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recently are: Of hoises and mule
.........; of hogs....... ; o
With special reference to cat
tie, the following answers given:
Total number of cattle on farn
........head. Of this numbe:
..........head were raised oz
farm.........head bought in th
community, and .........heat
bought from the state of.......
Do you buy, sell or feed cattl
to any extent for the market?.. .
To what extent?...... Do you
cattle have ticks on 'them ever
year?:... ... If not, how lon;
since they have had them?....
Have any of your cattle had Texa
fever (red water)? ........ If so
how many of them died last year
How many of then
recovered from this disease?....
What other diseases have yoi
had in cattle?...... ... Wer
you aware that ticks caused Texa
fever?........ Do you knov
that cattle could be inoculated si
as to prevent them from takini
acclimation fever when brough
south?........ What thorough
bred catte have you?.........
breed; ........cows; ........
bulls. Do you expect to buy an:
registered cattle soon?.........
Beef or milk?........ What d
you think of the beef breed
i6hort-horn, Hereford, and Aber
leen Angus) for this state?.. .
Which do you-like?... ....
Please give names and addresse
of best cattle men in your sectiol
with about the number of cattl
they have and kind.
Please give address of livery
men and horse dealers of town.
If yvu do not get the bulletim
of the S. C. Experiment Statios
they mill be sent you on request
Holds Up a Congressman.
"At the end of the campaign,'
writes Champ Clark, Missouri'l
brilliant congressman, "from over
wirk, ertoas tenial, joss .
sleep and constant speaking
had about utterly collapsed; -I
seemed that all the organs in mm
body were out of ordef, biifbe
b'ottles of Electri''i 'ttei3 nid
me all ri'ght. It's 'th' best' ll
round medicine ever sold over i
druggist's counter." Over worked
run-down men and weak, sicklj
women gain splendid health and
vitality from Electric Bitters
Try them. Only 50c. Guaran.
teed by McMaster Co.
Gen. Hampton was very fond
of children, and never faikk tc
win their c nfidence and respect
Lesli e eekly not long ago re
lated an anecdote that wilb
enjoyed especially by those whc
knew his familiarity with the lit
tie ones:
It will be r embered that. foi
some~ time af the birth of litl
Ruth Clevelanli, when her father
was President, it was rumored
that she was a deaf mute. Noth
ing could have been more unijust
or unkind. The rumor grew oul
of the displeasure of those whc
resented the withdrawal of the
child from the White House
grounds, where she was annoyed
y sightseers.
: en. Wade Hampton is fond oi
rllng an incident which entirely
re is the charge. One dayhbe
h S'een to see the President.
-~ 1 kaving the room lie was
waining irsthe ball for the eleva
tir reserved for the President's
own use. In a few minutes little
Ruth and her nurse came along.
He went up -and spoke to her.
She was hardly two years old
then-a mere baby.
"I talked to her," said Gen.
Hampton, "until the elevator
came ini sight. Then she raised
her little hand, pointing little fin
ger, and said, 'Go, now!' After
ward I laughed and told the
PresidenG she had evidently
caught the words f,rom him when
he was tired of some persistenl
Like a Drowning Man..
"Flled yers ago a disease the dloctor
calddvspepsia took -such- hold of m<1
that I could searcely go,".writez Geo
S. Marsh, well-known atforney o
Nooa, Tex. "I took qualitities 0
p>snand other medicines but niothing
heped m.As a drownin" nmnrb
a. a straw T grabbed at Idoo. I fell
an imrove~0 cment at once and after a
few bot tles am sound well." 'oo i:
the only preparation which exactly re
p)rodues the natural digestive juices
and conse.quently is the only one whiel
digests any good food and curqi an3
for.. or somch trouble. McMnater Co
In addition to the tho
you shoul& have your coun
this is campaign year mak<
have it at least during the i
AND HERALD will keel
is going on in the political
Every voter should have it,
W possible circulation, we ha
Liberal Su
that there can be no excus<
of the same. For
ln cash we will send THE
months from JUNE i to C
All who send in their subsi
all issues from the time thi
that time FREE.' Those
t !his week will get THE N
Free for ~
until June ist. Send in '
ber I3t.
NOTE.--Every subscription ta
tinued at its expiration.
The Clemson Authcrities Trying
Stay its Progress by the Aid of
Farmers of the State.
- The authorities of Clem,
Cpllege are making a vigor
effort to assist the farmers of
-Ste in the extermination of t:
dreacaed disease, Texas Fei
To this end they are sending
a circular, telling of the fatalii
eaused by the disease, and a
a series of questions, which ti
wish answered. We take ple
ure in printing both and m
earnestly urge the farmers
Fair eld county to give t
matter the prompt attention
In 1890 there we re in Sol
Carolina 122,959 milch cc
valued at $19.25 each, or a tc
of 62,366,961; 137,264 other c
tie valued at $10.77 each, o
total of $1,478,267, making a t
valuation 'for all cattle in
S3t ate of $3,845,228.
