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Nr. Editor: I will make an efrart to
comply with your rE quest to write a
communication for your psper.
I have been quite busy rece;tly,
hence the Inability to fulfill my prom
Ie sooner.
Farm woik is being ru4ed rapidl',
preparatory for planditg Must of our
famers are done hauwang their fei
tilirs. There wil'be a quantity 0
guano used; in fict it serniw lake s
are guano burgry. I have notictd that
it seams like the people tat tar jer
and dive faster wben th. are goi:.g
after guano than they do lur anyaihbog
A number of eur.-people have been
111 with the grip. .. Tgiy areji>w dnu
yalesclng. -..... -
Mr. Mary Faucette, widow of the
late Maj V. W. Faucette, wo o was re
ported serioesly ill, is in.provo.g.
Mr. Richard T. Crosby, wto ba.
been serioudly ill for the last two
months with lor g trouble, diec Thars
day, the 28th of Frbruary. Mr. urost:y
was an enterprising and per-everig
young farmer, with progiesivegdel
le was a bright young'ipr; tte wr.:er
was associatea with haii at school. and
his qaick perception and retewive
mind ampresstd me with the .d- tao
be was above the aveaage in poit uf
intelt '. ;
Our oemeteries and graveyards are
1ling up at a remakably last rate.
toloug-*ince Mr. Mattew Wtir of'
Cheiter, but formerly of thist comi
munity, died of lung trouble. -Mr
Weir and maself were asseicated tq
ether for severai %ears Cua g child
ood. Our associa ions, tike that of
Mr. Crosby's and myself, were always
cordial and pleasant, enaendefing as it
did on botb occasiot.- feeling of mistual
good will for each other. Bth of the
dhceased h d a plain matter ot fact
way of exprebaing themselves thdt
k always impressed me with their sin
:erity of. purpose We tender our
sampathies to the bereaved famiies.
Sna.4e ago while at Mr. M. 1).
. olvins I saw a very c .nenient
and neatly made waiing deAk or q tar
teed oak which was irate b% }1r:
Coleman Cov. b who 1i takiig a couree
1i the tehnological school ii Atlanta,
e.. The skill and taste do-played in
' rkmantsbip and finish of the
bate the most Ai
tsee that thee 4r
A to hree different telelma. in t
South Carolina legislature. Some a]
..OPPOs to the course I ursued b Se
Stor McLaurin, some op osed to Se
opposed to endorsing .-itb
senators McLaurin's or T liau
course In the United States senate.
I zegret to see such a diversity
ofiplou. existing am lng oar repr
sentttises In - the Lgi-lature. Nev
Is Okhistory of our canntry since tI
davs bf reconstrction have our repr
seitative4 in the Congress <f ti
J~ate Sa - ben sosrote e
ei-ed and avarice on the onte hat
and democracv wi h its princples <
eqaltv and ja3mica nth t3r a
never been suore &harply de lined th'
they wore, in both the ihicago er
Kzisas City p-stformas, and I batta
the remoteit idea that r-uch a lat~
per-cent, of the lower t. ine oif '1
South Carolina legislature would ti
to avail themseives ..f an opp'a tat
to vo:e their disapproval ol Sezna:
MJcLaurini's . cenrs - in ie Se-nat
Yo.ur readera are aware of t he fa
that there was a resouition a fle-ct
he legislature for the meri- ber.- to vo
peraytio gn. trM
et-tr-Is enale the VcK n
miniuitationl t carry, tbtir p>.i.
