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On Year..................$t.50 the
Mx M oth.. ............... .. .7 eve
Tuesday, March 19. - - 1901 COI
The County Fair of Fairfield u
County should be a decided suC- fo
cess. 'To this end let all pull to
together. ta
The township committees ap
pointed by the Fairfield Agricul- th(
tural Society should make as CO
earnest canvass as possible be- an
fore the next meeting March 30th. M
The sooner all get to work, the to
greater will be the success of the fa
The meeting of the Fairfield th
Agricultural Society called for sa
the last Saturday in the month- in
the 30th-is a' most important ul
one, and should be largely at- fr
tended by farmers and others in- cl
terested in the industrial develop- o
ment of the county. The de- tl
termination of this society to have tl
a county fair is a most important til
step-one that should be fully t(
crowned with success. Several tl
other counties have decided to e
hold county fairs. Let Fairfield's
county fair be second to none.
Ten millions is a sum so far
above the conception of- those I
who count their wealth by the I
thousands, hundreds, and dollars. s
that it is almost impossible for
them to conceive of its magnitude 1
or possibilities. And yet this. is
the sum, stripped of a few sur
plus thousands, that Carnegie the
great steel nragnate and greater
philanthropist, gave last week for
the betteament of human society.
Five millions of it goes to the city
of Pittsburg, partly for a library
fund partly to a pension fund for
the old and worn-out miners.
The other five millions go to
New York for a public, library.
-Carnegie is disposing of hiswealth,
hbich-#is 'a
el Ina
git, he has
ginen thousan in the last
ewdays for the establishment of
public libraries.
Two great defects in our school
system are forcibly presented
whenever there is a general fund
to be divided among the counties
of the State. In the distribution
of money for school purposes
from the State treasury, it is
necessary for the .comptroller
eneral to have certain statistics.
Tese have to be furnished by
the county superintendents of
education. On account of either
their inability to give the required
figures or their inattention to the
matter, the comptroller general
usmallyfi nds it a most difficult
task to get the necessary data on
which to base the distribution of
the money. Some of the super
intendents usually attend to the
matter promptly, but others are
so slow in making their returns
that the payment of the money
is often delayed weeks and
months. This is only an illustra
tion of the inefficiency of the
school supervis'oa of the State.
These officers have not the time
between their various duties on
the farm or elsewhere, their du
ties as auditing officers and
their duties as book store clerks,
to attend to the most important
duties that belong to their office.
The other defect is in the mat
ter of enrollment. It is clearly
shown that the enrollment of the
.schools is wholly out of propor
tion with the population of the
counties. The school population
of the United States over aver
aes about 20 per cent of the pop
ulation. The general average for
South Carolina is approximately
the same thing. But in some
counties in which there are no
towns and in which the school
facilities are wholly inadequate,
the average is considerably larger,
while in other counties in which
school facilities are better and in
which the population is far more
compact, the enrollment falls far
below the general average. These
diffierences are so great as to
shaow a discrepancy that must be
in the count rather than in the
cousted. We are not surprised
at this showing. for we have
called attention to the matter re
peatedly before. The whole of
the present system of keeping
tsk ool- satistics in South
)lina has. been condeied by No
he States in th M e- peop1
five (this we eve i the pape
t number.) Accuracy can road:
r be had by the present .s is on
with districts overlapp: I wii
ricts and terms overlappi l
is. chap
Vhat is needed is the school- rm
sus method, which is simply r a
taking of a school census I
ry year for the purpose of se
i fairness in the distribu
of the school money.from the
te treasury. There- is of
Lrse an expense connected with 13
s method, but the increased soff
aber of poll taxes, which al- f
rs go to the schools, has been Wh
nd to be more than sufficient cer
defray the expense incurred in Pit
ing the census.
[he greatest irregularities in
)se counts as at present are in
mection with the negro-schools,
i this is due in- a very large
,asure to what, amounts almost pri
a bribery. It' is. a matter of qui
:t that many negro teachers are the
id so much per capita. The a
eater their numbers therefore, b9
e greater the amount of their :h
lary. They offer all sorts Qf
ducements to secure attendance c,
on their school, and this plan n
quently' resultd . in a negro
ild being counted in more than
e enrollment. As trustees get
e benefit of this fneshowing in
e way of increased funds for
ieir district they make no effort
get the wrong righted in fact
e whole matter often has their
itire sanrctio.
