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Editor and Proprietor.
One Year....................
Six Month.......................... .75
Wednesday, June 27, 1906.
Senator Tillman is so thor
orough a democrat that he is go
ing to increase the opportunities
for the enlightenment of the peo
ple on public questions by ar
ranging special campaign meet
ings for the glorification of him
self and the defense of his child.
Broad platform this.
If the town council is going to
license the pool room, there
should at least be an age limit.
This thing of allowing boys of
10 to 15 years of age to visit this
place should be stopped by the
authoaities at once. Justice to
the boys demands that this be
This is the time for getting
busy with cleaning up back yards,
lots and premises, so as to
prevent being eaten up by the
mosquitoes later in the summer.
Drain off all pools of water, and
remove all old tin cans and other
rubbish, anything and everything
that will tend to develop mos
quitoes or disease germs. The
board of health can get in some
good work for the town now by
seeing that these necessary sani
tary provisions are put into effect.
The Lancaster Cotton Associa
tion is- without a presid ent or
secretary, these officers having
resigned to enter politics, Presi
dent Strait for Congress and
Secretary Jones, for the legisla
ture. Fairfields association is
not likely to suffer the loss of its
officers in this way, as there is
very little probability of Presi
dent Cathcart's going into politics
and as for the secretary we feel
fully warranted in saying that, if
he does ever enter the political
field at any time, it will certainly
not be this summer.
George McDuffie Estes.
The subject of this notice, Geo.
McD. Estes, was born near Cross
Keys, in Union county, about
sikty-two years ago, and passed
quietly away on the 18th of June,
1906, at the home of his sister,
Mrs. W. J. Keller, being at that
time her only surviving brother,
and also the third brother she
has lost within the year; R.
Thomas Estes, who was a gallant
soldier in the late Capt. James P.
Macfle's company of cavalry, and
well known to many of Fairfield's
S old veterans, was the first to go,
then Andrew Estes followed soon
McD. Estes was a Confederate
vesteran, a brave, quiet man, was
a member of the 18th South Car
olina regiment. He was in ranks
with his company at the explo
sion of Grant's mine at Peters
burg, Va., and was covered up
with the immense volume of earth
thrown out. but was rescued with
out having sustained any very
serious injury. After the war he
retired to the quiet walks of life
as a farmer. About four years
ago he had a severe stroke of
paralysis from which he never
recovered and which 'was the im
mediate cause oi his death.
He was ever true to his State
and her calls to duty, never flinch
ing from nor failing to perform
his full part whenever called upon.
He was a member of Padgett's
Creek Baptist church, near Cross
Keys, and a consistent Christian.
He spent most of his time during
the past year with his only sister,
Mrs. W. J. Keller, his wife having
died about eight years ago, leav
* ing him with five daughters and
two sons to care for.
~"'- His remains were carried to
Padgett's Creek church cemetery
and laid away to rest till the final
resurrection, many of his rela
tives and friends being present to
attest their esteem and sorrow for
the death of the gallant soldier,
the upright citizen, the true
friend, the loving father and
brother, and the patient Chris
tian, who suffered so long and
never murmured agains~t Him un
der whose rod he suffered.'
The sympathy of the entire
community is extended to Mrs.
Keller in; her triple bereavement
in so short a time, and to the
children of the deceased. K.
Jenkinsville Jottings.
Miss Fannie Chappell of Flor
ida is with relatives here.
Miss Mayde Chappell is at the
summer school at Rock Hill.
Mrs. Kate McDowell and son,
David, have returned to Winns
boro after a short stay with her
Miss Sadie Curry is at home
again after a brief visit to friends
in Winnakro andelu~mbhi
Longtown News.
Miss Carrie Stewart of Winns
boro is visiting relatives in Long
Mrs. McKnight is spending
some time with relatives and
friends at Paxville.
Miss Lethard Lewis visited
Miss Willie Poovey at Ridgeway
during the past week.
Misses Fay and Cora Raines of
Abbeville are spending awhile
with their a-ant, Mrs. Tom Smith.
