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One Year,......................t. 50
Six Months........................ .. -7 e
Friday, May 17 - - - 1901
The afp peal that is being sent
out to a parts of the country in
behalf of the Jacksonville suf
ferers should be largely responded
to, for while many were so fortu
nate as to be well insured there e
were many without any insurance
whatever, and it is this class for
whom help is wanted.
And so Wimnsboro is to have
some memorial day exercises.
While the program will consist
of nothing further than the deco
rating of the graves, this is the
most important thing of all.
Elsewhere in this issue will be
seen the call of the Ladies Me
morial Association for the deco
ration this afternoon. It per
haps may be that all can not at
tend, but even those who can not
could contribute largely to the
success of the occasion by send
ing in such flowers as they can.
For several years a few of the
faithful women of Columbia have
been running a free kindergarten
school at the various mills of
tha- city -by means of- money
raised by entertainments, mem
bership fees, and subscriptions.
While planning for a similar work
this summer they had a very
pleasant surprise in the way of a
free offer from the mill authori
ties to furnish the money for the
school this summer. This is
highly complimentary both to the
kindergarten association and to
the mill-to the former for har
ing.begun the work and to the
latter for coming to their rescue.
The mill of Rock Hill are also
to have a free kindergarten school
this summer, the iunds for the
same hav- been raised by the
Rock Hill Ki'ndergarten Associa
tion.. With such rvisions as
o much towad solving
In an address at a school pic
nic in Richland county a few days
ago Superintendent Wallaer spoke
of the ~establishment of a county
high school as one of the greatest
needs in our educational system.
.In this he was eminently correct.
It is many a day until the country
schools can be brought up to
such a standard as to meet the
demands made upon them. Leav
ing every: other consideration out
of the question the teaching force
is too small for this-and to say
this is only another way of say
ing that the funds are too short.
The necessary money that would
be required to do higher work for
a few of the higher pupils would
go far towards the sendingo of
*them to a county high school
where the conditions for their
advancement would be far more
favorable. The .most expensive
schooling in America is that in
some county schools where the
attention of the teacher is so
taken up with two or three pupils
of the advanced classes that those
of the lower classes must be neg
lected'till the others are ont of
the way.
As Winnsboro was the first to
establish a graded school she
should also be the first to estab
lish a county high school the
countet- part of the graded school
Furman University is to try
the expe riment of a Summer Law
Sho.Prof. G. B. Moore is in
charge and Hon. Joseph D. Mc
Vullough of Greenville and the
venerable Joseph Daniel Pope,
professor of law at the South
Carolina College in Columbia,
will be among the members of the
Doat Let Them Ssffer
Often Children are tortu-ed with
itching and burning erz ima and other
skin diseases but Bucklen's Arnica
Salve heals the raw sores, expels hi
fiammuaton, leaves the skIn 'without a
scar. Clean, fragrant, caeap, tbore's
no salve en eart b a. good. Try it.
Care guaranteed. Only 25e at Mfc~as
.,ter Co.'.
An association composed of
the.-stanographers of South Caro
*lina is to be held in Columbia
Try the new remaedy for costiveness,
Chamberlain's Stemaeh and Live~r Tab
lets. Every box guaranteed. Price,
-25 eents.. For sale by Mc Master Co ,
Special Edition of the News and
The Press Committee of the a
oman's Department of the South (
arolina Iitter-State and West c
idian Exposition, will publish E
-ry shortly a mammoth special
lition of the Charleston News i
ad Courier. This great news- j
aper will be a thirty-two page f
lition and will have a circula- i
on of at least 50,000 copies; I
hen these are exhausted, an
ther edition will be printed. It 4
ill be sold in every city, town 1
nd villiage in this State, and by j
Lie leading news-dealers in the
irge cities both north and south.
n addition to this, the, paper will :
e on- sale at both the Buffalo
nd Charleston Expositions; thus
tending the inuence of this
,reat paper through the term of
n entire year.
