplon and his staff
with us They left Monday
Our army though did not all leave
till the evenig. Some of Wbeeler's
cavalry then set Are to the lower depot
where there was government corn and
then left ni all alone. I never felt as
;iate in my life. There were not
i tan a dozen of onr men, who
SrMidu bre in town, and only women,
ubjdret and negroes, and these every
'lownor an enemy and
ae rom them. I hope
.the same again.
* jmtnight before
ib7hat'18 or
:12ey spbke as af believed
thought this strangeand though.
aga trick of thoYankee
veu'a and find ont.all
NWe ctually went to bed
ly~andressed and slept in
-. my oomwith Harriet Palmer. Hattie
,tayd with ma, also the children. I
went down stairs pretty early nex
orning, and rai-ing the curtain, saw
two moo on horse back dashing alon
and stopping.justin frontof the house.
They stopped a negro man on a bor'e
with a small white boy in trout of him.
Jew g.egro whirl from the borite
~d ~ le a~ oth l tte b ov fore ab o r w
wtjpI4 ml _ After the men passe
tba ftd e little gate and asked
the negro man who they were. H
said they were -Iankees wh- .aid tI
him that if he did not tell them wherf
there watSsoome liquor they would blo ~
out his brains. I wondered at tbi
little boy sitting so composed. Hie wa
little Walter Thompson. I got in I
house in a hurry. Brother Riley ha'
come down to get h-ome breakfast.
said to hig-- *"Those are Yankee
dme tblgh might be car t-couts.
g ijsc himtowrd te ollege.
and Hattie went with him /I wet
up stairs to beg Hasrriet Palmer
hurry and dress the chtldreni anid he
self, for the Yatnkees had come. I hb
-ust started down ,stairs when Nanc
came to me, "Oh Mi's Ma a e, t
Yankeets have Marse Rile) -"If
overcome. I cried and ran dow
Soon after Hattie and viasame in ay
said e .had ref eaaed-l'e~~
.A Yattk'e Ii
theni' breaking . . inaec
cart's, Mr Elder's, stores11 :at3~
kRlet's old doctor ifi!p, ai rh~o.h
office sand Cato's shop A f'lcn
in and athed for tom. fib:e So avic
I gave him a small big li em
satisfied and thalked me. -ese
We,bad.a-il our flour in the itt
storeroM at the head ef the eta -
except two bags, one of wh'en~ we e
-to the conot'ry and one to ti,. garret 'i
those little dark closets. I fo ared h
hide-much there as-I felt cervaint Iha
te would search there also.-.
that we did not put moro our fiur
thiere. We also had cor >uIbr
* and a box with bomesonn krae idr
-somes cofi'ee, which wvere saved. a
that room there was Onlyondoro
on side and we put the bed belorer toe
Sferent things which hdte oes an-f
~~petey. n the other roem were to
well and did not pm anyt hi ina i be
Wecourd see them vakizo
'~ or after breakfast a crowd cai and
oabied bam of arie Pamer' I
eaus soeflour and ad wetih
sylvania. It is not our lookout
whether you starve or not." I kept in
Ma's room and did not let them see me
and tried to keep Ma away from them.
for I teared they would hurt her.
They were a wretched looking set.
One came to Ma for soda. I was tbe
only one who knew where to get it.
He was very impatient and halloed to
Ma, "Are you not going to get the
soda for me?" I ran in a hurry up
stairs and got it and brought it to him.
I said, ' It is all we have." He took it
and said very roughlv, "Are vcon sure
it is not pouisuned?" I Si4 I was not
so w'cked as that. He licked btj io'ngne
on it, made art awful face, wrap .,d it
up and took all of it. He frrigAtwed
us dreadfully. A fiend of/'Sta'an
could not have looked more, revenge.
ful and wicked. We felt relieved
when h .got out of the house A guard
was tben put at every hou-e; but they
had a:ready been to every house in
town nearly and acted in the same
manner. The guards said if they
conid have come sarlier they would
t-ave prevented the taking of all the
But von could not believe anything
tbey said, for the guards are no better
than the rest. Our negroes Were work
ing for them all the time. Wh."t the
foragers were taking the flour Nancy
was enraged. - She stdd, "Don't let
them takv all if our 1..ur." I said,
'-Nancy please don't talk, let thtm
take ad, for we can't prevent it." - I
feared they might burn the house
once when they were- taking the
pounliry. Nancy came in our room,
(be guard was standing not far off)
and said, ''I wonder what can be the
matter with our dogs, they let these
Yankees steal everything so?" He
langhed, but I was badly scared as
Bel'a said Ma bad a chicken piekea
ready for our dinner and one of the
guards asked her for -it. Of course
shi gave it.