Mrs. Cunningham of Liberty
Hill is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
A. F. Peay.
Messrs R. E. Bankhead and
Ernest Stewart of Winnsboro
were in Longtown yesterday.
Niss Dolores Cassells has re
turned from North Carolina.
Miss May Harrison has been
spending awhile with ielatives in
Miss Fannie Haynes has re
turned 'from a visit to relatives at
Mr. G. J. Wilds, who under
went an operation at the hospital
in Columbia some time since, is
convalescing, much to the gratifi
cation of his numerous friends.
Mr. Clark of Chesterfield spent
awhile with Mr. J. D. Harrison
Mr. Wi. Tidwell died at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Robt.
Boney. His remains were in
terred in the Presbyterian ceme
Mrs. Janie Bankhead, who was
operated' on for appendicitis re
cently, is recovering rapidly.
Miss Lizzie Smith has returned
from a visit to relatives in Sumter.
Mrs. Jno. Marthus, who has
been serioisly ill for some time,
was taken to the hospital in Ches
ter for treatment Sunday.
June 25, 1906.- E. H. D.
Not if as Rich as Rockefeller.
If you had all the wealth of Rocke
feller, the Standard Oil magnate, you
could not buy a better medicine for
bowel complaints than Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
The most eminent physician can not
prescribe a better preparation for colic
and diarrhoea, both for children and
adults. The uniform success of this
remedy has shown it to be superior to
all others. It never fails, and when
reduced with water and sweetened, is
pleasant to take. Every family should
be supplied with it. Sold by Obear
Drug Co. and all medicine dealers.
In and Around Blackstack.
Messrs Luns. and Vest Craig,'
sons of Mr. J. E. Craig, have
been at home for a few days.
The former is in business at
:Richmond, Va., and the latter is
preparing to enter the Louis
ville Medical College at the open
ing of its next session. He is
in Rock Hill for the summer.
Mr. Robert Brice has gone to
Nashville to visit his brother,
Joe, who has been sick for some
Misses Katie and Annie Mob
ley went to -Asheville Monday.
Miss Lila Thorn is spending a
few months with her parents.
She goes to California to enter
upon her wotk as a trained nurse.
She has just graduated from a
training school at Washington.
The Douglass family will leave
in a few days to spend the sum
mer in the mountains.
Mr. J. M. Mills recently placed
on the market here some of the
finest cabbage we have seen in
many a day.
Mr. Wmn. James of Cheraw
was here some days ago to see
his little daughter, Grace Doug
lass James.
un323 J.T.C.
For Over Sixty Years.
has been used for over 60 years by mil
lions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softeus the gums,
allays all pain; cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for Diarrhema. It
will relieve the poor Iittle suflerer im
mediately. Sold by druggists in eve~r'.
part of the world. T wenty-five een t
a bottle. Be sure and ask for "N\Ir
Winslow's Soothing Syrup,'' and tak.
no other kind.
Rabb and Union Dots.
Miss Grace Chappell has re
turned from Winthrop College,
and is visiting her sister, Mrs.
W. J. Lemmon.
Mrs. B. B. Park, who has been
quite sick, is now convalescent.
Mr. Howe Lemmon of Clemson
College is at home.
Prof. James McNaull of Ro wes
ville, is visiting his brother, Mr.
E. M. McNaull.
Mr. L. Hawes had quite a pleas.
ant visit to, Columbia last week.
Mr. A. M. Park was in Colum
bia for a short while a few days
Mr. Win. J. H. Crawford of
Macon, Ga., is at his mother's.
Misses Lizzie and Etta Park
have returned from Columbia.
It Is Dangerous to Neglect a Cold,
How otten do we hear it remarked:
"It's only a cold," and a few days
at er learn that the man is on his back
with pneumonia. This is of such
3ommon occurrence that a cold, how
wer slight, should not be disregarded.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy coun iter
ets any tendency of a cold to result in
menumonia, and has gained its great
xpularity and extensive sale by its
prompt curse of this most common
diment. It always cures and is
leasant to take. For sale by Obear
hnug o. anr1 all mardircine daleas
Permanent vs. Prominent.