From statistics on file in
office of the veterinarian of
South Carolina Experiment S
tion it seems that the ann
gath rate of er.ttle in this St
from Texs fever is 2.65)
eeni, $101,898.
For 1898 the loss was el
mated at only $91,000, but
doubt it has constantly increa:
since 1898 and will possibly
-exceed the $101,000 mark t
year unless some vigorous me
ures are adopted by the btt
owuers to stay its ravages,
pecnily in feeding pemis.
Then it is safe to say tl
Texas fever is by far the mn
imnortant disease of amimals w
w ichel the stockmnen of Sol
Car oliina will have to deal:
only this ptar but for many
lMore than a year ago I s
out a circular letter on Te:
fever, giving its causes, -sym
toazs, and called especial att
tion to the fact that it is cau
by ticks getting on cattle t
have not carried them bef<
Ticks will not hurt a cow tha
usedI to them.
For ite beneflit of tho'e v
did not get copies of that circi
I a m g'emtinig out anothier edht
and wi!l send it to any (one
request. With each circular
e'nt a 'Nst ofi qjuestions somIeth
.like the enclosed and it is fi
the answ ers t~o thess questi
that the estimate of 2.05 pere
loss of cattle ;nunually fi
Te:s ver was madie. Onli
thle catte in the State carry ti
regal trly.
If Texas fever (med Watem
alo-.ed to conti nue its raLve
on our cattle it meatLs that
wml c.ntine to 1ose more t
usand and ore good reasons why
ty paper at all times, the fact that
,s it all important that you should
iext few months. THE NEWS
>its readers fully posted as to what
world in and out ot the cotinty.
and in order to give it the widest
'e decided to make such a
bscription offer
for any one not taking advantage
ECEMBE R i to new subscribers.
cription before June ist will get
ty send in their subscription to
who send in their subscription
hree Weeks
-our Fifty Cents this week and
ERALD from now until Decem
:oro Printing Co.
ken under this proposition will be dlscon
$100,000 every year, and .tbere
g'es with this loss all possibili
tho ties of a pavin; trade in beef
cattle shipped north as we are
quarantined out of the markets
;on the greater part of the year. It
>us also prevents the successful in
the tioduction of better blood into
Liat our herds, which is very desirable,
as the "crub" has .long since
>t ceased to be a profitable animal.
;ies The cattle of the State are all
lso the time. decrising in numbers
1 y and increasing in value-in fact
as- cattle are-worth mre all over
ost Ame-iica;t6-day than ever beford,
of and it is the opportunity of a life
his time to go into the business if
it modern breeds and methods ;'re
used. We have the soil, clim.te
. and rainfall to make grass and
grass makes c2 ttle. But Tetas
fever is a constant menace to the
ith industry.
ws What ae you going to do? Go
, out (or stay out) of the cattle
at- business? Not if you know your
r a best business interests.
In attempting to kill the ticks,
the deal with those on tbe cattle, and
the those in the pasture will meet
ta- their fate as they get on the
nal stock or die after a few -weeks
at exposure to the 'sun. I have
per tried a number of methods for
. killing ticks and now hea.rtily
-recommend the following: '
no Build a siatted chute just large
;ed enug to hold a cow and so ar
far rang it that they can be driven
his into it and shut up. one at a time.
as Get a spray pump, such as thre
'k Perfect Success ($5.60) and a
e- supply of the cheaper coal ,ta
disinfectants, such as Chl4o.
rat naptholeumn or Zenoleuma (/
ost al. 81.50 or five gal. S6.25).
thone g;allon of the disinfe4nt'
thwith nineteen gallons of watesin"
riot a convenient vessel. ilil the
to bucket, run a cow into the chute
and spray her all over. Do this
ant with each one carrying ticks and
gas repea t once a week till all the
" ticks disappear.. If no one in
en- our town hai'dIes these, send
sed ae 87 and I will have the fact ory
bat send you a pump and a g'xllonr of
"T Zenoleun.
t i Please auswer .enelosed ques
tions and return to me.
ion P!ease fill out the following
on blank and. sen'd 'i to Dr. G. E.
vas Nesomn, Clemson College, S. C.:
ing P . 0. ..C,... 1902.
om Farm name.........; proprie
ons to...... .. ;nager....... .
eutI railway station... ....; telegraph
-omi oftice.. .....Siz,- of farit..
macres. In cultivation...cres.
'ks iIn pastres ...... acres. In
meados. .......acres. The farm
)is is principally devoted to.... ..
ges brainch of farming.
we' The principal diseaseS wvith
,,, wh1 the stock have suffered
jBuckhead Bits.
