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Largely Attende
from All Parts o
Col. Lumpkin C
Awarded 18.
Memorial Day was a memora- ,
ble day in the history of Winns- 1
boro and of Fairfield county.I
It was truly veteran's day and
they were here from all parts of
the county to enjoy it. And
from the many expressions that i
were heard on every h a n d
throughout the day, they did en
joy it and that to the fullest
From the time that the school
.children of Mt. Zion first made
their appearance in the front of
the line of the veterans that was ]
forming at the corner of College I
:and Congress streets, as the <
-town clock was striking 10, till I
the ladies, as the sun was sink- i
ing in the west, returned from
the cemeteries, where they had
placed their beautiful floral
'tributes on the graves of the I
'heroes, whose memory they thus
honored, everything seemed to
.-move without a flaw and the ex
ercises in all their details were
well nigh perfect. The town
lhad been given over wholly to
-the veterans, and however much
it was a pleasure for them to en
- joy the courtesies that were ex
itended, it was no less a pleasure <
to the good people of this com- <
Ununity to contribute to making 4
ithe day one long to be remem- I
"bered by them on account of the I
delightful social intercourses. I
The opening feature was the
appearance of the pupils of Mt. ]
Zion in line of march from the I
school building to the court
house. The larger girls led the ]
way, the two fore-most each..
waving a Confederate flag. Then
followed the pupils of the lower
grades, each pupil carrying a
beautiful bouquet of flowers 4
that was to be used in the deco- ]
rations that afternoon. They
marched in splendid order and
made a most impressive scene,
one that brought the old Rebel
yell out in voluminous force.
Behind the Mt. Zion pupits
came the veterans, who had been
formed in line of march by the
snarshal of the day, Capt. W. G.
.Jordan, who still possesses the
eniiitary spirit in a marked de-1
~ gree and is a master of a body of
-oldiers. The old soldiers too,
~as they marched, though many
.of them gave evidence of the.
passing years, manifested no
ittle of the martial spirit of
years gone by, when they march
ed upon the field of battle.
At the stand in the court
house yard .i. E. McDonald,
master of ceremonies, took charge
of the exercises and af tari
music by tha band Rev. C. E.
MfcDonald in a most impressive
manner invoked the blessings of
the God of hosts on these sur
vivors of the Lost Cause and:
upon their sons and daughters.
Then followed a song, "Tenting.
on the Old Camp Ground," by
the pupils of Mt. Zion.
The address of welcome was
,aae by Capt. H. A.. Gaillard.
-the old hero, who is still loved
E~nd honored by his Comrades of
foreaer years and there w~as in
~his language such a tenderness of
;feeling that every one must have
~felt that the warm spoken words
~were truely uatterances from the
lheart. The welcome was indeed
cordial and eloquently and feel
Engly spoken, just a suitable ex
pression of the real feelings of
the community in having these
honored guesis in oar midst.
"'Dixie" by the Mt. Zion pupils
was the next number and when
they had concluded, the ban'd
then struck up the same strain
a~nd there followed such a cheer
ing as only Dixie produces.
Mr. McCants in his introduc-'
tion of Col. Lumnpkin, the orator
of the day, was most ha.ppy. He
was at his best, and, in keeping
with the spirit of the day, lie
paid beautiful tribute to the
heroism of the soldiers and the
*part the women had played mn
immortalizing their brave deeds.
*Col. Lumpkin was greeted
~wiQ a great round of applause
when hec arose and with an even
~reater a'pplause when he took
his seat after a short, but most
forcible and mostelqet
address. No wonder this son of
Georgia is so muchi in demnd
for these gatherings of the old
soldiers, for he is just full of theI
,sentiments of patriotism that
amjl burn within their breasts'
d by Veterans
f the County==
aptivates His
ses of Honor
1 Veterans.
iud gives utterance to these lofty
:houghts in a manner that is
ver so simple and yet ever so
,aptivating. Any synopsis of
2is address would be an iniustic.
[t was a great treat to his old
.omrades to hear from him again
uch beautiful references to their
ourageous deeds and to the
loble sacrifices of their mothers,
vives and sisters; and surely
uch eloquent words did not fall
ipon the ears of. his younger
iearers without arousing in
hem a nobler conception and a
leeper appreciation of what their
athers and mothers w e n t
hrough in those trying days.
