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Editor and Proprietor.
One Year,..................1.50
Six Months.................... .75
Wednesday, August 29, 1906.
117 out of 22 Boxes Reported. Dixon,
Leitner and T. S. Brice Elected
Representatives; Jordan Superinten
dent of Education; Pagan and Burley
re-elected by Good Ilajorities.
The first primary yesterday
passed off very quietly. A heavy
rain late in the afternoon inter
fered very much with getting in
returns and only 17 boxes were
heard from. The indications are
that the total vote was little in
excess of 1400 if that much. Too
few state boxes heard from to
give any estimate of the results.
From the votes in it is certain
that Dixon, Leitner and T. S.
Brice are elected to the house;
Pagan and Burley are each re
elected to their respective offices
over their opponents; Jordan
beats Robinafn for superintendent
of education. Scraggs and Broom
each receive flattering votes and
are re-elected without opposition.
The vote on the bond issue
was very IiSht and probably a
gainst the issuance.
Increased 50 to 75 Per Cent.
Editor The N(ews and Herald:
Some of our progressive farm
ers, including the McMeekin
brothers, A. E. Davis, Samuel U.
Robinson and John Arnette, will
increase their yield of corn, per
acre, 50 to 75 per cent by a modi
fied p lan of Williamson's. This
will be good news, I am sure. No
doubt the weather conditions con
spired to help the plan this year,
but these gentlemen are of the
opinion the plan will work suc
cessfully any year-the change
from the old way to the new way
is thought to be the superior way.
If Mr. Williamson, of Darlington
county, can succeed in teaching
our people to make these splendid
crops of corn-make two ears
grow where only one has grown
he will be a r-eat benefactor and
the most skillfl pilot in a busi
ness way in this country, and the
people will be quick to give him
the glory and proof. of grateful
I wish to suggest the propriety
-of those farmers who have tried
the Wiliamson method to give us
their pans and experiences
throug The News and Herald.
It wilbe the right thing, gentle
men, just at this juncture to show
your zeal and interest by giving
us your modus operandi. Help
Mr. Williamson to extricate our
selves by showing us your plans
and you shall have the assurances
of our appreciation and regard.
J. A. Scott, M. D.
Monticello, 5. 0., Aug. 24,1906.
IlGood for the cough, removes the cold,
the cause of the cough. That's the
work of Kennedy's Laxative Honey
and Tar-the original laxative cough
syrup. Contains no opiates. Sold by
all druggists.
Stover Dots.
We are having plenty of rain,
much to the regret of the farmers,
as fodder is ready for pulling.
Miss Martha McDonald is quite
sick with typhcid fever.
Miss Mamie McDonald is visit
ing Misses I rowns at Morris
Miss Lizzie Douglass of Winns
boro was the guest Oi Mrs. J. A.
McCrorey, Jr., the past week.
Mrs. Lizzie Ragsdale of Black
stock is spending a few days wit
her son, Jam'3s.
Mrs. Lizzi3 Sloan, from near
Blackstock, and Miss M a r y
* Bankhead otWhite Oak are the
guest: of Mis. J. W. B~ankhead.
Mr.J. B. Dixon and children
of Rossville spent a few days last
week with Mrs. D. McDonald..
Mr. 3. A. .McCrorey, Jr., spent
Saturday with his parents near
Messrs .William and James
Steel of Mcrris Creek visited Mr.
L. Black last week.
Mr. W. G. McDonald, now en
gaged in tne insurance work, is
spending awhile at his mother's.
Miss Mamije Higgins spent last
week with 'friends at Mitford.
Starving to Death.
Because her stomach was soj
weakened, by useless drugging that~
she could not eat, Mrs. Mary H.
Walters, of St. Clair St., Colum -
bus, 0., idas ]iterally starving to
death. She writes: "My stomach
was so weak from useless drugs
that I coul not eat, and myj
nerves so w rocked that I could
not sleep;. anel not before I was
given up to die was I induced to
try Electric Bitters, with the
wonderfu~l result that improve
ment followed." Best health
Tonic on earth. 50c. Guaranteed<
by Jno. ;H. McMaster & Co.,
Result of
Fairfield Cotton Mills.
White Oak..........
Woo3ward ..........
Greenbrier ..........
Longtown .... .....
Centreville .... .....
Bear Creek..........
Monticello ..........
Mossy Dale.. . ....
Jackson Creek.......
Feasterville. .... .. -
Horeb .... .... .....-.
Blythewood .... ....
Gladden's Grove.....
Holly Grove........
Mitford ..........
W ateree.............
Totals.. .....
Woman's Right Place.