( (lritten for last i&mr.)
t has been a good while since
ave written for our county
r There has been a good deal of
corn planted and there is lots
mQre to be planted and it would
I be of great advantage to tho-e
living on and cultivating the farm
to make an abundance of that so
as tQ not have to buy so much.
r You oan't do without "king of
r grains." -
I think most every farmer is
going to work harder this year
a than they ever did before to make
their farms self-sustaining.
" Our congressman, Mr. Joe
1 Johnson, upon request sent me
some sugar beet and other seed,
1 and- I have planted some of them
and .they have cbme up. It is
3 just fir experiment. I want to
get also from hier or someone
else some of the Soy beans, said
to be superior to all other beans,
t and , too, as a forage crop.
I te disposed of all the un
exced cotton seed of the Geo.
W. Truitt variety. Capt. Thos.
Lylesof Louisiana tells me be
plaute these seed. He, Capt.
Lyee; and his nephew, Mr. Aus
tin SLyles, are at the former's
- plantation in Louisiana on their
return from the great meeting of
veterans at Dallas, Texas, on the
3 22nd uIt.
1 Mr. Truitt offers a hundred
s dollars'for the best stalk grown
ftoni his cottn.
The peopTe are going right
ahead planting cotton and I
tMnk the most of them will finish
in a week or ten days. It has
been for a good long while now a
most favorable d;y time for all
kinds of work for the farmers.
-Didn't the Bishop at Savannah
go Ior our President! Bill Arp
also nt for him a week or so
.. say, tlie_ Presidc ent was
- -:ddlighted in his late
visit hrCarolina, let. us'not
thankfoo harti of him.
How can' South Carolina be
nonile"tio be deprived of one
of the greatest heroes and patriots
of his time,,Gen. Wdde Hampton?
I have never seen the crows
worse; I had to plant some ground
over. I see some good stands of
corn.that was let alone by the
crows. The stands of cotton are
increasing every day and will be
good 'ere long, I think.
I thin the United States are
engaged in an unholy war against
the Filipinos, our aliies, in wrest
ing the islands from Spain. The
United States have not acted fair
and equal with them as she or
they did with Cuba. The Fili
pinos were fighting for their
libe ty, and will fight on for it.
It weuld be easy for the UL'ited
States to' have peace if they
would assure them of their inde
pendence and protection in it as
they did for Cuba.
I tiink the majority of the
states of our Confederacy have
good homes for their veterans.
South Carolina did a right good
thing when she increased her
pension money to her surviving
soldiers. ~Why cin't South Caro
lina do as other powers are doing,
pension all her remaining vete
rans? South Carolina is able
enough, but she prefers the lead,
profits and the evils of the liquor
Mind you, S:)nth Carolina's
standing has been kept up by her
martyrs and1 survivors of the
cause for which they fought for.
I don't call it a lost sause, for it
was one of rigbY and justice.
We are having p!enty of vege
tables such as lettace, spinach,
shelots, mustard, &c. The po
tato bugs are right bad. Col.
edding's and Bill Arp's plan
which is to kill all the big bugs
that lay the eggs and kill the
egg, is the best plan. I saw our
daughter have a good1 many of
the bugs i1i a bucket of paris
green wvater, and the bugs didn't
seem to mind it, but she sprayed
the, vines, and says this~ miorniug
the it did good. She put some
of the liquid ou some beans that
the -lady bugs were destroying
and says it kifledi thomn dead. We
are going to try to raise every
thing we can that is good for
man and, all domestie animals. I
will close with best wi,hes for
lof nFirfi's inhabitants and
15 Mi
sufficient to
delicious tea
Royal Baking
rected. A pu re
for The News and Herald and all
its readers. J. C. F.
May 5, 1902.
Reveals a Great Secret.
It is often asked how such
startling cures, that puzzle the
best physicians, are effected by
Dr. King's New Discovery fol
Consumption. Here's the secret.
It cuts out the phlegm and germ
infected mucus, and lets the life
giving oxygen enrich and vitalize
the blood. It heals the inflamed,
cough-worn throat and lungs.
Hard colds and stubborn coughs
soon yi ild to Dr. King's New
Discovery, the most infallible
remedy for all Throat and Lung
diseases. Guaranteed bottles 50c
and $1.00. Trial bottles free at
McMasti r Co.
Highest Prices for Beef in Twenty
Years-$500 for a Bull.
Country Gentlenan.
he highest price for cattle in
2 years at Kansas City was,
reached last week when 18 one
and two-year polled Angus steers,
averaging 1329 lbs., broughi $7.15
per 100 lbs. They were fed by
C. H. Butler, of Frankfort, Kan
sas, for five months, gaining 460
l'6. per head.
