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So are the necessary school supplies for
* the scholars now in--PENCILS, TAB
* cial attention given the needs of the
N The kind that takes, because it is the 0
* right kind. Catering to the wants of *
* particular correspondents a specialty 5
0 with us.
U 0
Jno. H. McMaster & Co., m
* Phone 39. Druggists. 0
0 E
I have the Agency for this Press for Chester and
Fairfield Counties. If you want the BEST Press on
the market, see me.
J. LOWRY GUY, Chester, S. C.
Here is Yours Bargain:
One 30 H. P. Horizontal Return
Tubular Boiler.
One Watertown Stationary En=
All in fine shape.
Cornwell, S. C.
or quarts and half gal=
ions, will be. sold
cheap for cash
Fruit Jars......
I have a few dozens Mason's
Best Quality quarts and half=
gallon Fruit Jars, which I am
selling cheap. If you need any
give me a call.
We Are Best Advertised
Large Number of Satisfied
* Customers.
1117 Plain Street. COLUMBIA, S. C.
muWatch oure prices on Buggies in a few days.
Wednesday, Sept. 5, 1906.
-Mrs. T. J. Cureton is visit
ing relatives at Charlotte.
-Mr. A. F. Ruff, Jr., of Rock
Hill is in town this week.
-Mr. J. W. Seigler has re
turned from Sullivans Island.
-Misses Helen and Avaie
Belle Stewart are with relatives
in town.
-Mr. F. E. Hinnant of Cohim
bis spent Sunday with his par
-Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Bollinger
have returned to their home in
-Mr. J. J. Neil, Jr., after a
month's vacation at home, has
returned to Columbia.
-Mr. R. E. Brice of Columbia
spent Sunday with his father,
Mr. J. A. Brice.
-Miss Mamie Haynes of Long
town has accepted a position with
Mr. T. M. Haynes.
-Mr. J. Davis Kerr of Abbe
ville spent a few day in town last
week with relatives.
-Messrs T. H. Ketolin and
A. W. Brown will be in the north
ern markets this week.
-Messrs C. F. and Bratton
Davis and Jesse Doty are back
from a trip to New York.
-Miss Alice McMaster has re
turned to Georgetown after a
short visit to her old home.
-Mr. A. E. Davis, Jr., has ac
cepted a position with the Winns
boro Oil Mill as book keeper.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Tennant
spent the past week with the
family of Mr. B. G. Tennant.
-Miss Lizzie Cureton has with
her this week Misses Madge and
Jenks Johnston of Rock Hill.
-Miss Kathleen Caldwell left
Monday for Troy to be prosent
at the marriage of a friend.
-Messrs W. A. Elliott, Jas.
Douglass and U. G. DesPortes,
Jr., leave to-day for Davidson.
-Miss Lillie Hoffman o f
Augusta i s spending a short.
while with her sister, Mrs. Pres
ton Rion.
-Mrs. Daisy Deal has return
ed home after a visit of several
months to relatives at Blythewood.
and other point.
-Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gerig, who
have been spending the past week
with his mother have returned to
their home in Ocala.
--Mr. Jas. H. Rion has taken
a place as book-keeper in the
National Loan and Exchange
Bank of Columbia.
-Mr. RI. W. Stewart and family
of Augusta, who have been spend
ing a few weeks at Woodward,
have returned home.
-Miss Lily May Eoster, a
former Fairfield girl, recently
won a scholarship in Winthrop
from Greenville county.
-Mr. Longstreet Gantt has
accepted a position with Mr. C. A.
Robinson, where he will b e
pleased to see his friends.
-Mr. Sam'l Palmer of Cb arles
ton returned home yesterday after
a visit of several days to the
family of Mr. R. E. Ellison.
-This is the very time for the
planting of turnips and the best,
of all the table varieties is the
Yellow Aberdeen. P lant now.
-Mr. J. P. Caldwell and Miss
Lizzie Beaty are back from north
ern markets. See the announce
ment of the Caldwell Dry Goods
-Miss Janie Gibson, who has
been spending the past month
with her aunt, Mrs. J. B. Burley,
has returned to her home in New
-Mr. M. W. Peurifoy, who
formerly taught the. Greenbrier
graded 'school, has accepted a
position in the registry depart
ment of the Columbia post.office.
