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One Year,...................... . -
Six Months.................. .. -
Friday, March 22 - - - 194
The meeting of the Fairfie
Agricultural Society called I
Saturday, March the 30th, shot
be well attended. The farm(
throughout the county should
enough interested in the indi
trial development of their cour
to attend.
With only one candidate I
intendant the vote at the prims
Monday was 116 out of about 1
Under the same c'rcumstar-ces I
vote at a club meeting would :
have been more than half as lar
The primary gives the greater<
portunity for the voters to
press themselves, and they -
make due use of the same,
pecially in an emergency.
seamed to be pleased with
new method, and though the c
didates were few, decided ini
est in the election was manifesi
The proposed county fair tc
held in October is a matter t
should interest fhe citizens of
whole county. If the fair ii
success, it will reflect deci,
credit upon the county. ThiE
will be, if all will tbaho the pro
interest in it. Every towns
should have a township exhi
Every farmer should exhibit
something from his farm.
other industries should also
well represented. The woi
also should make it artistic
their handwork. Let all b<
early so that the fair may
mnde a crowning success.
The object of the Fair
Agricultural Society is to
mote the industrial developE
f irfield County. Its mem
for farmers onl
ouiare interested adollrs wort]
mnthe development of your county
you will give good evidence a
the same by joining this society
Your assistance is greatly neede<
and an early and tangible expres
sion of the same will be greatl:
appreciated by those in charge
In a neighboring county th<
county practice was advertised t<
be let to the lowest bidder. In
stead of bids came a protest fron
all the physiciars on the groun<
that such bidding was unprofes
slonal In this way the commis
sioners were severely rebuked fo
the low valuation they had place<
upon the human body. Building
and other work may be let to the
lowest bidders, but when it come;
to the care of the physical ma:
the very best talent should b<
had as far as possible. Some ma:
ignorantly condemn this profes
sionalism of the medical pro
fession, but were it not for it w
would have to depend wholl;
upon quacks in cases of sickness
Tbis professional spirit is neces
sary to protect mutually the pub
lic and the profession. This i
true not only of the medical pro
fession but of all other profession
as well. Especially is this tru
of teaching, if this now semi-pro
fession can be classed in th
category of professions where i
belongs at the head. Teacher
are oftentimes so forgetful of a]
others but self-and of self too
as to offer to accept schools at
less price th.n the present in
cumbent or other applicants
Trustees also in electing thei
teachers often select the cheapes
applicant. Such unprofessional
ism contributes largely to th
continuing rule of ignorance an
inefficiency of service.
Ex-Governor Bob Taylor lec
tured at Rock Hill March th
19th and it was our pleasure t<
attend the lecture. To hear hin
is to be convinced of the exaltet
place he holds among platforn
speakers. But throughout the
whole of his inimitable lecture
we could not keep away th<
thought of what a rich treat the
people of Rock Hill were enjoy
ing. Nor could we refrain fron
the thought of the rich benedic
a lyceum course of lectures from
the masters on the platform.
What was our neighbor's good
fortune in this instance could bE
the blessing of many other towni
in South Carolina which ar
abundantly able to enjoy suel
opportunities. The principal dif
ference between those towns tha
take advantage of these riel
treats and those that do not i
principally in public-spiritednes
-that is progressiveness. Thi
limitation is not confined to finan
cial matters alone, but extends t
1 the broader realms of wealth i
thought and action.
Id The greatest educational tres
d of the present is in the lyceu
course. There are lecturers upo
Ts the platform whose visits to
rs town are a lasting benediction fC
S- the intellectual inspiration givei
tY They are worth every cent the
cost, the investment paying i
ever-recurring dividends of qui.
or ered thought, nobler action, at
r happier living.
X5 Public lectures are also an ii
he dispensable part of the publi
ot education. They are too an i
ge. dex to the education of the pul
e. lic. No higher tribute can 1
x paid to a town's intellectuali
ill than to say it has a course
es- public lectures. The larger tow
All may have these at less cost a
the more frequently than the small
an- ones, but all may have them.
er- four hundred members of a lycet
ed. in a city can enjoy eight lectur
in a year at twenty-five. cer
be each, two hundred members
hat smaller towns may have four
the fifty cents each, and by w
g a management oftentimes at l
led cost.
it It is said that a town has to
r educated up to lectures. This
p only another way bf saying t1
bit. the lecture represents the vr
of highest educational ideals. Il
[he also an offset to the pretend
be poverty of towns not too poor
nen participate in public leotur
b The increase of lyceums in t
-9M State is one of the evidences t
be South Cai-olina is being dra
into the great educational curr
of public lectures and public
ield braries.
