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Editor and Proprietor.
One Year,............................1.50
six Montbs........................... .75
Wednesday, June 6, 1906.
Will Last for Three Days--Promises
to be a Big Success. g
Everything is now in readiness
for the Kirmess, which begins in
the armory this evening at 6
o'clock. For .the past two days
the ladies have been as busy as
bees in the work of preparation
and now the armory with its
booths and other attractions has
been completely transformea. Foi
the next tnree days it will be the
centre of attraction to old and
young alike,
The Kirmess, as has 'ceen an
nounced, is being given for the
benefit of the Commercial Club
for the better equipping of their
rooms. It is in charge of the
ladies of tha town and they are
all working for its success, and
from what they have already done
there i:3 every assurance of suc
cess in all respects. The contri
butions by the men and the ladies
have been numerous and there
will have to be some doing about
to get rid of all the nice things
that ha.ve been contributed.
The'Kirmess opens this after
noon at 6 o'clock and will con
tinue for three evenings. Each
evening the ladies will serve sup
per and all are urged to come to
the armory for their suppers dur
ing the Kirmess. The charge for
supper will be only 25 cents and
the ladies promise that they will
give you your money's worth.
Refreshments will also be served
each evening.
There will be a special attrac
tion each evening. This (Wed
nesday) evening there will be the
Lilliputian wedding, a most in
teresting performance by the lit
tle ones. Thursday evening there
will be the Eden Musee, which
will have to be seen to be appre
ciated. Friday evening there
will be a cake walk, in which it is
expected that every man, woman
and child in town will takepa.
This will be the greatest cake
walk of the century. Each even
ing there will be charged a small
admission fee of ten cents, which
will entitle one to witness these
interesting exercises.
Several booths have been ar
ranged and in each of these there
will be a com~mittee of ladies that
will have some tempting offerings,
including fancy work, refresh
ments, candies, etc., and there
will even be a booth it ,hichvou
can have your fortune told. Tlhe
largest booth will be the country
store in which you can get any
thing from a pig to a set of teeth,
so varied is the assortment in this
up-to-date country store. These
goods will be auctioned off each
evenfing and you bad better be
right on the spot so as to be able
to get some of these great bar
gains. Of course all the people
>f Winnsboro are going to come
and patronize the Kirmess and
help make is the success that it
ought to be. A special invitation
is extended the people from the
country to attend the Kirmess.
Ridgeway Locals.
Mrs. A. Talley Moore cele
brated her "tin wedding" anni
versary on Tuesday. Telegrams
of congratulation to the hostess
was the unique form of entertain
ment for the afternoon. Mrs.
R. C. Thomas received the prize
for the best telegram, a tin coffee
pot, and Mrs. Olin Sawyer a tin
pan of pansies. Delicious re
freshments were served in the
dining room where tinware was
used entirely. The menu con
sisted of chicken salad, lettuce
and nuts, with mayonaise, cheese,
- crackers, sandwiches, olives,cream
and cake.
Miss Eleanor DesPortes was
hostess for the Card Club at its
last m.eeting. Her home was
dainte' and attractive in Marchel
. Neil roses and ferns. The high
est score was made by Misses
Smith and Thomas. Delightful
sherry cream and wafers were
served during the afternoon.
Mr. F. H. Beall gave a very
pleasant fishing party last week
to several of his friends. The
crowd left town about two o'clock,
rturning about dark. During
the afternoon a most delicious
lunch was served the fishermen
and women, which proved a good
example of man's savage instinct
* to destroy.
The annual business meeting'
of the Ladies' Club will be held
at Mrs. Moore's on next Tuesday
afternoon. At this meeting the
officers will be elected for the
coming year and the books as
signed to members, etc.
Miss Wilson of Gaffoey, who
has been the guest of Miss Ruby]
Johnson, has returned home.
Mrs. lin Sawyer and children
4f Georgetown are with relatives
n town.
Miss Sallie McGill of Kershaw
las returned home, accompanied
)y Miss Flossie Crumpton.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Wray, with
kiss Sara, are at Chick Springs
or several weeks.