Mr. T. C. Leitner has called
>ur attention to the fact that in
:he publication of his card last
week, that there was a serious
error in putting it prominent im
provements, when the word that
lie phoned in was permanent.
His platform is not so much the.
andertaking of great or prominent
improvements, but that of maki ng
all work of a permanent nature.
The correction is duly made.
Fliss Douglas Goes to Brazil.
Miss Margaret Douglas, daug
ter of the Rev. James Douglas, of
Blackstock, who has been teach
ing at Winthrop for a few years,
has been accepted as a mission
ary to Brazil by the Foreign
Missionary Board of the Southern
Presbyterian church and will
leave Blackstock Friday for Bal
timore: After spending a-'week
with her brother, Rev. Davidson
Douglas, she will go to New
York and sail the 2nd of July for
Brazil. Miss Douglas i s a
thoroughly consecrated young
woman and is well fitted for the
work.-Chester Lantern.
i eath of A Young Wife.
Mrs. Sadie Robinson White
side, wife of Mr. Jos. W. White
side, of Lewisville, and daughter
of Mrs. Frances E. Robinson, of
Edgemoor, died at Johns Hop
kins Hospital, Baltimore, at 3
o'clock Thursday morning, 14th
inst., aged 24 years. She had
been in hospital but few days;
her health had been feeble for
three or four months. Besides
her sorely bereaved husband and
deeply afflicted mother, she
leaves an infant of fourteen
months. For these the tenderest
sympatay is felt. The remains
of the young wife and mother
arrived at Edgemoor station early
Friday morning, and at noon were
buried in the cemetery at Union
A. R. P. church, funeral by the
pastor, Rev. R. A. Lummis.
Chester 'Reporter.
Mrs. Whiteside was a sister of
Mrs. Addie J. Williford, and
had made many friends here in
Winnsboro during her visit to her
There tIust be Virtue in Stag Brand.
New Market, Va.
Messrs. Hirshberg, Hollander &
Dear Sirs-Stag Brand has
given satisfaction every place I
used it. I like it myself very
much, on account of the body
and covering qualities. I do not
know of any paint I would sooner
recommend than Stag Paint.
Yours truly
Isaac J. Phillips.
Stag Brand Semi-Paste Paint
always gives satisfaction. The
three features of this paint which
stand out boldly, viz.: Economy
of cost, durability and brilliancy
of color, have made it superior to!
any other brand on the market.
"One gallon makes Two."
For sale by Jno. H. McMaster
& Co., Winnsboro, S. C.
Have you pains in the back, inflam
mation of any kind, rheumation,
fainting spells, indigestion or consti pa
tion, Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
makes you well, keeps you well. 35
cents- Jno. H. MIcMas3ter & Co.
Well, said the chronic office
seeker, my friend Bigby has been
elected Governor.
Yes said Smartley.
Yes, he's got there. Now, 1
want to send him some flowers.
What kind would you suggest?
Why take a dozen things to cure
that cough? Kennedy's Laxative
Honey and Tar allays the congestiou,
stops that tickling, drives the cold out
through your bowels. Sold by all
?'o all the prize is open,
Blut only he can take it
.Vho says with Roman courage,
'' ll tind a way or make it."
HVA N P ED- Everybody to bring
their s oild I e. ni, collars, cuffs,
shir., erav t;a, itc , to Lauder
d de's store whe e it will be
sent to rhe old Charlotte Steam
Laundry and come back fresh
and pure. Shipments made
every w eek. Bring your bundle
along when you come to town.
David T. Landerdale, Agent.
So Tired
It may be from overwork, but
the chances are Its from an in
active LIV ER.~....
With a well conducted LIVER
one can do mountains of labor
without fatigue.
It adds a h und r ed per cent to
ones earning capacity.
it can be kept in healthful action
by, and only by
SCOTT'S EMULSION won't make a
hump back straight, neither will it make
a short leg long, but it feeds soft bone
and heals diseased bone and is among
the few genuine means of recovery in
rickets and bone consumption.
