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One Year,.........................t.50
six Months....................... .. .73
Friday, March 15 - - . .!01
Be sure to vote at the primary
It is your duty to vote at the
coming primary.
You will not have to vote a
slated ticket at the primary Mon
Your name is on the clubol1,
so be sure to be at the polls
Monday to cast your vote.
Senator McLaurin after voting
with the Republicans and with
drawing from the Democratic cau
cus, says he will be in the pri.
mary next summer as a candidate
to succeed himself. He will find
his task to explain his actions in
congress a very difficult rne.
Ex-president Benjamin Harri
son died March the 13st. Since
his retirement from the presiden
tial office, he has been prominent
as a very high authority on mat
ters of international law. He has
also been out of sympathy with
the imperialistic policy of hi
Winthrop and Converse ar
making a lively race for securing
the State Summer School thi
summer. This school has me1
the past two years at Winthrop
which has proven a most satis
factory meeting place. But th<
meeting place is not a fixed one
and it is quite probable that i
may go either to Converse or t
Clemson, which is also said t<
want it. Either one of the thre<
places is fully able to accommo
date the school, which would fin
a most satisfactory meeting plac
For Intendant, Wardens and Schoc
Trustee of the Town of Wlnnsboro.
Hereafter nominations for In
tendent, Wardens, and Schoc
Trustee, of the town of Winns
boro, shall be made by Primar
Election under the auspicesc
the Municipal Democratic Clul
of said town, and under the supe:
vision of an Executive Committe
to be elected by said club, a
hereinafter provided, and unde
the following' rules.
Rule 1. The Winnsboro Mr
nicipal Democratic Club sha
elect an Executive Committe
consisting of five members, eac
of whom shall hold his office unt
his successor shall be elected b
said club prior to the next er
suing municipal election. Ti
said Executive Committee sha:
elect its own chairman at the firs
meeting after their election. Th
said Executive Committee sha:
have full supervision and contrc
of the Primary Election, to b
held for the nomination of an Ix
tendent, Wardens and Schoc
Trtustee, for said town, and the
shall have full power and au
thority, and it shall be their dut'
$o appoint managers to conduc
said election, and to hear and de
termine all contests and protest
arising therein, or relating theret<
andl the decision of the said con
mittee shall be final in all sue
Rule 2. The qualifications fc
yotng at any Municipal Primar
Election shall be as follows: Th
applicant, or v-oter, shall b
iwepty-one years of age, or b
come twenty-one before the Gei
eral Municipal Election, and shal
be a white Dcmocrat, who sha]
have resided within the State on
year and within the corporat
limits of said town for sixty day
prior to any Municipal Primar
Election. The managers at th~
said Primary Election shall re
quire every voter to pledge him
self to abide the result of th
said primary, ar.d to suppor
nominees thereof, by taking th]
following oath arnd pledge, vi2
"I do solemnly swear that I ai
duly qualified to vote at this elec
tion, according to the rules of th
Municipal Democratic Club, c
Winnsboro, and that I have no
voted before at this election, an<
pledge myself to support th
nominees of this primary.
Rule 3. The said Executiv,
managers inembers of the club
for each primary election to be
held hereunder, who shall, before
enterinig uP)Ol the discharge of
their duties, take an oath to fairly
and impartiAlly conduct the same.
Rule 4. The' managers of said
election shall open the polls at
nime o'clock, a. i., and close
them at four o'clock, p. Im. Im
meuiately after close of the polls,
they shall tabulate the result of
said election, and forward. the
ballot box, poll list, and all other
papers relating to such election,
to the chairman of the Executive
Committee, within twelve hours
after the close of the polls; and
the said Executive Committee
shall meet on the day following
the primary elec:on., and declare
the result therecf.