A number that was not on the
rogram, though none the less
mjoyable, was the expression of
;hanks to Winnsboro on the part
)f the veterans, which was made
y that son of Fairfield who is
till honored at his old home,
apt. R. H. Jennings, state
Imediately after the speaking
vas over the veterans were lined
ip in the street in frou of the
ourt house and as the namas
f the 183 veterans for whom
rosses had been secured were
alled, each veteran stepped two
aces to the front, the line con
aining 137. Thus formed they
nade an impressive sight and
vhile still in line their Crosses of
lonor were pinned upon them by
he following young ladies from
rohn Bratton Chapter of the
)aughters of the Confederacy:
Kisses Elizabeth Cureton, Mary
- lison, Isabel le Douglass.
dam~ ordan, Anna Beaty, Theo
3abb, Bessie McMaster, Laura
lerig, Marie McCants, Tirza
Ketchin, and Maggie Neil.
It was jiast 12 o'clock when
his interesting g-xercise was con
:luded and the bour till dinner
was spent by the old veterans in
a quite social way. At 1 o'clock
:he veterans were again formed
in line and marched to the Des
%otes building, where the ladies,
tssisted by a committee of gentle
men, had left n~othing whatever
indone for their ,comfort or their
m~oyment. The dinner was not
nly an elaborate and bouptiful
ane, but served in suich an easy~
aome-like manner by the maidens'
i waiting that it seemed that
very one had persoual attention
md that it was just one great
>ig family set down to one com
non table and that was just wha
t was. After the veterans had
assed out of the building more
han 150 others came in and
partook of what remained and
still there were bucketsfu~l taken
At 6 o'c'ock in the afternoon
:he ladies, in kehping with a
beautiful custom that has pre
vailedi for years, went to the
arous cemeteries ane decorated
the graves of the Confederate
lead. It was iqticeable that
many of the children assist~ed in
this most beautiful tribute.
And when the exercises of the
day were over there was but one
sntiment on the part oT the
visitors and that was that Winus
boro ha~d done hcrself prond.
And on the part of the home
peope there wa rejoicing that
it had been done and the dotermi
nati-n that it must be done again
another year.
Johu A A bbUtt, Co B 7th S C Bat t.
J P Abbott, c }$ 7th s c Battalion
Jas S Allen, Co B 7ti1 C Battalioni.
R C Arnett, Co H 6th S (: inf.
Arthur Baker. Co I 13th Reg S C luf.
WV C Beaty, (Qr Mr .Segt 17th Reg
Reuben Bennett, Co C 24th Reg S C
N A Branhami Co C 6th Reg.
E; es eo E. 3rd Bat.
David Brauhami co D 15th Reg S C
WV WV Branham eo C 6th Reg.
Jesse R Bryce co B 3rd Batt. State
W E B ..:ziel Co C 12th Reg S C Inf.
U D) Bo!'ck.. flaskeli's Art Bat talioni
I)D Blacki, ('o B 7th S C Blattalion.
J M Blain, C;o H bth 8 (.
C .B Blair. (o E 1->th Reg S C Inf.
J A lookhart, co B 7th s Bait.
C t; Boulware, Miss Rleg.
J ( Bouiware, ';th Reg- S C CalI.
David Boiyd, Co 1)17th R~eg S C Irnf.
J1 IR oyd, 7th Rttailio::.
R. \ :ray, (' o i: h a C
'' W\sie Bri-. 1) H1 f6th S '' Inf.
'T Li Bric Cco H 6th Rtt S C Inof.
Thos W\ Brie., Co D) 6th lleg S C Inf.
S W\ Broom, Co C 12th Reg S C Inf.
C MI Chandler, Co H 3rd Reg S C
'-ae T.roons.
' F Curice, Co C .>rd 1>:ntalioen.
W H Ca-lis. Co B 23rd g S
J E Craig, W h Reg S C Cal.
f Smith Chappell, Co F 12th Re.
S C Inf.
.J C t alwell, Co C H-ocomb Legior
1 L Carter, Co C 12th S C lif.
Joe WV Clark, Co E 15th Reg S C Jif
.Robt Crawfrrd, Co E 15th Reg S
S L Crawford, Co B 7th Battalion.