Send for free sample.
SCOTTr & BOWNE, Chezni..ti,
4090-05 Pearl Street, New YOrkC.
,Soc. and *.oo; all druggists.
How Teasels Are Used In Finishing
Different Cloths.
Growing by t4e wayside you will of
ten see that stately, spiny looking
plant, the teazel, but I wonder low
many know that It has helped to fir:ish
many a piece of cloth they wear.
We are apt to think of a tool as
something of man's make, yet hero is
one of nature's own, and nothing 3as
ever been manufactured to successful
ly take its place. For ages the te.-zel
has been used for fulling cloth-thaat
Is, raising the "nap"-and the 'maau
facturers refer to "nap goods" thus
treated as "gigged."
When ripe, the dried spike heads are
gathered, packed carefully in bundles
and shipped in all directions to facto
ries. The variety mostly used ha -ve
the extreme end of the spikes hooked
or curved backward. This is called
"fullers' teazel." These heads form a
sort of brush and are attached to a
wheel or cylinder which revolves
against the surface of the clpth, rnd
these curved spikes catch paTt of the
threads and pull them up, making a
fuzzy nap. This is trimmed down und
leaves that soft, velvety finish to the
cloth. The spikes have strength enough
and elasticity, but when they come in
contact with a rough place In the cloth
they break and so avoid tearing the
mnaterial. Try as they may, no one aas
ever been able to invent a tool possess
ing all of these qualities, so the ter.zel
stands unrivaled for that use. T.he
plant as we see it growing wild lo-ks
perhaps at first glance somewhat like
a thistle, but it really has a digtity
and character all its own. The heads
In flower are covered with a fluffy
down, lavender or white, and as the
blossoms drop spikes appear u 'l lat
er it fairly bristles. The leaves, point
ed and spiked, shooting out. each side
of the stem, meet at the base and form
a little basin In which is usually wva
ter. So we have the name of the plant
from the Greek "dipsacus," meaning
thirsty, and many other fanciful oi-es,
such as Venus' cup, Venus' bath, wood
or church brooms, gypsy combs, cloth
ter's brush, etc.-St. Nicholas.
Bees never store up honey where It
is light
The moth has a fur jacket and the
butterfly none.
A squirrel comes down a tree head
first and a cat tall first
Leaves will attract dew when boards,
sticks and stones will not.
Corn on the ear ia never found with
an uneven number of rows.
The dragon fly can devour Its own
body and the head still live.
A horsefly will live for hours after
the head has been pinched off.
Fish, flies and caterpillars may be
frozen solid and still retain life.
A horse always gets up fore parts
first and a cow directly the opposite.
Some fies thrust their eggs Into the
bodies of' caterpillars, but always in
such parts of the body that when the
larvae are feeding on the flesh of dihe
foster parent they will not eat into sny
vital part
Pun. on People's NJames.
A little while ago a popular form of
social amusement was found In p:In
ning on people's names-"Why did So
and-so?" "Because Such-and-suc2."
The game ran riot for a time, snd
echoes of It are still heard In the outer
suburbs. Before those echoes die a'nay
a correspondent suggests that we
should put It on record that the o:ig
Inator of the fashion was no less ncta
ble a person than the Quaker poet,
Tohn Greenleaf Whittier. On an a-:ti
slavery lecturer named 'Mary Gr-ew,
visiting Boston In 1871, WhIttier wrote
a poem, "How Mary Grew," each stan
za ending on a variation of the pun
The world were safe if but a few:
Could grow in grace as Mary Grew.
-London Chronicle.
Not In Any County.
The city of St. Louis is not in sny
county. It is an independent munici
pality equipped with all the machinery
of county and city government. It
has its own circuit and criminal courts.
its own grand jury, jail, etc. The cir
cuit attorney Is the prosecuting officer
of St Louis. Until 1876 St. Louis was
the county seat of St Louis county,
but in that year the city was comple e
ly separated from the county, so titatt
it is now as independent subdivision of
the state. Clayton, a few miles w -st
of the city, is now the courthouse town
of St. Louis county.-St. Louis Repub
-The Jersey Cow.