Rule 5. Each voter in said pri
marv election shall cast a ballot,
on which shall be written or
printed the name of a candidate
for Intendant, and the names of
four candidates for Wardens, and
the nam of ore candidate for
School Trustee. The tickets to
be used at said primai-y, if printed,
shall contain the names of all
candidates, who- shall have filed
their pledges, as hereinafter pro
vided, and the voter shall erase
the names of such persons, as lie
does not care to vote for. If the
ticket is written, it shall contain
only the names of the persons for
whom the voter shall vote, and
no ticket shall be counted by the
managers, unless it contains
thereon the name of one person
for Intendant, four persons fo]
Wardens, and one person foi
School Trustee; and no vote shall
be counted for any person, whc
shall not have filed his pledge, a
hereinafter provided.
The Executive Committee shal
furnish to the managers of thE
r primary election, before the open
gin of the polls, a certified list o:
b all candidates who have filed theii
, pledges as herein required.
Rule 6. The said manager.,
1 shall keep two poll lists on whici
shall be entered the name o.
t every voter, voting in said pri
) marv election. If the vote of an'
> voter shall be challenged, tb
a managers shall make a note o:
- the grounds of -such challenge i2
1 writing, or e the persoi
a challenging so, and the,
shall encl - of suel
- - chal
same, and deposi 1
box; and shall-call the atten
i the Executive Committee to al
such envelopes, and the Execu
-tive Committee shall count or re
1 ject said ballot, in accordanc,
-with their action in sustaining o
y overruling said challenge. ~
f Rule 7. Each and every candi
>, date, who shall run in said pri
--marv election shall file with th
e Executive Committee, three day
,s before the first primary electioi
r a written pledge, that he wi.
abide the result o'f said primar
t- election, and that he will sup
1 port the nominees thereof. Th
3, form of the pledge required sha]
h be~ as follows:
il "As a candidate for the offic
y of in the Mtunicipal Demc
- rtcPrimary Election to 1b
e held on the day of ,
[1 hereby pledge myseif to abid
t the result of such primary, an<
e to support the nominees tlhereo:
[ This day of , 1901.",
>1 Rule 8. In all primary election
e herein provided for, m' majority c
tthe votes cast shall be necessar
l to nominate candidates. A secon
y primaary, when necessary, shall b2
-held one week after tue first, an
, shall be subject to the rule
i governing the first primary. A
said second p)rima1ry, the tw
s highest candidates alone shal
,run for any one office, but if ther
- are two or more vacanies for an
h partia office, then double th
number of candidates shall ru
r for the vacancies to be filled. I
v the event of a tie between tw
e candlidates in the second p~rimary
e the Executive Committee shal
-decide the tie b)etween the sai
-two candidates.
ll Rule 9. The first primary elec
[1 tion, hereutnder, shall be held o
e the third Monday of March, 190]
e and tihe second p)rimary one wee
s thereafter, and all subjequent pri
y marv- elections shall be held a
e follosws: The first primary tw
- weeks before the municipal elec
tion and the second primary on
e week before tihe municipal ehee
t tion.
e Rule 10. These rules may b:
:amended at any municipal Demo
a cratic club.
eThis se'ion there is a large dead
frite amnong childrn from crouip ani
notg trou')es. PrComfpt actioni wi.
-are ih i htde Oin's from these terribli
I ase3. We kiosv of n<.thing
e csrtain to giv it s'ant relief as Oi
'iinn'e Cor-ghl ('tre. It can alsot
rehe.t nroni ii gippe aid alt ' hroa
ndi'~ lung.V 1:oi>;cs of adults. P ea'ant
e tto :nc M'.:n ter Co.
Tlerchants Must Make Returns on
That Day Each Year.
The State.
Assistant Attorney General
Gunter yeuerday furnished Comp
troller General Derham with the
following opiinion of interest to
the whole State:
Dear Sir: You request to be
advised upon the following ques
tions submitted by W. H. Dorrill,
county auditor of Georgetown
"Are merchants liable to a tax
on goods, commencing business
after the 1st of January, say on
the 1st of April? Is not the time
prorated from the 1st of April to
the 31st of December?"
By an act, approved the 29th
day of January, 1898, page 712,
acts of 1898, section 229 of Re
vised Statues of 1893, in reference
to merchants making returns, as
suggested by your correspondent,
was repealed and merchants re
quired to make returns of the
value of their goods, merchandise,
moneys and credits pertaining to
their business as merchants at
the same time and on the same
blank form as when listing other
personal property for taxation,
as required in section 228, Re
vised Statutes of 1893. This
section requires the return of all
property on hand on January 1st
and applies alike to merchants
and all others.
c:A. M W Co n I.A..
