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Onerollof BRUSSELS
pose to clos
Come now and buy a car
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D. V. WC
\ I N N S BO R O,
Prepident Roosevelt's Message.
Washington, Dec. 3.-The fi
annual message of Presiden t T
;dore Roosevelt was -transmi
to congress to-daiy iii the us!
manner and read in both hous
It is as follows:
To the Sen:ate and House
liepresen tatives:
The congress assembles t
vT.r under the shadow of a gr'
-alamity. Oni the 6th of Sept
- ber, President McKinley was sl
by an ainarchuist while attend]
t6e Pan-American Exposition
1uffalo, and diedI in that city
the 14th of that month.
Of the last seveni elected pre
-dents, he is the third who I
been murdered, anl the b:
recital of this fact is sufhicint
tjudtify grave alarm among~
loyal~ Amneriean citizens. Mu
.over, the circumstances of ti
the third assaussination of
A merican president, have a pe<
Jiazrly sinister significance. Bi
Prtsident Lincoln and Presia.
.Garfield were killed by assass
of types unfortunately not 1
coinuni~i in historV; Presid:
Lincoln falling a victim toi
terrible passions aroused by Lt
years of civil war, and Presid<
Garfield to the revengeful van
of al disappointed office-seel
Prsdn Mcxinlhy was killed
an uti terly depraved criminal
longing to that body of crimin
whoit object to all governtzeer
good and badl alike, who
:z:inst any form of popuhar I
-erty if it is guaranteed by
the most just and liberal la
.and who are as ho)stilo to the 1
right exponent of a free peon
sober will as to the t yrauni
.andu irresponisible desp)ot.
It !s not too much to say t
:ut the timei of Piuesi'1ent McE
Iev's death lhe was the most wid
hi'ved man in all the Uii
States; while we have never I
.any public numu of his pos)it
wl'o has be~en so whuollyv free fr
the bitter animo sities icidentl
pub lic life. Hi s poiiical op
jients were the~ first tio C; er
bearties-t andl most geniei
trnibute to the bc oad kindIl inHis
n Iatcre, the swecetuiess andit gen
ne~ss Of chariacter which so
de ared lim 1 to hi ( clse assoi
Toa standaird of lofty inter
ini pulhic life lhe iunitedi the t n
:uitections and hillomei vi rh Ue wh
are all-impmi10 tan t ~inI temik,
of nutional character. A guli
sold ier in the greait wari for
Union,) h~e also shone as an
ample to all our people beca
of his conduct in the most SaC
s of Carpet,
e out at cost.
pet and be thankful you got it
h a bargain.
3lker & Co,
and intimtte home re!itions.
There could he no persona! liatIed
rst o f him, or he never acted with
e- armght but conid ration for -the
:Ad wellare d Otiers. %o one coi(t
a fail to respect him in ul ic or
es. private life. The def, nders of
hose muderous criminals who
of set-k to exense their ciiiniiity
. by assertinig that it is exercised
is for plitcal ends, invei.h against
at wca th and irrcspon:ible power.
n- But for this assassinatioi even
0ot this base ai ology ennot I'e
mU urged.
President M-Kiuley wa s a man
si- of molerate means, a man wh se
ias stock sprang from the stardy
te tillers of the soil, who had lini
to self elonged among the wakeI
ll workers, w ho had enteredl the
c- army as a private soldier. Wool:th
iswas not struck at when the presi
i dent was5 assassinmated, but the
1- honest toil which ifs eoitent with
)th moterate gains :fer' 1: lfetime of
mt unremuittimg labor, largely in the
ns service of the public. Still less
,- wa piower stmuck ut in thre sense
it thait pow'e~r is irresponsible or
:he centered in the hands of. any onme
ur individual. The biow was ntot
uaimed at tyrannyv or wealth. It
itv w* s aimed at one of the strongest
r. champions the wage-workihas
by ever had; at oue of the most
i~- faithful repiesentativcs of the
ais system of public rights and rep
Lts, resentative~ government who has
reever risen to publbe oflice. Pres;
b- ent Mcuinlev filed that polt
en cal oftice for~ which the entire
speople vote, andl no president
p not even Lincoln himslt-was
sever more earnest1ly anxious to
al represent the well th' ught-out
wishes of the pe ople; his one
at aunxiety in e-very crisis was to
in- keep In c'ose touch with lhe
elv leol-to find~ o':t whaiiit they
el they thought anud to endeavor to
ad givye expr' ssion to the mir th1 ough t,
ion after having endeavori d to guide
>m thait thought arighmt. Hie had just
to becen rek et d to the presiduenucy
io.. because the majority of our citi
the zvue, the majority of ourfamr
s and wvage-wtmk?ers. believed that
of he had faithfully upheld their
e. interests for four yeaurs. 1h1ey
en- fe t thIemselves iln leb an: d mte
. mate touch with him. T1hat felt
tv that hie represented so we' an
r o honorab, v all their idhals m'd
h aspuirmt io ns iat they wished Lou
up to c int inue for another four yearts
the And this was the man at whuo n
ex- the assassini struck !Tha:t thIire
.ed (Colutinue~d on page t wo.