Perhap'i those wiho voed to tab
the resoun ion did not ent eat tn ti
idea or the fact for on.- mlomlea th
they were to some. extent r. Pu joni
the principles o1 dem. cra,. -If bh
fully understood 'be real aiaaig
the re.o1ution anid then voted tao iab
It thsey were, practically i~paak'.
t~eeing with McLaurir, whose viai
"reriniilltct' co~flier n:it h ti. pran
ptes advocated by W. J. Ben.i
would rather take my etanad alot'si
of Bryan in de:t-at and prove true
the .prind.ples ot my party, thin
vote the aoproval of~ the cotur e
Senator McLaurin, w t.o.e e ver - off'
.has been made to inga- a e ba tm
with those aha are tryingr to loot ?
fibasuty of the- Uneited S ates unl
the guise of Itgivlation Our tea"
sentatives who faiied to .avail 'tea
selves of thit oppurnu'ity to3 atan
theair seal of* conademtaation uo 0 Ib
ipolite, n:ast and uiodndmcai
course ot S taator MtcL mv in, we
elected by democrats in a democeral
-ptimary. Can tLey retrn to th.'
people and assure them thit they ba
done all In thear power to uph'ldt
banner of demo'cracy ? It interroga'
itn regard to theIr course in hlbia par'
ular case, they wrond be taeces'ari
compelled to acknowledgz' t' e fI
thalt they 'e lullowian in ate fi
step4 of Hlanna and McKin er, or II
they .re with the Ieadera of dem crat
Mr. Elitor, if they are wah the tr
and tried leadefrs of -bmocracy, thi
- . y.Jr.uld not bea-ltare to cast ~h
votes agsainst McLaurin who is sitti
in the sh~d- of the Whie lioni
..anoning Mowslf to catch the fi
1ani ' il Is, M 'he bra-chesot
htit mj.-aLtic tree of publtc patrotnasge.
His persiii;ent . frorts to serve 'he ma -
ets and his vigj:ant watchfulness to
btain -he- covere d jr-zI woud make a
,ce,.e fit for the most talented comic
srtisc. I am your, for demoeracy.
R >bt. R Jt ffarts.
Math 2 1901.
From Ederngton's History.
On Mondi, 'h.- Ian bie-fore Snerman
wais expected in Winl sboro, the citi
zens m"t and appointed a committee
to meet the-arny beyond 'he I'mita o'
the town w ith a white flaw in oroer to
surre-tider i e t wn. O' thi- commnit.
tee wtre Rev Pr L,),, R v. J. Oneatr.
James Mcrreight, and Dr. H..rlheck
The enemv camo inl early Tne-day
niorning and Dr. Madden says he was
n- ar the town I all ond the Ynkee
soldiera seemited to ruth in aid sud
Iainly fi I the town. Their hanDs a- d
fac-a were in many ca-ex smeared vit h
.nasr vud syrup. 0- e man stared in
I is face and said, "W, at do % on I hi- k
ot our preaident n'.w?" On the fa, m
itf J'bn McMater, one ni e below
Wi""sb' ro the tiegroes were on the
w'teh ini the dirpction ct Columbia t..r
the Ya'k, eA ittending to bide iu', bw
,st'e' said the whole face of the
earth was buddenly filled as it wrre
-b% piS-ant's as 'h-y said so as to Cut (f
any chatce of escape. Whii stanotinig
i.e-r tl-e town ball Dr. M. saw a.
offic-r mountrd on a small gray stal
lo .' ide a y anad inat the" ,.owr solalier
nrt-nght np to litr old Dr. Horibeck
Who explrined to the :ffier that he
had fought the soldiers and re.-i-ted
an attempt to burn his bon-e. The
ofl er only said, "Sneak quicklv
t-lk fa.t," and ride off it-d replied to
a qnesti)n asked him, "Ye', I ti ik
al' 4he cotton will be burntud but if
will be rolled ont." Soon alter that,
fire was set to McCnilev' cotton ware
house whic'i swept L-iderdate's house
and everything down to Ltventrett'A
brick huilditig a-.d crossed to West
side of street aid burnt from 0 Id Fel
lows Hall to the bricl- battk bni ding
A" . fficer sa d to Dr. M., "Why conm t
iou as.i.t in .avivg the tncvable pr.ap
ett, ?" He replied he tbought the
soldiers would not peru.it h m to d
ao. All th- hous9a in the track of the
flmes wwre t mptied of their contents
which were moved to the lo s i the
rear. Three soldiers wer standing
ear the cot-t house yard talkini.