She saved some of the poultry by
kiling them and Manmer put them in
the loft over her room, atsa a little
dark fibur or middling. The- left ns
a bag of middiings, but we moved out
on account ot fire, and some of them
took it We saved though a, beg of
rice which was in that same storeroom
which we had .concealed afterward.
We gave upaour house twice and we
were in c->ntinual tear, as we heard
several times that they were deter
deine4 to bai-n the town. Mrs. John
$Nr 0 bouses LajfrgDt of as
iler od shop and it spread rapidly
so there was cotn store. all around
SThe old shop nez. tDr. Boyleston's
wa- filled with ctton also; our house
waq i-o hot you could -not stand in the
fr.nt piyozZ I said to a Yankee who
passed by. "Do fou think ,w house
willpbur ? "If it don't, it ought to.'
After a while 1 went out again and
asked another one his opinion. H
said, "Some one oaght to be pouring
water over the front and top of it. t
crowd of them were already in thi
Nard helping us to move the furniture
They go, a ladder and went up ant
poured water over the top and I thin
saved the bouse for us. At the sam
time parties were goirg. through seat
tering thingsin every airection out a
c osets,_bheves and drawers, and tal
ing whatever they wished. They eve
took the curtains out of my room an
a prett, salmon colored merino sack
mine, with many other things. You
bnreaul drawers with such things I
were left in them were a sight.
[ la have distressed you to ha~
~ e the honee afierwards. The cott
in Charles Cathcart's lot was burne'
The tences were all knocked dov
anrd we were i-ave-d again. They ct
t red fire intO the closet, but it was di
o ctovered in time to save the house.
- athcart's store, which .had be
d Brother Hnseh's, had cot ton in it al
v aned we thought we were doome
P tint atter setting fire to some, of
I bales which were rolled out into I
i street, their office's made them stC
d It is a great wonder they did niot bn
d it. (t is a miracle almost thatt
iter for they stole the bagu4 '
I-(Iis which they had left u*. TI
amso to- k two bushels of dried frr
e10 lounds butter antd about 20 pont
ofdsrgar. Our bacon We has: secur
unerth loor in th wood clos
d ato had made a nice trap door bec
et which we had put a great mar
8ings, a carpet also. He then shb
I he door and put in the wowod as
every day tiunice, who sleips in ii
bonse, put her clothes in there on iI
wood. No one would have Rttspeeur.
an door being there- Also in ti
taken 'f ad we hi thee a platsa
glass, also leather and a little w-n
Cato theun nailed the plank o gi
Ini the o d lumber room next toaga
smoke-bon~e we bad some sugar b iriec
and some disbes. I wore my jewelr
around my wai-t, and Brother Henzr
iried cur silver which was all saved.
We put some things under the hearth
alo e have now a good deal ot
corn (as they did not take much,)
~e p as, our mnesl anid ore bag of
-i ur ome persons have no fnr at
al, no meat and very little corn. .,
toks very much like statyvarion some
tm-., but if -the Yankees will letme
aone we may get on- All the mules
ahorses were taken. Or thre
mles were nicely hid, but t goee
Oem-also our hogs and our buheyo
d harness. We peteihrbuggy
o Mrs. Nelson's irn thecntrht eryn
,ut.or e .a plctte countryvr
is the last plsca to hg to.
M rs. Clarke- (E izbe, se
twn barrels of sug ar t been
which is all gut b
able to hear much rough
Billy. He said B s
broadcloth coat and ,,
one si-k dress of min iest
gone. I can't tell what ther
things were there,
D ckey's white shirt
thing nice of his
carpet bag fall of clothe
got treem Sam at ther p1
,hick boots aloo. My ic
th-re. alo. Th.-y brike a
for I forgot to serd he k
sosy', therefore, 3rd are
pared to many others. I
qpt-to Mrs. Nelsou's as eoo
'l. She lives about six
I will tell vou of the first
occured on Taesday. About
are concerned. The cotton in
ley's store nt xt to Dr. Robei
first fI ed. 'i hat side of the
Leventre's Y.as burned and
other side th Odd Fellows .
sorry to say. and down to Mr
Aikens, the building next to the
honae. I did nsot even know t
Fellows hall 'was burned until a
or two a terwards. I could not
saved your chairs and what other
tare was there anyhow, if I had 1
it Tnere was no one to Een
there was so much trouble.
they led as to believe they wer
-to brn the whole town. I .
your mother twice to come
get- your things and to bri
wagon. At that time horses
were being impressed and
too your mother was busy aid
think the yankees would be."
soon. Would you believe it:
mother actually came down kg
tuggy the day our army left heit
some of your thihga. I was sli
at d stid, "Mrs. Fienniken
have to stay till after the yan
and toen lose your h orge an
"Snereplied, "Weil, I '
but felt like it must come."