Miss May Thomas has as guests
giss Marie Smith of Glenn
Springs, Miss Taylor of Louis
ville, Ky., and Miss Rosie Cooper
:" Sumter.
Miss Eugenia Rosborough ha8
gone to Columbia for an extended
Miss Ret Ruff has returned
from St. Mary's, in Raleigh, N. C
Miss Ruff was a member of the
graduating class.
Miss Rita Meares and Misses
Isabel and Sara Ruff attended
the commencement exercises al
St. Mary's.
Piof. W. S. Hogan and famili
have gone to Pacolet for the holi
day months.
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Brownehavi
retuined from Charlotte, whert
they spent spent several days.
Mrs. Rembert has gone to Bam
berg to see her daughter, Mr.
H. F. Hoover.
At a meeting of the ' oard o
trustees the following teacher,
were elActed for next year: Prof
W. S Hogan, principal, and Mis:
Archie Bozeman, assistant.
For Over Sixty Years.
has been used for over 60 years by mil
lions of mothers for their childrei
while teething, with perfect success
It soothes the child, softens the gums
allays all pain; cures wind colic, an(
is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. I
will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Sol by druggists in ever:
part of the world. Twenty-five cent
a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and tak<
no other kind.
Blackstock School Closes.
The closing exercises of th
Blackstock school were held Fri
day evening and the house wa:
well packed with patrons an
friends who had come out to wit
ness these interesting exercises
The exercises consisted for th
most part of plays and tableau:
and the children in all showet
that they had been well trained
Without making any invidiou!
comparisons, perhaps the tw<
most interesting numbers of thi
whole program were the recita
tions by Alethea and Wilhelmin:
Mayes, daughters of Rev. Mr
Mayes. One rarely hoars sd goo<
recitations by children so youni
or even older.
The Blackstock school ha:
been taught the past two year:
by Mr. A. G. Fewell of Roc]
ill and Miss Rebecca Craig
under whose management somi
excellent work has been done
Mr. Fewell's many friends regre
that he will not return anothe:
year, as he will etter upon th<
study of medicine.
That new school house has no
yet been built, but it is prett:
safe to say that Blackstock wil
take this very important step a
some early day.
Friday afternoon there was
good game of ball betwee2
Blackstock and the Mt. Zior
team on the former's diamond
The Mt. Zion team again cami
out victorious with a score of 5 to 4
Several of the young peopl<
went up with the boys that after
noon and had the pleasure o
taking in the game of ball an<
the interesting school closini
A Narrow Escape.
-A serious accident was narrowl
averted at the sale at Iredel
Park Wednesday afternoon. A1
double team belonging to Neel:
& Moore, which was standin:
almost in the center of the bi;
crowd, among whom were a num
her of ladies and sm-dl cik e:n
became frightenedl an1 soart di I
run through the cro xd. 8 m
those in the hack jimpol m: .a
others fell out. Mr. St-v. :
of Fairfield, who had hold of th<
lines, was jerked out over th
dash board and his e-cape frou
a horrible death under thp fait o
the frightened animalis was aI
most miraculous. Two wheeb~
of the hack passed over his bodh
but he escaped with only sligh
The little son of Mr. J. A
Barber was stepped on by one o
the horses inflicting a painfu
hurt on one of his feet. Severa
others were slightly bruised and
hurt in the general stampede
that followed, but the 1:orses
were soon gotten und r con tro:
and in a few minutes the excite
ment had subsided and the salE
continued uninterrupted.-Rock
Hill Herald.
Nothing But The Truth.
"I thought," said the friend a:
the family, "you said this election
was going to be a walk-over.
"And it was," replied the ex
andidate, as he let out a soulful
sigh. "The other fellow walked
ll over me."-Detroit Tribune.