All the reading matter is con
ributed by women, and realizing
hat a power such a publication
an become, many of our country's
nost famous women have con
ributed liberally. to make the
)aper a veritable literary treasure
Among the well known poetess
hose verses adorn the columns
f the papr, are EliuabethAkors,
uthor .o"Rock.Me to Sleep;"
gay Reilly Smith, who wrote
"Baby Fingers on the Window
Pane;" Louise Chandler Moulton
mnd Jennie -Drake; South Caro
ina's own poetess. Among fam
>us prose writers represented by.
specially written , short stories
and sketches are S. Rhett Roman,
Kate Chopin, Gertrude Atherton,
Septima Collis, Mme.. Qustave
Lehlback, Belva Lockwood- and
ElizabethCady Stanton.
There will be a charming chil
dren's page, to which some of the
most celebrated writers of juve
nile literature have contributed
stories and poems; while the page
devoted to Charleston's land
marks, institutions, societies and
surroundings, will be full of in
terest to all lovers of quaint re
cords of Colonial and Revolu
tionary days.
What the women are doing to
make their share of the Exposi
tion a success, will be gra hi
cally told in articles preparedby
the chairmen of the various com
mittees and lady commissioners
of the woman's departmnent.
man,- womnan and child in Sout
Carolina should read, and will
doubtless be treasured as a souve
nir for long years. to come..
The price of this paper will be
only ten cents, putting it within
the reach of all. Any one desir
ing copies should leave name and
address at this office, with remit
tances for number of copies de
sired, or communicate at once
with either .Miss Martha Wash
ington, chairman press committee,
No. 38 Chalmers street, Charles
ton, S. C., or Mrs. J.M. Visanska,
business manager, No. 2 Bull
street, Charleston, S. C.
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mas. Wrstow's SooTBIme Svaur
hasq been used for over fifty years by
iliains of mothers for t belr children
while teething, with perfect success.
t soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all paisi, cures wind calic, and
is the best remnedy for diarrhoea 1t
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every'part of the world. -Twenty five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soithing Syrup,"
nd take a other knd. 1-1-17
HVatt Park, Columbia, is to
have one of the finest zoos in the
No Loss of Tinme.
I have sold Chambefflslos Colle,
Ch 'lera and Diarrhie Remedy for
years, and would rather be out of cof
fee and sugar than it.' 'I sold five bot
tes of it yesterday to threshers that
coud go no farther, and they are at
Work again thi. morning-H. R.
Phelps, Plymouth. Oklahema. As
will be seen by the above the threshers
were able to keep on with their work
without lo-ing a single day's time.
You shou'd keep.a bottle of this Rein
edv in your home. For sale by Mc
Mater Co., druggists.
China ~has agreed to pay the
other nations an indemnity of
$300,000,000 the same to be paid
in thirty annual installments of
$10,000,000. She claims her in
ability to pay the whole amount
at one time.
Food Changed to Poison
Patrefyintr food in . trae intestines
produces effects like those of arsenic.
but Dr. King's New -Life Pills expel
the poisons from clogged bowels,
g atly, easily hat surely. curing- Con
stipaion, Bilionsress.-.S'ck Headache,
Fe Vera, all Liver, Kidney and Bowel
troubles. O:nly 25c at McMaster Co.'s,
Sunday night the river steamer
City of Paducah went down like
a rock at Brunhort Landing, Il
linois. Fifteen lost their lives in
Mr. J. B. Adams of Columbia,
nd Miss Etta Stitt, of Fairfield
,ounty, were married at the resi
ence of hermother, Mrs. Nettie
Ititt, on the afternoon of May 8th.
The bride being in deep mourn
ag, the occasion was a quiet one.
Lt the appointed hour a few
riends and relatives had gathered
n the tastefully decorated parlor
o witness the ceremony.
Promptly at 3 o'clock- Miss
ooper Walkup, sister_ of the
>ride, took her place at the piano,
md' the couple marched in to the
itrains of the wedding march.
Che.,ceremony, performe .y Rev
R. F: Kirkpatrick, was very
ioiem and impressive. The bride
wasrgowned in black silk and was
ookimg her best.