-Mr. J. F. Coleman, who has
for several years been the depot
agent at Woodward, left last week
to take charge of the office at
Blackville. Miss Cook succeeds
him at Woodward.
-The season for the early
closing of the stores is now a
thing of the past and so the clerks
no longer have that little rest in
the afternoon that is such a
blessing to them.
-The many friends of Capt.
J. D. Hogan, who lived in Fair
field county till 17 years ago,
will be pleased to learn that he
has just been elected a member
of the general assembly of Ark
ansas from Pope counsy.
-Mr. Jno. S. Douglass o f
Columbia and his daughter, Miss
Eugenia, returned to Columbia
Monday after a week spent at
their old home at Albion. Rev
J. W. Douglass of Balitmore has
also been visiting out there.
-Miss Annie Doty is..baving a
delightful house party this week
Icomposed of the following -of he:
college mates: Misses Tallulal
Nevile of Clinton, Annie Aiker
Iand Ross McCaslan of Green
wood, and Annie Cherry of Rocd
-Mr. T M. Lyleg left - ester
day for Spartanburg whete he will
hold out his shingle for t I e
practice of law. Success to him.
---Supt. J. H. Thornwell has
arrived and is now busy getting
everything.in readiness for the
opening of Mt. Zion on the 18th.
-Mr. J. C. Willingham went to
Timmonsville Saturday in re
sponse to a telegram notifying
him of the serious illness of his
little grand child, Pobt Hallford,
who has since died. The be
reaved parents have the sympathy
of many friends here at their old
-Rev. T. W. Scruggs, an old
Fairfield boy, has been elected a
member of the legislature from
Chesterfield county on the dispen
sary ticket. Dr. Olin Sawyer, who
lived several years in Fairfield
county, has also been elected a
member of the house of represen
tatives from Georietown county.
-Mrs. Henry Stokes received
a telegram Sunday afternoon in
forming her of the sudden death
of her father, Mr. Aller Watson
Heath, which took place at the
home of his brother, Mr. 0. P.
Heath, in Charlotte. Mr. Heath's
home was at Waxhaw and his re
mains were taken to Monroe the
next day for interment. Mrs.
Stokes left Sunday afternoon to
be present at the funeral.
-Dr. W. G. Neville of the
Presbyterian College at Clinton
preached at the Presbyterian
church at both the morning and
evening hours Sunday. His
sermon that evening at the union
service on the subject of burden
bearing was a most helpful one,
just such a sermon as is needed
to stimulate to better living and
a larger enjoyment of the Chris
tian life. Dr. Neville was accom
panied on this visit by Mrs.
CUTLERY-A: full:line of guar
anteed cutlery at T.M.Haynes'.
Be sure to see his razors.
Will Probably Die.
The condition of George Saw
yer, the negro who was shot by a
posse of white men near Strother
about two weeks ago, is reported
to be quite serious. The facts of
the shooting can not be ascer
tained. The officers of the law
have taken no step in the matter.
Entertainment at Bethel.
There. will be quite an interest
ing entertainment given at Bethel
school house on Friday evening,
Sept. 7th, promptly at half past
eight o'clock, for the benefit of~
Bethel church. The public is
cordially invited to a t t e n d.
Admittance fee: men, twenty-five
cents, ladies, fifteen and children
For Over Sixty Years.
has been used for over 60 years by mil
lions of mothers for their children -
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain; cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for Diarrho~a. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer im -
mediately. Sold by druggists in everyj
part of the world. Twenty-five cents
a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take
ne other kind.
A GoSd Record.
The News and Herald handled
the election returns last week in
a manner that was most credit-.
able, and that too under circum
stances that were most trying.
On' account of the heavy elec
tric display it was impossible to
get in a single box till after 6
o'clock and yet at 8:30 returns
were in from 17 out of the 22
boxes. The other boxes would
have been in, had it not been that
the phone connection was broken.
By 11:30 o'clock that night the
papers were at the depot, ready I
for the different trains on which
they were to go out. It required
ea'y work here in the office to y
make this record. Thanks too
must be extended to Post Master
Rion who waited and made up
these late mails for us, a courtesy .
that he always extends and onea
that is much appreciated,r
Well Worth Trying.