GO-FLY keeps 1dies off Horses and
rattle. Where GO-FLY goes ilies will
ot go. Use it on your Horses and
rattle. Sold py Jno. H. McMaster &
go., Winnsboro, anid Kennedy Mer
Death of Mrs. Sarah Stuart. I
Mrs. Sarah Stuart, widow of
the late James H. Stuart, died in c
Atlanta Friday and her remains'O
were interred in Lebanon ceme- i
tery, this county, Sunday after- a
noon. Mrs. Stuart was 79 years
old. She taught school for a few
years, her husband having -been
engaged in teaching in Fairfield
for many years and there are
many of his old pupils in the
county who still honor his mem- 1
ory. For eleven years she has
made her home in Atlanta. She
is survived by the following chil
dren: J. W. Stuart, managing edi
tor The Daily Courier, Texarkana,
Texas; W. B. Stuart, manager
Western Union Telegraph Com
pany, Macon. Ga.; J. C. Stuart,
Ed. S. 'Stuart and Miss A. M.
Stuart, Atlanta. All came here
to attend the funeral and left
Monday morning for their respec
tive homes. Mr. Jas. T. Williams
of Atlanta also accompanied them.
Keeps Columbia Talking.
There is one thing the people
of Columbia continue to talk
about and that is the continuous
growth of Mimnaugh's Depart
ment Store. The never ending
bargains that they are all the
while arranging for their custom
ers over the whole state always
suggest what next. Just at this
time they are making some of the
greatest offerings in white goods
that the public has ever known.
When it comes to dress goods and
notions they are always strictly
in it, a fact that the ladies all
know. As for millinery they are
easily the leaders. There is not
a single w.nt in the way of a
lady's dress that they can not
supply. They are no less thought
ful of the men, who will find that
they are right to the front in
men's clothing and all furnishing
goods. Their carpets and rugs
are always attracting attention.
Their magnificent crockery de
partment in the cellar is a great
drawing card. And just now they
are making all housekeepers hap
py with the glad announcement
that they are selling half gallon
fruit jars for 75 cents per dozen,
while for the quarts they are only
getting 60 cents per dozen. With
) leaders like these no wonder Co
3 lumbians continue to talk about
how their business is growing. If
you really want to get it, go to
Mimnaugh's. 6-6-2t
Miss Walker's Piano Recital.
( The Sate, Mfay 29. )
One of the most genuinely
artistic and delightful recitals of
the commencement series at the
College fir Women thus far was
the graduate piano recital of Miss
Alice America Walker, given in
the auditorium last evening. The
programme was particularly en
joyable on account of the fact
that so many of the numbers
were familiar to the audience and
Ifavorites to many music lovers.
While the programme afforded
ample opportunity for the display
Lof technical fluency most of the
numbers were of a style to demon
strate the beautiful tone and un
usual musical temperament of
the player. She entered into the
-mood of each composer with deep
feeling and maturity of uder
-standing and gave to each number
a really poetic interpretaton. The
entire programme was, of course,
played from memory and with
perfect ease and self-possession.
Help the Orphans.
As summer time comes on, the
togtof vacation fills every
mind. hWe are apt in our seeking
after leisure to forget that there
are ophans to be thought of and
cared for. Ask the superinten
dents of our orphans' homes and
without exception they will tell
you that the hardest time in the
whole year, is "the good old sum
.n. r time." Provision gets scarce
tn money a great deal scarcer
till. It is a splendid time to
comnembler the orphans then.
When the whieat crop comes in,
send "samrp~a-" to be tested by
he ni& it"' of .1 e little people.
Thbe 200 ;npils o: the Thornwell
Orphanage coud test several hun
dred bushels o' wheat, for the
neighboring mill makes the gift
of wheat es acce'ptable as flour.
And as for money, only $5.00 will
care for a little child for a whole
month and there are 200 little
childret. to be cared for here.
P.'ovisions can be sent to Thorn
well Orphanage, Clinton, S. C.,
and money to Rev. Win. P. Jacobs,
at the same place.
It is all right to preach that a
man should love his neighbor as
himself-it sounds so good and
platonic. But it is not always
possible. Take for instance the'
'man who has planted a fine gar
den and his neighbor has chickens
which he persists in permitting
to run at large. How can the
man with the garden love that
neigzhbor as himself? It simply
can't be done so long as those
chickens are not shut up.--Ex.