Georgi Cane Syrup.
"Sugar-boilings or cane-grin
ings" are the delight of the prei
ent season here in South Georgia
But the former appellation is
ra-ther a misn< mer, for with the
exception of a few instances where
a farmer mikes a barrel of sugar
for home consuipt ion, the entire
product of tlhe cane is made into
syrup, a substance so c'ear anI
delicious that Souih Georgia cane
sN rup has a place for itseIf on the
iarkCt reports, 111d is quickly
gatining r1()I for its good qual
ities wherever it is Shipped.
SYIvI) is not manufactured i!n
the primitive manner that it was
a few years ago, when a small
two-roller mill crushed the cane,
its driving power being a dis
pirited lookin,! mule, which trod
iti monotonous round hitcheld to
one end of a leve:-, made from a
Crooked gum tree. The juice ran
(own into a barrel and filtered
through th long gray Spanish
Moss, then was emptied into a
boiler resembling a large wash
pot, wh:ch was emle lded in a
low, rude mud furnace. After
quite a process of skiinming and
dipping the boiled juice was called
syrup by the one in charge, and
was dipped offinto hand hollowed
troughs; after cooliiig it was put
iito barrels and marketed.
By degrcee the Georgia cane
syrup has become kowui, and the
goo00d prices it conuianids have so
encouraged the fairmers that in
Some0 portions of the southern
part of the State, the cane crop
bids fair to out rival cotton.
With this change the spirit of
mdvancement has taken strong
hohl, and now there are many
farms \ell fitted out with modern
equipments, anl each year the
in'distry grows more and more
The farmers take much pride
iL the beauty and clearness of
their syiup.
ist ead.f its bingur martefnd
iii barrels as in former days, it is
eled u) ill cans andi fanv bot
ties, thus preserving the flavor of
its first freshness. Samples of
thne syrup ill ttractive!y labled
c:ns are being put in tile hands
of brkers in large cities, and a
steady and lucrative trade is
ein built up and ere long mil
lions of gallons will be made,
w. re it is only thous:anIs now.
Bit there is a lighter side
which still rceins unaffected
through all the years, and so long
,s chil dhood and youth remain
"sugar-boiling" will be the one
great pleasure of the y-ear.
On the cool frosty mornings
the children rush off from break
fast to spend the day "dowvn at
the mill,'' playving in the '"punuy
p~ile," whiebi is a long white rulge~
of cane pummee, more prop:erly
caled b a..a:sse, a:nl formns aL smul -
circle j ust clear of the mil!.
it is usual for thbe boiling to
e carried far int o the night anl I
it is the thing for pairties of young
peoleC to g.tth-r and enjoy then
seves, talkinug, plaungi games~,
chew~ing cane, druinking' the dark,
green cane juice, or e tn', the
delicious 'ellow foIam, woc
rises from the warmiI syrupj with
litte pad1dies made fr om a brouad
cane peeling.
A!uil'lance of ih ~fin~~
hv the '1.1 time~ li ht stanids,
wlheb is a tall seutibuhl, thickly
c ve*re I with sand an u1 I .oxued
by a hlazinmg iire of fat wvoid
801iIC times a broa1 la i
h)ownI do)wn n ear t lie f n IC
Im a lie.~' ro 01 ouil is c~a t u
lon :'n~o:h..r takL's hi pIt-e, and
this am usilmen1t 1s c'Ontinueid for
s me tonme; thle faniitadie~ "tigurles
that ar e cit e 15 msi sho)u)tM o f
hmher frohll thn youn I und I lk
h Ii itted andur somnet imeis fro:un thIos-~
w io hi re gro~wn old andl se~th-'d.
