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anything except what fits j'al
no pinching you on prices
want your friendship as well
We have shoes that wil
=nen, women and children.
shoes, kangaroo calf shoes
guarantee and whose gua
backing of the world's greate:
-SEE 01
They please the eye.
They are made to
on their meri
defy c
D. V. WC
Orders From Gen. Gordon to ti
- Gen. John B. Gordon has ii
sue~ 3 )tautspecial orders r(
to be held at Memphis during the
closing days of May. In one of
'these Yie appoints Major General
Geo. W. Gordon, chief marshal of
the parade to be held during the
Reunion. The second general
order is a lengthy one, but as it
is filled with matters of interest
to old soldiers throughout this
city it is given here in full:
Headquarters United Confed
erate Veterans, New Orleans, La.,
April 20, 1901.
General Orders No. 254..
I. The general commanding an
nounces that the eleventh annual
Meeting and Reunion of the
[United Confederate Veterans will
*be held as stated in General Or
ders No. 249, current series, from
these headquarters in the city of
Memphis, Tenn., on May 28, 29
and 30, 1901, Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday, respectively.
All Confederate organizations
*and Confederate soldiers and sail
*ors of all arms, grades and de
partments. Daughters of the
Confederacy and Sons of Veterans
are cordially invited to attend
this eleventh General Reunion of
the U. C. V's.
II. With pride and pleasure he
also announces that thirteen hun
dred and thirty-one Camps are
already enrolled in the U. C. V.
organization, with applications
.nfor over one hundred more.
.Ex-Confederate soldiers and sail
ors everywhere are urged to form
*themselves into local associations,
where this has not already been
done; and all associations, biv
bodies not members of the U. C.
V. Association are earnestly re
quested to send in applicati~ns
- to these headquarters,. without
-delay, so as to be organized in
time to participate in this great
Reunion, and thus unite with
the'ir comrades in carrying out
the laudable and philanthropic
objects of the United Confederate
Veteran organization.
-III. He heartily approves of
the wisdom shown by the Vete
rans in their selection of the
"Bluff City," the "Great Metropo
lis" of the proud old State of
Tennessee, as a ineetig place for
this, their eleventh annual Re.
union, as it is so situated, geo.
graphically, that it is accessible
to a very large majority of the
U. C. V. Camps.
In addition to this, Memphie
and the entire State of Tennessee
i famous all over the civihized
"If the
don't put it on." That's a safe
way to secure foot comfort as
well as peace of mind. There's
variety enough in our assortment
Cof shoes for men, women and
for children to avoid selection of
right. There's -
either, for we n
as your trade.
- of the shoes
not pinch, for that yoes
alf shoes, kid ---------
-shoes that we Sel Shoes
antee has the Iake yolrfe glad.
shoe builders.
- t
They satisfy. the mind.
wear. They are sold t
s at prices -that
1ker & Co.
world for boundless hospitality, c<
and for the love and devotion her d
gold hearted sons and beautiful I
and accomplished daughters have u
- always bestowed upon the sur- ri
vivors of that "Thin G e Line" a
whc so iong and so heroi- stic
cally before such overwhelming an
odds. the
Once before at Chattanooga in can
1890, again at Nashville in 1897, infi
and now for the third time in the qui
beautiful and progressive city of lab
Memphis, Tenn., through her out
noble and gallant sons, has in- bes
vited the remnant-of the surviv- ti03
ors of the "Great War between pea
the States," in which she bore L
such a conspicuous part, to which abl
she furnished so many of her pat
heroic sons, to assemble again I
upon her soil as her honored con
guest, not as of yore amidst war's feel
wild alarm, but under the white em]
banner of peace, to commune and rat<
mnle tether, to rehearse old pas
stories of trials and hardships, -for
and to clasp hands once again in diga
comradeship, before they reach will
that "Heavren of Rest" which Sta
they are now nearing so closely citi
and rapidly, that they can ,hear nor
the sound of the waves dashing sel'