The Jersey cow Is a small anim~al,
and tirerbfore her maintenance rat on
is small, while a relatively large part
of her food goes to profit She is- a
persistent milker, often a perpetlal
milker, and ordinarily not dry more
than six or eight weeks In a year. She.
has an extremely long period of use
fulness In the dairy. Five years cover
the profitable work of the average cw.
The Jersey produces until fifteen years
old. Many are profitable when eighteen
to twenty-one years of age.-Farmer.
The Other Way.
"Aren't you afraid that horse will
run away with somebody?"
"Friend," said Broncho Bob, "it ain't
nothin' in Crimson gulch for a hoss to
run away with a man. It's wher- a
man tries to run away with a hoss
that there's danger." - Washington
Sorrow of It.
Husband (during the spat)-Anyway,
I'm not afraid to say what I thinik.
Wife-No, I suppose not, but you our~hti
ta ha auhanaen to-eTrIa+n Trihnn.
This is a pic
than of
- lute,
k carload of ELLWOOD fieli
:he different styles of fence.
Buying in this quantity, v
will almost bring it within 1
We will be glad to figure y
Claims Notice.
All parties having claims against
he . school funds of Fairfield
ounty are hereby notified to pre- fj
ent the same duly attested to me d
t my office on or before June
30th. Trustees are also requested
to see to it that tie annual re- C
ports of all teachers are filed with
me on the same date.
Superintendent of Education.
Copartnership Notice.
Notice is hereby given that a
partnership has this day been
formed between W. A. Hood and
J. M. Lucas, who will continue on
an enlalged scale the mercantile
business, hitherto conducted by
W.. A. Hood in his own name,
under the firm name of W. A.
Hood & Company.
With thanks for past patron
age 'and soliciting a continuation
of the same, we pledge our cus
tomers our best efforts to please
them in every way.
June 26, 1906.
6-27-4t J. M. LUCAS.
Scholarships for Young
Of the 12 Scholarships owned by the
south Carolina Federation of Women's
Clubs, only the following are now
A. C.--one scholarship for four years'
cademic work in College.
-One Scholarship of free tuition for a
four years. Spca rates for music. 1
CHICORA COLEGE-Greenville, S.C. n
-one, Scholarship of free tuition for s
four years.\
-Charleston, S. C.--One Scholarship
f free tuition for two years. - c
The examinations for the Scholar- e
hips will be held in each county, July
~th. All applicants must file their t
ames before June 30th, withe
Chairman Educational' Dept. S.. C.
ederation of Women's Clubs, Ander- a
~on, S. C. 6-27 t
1,000 MEN, WOMEN
to come and see what bar- C
gains can be got from him.
He keeps a good supply i
f jo-inch Victor Records L1
and Needles.
You. will have to see ti
what he has got to be con
vinced. His stock is so
full he cannot begin to
name the different ar- -
Call and hear the band
play; if you buy or not,
you are welcome.
The Bargain Men.
BARlGAINS in Cigars and To
bacco. See if it isn't so. -
LNWARE at speciel prices. 5
and 10 cent articles as good
as sold higher elsewhere.
L. 10:eent box of Toilet Soap
that is a real leader. Try it.
ive and Ten-Cent articles. Many
bargains in these. A call
will convince you.
R. A. Buchanan.
(FThat last year's suit can
e made to look as bright and
resh as new, if you will bring it|
o Isaiah Bens mn, the merchant
~ailor at the Thespian hall. If I
ou are not a member of the~
ressing club, join now, so that
ou may have your suit kept trim
Kodol Dyspopsia COr
Digests wato.,..
ture of Ellwood hog fence. Mc
all other makes combined. In
of plain barbed wire, it puts up
y pig-tight and will also turn la
I fencing, and can supply yoL
ie are able to make some v<
each of every one.
vith any one who is thinking
W. C. I
arent flavors. Two splendid p
elicious ice cream quick.