W J Crawford, Co G Gth Reg S C Inf
W W eroshy, 3trd Reg State Troops
T A Crowder, Co B 17th Reg S C Inf.
Capt T .1 Cureton, Co B 24th 1e
N C Inf.
Rich'd Dove, Co 1 17th Reg SO nf.
.!4hn D1ickinson 6th Regiment.
S L Dixon, co G 2nd s e Regiment.
Y A Dikinson co B 17th Reg S C Inf
A S Douglass, 1st Lieut Co C 1th
Reg S C Inf.
Charles - Douglass, Co D 17th Reg
SC Inf.
Dr T (I Douglass, ';th Reg S C Cal
J R Delleney, Co C 2nd Reg S C Cal.
S B Dove co B 17th sc Inf.
W S 1)urham, Co H 2nd Reg S C Cal.
' E D.ve, Co B17th Reg S C Inf.
V W Eutzminger co C 12th Reg.
Hugh E(lwards co A Artillery.
W B Estes co B 3rd Reg State Troops.
Hf R Easler, Co C 12th Reg S C ILf.
SM :drington, Co H 3rd Reg S C
State Troops.
R E Ellison, Co B 7th Reg S C Cal.
( W Fte co B 17th IReg S C Ilnf.
John Fee Boyce Artillery.
L R Fee co I (th Reg.
Geo W Free. co B 17th Reg S C Inf.
John C Feaster, Co H 6th Reg S C
W P'Finley, Co E 15th Reg S C Inf.
W H Flenniken, 3rd Reg S C State
.J I Ford, Co B 4th Reg S C Cal.
James Freeman, co c 12th s c Inf.
H A (Gaillard. Adjt 6th Reg S C Inf.
E T Gayden, Co H 3rd Reg S C
State Troops.
. S Gibson, Co B18th Peg S C luf.
W C Gilbert, Co t fth Reg S C InI.
J B Gladney, Co E 1st Reg S C Inf.
Smith Gordon co G 6th Reg.
T) L Glenn, Co G 12sh Reg S C 1Inf.
J A Hagood. Co B 7th Battalion.
I R Harby, Washington Art] N 0.
J R Harvey, Co F 12th Reg S C Inf.
Washington Hatheock, Co C 12th
Reg S C In f.
Arthur Hayes, Co C 12th Reg S C
Elam T Henry co B4th N C Inf.
J M Higgins, Co A 2d Reg S C Cal.
J:>hn A Hinuant, Copt Co C 12th
Reg S C Inf.
W Bris Hogan. -,th Battalion.
r M B Holly, Co K 1-t Pee S 1 Cal.
J D Hornsby, Co G 7th Battalion.
Ge) S Hinnant, Co F 12th Reg S C
F1 M Hinnant, Co c 13th Reg se af.
J H Hudson co B 5t1 g S C inf.
V P Jones, Co F 3rd tal ion.
W G Jordan, 2nd C9 H 3rd
S C State Troops.
B H James 11th Miss Reg.
Henry Jeffares co B17th S C In f.
W1 J Keller eo B 3rd Batt State
W W Ketchin, Co G 6th Reg S C Inf.
Wees Konn, .3rd Reg S C Inf.
W J Lathan, Co D 17th Reg S C Tnf.
J D Leitner. Co C 2d Reg S C Ca.
A W Ladd, Co E 15th Reg S C Inf.
J T Lenmon, Co G 6th Reg S C Inf.
John M Lemnion, Co H 2d Rug S C
J C Lewis, (o D 7th Florida.
James I Long, r; F 1 5th Rag S C
T T Lu.pkin, Co B 4th eg S C t n, .
B IE Lvles, Co K 1st Peg S C Cal.
Joh n W Lyles, Co K 1st Peg S C Cal.
P L Martin, CoE15th Peg S C Inf..
W J Martin, Co F Gth Peg S C Cal.
John P Matthews, Co A 2(1 Reg S C
In fan try.
L ti Melton eo0 B 7th Battalion.
3 IE MCarey, (.o B 4th Reg S C Inf.
W S 3teDonald, ard Reg ::tate Troops.
WV A McDowell, Co F it'h 1neg
S C Inf.
Dr T B MceKinstry, Co G 3rd Batt.