Four hundreds of years woma:
was very much circumscribed i
her sphere of usefulness. Sh
had to trod along in the same ol,
track that her mothers had tro,
in or be ostracised by societ3
Our fathers thought their wive
and daughters just a little to
fine to come in contact with tb
rough edge of the world, an<
hence the circumscribed spher
in which our women were allows
to move outside the home circh
where in every well regulatei
family she reigned supreme
Woman, in a general rense, wa
regarded as inferior to man ii
mental as well as physical strengtl
Our fathers were not altogethe
to blame for that. It came dow
to them from the days of Adam
He did not have the chivalrou
feeling for woman that every trui
man should have, or he neve
would have attempted to shiel<
himself by casting the blame o
their mutual sin on Eve, saying
"It was the woman Thou gaves
me!" Adam was not only;
coward but an ungallant coward
or he never would have dodge<
behind Mother Eve's petticoat
in trying to save himself. Tim
has changed all that, we are gla
to say, and today woman i
regarded man's most intimat
friend -and safest counsellor an
if he were asked who it was tha
inspired him to all1 that is noble
true and beautiful in this lif
and with a hope of a- bet~'r hf4
in the world to come, he w oul
answer as before, but this tim
without the stain and shame c
cowardly equivopation, yet truth
fully and joyously, "It was th
woman Thou gayest m e.
Woman, the grandest and nobles
work of the Creator's hand,i
man's equal in everything, an
man's superior in many thingi
Teach your boys, mothers, t
honor and revere womanhoot
and thus inspire them to all tha
is true and good.-Selected.
Well Worth Trying.
W. H. Brown, the popular per>
sion attornay of Pittsfield, Vt
says: "Next to a pension, the bes
thing to get is Dr. King's Ne
Life Pills." He writes: "The
keep my family in splendi
health." Quick cure for Head
ache, Constipation and B2lious
ness. 25c. Guaranteed at Juw
H. McMaster & Co.'s drug ston
Taking Him at 1-is Word.
The late Joe J~fferson in h
biography relates probably thi
last jest of Artemus Ward. The
the famous wit Jay dyin'g ai
Southampton, he was attende<
by his devoted friend, T o r
Robertson, the author of "Caste,
who was also a friend of Jefferz
"Just before Ward's death,
writes Mr. Jefferson, "Robertso
poured out some medicine iii
glass, and offered it to his friend
"Ward said, 'My dear Tomn,
can't take that dreadful stuff.
"'Come, come,' said Robertso:
urging him to swallow the nau
seous drug, 'there's a good fellow~
Do, now, for my sake. You knov
I would do anything for you.'
"'Would you?' said Ward, feeb
ly, as he stretched out his hansi
to grasp his friend's, perhaps fo:
he last time.
"'I would indeed,' said obert
*"'Then you take it,' said Ward.
"The humorist passed away a
few hours..ater."
When you have a cold it is well to
e very careful about using anything
:hat will cause constipation. Be par
icularly careful about preparations
staining opiates. Use Kennedy's
~aative Honey and Tar, which stops
e cugh ad moves the bowels. Sod
First Primary Election,
o E4 E4
25 55 71 41 81 53 3 83
107 11 70 45 82 91 58 123
18 3 15 7 7 19 15 21
29 28 53 30 43 36 22 58
139 63. 149 58 142 107 147 204
24 30 12 42 39 50 22 55
44 16 12 57 57 44 19 63
35 5 19 33 32 22 8 39
21 1 8 8 15 12 12 23
50 32 15 74 74 77 9 86'
32 8 12 41 40 29 20 47
21 3 10 13 22 24 2 24
37 0 24 16 30 35 19 42
19 11 9 30 22 22 10 31
77 52 24 100 114 85 55 127
10 21 20 27 23 16 11 31
21 3 10 15 22 24 13 24
709 342 538 637 845 7461436 1081
Held August 28, 190
0 0
C3 0 0
38 45 63 20 52 31
88 33 72 50 85 36
17 4 8 13 13 8
42 16 36 22 27 31
137 67 191 15 117 89
18 36 29 26 12 42
46 17 53 10 51 12
6 34 12 27 25 15
23 0 17 6 22 1
76 10 77 9 42 42
29 18 16 31 25 22
13 11 21 3 2 22
24 17 34 7 11 7
2 29 20 11 17 14
96 34 82 46 95 39
5 26 19 12 18 13
13 11 31 3 2 22
667 408 771 311 616 446
to come
look wh(
. A gi
I haves
Boys' Clol
Muslins a
Give m
please yo
nents *"
W. A.
V Nancy C. 2
In pursus
Court of Cc
the above st
for sale bel
door in Wii
.first Monda
ldr within the
Ieru public outoc
der, the foil
erty, to wit:
All that c
tract of lani
County and
lina, on we
containing I
and having
11 and metes
of W. B.
;u Its. dated Apri
the nort b'
east by la:
south by lai
Samuel We
Samuel We
Weir, know3
to be paid i
j4 in one year
deferred pa
sale until p
of the cred
secured by 1
and mortgt
sold, which
tain a pro
fees in cas
tte the purchas
etter. purchase pr
chaser to i
papers and:
- Winnsbor
_______________Letters ol
State of South
County ofF
By D A. Broc
_________________ Whereas, D.
suit to me to
ministration c
of Katie Hopla
These are, tL
monish all ar
and creditors
kins, decease
appear before 1
hate, to be I
House, South
day of Augum
tion hereof, at
noon, to show
why the said
not be granted,
Given under
of August, A..
