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-levesessoemn 610
So are the necessary school supplies for
* the scholars now in--PENCILS, TAB
* cial attention given the needs of the
* The kind that takes, because it is the
* right kind. Catering to the wants of *
N particular correspondents a specialty
with us.
Jno. H. McMaster & Co.,''
* Phone 39. DruggiSts. e
Want to Trade?
I have a few New Buggies that
I will trade for horses or mules.
I will buy your mule or horse, if
-you 'will sell at summer time
Best Liniment Used
Balsam of Myrrh GUARANTEED.
All parts and fixtures for these
machines always in stock. No
better machines on the market.
See me before buying.
You can Bank on
Made-to-Order Clothes
in more ways than one You ca absolutey rey upo tler being mad
and fbric bing always absolutely correct. Anoth~er* ~ip-19q
*actually bank money on what you save by not paying LV~
tailor's name--and by improving your personal appearance, hs~~
Best without costiiig mostg ". .N
. L.. ME LT ON,
F:Pin S. C.
Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1906.
-Miss Maggie Elder went tt
Columbia yesterday.
-Mrs. Elizabeth Adams i E
visiting relatives in Kentucky.
-Mrs. N. D. Waldo of Florida
is the guest of Mrs. R. V. Wood
-Mr. Jno. Scott of Florenca is
the guest of Mrs. Lou P. Mc
-Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Gerig of
Ocala, Fla., are here with his
U-Mr. J. Q. Davis hasireturned
home after . ten days rest on the
Jersey Cost.
-Mrs. S. E. Prentiss of Barn
well is with Miss Maggie Aiken
for a few days.
-Miss Maggie H. Rion of Co
lumbia is the guest this week of
Miss Maggie Aiken.
-Miss Margaret Rion of Co
lumbia is at Mrs. Mary McMas
ter's for a few days.
-Mt. Zion opens Monday. let
every pupil be on hand the open.
ing day on time.
-Miss Lucy Matthews has re
turned home after a stay of
several weeks in Anderson.
I --Mr. Ernest Isenhower is now
with H. B. Refo & Co., where he
will be glad to see his friends.
-Miss Sadie Curry of Jenkins
ville spent several days the past
week with Mrs. Mary McMaster.
-Mr. M.W. Doty and two little
daughters, Misses Lucy and Kate,
returned Monday from Stearns.
-Miss-Hattie Ketchin leaves
this week for Denmark, where she
will teich in the graded school.
-The many friends of Mr. A.
Lee Scruggs will be glad to know
that he is able to be out again.
-Mrs. R. C. Gooding a n d
daughter, Miss Isabel, went to
Columbia yesterday for a short
-Mr. W. G. Jackson is again
at his post with D. V. Walker &
Co. after a sickness of several
-Miss Janie Ketchin left yes
terday for Cincinnati, where she
will study music under a private
-Miss Lizzie Elliott returned
last week to Huntsville, Texas, to
resume her duties in the .college,
in which she is teaching.
- -Miss Katherine Flenniken
left Monday for Due West, where
she will teach in the .graded
school at that place.
-S. Bratton, the colored bar
ber, who kept ashop in the room
next to the Granite building,
dropped dead Monday morning
at his shop.
-Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Massey
and family stopped over with the
family of Rev. Henry Stokes
Monday on their way f r o m
Bishopville to Lancaster.
-Misses Joe Ketchin and Maudl
Willingham leave this week for
Winthrop College, the former
holding one of the scholarships
from Fairfield.
-Mr. J. H. -Skinner ac
companied by his nieces, Misses
Evelyn and Louise Gantt, spent
several days last week at Boiling
Springs in Barnwell County.
-Mr. R. C. Arnette of Monticello
has accepeted a position with the
Cadwell Dry Good-Company and
will he pleased to have his friends
call on him.
-Miss Wilhelmina Yerby, the
milliner of the Caldwell D r y
Goods Company, will reach here
to- day and will soon have every
thing in readiness for their fall
-There was an enjoyable
dance at the aimory 'luesda3
evening, participated in by
large number of the youg people
of town as a compliment to the
visiting young ladies.
-The Ninety Six Star is now
making its weekly . appearancA.
Rev. E. A. McDowell, who is well
known in Faitfield, is editing this
new weekly that is standing man
fully for the "Old Fort ."
-Mr. J. D. DcCaskill o I
Spartanburg and Miss Carrie
(Jason of Shelton were married
Sunday August '26th, by Rev.
L. M. Roper, paster of the first
Baptist church of Spartanburg.