ber- --
but Mr. Editor. Good roads
mand rimarily the two co
-ight grades and apr
Fis not (jt"?nai
inorance of the men -who origi
nally laid them out. Under the
Fconditions existing at the time
they were first used, the routes
Iadopted were probably the best
-attainable. Scarcity of labor and
Sa local traffic much less t han pre
vails at p resent led to the adop
tion oft tat route which could be
Sutilized at the least possible ex
Spenditure of work; hence in cross
-ing a hill it was necessary, first
Sof all, to secure a roadway trans
Iversely level by nature. This, in
- nearly all cases required the as
. cent of the hill in its steepest
r part, as observation will easily
jshow. I do not mean to imply
that the ridges were crossed at
their highest elevations. Gaps
Swere generally made use of, but
in approaching the summit of the
gap, the shortest, and therefore
the steepest, course was followed,
. because that direction is the only
. one giving a transversely level
i road- d without, excavating the
-upper side of the road.
.As long as these old routes are
.followed it is idle to talk of good
. roads. A road with a grade of
thirty .degrees, even if laid in
-asphalt, is a bad road. Until we
decide to employ intelligent su
pervision in the selection of the
fittest routes, we will be wasting
valuable labor in smoothing down
toboggan slides.
SA small experience in this line
and a careful observation in my
rides through the county have
convinced me that roads with
tolerably easy grades may in
nearly all cases be obtained over
or around our hills, and fre
quently with no increase in length.
-Occasionally the distance would
be shortened.
jExperience on a limited scale
has also shown that these new
road-bed can (generally) be put
in shape with less work than is
required to repair the old roads
for which they have been substi
IThe greatest objection urged to
the adoption of these new routes
is the extravagant prices de
manded by the owners of the
lands through which they pass.
Against this objection I will cite
some actual facts. On the much
discussed road from Winnsboro
to Simpson's store-the old Canm
" some of these of
selectedilength, through the
consider or eight different
lands of was, if I remember
owners, t, more than one
correctlyAr the privilege, and
charge maoderate one. The
that a veryagly gave a right
landlords 'enefit of a better
Lof way for -...
1 road. . ffected by the
a The econgiount of labor
s decrease in tfin good order
a needed to kg level roads
- these compari'n a few years
> will, I am satis first cost of
a more than offset sve the ma
the change. To ir'is a much
t terial of the road- id will re
a more serious matte qperience
n quire time. The arkers of
a gained by the roe ard is
r Richland County i. -the
1. the probable so '4 of
y problem. The eat has
ta sand to clay ane re., -ove
- wrought a wo W too
d ment in tbeir r t4
in the cheapest not
i- When sand-so t e sur
's available, a sandy lo lds
a- face soil of most of - ser
-. iould, I imagine, be
>e viceable. sent
by I would suggest to his
of efficient supervisor th yed
s chaingang mules are no hem
id in other road service. e in
er and a small part of as ort
If the experiment of cojad with
im section of bad cla cticable,
es sand, or if that is no'ch there
its with a surface soil n~id of
in is a preponderance o .
at movibund business lea ced
se could be reanimated an he
,18 to consult and advise 1 -
supervisor in an amica.
be some good would surel kind
is In a novel departure of c
tat an officer needs the ris
ry operation and sympath ond
is fellow citizens, and will ut
ed more readily to this thi of
to tered carpings and critic
es. his actions. 9 -
his J. M. S
wn it Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth, of LaGra
h- suffered intensely ior six me
a frightful running sore o ve
but writes that Buck'en's Ar
whol'v curfd it in ten day or
cers. Wounds, Burns, Bai --
Piles it's. the best salve I. bT
de- I Care guaranteed. Only.2# .
-i.McMaster Co. druggibs.
-Ez-D~ipen-er Player 'of Kin
whose shortage amounted to $2,
*t. be trd this week if . his heal
admit of it. *l
-Court in Marion had to
journed oD account of the ad1
of smallpox in the towr~. Ce
-Governor Nash and Sen
kr of Ohio will be their o ra
sors if Hanna and McKinley c es
trol the sit uatio".
-Carnegie will receive a warm
cme on his arrival in E'gland. H
drens of representatives of varione
stitutions will be.. ready to receiv0
that he hath. .al
-Obina'. Boxer troubles will
the celestiil empira at le at $500.0 "
-Aike:: will be made a center
sport. Messrs. Wlitney and li: C
cock have d'eded property wo
$100,000 for this purpose.
-'I-ne Czrr of En-sia is the latest
'learn uneasy ii the heatd of him
wears the crown.
-The-State of M1issonri has ap
priated $50.000 for a buildi' g ~at
Charleston exposition. Oregon a
the city of Philadelphia follow ne
wih *35 000 each. 0 her sttts ar
cities will also make appropriation
and the exposition will be ma~de a su
-Marseilles, France, is goirng throu
the throes of a great strike.