One said to Dr. M, "Da yon ktow
the lady who get fire I this town?
Dr. M. replied that ;Aid not know
that a lady nad done so. The soldisi
biAheat limb othfat free. A
two 6f ted off .-the ono
two 6f the men nhdolteo,
e who remained said
-e believe a word those men sa
body set fire to this town but onf'W
soldiers il tell yon there ar
-- iud.men in this
S1. o WOE
r ;-4p4-i e.sure in burning cverv ba
's in it." Ain officer on a hrge bla
- horse rods np and said to Dr. M.
) m uterly opposed to this burni
from begiinning t - end. It mast stop
r saying, "I am Gen. Wihins?
that ti ne fire %as beginning to anpe
e on the rooT of the lhw offi'-ee in re
1o cot t - bonse. It was immenivte
h ektinguished Ab tat noon on W(
n~ resdav, the 17'h, corps under J
eDavis enitereg..town and the Petnns
van'ans lined the street of the tnor'
en' end of tha tow". S me of the
.pr zed '.the- planks. from the shu
of nm eun, b- nlu next to Dr. Boy lestoi
er-idence where a few b<t e - of comr
were st'i'-d anmd sootn tmme fih- un
fr- b arn'd hur c'1 D . B.'. hon'-. M1
er'- anid John N I a hear t'-. An
fi -er ord. red soa.iers to save th- ne
no"'se ( he Ale'ck Ch-'mb r'- huon.
aid tie. a cended h- roof arnd 8-V
hibt :he . 3 a tn ur'edIu ime Cati
upon th. m cr i g ont *-Rem' ad
i th'br bni g " 'lTne cot totn in r'
'it Cl' -e- at hcart's houwe was inE
G o d and b)' greia: e xertions~ his het
-ad that ot \trs. \Mc itor r were .ave
Dr. Ma I'len saa the soldie's expres'
-urrse at thee er.' t gn ottiriv o)f fo
s -pp ies they fantnd in, Fair fild, si
ie it wve t 'e mto-t b''nnutin Cant
e thev la i r-vr see. Thes de-trov
'or eatir ed . ff ncearh evet ytningi. Ma
s mke h. u-e4 were some incrhe- dhe
i * m *'nS-" where th~ex had destroy
ie bat-,ese and olker vessels that c4
r aied it.
Editor a Awful Plight.
SF. \t. Higin-. uhtor Seneca (II
' News w-t affieted for seara w
I Pile-, I hl:t nto do'ctorr or remedy hlelp
Ir until he trie~d Bucklern's Arniica S-il
10 II. wrrtea two noxes wholly cut
t him. It's the sure-t Pile eure oni eai
nit at:d the tLest salve in the world. (:t
rt L'tranateed. Only 25 cents. Sold
n ashiungton, March 4.-O 'e of t
I most tnotanle occirrences in the b
atory of congressional legislation ma
e the c esing hours ot the last sessi
e of the senate of the 5Gtb congre
r 'Seator Carter of Montana signtli2
re ,is retirement from the senate, af
sxyears ot brilliantseicbtak
e- the river and har-bor bill to desi
l lie occufed the floor cons ruc'iv,
.et Ior nearly- tbir-t~eu cotnsern ive hou
At 11:40 last night, aft' r the sen
., conhc rees- on the liver and hat bon I
ue ned rep .rted a di-agrumnt, Sena
' nCr tioi~e began his speech. He
rtncdit as vicious and peri ici<
..s...ntl b..rea 5, 'clok Mr. Allil
rubmit td a fur'h-r dIsAgreemeDt 0
thei sundry , i-il bill, the item in con
tenion beinig the aporopriatiou for the
tbree (Xpoitton.. From ttise the sen
ate recedt-d, and then paased the St. tt
Louii expo.'itin bill. Mr. Tillman,
who ha- championed the appropria.wion
for Csriestou ttroughout the sesationso
inde a final appeal to the benate to C
save the t harleston item, bu' he real- tI
ized that the Missonri senators were
mere pow*.ful than he. By a vote of
38 to 10 he senste recAded from the
i, arie'ton approepriat ion and the bill 0
was papsed. 11
mr. Catter re-utned hi% speech, a
finali, aw-onneing at 6:35 that it was
hia !in 11n ii o1.0 to peruit th iiver
aid harbor bi I to become a law. He
s i.-ei the floar only afier the vice o
presiden:'s c remotny had began.