It pours the oil of life into yoursy
temi. I t warmis you up andi starts the r
life blood circulating. That's what i
Hollister's Rocky Mountain does. 3.5 t
cents, Tea or Ta blet. Jno. H. McMas- ' r
Reason for Bad Roads.
id r. Editor: In your last issuei
f The News and Herald I find
, few dots on good and bad roads
a Fairfield county. Will you
llow me to say why the roads
.ro in such bad condition:
1. It is no man's business what
.oudition they are, just so I get
;o town and back.
2. Overseers have hands and
vill not spare the time to work
3. Every man wants to boss the,
4. Everybody finds fault with
ihe county commissioners.
5. The county commissioners
stay at home and don't look after
what they are paid to do.
6. Overseers get tools from the
county and use them for their
own purpose on the farm and
then "cuss" the commissioners for
not having the roads worked.
I can point out two roads up
in the northeastern part of the
county that have not been worked
in two years, with overseers and
plenty of hands to do the work.
On one of these roads there are
no less than twelve hands, and I
understand none of them pay
road tax. I say pay the over
seers and there will be some work
done, and not until then. Let us
go along and try to do better,
and if we can't, let us swap with
Chester or Richland for a man.
Old Overseer.
Letter to G. W. Ragsdale.
Winnsboro, S. C.
Dear Sir: Two and two makes
four-not always; depends upon
what "two and two" are.
Two gallons of water and two
gallons of milk don't make four
gallons of milk.
Neither does four gallons of
paint that's half lime, whiting,
clay, and kerosene oil, make four
gallons of real paint.
That's what we mean by saying
"Fewer gallons; wears longer."
It takes fewer gallons of Devoe
lead-and-zine than of mixed paints
to paint a house, and it wears
twice or three times as long as
lead-and-oil mixed by hand.
Mr Chas Avery, of Herkimer,
N Y, bought 51 gallons of Devoe
lead-and-zine to paint his five
houses, his painter having figured
that it would require at least that
amount; 36 gallons did the work
and he returned 15 gallons.
Yours truly
90 F W DEvoE & Co
Jno. H. McMaster & Co. sell
our paint.
A good complexion is impossible
with the stomach out of order, If
nasty sallow people would pay more
attention to their stomachs and less to
the skin on their faces, they would
have better complexion. KODOL
FOR DYSPEPSIA will digest what
you eat and put your 'stomach back in
right shape to do its own work. Kodol
relieves palpitation of the heart, flatu
lence sour stomach, heart burn, etc.
Sold by all druggists.
OP~Money to lend on real es
state. G. W. Ragsdale.
Postmaster Robbed.
G. W. Foutz, postmaster at
Riverton, Ia., nearly lost his life
and was robbed of all comfort,
according to his letter, which
says: "For 20 years I had chronic
liver complaint, which led to such
a severe case of jaundice that
even my finger nails turned yel
low; when my doctor prescribed
Electric Bitters; which cured me
and have kept me well for eleven
years." Sure cure for' Bilious
ness, Neuralgia, Weakness and
all Stomach, Liver, Kidney and
Bladder derangements. A won
derful Tonic. At McMaster Co.'s
and Jno. H. McMaster & Co.'s
drug stores. 50 cents.
A Suitable Name.
John Sharp Williams proposes
"skeered of nothing" as the name
for the monster battleship soon
to be built. It will be proper to
apply that name to the .house
since that body decided last Wed
nesday to appropriate $100,000,
000 for naval improvements. They
also - passed a bill appropriating
1,300,000 for 20 or 25 projects
to improve coast navigation.
Deaths trom Appendicitis
decrease in the snime ratio th t
the use of Dr. King's New Life
Pills increases. They save you
from danger and bring quick and
painless release from constipa
tion and the ills growing out of
it. Strength and vigor always
follow their use. Guaranteed by
McMaster Co. and Jno. H. Mc
Master & Co,, druggists. Try
Watch your label and the date,
And renew before 'tis too late;
[f there be an error, don't get
Report to us-we'll make you
Remember, 'tis our aim to please.