Another shipment of H
FRUIT JARS at special pr
I am prepared to supply a
nd will do my best to please
Dr your groceries.
Fruit Jars P
Jelly Glasses.
Rubbers. for pint, q
gallon j
Phone No. 9. Un<
xamlnation for Agricultural Scholar
Examination for award of the vacant.
ehoarships will be -held in the Cou rtf 1
[ouse of the following' counties July 0 i
t 8 A. M. Applicants must not be
es thl 16 years of age and must fur
ish an honora ble di harge from Iast I
hool attended.
Number of scholarships vacant.-(
arnwell county, 1; Beaufort county,
;Cherokee county, 1; Chester county,
;Chesterfield county, 1; Clarendon
aunty, .2; Darlington county. 3; Dor
bester county, 1; Fairfield county, 1;
'lorence county, J; Georgetown coun
7, 1; Kershaw county, 1; Lexington
ounty. 2; Marion county, 1; Spartan
ur county, 1; Sumter county, 1.
Scolarships are worth $100 per year
nd free tuition.! For further informa
ion ca l on County Superintendent of1
Eduation. For catalogue address
P. H. MELL, President,
6-20 Clems'on College, S. C.
Scholarship Examination.
AROLINA offers Scholarships in the
ormal Departnment to two young men
om each County. Each Scholarship
worth $40 in mioney and $18 matricu
tion or "term" fee.
Examination will he held at County
~at FRIDAY, JULY 6th. Examin a-y
on for admission to the University
ill be held at the same time.
Write for information to
BENJAMtN SLOAN, President,
6-20 Columbia, S. C.BO
A Living
If we were to assemble all
those who have been cured of
heart disease . by Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure, and who would and
to-day be in their graves had It's
not D~r. Miles' been successful 24
in perfecting this wvonderful
heart specific, they would pop- wv
ulate a large city, thin
.What a remarkable record- for i
a breathing, thinking, moving
monument, composed of human
lives,-that for which every
other earthly possessiorg is sac-4
The Miles Medical Co. re- Co
ceive thousands of letters from =
these people like the following:
t fee rindebted to thee Dr es
d tothis oremarkable red for the
~rom shortness of breath afteran
ht I would sonme time drop dead uonI
e stret. aOde iday I ead one of your
y druggst ad purcede two bot te
es t tna, am entirely cured. Since
commendI this remedy to my friende
ho hae heart trouble; in fact I am
idely known In ths loAlit."
Manager of Lebanon Democrat, o
Washville, Tenn.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold by
he first botie will benefit. irant haiy
te will refund your money.
Mr;1es Merlieal Co. Elkbart~ Ind .
re of this styie is used
connection with several
a fence that is abso
rge stock.
Just Received
ir wants in most all
2ry low prices, which
of doing some fencing.
E CREAM" in six dif
'reparations for making
I your Grocery Wants
you. Call or send here
S T O N.
, Jar Tops.
luart '%d half
ler Winnsboro Hotel.
A. Great
ias been mande in the
naking of hardware
or fine dwellings.
;areful people 'are
ising Corbin's 'Locks
md Trimmings. A
rariety of designs
;uitable in style and
inish for the various
:lasses of architec
ure makes a selection
asy. Write
The Nearest Pojn?ro
Obtain Your
is from
Drug- Store,
CoLUPIBIA, s. c.
e obt'ain it fresh every ten days,
Lbare it tu 1, 2, .3 anid 5-lb..boxes.
;0e. a p und.
dl us yc ur orders.
atch cur advertisement for some
;new. We want your business.
jail orders. Try us one time.
it, Cholera & Diarrhea Remedy
Almost every family has need
a reliable remedy for colic or.
arrhea at some time during the
This remedy is recommended
r dealerg who have sold it for
any years and kn'ow its value.
It has reeived thousands of
stimonials from grateful people.
It has been prescribed by phy
ians with the most satisfactory
It has often saved life before
edicine could have been sent for
a physician summoned.
It only costs a quarter. Can
in afford to risk so much for so
-lc? R BY IT NOW.

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