Mr. Editor: I notice in your
ighly prized paper something
eing said about good roads. It
eems that the people are at a
rant to know how to start about
t. I would suggest a little change
rom the way they are being
rorked now. Have fewer over
eers and give them more road,
;ay, give one overseer what three
>r four have at present and di
ride the county up by school dis
bts and allow the people of
heir district to elect or appoint
fheir overseers. I suggest this
for the reason that they should
be more able to select suitable
men for the place as. this is a
most important matter. They
presnt system oworkg isdue
change being made the sam~e tools
will give all good tools, by di
viding the hands up and working
twelve or fifteen at a time. That
is about as many as one man can
manage successfully. Those over
seers should be paid a reasonable
price for their services with-~ the
exception of four days, I don't
know if it wouldn't be right- to
pay them for their whole time as
they will have to keep the tools
up. Sometimes I think every one'
from sixteen to sixty oug'htto be~
called out on the road. 7By hay
in the chaingang to work the
worst places over the county
weeit is necessar to blast, we
will soon have .goo roads or at
least better if this plan is taken.
Now Mr. Editor, a few words
of criticism and I will close. This
is the white people's country and
we can have it just as we want it.
We can have a second paradise
and there isn't anything that will
raise this country more in 'that
direction than good roads. The
white people are to blame for all
the lack of goodness. I have
heard the darkeys-say that they
had no right to work the roads.
If I can see straight there is more
hauling over thiem for their use
than any other people. . As the
writer went to Winnsboro the
other day, he overtook eight
wagons all tog ether, all renters.
Well, we can't blame the negro
when the whites open the way.
I know white people that hav.
paid one dollar to keep off the
road and live sixteen and seven-.
teen miles from, the railroad and
have all their'corn to haul to fur
nish their places both for stock
and hands, and haul cotton to pay
for it. Mr. Editor, as I feel
deeply interested in the roads I
ask the question how this comn
putation tax is going to beap
plied to the roads. One dollar is
not enough; two was little enough.
A hand is worth a dollar per day.
Mow, brother farmers, let us
put our shoulders to the wheel
and see if we .. can't have better
roads-roads that instead of
hauling four loles of cotton or a
ton of guano over them with four
mules, we will baul twice as much
and always haver good mules and
wagons. The best way I know
to have good roads is to work
them :etter and make plenty of
ot this year and every year and
w, Mr. Editor, I. hopet
e of the county will fill your Bars
- with suggestions as to the
Let every one speak if it
Iv, to say by the help of God
do all I can. Now I refer
ho may read this to the 25th
ter of Matthew. Some one
s&v that must be a preacher
sa'nctified man, - not .so, but
that bases all his doing on
Corn Bread. D
-It al
It Saved His Leg. Natt
A. Danforib, of LaGrange, a gtru
reintensely for six maiths 41tb gans
ightful running sore on his le2, can
Wr1Is that Buck'en's Arnica Salvi stan
IlVly d it in ten d-tys. For U!- D
I, Woulws, Burns, Bois. Pain or Fiat
esit's th' bet salve in the world Sic
e guarateed. Only 25c. Sold.by allo
'daster Co-> lIruggit4. Price
onday was an ideil day for the
mry, which Pas-ed off in a most
et ouuner.' TIP Co ~nagerd opemsd
polls at the appoin ted h.nr of.9, Ai
I qaietly watched ihe y ,ling tij1he
r for closing arrived. AC4/clcck
polls were promptly elojd. The
I [email protected] stowed that 116 \ers had
A their votes for the offiers to be
minated. The voto was rapily tab- (p
ted, and was as follows:
Thou. H. Ketchin......... 116
A. W. B-own- --............. 91
A..B Cathcart ............. 85
Ja. F. D.vis..........---- ..
W. D. Danglass... ....... 43
Jno. H. ,McMaster......... 100 B
Jas. M. Sm-th....... ..-.. 69
S. D. Duin........... 116
The count as presented by the man
gets, of course, will have to be de
ided upon by the execu'iYe commItte e
at as no contest* will be made, no
hange in the count made by the man
gers is likely to occur. The fl)9
g bave therefore been nomiiated as
be notninees of. the Deimocrati', Club,
obe voted upon at the general e'ec
ion Apail 1it, at which Ims their
iominatiou will be co:.firmed&.
T. H. Ketchin, intendant; Jno. H.
acMaster. A. W. B.-own, A.. B. Cbth
at t a9d Jno' i. Davis,.warde1y; S.D.
Dnn, school trustee,
This sea;on there is .a large death
rate among children froIm cronu.and
Iung troubles. Pro - .ibn -will
svs the-litie og' rib~e
1iaae5.-- * thing -
ertaitoC ras
Minute - It -ca afso
relied upon a nippe -at d pil, r bro.
and lnng tronbies of adults.., P'esnt
to take. Mc~Iaster Co.
IGood, : Pretty, N ew U'f D ga
Satisfaction guaranteedi Samplles
for stamp.