Ladies, readt
-Bright eyes, gl<
smooth skin
short, perfect
eier package]
ter & Co.
83 For Thirt
12 Washing
58 ly reduce
203 pose of gi
61 duced.
47 Come to tI
2 all yoi
1081 75B
75 a
1 t FdiI
and give me a
:n in need of
I have a Igood
Come quidl
ood line of
and Caps.. A. B.
;ome bargains in
:hing,Dry Goods, W e Ar<
nd Percals.
e a trial. I can
U. mm
Dr small profits,
Hood & Co. Large Nu
rk's Sale. C
WV. Henry. Plaintiff,
tevenson and Rober 1117 Plain Street.
son, Defendants.
nce of an order of the im"Watch our pric
mmon Pleas made in
ated case, I will offer t is No W
ore the Court House tI fV
mnsboro, S. C., on the
r in September next,
egal hours of sale, at
y, to the hi hest bid- But What
>wmg descri ed prop
artain piece, parcel or
I situate in Fairfield When you trai
State of South Caro- for-and full as ni
ters of Little River,
55 acres, more or less' elsewhere for the
such forms, bounds always pay you to
is are shown by plat get. Our stock is
Ehompson, surveyor, Notions, Millinery,
29, 1890; bounded on If you cannot 2
lands of W. J. Weir,
ads of R. 0. Dove,
ds of R. C. Dove and J.
ir, west by lands of '_________
ir and that of David
i as the Cabeen place Sheriff's Salt
f the purchase price State of South Carolina,
1 cash and the balance County of Fairfield.
with interest on the By virtue of authorit
ymaent from day of in me as Sheriff, I have
id; and the payment and will sell before it
it portion shall be House door in Winnsbo
ond of the purchaser first Monday in Septer
~ge of the premises the following tracts of hi
mortgage shall con- the acts referring to d4
'ision for attorney's taxes:
of foreclosure, but Win. Huchaby, 71 acr
~r may pay all of the 6, bounded on the north
ce in caish. Thie pur- Kennedy, east by Robt.]J
ay for all necessary south by Robt. Branh;
-ecording the sa* by Jno. Frost lands.
fiN W. LYLES, Andrew McClellan p:
C. C. 0. P. F. C- acres in. No. 30, bound<
y, S. 0., Aug 14,1906. north by W. T. Martin a
Howell, on the east I
. . . Raines, on the southi
Administration Wooten, on the west i
Carolina, Bny
tirfield. Mti ilm 5ar
in, Esq., Probate Judge: Dvs ntees
Roe Coleman hath made
grant him letters of ad-Admothsuh
f the estate and effects uontewsbyL
ins, deceased: A .H
erefore, to cite and ad- 8lt
d singular the kindred
of the said Katie Hop
ri, that they be and F
ne, in the Court of Pro- nlDshr
Carliaonthe30hDotavis o hey giast t
11 'coc i th fre Jdges of Prbte fot Fare
cause if ay thufaf, on the da y Setb
adinstatonshul 106 a 1 oclckA. D., HO
d a ischargeaAdnitao
Carolind, oth 0thda Ntae f h~rsb ien at,
adminitratio shud10,a1ocoA. . fEA
JD. A. BROOM, 8-8-4t Admini
Judge '.f Probate.
his catalogue of charms.'
>wing cheeks, red lips, a C S IL EY
without a blemish, mi*n
ealth. For sale with WINNSBORO, S. C.
llister's Rocky Moun- Offices: 4 Law Range.
> close out.
uctory Offer.
y Days we will sell
Machines at great=
I prices for the pur=
atting them intro=
ie Old Reliable for
ur Furniture.
. Phillips.
rrels Flour
per Barrel.
before it is all gone.
Best Advertised
--=BY OUR- ---
mber of Satisfied
es on Buggies in a few days.
hat You Pay.
For What You Get,
You Get
For What You Pay.
le here, you get just what you pay
iuch or more than what you get
same amount of money. It will
come here for what you have to
complete--Furniture, Dry Goods,
Buggies, Wagons, Groceries, etc.
:et it at Boag's, it is not to be had
.B OA G.
y vested But Still in the Ring
levied on on Account of.
2e Court
oon the H~aving to Move.
iber next
,nd under
slinquent1 I can be found at the
.store lately occupied by
by Wn.No Jno. M. Smith, with an
rnaentirely new stock. Come
m, west and see me; it will pay
you. I will have bargains
ace, 210 for all.
don the Don't forget the place
nd S. M- opposite the"public well."
7Y3.A I will do my best to please
>y 0. B. you.
.Victor Records a n d
s in.No. Needles always on. hand.
by L. A. Any make of talking ma
y Lucy chine ordered for you.
Davis. H. LANGLEY,
,F C. The Bargain Man.
.Notice to Creditors.
Lt the un
Broom, All persons indebted to the
County, estate of Robert Branham, de
a final ceased, are hereby notified to
of the make payment to the aindersigned,
- and all persons holding claims
strtr gis said estate are notified to
-present their claims duly verified
--~~to the undersigned.
Kodol Dyspopsia Oura
to 3. DIgests whaat you eat.

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