upon the, shore. her
Besides the meeting in Mem- pr
phis and in Tennessee will arouse pr
many tender and sacred recollec-hi
tions and its pathos. will touch pat
the hearts of all who witness the the
remnant of the survivors of the abi
Confederate armies assembled in be
the city which their beloved chief- an
tan, Ex-President Jefferson cecl
Davis, once called his home;. and tui
in the State, up'dn the 'innals of epe
which is writ in :luminous letters rec
the, memorable and. tragic stories dis
o deathlessvalor ft Shiloh, FoQrts 3
Henry and: Donakdson, Ciumber- est
land Gap, Fort PillowfMurfrtees.. car
boro or Stoine's Riv-er, Knoxville, the
Chattanooga, MissionarY Ridge, kn(
Nashville and Fjinklingand-whlich Gei
State furnislied to they Confede- Mc
Iracy the herd,' Sam -Davis; the -wo
patriots, Isham G. Harris and Isl
John Overton; anid the illustrious anc
generls, Nathan Bedford Forrest, car
Alexander P. Stewart, B. F. an<
Cheatham, W. B. Rate, John C. dec
Brown, John P.. McCown, D. S. ser
Donelson, C. M. Wilcox, Bushrod pie
R. Johnson, W. Y. C. Humes, de:
Wm. H. Jackson, Geo. W. Gor- the
don, John Adams, F. C. Arm- to
strong, Geo. Maney, Preston thr
Smith,0. F. Strahil,A. J.Vaughan, thu
J. E. 1Rains, R. C. Tyler, Gild J. obl
Pillow, Marcus J. Wright, G. G. im
Dibrell, T. H. Bell, W. H. Carroll, see
L. M. Walker, R. Hatton, Felix to
K. Zollicoffer, John C. Carter, pil
W. A. Quarles, Samuel 1R. Ander-- lus
son, A. W. Campbell, Henry T. col
Dadon, .Toim W. Fraser, B. J. ima
Hill, A. E. Jackson, Jos. B. Pal
mer, T .B. Smith, John C. Vaughan
and many other of our great
Southern leaders, and over one
sixth of the heroic private sol
diers of the Confederate arm.
IV. The general commandig
therefore urges the officers and
members of all camps to com
mence now, without delay, mak
ing preparations to attend this
great Reunion. He especially
urges all camps to commence now,
without delay, preparing for dele
gates, alternates and as many
members as possible to attend,
so as to make it the largest and
most representative Reunion ever
held; as business of the greatest
ravity affecting the welfare of
the old Veterans will be trans
icted during this eleventh annual
Reunion-such as the benevolent
:-are, through State aid or other
wise, of disabled, destitute and
iged Veterans and the widows
ind orphans of our fallen brothers
n-arms, which will be one of the
nost important matters for our
onsideration. In this connec
ion thegeneral commanding calls
special attention to the increas
ng age, multiplied sorrows and
orroding cares of many of the
allant old soldiers, who risked
heir lives and fortunes for what
hey considered right during the
ventful years of 1861-65. Through
he mortuary reports received at
hese headquarters he is daily
nd almost hourly reminded that
he lengthening shadows of time
re fast settling over the old he
ues-reaching out already be
ond the allotted span of human
fe, many of whom had already
assed the age of manhood when,
rty years ago, they promptly
nd nobly responded to t heu4
antry's call. It is our bounden
utv and the chief mission of the
. . V. Association that these
afortunate, sick, disabled and
digent comrades and brothe's
id their widows and orphans
ul Tave our attention, care t
such help in their old age as vE
ir more fortunate comrades ti
procure and give, and as their te
rmities and misfortunes re
re. This to him will be a ax
r of love, and to the carrying di
of which he will devote his ax
t efforts, and in the prosecu- re
1 of which sacred work he ap- to
la to all the members of the of
C. V. Association, who are or
3, for their earnest, prayerful, ti4
riotic help. V1
Ve must take care of our old
irades, and in doing this he er
.s confident that appeals for
loyment for the old Confede
i veterans, who are so rapidly
sing away, and substantial aid
these old sick, wounded, in
nt and unfortunate soldiers
l not be made in vain to any I
te, municipal government or
zen~s of any Southern State, ag
to the rising generation, them- fo
res the worthv descendants of
oes, who are all alike partici- di
.ts in that heritare of glory soe
udly emblazoneJ upon the tb
tory of each State by the un-P
aled valor and endurance of ax