-her off ill about an hour
here. She had expected to'
next morning. Had she n
there is no telling when sha
got back. She took yo0
lets, and a few more of yo
ber. I f,-ared for her
she might get among
cavairy, but D
cer and I
1 tiop6 'ack safel V Bro)
was served badly. HiSdWO b
kitchen, two negro, bou4eS sd
hon-s were all bured, ea& on
fire at different times. Also his I
bouse a.d another gin h.'us.
meat was all found, his edour and
also and a great deal of his corn
little of his silver. Four of their
bays also went off- Lark, Adam
and another. Bro. Riley and E
sent their clothes, a few maIh
chairs and valuables to tneir Joh
place. Hattie heard that bet
i quilts, a great m-ny coantea ane
tive si k dre'5ses were all t en.
has tnow about six counterpanes
- twenty and four or five old cot
f quilts which were sent in to
. Denows around the piano an
a covered two atik dresses frot
d negroes. She thinks she ma' gei
it more from the negroes around
rhad miany beaititui quilts, I ho
a may recovers. me They stayse
t ns until yesterday. They are in
e present at the Johnston place
n five mi le from Winnsboro. Iki
1 iBro. Riley's riding ware for hti
n has oans mule which the Yankes
r la the naect, but which is abli
. some work. A great many old
have been picked up by differei
Spie We have sent Billy up
river to look for some one to
.hu, some. Hundreds of mules,
hand cow- are 1, iog dead all at
e roads. Houses are burnt all
,the coun try Among them Mr.
p' rin, Squire Brise, who with his
-are livinig in a carriage house
rfire in front. BothofEP
rehouses as well a' the one on ti
tI place. The other Ed. Meble:
to .Ellison house, and I cs
I.- "".gan I r. on tos m0
y t.ll where their siiver was anc
r, lieve got their silver.
daIn towvn Mrs. Wolfe and Mr
d der'laie, who both hid the
. abundandance and scarcely I
w w~r, are, you may say, redu
v Iloverty. Mrs. Lidd, Mrs.
it E:..er, and many others, are also
d less. John Adge ''s house is also
es Th'y smashed dishes and cut up
'are there. Wnat the negroes
rto save was thrown into the fire.
edthe samne at Bro. Rudey,~
a'hoaght his house Would be bu
Ibut still left a quantity of thinga
besides his farnirare. Tneyw
crowded with soldiers for ment
fore, just as we were, that Very
could be done. Living on the
road as they did, aeidiers stopped
a great deal. Everybody took
. The roads being oyeriei
te bridges washed away, nj
Ievery one passed through Wins
on their way to Als'on That is
with. now thougb. Besides the
necrhing here to leed ihe pel
'I he oldi B .ulware house is bur
M useo Boulware who has not bee
er v'ice owing to hie -hea th, they
prisoner. I have just heared that eve
bi, g -was taken at Mrs. .Bel's-.ad1
proisions, silver and silk dres
One presented a pistol at Miss M
Makezzie and made her gie'
atch which she prized hiby
41yerbeiet two of her fris=U
thf~jjW ankme ot. v Cousi
*wuglass seat a quanty Qf pro-"
as $801o her..ew at Rok-mqut
tm'ke#. for her and lost It AL The
0id ot ito bar-boone stV
terards killed this gang of ma
Ar!nd recovered the Jewelry taken
kom those ladles.
rer Oer Itk TOM!'
thes. WINrLOW's nooot a suRt
been used for over a
oth mte thildren
all-ialtures rh(d eclse
best remedy for diruros.
relieve the p iftg orer
paOf tbeeworl. TW 411
abottle. Be sure W'd
Winslow's sootmag Syru;"
tke ether kid.