The handsome young groom
seemed to feel no coingunctions of- -
oiisiece that he haa robbed old
Fairfield of 'one 6f its fairest
da hters..
happy couple left Thurs
day morning for thEni home iti
Coumbia,-where the b'est wishes
of a host of 'friends- follow them.
All-vIrccation prevents smallpox,
and quiniue ebills and fever,-- so TEE-'
TaIN- :previsats -%Ind -conmerac:s the
.ffrets .of. the &ummer'.s -heat. much
dreaded by mothers with sragti child
ren. TEETHINA relieves . the~ many
troubles faci lent to' teething and the
hot sammers,: a-ld no mother -is ex
cusable for not givng U., for it costs
puly 25.cents at druggists; or mail 25
centi te '. J. Moffett, Id. D., St. Louis,
An announcement of the close
of ths'.Lbanon school at Steven
son as made in Tuesday's issue
of The News and* -.eald 'Mon
day, the 15th, the piltons and
trutees of the school inet, and
they recominended' to.Ithe county
board the re-ap ' tiiient- of the
same trustees. The trustees then
met and J. W. Pope, the secre
tary of the board, was authorized
to write Miss daines the follow
Unpon the recommendation and
endorsement of the trons we
have hereby elected iss L. L.
Gaines principal of t Lebanon
Graded school, with thi po6wer to
elect her own assistant dmusi
instructor for. the next rm.
,In repl.y to this n ' of her
elpetion, Miss (aiines. ote Mr.
ear Sii-:-Your 1 r notify
ing me of re-election to, the~ prin.
cigtalship of Lebanon chool re
ceived.. I had request that my
niame should not go fore 'the
board as I bad positive aecided
not toreturn. I cannot pt the
psition under any consideration.
Ithakthe patrons fortheir sup
port and the trustees f*f their
My best wishes go with you
always. Respectfully,
LI. Gainpe.
Richmond, Va , May 15.
The trustees very much regret
that Miss Gaines couj'obe.re
tained as she has given, such gen
eral satisfaction.
For Infants and Children.
The Klai You Hav Alwap beaght
Spgature of
A large du'ek trust for the con
trol of all the -cotton duck manu
~facturing concerns itn tie coutry
is being organized.
Biliousness is a conditioa charaeter
Ized by a disturbance of tpedigeouive
organ'. The stemach isf debilitated,
the liver torpid, the bowels constipit
ed There is a loathing of food, pains
in. the bowels, dizzinesa, coated tongue
aal vomiting, Arat of the enidigested
or partly digested food. and }nenl of
bile. Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver TbbIets allay fhe disturbances
of the stomach and create a healthy
appetite. They also tome up the liver
to a healthy secion and regalate the
bowel.. Try them and you are cer
tais to be much pr'eased .withthe re
mult. For sale by MlcMaster C.., drug
Win. Burlingame and -- Smith,
two white men of Beaufort who
were leading disreputable ,lives,
were waited on Weiiesday by a
comittee who. instructed thenm
that their presence in and around
that town was no longer ired.
Ladies can~ Wear shoes' .
ne size smaller after using Allen'.
Foot-Esse, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes It makes tight er new
shos f.'ef eniv irei instant relief to
corns and banions. .LI's the greatest
comfort discovery of the age. Cores
and prevents ewollen feet,. blisters,
callousad sore spiots. Allen's Foot
E sse is a certain cure for swelling, hot,
acid feet. At a I drgists and shoe
stoieb, 2.5c. Trial package FREE by
mait.: Address, Allen S. Olated,
No Muss
-In order to sell out what
this Spring, and to relieve i
trade, I offer all my Milliner
not yet bought come now
Notes About the Colored People.
The Z. B. B. Society will turn
out to the fireman's hail Thurs-1
day night, May 23rd, in full re
SRev. H. W. Smith, D. D.,
preached to an appreciative au
dience at Wayman A. M. E.
Church Tuesday night. Subject:
"God's promises to His people."
Rev. L. Watson will leave this
week for the- district conference
of the A. .M. E. Church at Car
lisle, S. C.