se aged, wounded and dis- hi
ad old warriors, as it would eS
ingratitude without parallel al
.degradation without pre- 01
ent tihat any of these should rii
their backs upon the old lie- bE
s and their ever-glorious n
rds in their old age and dire i
tress. h
7.Other business of the great- h
importance will also demand
eful consideration-such as P1
care of the graves of ourtl
>wn and unknown dead at PI
rton, Chase, Douglas, Oak-c
d Cemetery, at Chicago; Rock
ad, Johnson's Island, Cairo
I at all other points. We must al
for the graves of "our dead"'a
I sec that they are annually th
orated, the headstones pre
ved and protected and corn- 01
te lists of the names of our
L'beroes, with the location of
ir last resting place, furnished to
their friends and relatives < 1
ough the medium of our camps, 3
is escuing their names from ~
ivion and handing them down h
history: the best method of a
uring impartial history, and K
enlist each State in the coin- m
ation and preservation of the i
tory of her citizen soldiery; the r
isideration of the different e,
-enas plans and means to M
complete the monument to the
memcry of Jefferson Davis, Presi
dent of the Confederate States of
America, and to aid in building
monuments to all of the other
great leaders, soldiers and sailors
of the South; to make such
changes in the constitution and
by-laws as experience may sug
gest, and otier matters of general
VI. Each camp now admitted
into the United Confederate Vete
ran organization, and those ad
mittid before the Reunion, are
urged to at once elect ac-credited
delegates and alternates to attend,
as only accredited delegates can
participate in the business part
of the session. The representa
tion of delegates at the Reunion
will be as fixed in Section 1, Arti
cle 5, of the constitution, "one
delegate for every twenty active
members in good standing, and
one additional for a fraction of
ten members, provided every
camp in good standing shall be
entitled to at least two delegates."
Each camp will elect the same
number of alternates as delegates,
who will attend in case of any
failure on the part of the dele
VII. A programme to be ob
served at the Reunion and all the
details will be furnished to the
camps and to all Veterans in due
time, And any further information
can be obtained by applying to
Col. R. A. Parker, secretary Con
federate Reunion committee,
VIII. The commanding general
respectfully requests the press,
both daily and weekly, of the
whole country, to aid the patri
otic and benevolent objects of the
United Confederate Veterans by
publication of these orders, with
ditorial botices of the organiza- 1
IX. The general commanding
respectfully requests and trusts
hat . offals will also aid
13 my re
ry owest rates of transporta
)n sg as to enable them to at
X. Officers of the general staff
e directed to assist department, M
vision and brigade commanders w'
A others in organizing their Iti
pective States, and generally &Ll
aid in the complete federation i
all the survivors in one grand HU
ganization under the constitn- evo
n of the United Confederate Cer
By order of J. B. Gordon, Gen
al Commanding. -
Geerge Moorman,
tAjt. Gen. and Chief of Staff.
t the celebraion of Arbor
y at Washington Secretary -
lson of the department of
iculture gave expression to theF
~lowing words:
It is our privilege and our
y to take steps for the refor
ting of our country. Educators'
oughout the centuries have
d no attention to this subject F
only within the last few years
e our educational institutions
ablished schools for education
ng these lines. It is within 1
.r power to do something -to
ht the great wrongs that have GR
em perpetrated against the trees (
the past. We have gathered
o our department the most of
scientists of the country who S
we kowldgeof trees. We pai
e set about teaching our peo-be
how to propogate trees from mat
seeds. It is our intention to"
>pogate every fine tree in Amer- aia
, and furnish them, through TI
igressional distribution and
erwise, to the localities where
ey are most at home, and it is
o our intention to bring seeds Pa
plants of valuable trees from for
reign countries and introduce i
m into suitable localities in .
e own.