Hayne..leMeekin, Capt Co U 12th
Reg S C Inf.
P N Mc)!aster, Co H 2nd Peg S C
In~ fanitry.
.Jos MfeMeekin, Co G 12thu Reg SC" lu.
Joel McMeekin, Co G 12th Peg S C
John B Montgomery, Co H 6th Reg
S C lInf.
D Y Morgan, Co D) 17th Reg S C Inf?.
John McLure, Co F 2tol Peg S C. In?.
Samiuel McCornniek A dj 1st 5 C Inf-,
J Mariison NTeDonald, Co B 7th Batt.
WV M Meador co ]i adi S CJ Sbate
F A Neil, Co D 3rd lBattallou.
.John H Neil, Co BI 7th 'Battalion.
John J Neil, Beniufort A rtI
J1 K Nevitt, Co K 1st Peg S C Cal.
.John Paul, Co U 3rd Battalion.
A M P'ark to F 12th Reg S C lnf.
E F Pagan eo E 17th Reg.
A. F Peay co C 1st Peg S C (av.
.r W I?)niips Co D 1st Bat N C Art.
R WV Proetor co E Und Beg S (' Inf.
WV T P'etigre~w Co E 15th Reg S
In fantry.
P WV Phillips, Co B 7th Battalion.
.J T Robinson, Co C 12th Reg S C
WV S Robinson eo C 12th Reg S C JInf.
WV C Rabh, Co H 2nd Reg S C Cal.
J1 M ltaiues, (o B 7th s C Baittalion.
IT C Hains, Co G 6th Peg S ( Inf.
T1 .) Ric!:ard.soi, (u Fl 'ird Ileg S C
WV D Richuardso:, Co C 12th Reg s c
WV H HufT]State Troops.
J1 L Rlichmuond, (o U 6th Reg S C Inf.
1) H Robertson, Co U othu Ieg SC
Jf S M Robinson, Co F' 23rd Re(g(
S C inf.
Y H Robrtsoni, Co (G lth Peg S C
.1 W Howe, ca B 7th s (e Battalion.
WV T S<'ot t. Cuo I 7thl Battalion.
WV B Simuontoo, Co IH 6th Reg S C
D (3 Smuith, H-ask~ell's Battery Field
A rtillery.
TI R Ste'rliug, Co HI 6th Reg S C Inf.
Rtobert Stevenson, 7th Battalion.
Riohardi Shirley eo B Lucaus Batt.
Lewis Sharpe t'o HI 20th Reg.
:..S Shirley 7th Battaulion.
h F :enith en F 7th - C
Januos B Sewr ieoB I 7th Battalion.
Tos A Stewart Co 1th lt~S C Cnf.
WiohnA Stewart Co At 1uthlion
J W T Stewart, o B 7th Battalion
J wnawel, capt co B 7th c Batt.
V 11 Traylor co H 6th Reg.
Ed Taylor, 6th Beg S C JInf.
) W Tidwell, 2nd s c Regiment.
.Janies T Tiimms, Co F 12th Reg S C
T W Tniylor, Co H 6th Reg S C Inf.
.i M Vaughn co C 12th Reg.
W .J Vauglhni Co F 2nd Reg S C Inf.
W .1 L Weir, Co H lth S C Inf.
D.1 Weir, coH 3rd SC State Troops.
(iA White, Co F3rd Battaliwn.
W I Wooten, Co C 12th Reg S C Inf.
John D Youingue, Co G 6th Reg S C
T G Yarboro, 7th Battallon.
Dixie, a National Hymn.
In refering to the matter of a
"national hymn," the New York
Sun recently declared rightly
that such a thing was not a mat
ter of law nor of congressional
or other kinds of resolutions,
but that a real national hymn is
one which the people will spon
taneously accept.
In commenting upon the sub
ject. the New Bedford Meicury,
a New England paper, says:
"If the truth is told about
everybody with a musical ear
has a sneaking preference for
'Dixie., It can be whistled and
sung with satisfaction, while the
'Star Spangled Banner' lacks the
qualiLy which pleases the masses
and is quite unsingable. There
is nothing more uninspiring than
to hear an average company of
people drone the 'Star Spangled
Banner.' If this be treason,
make the most of it."