. H. CADEf *CO., PROvI DEKtE, R. I.
The Plan of the
Lands-Patuca Valley, Honduras.
Honeit Management, Liberal Terms,
RAPCombination of ail known
Colonization and Investment Plans.
Better than any, Savings Bank.
A homi and wealth easily acquired.
Sum ~er the wholesyear. A healthy
climate. Fever- unknown. -By the
Patuca Plantation Company plans you)1.
become a participator in the profits
made from large plantations and other
industrial enterprises, besides owning
an improved individual planltation iin
size according to your-means.
Free Deed. Free Life lusurance.
Absolutely no risk.
The standard of the Directers~of the
Patuca Plantation Comnpanysis vouched
for by ariy Mercantile. Agency and the
bet banks of Cleveland, Ohio.
Write for full information to
-.40a 9 Betz Bullding,:
dant and four Warde'na for the town
o o WInnabro, S. (... fir t ~e ensning
rear, ei i be hdld in the Town [all, at
Wionb aro. on Monday, the 1st day
o Apil, 1901, from 9 A. M rd 4 P M.
Alo, in conformity to ani Act of 'he
ieueal Assemb'y entitled "An Ac!
to provide for the election of school
trustees, tiae m insgemenzt of.,the pub
lic -chols anid the d ebursement of t he
shol funds ins Sp- cial Schoor District
Ni. 14. at' Winnsboro, in Fhafield
County," an election at the same 'ime
and plae will be held fer one tru'tee
to represent the town of Winnsboro
on the boat d ofttrustees for said school
The foltoa ing namd person a are
appointed to maae the elec'ioni, viz.:
S. C. McDowell, J. A. Hinnant, E C.
By order of Coenci'.
d M le KidYaNW all Paper 1GS FOR RITCIG.
A full et of sample books
spepsia Cure
gests what you eat.
getsiU dgfoothe ad aids
are in stre enio d on hand. Call and see them r I NOW FU RMSE EGGS OF
Idt~iested di PbOe W h tv Ioe-utb Legb.Ffl- O
i d t n h .e o th e t hMin b f * f e w~ o r d - a d la te c
repsfltiOas w tie a
pproach it in e - I iile ' andttes-thO
Lfy relieves and rmMwltlY CumS pu'to bcbieWadtll t e~
pa neg tion, Heartburn' or have them sent to your P **i *'J. L. RICaxbND.
Ieac e, stma1hA, 'W aDd
teres4WtOf lmaperiOctdipstiOul
Isze. Bwk &sboutdyspePAPigW home
parcdbY E. C. DeWITT & CO.. ChIa9. h
IAIRMtERSn A pretty line of
*e invited to call and see my Ib11f5 UOII19 SILVER-PLATED WARE
full line of
Consisting of
Airicitura IMDl828II, hoeNo FRUIT DISHES,
Phone No. 9.
cluding Plows, Hoes, Trace S.BC.TMcDOWEL
and Stretcher Chains. I
also carry everything --AGET FOR --EE
needed for the
Tie Yarel' Iutul Fire listian A pO
--; Blacimith :ho, . L out C., KNIVES
ellows, Anvils, Tongs, and Solicits your insurance on.your conE
Hand and Sledge try property. -
Hammers. JNO J. NE[L, Secretary.
.0- 0. ..lI 11U 1 U
1 25 ONE YEAR.
THE NEWS AND HERALD will be sent to new- subaebers for on.i cr E
the payment of One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents. This offer expires the 1st .
of April.
To subscribers who secure a new cash subscriber for one year, we will gve
Twenty-five Cents, in cash or in credit on subscription. This offer eirpkes the
ist of April.
are printed below to be used by new subscribers in accepting the terms of the
above SPECIAL OFFER. Cut them out, hand them to your neighbors, and
secure their subscriptions.
(For New Subscribers Only.)
Enclose or hand One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents with this coupon for one year's subscript in
to The News and Herald.
YOURNAME........................... YOUR POST OmoC.....-................
This coupon was handed me by.............-...............
(For New Subscribems Only.)
Enclose or hand One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents with this coupon for one year's subscription
to The News and Herald.
YOUR NAME.............................. . YOUR POST OMCE..........- - ---
This coupon was handed me by............... ..--------.-.-.'
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Enclose or hand One Dollar and Twenty49Ie Cents with this coupon for one year's subseription i
to The News and Herald.
YOUa NAME. ... .... ......... .... ..-..-.-...-.-.-.YOUB POST OFFIc........... ..-..----.--.
This coupon was handedi me by......................-..-.-.-..--.-.---..
REMEMBER this offer expires March the 55th. Act at once.
Winsbo~ro Printing Co.,
[email protected], S. C

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