N'ight wa a Terror
I wo'd cough ,eirly all t:izht
ng," wri-en Mrs. Cha-. Applega'e,
Aexnd' ia. hid., --snid could hard
ret an~y s&eep. I had consuptn
bad thtat if I walk. d a bloek 1
uhl cingh frightful'y ai spit fie
d, but, who', all other u.edicive' vi'
ld, three $1 00 bottles of. Dr. Up
ings New l~i~Acover y wholly cuired Hel
Sand I gain d58 p nit d..' It' ab. anD
ev gnaranateed to: care Ce ughi, I
ld., Ls, Grippe, Bronchi i4 ana all we
ra: a'.d L-ngrLnbie' Piice 50s :hs
: d 81 G0. Trial b.>tles free at 1c.. isa
ster Co.'s drugt store,
They are going at a sa
I wish to nnounce that I ha
mated Horses and Mules, for
always in stock.- Rock Hill (
Saddles, Bstfdles, Harness of a
Thanking my friends and
liberal patronage -to me, I ver]
ance of the same, -
~ity Phone 59,- Utdse Ph... 6.
Posteoec Ben 134.
April the 22nd at Chatres,
France, tramps killed five chil
Iren and their father.
April the 21st near Blacksburg
m engine on the Ohio River and
harleston Railroad went down
to the swollen stream, Buffalo
reeL Engineer Metcalf, who
iad been warned by the section
aster of the unsafety of the
restle, gave up his life and Fire
nan Rhyne narrowly escaped the
ame fate by jumping into the
aging waters to be borne on
atig timbers till he finally
For Ovfrnrty Teats.
tas. WvsLow's sooTRING SYRCP
been need for over fifty years b)
li ,ns of motbers for their childret.
le teething. witb perfect succese. a
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e be,. remedy for diarrhtea It
i relieve the poor litte sufferer 1
mediatelr. Sold by draggists in
ry part if the world. Twenty five
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ir. Winslow's Soothing Syrup."
I take me ather kmd. 1-1-17
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U. AmD a CO., Pavoss . . 4
for alby1
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ands-~'Patuca Valley, Honduras.4
eiest bianeent, Liberal Terms,4
trc Co-operative.
AND -Comb nation of all known
lonization and Investment Plans.4
Better than any Savings Bank.
.home and wealth easly-acquired.
mier the whole year. A healthy4
1te; Fever unknown. By the4
tuca Plantation Corn y plans you e
sme a participat-or Inthe profits .,
e from large plantations and oher
Lustrial eniterprises, besides owning
improve in vida plantation in
~acordi g your means.
ree Deed. Free Life lusurance.
Absolutely no risk.C
[he standard of the Directors of ther
uea Plantation Company is vouchedj
by any eantile Agency and the
t bnksofCleeladOhio.
EVrite for full information to
4os 9 Bets Daiiding,'
of W'nnsborO anad Fair
cunty are mest respect fully in
eI to) cone a.d see one i-p aver f
todte Patters ists, Unt immnad r
ts for la-iieu, wi-s's aid children,
I ohar g ,ods. Having a fl.-t-clats
iner, Mtiss Wit i m<, of Balitimoere, a
are prepare d to serve y0 ouMany
ink for past pa rongie. and so'ic t- E
a conhtiasuce of the a -toe.
crifice. We are in the ring for
ale & Bryson.
ve a fine assortment of both
-eady for work. A few aecli
rough and heavyservicA. .
)ne-Horse Wagons. Try one.
It kinds and of the best make.
the public generally for their
r respectfully solicit a continu
D.A. Crawford,
of YOUNG RULES. I have over
50 Head of Mule
o-n hand, and *bey most go. If you
wanL to boy a mane come to see me
and I will se I yr chesper the you
cin bay an) where elso.
I.hae n Y vik* =a
,o Head of Horse,
! good woi kers and some ged sad
le hor-ee. Come. to oe me fore
on bur.
I want to buy sour cattle. Let me
e them before you sell.
A. Williford,
Winnsboro. 8. 0.
A small lot of American i
Decorated China, consist-s)
iug of
Pitchers, - - - 20c,
Covered Dishes, - 6oc.
Butter Dishes, - - 40C. ~
Sugar Dishes, : 32c.
Oatmeal Sets, - - 25c.
f all housekeepers .is
aled to our line of
retty and substantial
)elftware, consisting of
[o those interested in 1
he cultivation of flo#
rs, we have a full snui
ly of Trowels arid- all
ther necessary imple
ments, as w ell a s
~rackets, both imge.
d double,. 'for pot
ian ts. - - .

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