But errors are like pesky fleas
hey will creep in in spite of fate.
herefore, watch your label and
the date.
Have you pa~ins in the back, inflamn
ation of any kind, rheumiation,
ainting spells, indigestion or constipa-:
ion, Hollister's Rocky Mountain Teal
iakes you well, keeps you well. 3.5
unt- .Tno. H. AfeMaster & Co.I
Planters National Bank of Richmond,
Virginia, Plaintiff,
W. Herbert Ruff, Junior, Defendant.
17opy Summons. For Relief. (Com
plaint not Served.)
o the Defendant above-named:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
aIction, which will be tiled in the office
of the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas, for the said County, and to serve
i-. copy of your answer to the said com
plaint on the subscribers at their offices
at Winnsboro, S. C., within twenty
<lays after the service hereof, exclusive
of the day of such service; and if you
fail to answer the complaint within
the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
action will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
Dated May 7th, A. D. 1906.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the Defendant, W. Herbert Ruff,
Take notice that the complaint in.
this action (together with the summons
f which the foregoing is a copy) was%
iled in the office of the Clerk of Court
fOr Fairfield County, at Winnsboro, in
:aid County and State aforesaid, on the
12th day of May 1906
5-30-6t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Warner Moore and Thomas L. Moore,
partners trading as Warner Moore &
Co., Plaintiffs,
W. Herbert Ruff, Junior, Defendant.
Copy Summcns. For Relief. (Com
plaint Served.)
To the Defendant above-named:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
action, of which a copy is herewith
3erved upon you. and to serve a copy
of your answer ..) the said complaint
on the subscrib rs at their offices, at
Winnsboro, S. C.. within twenty days
after the service hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; and, if you fail to
answer the complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this action
will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
Dated May 9th, A. D. 1906.
Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
To the Defendant, WA. Herbert Ruff,
Take notice that the complaint, in
this action (together with the sum
mons of which the foregoing is a copy)
was filed in the office of the Clerk of
Court for Fairfield County, at Winns
boro, in said County and State afore
said, on the 9th day of May, 1906.
5-30-6t Plaintiff Attorneys.
F. E. Patrick-Young Company, Plain- ~
W. Herbert Ruff, Junior, Defendant.
Copy Summons. For Relief. (Com
plaint Served.)
To the Defendant above-named:
You are hereby summoned and re- .
quired to answer the complaint in this
action, of which a copy is herewith
s3erved upon you, and to serve a copy
of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices, at
Winnsboro, S. C., within twenty days
after the service hereof, exclusive of 1
the day of such service; and, if you E
rail to answer the complaint within the C
time aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this e2
action will a pply to the Court for the f
relief demanded in the complaint.
Dated May 7th, A. D. 1h06.
Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
Tro the Defendant, W. Herbert RuffC
Take notice that the complaint in
this action (together with the sum
mons of which the foregoing is a copy)
was filed in the office of the Clerk of
Court for Fairfield County, at Winns- j
boro, in the County and State afore
siaid, on the 7th day of May, 1906.
5-30-6t Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
Herbert Irwin and George W. Graham, I
Jr., as copartners in tratie~ doing busi a
ness under the firm name of Irwin- bn
Graham Company, Plaintiffs,
W. H. Huff, Jr., Defendant.
Summons. For Relief. (Complaint -
Served.) n
To the Defendant, W. H. Ruff, Jr.:
You are hereby summoned and re -0o
q1uired to answer the complaint in this
&ction, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to serve a copy
o:f your answer to the said complaint -
en the subscribers at their offices Nos.
6. and 7 Law Range, Winnsboro, S. C.,
within twenty days after the service
hereof, exclusive of the day of such
service; and, if you fail to answer the
complaint within the time aforesaid,
tthe plaintiffs in this action will apply 11
to the Court for the relief demanded in d
the complaint.