-isses Nettie Sitgreaves and
Annie McKeowni are back from
rh northern markets, where they
have been purchasing millinery
For D. V. Walker & Company,
whose announceme~nt will appear
-Atendants upon court nxi
week will find the Muller stor<
room in the McMaster building.:
.good place to get their dinne
Monday and Tuesday. Dinne
\will be'sery~ed by the ladies of th
Methodist church,
-Winnsboro will be well ri
prested at Erskine. The followin
have entered: Ge-orge It. Laude>
dale Jr., James Bryson, Sha
1Ktbin, Moffatt MdcDonald, at
\Miss Amnie Sitgreaves. Mi
Mrgaret Flenniken is the libr
riai of the college and left f
er dties Friday.
l 'Mr \\ 13: V augbn i on Un
teb uays' trip to HindersoIlE
lantd other points.
-Mr. W. M. Catheai returnedi
vesterday from Johns Hopkins
hospital,'where he went two weeks
ago for treatment of his ihroat.
He is greatly improved.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Till and
little daughters, Misses Jessie
Frieda and Florence Woodward,
are at the Duval hotel. Mr. Till's
health is much improved.
-Col. G. C. Martin of Brooks
ville, Fla., who was on the recep
tion committee to Hon. W. J.
Bryan in New York, has been a
guest of Miss Frances Creight for
a few days.
-The ladies of the Mcthodist
church will serve dinner at the
Muller store room in the Mc
Master building next Monday and
Tuesday and they ask the at
tendants upon court to stop in
and take dinner with them.
-Campbell Jackson and Paul
Beyer, two operatives at t h e
Fairfield Cotton Mills, got into a
difficulty Saturday afternoon, the
former getting cut several times
about the neck and the latter
receiving a cut on the hand.
-Mrs. J. W. Wolling of Brazil
and her two sons, Meredith and
Spencer, came in Saturday and
will be in town for several days.
Meredith will leave this week
for Bamberg where he will attend
the Carlise Fitting school this
-Mr. W. H. Disaker, a brother
of Mrs. G. W. Brooks, who lived
at Rion for several years, met his
death in Charleston Thursday by
having his head struck against a
Freight car, while looking out
from the engine which he was
-The work on the cotton ware.
house, which the Bank of Fair
field is having built, has been
begun and is being pushed rapidly
forward. It is hoped to have it
ready in use in thirty days and its
completion will greatly increase
the warehouse facilities of winns
-The premium list of the
South Carolina State Fair has
been issued and can be had by
writing to secretary A. W. Love,
Columbia, S. C. Parties contem
plating making exhibits should
write for this list. Let Fairfield
be well represented at the Fair
this fall.
-The remains of Mr. E. A.
Lewis, who died at Randolph,
La., on Wednesday morning, were
brought to Winnsboro for in
terment Sun~day afternoon. Mr.
Lewis resided at 2112 Sumter
Street , Columbia. He is survived
by his widow, one daughter, Miss
Lottie, and three young sons.
-Mrs. J. L. Rlichimond h a s
opened a millinery business in
the front of the store room next
to G. A. White, which has been
most tastily fitted up. Mrs
Richmond will have an experi
enced milliner with her and she
proposes to keep millinery that
is right up to date in every way.
She will be pleased to have her
friends call and see her.
-Mr. W. L. Derrick who has
been with Caldwell Dry Goods
Company for several years past
has just accepted a position with
Carol, Adams & Co. of Balti
more to travel the western part of
South Carolina for them. This is
a very desirable place and one
that has been won by hard and
steady work .Mr. Drrick's many
friends will regret to see him
leave town and he will have their
best wishes for-his success in his
new work.
WCro'ckery, Crockery; just
see what I have in this line and
save money. T. M. Haynes.
Second Week Jurors.
T. 5. McMeekin, T. D. Owings,
E. G. Carman, WV. A. Sharp, J. M.
Ederington, J. Adger McCrorey,
William Aiken, J. W. Blair, W. A.
Beaty, P. C. Turner, S. U. Robin
son,'S. S. Tidwell, J. E. Cathcart,
T. E. Moore, Lex Duiham, N. H.
Free, -Jr., R. E Richardson, G. J.
Wilds, F. M. Ciarke, J. W. Boyd,
Henry Robertson, W. S. Sharp,
W. H. Macfie, J. N. Caldwell,
C. A. Dye, J. M. Lemmaon, Jr.,
Andrew Timms, Geo. H. Stead
ma, J. L. Bryson, C. S. Brice,
.J. W. Park, J. W. Bankhead,
Darniel Na!l, T. WV. Dries, T. E.
Clarie, Fletcher Broomx.