W. H. Browns the popular pen- p
sion attorney. of Pittsfield, Vt., tl
says: "Next to a pension, the best a
tbing to get is Dr. King's New s
Life Pills." He writes: "They t
keep my family in splendid b2
health" Quick cure for Head
ache, Constipation and Bilious
ness. 25c. Guaranteed at Jno. s
H. McMaster & Co.'s drug store. 1:
Charming Entertainers. t
--- e
Mrs. W. S. Till was called to E
her hom e in Jacksonville last E
Tuesday on account of the serious
illness of her husband. Mrs.
Till had come u p for a stay of a<
month with relatives at the Duual
hotel and she was accompanied
by her two daughters, Misses
Jessie Frieda and Florence
Woodward Till. Within the past!
year, since they were last in
Winnsboro, these little girls have
Imade as remarkable progress as
1jtheir work at that time was
already exceptional. It is doubt
ful if there are any two sisters of
sofw ers in America that are
fall AnotL
Our buyers have returr
markets. They were su<
great many beautiful goc
The goods are now comin
every department of the
to overflowing of the choi
tions of
The early buyers alwa3
is a sound reason why yc
early call.
Caldwell Dry
We are Distributin
Victor Ialking
We will keep a ful
and Records at lowe
Call and make
300 ltespItacd
L ala fELLW OildfninEn
he different styles of fence.
Buying in this quantity, we are able to ni
ill almost bring it within reach of every<
We will be glad to figure with any one wi
ore wonderful in the matter of The indications n<
citations and songs. They are in the Democratic parl
emand in Jacksonville and many is going to be sohid1
ther Ilorida towns for taking its candidate for the
art in various entertainments ana This will count fori
1ey freuquently entertain for a* the triumph of those
'hole evening without any as- ciples for which the
stance at all. It is to be hoped..
2at they can return to Winns- It arouses energy, der
oro again soon. ulates nervous life, arous
- - Iof youth. It makes yoi
"To Cure a Felon," That's what Hollister's
sys Sam Kendall, of l'llips- inl Te will do. e5 ter
urg, Kau., "just cover 1t over___________
rith Bucklen's Arnica Salve and
be Salve will do the rest." Quick- A. G. Quatr
st cure for Burns, Boils, Sores, Dnit
clds, Wounds, Piles, EczemaDnit
alt Rheum, Chapped Hands, winnrsboro
ore Feet and Sore Eyes. Only -
5c at Jno. H. Mc~laster & Co.'s oimee same as occupi
trug store. Guaranteed. Dr. }K J. Quattlebaumi.
Dead easy. J. D. McM[
Many of 'our contemporaries
Lre struggling over the simplified Dentist,
pelling of Mr. Roosevelt's name. WINNSRORC
~ere it is: "it." -News a n d oc vrM .
ourier, (fievr . .
the cause of the cough. That' hfodfrts the ecod S PI L
work of Kenneidy's Laxative Honey WINNSBOR(
and rar-the original laxative cough Offces: 4 Law Rt
srup . (ontains no0 opiates. ol by Hou
ied from the northern
cessful in buying a
ds, and
g on every train, and
store will soon be full
cest and best selec=
rs get the choice. This
u should give us an
Goods Co.
g Agents for the
Machine Co.
I line of Machines
;t prices.
Is on hand.
ntile Gwupdny.
hug fcnce. More cf this style is [email protected]
combined. In connection with several
wire, it puts up a fence that is~ abe
will also turn large stock.
Just Received
:an supply your wants in most al~
iake some very low prices, which
1o is thinking of doing some fencing.
> are that~ COAL COL 0h~
y for once _______
r united onl A t present prices coal .s cheaper than
presideney wco ed ver no tak g orers or
Soft Coal. Place your orders early to
great prit - insure prompt delivery before cold
arty stands. weather comes.J.CCADEL
elops and stim
es the ecurage
yugants, Tea orTab hPUALSL
& Co.__ _ _ _
lebani, One $65.00 Talking Ma
buchine for $30.00; abotit 3
doz. io-in. Victor ,Records
, s. c.at 40c. each, at
ed by the late L N L YS
_______ Come and hear it talk
EKIN, and sing.
Glassware, Tinware, Pic
s. C. tures, Photo Frames at
oty's store, close figures, at
;y, M. D. L N L YS
s. 5C. Don't forget the place,

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