From 10:30 last night the senate re- V
utinet in co.tiun as session. The
nst interesting ltesture of the session
was i a recedinig from its amendment
to the oetidry civil bill provding ter c
tbree exp'sir on4. giviteg $5 000,000 to e
S L. new, $500 000 to Buff lo and $250,-t
000 it; ( hrsestm., S. C. Without dt
vistin :he motibon oi 6enator Allt.on to
receos was astr-ed to. Then tne s -nste
receded Ir.m the Charleston amend. t
men to tree Si L -nis expo-ition bill I
whic" had passed the house as a sep- 1
arate mensele Ti acion n ssd the
it, appropritting $5 000,000 to.- St.
Louis. Th. ugh muff--rnix from i.,
heaith, Senator Ve-t of Missonr: had
i-towint-d in the a a e all vight to bat
,le tor this expositi in apprtoprtation
He said it was not fair to make St. I
Loni- suft-r because the house would I
not make an appropriation for the ex
position in Son h I arolina.
Senator Tillman showed deep feel
inig lie said the legi-lation which had
paved the way for the St. Louis ap
pr priation was placed in a bill last
year, as were the amendments from
which the senate had receded in the
sundry c.vil bit). The watcn-dogs of
the house of representa'ives had not
pouiced upon this proposition then
and dettated it Congres'. Le said,
had appropiiated eleven millions of
dollars for exposition-, and now it
was proposed to give $5 000,000 laore.
Hi S ate, S.uth Carolina, was rer
garde 1 as an outcast, a diinherited
dog. He woule leave it to the senate
whether it was jat. fair and right to
give to St. Lou"' $5,000,t00 and refasm
Cbarles-on a i-ma, $250 000. -
Mr. Depe* and Mr. Lodge thou
that Charleston opght to be
e qually witb t L'.o,
The State 24
The ctv of W'
passed ith' igton' today- sii
in the quantity and qua
Id y of is street dee rations in honor 0
-e the o-econd inauguration ot Pre*sidenj
k McKinley. Tne whole route of parad
"I was a gorgeouly patriotic sight Bal
", it was at the court of 'honor con
t structed on Pe -sue. Ivania avenue, be
ar tween Fifteenth and Seventeentl
a streeta-from the treasury, past the
executive mansion, to the state, wai
and navy bi di g, a magnificent
.I stretch of 150 'o .t roadway--that th4
h- scene fairly rivalled an It alian carniva:
n display in the era of ttie Medici.
, Alguiside, from end to end, were
in erected a conti-inous line of c -veret
t etanads with terraces of seats rizing
il trnirtv feet above the level of the road.
xway, and transformig th&e ourt int<
it grea amteh thsatre througoi whIct
te pr'ceasiei m1 -ved.
ed The riea twa' wi- flunked on eact
fl* red- with a r'w of c -sautens, betweer
-r wlie t 'he troo1 we're 0 meive. Eight
ar mas ive pi tars, four on either sile,
e' mok-ti off .he con' t in equal length.'
b- These we-te copies eof th- decora ioni
El of .he A exan4i ian' bridge at the Pari
ed- t,(oi.'tion It coneiaed of a jiedeeta
Seneeonthe baae and beari.g
q' sga re pillar, the whuole 40 fert high
Sthee t'*p of each surtnonted by I
ia b doze urn. At each angule of the
"squate piar was iposeul a sm'rl
"P I .n c conmn or th.' same heijght, the
e'whoc topped by a capt'at th er c arridr
" to'e ornamental tnn. Between the
polaer, on' the not th aide were inter
spersedl 14 smaller c >lnm's of I misti
deign, wun Tu-c.-e capitals. A smnaI
e)o oir columis fiked the whole o.