A combination sale of 150
Herefords, from 25 herds in Mis
souri and Kansas, took place at
Kansas City last week, averaging
$162. Top price was $500 for a
young bull; a heifer brought $400.
Most of the cattle were young,
a m-ijority bulls. e
Nine carloads of Hereford bulls
were shippel last week from
Kansas City to Oregon, where
they will be sold at public auc
tion. This is a new move on the
part of Hereford breeders. Who-re
blooded ca,ttle are raised, it is
always more difficult to sell bulls
than cows, but in new sections
the bulls sell readily, to be used
on native stock.
There are said to be on the
rauches of Texas 100,000 cattle
fattening for CiTban markets.
Since the Spanish war Texas has
sent many thousand animals to
Cuba. Prices are good, aud much
money is being made by thg ven
Don't Start Wrong.
Don't start the summer wits a$n
gering cough or cold. We all knpw
what a "summer cold1" is.#It's'the
hardest kind to cure~. Often it "hangs
on" through the entire season. Trake'
it in hand right inow. A few doses of
One Minute Cough Cure will set you
right. Sure curie for co'ughs, colds,
croup, grip), bronchitis, all throat an:1
lung troubles. Ab..solutely safe. Acts
at once. Children like it. . "One Mini
ute Cough Cure is the b.st cough medi
cine I ever used," says J. H. Bowles.
Groveton, N. H. "I never found any
thing else that acted so s-ifely andI
quickly." McMaster Co.I
A little girl was spending the
ni"ht awayva from home. At bed
time she kineeled att her hostess'
knee to say her praiyers, expect
ing the usual prompting. Find-:
ing Mrs. B3- una1ble to help her
out, she continued thus: "Please
God, 'scu,e me; I can't remember
my pray'es, :ad I am staying
with a ldy 'that don't know any."
What Tih Folks Need
Is igreater ogwer of digesting
and assimulatig food. For ihemi
Dr. King's New'Life Pills work
wonders. Thley tone( and regu
late the digestive orgaus, gently
expel all pJoiiS from the sys
tem, enich the blood, improve
ap)pet.itP, make hiealhy fiesh.
Only '2. a McMaster Co.
pive you most
biscuit using
Powder as di
: true leavener.
Mitford Plovements.
Had a fine rain last night. This
insures a good stand of cotton
cverywhere in the neighborhood
as most of the planters are
through. Cotton that is up looks
as well as I ever saw. There is a
pretty fair stand of corn. Wheat'
and -oats haven't been growing
fast, but look well. Gardens
are looking well. If you don't
want to be bothered with bags on
them plant, on land that was not
cultivated last year.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Lumkpin,
of Rossville, have been visiting at
Mr. Jackson's; also Rev. Neely
and family, of Heath's Chapel,
stopped at Mr. Jackson's on their'
way to Charleston.
Mr. B. E. Kell, of Banks, is-at
Mr. Daniel Ha's sick.
Mr. Jim Rawls, of East Wa
teree, spent a night recently with
our bachelor -friends, Messrs.
Jimmie McCr y and Johnnie
Mr. D'aniel Hall lost a mule
recently. * *
Asa, S. C., May 8, 1902. - ~
No Loss of 'hfme.
I have sold. (htmberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diairbcia ' ed~ for
years, nd wpuld rather beoupcofears,
and sugar than it I soldfive bottled
ifit yestereh ' to thteshers that cobl
go no farther, and they are at wpr
again this morning.-H. B. PHELPS
Ylymouth, Oklahoma. As will besee4
by the above the threshers were able to
keep on with their work without losing
a single day's time. You should keep
a bottle of this Remedy in your home.
For sale by McMaster Co.
A Reminder.
The presence in Charleston of
a relative of the great hydrogra
plier Matthew Fontaine Maury
calls to mind the fact that a
movement to erect an internatic
nal monument to that remarkable
man, whose work in charting the
seas made almost a revolution in
navigation and has r'esulted in
untold benefit to man, has been
proposed in Paris.-Charleston
Yes, and it might also call toj
mind the fact that the state board
of education kicked the geogra
plies of this same "great hydrog
rapher" ont of the public schools
to make place for the books of a
New England yankee.-Newbarry
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
.How To Find out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let It stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tlng Indicates an.
unheulthy condi
tiona of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen It Is
*evidence of kid
.t ney trouble ; too
- - pass It or pain In
-- """"""the back Is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There Is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain In the
back, kidneys. :.ver, bladder and every part
of the urinary pa.:age. It corrects inability
to hold water and scaiding pain In passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor.,i
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many .times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect- of Swamp-Root Is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists In 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mail,
address Dr. Kilmner & gome. or swamap*one.
Co., Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men

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