There is no question about
that paper being entirely correct.
"Dixie" stirs up the Southern
heart especially, but is almost as
popular in the North and else
where as here. It strikes a re
sponsive chord and brings forth
cheers wherever played or sung.
It seems to-fill the bill, according
to the standard laid down by
The Sun. The Savannah News
says the words- of "Dixip" are
not so inspiring, but the music
is all right. If we are to have a
national hymn to be sung at
popular assemblages some poet
can grind out words to fit the
tune and maybe to inspire, so
let it be "Dixie."-Colmbia Re
Letter to W. R. Rabb & Co.
Winnsboro, S. C.
Dear Sirs: What is lumber
"Depends on the lumber,"
"what sort do you want?"
That's how some people talk
about paint. They ask: "What'll
yog painL my hpuse for?!
The Yankee nswer is: COW
do you want it painted? One
coat? two coats? three coats?
first-class or cheap?"
The proper answer is; "I want
the best paint put on as it ought
to be."
That's I~eyoe; buy the psgal
answer is; '1. want a good job;
but I want it cheap." Which
means: I want you to paint it
for nothing. I want~ to be fooled.
ILead-and-oil is the costliest
paint there is: not the best; it
used to be best. Devoe is best
since zinc came in: Devoe lead
and zinc.
Zinc costs no more than lead;
and we grind by machinery.
We have no patent on, zinc;
but pobody else. is treatmg~ it
rght. Devce is yopir paint.
Yours truly
87 F W DEYOE & Co
Jno. H. McMaster & Co. sell
our paint.
lie Was the flan.
Shortly after the Civil wa~r
Senator Vance was lecturing in
"Fellow Citizensi, he began,
"you are all my fellow citizens.
We all belong to this great coun
tv. We of the South wanted to
leave you, but you wotld not let
is go, and now we are with you
to stay. I belong to you. You
belong to me."
A voice in the rear of the hall
"Aren't you the nzan who said
one Southerner could whip ten
Yankees with a cornstalk?"
Instantly Vance replied: "Yes
my friend,'I am the man. I said
that one Southerner could whip
ten Yankees with a cornstalk. I
believed it then and I believe it
now. The trouble was that the
Yakes didn't want to be whip
ped that way."
Deaths tromn Appendigtisi
decrease iin the sr me ratio that
the use of Dr. King's New Life
Pills iwereases. They save you
fromn danger and brirng quick and
naless release from constipa
tioa and the ills growing out of
it. Strength and vigor always
foiow their use. Gruaranteed by
MMaster Co. and Juo. H. Mc
Master & Co,, drtggists. Try
Real Estate Transfers.
The auditor's books show that
the following transfers of real
estate were recorded from March
1 to May 1:
L. G. Kirkpatrick to Toney
Mobley. 814 acres, $8350.
T. G. Douglass to C. H. Doug
lass, 36 acres, '100.
Chas. H. Douglass to Jno. W.
Douglass, 200 acres, 1900.
G. L. Kennedy to Noah and
Watt Stewart, 98 acres, $275.
Jno. W. Lyles, C. C. P., to
A. J. Moblev, 350 acres, $1,078.
W. S. Weir et al. to Sarah W.
DesPortes, 439 acres, $1,000.
The Scottish American Mort
gage Company to N. G. Melli
champ, 3654 acres, $1,550.
Jno. W. Lyles, C. C. P., to
K. G. Davidson, 130- acres, $580.
Richard Boulware to Reuben
Boulware, 11 acres, $31.25.
Mrs. S. L DesPortes to W. W.
Collins, 190 acre#, $600.
Louisa A. Hogan to Sallie A.
Jenkins, 29 acres; $81.
J. T. Dawkins to Adolphus
Perry, 21 acres, $35.
J. T, M. Freeman to David
Mozell, 1 acre, $2.5.
S. L. DesPortes to M. W. Doty,
124k acres, $400.
G. B. McMaster to S. R. Har- .
rison, 79 acres, $160.
W. M. Curlee to T. X. Plliott,
339 acres, $2,578.90.
Rebecca V. Woodward to Rob
inson-Elliott Company,178 acres,
H. D. Elliott, admr., to Golden
Bird, 15 acres, $60.
Jane Carman to E. G. Carman,
25 acres, $100.