Lh the unen-te in trint of the White
edl li use. Frosted electric livhts aidec
in the iltnmninvione at night. Aftsi
dta'k the brn.ze urns were fiiled wil
Greek fi e, whos- h-avy columns o
ire whir e -m eke we re illuminated by num.
bierons .-archl ght.'
Ttee adj.,cent governmnent buildingi
I, were ab aze wien the national colors
excep the execntive maensioni, ovel
e whose white erpan-e fI ,atedi only the
is- n-n flatg, at full mast. sidW
I'he pre-.ident's reviewing sa a
-on the sonth side of the court of honor
on It was a fig draped, eqnare enc:osure
v. The parade onriite through ibi-e cour
d practicalzr was threngh a solid line o:
red, white and b n'. F;ags waved el
te bunting cng from every bui dtng
g n'd house on the avenue from thie
!h. cpitol to the treastury department.
r -This sea-on there is a large deall
'rte~ amioneg childrenl from croup anc
'teing trout,1es. Pro)mpt action wil
l-ave he ittleIt onesa from these terribe
orei de a-es WVe know of nothing se
e- etin to give instant relief as On
\inute CEotgh Cure. It can also t.
>us reed upon ine gr'inpe aned all throa
ad lncog t:oubcs of adults. Pleaua
T#& following parographs are taken
-oua letter written by Sam Jones to
SAelanta Joarnal:
"*Exas' surplus this year In the
diests of the farmers is just wtat
vowia farmers would have but for
e dormons outlay for gano. Georgia
net have commercial fertilisen.
exis don't seed them. The tenants
n these rich tar lan",s In Texas pay
ies ladiords $3 money rent per &are,
md tiat's whai it costs for guano per
r:n Georgia. It I were a farmer I
rnuli rather rout laud In Texas than
wit it in Georgia.
The black cotton lands of Texas are
sI'g ffrom $W0 to, S" per sere; 960
evo will buy the best lands ten
isaifrmDIL .
The qasS is not how much Cotton
O.Texas'make, but how much couton
an they pick out I bve traveled
brough Texas from Texarkan te El
as., from Tezliue to Galveston, an'd
stay witt.in the fe when I say that
n-tenath of Texas cottn lands never
ada plow on them. i you will for
I's Texas with half a million more
lop mules and negro plowmen, they
ifad can make in Texas this year
igat mildion ales of cottoo, weighing
40 pounds each. The delta of the Mis
p- i is aIpusiana aid the good cot
on lands of Texas can make ifeen
=n bales and not use a pound of
,and with the arerage season
a bale to the acre one year with
Alabama, South
annolina and North Carolina must look
o'4eir manufacturing Interests and
hr farmers to diverbifled erops and
ioess-ade lertisersbr go broke in a
'an p ce her own wheat,
i ats andship millions of dollars'
of caftle, hogs, sheep, mules,
1etc., anually. Georgia is no
the Empire State of the South.
has the blue ribbon tied on her
N. (wa oWritty reen5.
- 5. Wu:sLow'svSooMr SYRUP
need for over. fit Yoar by
of mothers for the chdren
teething, with perct succes.
bes the chld, softens the coes,
Ipain,. sse' wind collc, and
best remedy for diarrhoea it
the poer little sunbrer
Sold -by drg- st 4In
of th's wsrId. Twenty lve
--1 T~~d ask. fey
__ T
of Wat Utisis AdjesMaUM
ashington, March 4.-The honi
Its session at 1145 to-day ami
a C4monet-Stive scene from its men
, following the delivery of an in
p ive valeditory by Speaker Hoi
4. n. For an boar the body he
been In the throes of disolution wit
little business to perform. The ga
leries were almost empty.
The house had beenlin session a
ig a Ith fre"quent recessee.
bte postuodice appropriation bill wt
finally passed shortly after midnig'
and soon afterward the sundry cav
ill was passed. This left lhat .ened
the big supply measures, the .harbe
bill, still unactad upon.