It has b)en1 observedl tfat 11)
one C\I r wears a solky fa:r
aiOUnd a1 "s1g.Ir-boilinlg." \.:l it
ent maitter ho." pen~uri( us a
man12 nmi:V b, lie never gru Lges
the anunht of juice a wayfare
bCl ke ts or b ot the s, whi le hiis
wlgon pil jII high with the green
am urple cane, is free boo1 ty for
Snagor-bi in in lL 0south Ii('orgia
is i :dled a sea-son of goo i chieer
and broad hospitality and a time
vhen one inay gow ratt a.A sw ct.
Mattie elle Bray.
L Kev, Urooks Co., Ga.
Do yvou ruf'er fro---idl .'I- If So do
not turl to sIrgeryv for1 relief. )e itt's
Witch Hlazol S::lve will awt in1ore qluick
ly, sur-ly :"IA Safelv, saving- .v()Itthe
expins'. anI dIIa of aln operation.
lMdcastcr (Co.
White Oa% happenings.
We were blessed with a fine
rain last night. It was much
needed to bring up the grain that
has been sown. There h:s been
a goo l deal sown u) to this timte,
but not as inniuh as should be,
owing to the fact tIhat the fa rmIers
haven't the seed aid i iy are
not able te bay. There is soie
cotton to pick Net, hat it is nearly
all cracked and wil be an inferior
grade. The great question flow
is what will becone of the pople
next year? No C.rn, no, 'oev,
and a hea0vy debt h-ingingv over
theimi, though n:ny cling to the
old maxim "where there is a will
there is a way," and everybody
up here say they have a penty
of will.
There is a c tse of smallpox
reported oin Ja Iga Dueschell's
place. Ie reported the case to
Supervisor lioo I, who protntly
ordered the house (uarantined
and guarded an1 a doctor em
p!oyed to attend the case
The mAtrimonial epideiic h:s
alfout ceased: but oIe of our
pjominent and a Vtve younlg men,
fomriniv of our cun-nun it;. but
noW of the ca1pital city, wil be
married the 111t:.
'M1r. Luisliuhodes, of Aiken
county, Ilearing for C. W. Mob
ley & G). at this Place.
Professor It. Y. Patrick, of
Cornwell, a!d M. J. Lowry Pat
rick, of WNoodw.ard, cane home on
Thanksgiving day and spent the
day with their parcnts.
Mr. D. M. Milling an.1 family )
and Mr. Jim. W. Baiikhead and
ZaIiIy are prepariig to leave this
Loea fkedad thlelatter
to the city of Chester.
MIrs. T. G. Pat, iek spent
Thank-giving day uith re!atives
in Chestir.
Mr. Clairence Travlor has re
turned to lichmoLd[ ti where le is
attenuilg a busi ness college.
Success to The Ne 1; and 1 terald
in their new ant beautiful quLAr
tcrs. entinel1.
December 3, 190.
'lothers ever.wheriI pris:6, One
'IinutC Cour'h ('ar for the sai':rings it
h-s relievel and ! te Iives of their little
cne, it ia s:n-c!. : arkes at the root
.of Ih tr.. bl :+e <..11.r.a...I w o t thi n~ ;?- a
Chareston Eptio:1 Rates via the t
sout:ra Raulvay.h
On account of the S uth Caro- 0
in'a Initr*- Stat' and Wi est ind Iian 0
Expjosi! ion to be i eid in C'harles
ton, S. C., beinning D)ecmber ce
1st, 1!X01, the S. uthlern Radlway p
will sell exeu: sion tickets to te
Charlest o-i and re turn at the fol
lowing at trazt ive riltes fromn Ilok a
H ill, S. C.:
Fo>r $J.50, tickets on sal.' daily,
liited to retulrn .Junei 4rl, 1902. -
F"or eiT 03, t i'ket~s oni sale dauily, 'N
liiitedl t-) re turn Ien d s
For $1.:0, tickets on sLI th1ues
days and Thurs.d. ys, imited to
retlin seveln ''v1
Clresjn iiy r \Ied de.ed rates
fromu oti. I losilis. CC
to W.\ E.'- I T. P. A., Au
zn-ta, G( . W.I li.a~ e, A. (4.