- Nade Inth War venue Aes
sngton, Feb. 28. --The conueree
senate and the house upon the
=senue reduction bill today w
the result of their delibers,
upon that mesatm It shows
hee all along the lines of the
the 'obanges in the present law
as follows:
Twenty per cent. diseduit
oas nst. ta of 1cel t
he j* t'd AndL
Rp the' bbuse, The T
wo mD =As fth tax 6
f p da s stted In thes dib
,et-. terday.
pounds per .00 0
.4 Ie 1,000 was .
is as fed ba the -
glaw ,
thr ith
His Orgestes of Stock Teowaiv -
Wad- -m -c ents for ntSIM .0is reta
md a soU anuto unndumnt'Me
egro nde the ",d-m fti s
[aettlee a
any of Products at
naton "ee:mis
se n i ~ a
B and d6ti
he b of cent for eh ,
His Of rptil aw waoc Tr**ls
dhe--ed In am
a the with the ho a 0 em
p [ate o10rer p r notes I
-hleg sen1 adts :dnuti
She e of ceta e
abts of Edi~seu a, wFs ea
tde d t k eenossfor ieac 10
males a with .the s cl.a mi
to the od, p inl. r nd
horses i, his of dnd for,
m~g t PM~ltrf.u
aouth y, ' Ofi5
He c a ranc e Tar-Beted.
ot s of ~sibFen-.scrse
uesJ an' wif the hose, thesam
o, the ses recdd 1aiinate1n
tr tol -
hn I be- that driceg aover.
~n te he Msedieda repe
ami Irace with senate action
beaes of endme bing disagrreed
teue te los- La modhed ose, ahset
Frank tha gious,~ lttereuatit
hd 00. hip sages $ T0,c0.000
. H ae o i $he sen al
rn ed, Ta r icand ofer.la g
there upnID trae wit hose atn
read so etjaedmu biylsa
is tbe- hoing Lare mdetified e s t
it lofro xtionad bylecesenftc
burlic Poay edftions of erees.
'jhere 001rial brgkis, $40,00,000:5
The Ptcae heots.n $00,000pro(
medr Tbsory nsi of 500000 bills o adi
tbrry forl ak e100,00o; ters
sboro parcheow800,00e taledn mesim
ohere C6.004eoonds oter" $138,000:
hem ls25.00 epsiates $20o00 or
or *precid$50000; chartls ofpa
laed. for0 ey,- 10$170,000;rp
br arace 00000; tleashon$200s(
ookr rnortgges con00,0ot0; tan-ae ink
her protests, ,000; arter seee
les. $250 000 express receipts, $800,(
try prpri medicines, COSImatic
er chewingg $3,950.000; legac
t$50, cgr.. p,00 00 ; tob
Al iFeadg for Yo
D. V. Wall
.WO~tgo egbla o
Guuflbr c~
..o.]Ie. p...
Bable and children need
bu pperfood rarely ever med
e cn if they do not thrive
on *Tr fomd something is
- wrong. They need a little
ge help &1o igt lh1r dietlve
*. machiey working properly
re y~'5WIUf~SA
. wilt generally correct this
- difficulty.
co'. If you will put from one
al fourth to half a teaspoonful
it inlbaby's bottle threeor four
d- timesa day ou wll $on lsee
. a-mwaImrovemient. For
abe larger children, from hlalf to
ed dissolved in their milk,
Lto. Iyou so desirewili very
asoon soit reat nourish
es milk does not nourish the
it buby, she needs the emul
"~ sion. It will show an effect
ted at on~ce both upon mother
of andcl.
se 5r~ & 3WE, Ches New York.
t, with a full stock of Caskets, BurifI
n- Cases and Coffis, constantly on hand,
0; and USE' of hearse when requested.
44 Thankful for past patronage and solici
0; tatlon for a share in the future, in tbe
pta, elA stand
I alls attended to at all hours.
ec, J. M, ULLIOT' 3 003
ee. 4-17-1y
up Inspeetior
yto5se ourbe
de about i gooe
teed first-clss in -very
stands the test of time and-.
To Paint
with sheap paint is fals s,
wbich none can azrd. GoCda -
is an investment that pays ~a
dividend, and we want
The Town
and country to call and eanIaubar
stock of Paints, Oils, Brusesi
Painters' Supplies. If . to
paint anmthn from a aa
yourbhouse It wil pay you to csll
see us.
Yours respectfully,
Furnishes Lumber, BuiligMaterlats
ot all kinds, and aU contrictors
for brick or wood houses.
Their representative,
MR. J. M. McROY,
ls now in Winnsboro doinIg work for
the cotton mills and erecting usfial
dwellings In town.
Information will be given by &
MeSoy at #A innsboro.' 111l-38
50 4EAMS'.
pgmo a es rodcoutr
pr pota pr

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