The resolution autholising a sot
committee of he committee on insuls
af'airs, a committee of the house
visit Paerto Rico, Cuba and the Phi
ippines to make -a report on the coi
ditions exis'ing In those islands wi
defeated, 159 to 84.
Hope bhat an agreement on the rive
and harbor bill m~gbt be reached kes
many members present until 7 a. m
whben a recess was taken until 8 3C
A fter half an hour another recess wa
taken till 10, whoa some rontine hi!l
were pissed andi another recess take
nntil 11a in.. Payne, Grosvenor an
Richardsoo were appointed to wai
pen the presdent and the senate an
avise them 'the house was ready I
aj lurn.
Meatimne th a house clock had bee
"trned hack" to permit signing<
bilia. Soon the committee reports
the pred~deunt had no further messag
te convey.
Shortly before the closing bout Mi
Richardson of Tenneasee, the minorit
leader, presented resolutions testifyin
the high regard ot tbe house for Ut
ble, impartial and dignified manne
in which Speaker Henderson had at
minitered the duties af presiding o
f (c oming from tbe minorit
thre was added significance to t1i
tribute. 'The resolutions were unan
iouly adopted by a rising vote. The
the sp-aker, in slow and impressii
tone., delivered his closing worda I
the house, thanking the members fc
their c>operation through a busy an,
evntful congres'. lie concluded
11 45 and annonneed the session' <
thei boube fir the fifty-sixth congrei
That Throbbing Headahe
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i sands of snu'erers have proved thei
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uered. Sold by McMaster Co., drud
A 45WtLL LiNt UC
All I~ead-q for your Inspeetion
...Popular Prices.
SD. V. Walker & (90.
Members of the faculty of the W e
S. C. College will give a series of
illustrated lectures. Dr. Green jii tithe market to ell Von yew
will deliver the first, his subject Paint and Pantuers' Supplies, and
being the ige of Troy. f.
Davis will follow next with a
lecture on ,'The Crescent and the
Cross." The third will be by
Dr. Moore; his
last - stanue th tstof t
..1. ith To Paint
ESmt with cheap paint ile false ecoom,
efwhich none can aff rd. Goodusn
Capt. Mortimer Glover a teacher avidendandwe want
of large experience has opened a
private school in Orangeburg. h e T on
___ ___ ___ __ The Town*
and country to call and examine our
stock of Paints, Oils, Brushes ad
Painters' Sopplies. If you want to
paint anthing from a rocking chair to
your house it will pay you to cali and
see as.
Y Nature respectfull
Babies and children need Druggists.
proper food, rarely ever medi
ine, If they do not thrive I nv%
on their food something is (Limitd
wrong. They need a little -OF
help to get their digestive GMLTLE OS -9,
machinery working properly.
M Furnishes Lumber, Building Materls
1 0 of all kinds, and are contractors
t for brick or wood bourns.
ISCO Their representative,
0V Off MR. IL I& McROY.
PW p/E FE4 a now In Wnsboro do work ter
d the cotton mills and erecting several
t dwollings In town.
will generally correct this Information will be given by Ur
di1.1 ly Meftoy at .'inusboro. 1111SSO
yZdifficulty. -I .
If you will put from one
r fourth to half a teaspoonful
r. in baby's bottle three or four
times a day you will soon see
- a marked improvement. For
larger children, from half to
0 a teaspoonful, according to
age, dissolved in their milk, ?nur" a rtin our
t*..Uonesirictly contfi=HD d1*nVtW
i if you so desire, will very Ptn t ro st Ct
soon show its great nourish- A M 'ct.wt"
ing power. If the mother's A h I -
milk does not nourish the c
baby, she needs the emul-"
sion. It will show an effect
Sat once both upon mother M N Y T ED
Sand child.AMtEAETO GTL Z
Pt ,or.aad~g~o~ all ,45REEloans LE ilpo l~ cuurE ladE t. W.
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