-Pierpont Morgan no aas an o
prtuity of displayinig biis great'
ective abi ity in the threatened a ri
of tl e coal miniers of Pen nsy Ivani
-Kirg I I ward is a stickler f-3r ii
royal uniform.
-Rumor has it that I'hiladi lph'
will get $.5,000,000 from Carnegie for
public library.
-Co~umbia is still build'ng. R.sf
dences at a total valuation of over
$100,000 are now going rup in the cith.
-The 8'a'e Volunteer Fi-er.en 's
Aesociation of Sunth Car ina will
hd its annual meeting at.Newberry
June 6 7.
-The Sonthern States Tr ut Comi
pany ha. been o-gan'z d tat G ff'n -.x
with a Capital stock of $250 000.
Blsmarck's Iron Nerve
Was the reenit of his spit.-ndid healthb
I aitable will and tremnendon
emergy are not foind where Somnach,
Lver, 'Kidne3 a and Bawels are ont of
order. If you want tt~e~e goalities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
King's New Litfe Pills. Toey develor
every power or brain and body. 0nl)
25c. at McMaster Co.'s drag store.
About twemi
all the blood it
by your kidne3
neys are not str
poisonous mat
ness and miser
once more bro1
These symp
when your kic
you have Bac
ache, Nervouc
Bladder, Sleel
color or Scaldi
and you can't
This is a pur(
ually cure Dr
Liver and Kil
condition an(
Two N
Lyon Manufacturing Co. I
Dear Sirs:-I am
ney complaint which resul
ontriptic and it did me a
and I went to my doctor b
Vaughn's Lithontriptic ag
swollen, have come down i
had dropsy md used Vaug
Sold by all Druggists,
Send us your name and address a
Address LYON I
etwa at JaaWxavtle ant says ,
U&M ime at er Points.
NI Jan. 27th,190L.
No8 o.08 No.82
NTK3omrD- ~ Daniy Daily et Su
onIO(P. D a 28048Wu
. .- .1 '(B. B
r B(aokSllB..---- 4...* 81.
"Q m M .... . .. .. a 4 2a
vill ......-- &0 9
taeba ..........
an rg .....-- - - --10 15A 4
.. 11 S0&* 985
: o il..... ... - .. - .;
rncnntto . ....... .. -- - 9-- - -- -
Lpcnnati 4...... --.; .;;. -3 .
.no.ile.......----- -i.i~ 1L
k a e i l e . - .- -- -- -- 1] 45 pa 1. .
partanluburg .. .--- 14- -- 820 . . -
ew. York(Far........l 6053]086
hildlphi. ....-....-.-. 8S 2 482 a 2.
Dan vile . .. - -.p- -:..:
DharClte........-.---- -00 8 5 0
h str ..------- "1615 0a 606a
Coum ia ( ld S .- --81 0a 80 a .-..
r.Colum bia , U . - 1 1 827 .....
J h ston ..i.... ... - - - 1 3 6 .. -
aTmreon .... ... -- --- 22 7 0a 940p
.Calkte ........ .- --. 2 3p 71a . ..
Bramteill . .-- . --- 250 800a 1020i
Au Chsta. ..----.:. . . ~ ~ 2~66
A.Columbia, Bldg Sy).....--44p 22 5
O Agrg. A . -.-. ....- --6 p 42a90
Br ranvill ------------ 731p 57 a.08
AAttSuer...lle...------- 8170a1115:
v Columbia (So. By).. - - - ' T110 2 5a 8
0la K v l l e . - - - - - - - - - 1 24 p 8 12 . . - - -~
B a n chellO- . -----.-----' -.685p 4 00a 10 20
6Sanah l........ -- 34pi 9 5a1 22
SAr. ngCarle Serdee.7Oa~11
ieL.lumbia via. By.) .Vl'e. Pa lr ar 70
Barcears.. betweenosp Char oi
E xlent day etweer As taic ndbet he
teew 'r. ore and me'oal
1mepiga beeenJak
Wa no,D.C Yor.W.HUgIr N'A lT,
CW. mi via TALOE, iv. Paor Ag't.,
s'Ge.P s.A"Charleston, 8.Cl 4ia
Pt ullma stogcar bofee Carts, au
eand Cmnscosnhyonh
No. 5ankd forU past Tronag n o
Pumn or asare inuft futleepin a
los tte.n d tor s arv all meolses.o
v-r adCcilat, vacAsheTillC.
y times an hoi
your body passes through
s. Think what this means
ong and healthy they do not
er from the blood and the i
y that will remain until th
ight back to healthy activit
toms will tell i
neys need attention and
kache, Tired Feeling, Di,
ness Pains across the Lo
lessness, Chills, Urine of
ng Urine. They mean Ki
get a better remedy than
ly vegetable preparation a
Dpsy and Gravel. It acts
Ineys, restoring them to a
. eradicating all disease.
eighbors cured of DROPSY
rooklyn, K. Y.