H1)t D. . A., Cha.rIlsonev C.
.SIferiin o:ut Tr;oha at
Liue Pifls i-.' wri-s D. }I. Turner
Demseros, i'a , "yoid sell
ill von IIate i'i a d lv. Two er
w e.~s, us.: hit-; it:t lei a 11'W lutan a
eft mn." Infill i Y for cnsti- s
2, a t .\1. Mvl~t e Co. s in rast ore. Ci
he in 1 tie rau - fo:' congress f-otn fr
the second district
A Big ScIfIce
Ve have decided to cIose
h ive on hand at COST.
place to carry wagons durin
sCl what few we have on hai
i you will need a wagonw
ui.I pay you to luy NOW.
We only have a few on ha
chance. Come early and ge
In order to reduce onr sto,
wi.1 sell the first ten stoves fi
So come early and be one o
stove cheap.
Long Distance Axles, Dust Pr(
line of Surreys, nanufactnred
riage Co. Harness of all kiH
die and Harness Horses and 3
Give me a chance and I will
D. A.
inter Homes in Summer Land.'
Is the title of a very neat and I
tractive folder just issuedl byf
ie Southerni Railway giving
mrplete information regarding
e Tanious winter iesorts of j
alh and pleasur~e en and
~acd b)y its lines, w'ith rates I
h~oard, capacity of hotels, names Th
pro prietors, &c. dig
This booklet is in a very con
e au attratctive form and will the
ove valuab le to any one cou sto
npialing a trip) for tihe v'inter.th
A copy mayv be had by seuding pre
tw) <ent postaige stamp to ach
WN. H. Tlayloe, A. P. A.,
omen as Well as Men Ti
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
ragcs and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
Sneys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney troublc has
- 'become so' prcvalent
~ QY that it is not uncommon
Sfor a child to be bar::
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
1 ..~ ates too oftcn, if the
nc scalds the flesh or if, when the child
ches an age w~hen it should be able to[
-ol the passage, it is yet afflicted with..
-. etting, depend upon it. the cause of
Jifficulty is kidney trouble, and the first mi
-> :houl~d be towards the treatment of
se important organs. This unpleazant co
uble is due to a diseased condition of the vo
neys arnd bladder and not to a habit as 0
st peopie suppose. "
Women as weil as men are made mis
be with kidney and bladder troubig
:d both need the same great remedy.
e rnild and the immediate effect of
vamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
druggists, in fifty
t and one dollar . . .. ~
~es. You may have a .4
nple bottle by mail *..*
c, also pamphlet tell- .Hwme of SwamupRoot.
gall about it. including .many of the
usands of testimonial letters received
m suffererts cured. In writing Dr. Kilmner
co., Binghainton, N. Y., be sure and
ntion tMs~en r.
ol wagns
out what wagons we
\ ot having a suitable
. the winter, ne will
id at factory prices. So
4n the next year it
nd, so do not miss this
t a bargain.
:k of Cook Stoves, we
om this date at COST.
F the number to get a
Cq) Go.
-0 0
of Bomjg., A complete *
by Tli 'Brighiton Car
dA, nice lot of Sad
Iares, voung Mules, &c.
please both in1 price and
yspepsia Cure
)igests what you eat.
is preparation contains all of the
estants and digests all kinds of
l. It givesinstant relief anti never
s tocure. It allows you to eat gll
food vcou want. The mos-t scrisiti-ve
machs can taLkeit. Jy its use many'
usands of dysp~eptics hire been
ed after every thingz else failed. Tt
vents format ion of gason the stom
,relieving all dotistesfterceating..
tinog un necesary. Picasant to take.
can't hielp
but do you good
I have 10 or 12 a al ni1ce
3r.-es that Iwill sell cheap
will trade th( m for thin
fues. If x.cu need a horse
mc to see me and I wxill let
u have 'one that wxili give
La Satisf<.ctionl.
I have four ve y*i finel Milch
ws that I will cell or ti ade
mr for dry cattle.

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