WANTED-My ihirfield friends
to know thit I have i unrhas d
that well-establish1ed old busi
ness stand ,kn own as the Beardei.
corner, 2101 Main street,Colum
bia, S. C., where I m now car
ryinig a full line of groceries
and general merehandise. My
lot is the leigest wagoni yard in:
the city, where you will find:
ample room to campn and fee
your stock. You will alway
-be made welcome. Mr. R. I
MCark-y is located there anw
will pay you top) of the mnarke
for soulr cotton. Call and sei
us and you will be treated right
- W. H. Donly.
r fWOil Stoves in. various size
ee thmse T. M. Havnes.
Fal n1IU
Our buyers have returr
markets. They were su4
great many beautiful goc
The goods are now comirn
every department of the.
to overflowing of the choi
tions of
The early buyers alway
is a sound reason why yc
early call.
Caldwell Dry
This is a picture of Ellwood
than of all other rnakes
strands of plain barbed
lutely pig-tigh. and
Following this comes a car of BARBEl
The Celebrated WALTER A. WOOD Li:
the market. Self-Dumping Rakes, which
Call in and get our prices before buying
Teachers' Examination. TO THE
The next regular teachers' ex
aination will be held in the
own Hall, at Winnsboro, Fri- H-avy
dy, September 21, 1906.
9-12-2t County Supt. Ed.th no
Special to Overseers, qus
On account of the recent heavystc o
ins the roads are badly washed it Will I
ad seriously in need of working
imnany places. All overseers, do so.
wo have not put in the required
nmber of days on their roads,
e respectfully urged to do so at GEO.
oce. J. B. BURLEY,
9-1'2 2t Supervisor F. 0.
COLa! ClOu! (00E!
At presen t prices coal is cheaper than
>od. I am now taking ordeis for
oft Coal. Place your orders early tocoe eieyfrbt adad C r
sure promlpt delivery before cold
weathr comies. J .C DEL
9..3lni . C.CALDELL. stop your Lur
Clerk's Sale- and drive out
ST ATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, tain,'and strict
Florence G. Feaster, Plaintiff. D
Thomas E. Bell, Defendant.N
Iu pursuance of an order of the Court
ofCommon Pleas nmade in the above
stted case, I will offer for sale before
e Court House door in Winnsboro,
.C., on the
ext, w. ithin the legal hours of sale, at " u ited
ublic outcry, to the highest bidder:
All that certain piece, parcel or tract wt osm
fland, the interest therein owned by ndspiw
homas E. Bell, being one undivided NeDicvr
tird ) 1-3) ly ing, being awlnd.iate mi
e County and State aforesa~ con- pretycr
aing -E.A
more or less, bounded by lands of WV. J.
Martin, William Holmes, T. D). Feas
tr, W. T. Pettigrew, J. D. Aiken and R
One-half of the purchase money to JN H.M 1
be paid in cash, or all cash at the op
ou of the purchaser. IPurchaser to
ayfo alJapOHN W. LY LES,____
Wlnn~oio C.,C. C. C. P. F.(' C OTOON
obtain a thorough business training and good posi- Lae eth rPu in
argaratecd. Don't delay. writectodaly. C l iaS p
offer.Succes. inependnceu"Oprobaittflei d.
The G..A~. Buines CwitheconsumpCa
ied from the northern
:cessful in buying a
ds, and
g on every train, and
3tore will soon be full
cest and best selec=
,s get the choice. This
u should give us an
Goods Co.1
PZ\ L4xv 3
hog fence. More cf this style is used
combined. In connc.ction with evcral
wirc, it puts up a fence that is abso
will also turn largc stock.
26l1C t
U We Have
Just Received
A carload of same, which
will be sold Cheap.
I WIRE and NAILS at low prices.
~htest Running and Best Mower on
makes raking easy work.
ng just returned from
thern markets, I re=
n examination of my
fgoods before buying;
e to your interest to
g Irritation, relieve your Sore Throat
your Chronic Cold-, with the only cer
ly scientifle, Cure for Coughs and Colds:
Almost in Despair.
ughter was given up by two physicians
:ion of the throat, and we were almost
n our druggist recommended Dr. King's
r. After taking four bottles she was
I and has had no throat trouble since."
R, Cumberland, Nd.
Price, Soc and $z.oo
ASTER & Co., McM~ASTER CO. and
for prices on the following
G~mgesLubricators Belt, Guindy
'ks (il Cups Relt. Rubber Drill Press
. elt, Leather Electors Hammers
Pipe F ies Pulleys
all kinds, Suafting: 'Collars for shafting and anything
else ii1 machinery supplies...
AI Con . . . . Columbia. S. C

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