63 years oldl and for somec time have been troi
6ea in Dropsy. I took two bottles of your Va
heap of good. I could not get any more of i
it he did my cas no god. Tihen he advisdr
m. I have taken six bottles, and my legs, w
md I am now well. Mr. T. J. Little, of this r
n's Lithontriptic and he is leU now. Rese
or on receipt of $1 It will be sent to an3
ad we will send you FREE a sample bottle of
FG. CO. 45 South Fifth St
Good, Pret ty, New
c. 3c. .3c. Roll
Satisfactioi guaranteed. Samplesl
, or. gA& & CO., PROVIDENCE, R. I.
for all by
The Plan of the
P lantati on
tr than any Savings Bank. a
A hom wealth easily acquired.
Sumer th e l year. A healthy
climate. Fever uifrown. By the
Patuca Plantation Comp~any plans you
become a participator mn the profits
made from large plantations and other
industrial enter rises, besides owning.
an improved individual plantationi m
size accordin' to your means.
Free Deed. Free Life lusurance.
Absolutely no risk.
The standard of the Directors of the
Patuca Plantation Company is vouched
for by any Mercantile Agency and the
best banks of ('leveland, Ohio.
Write for full information to
408 9 Betz Bulding,I
Office Days.
Until farth~er notice I wil: be in my
ofice only on stturdaTs. as Ont other
days will beu vliifing the ' chols of
the con ty. For the convenience 0f
all those wanting book; I harve ar
ranged ni h Mr. S. B. steveiaOt
(whose stoco is hetseen Mc~Ianos
Co.'s and J. D). Miarlev & Co.'s) 'I
kkep on hand the books adopted by
the. State Board, which he will s,11I a
adopted prices s/rietly for cash. secon
hand books in goond con~ditiinn will b
taken in exebarige by Mr. s evensoi
Ohr second hand boolks will have
b car ed to t he Ceunty Superinten
ddnt of Education (with backs and al
pae). L. ROSBORIOUG I1, Jr..,
S3-152 Co. Supt Edacation.
N otice.
IInthe District CJourt of the Cuited State
.. For the D~strict of South~ Caroliw
n In Bankrpcy.
I ~nthe alter John W. Ly les, Bau
To the creditors of Jolhn W. L-les,
ih Winnboro, ii the Cont' of Faz
nfield, and Dis~rict afore-aid, a b-ui
A 18Notice is hereby g'ven thda ont
tf- 13th day of \larch, A. 1). 1901. t
said John W. I les was (duly aI'jT
' en d ank ni ; and that the ia
c. mutig of his creditors ivid ba h
: mv offi e, in Winnsboro,. 5. -',
1. tthe 28;h day of March. A . D. 1901,.
11 o'eck in the forenoiln, a' whi
tie the said creditors m.ay a'te'
prove their e aime, appoint a trn't'
eamine the banakrup' and trane
suh other ba-iness as may V rope
rs cme before niid mneei' g
d 3-15 3 Re:eree in Banakruptcy
che Trespass Notice.
Notice is hercdby given that all st
trespaSie on my handa will teresd
bedast with .c.nrdintg to la.
193 Long'own, S C
and is filtered
If the kid
extract all the
esult is sick
se organs are
assistance: If
ziness, Head
ins, or in the
an unnatural
dney Trouble,
nd will effect
directly on the
i.ormal healthy
C., Oct 29, 1900.
bled with a kid
ugbn's Lithon
he Lithontriptie
ne to take your
ich were badly
lace (Tylersville)
express office.
Vaughn's Lithontriptic.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Wall Paper.
A full set of sample bo oks
n hand. ' I and see them
Phone No. 9.
f YUNG MULES. I havo over
on ha .l, and1 they must go. If yon
w a: to buy a inute Gome to see me
n~ I will se.l ycr cbesper thin you
I [ui Stl n where <-!s'.
I 1have any price male or horse you
want irm $30 a . AI 3
all good wor kers and some gzood sad
die hor el. Come to see~ me before
va t to buy y our cattle, Let mne
ee mhm before you sell.
A Williford,
e Winnsboro. 8. C.
e .. --. - - -
50 Y EARS' .
AnyOno sending asketch and dc netlf ay
1feo trobteT~ft Ita~bOkfPant
scatnS kntrht Maen . e
rirA handsoely flnsrae we . TrnO~ d.
r: ur monthS,1 $Lsoid by ali ne1'sdalers.
MUNN & Co.aje1-New rk
Branch flce. GNFS.,W sintn

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