Dated May 9th, A. D. 1906.C
Plaintiffs' Attorneys, hi
To the Defendant:
Trake notice that the summons, of
w~hich the above is a copy, has, with ai
the complaint, been duly filed in the it
ottice of the Clerk of Court for Fairfield
County, S. C.
5-30-6t Plainktiff' Attorneys.
Final Discharge.
Notice is hersby given that the un- -
lersigned -will apply to D. A. Broom,
lodge of Probate for Fairfield County,
m1 the 1st day 'of June, A. D. 1906, at
.1 o'clock A. M., for a final discharge
o: Guardian of the estates of Walter
ligon, Herbert Ligon and Eula Ligon.
540n4t Guardan. Dr
A big shipment,
in a trust. The
faction. Let us
to you before bu
K. R. Mc
Is ever so much nicer v
good quality of tea --
Hyson's Tea is. For go
Chipped Beef in glass
Don't worry so mi
these hot days. Get y
Crackers, etc., here.
A fresh shipment of
lates just in.
Base ball goods for ti
It is Not What Yo
But What You Ge
For N
When you trade here, yo
or--and fully as much or In
lsewhere for the same am
Lways pay you to come here
~et. Our stock is complete
Votions, Millinery, Buggies,
If you cannot get it at Bc
J. O. B
Executor's Sale.
By virtue of an order granted me by
[on. D. A. Broom, Judge of Probata
2 and for the county of Fairfld and
tate of South Carolina, I as exe'cutor
f the estate of George Mobley, de
eased, will sell at Woodward on the
rst Monday in June next in Fair
eld county, State of South Carolina,
de personal property belonging to
le said estate, consisting of a cow,
lantation tools, engine and belts, etc.
Sale to commence at half past 10
clock in the forenoon. Terms of Sale:
5-3 Ex. estate Geo. Mobley, dec.
.etters of Administration
tate of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
ly D A. Broom, Esa., Probate Judge: ani
Whereas, A. B. Hamer hath made It
it to me to grant him letters of ad- 3
inistration of the estate and effects
f Thomas J. Price, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and ad
lonish all and singular the kindred thi
nd creditors of the s id Thomas J.
rice, deceased, that hey be and fo
ppear before me, in the Court of Pro
ate, to be held at .. airfield Court
[ouse, South Carolina, on the 1st
ay of June next, after publica
on hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore
oon, to show cause, if any they have,
by the said administration should
ot be granted.
Given under my hand, this 22nd day
May, A. D). 1906.
5-23-2t Judge of Probate.
e future the same as in the past 1
ithe old establishment in all its
apartments with a full stack of
askets, Burial Cases and Coffins
)stantly on hand, and use of
iarse when requested.
Thankful for past patronage
ad solicitous for a share in the 4
ture, in the old stand. 1
Calls attended to at all hours.
A. G. Quattlebaum,
wir rteboro, S. C.
)fice same as occupied by the lat e
B T. Qunttleann.
id Rakes
just in. Not
y give satis=
show them
rhen made from a
and that's what
od Tea come here.
jars. Try a jar.
ich with cooking
our Bread, Cakes,
Lowney's Choco
ie boys.
Lker and Confectioner.
i Pay
Vhat You Pay.
u get just what you pay
re than what you get
)unt of money. It will
for what you have to
.Furniture, Dry Goods,
Wagons, Groceries, etci
ag's, it is not to be had.
The Nearest Point to
Obtain Your
Drug Store,
. CoLUI1BIA, S. c.
Ve obtain it fresh every ten days,
I have it in 1, 2, 3 and 5-lb. boxes.
;S~e. a pound.
fail us your orders.
E"atch cur advertisement for some
mail orders. Trys one tie
A Great
ias been made in the
making of hardware
~or fine dwellings.
areful people are
.ising Corbin's Locks
md Trimmings. A
iariety of designs
uitable in style and
inish for the various.
:lasses of architec
ure makes a selection
asy. Write
)fflneaver M. W. Doty's store..

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