Mrs. Sarah Feaster to A. C.
Peaster, 100 acres, $450.
Mrs. Charlotte E. Holley to
Parr Shoals Company, 22 acres,
S. W. DesPortes to J. M. Mar
bin et al., 34 acres, $145.
Mrs. M. 1. Fragier to Fairfield
5ranite Company, 40 acres, $400.
A. F. Ruff to Wyatt Ros
borough, 1181 acres, $426.
A. C. Thomas to R. C. Thomas,
L lot and building, $600.
J. M. Gill, Jr., to J. M. Gill,
Sr., 125 acres, $900.
J. M. Gill to Isaiah Gill et al.,
110 acres, $1,100.
Rebecca V. Woodward to Sal
lie Carman, I lot, $200.
W. T. Pettigrew to F. G. Feas
ter, 119 acres, $476.
S. J. Hall et al., to Danl. Hall,
25 acres, $125.
Jennie G. Bankhead to 4. 3.
Eiggins, 90 acres. $T20.
C. F. Bookkard to estate Sallie
Eoffman, 1 acre, $20.
Brooks Brown to C. D. Wilson,
5 acres, $900.
A. F. Ruff to A. F. Buff & Co.,
.07 acres, $361.
S. L. Des~ortes to Chey. p.
Wray, 29 acres, $'5;
Postmaster Robbed.
G. W. Foutz, postmaster at
Riverton, Ianearl lost his life
and was robbed of all comfort,
iccording to his letter, which
ays: "For 20 years I had chronic
.iver complaint, which led to such
a severe case of jaundice that
sven my finger nails turned yel
ow; when my doctor prescribd
Eectric Bitters; whic1; cpred pp
nd have kept me well for eleven
years)u Sure cure for Bilious
aess, Neuralgia, Weakness and
ll Stomach, Liver, Kidney and
Bladder derangements. A won
lerful Tonic. At McMaster Co.'s
mud Jno. H. McMaster & Co.'s
rug stores. 50 cents.
Ngot AbtQ TQ Draw It
A teacher in a public school
sked her pupils to draw a pic
ure of that wnich they wished
bo be when they grew up. The,
pupils went dilligently to work
with tablets and pencila drawing 3
pictures, all but onae small girl
who sat quietly holding pencil in
band and looking down at her
tablet. The teacher observed
he child's silence and said:
'Don't you know what you want
to be when you grow up?"
"Yes, I know," said the small
girl looking up, "I know I want
to be married, but I don't know
how to draw it."-Columbia
A Mountain of Gold
could not bring as much happ'
ness to Mrs. Lucia Wilke, of
Caroline, Wis., as did one 25c
box of Bigeklen's Arnica Salve,
when it completely cured a run
ning sore on her leg, which had
tortured her 23 long years.
Greatest antiseptic healer of
Piles, Wounds and Sores. 25c at
McMaster Co.'s and Jno. H.
McMaster & Co.'s drug stores
GFine job printing at the
News and Herald office. New
tye, new presses, best material,
first class work. Prices reaso.n -
Several set!
Buggy Harm
Will be sold r
A full stoci
at close prices
Come here
Farm Supplie!
SA. B. Ca
In the Furniture Business
of your trade. The Old I
business at the the same <
same old way: "THE BE4
Hall Racks
at $6.oO to $i8.oo. Re
Rockers in q
polished from $5.oo
thing extra for the mo
Lounges and 4
prices. Be sure to see
Iron Beds,
Stock complete, Som,
ings in these.
Call here before supl
furniture wants.
R. W. P
A Real'
A visit to the N
Store wIll prove a
the veterans and
cordial invitation
to come and see til
Every square fo
ing is guaranteed
fire=proof. Strong
Cheaper and bel
g'les. Try it.
K.R. Mc
5 extra good
Iss just in.
c of Bridles
for all your
solicits a continuation
ZeliabIe is still doing
>ld stand and in the
A big lot of them
duced 15 to 25 per
uartered oak and
to $8.oo. Some
.;ots at reduced
Mattresses, etc.
ej tempting offer
>yirig any of your
ew Furniture
real treat to
all others, A
extended all
at this is so.
ot of this roof=
good in any
rot=proof and
y and durable.
tter than shin=

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