Bears tho The Kind You Have Ovays Bought
Pacfic Fire [nsurance Company of
New York.
Glen Fall Insurance Company o
New, York.
Rochester German Insurance Con
piny of Rochester, N. Y
Solicits share of publ' patronage.
Dyspepsia re
D igeSts Whi -
Itarttinciallydiget aids
- Ilature in
Flatulnc Sou Sto b,1aLeS
- Sick Hesache,Gastralgia, Ympsa~
e allotherresultsoflmperfe digestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWlTT a CO.. Chleego.
Wall Paper.
e A full set of sample books
e on hand. Call and see them
f or have them sent to your
I1 home.
o 'Phone No. 9.
SA pretty line of
SConsisting of
Etc., Etc., Etc.,
About twenty times an hour
all the blood in your body passes through and is filtered
by your kidneys. Think what this means. If the kid
neys are not strong and healthy they do not extract all the
poisonous matter from the blood and the result is sick
ness and misery that will rimain until these organs are
once more brought back to healthy activity.
These symptoms will tell you
when your kidneys need attention and assistance: If
you have Backache, Tired Feeling, Dizziness, Head
ache, Nervousness Pains across the Loins, or in the
Bladder, Sleeplessness, Chills, Urine of an unnatural
color or Scalding Urine. They mean Kidney Trouble,
and you can't get a better remedy than
This is a purely vegetable preparation and will effect
ually cure Dropsy and Gravel. It acts directly on the
Liver and Kidneys, restoring them to a normal healthy
condition and eradicating all disease.
Two Neighbors cured of DROPSY.
TYLERSVILLE, S. C., Oct 29, 1900.
Lyon Manufacturing Co. Brookly;n. N. Y.
Dear Sirs :-I am years old and for some time have been troubledwith a kid
ney complaint which resulted in Dropsy. I took two bottles of your Vaughn's Lithon
ontriptic and it did me a heap of good. I could not get any more of the Lithontriptic
and I went to my doctor but he did my case no good. Then he advised e to take your
Vaughn's Lithontriptic again. I have taken six bottles, and my legs, whic were badly
swollen, have ome down and I ami now well. Mr. T. J. Little, of this place (T710lcr~le)
had dropsy and ued auglis Lithontriptic and he is well now. Re tfully ou
Sold by all Druggists, or on receipt of $i It will be sent to any express office.
Send us your name an address and we will send you FREE a sample bottle of Vaughn's Lithontriptic.
Address LYON MFG. CO. 415 South Fifth St. Brooklyn, N.Y.
THE NEWS AND HERALD will be sen z ew subscribers for one yec
the payment of One Dollar and Twenfy-five Cen ,-2This offer expires the j
of March.
To subscribers who secure a new cash subscriber for one year, we will ge
Twenty-five Cents, in cash or in credit on subscription. This offer expires the
i5th of March.
are printed below to be used by new subscribers in accepting the terms of the
above SPECIAL OFFER. Cut them out, hand them to your neighbors, and 44
secure their subscriptions.
(For New Subscribers Only.)
Enclose or hand One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents with this coupon for one year's ubsripflou
to The News and Herald.
YOUR NAME .............................. YoUR POST OFFICE.... ................
This coupon was handed me by..........................................
(For New Subscribers Only.)
Enclose or hand One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents with this coupon for one year's sabscriptioa
to The News and Herald.
YOUR NAME .................................... Your 1OST OFFICE.............
This coupon was handed me by........ ............................
(For New Subscribers Only.)
Enclose or band One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents with this coupon for one year's subscriptionl
to The News and Herald.
YOUR NAME. ... .,.. .... .... . ... .... .... .... YoUR POST OFFICE.... .... .. .. ....,.........
This coupon was handed me by.......................................
REMEBERthis offer expires March the 15th. Act at onice
REEMERWin nsboro Printing Co.,
Wir~r-sbo, S. C

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