Rev. Rice- is conducting the
services in the absence of the.
pastor of Wayman.
James Goins has ordered a fine
barber chair from St. Louis, Mo.,
for his cosy shop..
It is reported that Bob Crosby
has broke off the chain gang.
There is a tie of friendship be
tween the negro and southern I
white man. Cicero.
-.Mrs. McKinley's Condition.
The latest bulletins as to the
condition of the president's wife
are exceedingly discouraging. Her
death is expected at any moment.
She ij at San Francisco, which
point the presidential party had
reached on its tour.
A railroad fi-on' Blacksburg to
Johnston is now under considera
lion. Should it be built, it would
pass by Newberry.
-Wineboro. 8. C., May 1, 1931
Notieis hereby given that a meet
ing of thie Board of Control for the
County of Fairfield wilt be held in the
Supervisor's office on W'riday, June t he
14th, at. which meeting applicants for I
the position of Dispenser and Daspen
t's Clerk at. Winnb ro, S. C., will I
be considered. t
Applicants for Dispenser's Clerk I
must be pfrepamed te give bond in the b
sum of fivae -hundred dsllar< before d
appointment will be made.
All applications for said por~iiions
must be on f1 e wth the Cont y Saper- n~
viser .at least. twenty days previous to e
said date. la
W. M. CURLEE, Clairman.
Board of Control for Fair flaid Co. I
ts the A
* Stov
iCO5T S:
remains of the large st<
ny milliners, overworked
y until June the ist at AC
md take advantage of t
~e~e~j~e millinery
Mrs. A. L.. Mc
It is figured that a police cap
ain in New York gets $25,000
annually in gifts from gambling
iouses, etc.
May the 14th there was a street
~ar strike in Albany, New York,
md in the riot 4* followed it
ecame necess to call out the
The General Assembly of the
southern Presbyterian Church is
iow in session at Little Rock,
trk. That foot note is attracting
great deal of attention on the
art of this great body.
Pacific Fire Insurance Compaany of
few York.
Glen Fsil Insurance Company or
few York.
Rochester German Inqurance Comn
atny of R3ochester, N. Y.
Solicits share of public patronage.
One* findr ed good la be rn a for work
n mill building. wages 75c per d ty.
pply at the New Mill, Lu,.cas:er,
. C.
5 10 4
for the beet Open and To'p
agies, Surreve and other vehicles,
ud Harne'; QO ard T.'o horse
Vagonu. Also Breeching, Gears. et'c.,
>r cash or good paper. Price. 0. K
J. 0. BO AG.
By virtue of auithority vested ini me,
have levied on and ui i ell to tihe
ighest cash bidder before t he C.ourt
Louse door in. Winnaboro, S. C'., on
e first Moudtv In June next, thue
llowlng described tracts of land, t.>
e oold' under the Ac:s referring to
einquent taxas:
W. Hi. Lyles. 560 acre.; bonrdad
>rth and east by land4 of A. T. Mc
antb; south by Broad R:ver; west by
nds of J. B. Tarkeit.
J. A. Me z. 1 acre; bounded by ;ands
tA. M. Wallace ont the north. east
d sontb; on thne west by 8 &. G.
. Ri. it. E. ELLk ON.
If your dealer
does -not keep
them. write to
the nearest
agency of
>ck of Millinery I bought
on account of my heavy
TUAL COST. If you h'e
he great bargains. I am
ijnnsboro, S. C
by keeping out
Screen Doors, $x.oo, $r. o,
and 2.50.
Adjustable Window-Screens
Arctic, 3 quarts, $2.oo
A rctic, 4 quarts, $2.50.
White Mountain, 4 quarts
Wht Mountain, 6 quarts,
follow the use of good
Stock fat en up. Co~Ws give a lre
vie'd of mnilk aud butler. [arses have
more spi-i' and m atcle. Can do and -
ik-t t" do the wo' k demanded of them.
Buying interior grades of feed to
'ave a t w cents ui.1 spoli all this.
Bet~er buy hers. We sell the best, but
act at ibe high-,st pr ie..

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